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5 Reasons I Hate Glasses

I hatechu sometimes.

I have a love and hate relationship with my glasses. Well, it’s mostly hate when it matters and my eyes aren’t dry. Since college, I’ve been really particular about where I wear my extra set of eyes. If there’s a social function like a mixer or Straight Talk, No Chaser panel discussion where I’m live-tweeting and blogging going on, it’s contact lenses. If I’m with the fellas or at home and a chick(s) are coming over, it’s contact lenses. If I know that I’m going to be coming home late at night or the following morning after I’ve reattached my arm, it’s contact lenses.

To try to take pictures of me wearing my lazy eyes could certainly be the beginning of your end depending on how well I know you. People will never see me post a picture or avatar of myself wearing the two-toned Kliik frames despite the fact that some women think they’re moderately fashionable. I’d rather upload a photograph of me with sleep crust and dried spittle around my mouth than expose Slim Jackson in specs to the world.  And since some of you may be wondering why I’m so avidly against wearing my glasses when it counts, here are 5 reasons:

Genetic Inferiority

If women look at men to see the potential to have “heighty” children with good hair, then they’re subconsciously or consciously considering genetics. Glasses put me behind the 9-piece, straight 8-ball. And when God has already spent a little less effort on my appearance compared to the gentleman whose parents were in perfect position when seed hit egg, I have no choice but to mitigate all obvious defects as much as possible. I don’t wanna marry Bertha. Sometimes glasses make me feel like I’ll have no choice.

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Decreased Perceived Attractiveness

This is less about genetics and more so about confidence. Unlike the size 15 chick that squeezes into the 9, I have a pretty good grasp of when my baggability quotient is at its highest. And when I’m with specs, I’m bound to get less sex. Plus let’s be honest, looking smart (in glasses) doesn’t always translate to looking cool. Women in the age range I typically target want cool. Anything to the contrary is a four-eyed lie. Therefore I wanna look cool before a chick speaks to me and actually realizes I’m cool. That “you’re much more…than I expected” sh*t is for the birds. Ya feel me? Cool. **Rides off on a motorcycle.**

Her race and his hair aren't important here.

Increased Likelihood of Robbery

When it’s 3am and I’m desperately trying to get home from the train station, I don’t wanna look harmless. I wanna fulfill as many threatening stereotypes as possible. Both hands go in my coat pockets, the hat comes down to just above my eye lids, and I walk with a gait that basically says “I dare one of you muthaphuckas to try me.” Glasses would turn the invisible guns in my pockets into a blackberry and old receipts. Glasses magnify an otherwise hidden astigmatism enough to let the hood know there’s a deer in the field.

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More Items to Remove Before Coitus or Get Lost During Coitus

I hate having to reach for my face before turning into Hot Lips O’Houlihan. If I don’t, then it’s more probable that my glasses will get smudged or I’ll make some nasally sound when I get turned on. It’s also awkward to beast butt-naked with just glasses (and a trojan) on even though I’d be the smartest effer she knows. I’d much rather just wear socks (and a trojan) if anything. And if you’ve ever lost your draws behind the bed or in the covers, imagine me losing my glasses and discovering they’re wedged in the crack of her ass when she’s sashaying her way to the bathroom.

Enhanced Asymmetrical Photographic Face

They add 30 pounds to my face and make me look lopsided.

So yeah. If I’m hanging around you in my glasses in non-work situations, know that it means I’m comfortable with you at the very least and that I really like you at the most. Casually wearing glasses around a woman can be my equivalent of giving up the last piece of fried chicken. So if I’m dealing with you in coke bottles and suddenly start wearing my contact lenses only around you, it means I’m probably about to kick you out of my life for good or I’m just tired of the imprints on the sides of my nose. Either way, put that phucking camera down.

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What do you think about glasses? Do you have things that you just won’t wear out the house or around people? Are there things people say you look decent in, but you just don’t agree? Other thoughts?

