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C*ckblocking: When a Woman Can’t Accept Defeat

That ish is really for the birds.

Twas teabag New Year’s Eve, makin’ the balls drop. Beverages were being consumed. Laughs and cackles were in the air. All was right with the world. Everybody I was with was winning in the game and it seemed as if no wrong could be done. Being the observant fellow that I am, I noticed a lot of the conversations going on around me as I sat on a couch, imbibed potent punch, and drunkenly texted and tweeted from my blackberry. One of my boys, let’s call him L, was engaging in chattington with a pretty girl named Tammy. They did introductions at the beginning of the night and periodically kept coming back to talk to each other throughout. As she continuously smiled, giggled, and gave him the “I keep touching you when I laugh because I’m feeling you” signal, the likelihood of him starting the New Year horizontally with a beautiful woman grew to near 85%.

I noticed another girl, we’ll call her Alberta Haynesworth, throwing signs that she liked L even though her friend was clearly digging him. He’d make a joke and Berta could be heard laughing from a few feet away like she was part of their conversation. The damsel in disgust thirstily gave him her number early in the night, and kept finding reasons to say his name and drag him into discussions in which he had no interest in participating. If I was so appalled, then I know my friend had to be all the more annoyed. Nonetheless, L pressed on in his quest to seal the deal.

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By the time the night officially wrapped up, it was about 5am. My boy and the pretty possibility were sitting close to each other on the couch. Another friend, Shawn, offered them the chance to sleep in one of the empty rooms in the house because he saw the opportunity that had developed between the 2 of them. Sometimes that’s just the stand-up thing to do.

Here she comes...

It was at this moment that the world came crashing down and one of the most egregious crimes in existence occurred. The annoying chick that clearly wasn’t going to win grew to about 6’3 and 290 pounds. She got down in the 3-point stance and it was as if the invitation for her friend and L to stay there was the equivalent of Shawn being a quarterback that just yelled hike:

Alberta Haynesworth: Girl, you know we gotta go. Let me get our coats.
Tammy: I think I’ma stay. Shawn said we could crash here.
Alberta: Nah girl, let’s be out. We can take a cab.
Quarterback Shawn: It’s okay for y’all to stay. No biggie. Plenty of space to crash.
Alberta: Nah, it’s okay. We can go. Here’s your coat Tammy. Shawn, thanks for having us over. **Ushers Tammy to the door.**

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I wanted to snatch her wig. Like, I seriously wanted to pull it off her head, throw it out the window, and watch it descend into street slush and dog droppings. L, Shawn, and I all looked at each other in disbelief as we tried to figure out if we should call the police. I had Alberta in my blackberry messenger contact list from a conversation we had about phones earlier in the night. I deleted her right there on the spot.

I have no country patience for c*ckblocking. It is one of the most villainous, lame, and deflating things that a person can do. The selfishness of it makes me nauseous. It had been a long time since I’d seen such a blatant display of poor sportsmanship by a salty woman because her hot friend basically won the guy she wanted. It was that “If I can’t f*ck you, then I’m f*cking up your night” c*ckblock. Sometimes you lose and have to just go home alone, think about the game, and prepare for your next outing. What’s so difficult to understand about this? Why are you bitterly blocking at damn near 30?  If your friend is lucid, which she was, let her stay and play. You’re going to have to live vicariously through your girl sometimes. If you can’t handle it, get a couple of less attractive friends. I’m getting sick thinking about this. I can’t.

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For the fellas, please share your stories of c*ckblocking so that the women committing this atrocity understand how it affects you. Also, if you have overcome a c*ckblock and still went home with a win, let us know. For the ladies, have you ever been part of a c*ckblock? I know that sounds dirty. At what point does being a good friend stopping someone from making a bad decision turn into “Listen b*tch. I’m going home with him”? Lastly, if you were the pretty girl in this story or L, what would you do?

Finally Calling Crimestoppers,


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  1. For the ladies, have you ever been part of a c*ckblock?

    ^^^yes but not because it is in my nature but because my friend threw me the signal that she isn't feeling dude and needs me to run an interference. I wouldn't want my friend to end up in a bad situation because i don't want a dude to be mad, it isn't about him, its about her and her safety.

    I know that sounds dirty. At what point does being a good friend stopping someone from making a bad decision turn into “Listen b*tch. I’m going home with him”?

    ^^^When the guy is someone she would normally be into, i would encourage her to get his number and talk about hooking up later on, this is if she is drunk, so that she can sober up and make a clear headed decision….honestly, i wouldn't encourage one-night stands because you never know if the person has something and lets face it, everyone doesn't carry around their paperwork or get tested on the regular for that later. I'm definitely the realistic and cautious friend and i would hope my friends would do the same in my case.

    Lastly, if you were the pretty girl in this story or L, what would you do?

    ^^^If i was the pretty girl, i would tell my friend to fall back and that i could get myself home…however, if i had left, i would've just hit L up about meeting up at my place or another time…just because an L was taken that night doesn't mean there wouldn't be a W in the future…build-up/anticipation can make it all the more better once it does happen, if it does.

    Good post Slim…and i think my jaw would've dropped if i was there…that was #RUDE

    1. I relate to what you're saying. I hate to be the "Mama" of the group but sometimes my friends need saving and they def thank me later. Especially if I see a friend is wasted and I know she'll regret it, I'll stop her. Or if she gives me the "Help Me" eye. I will always talk to her before I let her go home with a man and as a friend I will always tell her if I think she's f*cking up. *cues Dionne Warrick*…That's what friends are foooorrrrrr. 🙂

      1. I hate to be the “Mama” of the group but sometimes my friends need saving and they def thank me later.

        ^^^same here but someone has to do it, i guess!

        once, my best friend left her phone in dudes car, she just went to hang out w/ him in it but she wasn't feeling him after that…i was the unfortunate one that had to get it back from him because i was in brooklyn & he lived there…she didn't even want to get it & he was holding it hostage

    2. Honestly, I hear all the rebuttals woman make about why they had to cock block. The reality is that we are adults who are capable of making adult decisions. Everyone whether man or woman should have to strengths to resist a difficult situation. No female should feel they have to be the "big mama of the group" and protect their friends all the time. To me that is such a weak psyche that women have. They feel they need to throw signals to their other girl friends to come rescue them from some horny man. A woman should be strong enough to simply walk away from any situation she feels may place her in danger. A friend should not have to rescue you all the time. I honestly believe alot of cockblocking comes from jealousy, insecurity and spitefulness.

