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Kissing. I Effin’ Love It.

Enjoy the moment. No more no less.

One of the first things I look at when I meet a woman that I may be interested in is her lips. No, I’m not looking at them to see if they have the potential to provide high speed internet—especially since lip size and fullness don’t automatically mean that someone has a high IQ. I look at them to assess kissability. I’m a fan of an art that’s been lost in the “I’m in it to finish” era. This is probably one of the main reasons why I haven’t done so well with cut buddy arrangements. If I can’t kiss ya, then I cant…well, you know. I run into (not through) a lot of folks with clauses written into their mutual agreements that explicitly forbid kissing because of the personal and emotional risks involved. Well, that or they think it’s nasty if it’s not a significant other. I’ve always found that kind of funny. I mean what can be more personal than getting naked with someone and hot boxing? I can throw on a kid catcher and poke around, but I can’t kiss you? Right. That makes a whole lot of sense.

Kissing has always been something that’s important to me when it comes to s*x and/or intimacy. I most certainly wasn’t a make-out monster in high school or college, but I always found my best experiences to be with women that had nice full lips and knew how to press them against mine and intertwine some tongue. This isn’t to say that one has to have soup coolers to be a good kisser, but it helps. I know there are some thin or nearly non-existent lips out there making a pout face at this post, but don’t be crestfallen. Similar to a man with a small piece or a woman with a little bump on the backside, you’ve gotta be comfortable working with what you have.**Non-patronizingly pats on the back**

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Anyway, I’ve come to appreciate a lot of the simple intricacies involved with kissing. It’s a beautiful thing when I come across a woman that knows how to hold her head, how to breathe properly, how to work off of my tongue strokes, how to bite or suck on a bottom lip and not do damage, and how to naturally caress my body as I do the same to her. It’s a beautiful thing to connect this way with a woman that’s not scared or hesitant of becoming the aggressor for fear that I may think something of it; though sometimes, I do find the innocence thing kinda cute.

What I’m describing here may seem basic, but it’s not an automatic—especially nowadays. There are people walking around out there over the age of 30 that claim to know how to kiss, but don’t know how to enjoy kissing. There’s a difference in partaking in an act to get to the next step and partaking in an act to enjoy the moment. Perhaps it’s the Pisces in me, but I’m much more a fan of the latter. There also exists this sub-population of folks that steer clear of it if they can avoid it at all cost, but don’t actually know what they are missing. Or may they do know and they’re scared to go back. And then there are those that know exactly what I’m talking about in this post. I’d have to guess that there’s a good amount of representation from all 3 groups reading along today.

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What do you think about kissing? Do you save it for the boo? Is it just a means to get to hard-body coitus? Can you get to s*xin’ without it? If you enjoy it, what do you enjoy about it most? Could you or have you dated someone that wasn’t a good kisser? I kept it tame, so you should do the same.lol. But do share.

Back then they didn’t want ’em and now I’m hot they all on ’em,


  1. I love kissing and s*x just isnt the same without it. I had one bad kisser that i couldnt work with. Had another that I had to coach. A good kisser is just a major turn on. I give my friend the stank stale face every time she talks about not liking to kiss. Idk I just love the passion and very much enjoy the moment of it.

  2. If I can’t kiss ya, then I cant…well, you know.

    ^^^Oh. Em. Gee, me too! I told someone that on twitter that said kissing is wack..i told him he was wack.

    Anyway, I’ve come to appreciate a lot of the simple intricacies involved with kissing. It’s a beautiful thing when I come across a woman that knows how to hold her head, how to breathe properly, how to work off of my tongue strokes, how to bite or suck on a bottom lip and not do damage, and how to naturally caress my body as I do the same to her. It’s a beautiful thing to connect this way with a woman that’s not scared or hesitant of becoming the aggressor for fear that I may think something of it; though sometimes, I do find the innocence thing kinda cute.

    ^^^This whole part made me want to cry…its everything i miss about kissing…#deepsigh

    What do you think about kissing?

    ^^^I looooooooooove & miss it! Its what i miss most about being intimate with someone…its like a connection that forms that has potential to be amazing & sets the tone for everything else after that moment.

    Do you save it for the boo?


    Is it just a means to get to hard-body coitus?

    ^^^Definitely not!

    Can you get to s*xin’ without it?

    ^^^Tried…didn't work out well.

    If you enjoy it, what do you enjoy about it most?

    ^^^The connection that's made through lips & caresses…#deepsigh

    Could you or have you dated someone that wasn’t a good kisser?

