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Full Disclosure: Should He Tell You It’s Small?

Yeah...you fill in the caption. A million jokes await.

Confidence is sexy. And going with that theme, water is wet, the sky is blue, and dehydration leads to charlie horses and hamstring cramps during marathon sex. For those that haven’t experienced intercoursal cramps, think about that time you woke up holding your calf and writhing in pain yelling “why lawd” with your face in the pillow. That never happened to you? Me neither.

And since confidence is sexy, it increases the likelihood of one being able to get sex…particularly if you’re a male. Confidence explains why 3s are able to pull 8s and why some 7s can fall to a smedium 3 or 4 within the first few minutes of a conversation; well, that and bad breath will do it. But yeah, if I were to survey 100 moderately to highly attractive women that slept with an assortment of unsavory looking individuals on the first night or very soon thereafter, at least 60 would say that his confidence intrigued them into nudity. 10 would claim they were really drunk off 1 long island ice tea. 10 would say they read his report from their home girls on D*ckfax.com and were determined to see the moon and the stars while riding his rocket to Planet O. The rest would be related to Helen Keller.

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In theory, high confidence should translate to a good bedding. But as many women don’t hesitate to point out, this is inaccurate. Some men ooze assertiveness, yet fail at the art of insertion because they have a hair trigger or lack the horizontal height and circumference to cause anything more than a disappointing grimace. If you’ve ever walked out of a man’s crib or sent him on his way quickly after quickly, then phoned or texted one or all of your girls to discuss the mediocre pummel session then you know exactly what I’m talking about.

But what is a man to do when he knows that his piece lacks the proverbial umph to get the job done? Of course there are different strokes for different folks, but a snug fit C isn’t exactly known for satisfying internal appetites. In other words, if a man wants to get sex without employing mind-altering and felonious drugs, then he knows he needs to radiate confidence even if it may be misleading. However, there are dudes out there that will acknowledge upfront to women that their piece lacks the ability to pack punch, but are confident in their ability to please women in every other way. The thing that I’ve always wondered is if it’s better for the sub-adequate to confidently disclose their little problem, talk modestly about their bedroom game, or say nothing at all. Some will read this and say it doesn’t really matter, but who are we kidding? It does. I read blog comments and I listen to my lady friends every day of the week.

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My main question for today is do you think it’s better for someone to confidently disclose a small piece or other soon-to-be obvious sexual short-coming upfront, or should they let you discover the lameness on your own? Also, would their confident disclosure of a bedroom issue leave you with a more or less favorable impression of the person? And if you’re brave enough, do you talk it up before getting down or leave it ’til you’re in the land of the sheets? Other thoughts are encouraged as usual.

I really don’t talk about my piece because it speaks for itself,

P.S. Not to be confused with Slim Johnson. I touch walls unless it’s too dense.
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  2. (yay! Old comment box. I'm kinda late. Anyway, guess I'll be the first to actually answer the question…)

    "I mean, it was this small. Like THIS small… (insert long pause with #cmonson face). You can't be serious. Do I look like the small meat type? Nah shun!"

    Okay. Um, we all know that if a guy lays out that he's packing for a <6in day trip and not a footlongweek long trip, he's going to be left at the door by a lot of women. Not all women. But we're generalizing right?

    As much as women proclaim to be the big meat takers, if a guy isn't 6,7 or 8 or more, then she loses all sorts of carnal interest, leading to potential interest in a dude. Women believe a man's personality is in his penis. Sad. I used to want to know all about it. Now, ehh. Only speak on it if you're showing proof? Pow.

    Am I one to talk it up? Without answering that question but not avoiding it, I don't send out memos and sh*t. Let it speak for itself now, why don't I? Really don't understand how people lie about s*x. Because unlike most things, the truth about that comes to light…in the dark. LOL. If you don't take care of your parts (kegels, trimmers, etc) you're bound to fail anyway. But when you [guys] lie on your meat, doesn't it shrink? Lol

    Anyway. Good one lol

  3. I don't think I need to know that beforehand.

    I don't think women care about the size of the johnson when we are in love..or we are developing feeling for a man. I have had a man with a small one and he was the love of my life…he knew how to work the difference…and it almost didn't matter that it was small. I have had men with huge ones and they didn't know how to really work the size of it effectively….it doesn't matter the size…if I can reach my peak we are all good.

    Men are somewhat delusional when it comes to their own p*nis anyway….so you aren't going to know the truth until you see for yourself anyway.

