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Idris Elba vs. Kim Kardashian

Idris and Oprah are beefing for who incites the most riot in women. Idris feels like Obama in 2012.

In grade school we grew up with an understanding of who the “Best Looking Girl in 5th Grade” was. Ironically, I can still remember that person at my elementary school and middle school. She was pretty much the same girl for our whole lives. I won’t share with you her name, but let’s just say, she is still a very pretty woman now. At any given time in elementary school I can remember the six girls who were the prettiest in their respective grades, but it never really dawned upon me the effect this schoolyard chatter would result in. Years later in college it became clear, there were about 120 kids in the 5th grade at my school, and only one her. Do the math, that’s about 70 girls and 50 boys. I’ll admit there was always a “second prettiest” and “third prettiest”. But what this came down to is that about 50 boys were shooting after three girls. The odds were just absurd. Ironically, that wasn’t the only thing that I learned. I learned that there were 67 girls in the 5th grade who just didn’t think those girls were that cute. There was always something said: “She’s not that pretty, she’s just light skin,” “It’s just that she has long hair,” “It’s only because she beats guys in races,” or “I think [insert girl not in the Top 3 here] is actually prettier.” Do you see what started happening?

Note: There’s so much to take from the reasons why people thought she was cute, or didn’t think was cute. Remember this is the 5th grade.

Now in high school, a very interesting thing happened …

People started f*cking.

Therefore in the 11th grade, the most popular girl in school was the girl who said in the cafeteria one day, “I keep my man satisfied,” and then wiped the edges of her mouth. Her boyfriend was the most popular guy in school. He was also captain of the football team, didn’t talk too much, only said things like, “I just want to play football and focus on my studies.” Sounded mysterious and focused? That negro was dumb as hell and his football career ended in high school. He was only captain of the football team because he was high yellow and tall.

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The caption read, "Kim in her signature pose." I'll admit she stole that from Black women!

You can learn a lot about life from looking back at grade school. It’ll explain to you why women have hot flashes when they see pictures of Idris Elba, and why men go to a special place when they read quotes like this, “I am Armenian, so of course I am obsessed with laser hair removal! Arms, bikini, legs, underarms…my entire body is hairless.” – Kim Kardashian. Think about Idris and Kim like this, there are two types of people in this world; either you’re part of the 67 or you’re part of the 3. If you’re part of the 67, you’ve been wasting your breath on this type of stuff since you were six, and it hasn’t changed a thing. If you *were* part of the 3, you need to figure out where things went wrong, you had one job in life, “Stay in the Top 3 wherever you go.” And if you are part of the 3, chances are you finally got a chance to say, “I don’t see the big deal.” Privilege is a hell of an alcoholic beverage, I mean, drug.

Take from that what you would like, however, I’d like to present you with Ten Debatable Facts about Idris Elba, Kim Kardashian, and obsessions with celebrities:

1. You probably won’t meet them – Of course, you’ll go out to a local nightclub when you hear that one of them is hosting to try and grab a picture, or @ them on Twitter, but that won’t lead to them remembering your name 12 hours after that interaction ends.

2. You won’t sleep with them – Let’s take a look; do any of us guys resemble Reggie Bush or Gabriel Autry? These beautiful celebrities have access to some of the most beautiful people in the world. What… no, who would you do?

3. You really don’t know them, no matter how much you claim you know them – We love to dig deep on our favorite stars. Did you know that Idris’s real name is Idrissa? And despite the fact I’ll defend to the death that Kim is not as fake as most people think. There’s no way to get to the bottom of it because none of us are her doctor or were in the surgery room.

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4. There’s something about them that you ain’t going to like once you keep digging – What are you going to do when you find that interview when Kim says, “OK, the reason why it seems like I’m just laying there is because I really don’t enjoy sex all that much?” Or what do you do when you find that article that gives Idris’s ex-wife her chance to tell her side of the story; how he was unfaithful?

5. Hating on them is pointless, only makes you look like an extreme hater – Some people like ketchup on their eggs, some people like runny eggs, and some people don’t like eggs at all. I know it can be annoying that they shout it from the mountaintops, but I just imagine someone taking their fork, squishing on top of a sunny side up egg and the egg running out on the plate, yuck. However, I don’t have to eat it, so I’d rather just not pay attention.

6. You’re going to find out they’re fake – There’s a difference between the characters that Idris has played in movies and who he is in real life. His publicist told you that he resides in Atlanta, GA so he could spend more time with his daughter. He’s an actor, he’s probably full-time in Los Angeles.

7. They’ll let you down sometimes – When Black men found out that Kim K. was dating Gabriel Autry, they got shook. We thought we might lose her. How dare she turn her back on the brothers? Crazy right? Not so much, considering that most Hollywood movie sets are brothels and everybody’s banging, Idris gets some tippy tao on the scene. Beyonce had a man, Idris slept with that white girl.

8. They don’t even like you – Kim only bangs dudes with way more money than us, and Idris… no man goes out of his way to hide who he’s dating unless he’s gay or f*cking 75% of the free world. Pick one.

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9. We both have ridiculous reasons for being attracted to them – Men are fascinated with Kim’s sex tape, playboy or bikini pictures, basically anything that women probably, “don’t see the big deal about.” Yet those same women lost their panties when they heard Idris’s English accent. If the accent is sexy, seeing a woman in all her glory is too.

10. Their claim to fame – There’s always someone who is claiming that Kim K. has no real talent except for a sex tape. Actually, she’s a socialite with inconceivable amounts of money. Don’t argue Kim has no place in our world when people watched the Real World for 17 years and that’s a show about people with no money. In my opinion, you can make an argument that Idris is not the greatest actor. Most of his movies are bad, the best one is RocknRolla and most of the women who love him, didn’t even see it. Then there’s the Wire, a significant amount of those female fans also have been quoted saying, “If I was ever gonna be with a girl it would be Snoop.”

I’m comfortable enough to say this, I can tell you why women find Idris sexy; he’s got symmetry in the face, he’s got swag, an accent or an accent, he carefully chooses his roles and has a certain “eff it” swag about himself. Then there’s this conversation I had with some friends over lunch when one of my coworkers said, “I don’t see what it is about Jessica Simpson, she’s a white girl, who’s blonde, blue eyes, big breasts, loaded and not that smart.” All the men raised their head and said, “She’s perfect.” However, none of us are marrying a woman like Kim Kardashian. I’m attracted to women who it doesn’t take two hours to get ready. (That’s why I’m on #TeamRosaAcosta.) But seriously, these are the women we fascinate about. I’ve talked to married men, in church, with a family they love who say in jest, “However, me and my wife have agreed that if ever I had an opportunity with Halle…” That’s the reality of it all, it’s a fascination based on things we learned as children, to dream.


  1. Idris just completed a mini-series on BBC America called "Luther" about a British detective trying to manage a tenuous situation with his wife, job and his relationship with a serial killer. If you really want to see him stretch beyond the Stringer Bell or Beyonce's hubby roles you should check it out.

    Only comment about today's post is money is the great equalizer for men not blessed enough to be in that top 3%. [i.e. Donald Trump, Gucci Mane, Plies, etc….]

        1. *JustThrewUpinMyMouth*


          You should have put a warning label on this.

          But the truth of the matter is this — some chick like Lauren London, Christina Milian and the like would let him beat and wife her even.

          #ThingsFemalesWillDoFor $$$$$

    1. I actually loved watching Luther, I was totally into that series and he got to use his British accent which I believe is his real accent.

      I like watching him and I am a fan. I loved his character in the Wire and that's when I started to dig him, but I don't have any type of obsession *swoon* faint type thing going on…and no, I wouldn't sleep with Snoop.

      1. Don't forget folks: a brand new season of Dr. Who, Top Gear and Law and Order: UK are beginning.

        [for those of you who prefer something more stimulating than the Game]


        1. I hope you are talking about the British verison of Top Gear (probably one of the best shows ever invented. The cinematography is even more amazing) because the US version basically…..sucks.

    2. "Luther" was a great show. His talent really shined through in this mini series.

      I really dont understand the fascination US women have with Idris. Apart from having the British accent what else has he got to offer?! His looks are okay. Before he blew up he used to DJ at a club in London now and again and he was just like any other regular dude.

  2. In 5th grade…I don't know if I was the prettiest but I was definitely in the top tier group. I don't think I knew at the time what my status was..because I was too busy getting teased for being lightskin and called "Casper" and none of them 5th graders had any game….I think back then if you were getting teased..they liked you? right? I don't know…I just remember boys were mean and dirty in 5th grade…they didn't have no game. little cretins. LOL.

    Good Post…allowed me to reflect back to 5th grade and 5th grade sucked.

    1. @QueenT –

      I didn't want to say this but since folks asked here and other places…

      This whole "top 3" thing… well i'll tell you what happens to them… There's a good chance that she gets knocked up. Sh*ts like Gladiator, it's but only so far you can go when you the best and every man is gunning for you. I know so many chicks who were the BADDEST and now they got kids. It's tragic.

      The other thing is like as other kids develop and other things become important things just change. The girl I had a crush on in 2nd grade, now, she's skinny as a bone, yes her face is cute, but that girl with the okay face, got D's… D's Rosie Perez. But also, there's those girls who were early developers. My dad put me on early though, he told me they would be fat in a few years.

      That summer right after freshman year was rough. Chicks with the baddest bodies in high school, they didn't fall off, they ate the wagon. In my opinion, they too pretty for their own good and their reputation as being pretty kept them from noticing they was getting big. They refused to go to the gym because they were like, "I'm still fly."

      Now she's fat with a kid, and that dude that was so fly in HS who got her pregnant. In high school, he always had the freshest clothes on, kept a cut, drove a nice car, and was into the finer things… this Christmas he came out the closet. #AWMAN

      It's REALLY hard to make it from the 1st grade to 25. And if you do, you're probably a Wilhelmina model.

      1. Dr. J: "That summer right after freshman year was rough. Chicks with the baddest bodies in high school, they didn’t fall off, they ate the wagon. In my opinion, they too pretty for their own good and their reputation as being pretty kept them from noticing they was getting big. They refused to go to the gym because they were like, “I’m still fly.”"

        This right here is something I warn high school boys (and girls) about at the Y. They talk about how thick so-and-so is, and I tell them thick turns to fat really easily. And after that first baby, it's a wrap. There's a ninety-percent chance she ain't coming back.

        I warn the 19 and 20-year old girls that they better hit the weights and the treadmill. They say, "I'm getting thick, I'm good." They don't mind that ten to fifteen pounds that they gained in the year after they graduated, yet for some reason they eat like crap and don't work out, and think that weight gain is going to magically stop.

  3. Idris. *sigh* I'm probably going to catch heat over this but uh, according to his ex-wife (the one nobody ever heard about who lives in the DC area), he's not that nice. Even in their short courtship he was just like any other dude. It was her who made herself believe he was super suave and thoughtful and all the other things women hope someone who looks like him would be.

    1. Even though he is super fine! I've seen him in interviews and he does come off as a bit of a douche. He's very brooding and reserved. So, I can definitely believe the wife, and if we met him we probably would all be in for a world of disappointment…I would rather imagine him as a nice guy like he was in "Daddy's Little Girl's".

  4. In grade school and high school, I was never really about the chick that everybody was on. Sure, I had a few random, general crushes with chicks in the "top 3" but really, I kinda always went for quieter chicks who just had there ish together and weren't really concerned with the popularity contest. But then again, I was captain of the football team and homecoming king (though I'm neither high yellow, nor tall). It's just who I was attracted to.

    Now, in college, we definitely became given to the who can bag the baddest game. That's just the way that goes.

    Now that I'm an adult, all that seems like child's play. I do however, have an appreciation for the attractiveness of celebrities (or pseudo-celebrities). I think how we all pick which celebrities we fix our fancy on may or may not say some interesting things about who we are at our core.

    I've always been way more attracted to Kim's sister Courtney than Kim. Like, given the two, I'd choose Courtney 10 times out of 10.

    In TLC, My brother had Tboz, my cousin had Left Eye, and I had Chili. (This was way before "What Chili Wants" mind you)

    Interesting post… my comment is pretty random… guess that's it.

    1. I like when a man doesn't go with what is popular..If we are all being honest here…Courtney is the natural beauty of the three sisters..she doesn't need a whole bunch of make-up..she doesn't need the big rump, the retalin fillers, botox injections…I would dare say she doesn't even need to work out at the gym all that much. She doesn't have alot of personality..but, hey, neither does Kim. Khloe is the more charismatic of the three….

      In New Edition, I had Ronnie..while everyone was running after Ralph and Bobby…I was rollin with Ronnie..Mr. quiet and reserved….

    2. "I’ve always been way more attracted to Kim’s sister Courtney than Kim. Like, given the two, I’d choose Courtney 10 times out of 10."

      I've heard alot of men say this as well because she seems to have a girl next door kind of beauty (not overdone and over the top) and it's funny to me because she looks younger although she is the oldest of the trio if I am not mistaken.

      Question though: Khloe Odom…. No????? No male blogger on here would TRY her if they could, whether they want to admit it or not?

      1. I guess I really am in the male minority because I don't find any of them remotely attractive. Speaking solely from a physical standpoint Kim and the Kourtney are "pretty", but once they open their mouths and reveal how vapid they both are…I.Can't.

        And I'm pretty sure it will be revealed at some point that Khloe is either adopted or the result of a one night fling Kris Jenner had with a Sasquatch.

        1. I'm going to throw this post idea to the wolves:

          People say they can't deal with a chick who is pretty, yet vapid. There are tons of ugly girls, who are smart, funny and intellectual… but they single, single as your last Newport, meaning ain't nobody gonna get it.

          Something ain't right. Pick one.

        2. @ J Me personally, I'm not aiming for any of those Top 3 chicks because honestly if she's been getting fed lines all day by every Tom, Dick, and Tyrese what am I really gonna say that she hasn't heard and she's probably so gassed up she wouldn't be really listening anyway.

          I'm a regular guy, work a regular job, etc… So those are the same women I'm drawn to. Low maintenace, but can dress it up if the situation arises. I'd much rather have a funny, OK looking girl that I can hold a conversation with than one of your Top 3s boring me to death about the latest shade of MAC lip gloss….

        3. Yo Eddie, I don't know you outside of this blog but i'm going to give you some advice. Don't worry about what other men are doing to the women you want to date. If you don't see yourself as the ish, you won't be able to pull a Metro bus on a clear and sunny day.

          Famous Dr. J quote: "Who was there? I don't see other men in the club."

          I never been worried about what some other dude was saying to a chick, or whether they was giving her 93 octane. It was always about me and putting myself in a position to go out and get whatever I want.

          The rest of your comment sounded like your conditioning has been conditioned. You're not aiming at the Top 3 because you don't think you can pull those Top 3. And now we have a perfectly good answer to why pretty women date ugly men. Ugly men got game for days because they have nothing to lose.

        4. "I never been worried about what some other dude was saying to a chick, or whether they was giving her 93 octane. It was always about me and putting myself in a position to go out and get whatever I want."

          This! Same thing applies with the "ratio" issue for women!

        5. Eddie Brock: "And I’m pretty sure it will be revealed at some point that Khloe is either adopted or the result of a one night fling Kris Jenner had with a Sasquatch."

          The cruelest chant in sports history was during the NBA Finals last year; when Lamar Odom was shooting free throws, the Boston fans were chanting "UGLY SISTER!"

          It was absolutely hilarious, but at the same time the most inappropriate and cruel chant that I've ever heard.

        6. "You’re not aiming at the Top 3 because you don’t think you can pull those Top 3. And now we have a perfectly good answer to why pretty women date ugly men. Ugly men got game for days because they have nothing to lose."

          Hence, the reason why ugly dudes stay winning

      2. I swear I stay defending the "ugly sister". Khloe is only ugly in the sense that SJP is ugly*. That is that they're ugly in contrast to who they're being compared to: Hollywood.

        *See Animate, I'd let you pick dates for my brother or something.

        1. Serious? [#Steady-B] You need to send me your address so I can let you hold my glasses for a while.

          SJP is looking more and more like the evil witch from the Wizard of Oz on the daily.

          She was geekily cute in Square Pegs, but that was decades ago….

