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Ten Things Black Folk Need To Change Right Away – Ignorance


“There’s this psychiatrist, a lady named Frances Chris Walson. She has a theory about the black man in America. She says because of the system of racism in this country, the black man is meant to think of himself as a baby. A not yet fully formed being, who has not yet realized his full potential. To support her claim, she offers the following: First off, what does a black man call his woman? Mama. Secondly, what does a black man call his closest acquaintances? His boys. And finally, what does a black man call his place of residence? The crib.” – Jody Summers

Powerful quote.  I’m going to touch on some issues that I feel Black folk need to change right away.  Not wasting a single moment to procrastinate, but to attack these issues head on.  It’s Black History Month, and I’m sure that we could do a series of posts on Black relationships, but for SingleBlackMale.org, we talk about that every day.  Let’s talk about something else that affects single Black men and women.  I’ll do my best to weave in some intricacies of relationships, but the overhanging objective is not relationships but the prosperity of Black America.  You won’t see a lot of big words from me, so I’m sure if you want to lace the comments with the big words and theories, that’s cool.  In my opinion, I want to say it plain and say it straight so that everyone from the youth to the old, the uneducated and educated get the message.  We haven’t done our best with reading comprehension in the community, but now’s not the time to increase the gap by producing information that only well educated Black folk can understand.

There are ten points I want to make, in the words of Obama, this is our “Sputnik” moment as Black folk in America.  Some of my points will be funny, poignant, hurtful and motivational.  My goal isn’t to offend anyone, so if you take offense to something, I’m probably not going to argue with you in the comments section.  I know that some of you are the exception, and some of you roll in crews that you’ve never met one of these people, that’s cool.  I don’t roll with anybody who is illiterate, and I actually don’t know any either.  But if I was to sit here and tell you that illiteracy is not a problem in the Black Community, I’d be a fool.  With that said, let’s begin this three-part series.

1.       Stop being phat – Real talk there was this girl in my high school who developed a little faster than everyone, she had probably a fatty and D-cups by the 11th grade.  She was “phat to death” as they used to say back in the day.  I saw that girl the other day and she is “close to death.”  She was on the train standing because, well let me not make jokes.  But I could tell that she had met that harsh reality that if Black folks don’t stop condoning obesity in our community despite the alarming statistics about diabetes and heart disease, we’re not going to make it.  When she was in high school, her doctor should have probably recommended she start taking it down.  She was probably geeked up that all the dudes was checking for her and that she had a little bust.  At this point in her life now, she ain’t got none of that.  I’m sure that if she has a man, if he ain’t the same way, he probably hates the sight of her.  Hey, dudes take note too, you used to be 6’ and 185 lbs, and now … you’re like 5’11” and 250lbs.  You don’t hold your weight well, and your wife is a little upset whenever you’re on top.  Get it together homie.

2.       Affinity for chicken – This may surprise a lot of you, but it’s no secret that Black people love the chicken so much, there is however a secret people have been keeping from Black people about chicken.  It’s the epitome of Black America.  Chicken actually has little to no nutritional value.  It’s almost like eating Ramen.  Compared to all other forms of protein it’s the worst.  Yeah, you can get something out of it, but in reality, you’re getting the worse of the worse.  In a nutshell, you’re filling yourself up on something, which in the grand scheme of things doesn’t matter.  Also evolution tells us that people are most attracted to those things that we’ve had less during our time in evolution.  Because chickens come from eastern Asia, then spread all the way to Europe, then brought to America, in fact, chicken didn’t get to Africa until the mid 1700s, and that was only Egyptians.  That’s the real reason why Black people love chicken so much, they never had it before.

3.       The Programming on BET and CW – They took off the News and replaced it with The Game?!  Are you serious?  There is nothing cool about the programming on BET and CW.  And you know why Viacom has no intentions on changing it?  Because Black people watch that crap.  Not only do they watch it, Viacom doesn’t even need to run commercials for their own shows anymore because Facebook and Twitter have allowed corporations to cut their marketing budgets by 75% due to the immense amount of ignorant Black people tweeting about it.  Demand something better out of your programming, and if you don’t get it, stop watching it.  I think Rosci is beautiful, that’s my personal preference, maybe not yours.  But I refuse to watch 106 & Park because compared to every other live show, it sucks, and the sh*t is not even LIVE!  I know that whenever Carson Daly gets stuck watching 106 & Park he uses the n-word frequently and often.

