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The High-Maintenance Woman

She know she bad!

This might shock you, but SBM almost cried at the end of Antoine Fisher is an opinionated individual .  I tend to have an opinion on everything, and am damn near willing to pull you with me over a cliff just to prove whatever point I am currently trying to make.

But … sometimes I kind of back track … just a little.

A long long time ago, I wrote about Low Maintenance Women.  I heralded her greatness, preached about how she makes the lives of men better, and screamed about how she was the model to which all others should conform.

Well … maybe I was a little hasty.

Don’t get me wrong, I do love low maintenance women.  Their ability to get ready quickly and enjoy themselves no matter the local is something I can truly appreciated.  But, (and I’m not sure why) I have come to realize that a well maintained woman isn’t a bad thing.  I have come to appreciate having a girlfriend (who fools herself into thinking she is a lot lower maintenance than she is) who took an extra 15 minutes to walk out the house impressive. Who does spend a little too much time getting dressed, but ultimately comes out looking well put together.

Yes … I have come to appreciate High Maintenance Tendencies (accompanied by a Low Maintenance mindset).

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In traditional SBM fashion, here are the top 3 reasons I’m f*ing with them fancy and high sadity broads right now

They look better than God intended them to do

It is often hard, but sometimes when you see these girls with hair did, nails did, dress on point, and rocking the f* me heels … you really need to look hard.  Just like Ashanti, they have found a way to take what God gave them … and make it better.  The man upstairs is always right … but I can’t help but love the extra eye candy that is afforded to me by the 6 who paid and primped her way to an 8.

They seem more interesting than they really are

You remember that deep conversation you had once with that gorgeous wannabe model, and you left thinking about how good beauty and brains went well together.  Then you got her on the phone, where you couldn’t get lost in her 2 hours immaculate makeup … and suddenly you realized she was as dumb as rocks.  Simply stated, words usually sound better coming out of pretty lips with lip gloss … so these high maintenance chics are running around making dumb sound good.

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Uh …

Ok … so apparently I’m not a 100% convert because that is all I can think of.  I mean, there are a lot of minuses and a pure high-maintenance chic would get on my last nerve and would have me performing overtly freaky acts as a mental punishment for the irritation I had to endure during the day going crazy.

So … for all of my lovely and great low maintenance women … I still love you.  But as I have matured and grown … I now want it all.  There is no reason you can’t rock the f* me heels to Outback Steakhouse.

– SBM aka I like em pretty aka I’m still gonna leave you home after 20 minutes of choosing an outfit.


  1. IDK man. There ain't too many things worse than having some chick you swore was fine as all get out popping back up looking like Fredrick Douglas. And my absolute least favorite is the Inflatabooty. #Allbadshawty#

    1. And my absolute least favorite is the Inflatabooty


      Is this for real? I need to interview the man that this has happened too. LOL! I am still amazed that women are trying to pull this one off.

      1. It's happened waaaayyyy too many times. I'm always looking back there like "WFF? Is this some kinda David Blaine trick?"

  2. i like to think i'm low maintenance (i am quite the plain Jane most days) but i will go through the motions to look even better when i want (cause i'm not ugly, no matter how plain i am, lol)…#justsayin!

    To each, their own!

  3. High Maintenance screams problems. These girls are just like the products they are named after … if something is high maintenance that means its not put together correctly.

    Solution: Buy Japanese

    These girls are too high on annoying to be considered for the long term. Plus even if I am blessed to have a large amount of disposable income, why on earth would I want someone who spends it on clothes and accessories? We could use that money on something more useful like buying Giants Season tickets.

    1. We could use that money on something more useful like buying Giants Season tickets.

      ^^^Or membership to a yoga studio ;0) lol

      1. THIS!

        Maybe this is why I only have two women I can chill with. I hate superficial BS, especially if you do not have the funds to keep the BS up. That is the saddest.

        I would much rather spend an afternoon in the ceramics studio painting an oil burner for my house. Ahhhh…so therapeutic! Now that is $ well spent.