I’d Rather Walk Like a Mummy Than Put These On Sometimes,


  1. *puts down bet that 20 women will say how they lovvvvve glasses* lol

    i've been rockin' glasses for a long time (since kindergarten) and i don't rock contacts (i need to get some, been lazy about setting up an appt.)…but i guess the key is what kinda frames you get (i went for the 60s/Malcolm X look)

    the only time it's really a pain…is when i fall asleep while reading…and during rain/snow showers

    1. I'm one of those women. Lol Men in glasses…SO SEXY. But maybe because I'm a 40 year old glasses wearer. 🙂 Embrace the specs. Lol

    2. i agree. one of the sexiest mens i ever did know wears glasses and has been since kindergarten. i've only seen them off of him like thrice.

      i think glasses can be a good look if you wear the right ones.

    3. Glasses have come alonggggg way in shapes, size, etc. I mean if you get a pair that fits your face properly it could be an PLUS not a MINUS.

      Me personally I am just don't feel like wearing them all the time. #thatisal

    4. And I think you would win that bet because it's true.

      I blame all this foolishness on the Superman comics. Lois Lane overlooks Clark Kent for Superman, and Kent''s overlookable because he wears glasses? And she doesn't realize he's really Superman because he looks THAT different when he wears glasses? GTFOH. To your point, I'm sure in this fictional world there are plenty women who would still say "ooh wee, Kent could get it." Why? Because he's good looking "despite" his glasses and has enough going for himself.

      All that to say, the biggest deal with glasses is when folks really do look like a different person. So Slim, is your vision like -6 or something where your glasses lenses are the thickness of double-pane windows ? And besides lasik, may I suggest rimless glasses to the masses? Because really, the eyes deserve a break from contacts sometimes. My dos centavos…

  2. I wear glasses. Have been since 3rd grade. I didn't get my first pair of contacts until my 6th grade "'graduation".

    I like my glasses b/c of the frame style and color. And I've been told that it adds to my "teacher" look. {{why are men so fascinated with teachers saying we're freaks,etc?}}

    After 3 years of only wearing glasses I got a new eye exam and a new prescription for both contacts and glasses. I wear both simultaneously.

    Your reasons for not wanting to wear them made me laugh. I've never done numb. 1 when scoping out a man. I've never dated a man who wore glasses though that's not intentional.

    With the "increased chance of robbery" I've always felt that someone's first attempt at succeeding in attacking me would be to take my glasses. I can't really see that well without them (or contacts) so I completely understand you on that one.

    Good point {{that I've never considered while contemplating giving up my virginity}} about the possibility of losing/breaking my glasses during sex.

  3. I agree with most everything said here. I don't wear my specs in public settings where I know I'll run into people I know. Going to Target? I don't care. Going out with friends, contacts, for sure.

    What weirds me out, though, are all of the people who wear glasses strictly for the aesthetics. It's completely confusing. It's not to say that someone can't enhance their profile with glasses. It's just rare that that actually happens.

    The biggest thing I've learned about glasses vs. non-glasses is that it's far easier to command a room or attract attention with specifically your eyes if you don't have glasses on. Being able to do so is extremely underrated.

    1. "The biggest thing I've learned about glasses vs. non-glasses is that it's far easier to command a room or attract attention with specifically your eyes if you don't have glasses on. Being able to do so is extremely underrated."

      I wonder what folks have to say about this. I agree personally.

    2. Is your thought behind commanding a room because people can see your eyes easier? Or some other reason regarding the perception of people that wear / don't wear glasses?

      1. It's the former. But it's something that you'll only notice if you wear glasses for a long while, get contacts and have the ability to command attention with your eyes…

        I think people overlook how important the eyes are when it comes to communication, and if you can't see them (because of glasses) some of their importance is lost…

        1. Very interesting, I never thought about it from the perspective. I think you have a point, but I must say that I've seen and been moved by powerful speakers and presenters that wore glasses. To you point though, it may just be that they need to practice harder to get over that hump.

          Btw, I've worn glasses for about 25 years, with some contacts thrown on and off within the last 15.