    ^^^I have and it didn't last…

    This was a great post Slim…

    1. What's funny is lately, i've been thinking a lot about when this guy i used to date asked me to "kiss me like you used to" and thinking about it, i put my whole body into it…like i want you to feel my soul and i want to feel that persons as the same time…its all about passion…you can tell a lot about a person in the way they kiss…ok, i'm done for now, lol.

  3. Slim Jackson, I bow down to you for this post. Kissing has become so taboo nowadays & it's sooooooo sad. I LOVE KISSING!!! It truly is a lost art. Last few guys I date were either scared to, couldn't, or just saw it as a means to an end (s*x). I had to let a dude go because he could not kiss. Homeboy would come at me with his tongue already out of his mouth. S*x never entered the picture with this person because the kiss was all kinds of wrong. I shudder everytime I think about it & that was over a year ago! *holding back vomit* This post also reminded me how kiss deprived I am… Sure has been a mighty long time. Anyway, I'm going to sulk in a corner now. Great post. *sigh*

  4. Homeboy would come at me with his tongue already out of his mouth.

    I just threw up in my mouth a little.

  5. again slim jackson..jersey loves all your posts..I LOVE KISSING. . It's like "Putting the key in the ignition"

      1. Umm slim, *giggles* come closer, closer, closer, now close your eyes and pucker up, no peeking muuuuuuuuaaaaaaaaaaahhh.

        no tongue on the first kiss, im still a lady lol

        hope it makes your day as it did mine.

  6. " I mean what can be more personal than getting naked with someone and hot boxing? I can throw on a kid catcher and poke around, but I can’t kiss you?"

    The crazy part is my young self used to think like this. Lil buddy would lean in for the kiss and I'd turn my face. -_- However, over time I have come to truly appreciate the art of kissing. So much so that I BEGGED my orthodontist to NOT change my lip shape with my braces.
    The aggressive ones, hesitant ones, short ones, long ones, dry ones, sloppy ones, etc. Nothing like that kiss from a lover after a long separation. It's like reacquainting yourself that person. Foreplay in it's simplest form.

  7. I *do* think kissing is more intimate than just sex in an odd way.

    But I had an effed up introduction to sex and subsequently have an effed up relationship with it.

    Kissing feels, somehow, more pure.

  8. I definitely love to kiss. I've been blessed-seriously,it's a blessing-to have never kissed a bad kisser. I don't save it for my boo,but sometimes it's best with a significant other…to the point that sometimes it doesn't matter how they kiss,what matters is that we're kissing,because of the emotion involved. Just had a conversation with my boyfriend about this. Creepy. Good post.

  9. *applause*

    Can you pay me rent because you were in my mind! I love kissing but for me it is a way to express my intimacy I have for that guy. Most guys use kissing as a tool to deceive a woman into "hot boxing" with them, and that is tainting it, severely! Great article! You seem to be one of the few guys to express these thoughts openly. Kissing is an art… a very real art. Oh how I miss it…

  10. Yeah you summed it up pretty well. If I can't kiss you,

    or see myself kissing you, then I guess we will remain

    platonic. Oh well. Kissing, to me, is much more intimate

    than banging. Yeah. Wonderful post Slim! 😡 (my kiss emoticon!)

    1. LOL, THAT'S your kissing emoticon? I'm scared of you. Have you met Goddess KLS's ex? You may get along nicely 😉

      Playing with you :-* (my kissing emoticon)

  11. LMAO@ "I can throw on a kid catcher and poke around, but I can’t kiss you? Right. That makes a whole lot of sense."

    Kissing can be fun and it can also be the TOTAL opposite. It's great to kiss someone that I'm really, really into. I think I've experienced VERY few actually good kissers. Not all of them were someone that I was really really into and someone who I was in love with was a mediocre kisser. It's like he didn't put any effort into it or just did it because I wanted to.

    Also … coitus without kissing is awkward; like when you do it everything is set up for you to kiss, it doesn't make sense not to; you can feel the tension and thoughts of 'I want to kiss but I'm not going to because it's too intimate and against my [dumb a$$] rule' running through a person's mind.

    I talked about this blog with my sister and she said that kissing in our culture is associated with sealing the deal in marriage so it's an increased form of intimacy. So I'll add to that … that it's even more intimate, for some people, someone that you're casually getting it in with. But then … can doing the do, ever truly be casual??

    1. "kissing in our culture is associated with sealing the deal in marriage so it’s an increased form of intimacy."

      I hadn't thought about it this way, but it makes sense. As for your question about doing the do being casual, yes. It can. Some people just really know how to detach.

    2. I co-sign your sister and the meaning of a kiss. I think my fellow males take it as a sign of respect and admiration and they are not willing to do that with a jumpoff since it generally isn't seen as something that gives physical pleasure. Though I have seen girls nut off a kiss…

      also. People are known to treat the deed like enhanced masturbation. Just looking to let some stress out..

