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The three month warning: what you need to get in better shape before summer.

Ladies you're welcome

Every first week of January gyms are flooded all over the country, filled with resolutionists, who proclaim that this is “their year” to get in shape.  They get a trainer, step on the scale look at the number. They say they’re trying to lose 10 pounds, preparing for Summer. However, around this time of the year is when the influx of new gym members begins to fade. Either those people aren’t as hyped, or were met with a challenge that they failed to overcome. Maybe real life took over and they just need to find their way back. If you are one of these people, then it is my goal to make sure you find your way back to fitness. If you’re one of the people who remains consistent, then it is my goal to keep you consistent and make sure you don’t fall off in any way.

As I look at the calendar, I realize that we basically have a little over 3 months until Memorial Day Weekend.  A solid 90 days. A lot can be accomplished in that time #noinfomercial.  I want to share a few simple steps that will help if you want to get in shape and have that summer body ( or something better than what you have now). Here are a few things you need in order to move in that direction:

Goals and a positive mindset

Goal setting is HUGE in fitness. The mind is the strongest part of the body. One of my favorite poems eloquently states “Success begins with a fellows will. It’s all in a state of mind”. If you think you can’t get in shape, you won’t! If you have unrealistic goals, you will get easily discouraged. Saying “I’m gonna have a six pack in 6 days” Will NOT happen unless you’re on that Brucie GTAIV Liberty City Shark Testosterone flow.  Set your goals and write them down. Read them daily to keep you focused. Set long term and short term goals. Constantly think positive and upbeat about the future. Envision yourself with the body you want, and meet that goal. Check out people who have bodies that you want, and use them as a muse.

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Good Nutrition

People may not want to admit it, but if you eat like sh*t, you won’t reach your goals, period! Fast food daily, snacks, soda, liquor, etc are not going to get you where you want to go. These items have to be severely restricted or eliminated. That goes for smokers too (cigarettes, weed is natural, right?). I’m not saying to go on a crash diet, but you need to eat and not starve yourself. 5-6 meals a day (breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks), portion control,  water intake, and other strategies will assist you in reaching your goals. Trust me, anyone who follows my tweets can tell you that I have an affinity for Popeyes, patron, henny, ice cream, and anything fried. I haven’t stopped eating these completely, as I treat myself occasionally, BUT I made the decision that I’d rather have a nice body than eat junk food daily, feel sluggish, and feel defeated that I didn’t eat better. So get your food game right!

Workout Regimen

Weight training and cardio is necessary, as building lean muscle and burning fat will work alongside nutrition to help sculpt your new body. There’s hella resources online for all types of workouts, so you can never get bored. You want to challenge yourself and have good workouts. At a minimum, I’d suggest 3 times a week of cardio and 3 times  a week of weight lifting. Switch out your workouts every month or at most every 6 weeks to avoid your body adapting to your regimen. There’s a great feeling after a workout of exhaustion, pain, and accomplishment. Staying consistent and motivated will generate results in no time!

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Nothing in life comes easy. Yes, you will have to make time for the gym. Yes, you will have to stop eating and drinking the bad foods/beverages you love in order to reach these goals. I understand that some days you don’t want to go to the gym. You don’t want to workout. You just want to chill. So do I!! Think about this: in the time that you waste watching TV, surfing the net, or just BSn, you could’ve finished a meaningful workout and took one step closer to your goal. A lot of the people you see with crazy bodies in those fitness magazine are steroided up, and give the impression that a brolic look is easy. It’s not at all. Hell, even the ‘roiders HAVE to work out! Of course I’m not promoting the juice. We can sit here and kick excuses until the cows come home, but some type of sacrifice is necessary to reach your goal. You have to accept that in order to succeed. A minute of suffering for a lifetime of happiness.

A Supportive Community

Working out and getting in shape is hard, but it can be MUCH easier with a community of people to motivate you and help you on your journey. I usually work out alone, because I can’t wait for people to go to the gym. When I’m ready, I’m ready. However, I would argue that some of my best workouts have occurred when I worked out with a  team. They push you to exceed your limits, support you, give you tips to improve your workouts, and share in your struggle. You can’t surround yourself with negative people, or people who’d rather BBM and twitpic gym poses than actually work out. The gym isn’t social hour, you’re on the clock! So get with like minded people, join these fitness discussion forums online, ask for advice, give advice, be humble, and succeed!

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We’re all on the clock ladies and gentleman. A lot of us talked a big game about fitness. Now it’s time to put up or shut up! You have the time to succeed, so make it happen! The last thing you want to do is wake up and realize that it’s June and you’ve made no progress. You control your fitness destiny, not genetics or critics!

Any thoughts on this everyone? Any struggles or success stories? Any questions on how to reach your goals? Let’s get moving and get focused!

If you ever want fitness information, travel stories, or overall lifestyle stuff, along with random musings, check out my site Streetztalk. I do it (c) Big Sean

Here’s to changing my twitter name to @SixPackShakur by Memorial Day!


  1. unfortunately for me, I'm going to school in Florida, so in reality, we only get about a 2 month break before the warm weather returns. it's not even the end of February and people are already running around in t-shirts, shorts and flip flops :/

  2. "Here’s to changing my twitter name to @SixPackShakur by Memorial Day!"

    Am I the only one that rolled her eyes at this? Just playing Streetz.

    I live in the land of the superficial but I try to stay up on my health regimen due to family health issues not just because of my looks. I am a foodie and have to keep reminding myself that 80% of fitness depends on my intake. Good post and thanks for the reminder Shakur.

  3. This article came right on time. I'd started my exercise routine, but fell off due to a string of birthdays, back to back. I'm getting back to my regimen and had to shake esome of my homegirls that are stuck in their "fat" mindset. Everytime we meet up for happy hour doesn't have to involve deep fried everything.

  4. Of course it would be Streetz. You must have the body of a Greek God because you work out alot…and I am going to need to see some pictures to help me step my game up……for motivational purposes only, of course. lol

    I hate working out but with the job I have I get a constant workout every day…I need to work on my lower area..if it is possible that your behind can get flat after being a donk all my life…it is happening. Or maybe it's the mainstream media making me believe my behind is getting flat compared to the uber behinds that I am seeing of late…I don't know..but, I have to get my squats on either way….it can't hurt. lol.

    1. "and I am going to need to see some pictures to help me step my game up……for motivational purposes only, of course. lol"

      ^^^ I approve this message! LOL

    2. T Why do you always say "Knew it was you" when i post about fitness. i always do this!! lol.

      2) I definitely don't have a greek god body, and I'm working to better it daily, but I'm doing ok.

      3) Nah… no pictures, lol

  5. [sigh] Finally, something I can relate to. After spending way too many late nights in the office and skipping workouts in 2010, I vowed 1/11 would be the year I finally got back into "decent" shape. And so far……no. I'm getting constantly jammed up by biblical inclement weather outbreaks in the DMV [last week it went from 70 to 20 to snowing again this week], to whatever this Bubonic Flu thing is that's been circulating around my office mates for the past 3 months.

    I'm lucky if I can get a solid week in before I'm sick or shut in again.

    What do you guys do when either the weather or your own immune system doesn't want you to be great?

    1. Hey Eddie,

      If you're sick, dont push yourself. Just eat right and get better. If weather is a factor, work out in the house! There's plenty of body weight exercises (pushups, dips, etc) that you can do in your home, not to mention an Insanity or P90x type of program

      1. I went through a 4 month bulking phase. Then did P90x to cut down. It aint no joke! That jawn reminded me just how Out-of-Shape I was when it comes to my cardiovascular fitness.

  6. Niiiiice pep-talk, Streetz! I think I needed this.

    And yeah, The Rock has a lovely body, the odd placement of that tattoo is just distracting me. Makes it look like his left breasticle doesn't exist.

  7. Thanks Streetz!

    I won't be post-baby workout ready until May but I am walking on the treadmill every other day and doing yoga until.

    I don't want it to be that hard to get back in shape after the lil one comes.

      1. Thanks SFG although I have been a member for a while now. This is our final addition (somewhat emo but not really, lol). Now all we have to add is a dog and hopefully this one won't be stolen this time (what was the chip for anyway, damn vets). That dang Pomeranian was not free or cheap.

  8. I agree w/ Queen T, until we see pictures (am I instigating? lol)… you need more people. Hmph.


    *wall sliiiiiiide slowly into desparation* Ugh!! I wanna workout. I reaaaallllly do… but I work full time and I'm in grad school full time. Sleep is my best friend and I'ont get to see her much. Sigh. I'm sad b/c I vowed around November of 2010 that I would knock off 15-20 lbs and be a brickhouse by my birthday. WHOMPS.

    My water intake has gotten a lot better and I'm working on increasing the amount of meals I eat daily while decreasing the amount of calories I take in. I just don't have the time to hit the gym. This has motivated me to find a workout DVD and hopefully hit it in the AM or after homework before bed.

    Thanks Shakur… when I'm fit I'll get "Streetz-y Taught Me" tatted across my deltoids.

  9. Last night, as I thought about hitting up the carryout for some chickens wings and mambo sauce, I remembered that it's been around five months since i've had fried food. I've just changed my diet in the interest of making it to the age of 80. Last week, I signed up for Spring kickball and I couldn't be more excited because I love getting out there and getting my heartrate up on the regular. I believe in being healthy, but you know…

    if it was anything you would expect from me it would be a post about fashion for the spring and summer. So as always I defer to Big Bro on this topic. He's the authority of all things health.

  10. Last night, as I was laying on the couch, Mrs. Most said to me: "Wow, your upper body looks bigger." I just nodded, but, inside I did three summis and a radius.

    So yeah, I been focused for like 2 months now. Trying to get the beach body in order – also, I just wanna go to the park, play basketball and take off my shirt to the oohs and ahhs of the chicks their watching.

    I've always responded well to the slightest bit of exercise though, so I don't often go to the gym. Usually stick with the Penitentiary Work Out. Push Ups and Sits Ups followed by a half hour of shadow boxing… lol.

  11. Great post Streetz!

    I do have 1 thought (maybe 2)….

    I've noticed people in my gym practicing what I call "lazy fitness". If you're gonna work out, go hard or go home. Don't fool yourself into think that walking on the treadmill, while texting and walking uber slow is going to get you results. You're only wasting your time.

    Also, find something you like to do. If you don't like to run, don't hit the track (or the streets). Sign up for a dance class or kick boxing. Look for videos online. The point is to get moving and be consistent.

    1. That used to be me and staff would walk by and increase my speed and put me on an incline. Then I started to love the eliptical (sp?) machine. