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I Love Chelsea Handler

Chelsea met the first black man she ever had sex with on the ChocolateSingles dating site. (Source: Chelsea's bio)

Let me preface this post by saying this will be more ignorant than Rza. For those of you who don’t listen to Kanye West or hip-hop, because I know most of you roll together, Rza makes that track when he says, “Champagne wishes and thirty white b*tches!” 

One time me and my boy are hanging out at this house party and we meet this white girl, she was giving my boy the eye.  Now my boy is a Black guy, he’s not one of those types of Black guys you have to remind him that he’s Black from time to time.  So it wasn’t like when white women go ape nuts over Lenny Kravitz, it was more like when white women want to have Kevin Garnett’s children in and around their faces.  Anyway, we said we were going out and alluded to the fact that we were going to a hip hop set after this.  This chick blurts out, “I’m down!” She must have been trying to get out of there anyway. 

Did I mention we were the only two Black guys at this house party?  “Damn … that’s wack!” 

Fast forward … people had some drinks, got drunk, we talked about hip hop, she shared with us why she prefers Black men, (all white women have this weird need to tell us that ish, like we need to know.  I always say some really ignorant afterwards like, “Personally, I just think white and pink compliment each other really well.”).  Anyway, we were about to go home, when she said something to the effect of, “I know it’s late so you don’t have to take me back, I can catch a cab” or something.  And in my head, I’m thinking, what she’s really trying to say is, “invite me over and say you’ll take me home in the morning.” But my boy wasn’t really crisp in the Caucasian way, so he was trying to be a gentleman and said, “I’ll take you home, don’t worry about it.” Basically, he was acting like MJ and Brooke Shields, and in my mind, I was thinking exactly what Eddie was thinking

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All that to say, a few weeks back I go on her page, and she’s got a boyfriend, a Black guy.  He looks like he even might be shorter than her.  That’s almost like the Black dude dating the white chick from the trailer park, he just had to have him a white chick.  Anyway, she’s got like 48 profile pictures on Facebook, and in about 30 of those pictures she’s making out with this Black guy.  And while I’m clicking through this page, I’m thinking two words … Emmett Till.  I thought that if that was my boy, I would have definitely been like, “Son, tell her to take that ish down before the Klan shows up.” But then I had my epiphany; that negro does not give a sh*t.  And before my thesis let me tell you this from experience, if you are intending on dating anyone outside of your race, then you must, not give a sh*t. 

That girl was cool as hell.  I really liked hanging out with her.  She was like one of the guys, but it was no getting around that she was white as cocaine.  But it was cool.  Sort of like when DJ Khaled uses the n-word, you feel a little awkward about it, but it’s cool.  Therefore, and I really believe this, as long as Black men continue to roam the earth, there will always be a great number of them who find funny and slightly crazy white women sexy and want to have sex with them. 

And with that said, I love Chelsea Handler!  I can’t stand late night TV, only two shows I watch are the George Lopez Show and Chelsea Lately.  George stay having the baddest women in Hollywood on his show and Chelsea is bat sh*t crazy …and I love it. 

And word to everything I believe in, a lot of brothers don’t find Jennifer Aniston, Jessica Simpson or any of those like white, white, WHITE girls attractive, they just don’t see it and that’s fine.  Those same people think Sarah Silverman and Natalie Portman are kind of sexy on the low.  You know why?  Because they are funny.  And Chelsea is hilarious.  I know it’s controversial to say this, but I could not stop laughing at the VMAs.  The only people who didn’t find her funny were Black women and white women who watch too much Oprah.  It was downright hilarious to me.  Well, there were a few Black men who didn’t find it funny, but they are also like those men who comment on blogs on a P.C. tip, as if they will one day meet the women who also frequent the site and they might want to push up.  They don’t really mean that ish, they just doing it for the shameless act of self-promotion. 

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I did some searching around the Internet in circles where women hate on other women and say things like, “I just don’t get it.  I’m not hating, but I don’t get it.” That’s a P.C. way of saying, “I hate that heffer the most!” And so, here were three reasons why Black men like Chelsea Handler: 

The funniest reason: “Nothin’ special about her. N*ggas just like her because they know she likes N*ggas.” But I’m not going to lie, that’s kind of true.  75% of Black men only approach women after they find out that she jumps off with men like them or close enough to them that they think they can emulate the guy’s game. 