    1. Queen T, I would love to agree with you on the size, but if he's only an "inch high" guy, we have some problems.

      If my pinky finger can do the job better than his dangling extension, then I feel he should have warned me of his size or lack of.

      But oh boy, better make up for it with some oral action.

      I once dated this small guy who didn't do oral and I was like, are you serious. I had to tell him that he had better do something to make up for his 2 inches or it would be hard for him to keep a woman. As, for me, since I wasn't goo goo in love with him, broke up with him.

      1. "I once dated this small guy who didn’t do oral and I was like, are you serious."

        WDDTA???? lol!

        "I had to tell him that he had better do something to make up for his 2 inches or it would be hard for him to keep a woman."

        Wow! You told him that?

        1. Kema, yes, I told him that. We weren't going to be together so I was trying to look out for the next sista. LOL

      2. Yeah, if I am in love with you…a touch will make me… so yeah I agree that when you are in love, size does not matter.

        However, if you were only in my life as an "organic dildo", you have to live up to that. I like oral, but LOVE african sausage more.

    2. I had a comment forming in my head, but it's no longer necessary. What QueenT said.

      Say nothing, once we're in love, unless it's literally 3 inches hard – we'll love every part of you.

      And if you're just looking to smash you know you'll lie all day anyway, so why would your dyck size be any different? JO = lie. You'll never see her again anyway. Guaranteed.

  4. "…..yup that's what he said! He's always *this close* to giving me a spank on the a$$ when I walk into a room. Damn those cameras!"

    I don't think a guy should disclose upfront but when he arrives for his audition he better come with ALL his tricks, bells and whistles. If you have a small piece, admit it to yourself and step up your everything else game, don't keep asking women to lean their legs back more!!! That's annoying and proves you suck, but not in a good way!!!

  5. Man this is a hard conversation to have (II).

    Just a couple of weeks ago I am chilling with my friend who doesn't get alot of action. So for his birthday we took him to a strip club and I asked him later to tell me how the private dance went.

    Some how that lend to a 45 min conversation about his action figure. How he didn't want to stripper to grind against it b/c she might laugh at his lack. How he was saving up money to save for some kind of surgery that takes cartilage to extend your thang. How he only likes to date Asian women………. If I am making this up may the god I don't believe in strike me dead. Dude's size can really really mess with their heads. Guys flat out eliminate themselves from contention. This guy needs a GF pretty bad…. I don't know what to do with him. I was thinking of getting him a mail order bride.

    As much as I objectify women, I can't get made when a certain commenter who I e-crush onmakes claims about needing a 'blank or better.' If we are going to dish it out, we, as men, better be willing to take it.

    But that is the thing about schlongs, no matter what you are going to be making dudes feel a certain way. If a girl says 'hey I need atleast (insert CHeeKZ exact size and girth).' I am not going to be thinking 'Good I just made it.' I am going to think 'Wait I'm the bare minimum of good??' That in itself is a horrible feeling.

    Its all relative, some people think you are the best lover ever, some people think you need to work on your backstroke. Small dudes have to not get bent out of shape b/c they get one bad review.

      1. One day I am going to bring him to one of Slim' blog events (just b/c I need to hook him up and I know they tend to have a good ratio) you are going to look at him AND JUST KNOW that is the guy I am talking about.

    1. You made some good points. I always knew that D size affected men's personality and ego. Hence the stereotype that small D guys are jerks. Btw, I always side eyed men who said they ONLY date Asians. Wow. Anywho, this is why I don't feel sorry for men when it comes to the D height game. Ya'll objectify women sooo much, you deserve it. (not you, just talking in general) I hear men talk about @ss to waist ratio and boob cups, etc but get mad when women say 6 inches is too small. Ya'll aren't the only ones with preferences. Good point! I feel sorry for your friend though. I heard the small D men in the prison put dominoes in to to make it bigger. Saw a documentary on it and everything.

        1. I kid you not. They had to ban domino sets in the prison because the inmates were shaving them into balls and putting them in the tip of their p*nis. Maybe I have it wrong but it was something gross like that.

