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Stop Frontin’. Women Are More Obsessed with S*x than Men


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Damn girl. We used a 12 box in 1 night. Horny much?

Scenario 1

The previous night was filled with wine and warm loins. I had just rolled over to see where she was when I noticed the rising sun shining on her back like a orange-tinged spotlight.

Me: Why are you standing naked in the middle of the room with an iPhone in your hand?
Her: I’m texting my homegirl to let her know how great last night was.
Me: -_- Eh yo, I’m happy for you and I’m glad you finished (twice), but can you get back in bed please…
Her: Round 4?
Me: No.
Her: **sucks teeth**
Me: Zzzzz

Scenario 2

I had just arrived at her apartment in the Bronx. It had been a long week and I was just looking for female company. Sometimes I just want to be in the presence of a woman. Nothing more, nothing less. After we actually watched a movie, played a board game, and cuddled, I fell asleep. I probably would have slept through the night had it not been for the following:

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Me: You alright? I feel your booty moving around a bit down there.
Her: I’m fine. Just a little bothered. **She turns and faces me.**
Me: What happened?
Her: You haven’t tried to touch me.

At this point, I knew things were about to go left quickly.

Me: Oh. My bad. I thought we were just chillin’ tonight. Pretty sure I mentioned earlier today that I was just looking for some company. Also told you I wasn’t trying to take it there. Don’t want to make things awkward between us.
Her: So you really just came over to chill?
Me: Yeah…you okay with that?
Her: **Sucks teeth then gets up off the couch and sashays away in her rolled up sweat pants** Yeah, I’ll be fine. Wish I knew this earlier. So much for the sex panties.
Me: Zzzz.

There are a few things to take away from the scenarios above. The first thing is that sometimes I feel like a nut, and sometimes I don’t. The 2nd is that I love sleep. And third, women love sex…perhaps more than men. Yeah, I said it. This isn’t even a ground-breaking revelation to some of you. I know you’re probably sitting there like “Duh”,  but let me elaborate.

There’s a lot of chit chatterage about how men are only out there looking for s*x and that we spend more time thinking with the head below than above. For a good number of us, this is true. Sh*t, I enjoy morning, afternoon, and/or evening delight just as much as the next person, but it isn’t the only thing I think about or talk about with my boys. For example, I can’t really imagine walking up to one of the fellas on the casual like “Yo dog. You got any p*ssy lately?” The only acceptable reason for doing such would be that he was recently released from prison, dated a nun, or left the priesthood.

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Sure, the topic of s*x comes up when chatting with the fellas. In the process of debriefing about the weekend’s events, I may find out that Orpheus went over to Juanita’s crib or that my boy Alex has a stalker because he possesses west coast talent. But honestly, the story usually stops there. And we don’t feel pressed to tell one another about the escapade unless something unique happened…like a threesome. The elusive threesome changes everything.

One of the great things about the internet is that it puts people in a comfort zone. They can share truths—as well as lies—about their lives that they wouldn’t be able to share otherwise. They can also engage in unfiltered talk on topics that would quickly get them judged in the real world. Not that it always matters what others think, but sometimes it matters what others think. Anyways, I’ve noticed how quick a lot of women are online to bash men that didn’t cut it bed or praise cucumber wonders. I’ve noticed the speed at which women chime in or share links and tweets when it comes to doing the south side slippery or other raunch. Even in casual conversations with lady friends away from the 0’s and 1’s of the matrix, s*x talk flows freely about any and everything. Yes. I participate in many of these conversations, but I’m usually not the person bringing it up unless I drank 1.5 Four Lokos. And as I continue to be around women, I become more and more convinced that women are more obsessed with s*x than men. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that, but the fairer sex just needs to admit it and stop acting like men are the only ones thinking with something beneath the belt.

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What do you really think though? Am I full of hot booboogas on this one? Are men still more obsessed with s*x than women? Is this just the natural progression of things as we get older? If not, what’s caused this shift? Other thoughts?

Get your hand off that,


  1. What do you really think though?

    ^^^I agree to an extent…cause i think about it quite often, even when i don't admit it!

    Am I full of hot booboogas on this one?


    Are men still more obsessed with s*x than women?

    ^^^I think it really depends on the person & their experiences…if all their experiences were bad, they wouldn't be but if they had mostly good ones, they very well might be. I knew someone (a woman) more obsessed with self-love then sex itself…but i do see a lot more of my female followers tweet about sex than my male ones…though on fb, its mostly men talkin about sex. Some women will admit to it but they have to feel comfortable in doing so.

    Great post Slim.

  2. Great blog post! And your right. We are. However the difference with women is the QUALITY of the man we truly enjoy, more than the quantity of women that men often sleep with.

    IMO, once a woman has a true emotional bond to 'you' yes we want to get it in as often as possible. We 'ain't to proud to beg' either lol!

    So its the matter of quality vs quantity. Men see bragging rights of how many women they bed; women see bragging rights as the man who's heart we have…how he just blew my back into 7 different pieces.

    And that's my $19.20 lol!


    Lady Jei

    1. IMO, once a woman has a true emotional bond to ‘you’ yes we want to get it in as often as possible. We ‘ain’t to proud to beg’ either lol!


        1. well we havent taken nymphomaniacs into proper consideration now have we? some of us do exist and the worst thing is finding a man that is cool with 1-3 times a night. im still working on a patent to get men into the 1-20 times a night zone lmbo, it would be grand. lol

          seriously women do like sex but liking and enjoying it are 2 different ends of the spectrum. some of us would love it to be pleased 24/7 due to excessive libidial prowess but for others ehh not so much. i live in a sex bubble it is my life but it doesnt mean it obstructs any other parts of my life.

          sex is good just that people need to find people who are sexually compatible to their sex drive, some one that could fulfill their needs in the bedroom. for some of us lmbo its impossible but we pray and hope….

    2. "However the difference with women is the QUALITY of the man we truly enjoy"


      I cosign reluctantly, but women be letting some real snaggle tooth n*ggas beat. Some shady two timing, cheatin reggins too. So Quality may be relative…

      1. I need SBM to let me be great today… whomps.


        We're not talmbout quality of the man here… we're talmbout quality of the BEAT. Big difference, Jeromey-Rome from Mr. Tire could have the snaggliest teefs in the Bronx but lay the best pipe… #ijs

        1. max: "It is a sad fact of life that the more egregious the man, the better the beat."

          Just like crazy women have the best poon.

        2. Now Run Tell Dat!!!!!!

          *lmaoooooooo because it's the truth.

          You don't bring him out in public and he can only see you at night and the bedroom must be PITCH BLACK w/ Heavy Opaque Drapes to ensure that no light WHATSOEVA can seep in.

  3. I do not think women are more obsessed with sex more than men. Now, I can talk about sex, but I view it in an objective manner. Just another topic of discussion. Many people can talk about it…doesn't mean they are thinking with their parts.

    Scenario 1.. flag on the play! If a guy said that to me, I would think he wanted to go another round simply because he hasn't expressed that he wants to cuddle, and go back to sleep. And frankly, most guys aren't asking a lady to get back in the bed to cuddle. So, that isn't a great example of saying "women are obsessed with sex".

    Scenario 2… *side eye* Really?! That is like such a rare occurence that it almost rates up there with Dallas making a comeback this season. What guy is really going to be that truthful in NOT wanting sex when he calls a female up? Shoot, sounds like a very honest guy… oh dang that is a rarity as well. I guees they're only honest when they want to try to blow a lady's back out. LOL!

    Good work with the article. It is definitely a conversation starter. *thumbs up*

    1. Lol at what you said about Dallas in relation to the 2nd scenario. These things happen more than people think though. I'ma have to tell the officials to pick your challenge flag up off the field after further view tho.

  4. Hhmmm … I think women talk about sex more with other women. I think we're all equally obsessed although women being more open about wanting sex might have something to do with age and this era – women are more sexually liberated (though I imagine there r people who'd argue that women, in general, aren't liberated enough).

    I don't think I know any guys that'd turn down an opportunity to have sex … but maybe it's the men that I know … hmm but then again … if a guy were in pain or exhausted I can see him turning it down or getting a rain check (at least).

    Also, (about your scenarios), flexibility is key (lol) sometimes women have to roll with it and, as a woman even when the guy says he just wants to chill we expect sex to be involved and when it's not some/a lot of disappointment is invoked.

    *Stating it like that makes me think of Learning theory and behavioral conditioning*

  5. Its true.

    Its really true. I was telling a friend this the other day.

    Women really do run the world and its really f*cking sad when you realize it.

    Thats why niggas with game get so much hate…

  6. Can I say something about this without oversharing on a non-Friday? As far as women thinking about the shitty wiggity bang bang more than men, ehh. I dunno.

    Women: We have things to aid our s*xual thoughts. I'm sure a lot of you have read stupid blog posts about guessing a man's pen!s size or been in conversations with girls watching guys walk past them and the "I bet you he has a big d*ck" line is thrown out and it pretty much blows up from there. Seeing good looking men can start our loins up & moisten them up. Listening to music can start us up. Reading amateur books can rile us up. Stimulating conversation can make us a Human Slip-n-Slide. It's not fair to point fingers and say we're the hornballs when you're the ones with swole pieces of meat waiting to be devoured in our fleshy oral/jay caves.

    Men: You guys are too simple to really go into detail. You're either horny or you're not.

    Aww crap. So I guess you're right. f*ck you

  7. I am not obsessed with s*x. I am not obsessed with s*x. I am not obs….brb.

    But no really, if I really like you and I want you a) I will have you and b) OFTEN.

    Re: scenarios: I've never had a guy just want to cuddle without intention. But little did he know I would have the same intention. Kissing or s*xing and telling is so high school, while I may allude to a select few they get nothing more than that.

  8. I am going to have to respectfully disagree Slim.

    Men are the ones who are constantly scheming on the panties..and plotting and maneuvering how to get a woman to have s*x with him.

    Women can have sex anytime. We turn down offers for sex regularly. We are always being approached by men who we know full well only want to get in the panties..we are not trippin off of s*x.

    You are going to need way more people. Of course, there are exceptions like the women who posted already..but, I'm a little surprised by their responses..but, I don't buy it.

    Good post! 🙂

    1. I feel you where you coming from, and you're right. We as women can have sex anytime with practically anyone we want. These are truths…

      However, we definitely obsess over sex more than men. For instance, a man can hit it, and then go hang with his boys, rarely thinking about what's going on whereas a female will be replaying what just happened for hours. Another example, a man may be plotting for the performance of the power stroke, but we're also thinking when, where, how long should I wait, should I put it all on him, should I hold out for the whole 90 days or just 30.. what ought I do…etc.

      Because sex is so readily available, yet it's taboo for us to just go around rocking the world, we think about it more, we appreciate it more, and sometimes, we're usually better at it.

      The fact that I can have sex whenever with whomever does not make me less/more obsessed with it. It simply makes us/me more selective. The question is not of having more sex; it's of sex actually crossing women's minds. Slim's examples were…not up to par, but I definitely agree with the fact that women are definitely more obsessed–it's just different in nature of what Slim presented.

    2. I don't wanna break some unwritten female code but guys already believe women will talk about anyone and anything despite any Woman-Law but long… story short, women scheme too! O_O *hints at bigger picture abt women scheming* You know I'm right. Lol

    3. I think Queen and Whittest make great points about how different the thoughts are…

      it makes quantifying the thoughts quite difficult.

      you both get one cookie each

  9. From my experience women are just into sex as guys are. It's just that it has never truly been socially acceptable for us to say so. Given a good partner (and perhaps an emotional attachment for some ladies) I think we're just as randy as you are. It's a rare time I've been snuggled up with a boo and not wanted to get down… besides that's all that snuggling is good for anyway.

    1. this. I think about sex probably every 6 minutes or so. that doesn't mean I want to actually have sex that often though. but thats just me…generally speaking. Raheem Devaughn has had me in a randy mood since last night. lol

  10. Hmmm "Obsessed", not sure I agree with that term but I will admit that when we find a sexually compatible partner that we care about, we want it ALL the time.

    When me and my girls get together s*x is a hot topic, but I have also been around my man and his friends and they do the same thing. To me I think women now feel more comfortable expressing their desire to have s*x to their partner without feeling like a wh*re. Society has done a great job of making women feel like there is something wrong with enjoying and requesting s*x often by their partner. Ain't nothing wrong with wanting to get it IN with your man on the regular…

  11. I don't know about this one Slim Shady. I feel as men we have a more general desire for s.ex anytime and all times, but women may have a more deep desire for s.ex when they are in the mood for it.

    Wars are fought by men over the gushy, I haven't heard the same for women.

    1. What about the women that will fight each other over some D? I don't necessarily mean physically fighting either. Most of the dudes I know would choose to go get buns elsewhere than be entangled in some war over a chick than neither of them is officially in a relationship with. Just a thought.

      1. I would never fight over D, it would be more like fighting for my ego as well. He probably has less to do with the fight than he thinks.

        1. Pardon my creative mind, but I just had the image of 2 women wrestling over a golden phallus that seems to be just out of reach while dramatic music plays.

          Idk. D makes people do some crazy things. Fighting over it doesn't seem too far-fetched.