        2. I have my own very cute glasses, thank you very much.

          Ok, she looked rough in the two SiTC movies, but she's not Precious or anything. I still think she'd be at least a 7 to most men in the real world *shrugs*

  5. Um, a lot of women actually did see and enjoy RocknRolla. And a lot of us were kind of hurt that production for the second installment of the trilogy was put on the backburner due to Richie's success with Sherlock Holmes. Even though I loved Sherlock holmes too.

    1. You saw that movie, not a lot of women saw that movie. There are Guy Ritchie fans out there. But do you think that the type person who enjoys Guy Ritchie movies would ever be caught dead seeing Daddy's Little Girls or Obsessed? I only went to see Obsessed because Ali Larter is a bad ass broad. Nothing to do with Idris.

      And you do know right after RocknRolla came out his wife, Madonna was like, "I think I want to sleep with ARod" and his marriage failed. And he has kids with that crazy woman. Needless to say, he's been busy.

      1. Holmes. That movie was good!

        I saw Obsessed…was not impressed. The point was cute, but the acting could have been better.

      2. Lots of women came in looking to rent RockNRolla specifially when it came out. I had to actually convince the guys to watch it, as they claimed to hear it was bad.

        Also, I love Guy Ritchie movies (Snatch is in my top 5) and I watched (not particularly liked that much) Daddy's Little Girls.

        Stop pretending women (or people in general) can't have taste in films and that it isn't diverse. I think I have great taste in movies (Snatch, Boondock Saints, etc.) and TV (The Wire, Arrested Development). That doesn't stop me from loving The Pest or watching soap operas daily.

  6. I was lightyears away from being the prettiest girl in school – I was a homely, chunky thing with a great sense of humour and eyebrows all over my forehead.

    I grew up and eventually got my appearance in order, I'll admit that I do occasionally get a little miffed by the phenomenon of men paying a lot of attention to indisputably hot chicks like Kim.

    It takes me back to that time in high school when I had to listen to boys talking endlessly about Linda Sandford and smile and pretend to agree while inside I was seething like "but I'm funny….doesn't that count for anything?"

    1. “but I’m funny….doesn’t that count for anything?”

      Oh yes, it does. I have other muscles besides the one below my waist. And it would be nice if she can keep me in good spirits when Hail breaks loose as if Storm was on her Menstrual Cycle.

  7. "Don’t argue Kim has no place in our world when people watched the Real World for 17 years and that’s a show about people with no money."

    This made me laugh.

    I don't have much to add because you already know about how I feel about Kim K since I wrote at length about her last week. I've also admitted a 1000 and 1 times that I'm superficial but if liking pretty women is wrong, I don't want to be right.

  8. I'm not a popular seeker person either… especially in light of that they tend to be superficial & problematic… BUT, here is a guarantee

    I would eff Kim Kardashian simpy because doing so get me notorious, aka all the other bishes I really want…

    So, she does have some value to me…

    Other than that…

    My girls have to have some substance (no alot of substance)

    I don't even wanna go BACK to 11, 12 years old (only 10 years ago…)

    Not the bestest years

  9. Kim K is sexy!! But she's a sexual fantasy…and really, I don't even think about her at all unless I just happened to see her on a media broadcast…and I'm in dire need of entertainment. In this case, my imagination's engine will rev and blast off here we go for 5 minutes. And honestly, she doesn't even strike Rigormortis in the geographical region between my loins. I don't see her and say "aaaaaah!!!"…." I see her and say "hmmmn, ok, nice – I'd have your face in the pillow from the back; oh well". I have preferences yet my standard are not that high when it comes to physical attraction. I believe in temperance/moderation. Yes, if she looks too good, I'm going to automatically think "we don't match – potentially her appearance could be a problem in our relationship. Moving on." Now I know what you're thinking "John you didnt give yourself the chance". I do this for a reason. Physical attraction is not in my top list of priorities in a mate. Every piece of colorful candy aint sweet. Substance over appearance! Kim's gravitational pull isnt that strong for me because I'm not too fond of the popular girl. The message I send is "so what? You look good. I'm semi-ecstatic for you, but I'm not impressed."

