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Read This First, Do Not Delete: Email to this Jawn I Used to Talk to

Why would I actually write it all down and send it? Emo!!!

[Name redacted],

Why did you install silent logger on my laptop?  Did you not think I would find that?  That’s real foul.  I shouldn’t even respond to you because you are freaking ridiculous.  And why the hell did you call my ex and ask her if I was still talking to her?  WE ARE NOT TOGETHER!  This is why I can’t be with you because you do crazy things like this.  Do you even think before you do some crazy crap like that?

I find it funny that you come at me for having female friends, but you’re still friends with your ex.  Like and all my boys told me that you told them you was in love with me.  First of all, why do my dudes know that?  Side note, you are still f*cking your ex and you want me to wife you down?  Don’t even lie.  At first I was like, nah be cool because you know that you’re cool with one of your exes.  Then I realized, several things in fact:

–        She’s not my immediate ex, I dated her years ago.  You just broke up with dude and insist on convincing me that you are just friends because he doesn’t have any friends.

–        Your ex is single. My ex has a man … that she lives with.

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–        I do not hang out with her when there are no other people there.  You hang out with your ex and say it’s because you have mutual friends.  However, your hanging out consists of; going to a club, him getting a table, standing next to you, like you’re still his chick, or going to the movies or bowling.

Do you know how uncomfortable it is to tell someone that you’re dating a chick who has a man?  But yet, you don’t trust me.  Wait, you said it was okay for me to talk to other chicks.  Wait, we not even together, remember that?  You’re not trying to be in a relationship because you just broke up with your ex.  This is exactly what I was talking about when I said, you can’t have everything you want.  You don’t want a relationship, but you don’t want me talking to other women.  You don’t know what you want.  You want everybody to play into your little plan.  It’s selfish and it’s not fair to the people that you say you care about.

After the Drake concert you said you loved me, and for a second there I felt bad because I didn’t say it back.  But you say, you love me, but you don’t want to be in a relationship.  I think that a relationship is the only way to keep you from doing dumb ish that makes no sense.  But yet, you are “concerned” about my female friends.  And then you ask me a ridiculous question like did I sleep with my best friend?  Why would I sleep with my BEST FRIEND?  Does that make sense?  Did you sleep with your best friend?  I know who you did sleep with though, you’re ex and that other dude you chill with all the time.  Tried to explain the situation to me like it was cool, you used to sleep together but it was only a friends with benefits situation.  Point of information, you do not have a man right now, so why wouldn’t you be sleeping with him?  I’m supposed to take your word for it.

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And I’m only writing this email because every time I try and talk to you face to face, you start screaming or cut me off.  So I’m writing an email so you will sit down and read it.  I’m not trying to be all emo or nothing, do not take it that way.  And I’m not saying I don’t want to be with you, I’m just saying some things have to change, or I’m bouncing.  When you get this, please reply and let me know you read it.



  1. whoa. that was a lot.

    I'm shocked that he still wants to work it out with the lady. Most times I hear a guy running for the hills when in this situation.

  2. I can't tell you how often I feel like writing similar messages to get things off my chest and try to communicate my thoughts effectively.

    1. I hate to admit it, but e-mail is my most effective way to express myself when heated. I get too emotional otherwise…I clam up.

        1. Sane cannot ask anyone to pay attention when she said this a few months ago:

          "If my 38Ds were just not responding to any workouts when I’m rounding 35, then I’d probably get a lift and I’d consider vaginal rejuvination if it was necessary."

          Later she said…

          "Also, I’ve just never really had the urge to touch another woman’s breast, so I don’t know if I’d like it or not. That said, I like touching my own. :)."

          Everytime she comments, I think about these two comments. Everytime.

        2. Note to self: be extra careful about what you write on here, SBM writers and readers will remember and quote it back.

        3. Note to SBM readers/lurkers: if you own a set of 38Ds expect endless hugs if I ever meet you in person.


  3. Damn! Unfortunately I think I need to cut, paste, and send this to somebody.

    How are You telling me your ex answered the door Buck naked, but the sexual relationship is over?

    And no I do not want to hang with said B.

  4. LMAO! Am I just tipsy or is this ha-freakin-larious? Dr. J had me all prepped for WWIV (Don't even act brand new, you know "I Love Latinas" was WWIII) http://cdn.best.complex.com/assets/images/lists/h

    But this was just a refreshing slice of honesty with a dollop of women can be some crazy bishes. And I love me some sweets…

    I guess it's cold that he posted it for all to see…but she lo-jacked his computer…consequences my dear, consequences.