  12. Kissing is the truest form of intimacy. It's where you find out if you can b emotionally connected with a person. Of course a kiss ignites other pieces of infatuation but intially the kiss is where it all starts.

    Personally, I can't just kiss someone w/o at least being attracted to them. It doesn't seem or feel right, honestly it feels down right stupid. I've come across many guys who would ask me "can I just kiss your lips?" and I would simply respond "umm no!"

    I feel that some males have forgotten that the attempt of a kiss isn't something that should be asked or structured but something that should come across natural.

    I love the passion of a kiss, the way we hold each other looking into each others eyes and feeling all "tingly" in the inside lol. But of course if this action is done correctly then

    time is right and some "hot boxing" will follow lol. But it's

    all about timing and attraction.

  13. Looks like it's gonna be a "kitty fest" with this post..

    Kissing is nice. First kisses are even better. There's that moment right before it happens where two people seem to read each other's minds. They know it's about to happen, and there is no long talkin that needs to be done.

    When the kiss finally happens, it's like it's the release of all the mind foreplay that took place before. (for me anyway) That instinctive enhale as if to say "it's about time." Everything is wrapped up in that initial moment.

    And then the wonderful feeling as hands draw you closer and envelop you. You settle into each other and relax a little. But let it go on for too long and it grows in intensity.

    Yeah, kissing is a good look. No, I don't want to have s*x after it, and most of the time I prefer it that way. Although my body contradicts what my mind is saying.

    I miss it, but not enough to go out there and give it to some random. I'll hold out. I figure it'll just be even more great when I get it. The release of all this pent up energy.

    "Whooo!! Might make ya head blow off!"

    1. I don't know why but I just BURST out laughing at "kitty fest"…probably because I was thinking the same thing….and Slim's new avatar doesn't help.

  14. Kissing is the best form of foreplay, but definitely not more intimate than sex to me. I will say that kissing is very hard to master (not saying I'm there), and I would bet that there are many more women that are bad at kissing than bad at sex.

  15. Kissing. Oh how great thou are…Great post. kissing is becoming a missing art form. I've never quite understood the whole we can bang but we can't kiss concept. I think in todays world of rock em sock em boo em, aka hit it and quit it, not kissing somehow justifies random romps.
    For me kissing is a requirement. Long soul stirring hand in my hair cupping my butt how was your day type kisses. Keeps home cooked meals made out of love not merely necessity.

    1. Yes he did! I feel you HotScott.

      I know what you mean. It's the little things…and it is sad that kissing has become one of them.

      If you take kissing out of the equation, what is the point? I can give myself one or two if that's all I want, screw rubbing bodies with someone I cannot even lip lock with! How can my vagina be LESS intimate than my lips/mouth?

      1. I have heard swingers say that kissing is what is considered out of bounds in their extra relationships.

        Like its ok it my wife sucks off another man… but kissing another is so intimate that makes them jealous.

        **kanye shrug**

  16. Ahhhhhhh this post did something to me that makes me want to…..*sigh* y'all know already.

    When you find someone that knows how to "kiss you" it is almost better than s*x, for real. I am a big fan of foreplay starting with sensual kissing, not only your man's lips, but his neck, ear, chest, bring out the tongue and caress his entire body…..*fanning myself*… it just doesn't get any better.

    Great post reminiscent of "old-school" romance = Listen up children!!

    1. So glad this is a short work week…..maybe this is why women are having a re time "o"ing…this is where it starts!

      1. Damn right this is where it all begins!

        Imma need to stop with all the "images" that are in my mind right now…I got work to do! SMH…. *goes back to fanning herself*

        1. Yes, I think between the turkey and the vacation nookie, I will be less rested and more tired come next Monday…

  17. Swoon…. #kicksUpHeels

    Kissing is truly an art form and I Luv It!!!!! If I can't play tongue hockey with you then I can't get with you.

    A long slow intense moist make out session puts me in a state of euphoria begging for more. I luv to nimble on the bottom lip especially a juicy one.

    It's a shame that people no longer take the time to just have make out sessions. #TearDrop

  18. Hey man,

    Great post. This scorpio agrees with you a 100%. Admittedly, I would work with a bad kisser for a bit, but if I can't help reform her style, might have to jump out of that situation.

    Kissing is all about patience and exploration. I know you feel me on that.

  19. The Kiss

    You are staring in their eyes, minds are starting to interwine,

    The anticipation is building and you suddenly get this feeling

    Lean in ever so softly with a slow but eager pace.