      1. Ladies,

        Dont get it twisted, Asian women may be lacking in curves (booty, hips and boobs) but THEY are WINNING in vaginal canal retractability (aka coochie goodness). FYI, a womans size and weight dont neccessarily correlate with retractability of her vaginal walls, this is more of a evolutionary/biological/hereditary thing. We all know that all men are indeed NOT created equal and neither are women. Vaginas are not created equal either (but this is something that nooooobody ever talks about)

        From the couple asian jawns I've knocked down, pound for pound they got the tightest cootie cats that I've had (I've sampled each except Indian). Def not the wettest but by far the tightest. BUT, as a black man programmed to appreciate a woman's curves (which is simply fat storage that is genetically programmed to store itself in certain places) aesthetic things such as big bouncy butt cheeks, favorable waist to hip ratios and big boobies make the act of getting the cutty MORE exciting and "fun".

        1. Yeah, I just learned that there are at least 5 different shapes of va-jay-jays. That was awesome to learn, because I have been told that some girls feel this way and others that way…so that confirmed this to be true.

          Yes, I do love science.

      2. Ya’ll objectify women sooo much, you deserve it. (not you, just talking in general)

        No no no… you had it right, I objectify women.

  6. Yeah… the whole size thing is really a myth. I've had guys with small ones work it better and the sex was off the chain. Then I've had guys that were HUGE and were pretty much boring… and uncomfortable.

    Its really comes down to chemistry and the willingness to please.

  7. ROTFL see uhmerraah… I am just going to say that yes size does matter and it matters how (he) uses it.

    Whether you are small O____O, medium o____O or large 😀 you should know how to stroke and be the best lover ever!

    Disclosure is not necessary because I can pretty much tell with what you are working with, but hey if you are man enough to cop to being little good for you! … And we are going to end this here..can't be putting my business in the innanets! LOL

  8. When I hear the "does size matter" conversation from women, I smile. I say that because women really reveal what's more important in how they answer that question–does the MAN matter or is he an organic dildo?

    I also smile because, if "size matters" to a woman, such a woman shouldn't really be upset if men keep passing HER by because of HER size… After all, some men aren't into fat women. Some men aren't into small tits. And, some men DEFINITELY aren't into "flat black asses". (raises hand and shakes it WILDLY on THAT one) I keep telling women "you can't out-b*tch karma", but I'll smile a bit more and leave THAT alone…

    I also smile because, if a woman sees a man as an organic dildo, such a woman really say to me that she is a "down-low ho" for devaluing a man to just his sexual organ. And, don't fool yourself, ladies. Dudes DO pick up on such a mindset from such females… (smile) Continuing, a women with a "a man's as only good as his d–k" mentality really shouldn't get upset when SHE gets "the smash-and-dash treatment". (shrug) Again, women can't out-b*tch karma.

    "Do I think it’s better for someone to confidently disclose a small piece or other soon-to-be obvious sexual short-coming upfront, or should they let you discover the lameness on your own?" Again, I'll respond to that in terms of common courtesy. If a woman doesn't have "the goods" I want sexually or is straight-up wack in bed, should she tell me or should I find out on my own? Before I go further, what do I mean by "the goods"? Big, lickable clit… Fleshy lips… WET, comfortable p—y… I've met women who didn't have ANY of this, yet, since my goal was to form a connection with each of such women, I didn't care in each case. One, in particular, was VERY sexually unimaginative, and she DIDN'T let me play with her the way I WANTED to play with her. Sexually…BORING. But, she had STAYING POWER outside the bedroom, she accepted the symbiont that I am, and THAT kept me hooked to her. Continuing, I would rather be forthcoming with a woman about my size. (smile) Besides, most usually don't believe me, BUT I extended the common courtesy to let them know certain things (albeit at the risk of coming off as a pervert). Since I don't like fake-a-s women, I'm not with that "talk it up" shullbit.

    Lastly, let me give props… Queen T said "…I don’t think women care about the size of the johnson when we are in love..or we are developing feeling for a man…" Thereluctantsocialite said "…Its really comes down to chemistry and the willingness to please." That's REAL woman talk there…

  9. I really never got into the whole "big dick, small dick" scenario.

    I think when you love a man and you love what he is about, who he is as a person and what he means to you, it is all reflected in how it makes you feel. You express that in the bedroom. You make love to one another — his dick is an extension of him, but it is not everything that he is made of.

    @Cheekz, I'm sorry to hear about your friend. That story was really sad.

    SMB – I'm glad that you've returned to the original format!

    1. you are sorry to hear about him… i was sorry to hear about his piece. I don't know why he struck up the conversation, I was asking about the club. I didn't want to know all that.

  10. I dont think there are that many men that are actually small. I think some women/men confuse average with small. Blame it on p*rn!