    If this isn't closure I don't know what is. As long as Dr. J doesn't come up missing and this story ends up on SVU…pretty good end to a crazy quasi relationsh!t as far as I'm concerned.


  5. "some things have to change, or I’m bouncing. "

    What? Nah son. Just bouncing. Eff things changing. From what I am reading this female is a jealous, insecure hypocrite. To many good women looking for a man to be getting caught up with foolishness like that

    1. Co-sign…

      Cut your losses short before this chick cuts you deep…

      And you are a better man than me for writing a chick a long drawn out email…. that ish is documentation for future blackmail.

  6. My favorite part was "I’m not trying to be all emo or nothing,"

    Dude you were totally emo throughout this … but that's cool; women need to see men be emotional about something, some times.

    Here's my question though: why do you want to try to work it out with her? She's still caught up in the ex that's not an ex; and how is it that he doesn't have any friends other than her but they hang out with their mutual friends … the fact that they have mutual friends implies that he has friends other than her. So … she's foul for that.

    Also, I am good for sending long & evolved text messages to people when I'm upset and not getting my point across clearly when we talk (because the person doesn't understand English when it's spoken to them o_O). So, if I'm to the point that I'm drafting a letter in e-mail either my feelings are REALLY, Really hurt or I've reached my wits end and almost don't want to talk to the person.

    *Good letter btw

    1. The thing about email is that people like me have a way with words that come out of my mouth. And a text is usually a quick response too. The email signifies that i've taken time to sit and think about what I want to say. Even though once you start writing you just get upset again anyway.

  7. That's deep…I feel him though. Sometimes face to face just doesn't work. People are stuck on arguing or defending themselves they fail to actually listen to what's being said.

    I tend to clam up as well. I need to write down my thoughts. I can read them bullet by bullet in person tho…lol.

  8. All that and you feel the need to explain and "work it out? All while you two aren't in a relationship? Yea that ish is "emo" or crazy, cause she definitely is. So it begs to question: what does that make you as the dance partner in this wacko waltz?

  9. J,

    I understand why you went through this.. it was the bomb a$$ puddy cat!!!! That ish has you all types of messed up didn't it?

    Great oral will make me tolerate you.. great gushy will make me love you and write emails lol.

  10. Wow!! All that? Who the hell is going for that bullish? Her p*ssy must shoot out rainbows and platinum….D-R-A-M-A! No Suh I am not even going for any of it! Nip it in the bud ' fo you start! Oh Hell to the Naw!

    Sounds like you was fed up and the fact that you couldn't talk to her….smh

    Cannot do it!

  11. She installed silent logger on your laptop and she called your ex? This is grounds for dismissal alone

    This is an utter and complete waste of your time. I don't care how beautiful she is or how good the panties are.

    Bounce now.

  12. Yes, it's an interesting look into Dr. J's life and you know what? You need to cut this chick the f* off. "Some things have to change or I'm bouncing" Bounce that b* to the curb. I think she has some really really good p* because she is playing you left and right and you are f*ing RATIONALIZING her crap because you still want to be with her.

    (Insert me slapping some sense into Dr. J right now). You're better than that! Pull yourself together, cut that b* off or I will sit outside of your door and start screaming at you myself whenever I see you!

    I have spoken.

  13. Before this gets out of hand, I don't need any advice today. Let me ask a question, I really hate doing this but I don't want people to waste time giving me advice about this situation; Have you ever felt the same way? Been driven to send an email like this or similar?

    1. I am in a similar situation… Well not having to do with an ex. More like I am the ex and we still kick it. He doesnt want to be in a relationship anymore, is dating, and still gets upset when he sees any evidence that I have contact with members of the opposite sex. I don't think an email would help though cause he is just plain selfish.

      I put up with it because… yes, the d*** is that good. lol! Ok maybe I'm just lazy and don't feel like finding another (after all I've taught him).

    2. Yes I have and yes I have sent similar crazy a s s emails…I have sent emails to the point where I sent them to the wrong person because I was typing so fast and tripping so hard.

      It's not a good place to be in, but yes, I have been there.

    3. Yes, I've done it once. Sometimes when a couple are having a (searching for euphemism) passionate discussion, the other person isn't listening.