        1. Membership to the yoga studio is where my extra money is going…i effin LOVE this place! So much that i committed for the next 3 months after the first month was over. Its so relaxing & i'm getting into shape at the same time. Hopefully, i'll find someone that can enjoy an hour of yoga with me each week (though i go for much longer than that…#pause)!

  4. I'm glad you know what you like…but, I am a card carrying member of the low-maintenance club….I don't like anything that is high maintenance….anything with too much maintenance is annoying…and is going to require too much money in the long-term…..but, to each their own.

  5. Those 2 points are not a strong case for the high maintenance woman.

    Being low maintenance isn't just about the amount of time it takes to get ready. You can still be very maintained and not take hours and not keep people waiting. Arguably, a low maintenance woman just requires less maintaining. Personally, I like to look like the same person the morning after when the makeup is all sweated off as I did the night before. Less is more.

  6. What about the woman who can look high maintenance on special occasions. lol!

    I cant do it everyday but at the right time…

  7. I like High Maintenance women for iCandy purposes only… Luckily I have some female friends for that specific purpose. And because im not fcuking them I spend no money on them.. its a win/win(lose/lose.. glass is half full/empty) situation.

    I prefer manageable maintenance, I spend a lil, and recieve a good ROI.

    BTW… Outback Steakhouse is NOT that cheap…I went for dinner one time and the bill was $100+ o_O

      1. yea, but still a Bejamin at Outback?

        I was appaled.. luckily it was my girl at the time… and this was AFTER she turned a dinner at a fancier restaurant to go somewhere cheap smh.

  8. Eff high maintenance, eff low maintenance. Just dont be annoying. I dont mind if you're high maintenance just dont annoy me w/ it.

    However, my girl is high maintenance but she isnt annoying about it. She starts getting ready way before I'm ready to go and often she maintains me. (She takes me to get manicures and pedicures and if I'm looking to scruffy she'll pay for the haircut.) It aint all bad

    1. Eff high maintenance, eff low maintenance. Just dont be annoying. I dont mind if you’re high maintenance just dont annoy me w/ it.

      #cosign words of wisdom!

      1. yea on board w/ Pey i work in film i'm around, models, actresses and the women behind the scenes(…look as good as the ones in front of the cam;)

        but homely or hi-main, just dont be an idiot

  9. To me high maintenance aint really about how she dresses or how much make up she wears.

    High maintenance is a state of mind that says, "My every desire and thought must be satisfied by my man at the exact moment I desire it or I will upgrade to a taller, better looking, richer man since we all know I am beautiful enough to have any man I want and you are lucky I let you touch me."

    High maintenance is a general stank attitude mostly exhibited by young, extraordinarily beautiful women.

    And you can have them all. Wouldn't touch em with a 10 foot pole.

    P.S. They can't ufck either because a good ufck would require them to actually do work and high maintenance women don't do work.


  10. Um… I don't know about this. I'll tell you why from a male perspective like it shouldn't matter if you are high or low maintenance. If you a man and you handling your ish correctly it won't affect you. Your girl can be high maintenance, but if you're a man about yours, then you know when to tell her to cut that ish out or when to spoil her. And if you girl is low maintenance you know when to do the same.

    I've dated high, medium, low and in betweens, at the end of the day if you are a man that's driving your relationship… you won't have problems.

    1. I have to disagree. Most high maintenance brawds….telling them to cut ish out is a free pass to ufck the next man since, "You're not handling your buisness."

      In her mind, if you couldn't provide the life she deserves and is accustomed to you should never have hollered.

      "Why the h@ll you think her eyes are green"

      –Marlon Wayans…Mo Money ROFL

      1. If your girl takes you saying "no" to her to mean she can go fcuk whomever will give her what she wants, then you have bigger problems homie.

      2. il Duce de Maryland: "In her mind, if you couldn’t provide the life she deserves and is accustomed to you should never have hollered."

        (Michelle): Why you looking at me like that ES?