    Arms wrapped around her shoulders, hands laying on her waist

    You move forward and they follow, the world becomes quiet, all sounds are hollow.

    Before the touch, sensing the trembling sensation

    Salty air between the lips, a warm perspiration

    Excitement builds, the time of the hour arrives

    Enlighten with chills, there is no where to hide

    Lips touch in the moment, falling to the electric attraction

    Magnetism kisses flow, an ecletic satisfaction

    Hesistation is gone, replaced in whole with bliss

    Remembrance of the moment of the first kiss

  20. Kissing is bomb.

    I don't understand people who don't French/tounge kiss. I just don't get it. Its pretty darn awesome…if both parties involved know what they are doing.

    Similar to sex, you need to be in tune with your partner. Matching their pace and intensity. You just be all willy nilly shoving your tounge down somebodies throat. It also helps NOT to have a rough tounge. I don't know how you acquire one of those, but I've kissed a dude w/ one before. Blech.

  21. nice post. I think I'm a great kisser, but I still don't like to do it all the time–full out french kissing that is. I've had sex without kissing, I'm one of those weird people that has to really really really like you to WANT to kiss you. but when you have someone thats great at it too?! awesomeness. But some people just aren't that good at it. its kinda awkward getting to a good groove with someone. everyone has different kissing styles.

    I remember being a youngin kissing for hours, that ish is played now. lol but still good simpler times.

  22. Soooo I've been lurking around here for awhile now waiting for the perfect post & this is it, so thanks for that Slim!

    Sigh…kissing is great. I think it's more intimate than sex (but I also have a really rough relationship with sex). If you can't make me tingly inside with a kiss…next. If you're only using kissing as a mean to get to thronxing….next. And if you're just BAD at it (shudders). I'll try to work with you by coaching a little bit but there's a vibe that has to exist and I think the enjoyment of a kiss is pretty much natural. First kisses are great because of the surprise factor, but there's nothing better than finally being in perfect sync with someone. Knowing how they kiss, already knowing where they are going to caress…or where they want to be caressed. It really is the purest form of foreplay. I could kiss the right man forever ^_^

  23. I love kissing! Kissing is the best part of foreplay and often if it is long and deep enough I get my first one…

    From what I am hearing couples forget this part, especially after they are together for while. Kissing releases those feel good hormones; so this is a must when you are truly trying to be open to another person.

    Kissing allows you to embrace someone from head to toe. My husband and I used to only make out the first two months of our courtship…the electricity has been there ever since.

    If I can’t kiss you, you damn sure can’t feel the…..what I look like?

  24. The funniest thing is dudes out there be ruinin it for the fellas with their wack kiss game. Got women side-eye-ing and whatnot.

    If you don't know how to kiss, then your overall sex/intimacy game is questionable to me. You haven't lived until you feel a woman buckle in your arms when you kiss her, like a heartbeat skipping. Like Hiro Nakamura froze time for 7 seconds just to appreciate the moment. Foreplay >>>

    1. OMG! I love Heroes…I can't believe they canceled it. That would be mad romantic, though–to freeze time to spend more time kissing your significant other.


      But back to the topic, you're right. To be quite honest, it's been a very long time since my knees buckled, no pun intended.

      1. If I'm in a relationship, I'm in a relationship. None of that "we sleep witth other people" crap. That don't work for me.lol. if we're just casually talking, that's a different story.

        1. Throw a lil of paragraph three my way with some hair tussling, neck kissing, and eye contact and I'm all yours ;-D

          Truth be told, I'm not capable of sharing either…

  25. A great kissing session is like listening to good music. Everything has to be in sync and flow well…I like for my lover to play with my hair and run his fingers through it. When he is kissing me if he lightly touches my face and/or neck I melt inside. I really enjoy kissing because I need it in order to get my engines running.

    Btw, guys chapstick is your friend…having soft lips doesn't make you a fruitcake. No woman wants to kiss brillo lips.#noshots

  26. What do you think about kissing?

    Kissing is sweet. It's a connector & re-connector. When I kiss someone, whether it's a quick peck or a embrace, it's so sweet. It's intimate and nice. I like it. One of my favorite quotes, If kissing was just two people touching lips, it wouldn't touch our hearts and bind our souls the way it does." I think that sums it all up. 🙂

    Do you save it for the boo? Is it just a means to get to hard-body coitus?

    I used to be a hard-body kisser, no pun intended. Seriously though, I used to feel so much emotions in a kiss. I thought about this for a very long time, and I realize that I only feel this way when it's I'm really digging someone. A kiss can tell a lot. Do I save it for my boo, my values say that I do, but I've kissed without him being my "boo." Do I do it just to do it…nah.