  2. I have never been a cockblock, but I don't mind them. It reaffirms my place in attractive female heaven. I have seen girls with hotpocket shaped bodies cockblocking their best friends. I'm a cockblock blocker, I come in and make the cockblocker busy.

    1. i DIED at "hotpocket bodies." Just, lawd.

      I have no comment really. I'm not a c*ckblock – go get yours girl/man!

      Ok, I do have a comment. I think you're right in this: "Why are you bitterly blocking at damn near 30? If your friend is lucid, which she was, let her stay and play. " At a certain age, folks are gonna do what they want, regardless of the aftermath. If this was back in college, maybe right after college, fine – look out for your girl. But, if everyone is coherent, grown @ss, and knows what's good, and you been peeping it the ENTIRE night? Nawl girl. *biggie voice* you dead wrong.

      But clarifying question, Slim: why did it take til 5am for it all to go down? Sounds like the smashing was gon happen anyway… who was frontin on the D tho?

      I can at least respect when men block – they'll just scoop ol girl up like, so… you leaving with me right? its still dead wrong, but what good is blocking if no one is getting any?

    2. Can I tell you how much I adore the term "hot pocket bodies"?!! LOVE it!

      I know this girl who said she was shaped like a Coke bottle. I had to correct her: "Yeah, a 2 Liter" and from that day forward…that was her nickname.

      She was shaped like one though.

  3. I will never forget one day back when I was at Famu, I was leaving class and I ran into a beautiful female and we locked eyes and spoke but kept it moving. I thought about her when I left so I was like the next time I see her I'm gonna converse with her and we did….until her body guard showed up aka the bitter chick that gets no play so she cock blocks!! While we were talking this chick made every sound possible to interrupt us cough,clearing of the throat, and farted!! So introduced myself to her..

    Hi I'm Jeremy

    Her: Yea and we are late for class so y'all need to hurry up. I'm like take your ass on she block but me and ole girl ended up dating anyway.

    1. "While we were talking this chick made every sound possible to interrupt us cough,clearing of the throat, and farted!!"

      OMG! THIS!

  4. Here is a very important question: Where the heck was the wingman? He doesn't have to fully take one for the team but keep her ass occupied until the signal is shown.

    Now, I have one major story of a block. Went to Atlanta for the TSU-FAMU game one year with my homeboys. One of them had a female friend that brought some of her friends down as well (the females went to TSU). After the game we get ready to go out and hit the bars and we are waiting for the ladies to finish up in their room just chatting it up. I don't remember what was said but I said something to a chick and her response pretty much opened the door wide open for the night.

    So we go out get a few drinks and me and miss lady start going at it in the bar…then her friend calls her name and comes over. Everyone was pretty much like W…T…F.

    Luckily I had gotten her number a little earlier. Luckily part 2 was that I lived an hour away from Nashville at the time so seeing her again was very much a reality. Nothing major came of it but dang if I wasn't salty for the rest of that night.

    1. "one of them had a female friend who brought some of her friends down as well…"

      theres your wingman. i used to do stuff like that and my boys had fun for days. smh @ me spitting game at girls for them. "ay…you know he has that car you like right?"

      knowing full well theres a wrapper in the backseat for her.

      i didnt even realize i was like that until i brought this girl to a party and it was just the two of us females…and ALL the guys were like "so how are we gonna get this started."

      wake up call! i freaked out. i was like "OMG lets go girl!!!!!" and i grabbed her and dipped. i started venting in the car like "omg all those girls. ive been so mean to them!!" and then i was texting my boys like "AM I YOUR WINGMAN?!?" they thought it was funniest thing in the world laughing and what not on some "na of course not girl…just bring her back and get those ribbed joints out the car. you remember where you put em right?" smh.

      ever since then ive been trying to tell girls/females how a MAN treats them cuz i spent so long helping guys play them and i felt bad.

  5. This story had my mouth ALL TYPES of open.. (and not in the good way)

    WTF was happening here!!

    DEEZAM this story hurt my spirit…

    If anything, my friend is the opposite of c*ckblocker.. We were staying at her brother's house in NY.. she saw that her brother was feeling me (he's married with 4 children by the way) and still wouldn't run any type of interference.. I was lookin at chick like "can YOU say something PLEASE!"

    but I've never seen anything like what you wrote..

    although, I'm on the fence about whether or not I would've said "hit me up when you get home." (considering the hour, I'm not sure I could've let her go home by herself) or putting that bish in time out when we got to where we were going.. some rules need to be established D*MMIT! But then again, I got a mouth on me, so I might've just said "I'm staying." and let chick make her own decision on whether she was staying or not..

    I feel like I'm in the matrix… What part of the game is THAT!?

    "I feel like I'm losing my mind"- Mr. Fox

  6. Good point Animate! Slim… How come while observing the BS Didn't you give ya boy a hand and take one for the team? Entertain Alberta! This article was too detailed for you to let something like happen. (shame on you) Lol
    And to answer your question: if I was the pretty girl, sometimes you gotta pull your obviously salty ass friend to the side and tell her to chill. There is no cock that can blocked if the decision is already made to make a move. (that sounded dirty)

    1. Honestly, I just didn't feel like getting involved. Last thing I needed was Alberta switching her attention to me or people taking pics of me and her engaged in deep conversation.lol.

      Other thing is I wasn't just following them around the whole night. The story reads detailed, but it was really be noticing about 10 minutes of the whole night and then talking to the homie after the chicks bounced.

        1. I don’t take pictures with criminals.

          ^^^Incrimination. Guilty by association…no one wants that.

    2. Animate: "Where the heck was the wingman?

      Animate & Mille, I was thinking the same thing. Hmph. Slim watched this go down… shame on him. He was supposed to be there w/ the offensive block… aka winging it. Take one for the team homie!! Lol.

      If you know there is a girl on your team that has the propensity to c*ckblock w/ agression, you need an internal wingman. If the Slims of the world are slippin on their pimpin… lol… then you need a girl you can count on to handle Alberta when she's having a moment.

    3. "There is no cock that can blocked if the decision is already made to make a move."

      ^^that's what I'm saying.

      Let your boy say that he was c0ckblocked if it helps him deal with the L; but if she wanted to stay, she woulda stayed. That's just foolishness if Pretty Girl is letting Alberta run her life. #TruthIs she wasn't trying to eff that night. Feeling a dude and effing a dude on night one are two entirely different monsters.

