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A Day In the Life of an SBM

An act of shameless self-promotion. I love this picture though.

[phone rings] 
Jameson: Hey, what’s up? [upset that she’s calling because he’s chatting on his computer.]
Mary: What are you up to? I wanted to ask you a question.
Jameson: What’s the question?
Mary: Oh ok, well, I think we should stop hanging out. This is clearly not going anywhere, I feel like I’m wasting my time.
Jameson: You know what?  OK.  If that’s how you feel, I’m not going to argue with you.
Mary: Well, what do you think about it?
Jameson: It doesn’t matter, it’s cool.
Mary: But I want to know.
Jameson: Then why did you tell me you wanted to stop hanging out if you didn’t?
Mary: Because I feel like it’s not going anywhere!
Jameson: OK then, end of conversation. 

[Jameson pulls up his blog and writes the following entry.]
It’s funny that women think that you’re going to fight to stay with them, when you’re like, well why am I going to fight for you?  Seriously, if you’d shown me that you were worth fighting for we wouldn’t be having this conversation.  The fact that you hit me up and start barking on me, lets me know even further that you’re not worth fighting for.  On the other hand, I’m not going to have any type of real conversation with some chick I was just beating.  That’s the funny part, women have no evidence that a man is treating them like a wifey, but they convince themselves that they wouldn’t sleep with a dude if it wasn’t going nowhere.  This makes perfect sense. 

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[Mary sits down at her twitter page.]
BeholdALady12378: #ontothenext
BeholdALady12378: I know my worth and if I’m not getting it, #ontothenext
[Blocks Jameson and deletes his number.] 


[The boys are at the bar and they see Mary off in the distance.]
Antonio: Ain’t that, that chick you was talking to for a minute?
Jameson: LOL, yeah, I wouldn’t call it talking to.
Antonio: LOL, man you’re a dirt bag.
Jameson: Look man, she’s just not that cute.  She wants me to treat her like a wifey, look at her, you know I was not wifing that down.  She’s a herb.  One of those girls who thinks she’s the ish, but in reality, no she’s a jump off.  I know like three dudes who beat.
Antonio: Don’t tell me son, you was the dude talking to her. 


Jameson: This is losing.
Antonio: Yeah, I already lined up my safety beats.  I’m about to bounce, you still need that ride?
Jameson: Give me ten minutes.
[Walks over to Mary on the other side of the bar.] 


Antonio: [Reads text from Jameson, “I’m good, I’ll holla.”] 



    1. I don't know if Dr J intends these past couple of post to be insights into his life…..

      but I take these stories as ish that recently happen to him and die in laughter at how men from different perspectives can think the same at the end of the night.

      1. Yes really. It is a "gotcha" moment. Maybe I'm the only fan of Dave Chappelle.

        Funny that on my way to work I think of how sarcasm and tone is lost over the internet and then it pops right up.

        FTR: I don't know this woman and therefore have no reason to literally call her a bitch nor would I if I had just met her.

        1. Chapelle? Oh gotcha…*BBMrelievedface* I'm glad I'm moded because I was about to get upset since I know you have a fiance and seem to be a respectable dude.

  1. Good story….Although I would not have went after Mary when I saw her in the club after she pulled the plug on the relationship (or whatever we wanna call it) the first time around.

    I will not give her the satisfaction of her thinking that she's still on my mind by even looking at her twice.


    I always wondered why women will dump a dude and then ask him how he feels about it. It's like interviewing the head coach of the team that finishes second in the Super Bowl.

      1. Well….Dumping me is the quickest way to NOT have me ask you her for anything else. Once she takes it there, there is no coming back from that. I will not beg and plead for any woman to keep dealing with me after she's made it clear she doesn't want to.

    1. The Realest Leo:

      I don't think he sacrificed his dignity, he was where many of us been before, "I'm drunk… She's cute… and I want to f*ck." That's it.com, no slashes or links.

      Also, peep game.. Cam'ron said something so profound one day and it applies here… "I mean, when I hang up on 'em, they pressin' redial." I would recommend that if a dude is planning on keeping a J.O. a J.O. when she starts tripping, just hang up the phone. (That's for Starita who is convinced i'm an a*shole.)

      She'll call back sooner or later. Once a woman falls for a man, there comes a point where she'll take a piece of him, rather than none at all.

      And that ladies and gentlemen is why it doesn't matter what he said to her… once you pick a lock, you can pick it again. You just go over there and talk to her the way you nornally would. OH WAIT…. I know what he said….