    Can you get to s*xin’ without it?

    Nowadays, yes! Kissing gets you through the 2/3 months.

    If you enjoy it, what do you enjoy about it most?

    I enjoy the innocence of it, and how it makes you feel. I enjoy the imagination that follows and the grips & caresses around my body. I love how I can make someone feel so good in such a way that's not truly sexual, but intimate….

    Could you or have you dated someone that wasn’t a good kisser?

    Nope. I couldn't date someone who wasn't a good kisser/conversationalist.

    Yea, I'm a gangsta romantic….

  27. Ooooh kissing… kissing is the door to letting the gates open and having a flood created in my nether regions… There's nothing like being kissed to begin something much more sensual… I don't save it for the boo, if I meet someone and we've hit it off I WILL make a move and kiss him if all the vibes are there…

    Kissing to me is one of the most sexiest things a man, or woman, yeah I said it, can do to me… If they know how to kiss, and enjoy it, be passionate about it, best believe I'm going to want more, and please don't let them trail down to my neck cuz it's over! And s*xing without kissing? Uh, yeah, no, up and leave. Bye.

    I love the passion of a kiss and what it brings you. That sensuality, the delicate touch of both lips caressing each other and enjoying of such act. A kiss can be the turning point of what could happen in the future. I unfortunately have kissed 2 individuals that, good lord, one of them would literally engulf both my lips and would leave slob all over *shivers* gross… and the second one, the moment his lips were thisclose, he'd shove his tongue down and pretty much suffocate me… best believe nothing ever happened with them two lol…

  28. I can't even go on – I have to give you props for this post haste! –> "No, I’m not looking at them to see if they have the potential to provide high speed internet" ROTFL!!!

    ok, back to reading… *Ctrl Home*

  29. Let me ask a question since high school have you kissed anybody and it didnt lead to intercourse? And if so does that mean when you s/o says they only kissed someone else would you assume they cheated?

    1. Of course I've kissed without chexing or any escalation beyond kissing and body caressing…

      No I wouldn't assume he'd had sex with her; but he did cheat. He just told me he kissed another chick and he's my SO. We got a problem here….

      1. Dont get it wrong it def is cheating. What im asking is when someone tells you they just "kissed" someone else can you wonder if there is far more to the story

        1. Yeah, you can definitely wonder if there is more to the story. Sometimes that "It's just kissing" ish is a gaffle o'swindle. Other times…it really is just kissing. Depends on the person.

  30. Excuse the stars in my eyes…I think I'm in love with Slim. *sigh*

    I gave a standing ovation for paragraph one.

    I melted in my chair and <del>wondered what it'd be like to kiss Slim</del> remembered great kisses in paragraph three.

    I damn near cried at "There are people walking around out there over the age of 30 that claim to know how to kiss, but don’t know how to enjoy kissing." I always look back and wonder why we can't just kiss…why that can't be enough…kissing is soooooooooo wonderful.

  31. **raises hand** I'm the girl that's not ok with kissing a cut buddy during relations. In cutty you can separate your head from your body and just enjoy the feeling… Kissing- you are right.there.

    That being said… I love a good kiss. Especially a first kiss… that pops that right leg up. I used to love making out so much in high school that it took me for forever to start having chex.

    Mmmmm good post. Makes me wish I had some delicious lips to kiss on right about now.

  32. Kissing is a lost art form. A great kiss can be an incredibly intimate experience. I love it.

    I've been told I'm a good kisser. There's nothing like hearing a man "hmmm", both during and after a great kiss. That little throaty moan thing men do… love it. And he pulls you closer, hands traveling down your back, stopping to caress your lower back, moving down a little further… *sigh*

    I have dated someone who wasn't a good kisser. He was just a little too eager about it. I prefer to take my time…

    Nice post, Slim.

    1. NIA! Cosign… On the throaty groans from your man. I swear it gives me LIFE!! Lol. As a matter of a fact, iCoSign this whole comment including dating a bad kisser. I really think he was "bad" because he didn't know how to work with his tool set.

  33. I just may be the lone dissenter, LOL. I mean I like kissing, but love it? Not so much.

    It's funny that Slim mentioned being a Pisces because my ex was a Pisces and he's BIG into kissing and when I told him that I wasn't so much a kisser, he had to think about it for a minute, LOL, like, think about it being a dealbreaker. He said that he'd convert me.

    He did.

    I loved kissing HIM, specifically, but I really don't read anything into kissing like that.

    I'm good at it, I've been told and I definitely have the lips, but it doesn't make or break anything for me, unless there's total lack of it, then that's #nobueno.

    Ok, I'm ready for the side-eyes and joking-but-serious "Are you kidding?" questions, LOL.

