Enjoy the moment. No more no less.

One of the first things I look at when I meet a woman that I may be interested in is her lips. No, I’m not looking at them to see if they have the potential to provide high speed internet—especially since lip size and fullness don’t automatically mean that someone has a high IQ. I look at them to assess kissability. I’m a fan of an art that’s been lost in the “I’m in it to finish” era. This is probably one of the main reasons why I haven’t done so well with cut buddy arrangements. If I can’t kiss ya, then I cant…well, you know. I run into (not through) a lot of folks with clauses written into their mutual agreements that explicitly forbid kissing because of the personal and emotional risks involved. Well, that or they think it’s nasty if it’s not a significant other. I’ve always found that kind of funny. I mean what can be more personal than getting naked with someone and hot boxing? I can throw on a kid catcher and poke around, but I can’t kiss you? Right. That makes a whole lot of sense.

Kissing has always been something that’s important to me when it comes to s*x and/or intimacy. I most certainly wasn’t a make-out monster in high school or college, but I always found my best experiences to be with women that had nice full lips and knew how to press them against mine and intertwine some tongue. This isn’t to say that one has to have soup coolers to be a good kisser, but it helps. I know there are some thin or nearly non-existent lips out there making a pout face at this post, but don’t be crestfallen. Similar to a man with a small piece or a woman with a little bump on the backside, you’ve gotta be comfortable working with what you have.**Non-patronizingly pats on the back**

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Anyway, I’ve come to appreciate a lot of the simple intricacies involved with kissing. It’s a beautiful thing when I come across a woman that knows how to hold her head, how to breathe properly, how to work off of my tongue strokes, how to bite or suck on a bottom lip and not do damage, and how to naturally caress my body as I do the same to her. It’s a beautiful thing to connect this way with a woman that’s not scared or hesitant of becoming the aggressor for fear that I may think something of it; though sometimes, I do find the innocence thing kinda cute.

What I’m describing here may seem basic, but it’s not an automatic—especially nowadays. There are people walking around out there over the age of 30 that claim to know how to kiss, but don’t know how to enjoy kissing. There’s a difference in partaking in an act to get to the next step and partaking in an act to enjoy the moment. Perhaps it’s the Pisces in me, but I’m much more a fan of the latter. There also exists this sub-population of folks that steer clear of it if they can avoid it at all cost, but don’t actually know what they are missing. Or may they do know and they’re scared to go back. And then there are those that know exactly what I’m talking about in this post. I’d have to guess that there’s a good amount of representation from all 3 groups reading along today.

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What do you think about kissing? Do you save it for the boo? Is it just a means to get to hard-body coitus? Can you get to s*xin’ without it? If you enjoy it, what do you enjoy about it most? Could you or have you dated someone that wasn’t a good kisser? I kept it tame, so you should do the same.lol. But do share.

Back then they didn’t want ’em and now I’m hot they all on ’em,