  12. I like this topic a lot! With woman it is situational. With men its everytime he admire's a woman and that's most likely 99.9% of the time. Woman have distractions.Woman wear many hats.So,the time we think about it, is when we are looking for a relaxed moment. But, I would say "YES" we think about it more than Men do! We have too, so we can you how to be great lovers!

  13. The scenarios seems like something I would do. I want a man that can deliver the goods without having three or four rounds of s*x. If the s*x is off the wall, do we really have to do it again? S*x wares me out. By the end of it, I'm ready to turn over and take a nap. Lol.

    There was one time where I did want to go that second round but my dude was like, "Nah, That's enough." I was like uh… okay. He noticed that NCIS was on and he chose that over me. Haha. No hard feelings.

    The only time I was h*rny a lot was during pregnancy. I needed some p*nis every other day. I had s*x up until 3 weeks before I delivered. It helped me stay in shape during my pregnancy though. The best sex I've ever had.

    1. No disrespect, But I swear to you I though your shirt said SMILF as in Sexy-MILF…

      I'm sorry but I had to share that… maybe I am obsessed with sex?

    1. Co-mother'luvin-sign.. I didn't even read the title till after thinking about that picture and recent trips down memory lane…

  14. I think it's just semantics. I agree with the heart of the post but, would use a word other than obsessed. I think women attach more value to having sex than men do. There's a point in almost every man's life where, he's not turning down sex… from any female. I think there are very few women who ever reach that level of openness about sex. I mean, like, 90% of my first 2.5 years of college was spent trying to figure out new ways to conjure up new partners. Because we spend so much time having it, the value of it becomes diminshed. Eventually, we get to the point where we enjoy everything that leads up to the sex as much, if not more than the actual sex. The actual sex is secondary in value to the chase. That's because, for men, the chase changes every time. The code to unlock the drawers is slightly different for each woman. That makes it fun.

    On the flipside, most women have way fewer sexual partners in their lifetime than do men, so – they value the actual sex way more. Sure they love being chased as much as we love chasing, but, the when it comes to the actual sex – if both parties are great at their job, women will enjoy it way more. So, once it's done they are hooked. It never gets old. Same goes if it's terrible. If they waited 4 months, and been jonsing about you for weeks, and then you're terrible in bed, the let down is huge. They've invested so much. Either way, they'll talk about it with their friends, on blogs… etc.

    1. "Because we spend so much time having it, the value of it becomes diminshed."


      Its a sad day when you are dissappointed in a titie after doing all that work.

  15. Women aren't more obsessed than men. Just look at twitter. I don't know about you, but everyday, my TL is full of sexual talk by men about women. And, there are usually pictures to go along with these conversations. And this happens daily in my TL. The women in my TL do not talk about it nearly as much, unless we get a glimpse of something like Mr. Glade, or Raheem Devaughn's new video.

      1. Men are the ones RT those pics. And yes, some men are actually posting pics of women showing thongs and tits. Not only that, men tweet pics of their own schlong. Women might RT, but its mostly done by men. #cmonman

        1. re-read my second sentence.

          truth is, we all think about sex. Men are more obsessed, especially when as it relates to the visual. Period. The model on the cover of KING isn't obsessed with her own ass. lol.

        2. "The model on the cover of KING isn’t obsessed with her own ass. lol."

          Last time I checked the newstands it was Melyssa Ford, so that statement might be incorrect…. :0P

        3. I think my e-crush is on to something. Guys take schlong pics all the time as desperate cries for attention that hardly go noticed.

          A chick can take a pic of half a breast and it restarts her career. Cassie.

          Ever notice every time Kim K names starts to die down she does another risque photoshoot.


  16. I don't know about other women but I'm definitely not obsessed with sex. I hardly think about it all and I definitely don't like to talk about it. I think it's crass and unladylike.

  17. Overall, I think men are more obsessed. Whether in a relationship or single, they probably think about it all day er'day. Depending on a woman's relationship status, she may be more inclined to be on the obsessive end of the spectrum. If you're getting peen on the regular, you maybe a bit more obsessive. But if you ain't had it since Moses parted the Red Sea….out of sight, out of mind begins to take place and you don't think about it too much.

    1. Maybe that's for some women, out of sight out of mind, cuz I know for a fact that don't work for me. Out of sight, on my mind. *shrugs*

        1. Lol see if I don't got it I'm plotting on how to get it! I might lure them with some home cooked dinner… wine… the movie line… then bam! I conquered.