    1. I appreciate this dissent.lol.

      You know, I had a gf before that decided to tell me that she had been in plenty of "situations" in the past where she didn't kiss the dude at all. I judged her on the spot and eventually broke up with her on Facebook.

  34. I am big on kissing. Of course I'm only b/w the age of 20-25 so maybe that's why. I also like looking at a guy's lips b/c my lips are small (not White people small) so full/big lips have always been attractive to me. When I became single this past summer my only concern was how long I would go w/ getting kissed. Usually the first thing on people's mind is sex, so maybe I'm just a tad bit weird. I remember I went out on a date w/ a guy , kissed him and the dude just got crazy….and clingy. Like seriously he was posting stuff on FB about how he was falling for me, and the worst part was that it was PECK not open mouth, no tongue. He wasn't even a good kisser, he bit my lip if I remember correctly. I pretty much learned not to kiss everybody at that point.

    I do think people just view kissing as a way to hurry up and get someone in bed. Some people don't even see why kissing needs to occur to get some. I'm sorry, but just touching someone is not gonna do it. Kissing tells a lot about how a person is emotionally at the time in my opinion which is why I like it so much.

  35. To me, kissing is more intimate than sex so if we are just cut buddies, no kissing. and personally, a bad kiss is worse than bad sex to me……

  36. Confession:

    I am a goon. So in my past like last week I have had been inside women that I really didn't respect or cherish. I still think the chex was personal, because of all the chit chat and body rubbing, but kiss those girls would be considered a bit much considering the situations. But I love kissing, love the fulls lips, and being the freak that I am I was tempted to 'mark my territory' with a big wet one. But once again, I had to keep my cool. These situations include however are not exclusive to:

    1)Trains. You can't kiss a girl who just sucked off your man.

    2)Strippers. She is naked, dancing all over you, curves wrapped around your waist. And all you can do is look at her beautiful lips

    But now that I am more exclusive in the company I keep I love to use my mouth to taste anything that looks full and juicy. My favorite is to actually wait for an climax when my partner is gasping and jumping in bliss, than I like to plant a big open mouth kiss on them so I can feel/hear their moans through my lips. Almost suffocating them when they are gasping for air.

    I had to wait a long time for my first kiss french kiss. So its the act is kinda special to me, it kinda the first time I can remember anyone being remotely good looking taking an interest in me. First time kissing tends to get my pretty excited.

    1. "I like to plant a big open mouth kiss on them so I can feel/hear their moans through my lips. Almost suffocating them when they are gasping for air."

      Yeah, I have some interesting friends.lol.

    2. Yo, I love the, "I am a goon." Your writing says that you are indeed one, but an educated one, nonetheless. I can respect that.

      All I can do is laugh and giggle at your comment, but it was it was honest and sweet….and

      ….is that a puddle of water?

      Good comment!

    3. Crap! Wait! So we aren't allowed to kiss strippers?? Ish. No one respectable is ever gonna be able to marry me…


  37. We "Pisces" are the best kissers on the planet, hands down. I have trained bad kissers into great kissers. Don"t be selfish, teaching could be fun. Nobody is perfect, but if you see someone making an effort to love your dirty draws, then its your duty to respect them. Help them to be better in whatever they are lacking. This is coming from a Black Young Female Pisces that knows the real!!! It's not my booty,it's my beauty! Beauty comes from within, so does kissing. Slim the only reason why you can enjoy kissing now, because you have matured your level of respect for a woman. And you are a freak by nature..lol kissing is always going to be great for you!

    1. We “Pisces” are the best kissers on the planet, hands down.



      That may be the case because you "Pisces" was probably schooled by one of us "Scorpio" #AllweDoisWin 🙂

  38. Reading everyones post, people still want to find love or they are in love. Now, we have to learn how to express it. Why not start with a simple kiss. And If it's a good one, then you can squeeze my a**!

  39. Just the other day, I remembered my first real and voluntary kiss. The details are kind of blurry, but I do know that it went on..and on…and on. Call it corny, but my lips are in sync with my heart. He was the first guy I really liked, and to this day we still have some weird chemistry. My V-card was still intact, so that was as intimate as it got for awhile. Even after there was a change in status, I loved nothing more than when the "do" was over with, and he would engage my lips in some sweet, sensual action until he eventually fell asleep. Le sigh.

    I've been told that I'm a good kisser, but I dunno about alla that. What I do know is that the easiest way for me to tell whether or not I've lost my feelings for someone is to gauge my desire to kiss him. It's not my ideal situation, but I'd actually be more likely to have sex with someone than to kiss them. I'm not a fan of the FWB situation, but I've had situations with in-transition exes where I've allowed more to happen than I would've wanted, but kissing was not entertained on my end. Take out that fool who guilted me into giving him a kiss when I was 11 and A quick mental check confirmed that I've kissed 5 guys (and no, that is not my magic number), and again, the one I enjoyed the most was the one who had the strongest hold on my heart.

    So yeah, I kinda sorta love me some good ole frenchin'. Now I just need me a French boo to whisper sweet nothings in my ear with Zouk playing in the background before he proceeds to ravage my lips.. Oooh bébé! Ce serait merveilleux. Ça y est – j’m’en vais à Ottawa!

    Oh, right, I was actually supposed to answer the questions.

    What do you think about kissing? Do you save it for the boo? Is it just a means to get to hard-body coitus? Can you get to s*xin’ without it? If you enjoy it, what do you enjoy about it most? Could you or have you dated someone that wasn’t a good kisser?

    Love it. Yes. Kissing>>>knocking boots (yeah, I said it!), so no. Technically, yeah. I just thoroughly enjoy the intimate aspect of it, and sharing that with my partner. Yeah, I have, but I don't know whether or not I would do so again. I mean…if I like someone and he's not the greatest of kissers, it could completely turn me off, or I'd like him enough to shrug it off. As long as he's not horrible, I'd live with it, I guess.

    PS: I love me some nicely shaped lips that are on the thinner side. I seem to be an anomaly.

    Long enough for ya?

      1. 'Preciate the fact that you think it's worthy of one. Thanks, but I'll stick to exposing myself on here and hope that my Dad doesn't come across the site like SBM's did.

        I inadvertently told 2 lies. The # is 6, and by "saving it for the boo," I meant for someone I'm developing feelings for and working towards something with, which is generally true. However, one of those 6 was a weekend temporary crush last year, and the other was one of my closer guy friends who liked to blur the lines and wanted to cuddle and do boo-ish type stuff with me. I let him kiss me once or twice. Rather non-fulfilling stuff.

  40. Great post. As usual 🙂

    Been reading this site for a while now…never commented but I HAD to say smthn on this post.


    Kissing….I LOVE kissing…

    My first kiss set the standard for every one that followed.

    I was 16 and had this 18y/o boy checking for me :)..we did the long phonecalls and mixtapes and then he came out with it

    and said he wanted to kiss me.

    Me: why?

    Him: so I can tell you things that I can't with words

    Me: *swoon*


    Corny I know, but he taught me smthn that day, a kiss has to be saying smthn to me

    From the "I wanna be your man" to "there's a meeting in my bedroom"…

    Make my eyelids droop, my lips fuller and redder, my face flush, my palms tingle and have me squirming from the tightness in my belly…mmmmmmm..

    Did I say I LOVE kissing?? Lol

    And yes, 18y/o boy had me walking on air afterwards *sigh* #memories

  41. Oh! There were qs to answer weren't there?


    (Obviously!) I LOVE kissing.

    Dated a not-so-good kisser…we lasted 5months (I've got medals of bravery and errthn..lol)s sans not-so-good kissing he was a good guy *shrug* and we're still friends

    Kissing doesn't always lead to "good-good" for me…but that'd be in the 5percentile or smthn..lol..

    I always saved the kissing for the 'about-to-be-boo'…kinda like the final step/test to pass…altho there've been the odd "lemme see wht you taste like" type sichoowayshuns ;;)

    Oooh kissing…nibbling….suckling on lower lip…little tongue play…nipping at mouth edges…

    Have I said I LOVE kissing??

    Uhm yeah 🙂

  42. "A Kiss"

    Resounding dreams of our future
    When your lips touch mine,
    Reminiscing about our first kiss,
    Seemed everlasting,
    But reality emerges, swallowed by my tears
    Lasting impression slowly disappear
    Enveloped by your lies,
    How I long for your lips
    To feel them on my thighs,
    But they say kisses never lie
    But the rapture of your tongue
    Simulate emotions that suppress deceit
    To enhance illusions of the truth
    But if the truth was measured by your Kiss
    Lie to me, till the truth set me free.

    They say it's in the kiss. A great kiss will have you believing lie…lol

    GREAT POST!!!!

    LOVED IT!!

    Kissing is the best part of being intimate. I'm old school. I hate to hear someone tell me they don't like to kiss. Kissing definitely enhances the moodfor me. But doesn't have to lead to sex. A great kisser will have your clothes already offin your head. Its about passion and feeling close and the someone. Doesn't have to be your Boo. If its someone you're seeing/dating, I don't see the problem.