    In my life I have only seen one that was way below average small. Other than that I believe most guys have the ability to learn to work with what they have. The problem is when you are small (under average) and want to make above average declarations. Ex "I dont do oral" lol!

  11. I'm a firm believer that a man should never talk about his d!ck size. He shouldn't give me dimensions, shouldn't imply that it's going to blow my mind or crush my soul, shouldn't make any allusions about it at all no matter how veiled.

    When I hear a man talking about the size of his joint I always assume he's overcompensating to hide the fact that he's about the size of a golf pencil.

    1. "I'm a firm believer that a man should never talk about his d!ck size. He shouldn’t give me dimensions, shouldn’t imply that it’s going to blow my mind or crush my soul, shouldn’t make any allusions about it at all no matter how veiled."

      Agreed; especially because first time secks between ppl tends to be a lil awkward until you know each other's bodies and can work out the kinks… You may be awesome w/ Tatiana but that doesn't mean you'd get the same response from me. Just let it do the talking.

    2. Speaking of pencils, I knew a girl who once dated a "pencil" and she couldn't deal with it. On top of that he was an arrogant prick, who would not compensate for the lack of …… I saw a picture of it. It really was the size of a pencil. I couldn't believe it didn't think it was a possible….


    1. The closest thing to Difax..com (i know all late.) was the college Library when allthe girls finally gathered around the table to discuss the men on campus. #gamechanger! New nick names developed and the guys never knew what happened. "One Ball Wonder" was my favorite. And this guy was trying to hit on eveyone that wallked??!!! of courese insecure ass self. neway…. Finding out that he only had only one(1), uno, singular ball. … was justice.


  12. i wonder if symbiotic loner is a man who recently got burned by someone who wished he had a bigger package?

    onto the subject…

    i think it depends on what type of relationship is being formed…

    if it's a casual situation, & you're a smaller guy who knows what he's doing, i think you should tell the woman upfront, if it comes up in conversation. small guys really don't work for some women–whether it's b/c of their anatomy, or just a fetish. & that prevents the woman from having to work hard to keep disappointment from showing on her face.

    if it's a more serious relationship there's no need for disclosure unless your p*nis is shockingly small.

    but everything has its advantages…smaller dudes are easier to deep-throat, if u wanna do an*l that's easier too…& they usually have put more effort into learning how to please a woman.

  13. Queen is right, when we're in love size doesn't really matter. Beyond that, size also shouldn't be an issue if you are making up for it in other places. *shrugs*

    As for whether you should be upfront about what you lack, I don't see any reason to do that. As long as you're not running around lieing about being huge, and then underwhelming me when the pants come off, I'm good.

  14. A man should not tell a woman the size of his p*nis. We are not in high school anymore so you don't need to let me know how big you are and that you going to make me see the moon and stars. Nope no need for that BS. Just let your action speak and then let me decide if I want to cont with you.

  15. "However, there are dudes out there that will acknowledge upfront to women that their piece lacks the ability to pack punch, but are confident in their ability to please women in every other way. "

    I dont believe ther are any men in the world like that. You need Chinas population on that one fam.

  16. Too bad all men can't be 6'2 with a size 14 shoe. lol Okay, I'll quit giving you a hard time (pause) over this…I just laughed too hard. I love how big D men always find a way to let you know "length isn't a problem" for them. lol It's cool, it's a blessing. There's nothing wrong with being proud of yourself. I really don't know what small D men can do. They're just sh*t outta luck. If a small D man tells me he's small but can satisfy, I'll call him a liar. lol No I won't, that's not nice.

    Seriously, I'm not crazy about s.ex talk (shocker) in real life. If you say you're good and big, I'm going in with big expectations so I really don't see the point in talking about it. Plus, if I like you enough to sleep with you…I'm not going to leave you over d*ck size. Unless you look like a newborn, then we are gonna have problems. So to me, it's a lose lose scenario. Basically, don't say anything. Maybe drop a hint and say "I'm no mandingo" but that's about it.

  17. Every man (except CHeeKZ friend) thinks their peen is big. There's no way to get full disclosure because often guys are dillusion about how their wang measures up.