      Jameson: What's good? How come you don't hit me no more?

      Mary: Negro please, my phone is not ringing either.

      Jameson: That's because you made it clear you didn't want to hear from me no more.

      Mary: No it's not.

      Jameson: Well, that's how I took it. I was like shorty really gonna play me like that?

      Mary: You are funny.

      Jameson: Anyway, what's been up?

      Jedi Mind Tricks!

      1. Damn e-Boo you're a pro at this! That conversation scenario is exactly how it would have gone and then boom! She's bend over the couch lol

      2. i don't think dude played himself either. he probably got what he wanted out of the conversation. now in the morning or in the next couple of days she's the one who's going to feel like she got played depending how dudes treats her after that night. *shrug*

        that is a real live conversation. since i'll be home for the holidays…. *looks through phone* j/k [but not really]

      3. "Once a woman falls for a man, there comes a point where she’ll take a piece of him, rather than none at all."

        This is right on point. I had to tweet that, of course giving you credit, BUT some people needed to see that.

        BTW. The conversation at the end… well put!

      4. Well, I don't do jump-offs, so none of this is anything I've ever been familiar with. Whether she was a jump off in the present or not….I will not re-pursue any woman that previously turned me down or dumped me, regardless of how good she looks, how drunk either one of us are, or how much I want to smang it.

        There are principles in effect here….

  2. Let me get this out of the way… Nice lips!

    Ok, back to the blog… *dead* LMAO! iCant! I may need to stop laughing in order to get the whole gist… yeah, I'm laughing way too hard! I'll have to re-read later. LMAO!

      1. Like let's say hypothetically speaking this girl ended up going crazy, for example:

        (1) Showing up at his crib thinking that he's got some other b*tch in there…

        (2) Confronting him in a public place and telling him that she will not be his little jumpoff anymore, but like she feel like she needs all her friends there to do it…

        (3) Starts crying during sexual activities

        He'd have no one to blame but himself… you can't egg women on and then act like you had nothing to do with it. She might be crazy, but the man's got to own up to it.

        That's why whenever you hear me tell a story about a chick who did some crazy ish and I was involved I was always say, "I'm not going to act like I was perfect and didn't have nothing to do with it, BUT…"

        1. “I’m not going to act like I was perfect and didn’t have nothing to do with it, BUT…”

          double negative #swindle

          Here's the thing though…the value of owning up to "yeah I may have something to do with her trip to Crazytown" has no negative repercussions on your character to the world at large – as a matter of fact, it makes you look like King Ding-a-Ling for packing a crazymaker in your skinny jeans. #NTTAWWT Conversely, giving a woman the "crazy" label has a great adverse effect on her rep. It's not an equal trade off. #ItsAMansWorld

        2. Don't dig too deep Starita… when I say that, i'm not trying to make me seem like I drive women wild. I'm merely admitting fault in the same situation. And actually it had negative consequences on me, because if I explain them i'm not using them to make me sound better they can be as serious as, "well I told her that girl tried to holler at me last year, she didn't REALLY holler at me, and that really is never important."

          Then my chick stomps out the coat check lady…

          People would be like, well you shouldn't have even told shorty that.

        3. _Shows up and takes $50 of the $100 reward given to Starita_

          I brought up the You So Crazy reference, Starita threw it down.

          I am Magic, and she is Kareem.

          Starita – I just made you a Laker fan, hope you were already one, if not, welcome to the fam!

        4. *tips hat* Thanks for the alley oop.

          I prefer a Jordan/Pippen relationship, but I could never be mad at a Magic/Kareem comparison.

          I'm indifferent re: the Lakers, but if they're playing Boston, I'm all green, all day. Go ahead an make a red headed leprechaun joke…my cutabish finger's been twitchin all day…

  3. So allow me to ask. You chucked your integrity for a piece of ass?

    Is it that easy for guys to say to hell with my dignity, my ish is hard and I'm tryna beat tonight?

    So if you knew 6 months ago she wasn't cute enough for you to wife her, does the Hennessy make her cute again?

    What do you say to her when you roll over in the morning? Do you hope she doesn't want to be wifey?

    Inquiring minds wanna know!


    L to the J

    1. Lady Jei,

      You raise important questions, but into the mind of a Man we go… "Would you beat?" and "is she attractive?" are two different questions in a man's mind. Also, even if the girl is attractive, "would you beat?" and "would you wife it down" are two different questions.

      Now, there's a 95% chance that he doesn't roll over in the morning, because he leaves right after the deed is done. In the 5% chance that he does, well then he's running that risk of a conversation he doesn't want to have.

      Or he can go Brody Jenner and wake up in the morning and be a G,

      "I don't remember anything from last night, how did I get here?"

    2. "So if you knew 6 months ago she wasn’t cute enough for you to wife her, does the Hennessy make her cute again?"


      That's why they call it HennyLenses….

    3. You really missed the point of that conversation when he saw her.

      Chances are, nothing has changed between who she was and who he is. He was saying all that stuff to try and hide that he still wants a minor claim in her.

      Wifeing someone has nothing to do with wanting to sleep with her. Nothing to do with integrity, dignity or pride. A man wants to sleep with wifey but just because he wants to sleep with you doesn't mean you're wife.

      He already decided her position or else it would have never been that situation to begin with. Men don't hope to upgrade women. They are what they will be already.

      1. "Men don’t hope to upgrade women. They are what they will be already."

        Well Damn….

        Question though; I've seen chicks go from Fwb to Wifey/GF status or vice versa GF and BF break up but yet they still kicking it but chick has other dudes and so does the guy (other women) so as much as I understand what you said above it's not always the case. Explain that?

        1. FWB to GF.. because she said, I don't want to have sex anymore unless we are in a relationship. This is the easiest way to get your azz cheated on.

          FWB to GF (part two) .. a lot of dudes get it confused and find themselves going to the movies and on dates with their FWB, finally they chock it up and say, "Man I spend all my time with you anyway, you might as well be my girl."

          she still get cheated on though…

          FWB to BF .. she finally came to her sense.

          BF/GF to FWB .. there's soemthing to be said about comfort.

        2. Ok…so once a guy has you in a box…the thought process stays the same even though the title may change?

          I.E., Jump-off now becomes GF, however…dude still treats her as if she is a J.O.?

          LMAO. Yeah, maybe it is not funny, but this just confirms something I read a LOOOOOOONG time ago.

          Sad news for all the people out there waiting to upgrade…

        3. It's not an airline, you can't just upgrade to a new status like that. You have to come in at a certain level.

          It comes down to how he sees you in his mind. If you have a label, it's really really really (times infinity) hard to shake that label.

      2. “Men don’t hope to upgrade women. They are what they will be already.”

        Most men don't want women to realize this!!!

        Put this on a billboard so some delusional jump offs can officially be on notice.

      3. He was saying all that stuff to try and hide that he still wants a minor claim in her.

        THIS is where my mind went to. That this speaks more to his character/ He knew 6 months ago she wasn't wifey material, so why in the dark club, after the brown juice has sunk in, does he got RIGHT back to the broad?

        THAT's my issue, per se lol!

        1. He doesnt want any claim in her whatsoever.. He just wants to beat, cuz he had no other options for the night.

        2. He knew 6 months ago she wasn’t wifey material, so why in the dark club, after the brown juice has sunk in, does he got RIGHT back to the broad?

          I don't think he was trying to wife, but trying to smash.

        3. He doesnt want any claim in her whatsoever.. He just wants to beat, cuz he had no other options for the night.


          The writing was on the wall with that one just from reading the dialogue from when he approached her.


        4. @ Jei

          I think I see where you're getting confused. Even if a man has no interest in a relationship with a woman, doesn't like her as friend, SO, or even as a human being, does NOT mean he won't sleep with her. Slow nights are just that…SLOW NIGHTS! On a slow enough night with enough oil in your system some unspeakable acts with dispicable looking creatures can occur.

        1. @Corey,

          I get that. But my 'issue' per se is him and HER. Like why ick her. Does that mean his game is not that tight to bag something new.

          AND then he KNOW Mary got issues. He knows that already. So the 'pro' of the orgasm is enough for the 'con' of having to then deal with Mary in the morning? Lol! Or the next day if he's ghost after the fact! Lol!

          I'm not a man, so I don't know the dynamics of what goes on in one's head when he's sees the 'problem child' in the club at 2:30am + in the club with the brown juice.

          But after all he explained earlier, why even bother with her. Easy ass?


          L to the J

  4. "That’s the funny part, women have no evidence that a man is treating them like a wifey, but they convince themselves that they wouldn’t sleep with a dude if it wasn’t going nowhere. This makes perfect sense.


    Church.Synagouge.Mosque.Temple. Pray to Allah 5 times, to Jesus 2x and Buddha during lunch!!!!

    In other words.. I concur.