Semi-valid reason: “Chelsea is a guy’s type of girl.” She does seem like she likes to kick it with the guys, and offer worthwhile commentary.  I still think my favorite episode of Chelsea Lately was when she had T.I. on the show and was joking with him about his legal woes and going to jail.  Tiny can’t even make those jokes.  White women struggle to find something to get on top of Black women with, trust me on that.  It has to be personality, low self esteem, great helmet or a comparable fatty, but never big breasts.  I dated a chick who looked like Lucy Pinder, and that experience was filled with #nosigns.  But a fatty and a cool personality and sisters were like, “She cool, I like her for you.” 

“Black men, nod in agreement while squeezing their girl a little tighter” reason: Black men think white women are freaks.  Most, if not all of the sites I visited said something about Chelsea is probably doing all types of ghastly sexual acts that you could never imagine Black women doing.  I been saying for about a year now, I don’t think that’s true.  The amount of Black women who just enjoy nasty, filthy, dirty, rougher than rough sex is higher than the rent.  Black women just skirt the issue by trying to throw you off by informing you that they aren’t some white woman whenever you try something freaky.  That’s a damn lie though.  Don’t believe me, next time you with your girl and hitting it from behind, lick your thumb and then stick it … well nevermind, but trust me her response will be, “I ain’t some white woman.” Black women can blame themselves; they’ve got most Black men thinking that white women are freaks and will do any and everything in the bedroom. 

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"The one thing that Black and white women have in common, Black Men."

Whatever the reason is the fact of the matter is Chelsea is here to stay, at least until the next funny white girl comes along.  I can tell you funny things that Chelsea has said to flirt with Black men.  “I love a Black man with gifts.”  That was pretty funny.  I can’t tell you something that a famous Black woman has said that moved me.  Wait, one time Paula Patton said that she sends sex pics to Robin Thicke all the time.  In my opinion, her whiteness made her do that.  Don’t front like you don’t blame stuff Mariah or Alicia do on their white side.  And, we know about my favorite Kim Kardashian quote, but now there’s this: 

“I was nine years old. My parents wanted me to… I was new to America so my English wasn’t so great at that time so they were like “you know what? We’ll send you to a little class where you can make friends and learn English and what not.”” Mila Kunis, 2011. 

The girl didn’t learn English until the age of 7.  Now that’s sexy.  Mila Kunis on the come up.


  1. I know I'm in the majority among folks of color, but I love Chelsea. I DVR her show for when I am out of ish to watch (not at "must see"). I can't explain what I love about here at this moment, but I do adore her extra specialness.

  2. Mila Kunis is so sexy…that is all.

    okay not really, but who the hell are these black chicks sayin stupid shit like u mentioned and who volunteered them to be our representatives?

    There are Chelsea Handler type black chicks out there who are a "guy's type of girl" and all that other stuff, but we tend to get pushed to the side for the chicks with drawn on eyebrows and Remi tracks. Let's be real…if Chelsea were black you probably wouldn't be writing this. She's funny so I understand why men are attracted to her, but I wouldn't hit though…

    Mila Kunis could get it!

    1. Mila Kunis stock went up after "That's 70s Show". She wasn't as hot then….but now she is pretty bad.

      If I was to go white (I'm pretty sure I'm not. lol)…Mila Kunis and Emmy Rossum are at the top of the list

      When I saw that twitpic of Chelsea and 50. I knew 50 been beating her pancakes on the low.

      1. I would like to thank you for that second Mila Kunis link. I can officially sleep soundly. OMG! She is beyond sexy to me…I would love to….okay, lets save this convo for another time. lol

    2. @MilleAMillion:

      “Let’s be real…if Chelsea were black you probably wouldn’t be writing this.”

      I agree. A funny, confident, comfortable black woman who likes black dick gets no love. A funny, confident, comfortable white woman who likes black dick gets love…Go figure. Some black men love Chelsea Handler because she’s given them permission to love her. Dr. J, you would love living in Southern California because it’s full of Chelsea Handler’s. They would play with your genitals at the drop of a nut sack. Once their done experimenting with you, they’d go back to their surfer boyfriend with the short, spiky hair.

  3. I absolutely cosign with this post! Finallyyyyyyyy someone said it!!!!!

    I. Love. Chelsea Handler.

    Firstly, I dig her because she is hilariously sarcastic. Like, sarcastic on other level. Which is probably why soooooo many people scrunch up their noses and say "I dont get it". Smh. If you dont get it, its because you're slow. If you dont think she's funny, it because you're ignorant. If you are neither of those, you are dead or stoic. Im not a scientist, but that is my evaluation. And trust its wayyyy funnier when you dont get it. (inside laugh)

    Also, Chelsea will always make fun of herself FIRST. She can get away with a lot of serious (but comical) jabs at other people. My mouth legitimately dropped open when she spoke to T.I about returning from jail. A woman that can make "Rubberband man" blush is a hell of chick. Lol. P.S. Dr.J Have you seen the first T.I. interview? Its even funnier.

    Lastly (perhaps more importantly), Chelsea is HONEST and DOESNT GIVE A F*** WHAT ANYONE THINKS OF HER! She's a woman that likes sex, is open-minded, confidant, critical, and thinks a lot stuff is funny (and stupid). She's not worried about who she will offend with her politically incorrect remarks or who's delicate and societal sensibilities will be violated:-) She's real. Like, old school real. Not, "rapper" real or lame that you mess with "real".

    And if anyone says "She's white", blah, blah, blah. Get. A. Life. And if you're a chick who's pissed about her dating or preferring Black men, trust she's not the reason Black men arent checking for you! POW! Lmao!

    1. "she's not the reason black men aren't check for you…"

      That's deep bruh. Deep.

      And yeah, I seen the first T.I. interview, but the second one was funny because I thought to myself, T.I. would have Michael Corleone'd this chick if that was Tiny. Well, maybe not, on the low I think Tiny is the reason why T.I. stay in jail.

    1. Sarah Silverman is very funny and kinda hot. There's this PSA that she did that really won me over, its called "Sell the Vatican, Feed the World". Its on youtube also. I really recommend it.

    2. I like Chels she is crazy. I am just like her I don't give a f*ck about what people think and I am always taking jabs at folk and I can poke fun at myself and not take everything so serious! I love to laugh so she is good to go in my book.

      My favorite is when she is making fun of people and they don't even realize it. I am not mad at her at all.

      I do hate her stylist though. She is a nice looking girl but her clothing on the show is just awful. I need to be her stylist.

      Mila Kunis is cute too I ain't mad at her either. Lets face it I have better things to do with my time than hate on other woman or other people. Please if you like it I love it!'

      P.S. I used to like Sarah Silverman she is a cute girl but that stunt she pulled with the black face was too much even for me. I have seen her here in NYC and she was cool but yeah she lost major cool points after that.

  4. Co-Sign!

    I read both of her books…and she is a freak and definitely batty as a loon…and I also love her! I also, like a lot of people other people probably don't like..I seem to like those types who completely speak their mind and don't care…and have some wit about them…sharp wit…..on my short list, Bill Maher, Louis CK, Kathy Griffin, Lisa Lampanelli….I know I am probably in the minority on most of this…but, oh well……

  5. I've been a fan of Chelsea Lately for years now. My wife put me on when the show was still new and fresh. Back then, I found her attractive in the way you describing now. At this point she's still hilarious, but the attraction is gone. When the show was still relatively new and she'd have black male guests on, the subtle flirtation she'd have with those guests made you think to yourself… I'm pretty sure she likes black guys – in the carnal sense, not in the 'get married to one' sense. At this point, I feel like she's exploiting what was a once secret fascination with miscegenation, and now that her fascination with it is fully uncovered and exposed, it reduces her appeal for me – as a black male.

    The reason it reduces her sexiness for me goes right to the heart of how I approach the subject of interracial dating (in my mind). For a lot of brothers, white women are new. They grow up never really meeting any or having an opportunity to be friends with any, so, when they leave their environment and begin to interact with white women socially, like, outside of their high school or college classes, or outside of their after school jobs, when they start to really kick it with white girls it's like new money. The girls these types of black guys attract are the ones like Amber Rose, who have a very open affinity for black men.

    Those aren't the white women I'd be interested in. If I'm gonna go white, I don't want a white chick who wears Uggs now, because everybody wears Uggs now, I want a white chick who wore Uggs back in 2004 or 2005 when they were exclusive and only the Olsen twins had them. If I'm gonna go white, I do want the white girl who's parents were hippies and whose grand parents marched with Dr. King and funded the movement, I want the daughters of the rebellion. I want the great granddaughters of Klansmen and Confederate soldiers. At the very least, I want a white chick who's love for black men is like a secret she won't even share with her best friends. So secret that she hides her black d*ldo is a separate less locatable spot than her white ones so that, if her white friends find her secret stash they'll only find the 6 inch white ones, not the 12 inch black, monster joint she saves for special occasions. All of this, I think, is because white women aren't new to me. I grew up in a not so good suburb, but went to school with a bunch of white folks who had money… like… real money. And, while in school, though militant as hell, I was also pretty popular amongst all the different crews. I got to know white women young. It's not new, or special or fresh to me.

    I prefer black women. I don't think I could really be in a serious relationship with a white woman. In a relationship, I need a woman who appreciate my racial experience in a non-vicarious sort of way. So if we're talking about white women as they relate to me, we're talking about sex. And if we're talking about being sexually attracted to white women, I'm not really attracted to the ones who listen to hip hop on the daily, I like the ones who only know the words to 'Baby Got Back.'

    So that said, my new favorite white girl is Bethany Frankel from The Real Housewives of New York because I'm pretty sure she's wanted, for her whole life, to test the interracial waters, but, in the world she lives in it's just not the thing to do and now that she's happily married so her dark desires will be remain her little secret. Chelsea use to have that appeal, she lost it at the VMA's.

    1. I want the daughters of the rebellion. I want the great granddaughters of Klansmen and Confederate soldiers. At the very least, I want a white chick who’s love for black men is like a secret she won’t even share with her best friends. So secret that she hides her black d*ldo is a separate less locatable spot than her white ones so that, if her white friends find her secret stash they’ll only find the 6 inch white ones, not the 12 inch black, monster joint she saves for special occasions.


      For Realzzzz!!….

    2. The white women you would want…are those women who view Black Men as a novelty, a project, an experiment…there is no genuine interest beyond that…and those are the types that call you the "N" word behind your back..and maybe, even to your face if you provoke them….I am not really attracted to white men but if I did go white..I would want the Paul Wall type…or Robin Thicke, type…a man who has dated black women most of his adult life, feels a connection with them..is attracted to the essence of the black woman…..I want a white man who is comfortable in his own skin and comfortable with the entire black experience as a whole……but that is just me.

      1. Queen, you're absolutely right. That's the white woman I want. Because, with that white woman, I know what I'm getting. With the "I usually date black guys" type of white chick, you never really know where her love or fascination with black people comes from. So yeah, if given the choice between the white woman who views black men as a sort of taboo novelty vs. the white woman who has a clear affinity for black guys (like Chelsea) I'll always choose the former. But a close second to the white woman who views me as a novelty, is the white woman who just loves men of all shapes and sizes and colors – like Angelina Jolie.

        1. MOST-
          Why can't the affinity for black men come from just preference…perhaps, it goes back to child-hood, maybe it was environmental, etc…why would you question it? The woman you want to date..associates shame with openly dealing with a black man..she would have to see you on the low..there would be no public outing…you just don't strike me as the type to go along with that….unless we are just talking purely being her s*x toy then I can understand where you are coming from……

        2. Queen, what I'm saying is, I am distrustful of white people who have an attraction to black people that precludes them from being attracted to their own people. When a white person is exclusively attracted to black people and black culture, it says something about them to me. I don't know what it says, but for me, something is off. Because I don't like that I can't figure out why they are the way they are, and because often times they themselves usually can't pinpoint why they are they way they are, I assume the negative. I assume it's born out of guilt, or pity or something else that makes their love of blackness disingenuous. I freely admit it's judgmental and borders on racist.

          That is why I prefer to deal with the ones with whom I know what I'm getting. I'll take a racist white woman over one who's inexplicably infatuated with black culture any day of the week. It's my own hangup. I'm not trying to justify it here, nor am I trying to say it's ok. I'm just saying I know what my hang up is and if we're going to talk about interracial dating I'm going to be honest about my hang ups. I think lots of people, especially white folks who are infatuated with blackness, are not always honest about their hangups. Sometimes, I think their infatuation is born out of some sort of racial hangup and I just wish they'd do some self reflection and get to the bottom of it.

          On my blog, sometime next week, I'll probably expound on my distrust for white folks infatuated with black culture so that maybe it makes a little more sense. SBM admins – forgive the plug.

        3. I love hippies. They're usually the least racist people you will ever meet in your life. I'm not a fan of the white girl who has cornrows, listens to Guccimane (even though I love it), and trys to speak in a certain vernacular. If I'm dealing with a white woman, I want her to be WHITE WHITE. Like Muffy, Buffy, Lauren, Holly, etc. If I want a black woman I'll get one. I don't do Black Lite.

    3. Amber Rose says she's Cape Verdian and she reps it super hard, like Brooklyn.

      I think i'm different, I just don't date with color that much. My mother peeped this early when I couldn't understand the concept of what a white woman was. My first crush was in the 2nd grade and she was Columbian. And then my first serious girlfriend in the 7th grade was Bolivian. My mother knew that by 9th grade, I would be one of those guys who interracially dated. I just never learned those lessons at a young age about the difference between dating in or out of one's race. In my opinion, I think that's a good thing, but a differing opinion is one that I understand and can sustain.

      With that said, I can't say the type of white woman i'm attracted to because i'm realy just attracted to women. And I also like to switch up that type of woman from time to time, and she may be white. I've dated sorority girls and then the ESF girl, I've dated the loaded Jewish girls and then the po-broke country Lousiana girls. I've dated women who would go on to be actresses/models and then ones who were trying to get to law school. So it doesn't really come down to the type with me.