To be continued…


  1. so far i agree with your assessment. although i do eat a lot chicken *shrug*as far as bet is concerned i felt some type of way that almost half of my timeline turned from the state of the union to watch the game. that really said a lot to me and yes i judged everyone that did so.

    1. EVERYONE eats alot of chicken, not just Black people. Don't believe the hype. It's the #1 meat in the country with whites being the primary consumers. If anything, we eat more ground beef than they do.

    2. I would judge them too. I'm sorry but I don't have good words for BET. Popular culture does not always mean that it is accurate or appropriate. I eat a lot of chicken too but go figure even as a child I never liked the skin and when I started cooking as a teenager I always pulled it off to the chagrin of my stepfather. The only time I can tolerate it is if I am eating fried chicken. I probably fry chicken 2-3 times a year and I don't really care for outside chicken so I rarelu eat it.

  2. Good Morning DJ…

    I'm 5"7" 185 LBS (down from 200)… according to my BMR. I am about 15LBS overweight, however people say that I look fine in both phases of my life… Point blank I need to eat better… More nutrient dense foods…

    I don't watch TV (i blog all day, ooops)… but I am a sucker for Smallville… & the reason I never gave TV a fair chance because I am a commitment phobe…

    I like fried foods, dairy products PERIOD!… That will change FAST… I don't want lifelong bad eating habits… so go figure…

    I can't go in on anyone else because I have so many perceived flaws… I just call out shullbit on my spare time… But preaching & calling others out is for my more refined self…

    Hurry up with pt. 2 & 3

  3. Pretty good post. Can't wait to read the rest. I'll comment on each topic:

    1. I have this thought every time I see someone from high school on Facebook or when I go back home. The funny thing is one of my female high school teachers used to always say "that girl is one hamburger away from being fat". We Ms.J, I think she had a few more.

    2. I think you should clarify the type of chicken that is unhealthy. The fired, skinned variety I will defiantly agree with you on, but I am an advocate for eating grilled and baked chicken on the regular as part of a healthy diet. A lot of time people have the mentality that they are going to eat what they like no matter what it does to them, and if you grew up in a home where it was cooked 2-4 times per week, I can see where that mentality comes from.

    3. Been on BET strike since I found out they didn't play Little Brother circa 2002. The Game was and probably is still trash, but yet black people just can't wait for the next episode. The few episodes I saw we low budget, with sub-par acting. I just smdh when I see updates on FB & Twitter about that show.

    Back to the Books.


  4. ***was thinking about going to the all night Micky D's for some McChicken***
    ***Sees Dr J calling people out***
    ***packs a gym bag for the morning and drinks his diet water***

    effing skinny @$$hole.

    P.S. last week you have your definition of what makes a fat girl. I thought it was a little strict but fair and well thought out. I feel like your attack on the thick girl from HS violates that definition. At the time, in HS was she thick or already fat? Just b/c you are a doctor doesn't mean I am going to allow you to turn perfectly thick healthy women into twigs out of fear.

  5. I also agree so far. I stopped watching BET when they took off the nightly news. And when ComicView (which, coincidentally enough, came on right before the nightly news) stopped being funny.

    I was never a fan of The Game….Funny how when I stated my opinions about this show on another site people starting coming at my neck. You'da thought I told White folks in Tennessee that Elvis is actually dead. Or New Yorkers that Beanie Sigel is a better lyricist than Jigga.

    And I'm starting to come across those so-called fine women from HS and college, too…..Yeah, they ain't the 10's all the dudes thought they were back in the day. And most of them have nothing going on to make up for it, either.