  5. And the cycle of foolishness continues. lol. In about a month, Mary will do the same thing again. I wonder, how long can a guy mess around with some lame woman without becoming lame himself? Especially if he keep going back to that woman, and doesn't have any other women on the side? My guess is that its a fine line. Jamison better be careful. lol.

  6. I feel for Mary because she's all excited again thinking its back on and that he feels something for her…until she has to revisit the first conversation again…

    Mind you…things like this could happen for years.

    Meanwhile…he just wants sex…this is messed up on so many levels but I guess that's just the game.

    1. That would depend on how things were carried during that six month sabbatical they took from each other.

      If she was pressing him, yeah she is setting herself up for a FAIL.

      However, she may just need some D and since Jamison is familiar and she is tipsy with that after-the-club glow…he may just be a fun distraction for the night.

      1. That's true — Maybe Mary just wants to get hers as well…I tend to see women as the victim in these stories but maybe after being called a Herb — she's just a sweet vic in the eyes of Jamison.

        1. Its not always about not trying to increase the #

          Sometimes its the fact that you know how to do that thing she really likes and you are a sure bet. Plus you already know everything she likes.

        2. @Starita

          Maybe it is about numbers a little…

          If she were to just add 1 more and get what she wanted I do not think she would have a problem. The problem is it usually takes 2-3 before you have a guy thats to your liking.

          I wonder when women stop thinking about their #'s. I use to… Seems silly to me now.

    2. I'm not gonna plug this chick's book anymore because she didn't acknowledge it or thank me for it yet even though I know she knows about it. But there's this book out now about this black lady, it's like a memoir. And she was dealing with this dude for years who kept playing her on this same BS… It's an epidemic. Dudes can string a girl on in hopes of a relationship for like 4-5 years, and if he times it right, she'll be like 30 when that's over and he's probably her best option at that point so she just deal with it.

      This is how you see like a 32 year old woman dating a 45 year old married man. I'm not generalizing here, but real talk, it's women on here today, and y'all know y'all got some frands who do this…

      Shoot, I got a friend who got two kids with a married man.

      1. Yeah I DO know women that do this mess. It is mind blowing to watch it. This is why I say polygamy might as well be an option for some of these people.

        Waste all my youth on a flimsy dude…I would feel like a FOOL!

  7. Wow, I guess drinks and dim lights makes people quickly forget.

    Typical distraction scenario.

    I wonder what Jamison said to her to….

    How did she rationalize sleeping with him after he was like…ok….

    How long after he beat was he ready to get away from her.

    Did she flip out again or is the story to be continued….

    Questions, questions, questions….

    1. BB, I got you, see below

      1. Nothing important.. maybe he said her new hairstyle really brings out her eyes

      2. "He came over to ME.. so he knows my worth yada yada"

      3. As soon as he felt the nut coming…

      4. He was out the door before she could wipe herself of man juice.. (no rubbers were harmed in the process)

      1. LMAO! I just hope she isn't one of those girls that lives in LA LA Land. I hate to see someone go through this.

        This is sort of like watching a scary movie with the dumb chick going UP the stairs looking for the monster…smh.

        Run out the house stupid…..sheesh!

  8. Um…interesting story [I guess]. Just one question: why is that dude wearing a backpack in the club? Looks like they took an over 21 class trip to Park.


      1. yea… is that supposed to be jameson?

        with the backpack?

        looks like a regular guy to me.(not being mean, just saying regular). but it's she who doesn't raise the looks bar high enough to be wifey.


    1. I meant to comment on this earlier… hate bags.

      That picture is me. I never explain why I sunglasses in the club, but a few reasons; flash photography pisses me off because my eyes are sensitive, I don't like people knowing what i'm looking at either, and well people who wear sunglasses in the club know the other reason. Backpack… back in the day everybody used to rock a backpack. I mean, you look like a chump with your pockets all bulky in the club, it takes away from the way your jeans look. In addition, that party was a party I threw. Yes, I used to throw parties in NYC and DC. So as a promoter, I always had to have change and a place to put big bills. In addition, I always had to make sure to have flyers for the next party. Other things would include: several guestlists and paychecks for anybody who needed to get paid.

      What type of man would I be if I kept all that in my pocket? I'm working, not partying.

  9. I thought the funniest part of the whole thing was Mary's twitter name…



    It's hard for me to not think of the greater implications of these sorts of relationships – but, it's all in the game I guess.

    Setting that aside though, taking it just for what it is – a day in the life – it's absolutely hilarious.

    Innovative post Dr. J… good job going again the typical "here's a thought" type posts most folks in the blog-sphere have come accustomed to.