      I try to stay away from being a fetish, but in reality, you won't ever really know if you're a fetish. I'll give you this, I like hood chicks, but I won't ever ever tell her that she's hood. That's just not good for business.

      1. I forgot to add. I think Amber Rose is white. If you know the history of Cape Verde, then you know it's very possible her whole family is white. And used to be in charge of keeping slaves in check.


      2. Just want to say for the record, because your response made me think of it, I definitely was taught pretty early that you like who you like and you love who you love. That's the sort of ideology I grew up with. It wasn't until I became of age that I started to reject that. I just don't live my life that way. I believe in choice. I'm not the type who loves arbitrarily. I chose black women. It was taught to me. I had access to the full menu from a young age, and chose black women.

      3. When I first read the post … I started to walk slowly across room to Dr. J to shake his hand, then I read this reply and started pushing and shoving.

        I fully concur with your post.

        I love woman of all types.

        The Most Interesting … I definitely agree that it can be disheartening to be "chosen" simply because you're black by a white woman, but then again sisters chose the "clean cut, has his act together, no baby mommas black guy" as a type too.

        1. "The Most Interesting … I definitely agree that it can be disheartening to be “chosen” simply because you’re black by a white woman, but then again sisters chose the “clean cut, has his act together, no baby mommas black guy” as a type too."

          Interesting take. I'm going to add my +1 here.

        2. I try to tell a woman if she likes tall men or a man with muscles. It's perfectly okay for a man to like big butts, big breasts, and light skin women.

  6. Strictly d!ckly over here, but I also think Mila Kunis is gor-geous! Been saying it for years (loved her on 'That '70s Show) and people are just now talking about her.

  7. Wow, I didn't know 50 was scooping them guts on the real. I heard the rumor but thought it was all a joke and for publicity stunts.

    Chelsea is hilarious. #thatisall

    Sidenote: Mila's big brown eyes are lethal, in another lifetime she could definitely get it.

  8. Dr J gets major points for this one. Well done dude. There is like nothing I can add lol. I knew it was awesome when he said this will be more ignorant than Rza. I do prefer the line "Cars for the Misses and furs for the mistress." That is really effin ridiculous.

  9. 11PM at my house used to be devoted to all things Chelsea, but sadly not so much anymore. I agree with Most, that initially her comments towards Black men/celebrities seemed sincere. But now it comes off more as just mean-spirited schtick. Something said just to merely raise an eyebrow or shock the folks from the Bible belt.

    The last time I even watched it looked she was half in the bag [too much free vodka maybe?] and she wasn't very funny.

    Nowadays some of my favorite comics are white [Bill Burr, Louis CK, Bill Maher, Lewis Black, Patton Oswalt and Greg Giraldo -RIP] so it's def not a color issue it's simply a matter of outgrowing a stale routine.

    [and Sarah Silverman looks like a horse….that is all]

  10. Most and Eddie make a great point about women who are infatuated with Black culture.

    A few years back there was this group called, Yellow Rage, they were an Asian slam group. One of my favorites, if not, my favorite slam group. They had this poem called, "Don't Masturbate In My Culture." It was a great piece and I loved it so much that I brought them up to my school to perform. It basically touches on how people will think your culture is cool, and they will mess with the good parts of it, but not the bad parts. They look at your culture like entertainment, instead of actually a culture. I hate those types of people, but let me say…

    I know this white girl who thinks "she's a black girl in a white girl's body." #NOSIGN. That's who the poem is about. She doesn't have a single ounce of anything remotely close to knowing she's white in her body or routine, except probably the reminder when she sees her parents. She once said that she relates more to Black women than white women. I offered that she couldn't make that claim because she's afforded things that Black women aren't. Her response was something about her ass, so I just walked away.

    I don't put Chelsea Handler in that same group though. I think that she's intertwined it in her comedy to the point where there's no masturbation, but just the gimmick that the media gives her. Chelsea is a white girl, she's not acting Black AT ALL. In fact, all the other men in her life outside of 50, and even like recently are white. I think her comedy just kept knocking at the door, knocking at the door, and then it just opened and she was able to speak freely.

    Chelsea Handler's comedy is very similar to Dave Chappelle and Russell Peters in which they make race a part of it. They tell jokes about it, they always seem to jump across the line of inappropriate, before jumping back and letting you know that they are in fact not a part of that race. Some people will argue that Dave is a lot smarter, but I don't think we've had enough time to make that claim. We've had more exposure to Dave and less to Chelsea. But their comedy on the surface is very similar. I think that Chelsea identifies with white America, but I think that's just her angle in comedy to talk about race, mainly Black people.