  18. No homo….

    for some reason I just felt like someone needed to drop the ubiquitous No homo……. ROFL

  19. Don't disclose…but dont u dare brag…about anything if it's short. It is true that not all good things come in Large packages but if you are Short the probability of achieving all positions is slim which means…you are not allowed bragging rights…do not pass go…don't collect $200. Bragging about ur awesome piece when it's small is like taking a chick home and just before the magic happens she takes out her teeth, her wig and her takes off her prosthetic leg. I call that the deflated balloon effect. Watch a balloon deflate at a party and you know the party is over.

  20. Ummm. Well…size alone is not that big a deal, but…it does matter to me somewhat. I mean jeesh, just like men like to have some meat to hold on to, so do I.

    I mean, the one guy I did delete out of my life was like baby boy small I think, after I felt it, I wanted to die. He even did all the other great things prior to injection and I still felt very disappointed. He called me for days and I just could not return his calls. I waited a whole year for that?

    Although, I don't need a Mandingo all the time, I do need all areas probed.

      1. That's not Funny SFG (yes it is…lol)… as you can see I am always waiting to tell that story because I am still in shock. I was in my early twenties and learned early that all things you wait for ARE NOT GOOD.

  21. Dam yall females tellin some tragic stories….ROFL. If I have a friend that is suicidal I will just tell him to read this thread and then say "At least you not that dude." ROFL

    But seriously…….God bless the small….we all got issues.

  22. as much as I think I'd want to know–I don't want to know beforehand.

    size matters, but if i've already developed feelings for you (this is not a casual sex situation) then its not going to be the reason to not TRY. However, when those good feelings wane and breakup is on the horizon, realizing that I know I've had bigger and better in the past will push things along. if you are crazy, a liar, a cheater AND not working with something? buh bye. just saying.

    1. You know…

      Whenever I hear dudes say something hotdogs and hallways, it immediately brings one thing to mind…

  23. if its small and u are not willing to compensate by giving head…..and on top of that u want to receive head….then thts a no no for me,even if i have feelings for u.

  24. Been lurking all day. Beware of false prophets who come bearing adolatory gifts. Now we done cleared the air with some scriptural references, my thinking is that it is unseemly to be advertising in this way. You must have better conversation than, this is yay and yay long. If you have to rely on adversting rather than action, then you probably the kind of bro with a one track approach in and out of the bedroom with little other skills, conversation or otherwise, working for you.

    I dont know if I agree with the argument that it is a bit like men's objectification and fixation on waist size and boob size or what not.

    When you walk into a shoe store you want a size 14 because you are a size fourteen. The colour, style, material is all variable but really interchangeable, you want the leather or you want the wet look thing or blue pair. Whatever colour, style or material you choose, you still want the same size.

    So unless your oochie is big enough to take the whole fist of fury- you shouldn't let your eyes get you into trouble your azz cann't get you out of!

  25. For the greater majority of today, my phone's inability to scroll down has kept me from being great. Droid is looking better everyday compared to the berry…

    Anywho, I've died a few times over reading the comments. I expected to hear/see a lot more stories and thoughts on this, but I guess it came across as too personal to a lot of folks. That's interesting given the range of stuff I see folks discussing daily here and elsewhere. I'm left wondering if folks just didn't wanna admit they'll say peace out before the piece comes out because that's been the consensus of what I've heard away from here.lol.


    I kid you not. I've heard the stories from women of dudes just walking into the room unclothed and being like "this is all I have." and others letting chicks know right before things pop that he may only be able to touch 1 wall at a time.lol. I wish I was making this up.

    1. "I kid you not. I’ve heard the stories from women of dudes just walking into the room unclothed and being like “this is all I have.” ""


      im sorry im done for the day!

    2. Small dicks are off limits IMO. It's uncontrollable and he already knows/worries about it being small. What is blasting him gonna do to help? Wack sex can be discussed because there's room for improvement…but even that is to be discussed with discretion, not documented online.

  26. How did "if you love him or have feelings for him" get injected into these discussions?? Damn estrogen getting all yall females distracted, lol. No need for prologues or justifications for your feelings, desires or requirements in regard to meat size.

    1. That'd work if it were truly about dick…but it's not. We've got toys (much smaller than TEN inches!)…I'm looking for a man, not a sex slave.

      On day men'll get it, emotions factor in.

  27. I'm late but going to chime in on something.

    Folks saying that it doesn't matter when you love someone are leaving out something. How often do you have sex with someone that you aren't in love with?

    Lets not get ahead of ourselves and jump straight into relationships. It doesn't work like that and we know it.