  4. I've also worn glasses for an extremely long time and once I got my contacts in 6th grade, I abandoned my glasses for the next…eight years or so. I would wear my contacts regardless of whether they were torn, dirty, old, inside out, whatever. I was committed. A large part of that was having been told when I was younger that I would be more attractive if I didn't have glasses. So I always assumed that no glasses= a cuter me. I still wear my contacts for my nights out but I wear glasses in the workplace (something about contacts and the computer screen do not work well together). Depends on what look I'm going for. However…if I meet a new guy when I'm out with my contacts, I still wonder if he'll think I'm less attractive when he sees me with my glasses on.

    One more thing: glasses are less dangerous– have you ever fallen asleep in your contacts? You will wake up with an extra crusty "Black Swan" red eye. You will NOT get any looking like that. You can also get ulcers…of the eye. It's gross. Glasses might bend but your eye will still be in tact.

  5. I wear my glasses for fake. They're not prescribed. I wear them for like interviews, presentations or when I want to look "smart." Especially at school I know it calms down the energy for my 'majority' counterparts. They seem to feel more comfortable when I wear my glasses. I better stop wearing them before I actually need some.

    1. Oops…don't read my comment above. I took shots at men who do this. I wrote that before I saw this so it wasn't shots fired at you or anything. Even though I'm judging you now. lol

  6. If you qualify for surgery and can afford it, go for it !
    I had surgery in 2006 and I am free. I did not have any of the problems you mentioned (I believe it's just for the satire) but I lived in another country as well. There is one thing that was important with my glasses, I felt protected, it was like an invisible protection. After surgery, I was uncomfortable for a while as I thought something could happen to me because people seam to invade my personal space. I needed my shield.

  7. Glasses can be a very good look but it depends on how u wear them. If I'm gonna kiss u, those puppies are coming off. Both his and mine.

    Despite the fact that I think men I meet late at night wearing glasses may harbour more devilish fetishes, I see their glasses as a weak point that I can use to my advantage to disorientate someone even if it's for a split second *shrugs*

    I can relate to this…been wearing glasses since I was around 9 or 10 I think and it's been that long that I took a picture of me wearing them. Been wearing contacts I was 14. As a rule most sundays I give my eyes a rest and revert to glasses.

    Endured the four-eyed taunts from my bros growing up (they were more merciless than the kids at school)… No surprise cos my parents started me on those horrible oversized pink plastic NHS granny ones, but now I'll only wear rectangular black ones like the pic above. When I donned contacts for the first time, I was amazed how quickly i came on several guys' radars who hadn't bothered giving me a second look before.

    I was an athlete in school and glasses were just a pain. I'd cross lanes in the pool. Tennis balls would get bash them off my face. I'd misjudge my runs for high jumps and they'd clatter against my face during sprints. Even now, glasses and workouts is a no no. Glasses and sex (best kind of workout) is a no no. Saying I've lost many contact lenses during sex. I've lost contact lenses when I've been tipsy drunk. One of the little blighters also flew out of my eye as I was singing a hymn in a cathedral. I hate that about contact lenses. I also hate when something gets into them when I've got windows down or the air condition on in the car. Had a couple of close calls on the road cos the pain causes my eye to spam close.

    Remember as a child dreaming I'd woken up and I could see. When I did wake up and couldn't, I was 'wanting to jump off a cliff 'depressed for the rest of the weekend. What I would give to reach out for anything or anyone other than my glasses first.

    Girl at work is wearing glasses all week cos she's got laser eye surgery next week. If that works for her, I'm considering getting mine done.

    1. I actually laughed my way through this whole comment. And this:

      "Despite the fact that I think men I meet late at night wearing glasses may harbour more devilish fetishes, I see their glasses as a weak point that I can use to my advantage to disorientate someone even if it's for a split second *shrugs*"


  8. I remember not wanting to wear my glasses, but after my mom broke it down to me: would you rather wear glasses and see or not wear them and go blind, that changed my prospective.