    I wanted to touch on Britney, but I can't remember what about… oh I think it has to do with that Britney is a white girl that I think Most was talking about. There's no way people think Britney is into Black guys, but you kinda know she might be. For a lot of black dudes, Toxic and Slave 4 U were like alter calls into interracial sex. It was really funny watching dudes on the dance floor with white women like RIGHT in front of other Black women. CRAZY.

    1. "I know this white girl who thinks “she’s a black girl in a white girl’s body.” #NOSIGN"

      I get this if it is something they decided to take on. But how is a white girl supposed to act if that is the way she grew up? Ive know a few white girls with a lot more 'street cred' than myself. I would never question the way they behave the same way I wouldnt question the black person that went to all white schools.

        1. Yessss! Having street cred or a plump arse does not have anything to do with being a black woman.

          I have No Street Cred.

          When a chick is followed around the beauty supply store (where everything is knee level) maybe then I will accept her plight.

        2. I understand a white woman never being able to know fully what its like to be a black woman…. but I also understand her being comfortable around black women because thats all she knows.

  11. First you go all EMO on us with your First True Love Story… Now… on to the freaky, controversial, white girl with a masculine streak (some of the greatest seducers were slightly masculine women)…

    White women appeal to me for two reasons…

    They come from money…

    "And they have the I'm a freak from jump-street" reputation…

    Where I live in NYC, I run into alot of West Indian caribbean women who try to play the "I have standards" game "and I'm a wifey" type game… Basically they like to uphold the female dichotomy "lady in the street/freak in the bed…"… As much as I understand the plight of a women not wanting to be a hoe… Honesty (even when it hurts) & Courage is more important to me, so it comes off like turn off, especially when I hear about you doing some WHORE-monal ish when word gets around

    Most White girls, I don't have to worry about all that…

    I would give the LTC try with a white girl for the experience… But my heart is with a "Chelsea Handler" type Black girl… (or whatever black girl I said I was into)

    My wish is that black women would get over LSE interracial thing with black men & other women… and focus on being her best so she can get her man… regardless of his ethnicity

    Thank you for playing with my emotions again Dr. J…

    I owe you dinner when I tear up the DMV

  12. Sarah Silverman, I'll hit that.

    Today is sh*t starter Thursday…

    Firstly, who's Chelsea Handler? (I don't watch TV that much…) Don't answer that.

    So I wonder, how does this plays into tons of black women perming their hair and going blond? (Which is absolutely insane, IMO)

    I'm sure there exists women who interpret ANY attraction a black man has to a white woman to be a message to black women to be more like white women. But these are probably the same women that blame EVERYTHING for them being unable to maintain a relationship… who knows…

    All this talk about white people culture, black people culture. You know many of us (black folk) don't subscribe to current "black culture." Mostly b/c we were alienated by other black people in our younger years.

    I guess some people feel like you have to have a skin tone test to be part of a culture. Maybe b/c people are making race and culture synonymous. Don't say "that's just how it is in the US." No, that's just how YOU are.

    Attraction as an experiment and fantasy? Wait doesn't that happen EVERYDAY within the SAME race? Who would anyone define genuine interest in black men? Wait, do we know what it looks like? Could anyone recognize it? Probably not… All I know is that there are people who claim to be "hood" that aren't. They're masturbating in that culture and lifestyle and most of those people are BLACK. So maybe the attraction to "thugs" by women outside of the hood is an experiment, a project.

    So let me get this straight, we feel people of certain races can't be part of our culture, then divide each other by the same culture that we say people of another race can't be part of? And at the same time, have people who we consider model "black culture" bleaching themselves and trying to look -> peep this -> white?!?!

    Maybe I'm the slow one…

    1. I had a thing for Sarah too…

      Alienation hurts… I mean alot…

      You got Caribbean blacks (indifferent towards) who have some superiority complex toward American blacks…

      And for me, personally, the thuggish, street-wise, ratchet (who I like & deeply respect & smh at) blacks who have a inferiority complex toward the book-smart blacks…

      And then of course you got the girls who ain't looking for you when you are young (who I lack sympathy for) but want you later in life when their best years are behind them…

      At the end of the day whitey don't discriminate… All s/he sees is a coon a*s n*ggas… whether he speaks well, ignorant or immigrant

      And that's what my people need to realize when they look at me sideways…

      Good Post

      1. "And then of course you got the girls who ain’t looking for you when you are young (who I lack sympathy for) but want you later in life when their best years are behind them…"

        MAAANN WHAAATTT!!!! All I can ever say is oh how the mighty have fallen. You used to be fly and you fell off like a bad bag of dope! Always gives me a good chuckle.