    That's what's wrong with the dating/relationships today. It's taking the romance out of dating, the flutters in your stomach, the excitement or nervousness you get thinking about whether or not he's going to kiss you at the end of the date.. I'm am waay beyond 16 not that dang old. But a girl woman still wants to be wooed. Maybe its the southern belle in me..

  43. I am a generous person in my heart but rather miserly in allowing men to experience my lurve. Only a few are privileged enough for that, and those few have been men that I have loved. So yes, they all get to kiss me and I get to kiss them. I LOVE KISSING. It is yummy, deep, passionate and makes my heart sing….in fact, I do kind of hum a bit and make all sorts of sounds when I kiss…I lurve it. And thanks for making me think ALL these thoughts given that I am at the OFFICE! LOL 🙂

    Cute post…love it.

  44. LOL…(Girlsixx);)

    I have never met a scorpio so that theory wouldn't apply to me!But, if you would like to take your skills to the next level treat yourself to a "Pisces".


  45. I had an ex that when he finished kissing me I felt like I'd been sprayed by a showerhead of some sort. Like my entire face was gross. Needless to say after him I was non to eager to kiss anyone for several relationships. Just enough to get to the next step. Til I met a dude that was really into kissing. He took his time & didn't make me feel like I'd gone for a swim and eventually turned me back into a fan. Now I see why people can sit & just make out for so long w/out getting to the next step…makes it better when you don't feel like you're under water….

  46. I love this post! This is something a lot of people forget/don't appreciate anymore. I think kissing is a lost art form that more people should revisit. I prefer to save it for the boo, but sometimes it's nice with the non-boo…? I can't do coitus w/o kissing, but I can do kissing w/o coitus! Lol I have dated some really good kissers and some mediocre ones. I suppose I could date someone who's not the best kisser, but the problem is you lose the moment and just started thinking about that one person who was so much better…. #epicfail!

  47. i heart this entire post.

    i've always said the same thing. kissing = intimacy. sex = physical expression of pleasure. if you are lucky..you can have all 4 with the same person.

    how you kiss, will determine if sex happens. i have ended potential relationships over a bad kiss. that is not something you can teach. i dont feel i should have to.

    can i have sex without it? yes. is the sex enjoyable without it? probably not. kissing is like pre-warming the car in the winter. the car will ride smoother and be warm and toasty.

    what do i enjoy about it? how long do i have? i dont know how to describe what a great kiss feels like. what does sound taste like? what does sight sound like? a kiss mixes up all the senses in the most beautiful of ways.


    1. yep kissing comes naturally and cannot be taught…same goes for s.ex in my opinion. the sound of kissing is s.exy and definitely sets the mood. Cosign with all your points.

  48. Kissing is like foreplay and if done right, will get me wide open. I have full lips but ironically I don’t like a man to have huge lips like Jay-z is a turn off. lolol Anywho, this is the first time I’ve heard a man sincerely admit to loving kissing. I wish you would have went into more detail about the style of kissing you like, it would have made a good read. I personally don’t like the peck and pull kissing, I like open wet kisses with alot of friction. And people who openly say they want to fcuk you but not kiss you get a fail or misstlee style throat punch in my opinion.

  49. Sex without kissing is like ham without the burger. I don't understand why people would allow a foreign object in their hoo ha but they have rules and regulations that push them to refrain from kissing? Pffft. I'd rather kiss than do the deed, well..not all the time but a passionate kiss goes a long way.

  50. Wow this is my first time here and from Africa i will just say WOW. Back home guys think kissing is some kind of lost country lol but am not giving up on the special feeling it provides. And errrr yes most of the time a bad kisser ( too much saliva, wrong use of tongue and other i suck your lips to death) is a bad lover. And again great post!

    Making my day and well my week .

  51. I love kissing! Hell I'm learning French again thanks to this cute girl that I've recently been dating. We were French Kissing repeatedly during our first date and every instance after that. It can't be helped sometimes.

    I know that she likes me, the way she kisses me tells me that she's also attracted to me.

    That's my take on kissing.

  52. One of the most exciting times for me in a relationship is the first official kiss; its a time of fear and anxiety, not knowing what to expect and praying to God that you're compatible and that there's no weird face collisions and awkwardness. It's a form of speaking without words, very intimate and for that reason I don't think it should be a casual expression. The mouth/lips are a very sensitive area, love instruments should be treated with the upmost care!

  53. Kissing gets me LIVE … It's a necessary act.

    I'm gifted in this department and I've realized that not every woman is. It's sad actually, because there's so much gentleness and intimacy involved in a kiss. A woman mastering it should be required by law.

    Every woman i've had $ex with i've kissed. Every woman i've kissed i've not had $ex with. There's a relative relationship there.


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