  6. I don't know Dr. J…I was expecting you to go somewhat deeper. In my opinion, these three things aren't really what is wrong with BLack America in general…I know it is to be continued so I will wait.

    I know everybody likes to rag on BET and the CW..but, I remember, when BET was doing it very well…we had Teen Summit, Video Soul and a lot of other very decent programming..and it filled a slot in our community that was not checking for us on regular TV…yes, it has fallen by the wayside a bit..BUT, it was not conceived with ill intent it has evolved as the Black Community has evolved they are merely trying to keep up with the times…and this generation of young people likes to watch nonsense and that is who they are aiming that programming towards….its not right, it just is.

    As far as Chicken, I thought you were going to say PORK..because for years they have been trying to say we eat too much pork, swine and all of that…but, chicken is good for you if you prepare it right….now, I would ride with you on PORK, because it's not that healthy and it is full of fat….I eat it sparingly but I know for sure it's not good for me. I am never giving up chicken though…LOL

    Stop being PHAT – Well, Black Men exhalt "phat" women….all over the videos, all over the TV…and women are trying to live up to this ideal…but, now you want them to stop…well, until the media stops..it will not stop. I don't buy into it personally, but I get why women are trying so hard to fit the image….it's like if you are skinny, with no azz or boobs in the Black Community nobody is checking for you….except for Tunde'. lol….(much respect)…no shots fired but you get my drift.

    Good Post! Alot of good food for thought.

    1. Haven’t eaten pork in 10 years…so i agree. Its also easier to keep the weight off too.

      I get what he’s saying about fatness because phat and fat are too different things and the line does not blur as much as people think. If you are well over your BMI, that is FAT not PHAT. Nothing healthy about that at all.

      I understand because I am only 5’5 as well so I have to be aware of how much I eat and how active I am all year long.

    2. I cosign, BET is a business. I feel like music videos and alot of mainstream hip hop do more damage. BET barely shows any music so I'm not sure if they are fully to blame. I dunno cause I don't watch it that much.

    3. Haven't eaten pork in 10 years…so i agree. Its also easier to keep the weight off too.

      I get what he's saying about fatness because phat and fat are too different things and the line does not blur as much as people think. If you are well over your BMI, that is FAT not PHAT. Nothing healthy about that at all.

      I understand because I am only 5'5 as well so I have to be aware of how much I eat and how active I am all year long.

  7. I'm mad that you only listed 3 things and 2 of them being chicken and The Game. C'mon Dr. J. We have much bigger issues. I thought you were going to get deep. I cosign obesity. We are eating ourselves into the grave. You don't even have to go on a strict diet, just eat right. Most of the world is slim, yet we're all fat. It's our calorie intake and the type of foods we eat. Basically, we eat too much…and too much of the wrong things. I have a friend that eats small meals 4 times a day which works for her. I basically eat normal except I don't drink soda, eat sweets, or fried foods. I also don't eat large portions. Genes do play a part on how your body stores fat but with all the info and programs we have access to, we should be able to get it under control…the goal isn't to be slim but healthy. Plus I want to say that it hurts my heart when I see Black people over 40 who eat greasy soul food. I'm not even going to touch on the fact that we don't exercise. I'm not over-weight, there isn't anyone in my family who's over-weight so it's safe to say I don't have an over-weight gene however we all exercise and eat right.

    Yes, I am aware of class levels and economic status affecting the type of lifestyles we live. Junk food is cheap and that's why impoverished families buy it. However the government does have programs like WIC that offer healthy foods plus there's still the issue that we over eat and over consume. I'm not fully knowledgable of government programs but I'd like to think there's an alternative to sausage and kool-aid for breakfast.

    I'd like to add Dr's visits. We need to get our yearly check ups and we don't. You know one of the reasons why we're the leader in heart disease? Because we don't see the doctor. Alot of what we die from is preventable. We all need to get a yearly physical, pap smear, and see the dentist every 6 months.

    Sorry if I sound like I'm preaching.

    1. "I'd like to add Dr's visits. We need to get our yearly check ups and we don't."

      i promise this is the truth. i make it a point to visit the doctor once a year. i don't have time to die of something that could have easily have been prevented if it was only caught early enough. black men need to get checked for prostate, kidney and testicular cancer annually startinng at 30. don't listen to that 40 crap.

  8. Dr. J how can we stop being phat? How…what, should I get a booty reduction too? Not all phat girls get FAT! I have to stand up and speak out on this one because some of us phat girls take time to keep ourselves tight regardless.

    Having a phatty and some boobs does not make me FAT. Now if my waist, thighs, legs, etc. begin to out do those other assets…than that's when there is problem. I think I read somewhere about the waist to hip ration to should be something near 7%?

    Some people just don't understand that metabolisms slow down if you don't do the right things. Having babies aren't an excuse either; if your last child is three and you still talking about it's baby weight…ummmm houston we have a problem!

    I like my T&A and wouldn't trade at all. What everybody else paying $ money for…I have naturally…and it looks great because I care about how I look. No one has to tell me if I am putting on a few pounds because that's how self aware I am.

  9. On your # 2…as long as chicken is eaten in moderation it is ok. PORK on the other hand is full of Trichanae that can multiply rapidly and burst your heart (hence the rate of heart attacks). That beast is very dangerous to the black community because a pig will eat ANYTHING and it does not have digestive system of a chicken. You have literally BURN swine in order to kill all those nasty worms in it…ewwww. (yeah I hope this stops you from buying that pack of pork chops)

    The gizzard does great job of breaking down the food of a chicken as opposed to the almost non-existent digestive system of the pig. The list of dis-ease that comes from eating pork is LONG people. And please don't tell me what others eat matters…because if you don't know that our bodies ARE different…read more.

    On your # 3. I agree wholeheartedly

  10. We need to stop eating chicken??… NEVER!!!! but on a serious note chicken in my opinion is one of the healthiest meats you can eat, and there are numerous ways to prepare it besides deep fried which can lower the risk of heart disease.

    What's next….. We need to stop eating watermelon??? *sideeye* :o)

  11. I haven't watched BET since Uncut came on…and even then I didn't watch it unless 1 of 5 videos were on.

    Chicken…rarely eat it and when I do its usually baked.

    I do need to have more doctor visits. The fiance has already put her foot down with this since she's a nurse. I'm not mad at all.

    Looking forward to the rest of the list.

  12. LOL @ this post. I agree with #1 and 3. The chicken….meh, I'm neutral. I like chicken and I'm probably not going to stop eating it. There are plenty of other things with no nutritional value as well including iceberg lettuce…you might as well drink water. So I'll skip the iceberg, get romaine, green/red leaf, spinach, etc., and keep the chicken. LOL

  13. I agree with some of this.

    The chicken comment about nutrition is way off base. Its about in the middle as far as proteins go, and is nutritious. Its when people eat nothing but friend chicken/ skin on chicken/Dark Meat (the one with more calories) that it can get unhealthy, but its the same as red meat too in terms of health dangers. If you want to talk abou the perception then ok.

    I know if I go out to eat with coworkers to a restaurant, I wont order chicken just off the strength, lol.

    BET is BET. It will forever be the scapegoat of bad black programming, until they decide to change. The CW has some GREAT shows (Smallville, Supernatural, Vampire Diaries, 90210, etc) and I think that programming has NOTHING to do with black people. In fact, any black people in those shows I mentioned aren't "stereotypical" in my opinion.

    Obesity is a huge problem (no pun) in our communities, and I think just more awareness and less complacency is needed. Females cant help if theyre born with big booties or breasts, but they can make sure they stay firm and proper! Men just get lazy and women let them rock because they "love them how they are". You should demand the SAME from men that they demand of you. Rolls arent sexy no matter what the gender!

  14. So far I'm good. I'm neither phat nor fat, I don't eat chicken and I would never defile my eyesockets by watching BET or The Game.
    We'll see what my ignorant score looks like as the month goes on.

  15. Really? After living in Amsterdam for a year I'm hear to say obesity is an American issue. I'm sick of black people being saddled with it. Affinity for chicken? Really? What about baby daddy/baby mama culture? Misogynistic viewpoints about women in rap and hip-hop culture? There are so many more pressing issues that could have been addressed. But, hey, it's not my blog.

    1. Co-sign so hard!!! Blacks outside of the U.S. do not have raging or hardly any obeisty related illnesses and it's americans as a whole, not just black Americans that have serious density issues.

  16. And about the game. You know what, I like the game. To me it's just a black soap opera. Nothing more, nothing less. It's entertainment. Not social commentary.

  17. Well I do not eat meat so I guess I dont have to worry whether chicken is good or not. However I believe pork and beef are worse. I am phat like many of the other women here. I have been that way since HS (think 40 inch hips in 9th grade) so I dont feel like that always means that a person will end up fat. A lot of women, fat AND and skinny, gain weight as they age when their nutrition is not right. Just go to your high school reunion (yes I am dating myself). I saw girls that use to be rail thin double in size.

    Also, I love the game! Of course not the new version as much as I liked the old one. Like the poste below said, every show is not social commentary.

  18. Looking forward to the rest of the list. I don't dispute any of the points made — just wanted to throw some extraness on the topic around fatness.

    The framing of the standard of beauty is interesting. What ideal are we following? In North Africa, size/fatness is a sign of prosperity, fertility and social status. I even read where not too long ago, Mauritania had folks who ran "fat farms" to cater to this indulgence. Figurines, paintings, sculptures of weighty women and men have been created, revered and celebrated in many cultures/religions/theologies across the timeline of man (Venus/Earth Goddess statues, Laughing Buddha, Santa Claus, Rubenesque artwork). Even within the Black family, Big Ma — who was often considered the pillar of the fam — probably wasn't a size 8. For many — these images represented positive attributes to be desired and achieved. Fast-forward to now in Western society, on a general level – obesity is often viewed as a sign of poverty, low education, and/or self-image problems. It's labeled 'unattractive', and there is data to support discrimination on a social and even professional level. So, where on the spectrum should one aim? Is one more right than the other? And what constitutes right?

    I'm a BBW, I'm lucky enough to not have BP or diabetic issues — but at the same time, I am building towards better lifestyle habits. The goal is not a particular shape/size, but a level of comfort on the physical, mental, and visual platforms. My homegirl is considered a dime-piece, but she smokes — a case could be made that we are equally yoked in a race of unhealthy living.

    As a community, shouldn't we keep EVERYONE accountable — and respect what "healthy" looks like for each person?

  19. I honestly don't see what chilen has to do with anything or why that makes us more ignorant than our counterparts. White people consume just as much chicken and it's so stereotypical to point that out as if it's a problem in the Blake community. The consumption of chicken is more of a economic issue than a black preference. Chicken is cheaper to supply and consume. It's cheaper than fish and steak therefore low income to middle class people are going to consume more of it. I agree weight is an issue an so is our programming but chicken??? C'mon son.

  20. I liked this post. It's just that as far as the first one about being phat, as a black woman that works out and has a pretty healthy body image, I'm still not as skinny and probably ever will be as skinny as a lot of other women of other cultures. We do need to understand that our bodies are different. Our fat distributes differently, oftentimes in our backsides or lower bodies. And there's nothing wrong with that. Black people tend to also have a lot more muscle tone. And muscle weighs more than fat. So we need to promote healthy habits in our community not necessarily being small or thin.

  21. Look bro, your comments on chicken is just wrong. It’s full of nutrients. I’m a bodybuilder. I and ALL OF MY bodybuilding friends LIVE ON CHICKEN. It is incredibly high in proforma nd low in fat. Who told you it’s like eating ramen? I want a name, email address, who told you this awful lie?

  22. And why in the hell is the name of this article 10 things… And you only list 3? Labeled this PART 1… or to be continued. To just state 3 things ,when you said you were gonna say 10 is misleading or lazy. The fact that Noone is calling you out on this poorly written, poorly researched and incorrect article should further worry you about your audience.


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