I went to a Primarily White Institute (PWI) for undergrad.

The office at … well … pretty much every single job I’ve ever had … has been Primarily White.

My grad school right now is … yeah … Primarily White … in a city that is PW.

Basically, I have spent a healthy amount of time with the fairer race.  And overall … got nothing but good things to say.  They do things that I don’t, and I like things that they just don’t get … but we all get along.  We learned to work together.

But … sometimes … I wonder.

Every once in awhile someone says something.  And not just anything, but something that brings out that little Al Sharpton voice in your head..  You might just let it go, or you might store it away in your head and think “WTF did he just say?”  And then you are there … thinking to yourself “should I curse this motherf**r out?”  or “I bet people would think I was in the wrong if I punched him in the throat?”  What is a self respecting non-white person to do?

And what about those times when your in that gray area?

Read the following description, sit back and think, and then you vote … racist or not!

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At the airport

Girly G: Yeah, I always worry about carrying a big carry-on because I might not be able to pick it up.
SBM: Your an attractive female.  To be honest, someone will always be willing to help you.  If it was me … different story.  No one is doubting a strong guy like me.
Girly G: *giggles*
Johnny J: Yeah, and you … wait, let me not say that. Might be inappropriate.
SBM: Yeah … good thinking.
Johnny J: *looks around oddly* Yeah … you know … big black guy

In Class

Professor: Ok class, so who here has had a speeding ticket before.
*half the class raises hand … I put two up in the air*
Professor: *points at some other guy* You, what happened? How fast? How Much
Ronny R: I got caught doing 48 in a 35. Like $300.
Professor: How much did your insurance go up?
Ronny R: Actually … I didn’t have insurance.
Professor: No insurance! What are you Puerto Rican!?! OHHHHH! *followed by hearty laugh*

Still in Class

Ronny R: *laughing even louder than the professor* Speaking of Puerto Ricans, looks it’s Juan!!!
Juan: *looks completely stumped considering he just walked into class*

Outside the club (group of us from school)

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Missy M: I hate to admit it, but there is something I do love about black men
SBM: So, you like us … well we like you to0! What does it for you? Our style.
Missy M: IDK … there is just this air of … dangerousness.

Chilling in a group … drinking and playing monopoly

Sammy S: Man … I wish I had a dick like a black guy.

Studying in the library

Lisa L: If only I was born the right race I would have gotten a scholarship.

Yeah … we’ve all been there.

Some are easy … but some aren’t.  What happens when the stereotype is a positive one?  Is it still a problem if you’re getting play from a girl cause she thinks you might be packing?  And how do you react when you hear it?  How much do you let go, and when do you check someone?

– SBM aka “I will smack you” aka “No … I don’t care how cool we are you can’t drop the N-bomb”