        (ES): Cause man Michelle, if I had known you were going to do me like this, I would have never stepped to you from the giddy up.

        (Michelle): Well, if I had known you weren't going to provide for me, I wouldn't have talked to you anyway. Straight up. I thought you was the Greatest Man Alive. But I guess I was wrong.

        (ES): Psssh. I wonder if my grand pops and pops went through things like this back in the day. Cause man, this ain't worth it.


  11. I don't consider myself high maintenance, but I like to look like it. So, it's really about perception with me. It appears as such when people look at me, but I'm not really that way. #kanyeshrug

  12. I like situational maintenance. High when appropriate low when appropriate. Balance is key. There is a time and place for being saddity and being low key. A woman who knows that balance is a gem!

  13. Everytime I hear about the concept of high/low maintenance, I think about this fabulous exchange in When Harry Met Sally:

    Harry Burns: There are two kinds of women: high maintenance and low maintenance.

    Sally Albright: Which one am I?

    Harry Burns: You're the worst kind; you're high maintenance but you think you're low maintenance.

    Sally Albright: I don't see that.

    Harry Burns: You don't see that? Waiter, I'll begin with a house salad, but I don't want the regular dressing. I'll have the balsamic vinegar and oil, but on the side. And then the salmon with the mustard sauce, but I want the mustard sauce on the side. "On the side" is a very big thing for you.

    Sally Albright: Well, I just want it the way I want it.

    Harry Burns: I know; high maintenance.

    Perfection. I guess I'd call myself low maintenance with high maintenance tendencies. I'm not exactly a makeup queen (I only do the min…eyeliner, mascara, lip gloss…sometimes eye shadow), but on the other hand I love clothes so I may be the one trying on 3 different outfits. But, I mostly like to have that decision finalized before the day of the event so I have actual time to model each outfit. lol

    I'm high maintenance when the time calls for it, but if it's a chill event? Jeans and a tee for me! 🙂

  14. Hi my name is BP and I am high maintenance. It started as a child; for I was the little girl whose ruffle socks matched the ruffles on her dress that matched the bows in her hair.

    I get my hair/nails done every two weeks, my car is high maintenance and when I do purchase my condo it will be high maintenance too. I won't apologize for any of this because although I keep my dude waiting…I am worth the wait. For the love I provide is maintained on a higher level as well. If my man mentions the new Jordans are fly, I'll pick'em up as a lil surprise. If he needs 15 extra minutes to get his line-up right, I'll gladly wait. Window shopping and see a shirt that would look good on his skin tone…I step inside the store. I always go the extra mile. If it takes 10 extra minutes to do the job right (pun intended) I do it.

    High maintenance chicks get a bad wrap but somebody loves us. I don't wear much make-up, have any work done or wear a weave so it takes a lil extra time day to day for me to maintain my appearance. I work hard 50 plus hours a week and so I want what I want. Like I said earlier, I won't apologize for being me. Love it or leave it.#BelizeanPrincessshrug

    1. That isn't high maintenance, that's liking to keep yourself and your things up.

      Except for making the dude wait. If we set a time and you are still getting ready its just rude to not be ready and he is taking note.

      High maintenance is a pain. If a woman feels like she is doing me a favor by dating me…please, don't do me any favors.

      1. Animate, I agree…I am more of a "likes to keep herself together" type of woman and I don't always have people waiting on me. I don't like operating on "CP" time because I am a little saddity as well. LOL.

  15. Why are people coupling a woman's looks with maintenance level?

    I don't think that you are able to tell if a woman if high maintenance just by looking at her. Doesn't the low/high maintenance descriptions refer to the financial role/treatment her mate would play in her life? Regardless of how a lady looks, she's not high maintenance if she maintains herself. I want a lady that will maintain herself and not be annoying.

    You can be high maintenance and dress plain Jane.

    I dislike the excuse that some women have that given they were treated by their father a certain way (financially), they think random guys do the same BY DEFAULT. I'm the one that'll tell them: "You didn't originate from my nut sack, I promise."