  10. This was truly refreshing!!!

    The last line had me laughing because the entire scenario is so true! Been there, done that to, lol…

    But maybe Mary was just trying to get hers and he was the only option there? Cuz I know I've done that #NoShame where I don't want to talk to dude no more for the same reason, but I have "needs" to and know for a fact that he'd come thru to beat lol…

  11. If a dude is ready for a relationship and trying to be your man, it will be pretty obvious and definitely won't be something that he needs to be gamed or forced into.

    She was trying to game you into a "baby please don't go" moment. Hoping you'd say, "I wanna make you my woman… I just don't know how to act." Um, #fail. It's clear that reality is not Mary's friend.

    It's nice to hear the male perspective in this format from a guy since I am always trying to convey this same message convincingly to one female friend or another after seeing the "I deserve better" tweets.

    And yes, the twitter name is hilarious. Quite a "lady" indeed.

    Loved It!

  12. Ladies know your worth… And know that some of you aren't worth a damn thing.

    (Not the readers and commenters of SBM though, y'all special)

  13. by the way y'all hennessey is disgusting (as most cognacs are).

    step y'all game up to whiskey and scotch. bet it won't have you making decisions you'll regret in the morning. what am i saying, it probably will but at least it tastes better.

    1. But it pays my bills and keep dead animals on my back. So please keep buying in, LOL :0)

      And if ya follow me on twitter I'll tell ya where Hennessy Black is free in NYC when we do special promotions. (Shameless plug)



      (yes, I work for Moet Hennessy, lol)

        1. @HRGyrl, LOL!!!

          Tomorrow we are at:

          DATE: DEC.17TH

          TIME: 12AM – 2AM


          DATE: DEC.17TH

          TIME: 7PM – 9PM


          There maybe more, gotta check the other system. But I post all events on my twitter, lol!

    2. I'm a Henny drinker. Beer and wine is more my hobby, so I have more of a wealth of knowledge there. But allow me to clarify some things about Henny.

      Cognac is an after-dinner beverage should be served with handrolled butter pecan ice cream for its best flavor. It's not a desert wine, it's more in the category with coffee. The reason why folks like it is because it's got a sweeter taste than whiskey or scotch. Much like coffee, Henny gives you wangs! Much like coffee, Henny is going to cause a crashing though.

      In social settings where there are no white people at, you will never see me drinking Henny. I'm a Johnnie over Macellans guy, but I can enjoy both. I tried some scotch the other day called, "Good Living*" over at 18th Street Lounge in DC, and that was the smoothest ish i've ever had under $10, it's on the happy hour list too. In terms of whiskey, Jack over Maker's, but I will drink a Maker's if I notice that a lady is drinking it. For some reason all the women that i've met who drink Maker's are on pizzoint.

      All in all at this point in my life, after 4 years at a PWU, Jameson has the same effect on me that Henny has on Black folk, we will end up fighting somebody tonight… and i'm not going to remember it.

        1. I think you might have put me on.. I think that's what was said to me and I heard "good living" but it was really "glenlivet" i'll order in a few and see what's good. Never knew…

      1. In social settings where there are no white people at, you will never see me drinking Henny.


        Yo, this si comment of the week. Im cryin!1

        Nocountryfor Scoth. My name isnt Sheamus!!!

        Jake Daniels ftw though, but Henny is my Hunny!

        1. definitely meant where there are no black people at…

          I can't be the only Black dude in some place drinking Henny… that's like ordering chicken with the partners… or hitting up KFC when on travel.

        2. *dead* at Sheamus but i'm serious. scotch is where it's at.

          plus don't get me started on jack. the distillery is about a hour from where i live. you tried the single barrel jack?

        3. I used to stay an hour from the distillery as well…funny that its in a dry county. Jack is the man though. Actually the only whiskey I drink. I tried some Scottish whiskey a while back that one of my trusted bartenders game me and I couldn't down it easily.

    3. If you drink quality stuff it won't matter. I drink a combination of everything these days depending on the mood and rarely hate myself the next morning unless its planned.

  14. Man oh man did this post bring back some memories.

    I always tell my female friends that the ultimatum is a good strategy for seeing if a guy is really about you or not … but you can't get mad when it proves that he really wasn't.

    One day they will understand … one day.

  15. This story is exactly why all convos after 1am are suspect.

    #1 you have the bottom feeders (aka men without game primin' on drunk chicks).