  28. I didn't know we were sharing stories….here's mine

    I was dating a good looking guy with gorgeous green eyes. He was a sweetie and a little quiet and he was shy and wasn't the "player" type. Anywho, one night things were headed in what I thought was the right direction until he pulled his pants down WHIPPED OUT HIS MASSIVE….outtie bellybutton. All I could think was WTF?! I may seem like a bad person but I put on an oscar performance to get him out of my apartment. I still spoke to him when I saw him around and I never told anyone about his short comings.

    Well…months later he joined a frat known for their "charm" and he went from being a shy, quiet type to full blown Mr.Bitches!!! Females were goin HAM over dude and meanwhile the only thing I could think was they are in for a huge disappointment or I guess I should say an extremely small one. Smh

  29. I'll share a story too…

    Jr yr of college, a friend of mine kept her homies from 'round the way' on campus checking out the college chicks. The smoovest (yes I said smoovest) one of them all was actually not hood at all. He was striaght laced, polo wearing, job havin… baby faced… cute thing. And he wanted me!! I did a dougie… before I knew the dougie existed.

    One night… things went that way… he tried to be slick w/ the pulling out, wrapping up and inserting motion but i've been swindled before by the 'I told you it was wrapped up but it wasn't' so I had to see fo' myself. LAWDDD… I don't eem think my face hid my shock. Then he had the NERB to be a 1 and done man.

    He is henceforth referred to as 'smeat'

    smeat (n)

    1. referring to or the family of subpar meat

    2. small meat

    & in case you were wondering: no, he doesn't count.

    1. He doesn't count says it all….lol.

      He was trying to rush it in before you saw it girl….LMAO. Sounds like you didn't have time to even make that disappointed face either. At least you didn't have to suffer for long.

      1. Lmao!! You know what Beef Bacon, the fact that I didn't have to suffer long was the ONLY thing that makes that moment funny and story worthy… b/c had I had to be there for a few rounds, I may not be the FLYY that I am today.

    2. LOLOL OMG girl I'm dying over here! Your narration is just…

      And yes, mine didn't count either. (see below) Thank GOD I'm not alone. I figure if it's the size of a tampon or smaller, it don't count. lol

      1. LMAO!

        *holding your hand*

        No, you are not alone. ROTFL @ your smaller than a tampon.

        He was just so smooth… you and I both ignored the warning signs. We got exactly what we had coming to us. Lol.

    1. "That's what she said."

      -As told to The Formerly Honorable and Rather Articulate Award Winning RightCoastLexSteele by Slimuel L. Jackson

  30. I might as well overshare…as usual…so here's my story: Got real lucky that my first was a 9er AND blinded me by the good stroke for years so no complaints there. Long story short, we went through a rough patch for a year of arguing, distance etc and I let my dummy friends talk me into a Stella moment where I was supposed to experience another man and peep a different groove. Huge mistake. Guy was pretty boy foine Indian…yes that was my clue that I ignored and it's not a stereotype. Trojan did some study that the smalled peens were in India. smh…anwho. Guy was pretty boy foine at about 5'11 and buff so I was ignorant. We "talked" for about a month and I decided to go for it. I was literally at the point of no return when I reached down and felt it.


    I was staring at his Persian rug praying that it would elevate and fly me away. I kid you not it was like 3 inches…maybe 4. Not to mention I was used to something much bigger. I didn't want to be mean so yes, I did the pity fcuk. I think he was trying to impress me cause he went crazy. It was a combo of jack rabbit, mr pumper, and back spasms. I felt like I was being raped. And in 1 maybe 2 mins it was over.

    I haven't been the same since.

    1. ; It was a combo of jack rabbit, mr pumper, and back spasms.'

      How can you do all that in 1-2 mins? That is 40 secs per type of stroke? Plus to change stroke you have to adjust your body…..

  31. Majority of the world population (male) fall under 5-7. So chances are that most women will never get to experience a brother with more than 8 in their lifetime.


      1. Just like people think most black women have attitude, it is also stereotypical to believe most black men are endowed.


        (I'm using black men because I dunno of any other race sharing this stereotype with us)

        1. Stereotypes come from somewhere.

          And I'm not saying all black men are endowed, at all. What I'm saying is… the odds are in their favor. There are real stats… google it. And b/c the odds are in their favor, they're in ours too.

    1. Based on what I've seen (read, not actually seen, no homo), average is five and a half inches, with a standard deviation of a little under an inch. Some stats say average is a little over five, or a little under six, so that's a trustworthy number. In a normal distribution, that means that 95% of all men (two standard deviations above average) are 7-1/2" or less.