    1. There were alot of girls in school who would take off their glasses and squint all day. Poor things used to get their @ss beat cause people thought they were mean mugging all the time. lol

      1. OMG!!! This is so me still sometimes to this day. (no @ss whips over here though)

        I've been wearing glasses since I was 10yrs old, but I only wear them for reading/looking at my pc and driving at night and watching TV. Basically I'm supposed to be wearing them joints 24/7 but I refuse too so I always get the "eww she think she all that, walking around acting like she don't know anybody and can't say hi" Ummmm. No. The reason being is that half the time I don't recognize your ass until you get 4 feet in front of me. *LMAOoooo*

        1. LMAO…I'm not laughing at you, just laughing cause I've seen that so many times. Girls who I knew couldn't see yet were perceived as rude for squinting or walking past folks. lolol the things we do to be cute.

  9. Wow i didn't realize people felt that deep about glasses. Ive been wearing them since third grade so i don't mind them at all. I start wearing contacts in high school due to sports, but now i wear my glasses more often because they are more convenient.

  10. I think the right glasses for the right person, with the right attitude can score BIG in any situation… That being said I have been procrastinating as far as getting mine is concerned…

  11. Started wearing clear lenses in college for the exact opposite of many of the reasons you listed. Prior to wearing them full time, I was constantly told that I had too "intense" of a look and since I don't walk around with a permanent Kool-Aid, Joker grin this [I'm told] scared some of the white folks i worked and socialized with. Even had my old boss pull me aside to comment on some of the "scary looking Black guy" remarks from customers.
    I've never had a negative remark about wearing glasses and couldn't even
    fathom wearing contacts.

  12. i like this post. lol.

    i disagree fervently, but whatever.

    glasses are sexiness if you wear them right. and i'm sure they don't look nearly as bad as you perceive them to.

    i've been wearing glasses since kindergarten (i used to hide them in the sand box and jump on them though) so whoever marries me will just have to deal with it, because i don't ever intend on purposely sticking my finger in my eye every day.

    i do agree with the pictures thing. i rarely take pics in my glasses. if i'm going out, i wear them to drive wherever i have to go then promptly take them off. i wear them in class because i like to see what's going on, and i wear them when watching TV if i'm more than six feet away from it for the same reason. lol

    overall though, i've gotten hit on a lot by men who loved glasses on a woman, so i'd say it's a win either way. and i do know some sexy men who rock glasses. i think it's all about how you carry them. you're saying it like it's the difference between clark kent and superman or steve erkel and stephan er-kel. lmbo.

    never thought about the robbery thing. may have a point with that one. that reminds me of the cracked window theory. they did a study where they placed a car with a cracked back window in a bad neighborhood and one with no cracked window in the same neighborhood and left them there unattended for three days. the one with the cracked window got vandalized, broken into, and attempted to be stolen every night and day because of the perceived weakness, while they didn't bother the other at all.

  13. I wear glasses and did not get my first pair of contacts until my 2nd year of college. Now days I tend to only wear my glasses on the weekends or when I'm at home. I personally think men who wear glasses are sexy and look more sophisticated as long as you find the right frames that fit your face. Really glasses only interferer during kissing and sex….when you can just take them and do you business.

  14. "…imagine me losing my glasses and discovering they’re wedged in the crack of her ass when she’s sashaying her way to the bathroom."


  15. Lmbo @ the genetic inferiority… I used to wear glasses and I remember looking at this guy in middle school and declaring he couldn't be my BF b/c if we had kids (as if I was having chex -__-), they'd be blind.

    Anywhozers, I'm a straight sucka for a 'nerd.' Always have been… so the whole glasses thing just fools me into thinking that you may actually read and fulfill my dreams. And that my dear, is a win. Lol. I will admit though, most women are looking for 'cool' and even 'cool' is attractive to me. So I see exactly where you are headed.

    I would wear my glasses more now if I knew where they were. I can't find them for nothin…
    I used to work for an optometrist in HS and that's when I switched to contacts, my eyes (I think) are one of my best features and I felt I was hiding them behind the glasses. I've been sporting my contact lenses (same color/brand) since then and I have dear friends who don't eem know what my eye color looks like. Lol. If you manage to see that… you won.