        1. Ugh! Tell me about it! When I saw the video with Trey and Luda in Vegas, that one shower scene with the pole and Trigga there with ol'girl had me all sorts of wild fantasizing about wanting to put a d*mn pole in my shower! And Luda and the bedroom scene? Yeah… I had to walk away, slowly… lol

        2. GIRL BYE!!!!

          I just watched Raheem DeVaughn's new video…BIG MISTAKE! Damn near moisted over here.

          I gotta start listening to more hardcore rap…yeah…that'll help *scratches arm like a fiend*

        1. When I'm in love, I'm an absolutely fiend. Every thing he says, every glimpse of his back or arm or calves or heaven forbid, that V…*trailing off* my bad – every smart word that slips from his perfectly shaped lips, every stern word checking someone…trouble, trouble…you get the point. So yeah, when I'm in love I'm absolutely "obsessed", like 4 times a day and still thirsty obsessed.

          When I'm not, I can go ions without really needing it. I may still get hot and bothered listening to Neo telling me to "Say It", but that quickly passes. I can't even really double click my mouse effectively without an object of affection to focus on. My heart and orgasm are completely intertwined.

          Which may be why ladies like me come off as obsessed. Because we hold back so much, that once we're let loose…we go buck wild.

          Oh and talking about sex? Pssssh. It's just words people. I'm an open book. Doesn't make me obsessed, makes me a chronic oversharer. And proud.

          Slim, great post as always.

  18. *stands up, clears throat, and raises hand*

    Hello, my name is Lola and I'm obsessed with s*x and I'm the Sucia Queen B.

    I love talking about it, thinking about it, doing it, fantasizing about it… and yeah…

    Sometimes I wonder if I think about it too much or if there is something wrong with me because I'm constantly thinking about it. When I'm with somebody, whether there is an actual intimate connection or not, I always want it. Morning, nooner, evening, when the sun is barely waking up, in the car, on the trampoline, in the.. ok I'm going to stop.

    Seriously though, I do think about s*x, a lot, on a daily basis. Now as I've grown and matured more I've been able to control my urges than before. Yes quality or quantity wins all the time, but sometimes quality doesn't cut it.


        1. Me? I personally don't have any (insert sad face emoticon), I was speaking about the SBM family as a whole. Excluding Sane, you're the only Messican around these here parts (I think).

        2. No, I'm saying you ain't full-blooded Messican, so Lola is the only one that I'm taking in consideration. You know we love our welcoming committee!

        3. @DeKeLa Awww, that put a smile on my face this morning.

          @Hugh Well played, sir, well played.

          I think I may need to retire the welcoming committee, people tend to comment more when I'm not greeting at the door. #counterproductive

        4. @ Sane I didn't know you was 1/2 Messican!? Ayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy-ha-hayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy

          @ Hugh Oh ok! Hehe 😀

          @ Eddie you kill me with your "1/2 Messican" shirt

  19. I believe women love sex more or just as much as men, because their bodies are more complex they have more to enjoy than the man. And sex is an animalistic and subtlely feminine act, because it consist of sensual touching and very affectionate behavior moreso than that rough gorilla sex that is perpetuated in the media(p0rn).

    I think it's a woman's thrive-zone(made that up) men just have to accept that women are sexual. There is a misconception that men are more sexual, and the only reason for that is because we don't let women express their sexuality by their own will. We want to control the juice box, and that's not fair at all.

    Which is why there is also a huge misconception of the h0e vs. sexually independent and inhibited. Men's game would soar to new levels if we would let go of chauvinistic attitudes and embraced the sexual woman with thoughts of her own.

      1. Most of the time it's the feelings attached to the person involved that make you believe the sex is that good. I've had this same problem, and recently just realized that the actual sex, stripped of all the feelings, was mediocre at best. I don't think even the best sex is enough by itself to make any woman put up with this behavior. If you're letting a guy get away with this stuff, make no mistake about it, you are caught up with feelings.

    1. Good post. Stuff like that and some responses on this one that I've read thus far kinda have me scratching my head, cuz I can't see that it'd ever be that serious for me. Give me the option right now, and I'd choose cuddling over sex. Perhaps Dr J is right. #shrug.

  20. I can't even lie, when there is someone that I want to be with, I want to be with them all the time. I've been in that first scenario more than once and I can't recall how many times I've made the call for some D at lunchtime. Although, this only happens when there is someone in my life that I want to sleep with. When I'm in a drought (yes, a drought), then I tend to think about it more.