        1. Correction: we ain't looking for immature, infantile, self-hating young black men like yourself. PERIOD.

    2. "Today is sh*t starter Thursday…"



      I'm sure by the end of the day someone's comment will go LEFT and start a whole nother topic.

  13. I am a nosign for Ms. Handler. I didn't like her style before I even knew of her exploitation…I mean affinity for black men. That isn't even an issue for me. I just found her …crass and downright rude as oppose to funny. Her and that other Jewish lady comic, I always forget her name, she's quite ugly and has a serious thing for black men too…I don't find any of them funny and its all a coincidence.

  14. I say it all the time, alot of white women are crazy. I'm crazy myself so it's no negative to me. Crazy women have better convo's, are more creative, easy going (less inhibitions), honest and the best [email protected] lovers you'll ever have…yeah I said it. lol I don't mind titles. I'll tell men I'm crazy yet they'll still try to be with me…even when I'm doing crazy things, they'll just laugh and say "She's just eccentric". O_O

    I love Chelsea Handler. I think she's hilarious and there's always something sexy about a person who just doesn't give a f*ck…sprinkle some humor on it and it's a win. Black women will hate because we hate on everything when it comes to other women. I heard 2 co-workers hating on my sneeze yesterday…my sneeze? [email protected]

    I really don't care if a black man wants to date trailer park tiffany…but if he's fine, wait…I never saw a fine black guy date a trailer park girl so nevermind. And is it just me or does Rza sound like he's mentally challenged? <—notice I didn't say retarded.

    1. Rza admitted to lacing his weed with cocaine and also using PCP to talk with God…

      Black men hate on things when it comes to other men too. Very seldom will you see another dude big up another dude. Dudes was hating hard on Robin Thicke for a minute. But even other Black men. We'll call a dude a simp or a noodle in a minute, just because he's winning and we not.

        1. Men hate and they do vocalize it. I learned this from my husband's family.

          His brother tried to holla before I ever met my boo and I turned him down…he tried to stop our wedding!

          His uncle always made comments about our sex life (because every time he popped up at our house–we was ummmm kissing or cuddling). Just the other day he said that he met a young woman from down south and now he has 'one' just like his nephew?

          At first I thought the uncle was seriously concerned but soon realized that is was an ole skool way of hating

        2. Let me elaborate to show you how far men hate…

          The brother called a damn meeting an hour before we were to be at the chapel. He took my husband outside on our balcony to "talk". At first I thought it was the last hoorah talk men give each other but as I was getting dressed I heard the brother say " man if someone had told me 5 years ago to not marry my wife, I wouldn't have.”

          I waited to hear what my honey would say–he was like well give me one good reason why I shouldn't. Has she cheated, is she an undercover H**? “Tell me why am I out here like you know something I don’t know right before my wedding man? And it better be good!”

          This n*gga said, well you just don't spend time with us anymore and we used to be able to come to you for money and now things have changed!

          It took all of my might to NOT go on a killing spree that day.

          Sorry needed to share that….That will be two year ago soon but as you can see I am still not over it.

        3. Yeah. True Story. I thought I was in an episode of some black soap opera, or a nightmare. We are planning to re-new our vows in a few years to re-do that day.

          His brother offered him 50k on our anniversary last year t leave me. LOL. My husband kinda beat him down and cut him off when he did that because at first I really think my husband did not want to recognize why his brother was doing all these things.

          I was afraid for my life seriously. I thought dude was going to kill me. I really really really dislike him to say the least, but his life lately has been proof that God don't like ugly!

  15. FTR there are some Black female comics on the level of CH out there. Merrin Dungey and Aisha Tyler just off the top of my head.

    And I'm originally from Upstate NY so dating white girls was pretty much a prerequisite requirement for finishing high school. I totally cosign on the culture d*ck riders too. You're really telling me when the ish goes down you'd turn your back on your entire race and stand beside me?


    Nothing against IR dating but we'd have to be together for the right reasons [i.e. you love me] as opposed to crossing me off your chexual bucket list [live out my Mandingo fantasy-done].

    And the one female comic someone mentioned up thread is Lisa Lampanelli. And to any/all Black men she's bedded…you haz my sympathiez. LOL


  16. This post saddens me down to the core of my soul. More nubian queens for me I guess.

    And I cant believe you really tried to link a brother to a lesbian scene on his work computer with no kind of disclaimer or anything. I got bills man!

      1. @ Most

        "Really though… when’s the last time you saw a real nubian queen?"

        Hopefully your mother or wife or daughter is a real nubian queen!


        How are we supposed to look to you as a King when you won't return the favor?

        1. I'm a king, just not a nubian one. My wife is a Queen, just not a nubian one.

          Nubian means you descend from like the northern africa area. My wife and I don't. We're American. And even if you traced our heritage all the way back to Africa, you'd probably end up somewhere in West Africa, not North Africa.

          Sorry, the whole Nubian thing annoys me.

    1. It warmed my heart and I smiled…thanks for that 🙂

      I know we are all supposed to be color blind and all of that…but, I still love to hear a Black Man totally rep for me. I appreciate that.

      1. #Co-Sign

        #Co-Sign Again…

        I just seem to attract LSE women who don't appreciate black men who appreciate black women (and their bodies & their spiritual beauty, passion & all the other superficial/deep things I love about black women…)

        So thanks WIM

  17. Me and my boys had a sort of related conversation to this discussion… we said that you can break all women down into two categories: I would hit that and tell my story, and I would hit that and not tell anyone. Despite the fact that there is a big difference with men as it comes to would you wife down and would you hit it, we took it to white women. Then it kind of progressed into this conversation about what it would take for you to go public with your white girl. Now me, my thing was, I don't hit anything that I won't take public… even the midgets can go public. But what was surprising is that a lot of men were like, "She's got a cool personality, none of my boys would be mad at me for that."

    When I think about Chelsea, I think that for a lot of guys, they would hit that and then actually bring her around. But like I know that 50 Cent would bang Paris Hilton, but he wouldn't never never ever never let people know that went down. She tweeted about that guy one time and like 4 hours later it was deleted.

  18. Admire, date, fuck and love these white women if you want but when shit pops off, if you're laying next to one, you better off her before she offs you…(I'm just sayin') LOL

    The revolution will not be televised….


    From a Beautiful, Intelligent, Black Woman

  19. I've seen her show once, she struck me as more obnoxious than funny. Sarcasm is near and dear to my heart, maybe I'm just out of her loops but her style struck me as more crass than anything.

    Do I hate her? Nope. I just don't pay her much mind.

    However, the idea of being a novelty for someone is nauseating.. but maybe that's just me. *shrug*

  20. This was on point Jay. I too love Chelsea. She's smart, funny, white, and an alcoholic. My boy went to her book release party and he said the niggas were circling her the entire night, and when he finally got to talk to her he was like "so you really do like black guys" she was like "bet your black ass". You can't hate on a woman like that. Mila Kunis is as close to perfect as they come, but what do you think of Ke$ha? She's not the prettiest, but the party girl gimmick mixed with eye glitter has put her on the top of my white girl list. yes, i have a white girl list.

    1. You and my old neighbor man.. he also found Amy Winehouse attractive. Kesha ruined it all during NYE, she looked like a tranny. They have sex appeal, but I just can't get past their looks. Wait… I have been starting to find Kelly Rowland a bit more attractive, and I do have dreams about a threesome with the chicks from Dirty Money. Those girls aren't that cute, but i'd put them on my black girl list. Yes, I have a black girl list.

  21. my name is Saly. T , Im single girl looking for a man who understands love as trust and faith rather seeing it as a way of fun but a mature man with good scence of humor. I have just viewed your profile and found you are an incredibly interesting guy.. we are not far away from each other. Maybe we can chat on yahoo messenger. I spend most of my time on at ———-Blackwhiteloves DOT c o m——-, and add all my photos there. My username is SalyTiny22. Can you add me as a friend?.. Hope to hear from you soon. Take care.

  22. As a Vodka loving, non cooking, full of adventurous party stories kind of girl, I am fluent in sarcasm, have no problem cussing a person out or making fun of myself.

    Chelsea declared that was taking MLK day off because of all her body has done for Black people. In her book (My Horizontal Life) she told the story of how her dad freaked when she snuck a brother into the house.

    I've had sex with Jewish guys. This year, I'm going to declare that I'm taking Passover off. Obviously my coochie is Kosher.

    Like @MilleAMillion and @Christina said “Let’s be real…if Chelsea were black you probably wouldn’t be writing this.”

  23. I'm a young black women myself dedicated to empowering my people especially our black boys. We need to stop convincing ourselves that we are too sensitive about everything; that we can accept the comedic word of whites as harmless banter. Unfortunately, nowadays white comedy and black comedy are the same – demeaning and dehumanizing. Old school black comedy was funny because it had thought; it carried a social message that enlightened and strengthened us; a message we all could recognize even when that message was painful because you could still laugh even through the tears.

    But white comedy never had a positive message for us. And even though our comedy has changed, their comedy has and will always be there to put us down and never lift us up.


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