    #2 you have drunk-*icks looking for a beat

    I've tried to tell my sista-friends a million and one ways that no man was really tryna holla if he waits until the end of the night to make his move. I don't care how much "eye-contact" there was throughout the evening. At the end of the night, you simply became the "winner" by default. #fail

  16. Okay I'm usually with ya'll on these posts, but I found this post a little off-putting. Like is it really noteworthy that you found a chick with low self-esteem? I've never done the jump off thing so maybe I'm missing something. It was a little sad all around. Poor Mary for giving up her goodies to a dude that clearly doesn't like her as a person and poor Jameson for only having access to "ugly" girls that he doesn't even like as people.

    I'm going to read some comments now and maybe I'll be enlightened.

    1. THANK YOU!!! I'm still trying to figure out why nobody is pointing out what an a**hole move this is. The way I look at it is that there are plenty of women out there who are able to separate feelings from sex and are just looking for the latter. Why can't you look for her/them at 2am? Yes, the girl is being extra stupid, but the guy here knows that at the very least what he is doing is selfish and disregarding the effect it will have on her. I can see WHY she'd be an option, but it still feels like he is leading her on since he knows what she wants/is looking for.

      I don't find this to be anything less than sad on both parts.

      1. It was my first comment EVER so I was trying to be tactful since I'm relatively new around here. Figured I shouldn't come all gansta. But I completely agree that it was an a$$hole move.

        I was also side-eyeing him liking that picture of himself in a club with sunglasses and a backpack on. Is that the hotness these days? I didn't understand nothing that was happening on this blog today.

        1. *clears throat* Ahem, the REAL welcoming committe welcomes you with e-champage* and e-glitter.

          *or Henny (if you prefer) in honor of today's post.

      2. "The way I look at it is that there are plenty of women out there who are able to separate feelings from sex and are just looking for the latter."

        No there aren't. This is a lie to make dirt bags feel bad about their actions. However if a man steals from the rich to feed his starving son is that not worth the cost of his integrity? The same could be said about Jameson that night. He was hungry and the club had no nourishment, so he fed himself.

        Just like Mary went to Jameson for her familiarity with him, he did the same. There aren't that many safe sluts in the world. Sometimes someone has to take the L.

        1. I still believe there are plenty of these women out there (and even safe ones), the problem is probably that a lot of men want to be elusive about their intentions. This leaves a woman who would normally be okay with a sex only relationship, thinking that there may actually be more in there. Just saying "I'm not looking for a relationship" and then proceeding to behave like this is indeed a relationship (being around all the damn time, dates, jealousy, etc.) is sending a whole bag of mixed signals. At which point, miss lady has probably started developing feelings.

          As for this situation, I'm going to go ahead and point out that we're getting one side of this experience and since it's coming from a man, it could be a little unintentionally biased. How do we know that while these two were "hanging out", Jameson's actions and even his words weren't implying/alluding to there being an actual connection or feelings? If this was a JO/CB situation, wouldn't they be aware of it? I mean, if you treated the situationship as such (late night calls/texts only, not staying the night, etc.), then she would have no reason to hope/believe that this is anything more. I'm not saying that her reading tooo much into actions was a good idea, but it makes sense. I'm gonna go ahead and guess that there was another side to this sad scenario.

    2. NOPE, KAPspecial,

      That what was I was getting at. That most talk about how hoemgirl is looking b/c of this. But dude is looking maaad suspect too! Lol!

      And to even broaden the perspective, if THIS is a day in the life, does this mean you do this often. Go scrapping the bottom of the rebound tree at the club when you haven't bagged anything else all night, lol!

      I'm sorry but IMO dude is more side-eye looking than homegirl. To me it really speaks to the integrity of ol'boy that the stupidness of ol girl!


      L to the J

  17. I have personally witnessed this happening to one of my GF. I was puzzled at first because I could tell they knew each other but every comment he made to her was slightly off-colored. I said to myself well that's not attractive but for some reason my GF was falling for it. I found it Strange to say the least especially since there were other men around us that seemed more suitable. Needless to say he proceeded and she went for it.

    I know we are all prone to having a level of weakness when it comes to certain people but we should be wise enough to avoid temptation if its not good for us. Is that one night worth all of the drama that follows? I love having a peaceful life and I will avoid anything that even resembles a JO to keep the peace.

    Some people have come accustomed to associating s*x with drama that they don't know any other way and that goes for men and women.

  18. I feel a little dirty inside after reading that. No one was right in that situation. Fail on all fronts.

    In other news, do people drink Henny for the taste or do they do it to be down?


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