      To the women that say they've had a ten-incher, I say you need more people. That's +5 SD! Put it this way: average height for a man is 5'-11", with a standard deviation of three inches. Saying you've been with a man who is ten inches is like saying you've been with a man who is 7'-2" tall! Not impossible, but I don't believe you.

      Anyway, these horror stories by the ladies have been hilarious! One more reason I'm glad I'm not a woman!

      1. Good point. I'd tell you that I've seen 10, but…not like I know…he said it was 10, it was big, I took him for his word…could've been 7 for all I know. I don't carry around a ruler. Or mentally tabulate.

        One particularly large man was offended by this fact…sorry *shrug*

      2. I have seen 10… Well maybe more like 9.5. But you know what… He was also like 6'8. Not that that means anything… but it made sense to me.

  32. Had to laugh at the bloke that tries to slip it in unnoticed. #notoriousswindle

    A bit like a chick that dont like the lights on.

    Sometimes, somethings, have visual appeal which increases the enjoyment.

    Which sort of goes against my previous post but who says I gotta be consistent.

  33. Oh and btw, how do women know the exact size, do they measure the d*ck in question right before or after sex, and with what- a ruler?


    1. No we guesstimate… Using something that you see rather often and know the length. I use a dollar which is 6 inches. 🙂

  34. lol @ some of these stories.

    @ Kyle, I was wondering the same thing (re: ruler?)

    I don't think I've ever had a conversation with a guy I was interested with regards to his size. However, if he knew his piece was of a particularly disappointing calibre, I'd appreciate some kind of heads up. It's possible it won't even matter because he wouldn't have gotten a chance to use it anyway, but if he can be straight up about it, I'd think more, rather than less, of him. How he'd manage to casually bring it up would be the interesting part.

    Queen T was right when she said that some things don't matter when you're in love, but a lot of people don't make room for love before they knock boots. And although sex is not really at the forefront of my mind, I think I'd want to enjoy sex with a long term partner. If I'm growing increasingly fond of a guy, the size of his piece probably won't send me running (unless perhaps he's like my ex who I'm convinced was a hired assassin, with those moments that can be considered no less than attempts on my life), but I wonder how it would affect the sexual and overall relationship over time.

  35. Good Evening,

    The horror stories are fantastic…



    iight… some thoughts

    Sex is 100% mental, especially for women…

    So if you are accustomed to large packages… Or say if a guy particularly likes tight pu**ies… it is kinda hard for someone from the opposite spectrum to come through and put on an all star performance… Movin' on…

    Size doesn't matter (most of the time…) and BTW… when I sum up my p*sspoor wonderful sex game (chalk that up for having a burning desire to give women screaming org*sms)… I see my stroking game low on the lists of taking her to ecstasy (without taking ecstasy)…

    Personally (being that I'm young) most women I have been with intimately have either been intimidated or said I was big… (I'm ok…)… I watch black-on-black p*rn, I am constantly emasculated (not really) by everyone who is 9-inch+… So I never get an ego…

    I remember in my short stint in college (Georgetown University…) I met this South African white girl… & to cut to the chase, because of chronic masturbation sessions I couldn't get it up…

    Some other guy ended up smashing her on the regular (#NoCountryForPityParties)

    1. 'Personally (being that I’m young) most women I have been with intimately have either been intimidated or said I was big… (I’m ok…)… I watch black-on-black p*rn, I am constantly emasculated (not really) by everyone who is 9-inch+… So I never get an ego…'

      no homo, but I gotta say: Pron will keep your ego in check. I am telling you, there is always some dude out there who is just a freak.


  36. Aesthetically speaking, big dicks are generally better looking, and more favorable to getting that beloved head men love so much. For that reason, I say a man should disclose the fact that they have a wee wee…

    And just because they have a wee wee doesn't mean they don't have great stroke game. Ideally girth trumps length if we're comparing one to the other….

    If a dude is shorter than me, I don't expect they'll be in the league of the six foot and up club.

    I don't know why but I do feel bad about men having to deal with this issue. Confidence is key and sex appeal is everything. Lucky for men, a woman's primary sex organ is her mind so there's hope even for the dudes with a wee wee…

  37. If you wait till there's love, then it won't matter because you'll figure it all out.

    BTW, who cares about Asian women's stuff. Way too much information.


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