    The big difference is that when meeting someone new, sex is less of a priority to women then it is to men.

    1. I disagree. It all depends on where the guy has placed the female initially. I don't really care about smashing if we are generally having a good time around each other. Hell, I don't even talk about sex unless I have put her in the "hit is asap" pile.

      Getting sex is not hard whether it be with someone you are actually interested in or just a jump off. Intent plays a huge part.

      1. What I meant by that is that MOST women will not even consider sleeping with a man if they don't think it's going to lead to a relationship (unless they are looking for a CB). Most men will still beat even if they know they never want to see her again.

  21. I disagree. I think you didn't qualify the s*x like you should have. Women are obsessed with great s*x. The reason being, most of the sex they get is wack. That's just life, for a large number of women, they not having the best s*x of their life everytime they let someone in the gate. So when they get some good-good, they want to do it a lot.

    Now as it pertains to your example, (1) Wanting to have sex over and over again, is not reflective of being obsessed, it's just that maybe she can keep coming over and over again. That's your bad if you can't keep up. Women's recovery time can be outrageous. (2) If a woman invites you over, when she lets you in the house, always check her underwear. Sometimes women don't want to make that first move, they just on some Nala from the Lion King, come and get it type stuff. BUT they get pissed when they get it in their mind they are going to give you some and then you turn them down. Like real talk, how do guys feel when you go over there expecting to hit, and she's like no I just want to cuddle.

    But back to my original point, like my sophomore year, I went over this upperclassmen's apartment. We were supposed to "study." But this study arrangement had been made at a party in which we noticed we had a class together. She answered the door in a hoodie and some sweats with ankle socks on, but when she turned around I noticed a g-string. I took it at the couch like 45 seconds later, with no game at all. Afterwards, she asked me how I knew, and I was like, I was willing to bet that you weren't one of those girls who just wears g-strings everyday, all the time. I knew you had already told yourself you were going to give it up. Anyway…

    Men obsess over regular sex. Women obsess over great sex. I think men go coo coo for cocoa puffs over great sex. But at the same time, if one of your boys was like, yo have you heard about this new joint you can do to the Heineken bottle to make a fleshlight? Cats would all be on the internet looking for that technique and be competing to see who had the best Heineken bottle. It would be nasty though if you was helping him clean the crib after a party and was… nevermind.

    Now, i'm not sure about the rest of you, but i've had some great s*x that i'm sure to tell my grandkids about even though it ain't happen with their grandmother. And I've never seen a woman react the way I did for that girl.

    Sh*t was like a Mya video…

    I had this bad b*tch Uptown, she was WHOA!

    Had me f*cked up in the head, I mean WHOA!

    Bought the b*tch diamonds and pearls, I mean WHOA!

    1. I beg to disagree sir. Maybe we need a definition of obssess but one of the frequent topics of conversations between my girls and I: whack sex. One might even say obssessive… but that's what I need to know… what's obssessive?

        1. I know the definition of obsess, I mean what actions (or how much talking I guess) make up obssessive behavior. Anywhozers, be that as it may… I venture to say that we obsess over whack sex. It provides comedic relief to our lives, & it makes its way into conversation almost daily. That being said… in general as Slim pointed out below: s*x is still s*x. So I'd have to agree w/ the post & say yes… we obssess. Do we obssess on receiving/getting chex? Eh, I don't know that's why I hadn't made any definitive remarks on the post… i think that's another story.

  22. Honestly, at the root of it, s*x is still s*x. I think had I qualified what I meant on that any further, it would have narrowed the interpretation and left the post with nothing but a bunch of co-signs. Creative difference, but interesting perspective overall as usual.

  23. I died @ Southside Slippery! I'm going to use that one.

    My name is B and I'm a sex addict. If I could, I'd get it twice a day evertday. I think about the ish all the time and talk about it in great detail with my Gs. But I do know that my SO or FWB won't be ready all the time. Yes women are just as horny if not hornier. I know I am.

  24. "Sh*t was like a Mya video…

    I had this bad b*tch Uptown, she was WHOA!
    Had me f*cked up in the head, I mean WHOA!
    Bought the b*tch diamonds and pearls, I mean WHOA!"
    ….is no one else going to laugh at this, because if they aren't then I am.

  25. "Sh*t was like a Mya video…

    I had this bad b*tch Uptown, she was WHOA!
    Had me f*cked up in the head, I mean WHOA!
    Bought the b*tch diamonds and pearls, I mean WHOA!"
    ….is no one else going to laugh at this, because if they aren't then I am.
    *chuckles profusely*

  26. “However the difference with women is the QUALITY of the man we truly enjoy, more than the quantity of women that men often sleep with.”

    SO TRUE!!

    Yes, women talk about it, think about…, but not obsessively. At times, sometimes, my friends stay talking about the next booty call. Maybe a lil TMI, but occasionally, if we plan girl’s night it can and has included, on the itinerary, making a run to Sex World, a local adult store here. Now, just because we talk about it amongst one another, and frequent , visit on occasion, Sex World, doesn’t mean we’re trying to take a whirl on EVERY ride at the ‘Twater Palor’. Well, they really don't have rides there… well, there is that one, REALLY BIG one, but it was kinda hard to…. …. But you get my point.

    We might want it, but we’re not really trying to have it, all the time…. I mean… we want it, all the time … but not with everybody lol.

  27. I was getting it in recently.. had a good stroke going.

    Of course vocal CHeeKZ being a perv had to ask "How does that feel".

    BooBoo said good. great. I love it. Blah Blah.

    But that isn't what I meant. "explain to me what THIS is doing".

    BooBoo: "O baby. You haven no idea how good it is to get eff".

    And There lies the problem Even though we are with each other, we have no idea what the other person experiences. I can't even begin to imagine what its like to let someone inside of you. And how in the world that feels good. How is entering a hard phallic object against your inside making you feel?

    I'm not sure how this relates to this post. I just like talking chex.

    1. I feel you… I get your point…


      My gasp is loud and clear as he enters,

      Taking a breath to take the pain,

      But he eases in with ease,

      Cause I am already lubricated,

      To resist friction, but welcome him

      We move slowly at first, in and out,

      Trying to feel each other out

      Like a chord to socket,

      Moving in and out, tight fitted,

      His head, loosening my inner walls,

      His d*ck enveloped by warmth of my creamy c*m,

      Like a well oiled machine,

      Slow churning turn into speed,

      Rapid movements I make,

      As if my body is caught in a cyclone

      Inconsistent, cause I can't seem to take control,

      So I grab the bed, and grip the sheets,

      So then I can let go, leave my body in his hands,

      Cause I know his intention is to release tension,

      And not to harm me, Just heal what ails me,

      And yes, my body is calling,

      This is what I've been waiting for.

      Pain with every thrust, but I take it,

      Like an aspirin, to alleviate the pain,

      Pain subdued by pleasure, like a valium,

      Intoxicated, amplified squeals turn to low moans,

      as he grabs my hips to take control,

      He can feel me taking over……..


  28. Ha! Loved your post 🙂 very funny comments. I think that nowadays women are more open about sex because it's become socially acceptable for them to be open about sex (how men have always been able to) and they are trying to play catch up and be as sexually open and active as men have always been known to be. It's a very interesting question that you ask. I feel that both men and women are both equally obsessed with sex. Women are now more open to do so, and some take it to the extreme. Thanks for sharing!

  29. Wow..y'all changed the whole mood on this topic.MR. SliM you hit a nerve on this one.Everybody must be in need or in lack of SEX right now.lol. People have real issues with sex. I mean when I was young I understood the desires. Now, that I am older I am control and know exactly what I want. So, I think of sex more so now at 32 then at 20.Base on the fact I have gained new skills and I like getting high off sex. I learn something new about myself each time I encounter a sexual beast like myself. You can dwell in the passion or the art of sex. Now, some of you I have caught in a lie. Just the other day, y'all was posting your desires about kissing and now you want act like you don't think about sex. You can't think about a good french kiss,without feeling juicy baby about sex…you are a liar!…Smooches;&

  30. As I think as time goes on sex becomes background music. At 34 it's not the convo starter-multiple streams of revnue is. There's a reason paid men stay getting laid.

    Most of my boys have been with their SO for a while a lot are married. Its mad corny for dudes in these cases to bring up last nights bone session.

    Even the ones of us single only confirm if we smashed or not or if any thing happend at all.

    When sex is brought up it's in relation to who the women is. If she avg-good looks ok gig…meh, a double dime but dumb again meh, now if she is a freak and a upper level executive I'm all ears.

    What's funny is I was all for girls in college expressing them selves sexually . But there was alot of posturing and posing under the giuse of being selective. I suggested those chicks were just flat out scared. But now in our 30's I just feel women realize you have been ms do nothing but are you really happy? Nope.

    And since her history isn't that of a freak she can go in under the radar. I think as we get older for men it's latent for women they get more deliberate about their intentions.

    1. I must heavily disagree with your first statement. Paid men stay getting laid….yes. But so do broke men. The ability to get sex is not determined by your income.

      1. Paid men stay getting laid….yes. But so do broke men.

        Truth !! because at the end of the day broke dudes may not have a job, a car, or paper but guess what — he is A BEAST at one thing LAYING some LETHAL EARTH SHATTERING HEADBOARD BREAKING BACK ACHING BOW LEGGED STANCE PIPE. *ijustsayin

  31. In my experience, women are MORE s*xual than men. Why wouldn't they be? It's easier for them to get. HOWEVER, that side of them comes out if they 1)aren't pressured, 2) aren't lied to or 3) made to feel like slores for wanting it.

    1. I think #3 might be the biggest factor of all . The general reaction to a hyper-sexual female is very negative. So I think it probably goes to say that most females hide and/or suppress their sexual urges for fear of ridicule.

      A relationship allows them he opportunity to let their true feelings out without drawing judgement upon themselves.

  32. I'll be honest, yes I probably obsess over sex more than men. I want it when I want and yes it pisses me off on the daily because I am not getting it daily. Yeah I get the whole "I man, must sleep" deal, but it can be a little frustrating. Like you said the tables have turned from years of women saying, "not tonight". We women who say "yes please" are are looked upon as horny hoes, even though many of us keep our true nature to ourselves until we are in a committed relationship. So well one day there will be someone that appreciates it everyday or close to it.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate


    [email protected]

  33. This article really hit home. I have been accused of having a high sex drive and it gets in the way of my relationships. I got to have it. Now that I am single I have to tame the beast so I sext and masturbate to calm my nerves.

  34. Wow how could I miss this today? Yes I would love to cosign that women want s.ex more than men but that's simply not true. Besides your obvious attempt to show us how women can't get enough of Slim Jackson (and I believe you) it's just not reality that we beg for s.ex more than men. I personally have the s.exual appetite of two (not 1) jungle lions but I am fully aware and have been told that this is not the norm for women. Much of the time, it's the emotion and approval women want over the s.ex then it's just the raw s.ex with no emotion but i bet the first part outweighs the second. Basically a woman saying, Sleep with me is saying Love me..then once the feelings are established will she relax and just enjoy the s.ex. I may be wrong but I may be right. We're just not built the same. Besides the fact that it science a man wants it more and besides the fact that we can get d*ck by the snap of our fingers, it's just possible for a man to play like he has to reject women because we want it so much more than he does. And I want to add NEVER in life will i have s.ex with a man who I know has no feelings for me. Why? Because most women don't have to. lol I lost my point but good blog. More like this please. Women should discuss their inner freak more often. lol

  35. Nope nope nope men think about sex way more than women do. But I don't think about it I want it….but its varies week to week… *shrugs*

    It is just that women prefer quality over quantity and that is hard to find. *Lady Jei and I are on the same page*

    Men get into trouble thinking with that other head…. poor judgment, poor taste, poor everything!!!

    And for the record if a guy asks for a grade on his performance he will get it! And in my book book if the performance was low he will not get a make up session! And hells yes that gets top billing in a discussion!

  36. I totally agree going all the way back to the orginal point. I think women can be more obsessed than men, but not for any reason I read above. I think it is because women are natural receivers and men are givers. The men essentially do all the "work" unless you have someone that believes in putting in work. Then you have the straight freaks! If you are one, and you come across one, whoa!!! That's gonna be an all nighter!

  37. Someone mentioned 'Say It' by Ne-Yo & I had a temporary moment off in lala land of good memories 😀

    [email protected] MOST of the comments

    & after reading all/most of this I'm sure I'm at least moderately obsessed … I mean I can go days without thinking about it so it's not TRULY obsessed … now some GOOD-GOOD-CAN'T-TALK-OR-THINK-GREAT sex I'll obsess about that when it happens & whoever he turns out to be, he'd better be prepared to be tied up (or down, his preference 😉 ) for at least a few days [we'll have to work @ some point]

  38. Women think about sex more than men (and if I'm any example, LOTS more), but men are more casual about sex.

    If men get it then all is good (not that the sex was particularly good, but that it was good that they had sex) and if they don't they want it. The man may move on or he may stay, but the sex has nothing to do with it. For women if they get it AND it's good… then we want more and we'll stay until dealing with him isn't worth it anymore.


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