    1. I am confused –

      How can a woman be high maintenance and still be a plain Jane?

      Are we talking about the relationship itself or grooming maintenance?

      1. I was referring to Plain Jane looks with High maintenance attitude. For guys, it's really all about attitude.

        A woman being high maintenance, in my opinion, has very little to do with the grooming maintenance she does for herself (i.e. her looks). It's all about what she expect the other person to do.

        To me a "High Maintenance" woman may outright require a guy to pay to get her hair done. That is (her) grooming maintenance that is apparently made into (his) relationship maintenance. See what I'm saying? So we're basically talking about both.

        1. "To me a “High Maintenance” woman may outright require a guy to pay to get her hair done. That is (her) grooming maintenance that is apparently made into (his) relationship maintenance. See what I’m saying? So we’re basically talking about both."

          So it's only considered HIGH MAINTENANCE if dude is footing the bill for it, But not for nothing, if dude is the reason her hair/weave/perm/locks is looking TOSSED, is it wrong to want him to foot the the bill? I don't think so…

          I heard many men especially older men (late 30's and up) say they have no problem paying to get their girls hair/nails done because she is doing it for him and the hair part especially because he is the one messing it up in the first place. They do not necessarily look at it has high maintenance

  16. It really is all about a perceptions, because once upon a time I thought I was easy-going and low maintenance, but I've since then gotten some comments about me being the opposite. You have to take it all with a grain of salt, because I was once told I was high saditty because I didn't consider Red Lobster or Olive Garden a treat at a nice restaurant. 0_o I'm not saying I won't eat at these establishments, but c'mon son…

    1. But if I broke off my last few dollars of disposable income to take your a$$ out to Red Lobster you better act like it's five star restaurant you ungrateful *^*%$%

      I feel your ex's pain….ROFL.

    2. Berriblk: "I was once told I was high saditty because I didn’t consider Red Lobster or Olive Garden a treat at a nice restaurant."

      Red Lobster is the Taco Bell of seafood restaurants.

      1. A man's financial sacrifice should be judged in the context of his full financial resources you high maintenance harlots. 🙂

        The word of God to the people of God:

        41 And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and beheld how the people cast money into the treasury: and many that were rich cast in much. 42 And there came a certain poor widow, and she threw in two mites, which make a farthing. 43 And he called unto him his disciples, and saith unto them, Verily I say unto you, That this poor widow hath cast more in, than all they which have cast into the treasury: 44 For all they did cast in of their abundance; but she of her want did cast in all that she had, even all her living.

        I have modified the scripture. Let us read from the book of Tyrone:

        41 And Jesus sat over against the treasury, and beheld how the dudes spent money on they girls: and many that were rich treated they girls to five star restaurants.

        42 And there came a certain poor dude, and he took his girl to Red Lobster 43 And Jesus called unto his disciples, and saith unto them, Verily I say unto you, That this poor dude has given more to his girl, than all then all that have treated they girls 44 For all they did cast in of their abundance; but he of her want did cast in all that he had, even all his dough to take her to Red Lobster.

        1. Amen.

          There's nothing wrong with Red Lobster or taking a girl there, let's just be clear it certainly isn't fine dining.

        2. I'll agree with Berry and Hugh on this one. Ain't nothing wrong with Red Lobster – but don't jazz it up like it's truly fine dining. Just sayin'.

        3. I spent an evening out with a man I like in low lighting with no to few children surrounding us. We ate food that tasted good; he got exactly what he wanted, I got exactly what I wanted. I didn't catch the food. I didn't cook the food. I didn't pay for the food. Most importantly I didn't have to clean up after the meal. Sounds like fine dining to me! lol

        4. Seriously, I'm very appreciative and considerate of wherever a date takes me. I do eat at Red Lobster and will continue to do so in the future, but I do partake in fine dining now and again and there is a major difference.

      2. "Red Lobster is the Taco Bell of seafood restaurants"

        I do not agree. Red Lobster is mid grade. Captain D's or Long John Silvers would be the Taco Bell of seafood restaruants.

  17. I look good no matter how long it takes me to get dressed. It took me a second to get comfortable in whatever skin I am in, but I made it!

    My husband wakes up to the same woman even if the pink wig is somewhere thrown across the room or under the bed. ;). I do not do make up really, so throwing on lip stain/gloss and maybe some mascara doesn’t take long.

    Once a woman knows what makes her look her best, it’s not hard to do this on a daily basis. I am a plain Jane 95% of the time; give me my carmex and some jeans without the f*ck me heels and I am good. Heels hurt my feet after 15 minutes, so I put them on long enough to do the trick and they end up with the pink wig….somewhere….

  18. Hey a free meal is just that. You don't have to put extas on it but if dude fed your ass you should be quite grateful. As for the waiting, you got five minutes and you'll be left playin with me. If you can't respect a man's time you can't respect him as an individual.

  19. I'm looking low brow as hell reading these two posts on low v. high maintenance.

    Red Lobster is delicious. It's been said before, but it bears saying again – Cheddar Bay Biscuits are divine, three orgasms back to back lovely, extra payday beautiful, "you are not the father!" life giving. You think Red Lobster seafood comes out of a sewage plant or something? Nope, same oceans as the seafood served at Pappadeaux…(is that even high brow? I'm searching for the name of a high brow establishment…and that's as highfalutin as I can come up with…)

    Midwestern sensibilities holding me back from being high maintenance I guess…and I don't mind one bit, pass me the cheddar bay biscuits, you wanna split an Ultimate Feast, I gotta coupon? *ties on lobster bib*

    1. Nah I'm wit you. Perfect illustration of High Maintenance.

      A ni@@a can't even get no points for Red Lobster.


    2. LOL! I feel you Starita, the country girl in me keeps me grounded as well. Speaking of RL: if I could re-create the sauce on the shrimp scampi—-I would!

      I just don't believe in a dude going overboard on a date if he can't. Show me the real upfront so I know what I am dealing with. DO NOT go broke trying to floss for lil ole me…that's not cute AT ALL.

      1. It's supposed to be really simple actually: http://www.ehow.com/how_5117420_make-red-lobsters

        I make their cheddar biscuits at home and they are not quite as heavenly, but they're still pretty darn tasty, and actually quite easy.

        And your second paragraph is gospel. Which is another reason that I'll be offering up the coupon on our dates…cause that's what you get with me. I'm practical, love it or leave it. If you think a woman needs to behave as a Princess in order to have high self esteem, I'm not the girl for you.

        It's my birthday this week, I already have 3 free meal coupons and a grip of free appetizer/desserts coupons in the chamber. I invest in things that appreciate in value, not things that I flush or drive or wear. Propose to me by making a year's payments on my house, not by wasting your, soon to be our, money on shiny rocks.

        1. @Starita34

          How do you make the biscuits at home? I tried and they were just ok. I saw a lot of recipes online but dont really want to try them all.

      2. How special is Ruth's Chris if you go every date? And why's he dropping this kinda money on a first/second/third date? He doesn't know me… Is he making up for something? Financially irresponsible? Low self esteem? Utilizing the guilt #swindle? Rates himself by his income?

        And I do appreciate the finer things in life…I just feel that the cost of something doesn't define "finer". *shrug*

        1. Yeah…I used to laugh inside at the dudes putting on a show only to find out it was JUST a show. It is sad when you see how jaded some dudes get from dealing with whatcaniget outtayou type of girls.

          I laughed because I am not stupid and flossing without the finances to back it up IS silly to me. It shows me that he would rather LOOK the part and that makes me wonder what is behind the look.

          Be your reasonable self, because spending $200 on a meal will not make me like you any more if I am just not that into you anyway. I DO appreciate the gesture but pulling my seat out shows me more, screw what’s in your wallet – that only matters if I consider you hubbie material.

        2. Debt isn't sexy, lying isn't sexy, pretending to be anything that you are not…you guessed it, not sexy.

          I agree, "It is sad when you see how jaded some dudes get from dealing with whatcanigetouttayou type of girls." that is sad, so why are they using the same game on me? Did it work for you last time?

          It's the same problem women get in with leading with their bodies…if you sell yourself based off your body, or money in men's case…don't be surprised when the people that are buying only want what you advertised…your body/money.

    3. LOL, I wasn't hating on Red Lobster. I too love the biscuits…although have you noticed they've gotten smaller and they didn't give you as much as they used to ??

      Besides, fine dining isn't all its cracked up to be sometimes. Tiny portions of flavorless food is not the business.

      Its all just perception. I'm sure if a gentleman who ate Joe Stone's or Smith and Wollensky on South Beach for lunch everyday were to take me there for dinner, and see my eyes light up, would think I were a pretty easy to please/low maintenance girl.

      1. 😉 it's all good, it takes all kinds. I was just throwing my two pesos out there…

        Even if you did want fine dining every single meal, that's you and your man, none of my business…no Joe Brown here.

      2. I am with Teflon. If my dude were to ever take me to Red Lobster like we were "fine dining" we would have problems.

        Crustacean = Fine Dining

        Red Lobster=TGIFs

        We can go to Fat Burger, Roscoes, heck Pinks even but not to celebrate a special occasion unless you want to get the side eye. 0_O

        1. OK… I get where you are coming from. But on a first date I think Red Lobster / TGIF is fine.

        2. Pinks…

          BP I am drooling so hard right now. Y'all don't know about Pink's.

          O Swing Low Sweet Chariot…. Damn!

  20. i surely don't mind a high maintenance chick. actually i would prefer one. i like prissy women. low maintenance chicks are cool sometimes but those are the chicks that will often get overlooked by me at first glance.

  21. The old high/low debate. I think I'm somewhere in between. However, what I am not is rude, inconsiderate, or demanding, which are traits that seem to be more associated with the high maintenance woman. Sorry ladies, but you shouldn't be proud of that behaviour, and men shouldn't be proud to be around such a woman.

    However, overall grooming and style should not equate to nasty behaviour. If you know it takes you 2.5 hours to get ready, then start the process early. A rude, inconsiderate bytch is still a rude inconsiderate bytch regardless of the outfit, hairdo, make-up.

    1. "If you know it takes you 2.5 hours to get ready, then start the process early."

      WHY is this such a hard concept for people to grasp?? I already hear the chorus of "they're just inconsiderate people with no concern for other people" and, no doubt, that is the reason that some people are like that. But I got a girlfriend that is the sweetest summumma that cares very much about people, but she just has NO concept of time. It takes her an easy 2 hours to get ready for anything; yet the event will be starting in 30 minutes and she hasn't even started getting ready yet and will swear that she'll make it on time. O__o My head is spinning just talking about it…

      No real addition to the conversation, just talking I guess…#mybad

      1. Oh 'Rita you just described me to a "t". I don't know how it happens, I swear I don't..it's like I fall into some sort of time warp cuz I'm not eeemn gettin' that fancy. It's like it only takes one little thing to set the whole process back by about 10 minutes. And if I'm running late out the door there is a 100% chance I'll run into random azz traffic. Soo glad my friends love me anyway….and lie to me about what time I'm supposed to be somewhere.

        1. LOL and best believe – you she will get lied to about when things start!!

          10 minutes is no thing…but my girl? 2 hours late doesn't even surprise me. *blink* *blink* Yeah, I'm not even kidding…120 minutes…pray for me ya'll…got me wanting to kick children and maim puppies and mess!

  22. I am guilty of taking 1 maybe 2 hours to get ready sometimes depending on where I am going and it's definitely worth it and it doesn't go unappreciated. *Shrug*

    I still don't understand how getting your nails/feet and hair done bi-weekly SCREAMS high maintenance. This is just routine for me because it makes me feel good and I use my hands and feet daily so why shouldn't I want to pamper them.

    1. I still don’t understand how getting your nails/feet and hair done bi-weekly SCREAMS high maintenance.

      It doesn't in itself unless you're requiring homie to flip the bill. Other than that I have no idea what any other guy is talking about… It shouldn't be considered high maintenance to a guy unless he's the one doing the maintaining, feel me?

      1. Right. High maintenance is if you side eye your man for not payin. Or you expect your man to pay for everything else since your money has to be spent on pampering yourself.

        Like I said, high maintenance is a state of mind. It's not just one thing. It's when a women thinks her needs and desires should always come first. And a man should be a perfect gentlemen all the time while she gets to act however she wants. Their is also the lack of appreciativeness and rudeness that was mentioned.

        Just like women claim they hate arrogant dudes….high maintenance is the female equivalent. And the same way some women chase arrogant dudes….some dudes will chase high maintenance women.

    2. I just call that good hygiene. I'm with you G6!

      The fact that I do my manis and pedis myself, I feel like that sorta makes me low maintenance, but it's whatever, call me what you will…

      I feel the fellas on the attitude though…it's less about the actual act of saddityness as it is about how you deal with it. If you can't function without the biweekly mani/pedi I can see how this would be annoying. If you ask for salad dressing on the side but it comes on the salad, and you flip and insist on leaving – annoying…go ahead and ask for exactly what you want, but go with the flow if you don't get it. It's. Not. All. About. You. Princess.

      When life isn't exactly how you want it to be, the way you react to it, that's what's defines high maintenance to me.

  23. I loved the low maintenance post so much and this one as well…

    I don't consider myself high maintenance but when I need to show off and have dudes on a swivel yeah I am going to take my sweet time to get ready, but that's why you time yourself and get ready 2-3 hours before hand (not that that is how much time I need, I'm just saying)…

    But I'm in the middle just like how Mr. Dash (Streetz) said… I can be high maintenance when I have to be and low when needed

  24. After a day long of thought … I have come to the conclusion that I need a "High-Low" Maintenance Woman. I am not saying Medium Maintenance … but I need her to be High about 15% of the time (and really be high then) and then to be Low about 85% of the time.

    That is what I really want …

  25. I'm mad it took me this long for this to pop in my head but here goes.

    If a woman isn't willing to spend on herself why on earth would/should I? This is what I consider a part of being high maintenance. This is not all inclusive clearly since I will buy you nice things that I want you to have but you haven't purchased yet but at least be willing to buy them when funds allow.

  26. Personal grooming and looking like you care about yourself are definitely important traits. However, looking at man (specifically me), as if he should be falling over himself to pick up the tab all the time just ain't cool. If you got Oprah money then hell ball like Oprah. If you got dollar menu money I suggest you figure it out. My mother is VERY high maintenance. My pops used to grumble about it all the time. BUT my mother told me he wasn't making it rain until he actually did put a ring on it. I can dig that train of though.

  27. I was working and shyt so I'm all late on this. Since men are visual, it would be in your best interest to choose a long-term mate who cares about her appearance. If she is genuinely into looking good because it is fun and NOT to get YOU, you will be a happier man when your friends wives have turned frumpy BEFORE even having kids. This doesn't mean she has to have the most expensive thing but she has to enjoy looking good for her.

    Frumpy unkept women are safe. These are the ones men are often quick to marry. Not all but some. The problem is that it will only go down hill. She'll gain weight, stop doing her hair–if she really ever did. And make-up? She'll think she's doing something if she smears Carmex on her lips.

  28. High Maintenance chiks are fun when going to a club or going out somewhere and in small doses. As a Low Maintenance chick I kinda take pride in sometimes going to class in sweats and still looking sexy. I can dress when the occasion comes, but full make-up and heels aren't an everyday thing. Plus, one thing guys who like high maintenance chiks are forgetting is that the low maintenance chiks who don't wear their f*ck me heels all day everyday, probably wear them in bed and wear them well…just ask my boyfriend.


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