      It is often easier to write down exactly what you want to say, how you want to say it, as precisely as possible, than it is to actually say it, especially when both sides are heated.

    4. Okay…I have been lurking for months but this post struck a nerve with me!

      Excuse me Dr. J…but do I know you??

      Clearly my ex(but not really ex)boo has a delusional chick that wont let him go and had the NERVE to email me about him. They dated in high school for only a few months.


      But I have felt the same way and sent numerous emails for a few reasons:

      1. uninterrupted expression

      2. no room for rebuttal

      3. that dude was psycho and email was my only option….*kanye shrug*

    5. Yes, I've felt this way and I sent the email. Except, my email was a final straw, let's end it all email. I told him I was sorry I couldn't give him what he needed, and that he felt the need to get it from his "friend". And I said goodbye. His heart never seemed to be totally invested, and I was tired of trying to make it work.

    6. i can relate…i'm still not over my ex b/c i get tight every time i think about the problems we had.

      so what i did was write an email to get my frustrations out. i rewrote it damn near ten times, and then i sent it to myself (and NOT her) as a reminder why i should never rekindle the flame in the future, b/c i know she'll try.

      i'm better now, but still not completely over it.

    7. Okay then…..LOL 🙂

      Yes, I have written emails of this kind expressing my thoughts, emotions, disappointment, etc…..so, I'm not clowning you about writing it. I get where you were coming from….it was the only way to get her to listen or hear you because she was acting up when you tried to call….

      So, let's just hope that she heard you and that the behavior will change.

      How is that for no advice? LOL

    8. Yes, you're not alone. I've done the email thing. I feel better expressing myself through email in a heated situation. Like you, it gives me a better chance of explaining myself clearly without interruption, and hopefully in full, not leavinng anything out. And after doing so, even if it didn't work, I felt better knowing that at least my feelings were expressed and I can move on without regret. I call it therapy.

      Maybe I'll share one day…maybe…

  14. Once… I've only done the email thing once. I'm strongly against the written word trail, but it just had to be done. I'm not good with emotions and my communication with the guy was piss poor. It was a bunch of avoidance and dancing around things that had to be layed out and said, so I broke my rule and wrote an email. I wish I didn't have to and when I think about it sometimes I rgeret I did b/c I have a sneaking suspicion he refuses to delete it lol. He really appreciated the clarity for "my ways". All in all it worked. I got most of everything off of my chest and remained the diplomatic lady I am.

    I gather Dr. J is a go-to advise guy and its usually those that end up in larger blinders than those they help; so I can totally understand this. I still feel like you need a crazy poon intervention lol

  15. I used to be the queen of expository emails; well expository letters really because this was in the days before email. I think it's easier to <del>tell someone about their parts</del> explain myself in writing. This is back when I was young and gave a sh!t…I don't think I could be bothered to do it now.

  16. Hey Dr. J,

    I liked the fact that you took the time to "check her in". I don't view it as you are emo or soft or p-whipped. What I took from it was that you are a fair man that tries to do right by people even if they aren't reciprocating. The other thing is, I feel that when people share a seat in your life…be it front seat or back, they NEED to hear about themselves when they are crossing your boundaries. Our self perception a lot of the time is just that…"self", and periodically it's far from how our peers see us. Even if she doesn't heed what you said to her right at that moment…you still SAID it and at some introspective point in her life..your words will echo throughout it.

    For what it's worth…I'm on Team Dr. J. Communicate that ~ish! 😉

  17. "I think that a relationship is the only way to keep you from doing dumb ish that makes no sense. "

    okay I SCREAMED at this line, because some people are really like that.

  18. Dr. J.

    No, I cannot say that I have been here yet. My ego is burnt easily so off the top, I would not be dealing with a person that was so selfish.

    I was a point in my life where I decided I was not going to be no man’s girlfriend (I was fresh out of a relationship and did not want to be serious w/ anyone), then I met a man that was seeing other people, and he was perfect for what I wanted at the time. However, he knew I would walk away if I felt that things were getting out of hand on either side. He knew I was serious and dealt with it accordingly. If you don have standards you will get what you get. And yes…standards do change depending on the circumstances.

    People have all type of relationships, however when one person in the equation begins to feel differently about the arrangement, there is nothing wrong with stepping back and giving things a second look.