    If sight were sound….then my job as a wavelength is to find another that matches me in rhythmic symmetry. Hence, baby if you're too loud, I will back away, because I'm a very subtle, sweet, and gentle sound. I'll make ya feel real good, but only the chosen few can listen and appreciate me. And it has to be in silence away from the mass confusion that is…the world. It's not to say I don't want an extremely hot woman…but to marry one….(grits teeth)…doesn't make me excited. Perfection, beauty, and vanity are in the eye of the artist. Give me some room to appreciate a woman in a way no one else can. I love personality as much as I love a big ass, perky tits, full lips, mysterious eyes, thick thighs, and baby phat.

    What absorbs me is the shy girl who looks cute, has a nerdy appeal, has depth, is artistic, open minded, has a the body of a goddess that NOBODY knows about (or is a work in progress because things happen when you make choices), and is a madd freak. Call it selfish and far-fetched, but I like rare gems. I don't know….a woman's physical attractiveness depreciates (to me) when everyone sees what I see. The thrill just aint there when EVERYONE has the same view. Where's the variety? What makes my appreciation for a woman different, if every guy can appreciate her the same? We might as well share her in that case, and as much as I wouldnt mind, it would get boring. I don't wanna OWN a girl as if I were possessing a diamond, but when I make a discovery of one, I wanna enjoy it in solitude before the world discovers what I found and attempts to institutionalize and abuse my findings.

    Popularity and I… have a love-hate relationship.

    1. I've been lurking on the site for months, and ^^ALL OF THIS

      brought me out! It appears that we share many of the same sentiments…but I'm a woman.

      1. (gasps)….intriguing how a phenomenon can exist unexpectedly. Life's full of surprises indeed.

        But there was a hint of ambiguity in your post so do you care to elaborate becausei have TOO MUCH room to guess, and I don't feel like being wrong for the next two hours…..

        1. Since I'm a million hours late responding, I'll give you the short version:

          I like to go for the really offbeat guy who's hot and doesn't realize it. Most chicks pass him up because they don't see him as having enough "SWAG" (I hate that word). I’ve never been a fan of having what everybody else has/ had/ wants/or is trying to get. A man that’s too fine and knows it can’t even fully appreciate my appreciation of him (if it happens to go beyond his looks), especially if he’s had women falling at his feet since forever.

          Everything about me [on the surface] is very much understated, including my beauty. I can't even see myself with a guy that everybody is crazy over because it's going to draw too much unwanted attention, and taint the the relationship. I think there's something really special about finding out how awesome somebody is before anybody else even has a chance to realize it.

  10. I don't think I've been in the "top 3." I haven't aspired to have the "top 3" girl. Well…I dated a chick that was a trophy chick once and I dumped her after a month. She was awful because she knew she was very pretty. No country for that attitude with me.

    Random thought though: When folks talk about confident men and women and how sexy it is, I laugh a little bit sometimes. I know a lot of people that are only confident because the opposite sex continuously validates their looks so they know they'll get what they want off that alone. But if you start challenging other parts of their lives or bring folks into the room that rival them, they often get uncomfortable. Just a thought.

    1. "When folks talk about confident men and women and how sexy it is, I laugh a little bit sometimes. I know a lot of people that are only confident because the opposite sex continuously validates their looks so they know they’ll get what they want off that alone."

      The church says AMEN! The choir sang HALLE -LU..YAAAAH! And the Angels nodded in agreement like "now thats whats up!"

      Confidence is attractive, but it doesn't always equate to a "good" person. CON-fidence can be used against you if you're not aware of the intention that's hiding under the rock behind it, with a black cape, a red clown nose, and some beat um Stacy Adams.

    2. Hmmm….a few thoughts:

      Most pretty people know they are pretty. Don't believe Cameron Diaz when she tells you she's a nerd. She knows she's hot. Apart from major insecurities, etc, most extremely attractive people are aware because others tell them all the time. Plus they get special treatment too. It's very difficult to remain humble when you get alot of attention. I think you should focus on how the person treats you and others. Confidence shouldn't be a turn-off. Insecurity, mean spirit, etc should be. If she's pretty and knows it yet she's kind, what's the problem?

      And this:

      "But if you start challenging other parts of their lives or bring folks into the room that rival them, they often get uncomfortable. Just a thought."