      Not that Alberta doens't deserve to be locked up, she does…cause she's making herself look real bad, but PG got a mind of her own too…I hope…

  7. Wow…that's messed up. The only time I'll condone or participate in cockblocking is if my friend wants me to run an interference. Other than that, no deal. Tammy should have told her friend to chill out and went about her business. I'll be damn if I let one of my girls do that!

  8. **I say this while watching Leah Jaye getting digged out by Rico Strong in another tab"

    Your girl LOVES to be a wh0re. It makes her feel good and like a woman. She knows what she is doing is wrong by your teams standards, and I am going to whisper that in her ear for the next 4mins and 46 secs and she is going to get more and more excited. SO BACK OFF FATTIE! Its the fact that my piece and me are so foreign that makes the chex so hot.

    Your girl got that drunk b/c she wanted to make that 'mistake'. She even told you that before you left the house. The gills plan out their night than like to wake up in the morning like 'how did that happen' only b/c it makes the being bad feeling last longer. They keep the illusion going longer.

  9. LOL @ this post & tryna figure out if you should call the cops! I've actually been called a bad friend because I DON'T cock block but sh*t I'm in my 20s…my friends are in there 20s & 30s. You KNOW by now if you're a whore. No need for the song & dance or me there to look like the hating friend so you look less slutty. If you're not feeling dude I'll hold you down 100% but if I know you wanna f*ck him & you know you wanna f*ck him…let's not play games. I would never be Alberta because I don't compete with friends for male attention but if I was in Alberta's position I would've let my friend stay. C*ckblocking is wack whether male or female. We're grown…let's start acting like it!

    1. I agree. You know if your friend is down for the okey-doke…she wanted it it let her have it. Any woman willing to sleep with a stranger on the first night lacks class…no need to block! She is what she is.

  10. I don't think she was c*ck blocking I think SHE THOUGHT she was looking out for her friend. I mean, its New Years Eve…they barely knew YOU…she wasn't going to leave her friend in a stranger's home to stay over….and besides that, I am getting the feeling that there was a little more to Tammy's situation then you knew about….sounds like Tammy might have had a boyfriend or they had a conversation before they got there where they agreed nobody would leave the other behind…no matter what happened..and her friend was holding up her end of the agreement…I wouldn't have left her there with YOU either..(no offense) even if both of us were invited to stay…I would have thought that wasn't the brightest of ideas…..

    On a side note, Slim you could have done better. Tammy probably was a h*e.

    Good post!

      1. Oh, my bad….well, tell "L" he was better off! Oh, and another thing..why do guys always try to get a woman to leave the friend she came with? I mean I get it in theory..but, why not let the friend go home…make sure HER friend gets home safely…and THEN you pick her up later?

        I personally don't mind it that much..BUT, if a friend and I came in the same car…and then the friend is like I'm leaving with this guy….or I'm staying the night..it leaves the other friend in an inconvenient position of trying to find another way home…its just kinda selfish that's all.

        1. a.k.a. the "I just wanna be sure that you get home safe, Girl" swindle #HowToWorkACockblockToYourAdvantage

          Queenie-why you helpin' them out!? lol

      2. Why would you have been angry? If you were really feeling her…get to know her another time… seems silly. I hardly believe you are that desperate to get some… and iif he was really interested in her then he would make something happen outside of that situation. and if the woman really wanted to stay – trust me, she would have.

        1. Aww, bless your heart…"If you were really feeling her" Baby, they were trying to eff…not try to get to know anybody…

    1. c/s Queenie

      It's not about cockblocking…all the time.

      I know I'm not leaving one of my besties at some strangers house. And she's drunk?! Oh hell no…ya'll see white girls coming up missing all the time or some crazy sh*t happening to them. Not on my watch. You wanna smash, smash on your own time. I'll be damned if I have to explain to somebody's family why I left them somewhere w/ a stranger.

      1. Ditto! I have never blocked a day in my life but I will never leave a inebriated friend alone with a bunch of dudes. I will be damned if I have to be the one to explain to her parents how she came up missing.

    2. ok yea reading this I was wondering if nobody still has the 'we came together, we leave together' pact with their girls?! I don't cock block but I surely wouldve been like "YOU SURE? YOU SURE?!" a couple times before bouncing because I don't want anybody's potential [insert any random crime against person here] on my conscious

      1. I agree; I don't want to cockblock either. However, exchange numbers and if you want to, y'all will meet up later. I could never live with myself if one of my girls ended up like Natalee Holloway. Whoever came with me is leaving with me (only acceptable picker-uppers are boos, sibs, and roomies).

        On another note, a one night stand is not something any of my ladies do. In fact, I'm probably the Tammy of the group (but I'm still not leaving with you, L).

  11. I'm curious. Seems like all the guys were adding their input but did Tammy speak up to her friend & say anything? Sounds like she wasn't as down as you all think considering she as "ushered out the door".

    True story: I helped a co-worker/kinda more than friend throw a party. I knew weeks in advance that we could cross the line. I invited my girl to the shindig & of course sparks flew between my friend & I. But guess what? I drove by myself. When she was hollering "let's go" & was ready to walk to the cars because you know—safety in numbers–I walked her ass to the car & turned right back around & got my grown single woman on.

    Moral of the story. Be prepared & have a plan B & C. Sounds like the only ones who were planning anything were you men.

  12. All Tammy's are pretty. 🙂 Anywho, I nearly fell out my chair trying to keep in my laughter at you and your boys wanting to call the police. Hilarious narration.

    All I can say is welcome to the world of Women. Women can be the most player hating people of all time…OF ALL TIME. Jealousy, envy, just all out hate. It happens all the time and I've cancelled long time friends for it. There's so many instances that I can't even count. I'll go with the most recent:

    I'll call her Doo Doo cause she stank. We went to a few lounges, parties etc and I noticed every time the male species came around, she would slang a jokey joke aka insult my way. You know the type. "Girl, shut yo crazy high yella @ss up", "You know she stuck to her ex", "Negro please, she too bougie". Everything was followed by a laugh except I wasn't laughing. She even told this one male friend that I sleep with my mouth open. O_O WTF??? I kept it in until Malibuuu Yow made me cuss her out. I just noticed that she would always find a way to put me out there in front of men. This is going to sound arrogant but that's what I got for hanging out with a woman who's not on my level. Usually hater chicks are negative and stay losing. Winners shouldn't hang out with people like that anyway. Cut them loose.

    1. Wow Fox, Im surprised you kept her around long enough to insult you a few times. I can't take women like that. Its happended to me but more so when I am hanging with friends of friends. Women can be such haters! I like to be around beautiful women and all of my friends are hawt!! For me, its imperative to stroke my friends egos and make them feel good about themselves rather than feel bad. More women should practice this.

      1. It's funny cause I'm usually not one to take BS kindly. She was the daughter of my mom's best friend so I gave her way to many passes. Plus alot of her digs were subliminal so I'd sit back like "Did she just diss me?" As I got older, I hang with "associates" less and more with friends. I have 3 friends who are like my sisters and always have my back (all are beauties too). I completely cosign what you say about giving a compliment instead of hating. I swear women would think I'm gay because I will always stop and compliment a woman who looks great. I just told my coworker she has nice legs. 🙂

        1. Yeaaaaa… I have a 'friend' like that. She is always sure to flaunt herself… her lightbright tone, she needs you to know that her hair is real and those green/gold/hazel eyes are hers too; unlike mine. And she literally says this aloud…

          If the physical doesn't work she'll move on to other things. "Oh, FLYY you know you can't keep a man", or "Who was that guy you were talking to last night?" (in front of a new guy) or "Girl you better learn how to cook." She does the very most, w/ the absolute least.

          Icing on the cake: She's been w/ her boo like 12 years. Why you blocking me?

        2. I always laugh at the "I'm pretty cause I'm lightskint" chick. lolol I know a girl who's light, long hair, green eyes and looks like a bull dog yet she thinks she's the sh*t. Girrl its because we (black people) put too much emphasis on skin and hair. And she said you don't cook?? Now THAT's a hater. She did that on purpose. This type of woman thinks they're making us look bad but I would like to believe most men can see past this and only frown at the hater.

        3. Those subtle diss are hard to catch. When you don’t do something its hard to fathom someone else purposely trying to undermine you. It took me a minute to understand that just because someone is hanging with you do not mean he or she actually LIKE and CARE for you. I was too green.

          A person once told me with an @$$ like that, you have just as many friends as a rich man does. I was like wtf? I still don't want to believe that but experiences keep proving me wrong.

        4. @ beef bacon

          exactly. being in a group of ppl who take subtle shots at you but make it like a "haha sike jk its all good its all love were family" type bs = no good for the self esteem or confidence of anyone. thats why its important to choose friends who flip that.

          you take shots at you and speak life into you. i like those honest types. who make jokes about how good of a person you are or how great your personality is or something respectful/ genuine like that.

          i used to watch this girl giggle and laugh while her boyfriend made her sit on the floor and ask to drink her own soda and hed be like 'i love you baby' while his friends called her a loser and all kinds of stupid…and they were all like "were family dog! its all love." um. no. i told em straight up theyre lying losers and dipped for better company and SHE got mad at ME. smh.

        5. exactly. im gone. its called having self respect im not about to laugh at somebody playing me.

          i honestly used to take her to the side explain how she deserves to be treated and apologized for his behavior. id give her a heads up but hey. you do you baby girl. you can be the cute friend getting layed on your back and paying a dudes bills while hes making moves to get married to someone else right in front of your face.

          good job sweetie.

        6. It's so good to hear someone speak on this subject b/c insults like that can be so subliminal or passive that you catch yourself wondering if you're just being hypersensitive or touchy. Especially, when you're told that you take stuff to heart. Besides, even if some is sensitive that doesn't take away from the fact that an insult is an insult. I put up with that type of behavior from my "bff" of ten years. She was there for me and kept it real with me at time when and where other hadn't but I as I became a stronger, more confident person I noticed that at times she would be condescending to me, cock-block, and argumentative. I love her but it became emotionally exhausting. I began to deal with her at an arm's length b/c I didn't want to throw away a long friendship. Yet, as time went on our friendship seemed stagnant and deep down I did not trust her. I told her that and she said she couldn't be friends with someone who didn't trust her! I gave up and made up my mind to let go. I was a shy introvert, fresh outta high school when I met her at a job. She was outgoing and knew a lot ppl. Long story short, she brought me out of my shell and help me love myself (i love her for that) yet seem to secretly hate the real me! To make matters worse, many of the girls in my social circle where girls I met through her so now that we're no longer kicking it, it's awkward to hang out with them w/o her around because she was the common dominator. With that said, I can't talk to them about my issues with her b/c that wouldn't be right and it'll make me seem petty. Plus, I didn't bond with them or others like that b/c I was too busy being an cynical, introvert. Over the years I've gotten better and open up to ppl more but I've been coined as as the dark artist and reclusive writer. Anway, I have a few girl/guy friends I know I can call friend but they live far and/or have kids or married (I am single and Gerber free), or is my brother's ex-girlfriend lol (that's a whole other dynamic)…nonetheless I don't hang out with them like that but did hang out a lot with the superficial friends and nagging bff. I don't regret my decision to part ways with my bff or extended hang out buddies (that we only seem to talk when it's surrounding an event) b/c I needed a *pause* for clarity. Sorry for the rant but to end my point; but I just turned 30 and now that IM FINALLY comfortable in my own skin it left me wondering why do I need these superficial relationships? Why am I holding on to them? On the contrary, are they a necessary evil to have a balanced social life (equal parts fake friends aka acquaintances mixed with equal parts real friends)? Yeah, I feel all proud of myself and what not (pat self on back) but now I find myself lonely at times but with no one I truly care to hang out with =( Did I just go from one extreme to the next? side bar: I'm a Scorpio and have a tendency to think in black & white terms.

          *I have to step up and be Mama of the group before but usually I'm the quiet one, sitting back w/ a Martini watching the games begin. Never cock-blocked on purpose but have ran interference (i.e drunk friend). I have been cock-blocked before (via hater-ration).

        7. @ bornscorpio

          thats what happened to me except it happened much earlier in my life. im ALWAYS the mother in every group im in, quiet, observant, and nurturing but im always surrounded by shallow ppl. my "best friend" included, i was always watching their backs, telling them how to handle their lives, giving advice, letting them lean on me for strength but they were so arrogant and condescending theyd take shots at my self esteem instead of uplifting and respecting me.

          i took that to mean im a great leader i just hadnt realized it yet and no one had enough humility to let me know it. that all changed when my man stepped into my life bc he pretty much gave me this SUPER, uber confidence boost. i told everyone whats what, dropped my mic, and chucked my deuces and ive been doing it ever since.

          as far as the lonely thing goes, honestly…its not that bad. id rather be alone than have a ton of shallow, meaningless connections. the lonely part comes from not having high caliber, internally wealthy individuals to connect with and lean on so i just argue with ppl a lot so theyll start to grow into better ppl and i cant have someone to talk to. (again, strong leadership) -shrug-

      2. @Beef Bacon- you better believe it. If some people cant defeat you(in their mind) they try to be you by being around you and somewhat walking in your shadow. Its slightly obsessive behaviour that is also so subtle you can miss it easily and think someone is your best friend. Its happened to me *kisses teeth*

    2. This chick you speak of is an azzhole…you have genuine friends and then you have HER….winner or loser..whatever the case was..this woman was a straight beyotch.

      1. you guys need a reality check. getting your girl out of a situation from sleeping with a guy whos not gonna remember her name in the morning is being a true friend.

        real friends tell you the truth and keep it real with you, those arent the ppl you "let in your circle" theyre the ones your circle should consist of.

        anyone else is fake and would let you mess your life up bc they know any better and even if they did they wouldnt even care enough to help you. but yes. the person who cares enough to correct you is a hater. grow up.

        1. I agree with you. My comment was talking about people who throw shade in front of the opposite s.ex; not so much friends who try to stop you from making mistakes. That really is a true friend. I wouldn't block but I would pull aside and give an earfull as to why I think she's effing up…then it's up to her. But I would never leave a friend at a party, even if I had to sleep on the couch while she gets hers. I could never sit back and let a friend do something that I know isn't her.

        2. right. i would throw all kinds of fits trying to get them to straighten up but at the end of the day its a personal decision whether theyll take it upon themselves to listen or not. sounds like youre the kind of person that says what needs to be said but then gives the person the freedom to choose to do the right thing or not.

          im more of the 'snatch you up and lets go' kind of person but i feel where youre coming from. 'if you wanna mess up thats on you. i gave you a heads up.'

  13. Ok I am guilty of this ONE TIME! However, my gf was sloppy birthday falling down drunk and this dude wanted to take her home and she didn't even know him. She seemed to not care but I was afraid for her safety so I took her to my couch (as far as my tipsy butt could make it, dangerous yes I know). No cock-blocking involved because my stuff was at home waiting in bed for me. Lol. I would want my girls to do the same for me!

    Otherwise, this would not take place, if my girls were lucid and able to decide—do you. Be safe and tell me about that ish tomorrow girl…*waves goodbye*.

    I have had a supposed friend tell me that she is sick of going out with me because all the guys talked to me and I was like, well maybe if you smiled and stopped mugging you would be approachable. I had to drop her from the team because I saw more hate as the days went by.

    P.S. I do not condone buzz driving :).

  14. I can't think of a time I've ever c*ckblocked anyone, but I have a "friend" that stays c*ckblocking me.

    Many moons ago I had my eye on a dude who was a friend of this friend, and she gave me the go-ahead to get with him if that's what I wanted to do.

    He and I proceeded to have a lovely on-again off-again thing for a few years, and since we all moved in the same social circle there were many occasions where we were all out together. I swear he and I could not have a 30-second conversation without her inserting herself into it (leading with her big ole cha cha's because he's a breast guy and I'm a bit lacking in that department). If he invited me over after a party, there she was coming back with us to "talk" and "hang out" because she doesn't want to go home yet.

    It was weird though because she didn't seem to want to get with him, she just didn't want me to because if I got up to leave she would leave with me. Then I'd pretend to look for a cab until she was gone and turn around and go back to his place.

    The whole thing got so ridiculous that we ended up staging a fake breakup to get her off the scent, then resumed our affair under deep secrecy.

        1. i told her to have a real chat with her girl about what was going on. That staging a break-up and proceeding under secrecy is a lot of work. My friend had some other factors involved that made it a bit more tricky.

  15. Queent REALLY sounds like the token c*ckblocker. And its funny how the recent commenters are trying to flip this into "Tammy wasn't interested". They were't there, Slim was. He told the story, so take it as is, stop adding extras just to skew it the way you want to be skewed. This is about a chick that was down, but hindered by a hating ass home girl.

    Women's homegirls are one of their biggest hinderances in getting a man. Outside of the cockblocking, the whole idea of needing a wing man to occupy your homegirl while you're approach is simply B.S. your homegirl needs to just fall the f*ck back, let you chat it up, and if she sees the bird call for an interference, make moves. We're to grown…..she's grown enough to step away from the group and chop it up like grown folks should. And her homegirl should grown enough to entertain her d*mn self while waiting on her friend.

    These games get really old, and d*mn near exhausting. That's why I take the no BS approach, which surprisingly isn't taken as offensive as I thought it would.

    1. If Alberta was actually cockblocking then it was wrong.

      However, I can not condone leaving a girlfriend alone with guys she doesnt really know.

        1. Right. & I'd venture to say that most pure c*ckblocking situations don't involve over inebriated women, most of them don't even involve people who sleep together that same night… because at that point it's a safety issue and any reasonably sound man would understand that. C*ckblocking happens in the grocery store, at clubs/lounges/bars, at bowling allerys, in the mall, via Twitter… it's a pandemic.

        2. co-sign..

          certain men should get the benefit of the doubt on not being 'rapist'

          And I am assuming Slim's people give off that level of decency.

        3. @FLYY One:

          "C*ckblocking happens in the grocery store, at clubs/lounges/bars, at bowling allerys, in the mall, via Twitter…"

          let's not get started on the ish that happens on twitter (as well as blogs) smh

  16. [email protected] call the cops smh. Really? That comment reminds me of someone I know.

    I was once a cockblocker at a strip party. I was having a great time at the party, enjoying the male strippers from a far because I did not want to be touched by them. I am small and they particularly like to pick on petite women and have their way with them; I did not want to be a victim of a sweat box in thongs and timbs. I didnt quite understand if the strippers had brought their female friends to assist in the entertainment, or if these girls were total strangers to these men that they were performing sexual acts on. Anyway, at one point in the night mr.chocolate thunder grabbed my close friend and laid her on a blanket surrounded by lit candles and began seducing her as the crowd went wild. I thought to myself, this should be fun. Mr Chocolate wasted no time, as she laid down he stood over her face and I can see that her eyes were closed and she was screaming(mouth wide open). Mr chocolate was now lowering is long chocolate covered thing in my best friends mouth and all I can remember is dashing over getting on my knees and putting my hands over her mouth. The crowd went wild with disappointment and the stripper gave me a nasty attitude. I was so glad I made it over in time before it actually went into her mouth. I picked my friend up off the ground and we fell back while someone else became the center of attention. I literally blocked that day and I am not even mad about it. I still wonder if my friend was totally aware of what was about to go down or were her eyes really shut tight.

    1. That is serious c*ck blocking! Her eyes weren't shut that dam tight..she know what was going down…lol. She would have had a mouth full of c*ck…and I would've been taking pictures laughing my azz off…lol.

        1. O_O





          I love to smoke a pole but OMG…not strange stripper pole as a room full of strangers cheer!

          Ish like this happens?

          *rocks in the corner of the shower trying to get this thought out of her head*

      1. She wanted it. trust me. lol.

        I can't see myself jumping on no floor..covering my friends mouth up. Maybe, I am not that good of a friend…unless, she was crying rape..or looked in distress..it would have went right in her mouth.LOL!

        Let me go to work! Bye ya'll! 🙂

        1. "I am not that good of a friend…unless, she was crying rape..or looked in distress..it would have went right in her mouth.LOL!"

          OMG I almost spit my tea across my computer! DYING laughing!

    2. I thought the ''long chocolate covered thing'' was his tongue… And I was already chocked… I had to read it 3 times to understand… That's disgusting.

      Where do they do that at ? You are a very good friend indeed !

    3. @PinkShadow

      I have to agree with you. It shocks me what male strippers get away with. I'm a germaphobe so I don't want no sweaty, std carrying man rubbing his ding a ling on me. This guy picked me up and started humping me so hard that my tidays came out my dress. He completely ignored my screams. I was so upset. Block away girl. That ish aint for everybody. Stripper wang in the mouth? Hell noooooooooooo!

    4. O__O Wowwwwwww. I think she knew the deal too. Ok, call me a bad friend, but I would have waited it out to see if she really, really, really didnt know after I yell out 'open yo eyes bish, he about to dome you, son!'

      LMAO @ "I did not want to be a victim of a sweat box in thongs and timbs."

  17. I know some guys who had a NYE party in NYC… one of their friends, IMHO, was intoxicated, but not drunk, was down for the trizzy. But she had two friends with her. No matter how hard those wingmen tried to run interference those two friends would not be denied. Finally they found a way to get the two friends out the room for a split second and then Tom Kazansky locked the door.

    About three weeks later them cats all got arrested. One of those nights that you're happy security shut down the party by turning off the elevators.

    1. If I was one of those friends, I would have call 911. Their game is so lame that they need the woman to be intoxicated to take advantage of her… Hope they enjoyed the consequences.

  18. I'm not really concerned with female cockblockers, i'm more upset by dudes who cockblock. You got to watch your friends, they think, if you can beat, then we can all beat. Or they just never get the hint. Standing there telling a joke, when everyone has stopped talking and is quiet… like LEAVE.

    Females have their place. As much as we'd like to hate on them, your boy has helped you out in a many ways by cockblocking on chicks, either by saying the following:

    "That girl is a ho."

    "That girl is giving." < Translate: She's on fire and it's not for Jesus.

    "That girl is big as a cow."

    "She's not cute, she's lightskinned."

    "Ask her if she got a friend." < I hate this line, because this is risky, once you ask a girl this, she knows you want to jumpoff.

    "We got convention at 8AM tomorrow."

    And yes, I have cockblocked before only because I have ethics, I say this probably too much, "You know that in the state of NY a woman cannot consent to sex when under the influence of alcohol." I'm sorry, but it's just my thing to say, wouldn't want to roll with no sex offenders.

    Best way to avoid those types of females is to carefully choose your invited guests. Or you have to have a wingman like Teddy… just straight up Turn Off the Lights.

    1. I have to say that male blockers always surprise me. I mean women can have a protective <del>hater</del> nature but men shouldn't act this way. This goes back to hanging with people on your level I guess. And most women hate the "Do you have a sister?" question, it's corny. lolol I applaude you for stopping your friends from taking home the drunk chick. I see that all the time!! I don't know how men get away with that. It's really disgusting.

      1. Exactly!

        That is why I would need to know that my girls are lucid. Tipsy and feeling it is different than slurring your words foggy vision drunk. That person cannot be trusted to walk out the door upright let alone make a sound choice.

        And for the evil dude trying to hit that, he should get a rape charge.

        Alcohol was illegal at one point for a reason.

    2. Sooo on point Dr.J!!!

      Its such a turn offff when I see men cockblocking. Women are not the only shady characters; men are quite the competitors and will throught a wrench in your ish in a minute!

      I soo hate the "do you have a friend(or sister) line-SOo wack!!!

  19. I have been pretty naïve in the past when it comes to cockblocking. I have definitely been the friend who sees someone about to make a bad decision, and runs interference in order to save that friend from facing the consequences of said decision.

    With that said, my naivete lies in the fact that I forget that these heaux are grown a** women. I don't need to play "bad cop" — I need to chose the people I decide to hang out with more wisely. After all, they don't all want to be saved.

  20. & can I just say, the fact that this woman is d*mn near 30 makes this all the more frustrating? We're not talking about someone barely out of college.

    And Alberta = c*ckblocker, no other way about it. Shawn extended a 2nd invitation for them BOTH to crash, just to have Tammy spend more time w/ L so that if Alberta was worried and wanted to be watchful or good friend w/o blocking she could have. Whompity whomps.

  21. You probably saw me bitching complaining with great restraint and logical resolve on Twitter while I was in Vegas. I got c*ckblocked in Vegas. Let me repeat that, I. Got. C*ckblocked. IN VEGAS!!!

    This story might make me put my fist through this monitor but basically I'M IN VEGAS flirting with this Canadian chick, mind you I've never been with a Canadian chick *balls up fist* Breathe, WIM, brrrreathe!

    Anyway, yadda yadda yadda, I had my phone ALL the way out. Screen lit about to secure the number to "get together later that night" when her Alberta Haynesworth comes from left field and gives some drunken rant about some druken BS and tackles/drags my Canadian away. To add insult to injury, my Canadian managed to Adrian Peterson spin away from the grips of Alberta back to me. BUT Alberta returned AGAIN. The difference between my story and yours tho is Alberta Haynesworth really did look like Albert Haynesworth. Big line backer built chick.

    Lawd JE-sus, I hope 2011 is year of the c*ckadvance not the c*ckblock.

  22. Lmao @ trying to figure out if you should call 5-0. If I weren't sitting in this clinic in pain, I would've burst out laughing.

    I'm not a fan of one night stands, and I'm glad that the chicks I go on nights out with don't really get down like that. Either that, or they have a different crew they might hang with when feeling particularly randy. Since I've never had to deal with it, I don't know what I'd do and how I'd feel about letting an intoxicated friend go off with some guy she just met, reputable or no.

    In this case, it seems to be clear that Berta was blocking, and if that's all it is, then she's wrong for that. However, there's nothing to say that she herself would've been down for a one nighter if L had shown her interest instead. I try not to make too many assumptions based on second and third hand accounts, and also to look at other possibilities.

  23. I agree with Dr Jay on the Male blockers. They are the WORST!!

    This story is hilarious. Definitely seen this happened many times before.

    How about when an ex blocks you from an acquaintence of theirs, because she don't want you strokin ppl they know? No? me neither…

    1. Well, I agree with the ex on this one STreetz. SOme lines just shouldn't be crossed and thats one of them. Its a bit distasteful trying to dagger the ex's aquaintance; there are too many ladies out there for stuff like that!

      1. Hahaha yall would…

        I might have to write a blackout post. Damn the innanet today is givin me TOO many ideas!

        I mean when the ex doesnt follow ur guidelines pink then how can they talk?

        Cold World

  24. yo slim when you first mentioned this post on twitter last night i had to admit that i thought you were talking about a dude cockblocking on another dude because he couldn't get the girl. this is the type of b*tch ish i've encountered in my life.

    i remember one of my friends was feeling this chick. he stepped to her and she kindly let him down and let him know that she just didn't feel him like that. he thought by becoming her friend he could eventually wear her down. didn't happen. one day she made her feelings known to me. i asked him if it was cool if i pursued things with said chick. he tried to play the cool role and was like "i'm over her, go ahead." he didn't bank on the fact that she would come back and tell me that he he was cockblocking. saying things like "you know tunde got mad chicks" or "i don't know what you really see in tunde. he's corny." some friend. smh

  25. Slim is a bad person. He's the journalist that sees the little kid dying of starvation and decides to keep filming instead of giving him some food. SMH lol

    Slim you're 28.9897% responsible!

    1. Slim, I'm afraid brother Peyso is correct. I re-read your posts for verification and you identified L as "one of my boys." Thus, #manlaw book of 'Taking One for the Team' dictated that you jump in and run a counter offensive block scheme on Alberta Haynesworth.

      Naturally, like with all #manlaws there is an exception if a) Rule of 'Every Man for Himself': Alas, you have your own guranteed jump off to attend to and therefore do not have adequate time to get caught up in your boy's affairs or b) Rule of 'This Will Make a Funny Story (blog) Later': Whereby, you consider point "a" but determine that it would be funnier to let the scenario play out as nature intends so you can write about it on this very blog and received 100+ comments.

      I think we all see which route you chose. lol

      1. I'll have been partially at fault then. No way in hell I'm spending my new years trying to entertain some bird whilst other women continuously walk past and think I'm interested in said bird, thus putting a damper on my night. This wasn't a 5 second interference. I would have been obligated to play this role all night. I'm a power forward and/or center. I catch and dunk.

        And honestly, it did make for a good post.

  26. I would like to say this…

    If you friend gets herself into a position where she needs you to be a cockblocker, you're already too late.

    And women know their friends! Like you know if your friend is a jumpoff when you're 18. At the age of 22, let it go, she just has an oral fixation. I found out on SBM about 18 months ago that there are women who like going to the Eiffel Tower.

    Some women find it fun to come as a group and leave as a group. Remember what we said about single friends and how they want you to be single too?

    If it's 8 girls and they staying in a double room on vacation, and any of those friends is cockblocking, she's dumb. Feel free to cow-tip that heffer. There wasn't no way all 8 of y'all planned to sleep in that room. The person cockblocking is just MAD.

    It always be some dumb damsel talking about, "But where am I supposed to sleep?"

    If you are a big girl never use your weight to bully people around, it's unbecoming and dudes peep that and they are repulsed by you… and it has everything to do with your size and your actions.

    The worst cockblocking that you can do is to actually be the person who is sloppy drunk. Remember, when you get wasted, not only do you ruin your night, but you ruin the night of everyone else around you. I can't count how many times the woman was down for the deed, but her friend had too much to drink and she had to go take care of them. Hell, i've been on the flip side and my dude got thrown out of the club and I was making moves…

    PS – All you people who say you would just leave them are bad friends.

  27. I wouldn't leave my friend but the night wouldn't be over because of a sick friend. Just take em home or prop em up in a corner. Lmao: I'm not serious.

  28. I HATE c*ckblocking. I used to love and find girls for my guy friends to hook up with (most of my female friends have situations and so they aren't into doing the meet and bang- and if they do). I remember being at a party once and this super swexy guy came up to me, we exchanged numbers, were talking about going to grab something to eat and my friend Dre just rolled up, grabbed me by the waist and started acting funny. For an entire year the guy thought Dre was my boyfriend and I couldn't make waves at.all.


  29. See, this shyt is disgusting. I've had a friend or 2 try that same ish on me… "Its time to go, Nia." or, "I'm tired, I'm ready to go." GTFOHWTBS!! Just because I'm the cute friend doesn't mean you should block my shine, let alone block my cock. Smh…

    Tammy should have pulled her to the side, and told her she was not going home. Period. She shouldn't have to do that since that chick was her "friend", but with the droughts going on all across America, 'Berta would have to take one for the team, and get to steppin'.

      1. You got that out of my comment? lol. I love how people try to define a person's sexuality based on a darn blog comment. smh… And in the e-world, the females are more guilty of this than the men. Its a shame.

        1. yeah. i DID get that out of you talking about your sexuality on a blogsite when said you have friends who try to stop you from sleeping with guys you dont know that well. *your* bad.

          you need to let ppl be a good friend to you. theyre trying to help you out by telling you to stop focusing on "getting your shine" on some random dudes "cock". what else do you have to yourself besides that? what else should a male offer TO you besides that?

          say yes to ppl who try to protect your value as a female and try to guide you down a better path. say no to the path of being used. itll make you stronger, happier, and youll feel better about yourself.

        2. I respect what you're saying. But you have to understand that some things said in comments are said in jest. Also, you make a huge leap in logic, and you make vast generalizations about someone you don't know based on your own experiences. Basically you assume a lot based on a few words.

          Also, I think we have to be careful in thinking we have the right to control another woman's sexuality. As black women, we have always been defined negatively by our sexuality. We're called hoes for attempting to have authority over our bodies, whether we are doing anything or not. I never said anything about sleeping around with a bunch of dudes, yet by expressing a sentiment that goes against the puritanical nature of our society, and by purposely showing authority over my body, you felt the need to attempt to bring me down by defining me negatively. Me, a woman you don't know. So, like I said, I appreciate your concern, but its misplaced.

        3. so pretty much youre excusing your behavior and grasping at straws to find something wrong with me so you dont have to hold yourself accountable for your behavior.


          but i like that youre respectful with the way you talk to me and thanked me for trying to help. youre a very sweet girl and thats a beautiful character trait.

        4. Oh, Merry. I haven't said anything about my behavior. My comment is a reflection of the post, period. You chose to read something into my comment that isn't there.

          And a another point, sometimes c*ckblocking prevents you from getting phone numbers, asked out on dates, etc. Sometimes, your friend gets in the way when you're just trying to get to know someone better. It doesn't have to involve s*x, though the OP is about s*x. I was purposely vague because I knew at least one person would jump to an extreme conclusion. Now, I'm sure you will respond to this comment by saying I'm trying to backtrack from my original comment. I say, read my original comment again, then relax.

        5. lol. you want someone to nurture you. it sounds to me like youre going through the reasons in your mind for behaving like you do and you want me to smack them down for you. sure! i care about you.

          if you were genuinely trying to get to know someone your friends wouldnt have reason to cockblock. they would know you well enough to know you were trying to make a friend. the fact that they block you when youre talking to a dude should tell you they either consider you loose or the way youre acting is a little too open.

          instead of getting numbers just focus on getting yourself together. the less friends the better. you need some "me" time and youll be good.

        6. and yes. i CAN reach a conclusion as to what youre telling me you need through your vague and subtle hints. comes with maturity, wisdom, and experience. youll get there.

  30. Ok, there's a…signal, if you will, for lack of a better word, that women give each other to say "Back off, I'm FINE here." Be it a look, a secret hand gesture or the tone of voice that was used to say, "I think I’ma stay. Shawn said we could crash here."

    The cockblocker knew what she was doing. What I am a bit concerned with is how Tammy let her friend dictate what she did that night. Believe me, if I wanted to stay, I would have. I am a grown woman and I would have kindly taken Alberta to the side and let her know what was up, called her a cab and that would have been that. If I assure my girls that I am of sound mind and body and they see no imminent danger they leave me be. I do have concerned and caring friends but I've never been blocked by them.

    I did have one hater in my small circle. She's no longer here. #PositivityOnly

    1. You know, I find it amusing that the general view/assumption is that "ugly" girls are the worst/best when it comes to this c-blocking business. No one has ever seen a pretty girl who's either used to getting or who wants all the attention throwing a fit? Regular to good-looking girls do get peeved when the object of their affection has his eyes set elsewhere, especially if they feel as though the other party is an inferior specimen.

      1. right. 9 times out of 10 the regular looking chick can get away with being regular because shes bomb at everything else. id be mad too if my love was glued to some girls charm and deceitful beauty. a vixen in full.

        like is her face going to manage your out of wack finances? "……" exactly. get over here.

        pretty girls are the blockers. they block dudes from getting in legitimate relationships with good women but no one talks about that side of things.

      2. YES!!!! I was JUST thinking that pretty girls throw up some of the ugliest blocks when they're not getting the eye!

        In 2005 me and four other chicks decided to rent a car one year and drive down to hampton for the annual HU vs HIU game. Two of the girls I knew well, two of the girls were friends of friends, but everybody put in on the car so it was good. Nicki* who was actually a good friend of mine is the one who put the trip together.Nicki is gorgeous. Big boobs, small waist, nicely proportioned butt and the cutest face and southern accent EVER. Going into the trip, everyone knew her whole reason for going down was to eye one of our football players, but we figured she could do her and we'd do us.

        Well aforementioned football player gives Nicki NO time of day, so we all go to hang out and kick it. We meet up with this group of 4 friends who were ALL fine. They suggest going to ihop or VA Beach, some such f*ckery that was bound to end in food, drink and probably some d*ckery for some of us.

        Now, notice I said there were FIVE of us in my car and FOUR of us in their car. That means that someone was left out. The someone turned out to be Nicki because when we initially met the guys she was so stuck on the football dude that she turned one of the new guys down and THEN when they offered to call a friend for her, she was pissed off and threw such a b*tch fit, that we ALL got blocked.

        Honestly, that was superbowl type defense right there. She blocked EIGHT GROWN ASS PEOPLE!!!

        I'm still SMH'ing at that one

        1. -is secretely impressed that she did that-

          yeah. thats not really what i was getting at. i was talking about men who are about to get married but his pretty side piece doesnt know when to fall off.

          pretty girls who cry and throw fits over real men and women getting in relationships together have low self esteem. pretty girls who keep their mouths shut and let it happen are respectful and are trying to learn a thing or two about how to keep a man.

  31. I used to have this happen–not in any stay-the-night situations but in the who-is-he-checking-for situations. There were a few occasions where this worked to my benefit. I let her be the blocker so I didn't have to hard-shrug the dude's advances. I have a tendency to talk to me which leads them to believe I'm flirting. I eventually got a clue and left the blocker chick alone. The prettier girl probably was aware of the type of friend she was rolling with OR she really wasn't feeling L that much.

  32. I just experienced my 1st blatant c*kblock by a dude!

    Went to a singles event…ended up chatting with J for a hot minute on the couch.

    This other dude that I know was trying to get my pink friday, comes over and says to J : yo cuz, can I borrow you for a second. they both take a walk…

    Im not loser, so I go about my business and chat with other peoples – but noticed I didnt have interaction with either for the rest of the night.

    Hour or so later, I see J with his coat on, and we start chatting about the event. I tell him I had a good time, due in part to our great convo and that dudes that might be chasing me, im not necessarily chasing back. (trying to hint that whatever the other dude said..has nothing to do with me)

    So he asked to exchange numbers…and that was all she wrote.

    I was WELL heated and would have been VEX if J hadn't asked for the #.

  33. I know it’s late but I was viciously and bitterly blocked on New Year’s Eve myself. I was lured to a gathering with the promise of a roomful of extremely attractive women. I failed to mitigate that statement of attractiveness due to the source (mistake #1). I get to the party and sure enough there are all of two cute girls there, a few ehhhs, and some hot garbage. So I make a beeline for a young lady and lay it down quite flat. All is well and we’re about to bounce out. I get about three feet from the door and damn near get tacked by three of the other women there. They run up with their galloshes and umbrellas like they hopped fresh off the Morton’s box and let loose a blizzard of salt!! SOMEBODY failed to mention that this place was going to be flooded with Dominicans who all just happened to be related. I got to spend the rest of the night trying to figure out how to get past an O-line that consisted of Anthony Munoz, Orlando Pace, Larry Allen, Jonathan Ogden and Willie Roaf!


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