    Even when I was dating, I had rules of engagement. Silent logger and other stalkerish ish is a no-no–regardless of our titles.

  19. Yup, I've been there. Now I take a moment to consider whether I want my emotional rant in someone else's control and suspectible to being forwarded at will. Now if I am forced to send any emails they are short and straight to the point, i.e. We are completely done and there is no point of you responding because you've been erased from my contacts list.

  20. Also, let me say this…

    The reason why this email ends the way it does is because men have a very hard time totalling deading p*ssy. I'm sorry but it's true. A chick could put 87 octane in your S550 and you will cuss her out and tell her, "see you next tuesday" but then you'll be like…

    nah chill, I ain't say leave, i'm just saying…

    You never know when you might need to circle back on that.

    Plus, no one likes to accept defeat. That's really the real talk of relationships. That's why you send the email, that's why you stay when you know you should just stop hanging around the person. Because you want to pull it off and come out on top. Or at least be the one to say "I dumped them, not the other way around."

  21. #1 Guys its fictional…lol

    #2 I HATED when exes would send me emails… like tell me to my face… only thing is in this ex thats not his girl like that so it is what it is.

    #3 Eff these hoes J im at King of Diamonds this weekend whats good?!! **trying to be a good friend**

  22. aint nothin wrong with sending a text or email to get things off your chest and express what you feeling. I do the same. My man has a way when face to face to make me forget about all the issues I am concerned with. An email and text means no interuption. Now this chic here has issues. Sounds lile she playin dude. If she really loved dude then she wouldn't have tried to sugar coat her relationship with the ex. If your man is bothered by a friendship you have with another man then out of love and respect that friendship needs to end. Maybe i'm old school but my man is more important than any friends and or ex's. As his woman I am suppose to care bout his feelings, allow him to express them and any insecurities and handle my bizness to make sure those insecurities are whiped from his mind… Not by words but by actions. A person in love shuld not be doin something that they wuld not want their S.O. Doin. I agree this chic don't know what she want. In the end she gonna be alone and really lookin stupid.

  23. At 25 I might have written this e-mail………At 35 I would have bounced already……and if she asked why, replied "[email protected] are you serious? I stopped playin these games 10 years ago. Learn how to treat a man and then maybe you'll be able to keep a man." 🙂 My advice to all clueless women.

      1. It's like a veteran quarterback….at 35, you step to the line and read the defense with ease. Takes you no time to figure it out……..at 25 you still write e-mails tryin to figure out if you can trust the brawd. I used to be the same way.

        Any brawd that thinks she can have a serious relationship and still hang with her old ufck buddies is a little girl that knows nothing about how to keep a man happy.

        1. 🙂 Nah in this analogy Brett Farve is the dude that sees 7 men in the secondary, two guys blitzing and stills decides to throw across the middle.

          His read is right but he has no self control. 🙂

  24. I feel like the woman above who just said WOW just wow. I ain't even your woman and I felt convicted on this one. Whoever she is, if I were her, I'd get it together or leave it alone. You sound like a man who's in love in and can't take it anymore (been there). I'm not good at no strings relationships either. I don't like not knowing if I'm in a relationship. Especially when what you really want is to be in a relationship (or married). Sometimes it takes laying all your cards on the table and letting the chips fall where they may. If this a real situation, Good Luck!!!

    1. Funny thing about young women. They really think they supposed to be able to do all that stuff and some dude is still supposed to put a ring her finger.

      My advice to ladies…..the first thing any man is looking at when searching for a wife is loyalty. Is she gonna cheat on me. If you give even the slightest hint or create the perception that you are not to be trusted, by say, maintaining relationships with former ufck buddies, you can forget about ever seeing a ring.

      Just tryin to help you out so you won't be 30 wondering how you managed to lose so many potential husbands.

      1. Thats true… The women that get the ring know to not even tell their man that they are still friends with guys they use to bang. Honesty effs you up!

  25. I'm the queen of the e-mail or text. Sometimes I freeze up and can't get out everything I need to in order to make my point clear. I get nervous and jittery for big conversations. Plus I think a lot of issues during arguments come from how heated we become going back and force with someone or frustrated by not getting our points out and fully through the other person. E-mail is a bitter calmer.