      This applies to everyone. I've met ugly people with nasty attitudes. I've met insecure people who didn't like to be challenged. No one likes to be rivaled. If someone is on top of their game, they're going to get hated on before congratulated. I think this applies to everyone and not just "pretty" people. Just sayin.

      1. +1 on what you just said. But have you seen Cameron Diaz lately….she look like she fell off. She was once a 7 (on a good day) now she's a 2 (on a good day). Meth is a hell of a drug.

        Now Tee Tee's girl off The Game (Andy Allo)the other night she is certified to be in the top 3

  11. I have mixed feelings about my grade school, highschool and college experience. I was that girl. <del>I was in the top 3, prom queen, over-achiever, etc</del> I can't even type it without a strikethrough because it's embarrassing to me. Attention can be good and bad, but one thing it brings is haters. I honestly don't know how celebrities do it. I hated people in my business. I would hear rumors about me, hear mean gossip, girls trying to fight me, men trying to get at me. I was social but it turned me into a fiesty person. I wouldn't change it because it gave me thick skin but I wish people didn't hate on each other so much when it comes to things we can't control like looks.

  12. Grade school, I can tell you right now who the bad chick was.

    Middle and High school are a blur though.

    Kim K gets put in the pile with Angelina Jolie just higher on the list (the higher the better). She's beautiful, but not regular beautiful. I prefer regular beautiful.

    Kourtney, yes lawd yes! I've always been like this though. TLC…I pick Chili. Destiny's Child…Kelly all day everyday.

    1. I said this on twitter the other day. Dudes arguing over TLC was classic back in the day. Our conversations would go like this…

      e: T-Boz, she sexy as hell.

      g: I'm picking Chili.

      e: You only picking her because you have a complex.

      g: How can you have a complex on the darkest one?

      me: Left-eye, young.

      e: But she's crazy.

      me: But she's cute.

      Funny thing is ALL those girls was crazy and no one peeped it until about a year ago. Yesterday I even got to thinking about why TLC was attractive when they dressed like little boys, that should tell you something.

      1. That comparison is hilarious. I think I rocked out with T Boz. Even before she burned down Andre Risons crib, i saw the crazy in Left-Eye's…eyes. RIP tho…

    2. I always thought Kelly was badder than Bey. And Kourtney is badder than Kim. But Kourtney is an idiot to be with that douche of a baby daddy. Kim fell off when she was gettin' it in with Ray J.#just sayin'

  13. Grade school. I was suspended three times for fighting boys, that's about all I remember about that era.

    High school, I was a cheerleader (my bf was a football player), journalist, drama participant, and clarinet playing nerd like girl. High school must have brought something out of me because a few girls begin to dislike me for no reason at all. I was a nerd, still am.

    To this day, I continue to receive shade from people that I don't know so I guess I understand on some level. I don’t understand why hard work is hated on, because nothing was ever given to me.

    On a more important note, going to BET Honors taping tomorrow night….so excited!

    1. Someone told me this, but didn't tell me why. None of those women will grow up to play the clarinet for money, it's just a hobby, but pay attention to them.

      A girl playing the clarinet is like, well let me put it to you like this, if you don't want a concussion, I suggest you get your helmet from them.

        1. In the movie Spaceballs, Dark Helmet says, "I bet she gives great helmet."

          Good history with the woodwinds will help with that.

  14. I got some stuff to do, but don't forget my point on how in reality most men won't end up with these women. This Top 3 has nothing to do with anything but asthetics. I know some people may be like, "I was part of the 67." But that's not a bad thing, probably because you focused on other things in life. I knew a chick who came to college and people called her Otto, she graduated and came back a year later and people was like, "Cookie is dime, yo." You never know, swans and butterflies man, think about that.

    "Who woulda thought that fat girl would turn into Oprah?" – Rick Ross

  15. I was never the Mr Popular kid in grade or high school. My fam would always tell me to focus on books and everythign else would come later on. best advice ever.

    Love to fantasize as much as the next person, but being pseudo in the industry, I've grounded quick to the celebrity aura.

    good post.

  16. My first impression of this post…….Dr. J has serious color issues. You startin to remind me of that dude in "Don't Be a Menace….." that is pro black but only chases white girls.