    1. "I used to wear glasses and I remember looking at this guy in middle school and declaring he couldn't be my BF b/c if we had kids (as if I was having chex -__-), they'd be blind. "

      LMAO! I think most women think like this. That's the reason why I wouldn't date any lightskint boys in highschool…especially if they had good hair. I'll take the negro with naps, Alex for $5,000. lol I didn't want any "other" babies. lolol

  16. Glasses aren't that s.exy to me. Sowry. I mean…it's def not going to turn a swan into a duckling but it will take away from someone's beauty. Plus, I think eyes can be what draws me into a man. They shouldn't have anything covering them up. What makes me laugh is when I see men wearing glasses to look "smart"…but not actual glasses with a prescription lense but plain glass glasses. lol I caught a guy pulling that stunt when I put on his glasses it was like looking out a window. Liar. lol

  17. I've always hated glasses. I've been wearing them since I was about 9 years old and I always thought they made me look ugly. My parents wouldn't let me get contact lenses, so I just learned to live half blind.

    My friends would get mad at me when we went to the mall because I would always walk and bump into one of them to use them as a seeing eye dog to guide me to the next place. Couldn't see a thing.

    One year in college I was trying to help my friend retrieve a love letter that she threw in the dumpster by accident. She had me by the legs and my glasses fell out of my pocket. I didn't realize until the next day when the dumpster had been emptied. My parents got really pissed and refused to replace the glasses. I walked around blind for a good long time after that as well.

    When I finally graduated and started to work, I bought my first pair of contact lenses and I've been wearing them ever since. I only wear my glasses at night and leave them on my bedside table to read. I hate wearing glasses, and I always have.

  18. I've been lurking on this site forever now but this.post.right. here. just brought me out of lurk mode. I have people who have known me for 10 years that do not know I wear glasses. Those that do know that to take photo of me in them = revocation of friendship privileges. I hate my glasses. I've had to wear them since 3rd grade (#cokebottles) and I feel that I've paid my dues. I only wear them when my eyes rebel against the contacts and I have no choice. Good post Slim!

  19. 20/10 vision here. Of course, this is before I have been drinking, then my vision goes to a cool, 20/20. I think glasses can sometimes give the impression that you are smarter or more mature. W ho cares? I can't understand the people who have been wearing glasses since they were children. Keep it moving, nothing can change you but God. Why worry about it?

    1. Nothing can change you but God is an accurate statement, but let's be real. Most of us have something we wish we could change and/or do away with. Just like some chicks don't like being seen in a hair wrap, some of us don't like being seen in specs.

      1. Well those chicks are NOT from Richmond. Women here wear Bonnets daily. I don't get it. I understand it may be time for a new hairdo, however, those things make you look crackish IMO.

        Furthermore, I wouldn't want to wear that at home let alone walking around the mall or Wal-Mart.

        Those things make you look like Ant Jamima's lil neice.

  20. I've accepted the fact that I am going to wear glasses for the rest of my life, sigh. Contacts scare me.

    A couple of years ago, before I started wearing my glasses religiously, I went in for an eye exam for new glasses after about 5 years of not really wearing my OOOLLLDDDD pair. Anyway, the tech doing the initial exam went "OH GOD, YOU DIDN'T DRIVE HERE DID YOU?!" I was offended and saddened at the same time. Offended because, yes lady, I did drive here! And saddened because I realized at that point that damn, I guess my eyes really are jacked up! I learned that I had astigmatism and I was also near sighted. Thanks Dad, you're awesome!

  21. i love glasses on a woman. don't know what it is about them but they are a turn on to me. in fact most of the women that i've dealt with in my life wave worn glasses/contacts. maybe its a subconscious thing.

    oh yeah i got that good 20/20 vision. #youcare

    1. I thought about it AaaLOTT!! but I chicken out when I hear how they perform the procedure, matter of fact my co-worker had it done two weeks ago and she said it was painful (aftewards) and she still walking around with them dark ugly shades on looking like a retired floridian..