  26. OMG! Why?Why?….Unless she is Hella fine and got some good puss you can get on the regular..then i would say okay, be a LameA**Ni**a for a while, and get what you can because she is a A**hole! Other than that, you should of got ghost on her ass. And let her think about what she would be missing. Because, now that letter you sent all she saw was . I can keep playing this nigga! Wake Up! The fact that you can't talk in person like Adults and respect your conversation.Thats a red Flag right there. I am sorry your Email has been deleted. It was wack! Your in the friendzone for good now…lol

  27. You're a bigger man than me for reaching out to her this way. I personally don't think she earned the respect of even getting the email. Question though; how did you ever find out she put something on your computer? Sounds like the thing didn't work as planned. Smh.

    1. Excellent question. You're not going to find silent logger on your computer unless you check for it. I recommend that if you've ever used your girlfriend or breezy's computer you do a quick search for it before you put in a single password or keystroke or sign onto gchat. You should do the same on your cell phone to make sure she doesn't put SMS Text Replicator on there.

  28. I mean the only thing that bothers me is that it keeps getting brought back to younger women. I'm calling shenanigans on that one. The inspiration behind this post today was a bunch of emails with women who were older than me. Ages 27, 28, and 32. They just as dumb as the 19, 22, and 25 year olds. I mean, no disrespect to anyone but you'll meet a 40 year old woman who still does this dumb sh*t. 40 years old, single, looking, but single, no kids, might be divorced, still convinced that she refuses to put up with nothing less than the best. It seems like the rest has considered her the less.

    Age has nothing to do with this, it's just that some women get it and others don't.

    Before I get off my soapbox, sometimes I think that men dating younger women because they aren't scarred by the dating game. Like "my conditioning has been conditioned." Like, when a woman is 21 she's more open and not so skeptical, at 31, she's got a 45 point inspection of ish she ain't putting up with no more. #justmyopinion. I will say, this isn't all women, but it's true for a great number.

    1. THIS!

      I advise women 30 years my senior on sh*t I would've pegged an 14 year old for doing. It really is sad.

      I pray I don't ever become a "stupid girl".

  29. I agree with Kaycee! You didn't have any dick rules…lol

    If you want this D. You gotta do this, this and this. You let her run the show. So, you can't get mad if she makes her business to police what you do.lay the law down or tell her to kick rocks!

    1. "If you want this D. You gotta do this, this and this."


      *Screaming and Laughing at this*

      When will men realize females have forever changed THIS game. #SkipsAway

  30. Hindsight is 20/20. A lot of people probably swear up and down they would never do something like send an email. Yeah, do you think you had any plans of crying over a man when you were 18? Nope, but it happened. Or begging a man not to leave you? Nope, but it happened. We've all done some stupid and crazy and borderline psycho things when we thought we had feelings for somebody. Nobody is above their emotions.

      1. Yes, let me clarify…

        I have never and will never beg a man and I would hardly say I was borderline psychotic. I just said/did things I would never do not under the influence of feelings.

        1. Yes, let's clarify never begged anyone or went psycho. But definitely tried to talk some sense into some, into acting right. I've actually never been officially dumped, so no need to beg anyone not to leave. I was always the dumper, compelled by actions of dumpee…. possibly at times maybe it was a reverse dump..who knows.

    1. I don't know why people would consider sending an email something to be ashamed of. I haven't had this kind of scenario to deal with, but I've been at that point numerous times. I'm an internalizer by nature, so it hasn't always been easy to just come out with my feelings. When I'm pushed to the edge, though, I will start typing. and typing. and typing. and typing. It allows me to get everything off my chest in a clear and uninterrupted manner. It truly serves as a cathartic outlet. Believe me when I say that once I hit "send," I'm good. All the moments of stress…gone. I breathe and sleep easier, and my thoughts and steps are lighter. It's a farewell of sorts, if need be.

      When it came to the only guy I can say that I've loved, so much crap went on and it resulted in such utterly paralyzing confusion (mind you, I was rather naive and wet behind the ears at the time). There was a point where dude was on a different continent and I'd be at work happily doing what I was getting paid for, get hit by some random thought of him/the situation, and my mood would instantly be dampened. When I couldn't take it anymore, I sat down and wrote..and wrote..and wrote. I typed everything up on MS Word and copy-pasted it to an email, and off it went after a thorough read-through. I sought it out in my sent folder just now to get an accurate page count: 7 total. I will not post it and still refuse to read through it again to this day, 4+ years later. I made sure my eyes only caught a few words a couple of seconds ago, lol. He apparently needed alcohol before going through it (Good for his ass; hmph!)