    But anyway….I've met more celebs than most people. They are real, regular people just like us. I'm not talkin about the Kim Kardashians of the world cause they really are talentless people that make money doin nothing.

    But most the celebs I've met are cool. And they do date regular people. But most people approach them like groupies. They don't want a groupie for a boyfriend or girlfriend. Also, they do tend to date people that are in the industry and understand the lifestyle. They also tend to date people that have their own money. I mean it's one thing to date a girl that makes $5,000 more than you. But when you get into a Britney Spears, Kevin Fedderline type situation it just works out badly.

    1. LOL I peeped his line about the light skint football player. I don't know where he's from but light-skint guys got no play in highschool. Everyone wanted the tall black skin guys…not even chocolatey…just blackberry. They sexy. lol And if a guy had "good hair" he got teased. Don't let him have curls…oooh noooooo. lolol

      1. I dont know where you went to high school, but I was the MAN in highschool. Captain of the basketball team, tall, high yellow (red if you are in the south), and green-gray eyes. I was the guy at pep rallies all the girls screamed for.

        I think Dr. J was using the example of the football player to show that the line of thinking isn't reserved for girls, not that he actually thinks that way.

        1. I wasn't firing shots. I just remember that light-skin/good haired men were in then all of a sudden they were out. It was mandigo this and chocolate that.

      2. I'm guessing you're in your early-mid 20s? I know when I was in HS, anything with curly hair/naturally straight, light-skin and green eyes got mad attention. Didn't even have to be pretty, talented or even that cute.

        Basically, on a sliding scale the guys closer to Al B Sure! got way more play than the Morris Chesnutts….

        1. Nope, I'm 30 and grew up in the south. I was in highschool in the late 90's right after the Christopher Williams era lol Maybe it was just my area but everyone was in that "Mandingo" phase. I'm not hating on light-skint dudes…I'm yellow myself.

        2. We must have grew up in the same era..because light skinned, curly hair guys..ruled! There was absolutely no competition……

      3. eh, I dunno about that.

        I started high school during the Al B. Sure/Christopher Williams era and light skinned dudes with the S-curl was the *ish* but me personally I never took to them I always liked my cocoa adonis's.

    2. Well I'm light skinned and never had any problems at all wit da ladies. Even after the dark skinned, bald head, Michael Jordan look alike fad. I was always in that top 3. Not braggin just simply the truth. I ran da playground in elementary school. 🙂

  17. “She’s not that pretty, she’s just light skin,”

    "He was only captain of the football team because he was high yellow and tall."

    “She’s perfect.” Jessica Simpson is…pretty but perfect? I don't think I know any dudes that would describe her as perfect unless they are into European ideals of beauty.

    + two random shots at light skinned people.

  18. in grade school and high school i was nowhere in the 3. no chicks were checking for me and i was sort of ok with that. my dad already put me on game. i knew high school in the grand scheme of things didn't mean sh*t. he told me to study hard and get good grades. i will never forget when he told me:

    "you can lose money chasing women but you'll never lose women chasing money"

    now. i really don't have a problem with women. my dad was right. not about the money part but about other things like growing into my own.

  19. Ummm I definitely didn't get any play until highschool. I looked like a little boy with long ass hair in elementary school (i was a serious tomboy). And I was one of 2 black chicks in my entire middle school, I had big boobs and a fat ass. No Country for Fat Asses! White boys weren't checkin for that. But when I made it to my half black half white highschool the game changed. I guess I was in the "top 3" and I recieved my first kiss at 16. I guess I was a late bloomer.

  20. I was the woMAN in high school but not because I was "pretty". I probably wasn't in the top ten. HOWEVER, I was a class clown, was involved with everything, pretty popular and I think that is what made guys attracted to me.

    I will say that in elementary/middle school, everybody loved the light skinned girls/guys with "nice" hair. Once I entered high school, chocolate was in.

    Sigh. I miss those days.

  21. I just came across this site today and I wish I had done it sooner… but these posts are wild. I know I was definately in that 67. I had the tools but none of the talent to pull it all together. Still, I can agree that all the dimes from my school days have fallen off…. big time.


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