    2. I have thought about lasik but my doctor said that I need to wait until my eyes stay the same for at least two years to ensure the best results. They haven't stayed the same so right now lasik is a no go

    3. I've thought about it, but the whole thought of surgery makes me feel queasy and vulnerable. I still got wisdom teeth I don't wanna get taken out because it involves cracking and cutting. Do men faint? Not that I did just now or anything.

      1. i hate surgery too. the only surgery i've had in my life was when i got all my wisdom teeth removed at once. i chose local anesthetic instead of being put under. the feeling of being put under doesn't sit well with me. i promise it didn't hurt but the feeling of someone breaking my tooth in two (bottom teeth were impacted) sent shivers to my spine.

  22. This post is hilarious!

    I kinda take pride in not havin to wear glasses. Both my parents rock em, and I had to get comp glasses , but I willed my eyes back in shape. IDK what it is, but I only like shades, not glasses.

    Women with glasses are cool to me. You don't gotta be wearin coke bottle tho!

  23. I like men in glasses. Hell, if you're sexy, you're sexy with or without glasses. #shrug. I've never seen an attractive man become unattractive with the addition of glasses. In fact, the men I know, the glasses add to their overall fineness. Then again, its all about your confidence in your overall appearance.

  24. Felt compelled to post for the first time even though I've been reading for over a year! this is because I was just having a conversation about contacts vs. glasses today, lol.

    Been rockin' the glasses since kindergarten so been through the covered cheek glasses to the ultra-slim line ones. I think glasses are fun, especially now with the multitude of styles and fashions to suit indivudal taste. I prefer to wear my glasses when I'm gonna be doing a lot of studying or reading in a day.

    The lenses I wear on free weekends, or when I'm going out. I do this because (a) it's nice to not wear glasses some days (b) it's funto try out different eye make-up looks and (c) I'm doe-eyed and feel like I'm hiding one of best features sometimes and (d)if we're taking photographs because flash is not good with frames with all the reflecting and what not

    Never really had an issue with them adding weight. Also, some guys can look really attractive with glasses on, but they also probably look attractive without them too. it's not like those movies where the girl removes it and then *BAM* hottie. Maybe it's the way YOU feel when you wear them?

  25. This is my thing
    Disclaimer: Ive graduated undergrad 2 yrs ago, will start optometry school in Philly this Aug, and I'm currently working as an optometric assistant/ optical/ optician/ a little bit of everything….

    So… it is possible to get correction that counters most of the reasons you dislike glasses. If you get a pair of nice looking frames, arm (temple) thickness of glasses suitable to face size, a frame width that fits you (so it doesnt hide your eyes or make ur face appear bigger than it really is) then one can still perceive you as an attractive person. But it does depend on your Rx also. If one is crazy myopic or hyperopic (coke bottle big eyed glasses), then its inevitable that youll look like a kid ready to get jumped lol. However, from a health stance dont jeopardize your eyes and be a contact lens abuser bc you dont wanna where glasses. Your eyes need to breath, dont suffocate them! Goggle images of people who abuse their eyes and look how much damage it does (corneal ulcers, abrasions, keratitis, etc etc)!!! You only have 2 eyes take care for them.

    1. So what exactly constitutes contact lens abuse? I don't wear glasses but I am near sighted, and should. I have worn glasses all my life, but went the last 5 years without.

      I used to wear contacts but hate sticking things in my eyes, so that shipped sailed.

      I am getting glasses after I have my baby; I was told my vision will change slightly during pregnancy.

      1. Contact lens abuse is when you overuse you contact. Like if you sleep in your contacts or overextend your contact lens wear beyond the designated wear time (usually biweekly or monthly)… thus preventing oxygen from getting to ur eyes which could even cause corneal swelling.

        And yes, its very common for your eyes to change during pregnancy. Esp w fluctuation of bodily hormones. During and post pregnancy its not atypical for changes. In your case its best to wait after you give birth for getting new correction, whether gls or cls. And congrats for the little one coming! Such a happy time!!!

  26. I wear glasses and contacts. To tell you the truth I like them both equally. I wore contacts since the 8th grade. I feel when I wear my glasses I can take them off and be blind to the world and on some days at work its very nice… When I wear my contacts I am "keeping it Nerd Free with my Ti-83…!"