      Re: not putting up with ish as one grows older. While I may not be bitter and jaded, please believe that a lot of things I've put up with in the past will neither be tolerated nor excused in the present or future. I definitely grow less patient as the years go by. There are some things that should not be tolerated, particularly when the goal is pursuit of healthy relationships. There are unreasonable people out there, of course, but part of growing up in general is fine tuning your standards & tolerance levels.

      All that said, I don't know that I've ever done anything "borderline psycho," and I never have, nor will I ever beg a man not to leave me. I rarely say never, but…never.

  31. I feel like there are a plethora of people on here passing judgment about this situation. Fortunately, I have been ridiculously lucky when it comes to the men I have dated, but I am not one to deny playing the fool at some point. In no way am I calling J a fool, but we all know our breaking points, and we all put up with what we want to until we get to that point of no return.

    I have recently realized that age doesn't always indicate how people act. In my case, age only suggests the number of years one has been taking up space on earth. Like most things, nothing is absolute, and there will always be anomalies and outliers.

    So, to you, J, I say don't worry about what everyone has to say. Just deal with the BS from ol' girl (if you want to and as long as you want to), and then move on to the next one.

    Remember, opinions are like anuses; everyone has one.

  32. I read this article(email) not once, not twice, but three times. And I am sure, if she did the same, you must have broken down walls in her neurotic behavior.

    It is very refreshing to see a man be honest with himself and with his girl, I don't believe men are open enough…although we all will list "honesty" as a trait of the ideal partner.

    I have not experienced what you explained, and I hope I never do, but if I can give you any insight from a woman's perspective in addition to those previous to my comment, I would tell you to prioritize yourself. If the person is not being a good friend to you, how can she be a good girlfriend? If she lies and has relations behind your back, how can you trust her with a penny?

    I have been in a room alone with my boyfriend's computer, cell phone, wallet, everything…and I have never looked through anything, checked anything, nada. Trust me, I am not tooting my own horn, I am completely aware and embrace my imperfections as a personal goal to improve myself. But, I can tell you this…I person who you can't trust with a dollar, with your personal belongings, should not be trusted with your heart. point blank.

    I do read this blog a lot, I am always looking forward to read the next post…this is my first post–I probably would have still lurked until something struck a chord in my to chime in.

    Prior to the relationship I am in, I was in a highly mistrusting one…and it was all unnecessary bullshit drama that every single day I regret. SO please prioritize yourself. I feel very bad for this woman…

  33. I think the reason you're spending time writing her an email is because you've developed strong feelings for her over time, you don't want to give up on her so easily and it's hard for you to let her go. It's not only a female trait to fall hard for the opposite sex and still want to stick around when shit hits the fan.

    That being said, it's quite obvious that you and the girl aren't on the same page. If you're not getting what you want from you (i.e. trust, honestly, loyalty, fidelity, etc) there is no point in trying to get her to see how you feel. She is 100% aware of your feelings for her and she is using that to her advantage. The hardest thing to do in life is to let go and the easiest thing to do is to hold on and have faith that things will work out. You can attempt to give her a second chance but I promise you she will never change, at least not for you.

    We've all had our hearts broken and we've all been made a fool of by the opposite sex. You're not alone.

    So move on Dr J. Your queen is waiting out there for you…you just need to find her. And make sure you take out the 'trash' on the your way out. 😉

  34. I sent an email once. This is because when I get 'enraged' I have a VERY HARD TIME expressing myself, especially in English…I usually speak a mix of my native tongue, some English and pidgin.

    About the email….I typed everything I wanted to say in the subject so he didn't have to even bother opening the email.

    It read: You are a punk for what you did, no explanation needed. F**k you and kick rocks. Bye.

    I kept it short and straight to the point.

    1. lol, nice. That's a good point, and I feel the same way: once I've hit send, it doesn't really matter to me whether or not the individual reads it. It's done for the sake of my sanity, so I almost couldn't care less. I say almost, because my essays are written to be read, dammit! lol. That, and it'd be kinda awkward if the person in question were to come around the next day, none the wiser.

  35. Hey, I really liked this thread. There are a lot of great ideas here. I am going to do a little studying on this and stop back and write something.

    I will be checking back soon to check out more articles like this and this website as well.

    In the meantime…. Don't Stop blogging!


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