  27. As a member of TeamGlasses since at least the 2nd grade (if not sooner), you have to grown into them. You have to find the pair that works for your face. I think yours is more an issue of self-confidence than anything.

    As for being a perceived victim, I rock my joints all the time (far sighted) and I wish someone would test me late at night b/c I'm bespectacled. Then you can tell your homies how a dude in glasses stomped a mudhole in your @ss.

    As far as relations, taking off the glasses has become a sort of pavlovian effect. My gf knows when they come off, it's on and crackin!

  28. I LOVE glasses. I have been wearing them since fourth grade, and as I have gotten older and more aware of what frames fit my face better, my spec collection is quite amazing. I tried the contact lens thing last year, and will only rock them during bright summer days when sunglasses are needed. Other than that I am "that girl" who people are use to seeing with glasses, and anything different throws folks off. So #kudos to those who rock glasses, especially rocking them and knowing your still sexy ; )

  29. I have always been intrigued about glasses since I was a little kid. I even faked vision level in the 3rd grade so my parents could purchase me some glasses because I thought they were cool.

  30. I don't wear glasses, but both my parents do – so I'm not sure if it skipped me, or it's waiting like a ninja until I hit 45 or something.

    Finding the right pair of glasses is akin to wearing perfectly tailored clothes; looks amazing.

  31. I have worn glasses since junior high-never hated them nor had an issue. Contacts to me are too much work. The maintenance and all is bit much. Maybe it helps my prescription hasnt changed ever.

    Also I am from East New York and survived the 90's and if it comes to it once dudes in NYC here where I'm from they tend to back off…bona-fide thugs dont come to The East. Glasses or not you cant be no sissy to survive The East.

    And I love my transitions-no need to buy (and then lose) a pair of sunglasses. I guess if I had my pops eyesight my outlook would be different.

  32. I told my boyfriend I was thinking about contacts and he's so against it. He likes me just the way I am-thank the lord. I think I'm going to take the plunge anyway. Try something new.

  33. If your attractive, glasses don't take away from that. And when I take my clothes off, I want you to see what's there, so while I can appreciate not romping in them, when I see them come off (knowing your probably not wearing contact lenses) I get a tad disappointed.

  34. iCant breathe at the glasses lost in the crack of her ass….damn that is some serious donk!!! lmao

    I can't do contacts. All that blinking everytime I tried to put one in… my eye wasn't having it! And the whole saline thing..meh..not so much. When the contact slides out of place up the eyeball… o___O not to mention when it pops out and you have to yell out "nobody move I dropped my contact!" Are you really going to put that back in your eye?? O___O

    I don't mind glasses I don't discriminate unless they are horrible and don't match your personality or style. I wear glasses when I <del>want</del> need to see 😛 My glasses are pretty dope so I don't mind. I don't wearing them and I didn't realize until I read this post that I do not wear them often and people often say they didn't know that I wore glasses.

    People love it when I wear my hair natural I prefer it straight… I can't wear a hat with all this big hair, but today someone said I looked like Jill Scott *does a jig* way better than hey you look like Oprah o__O I love O but I don't look like her. I want to be successful like her and make an impact like her. Oh and red lipstick… like stopped in the street …. *shrugs*

    Honestly we can't be worried about people's opinons of ourselves. I am doing me and you should do you, just do it well!!!

    Love that pic of <del>Slim</del> dude on the motorcycle!

  35. Damn you Slim!!!

    I just literally ordered two sets of glasses today, After 10 years of rocking contact's, I finally thought I could be secure rockin glasses (going for the sexy huggable nerd look,) and here u come disrupting everything plus adding stuff I hadn't even thought of….

  36. I just started wearing glasses, and contacts are a no go for me since I have bad allergies and my eyes are always dry. My thoughts are:

    With all the people wearing shades everywhere at all times and being perceived as "cool" or "bad boys"; you mean the only difference is the tint on the lenses? I guess people are so fickle.

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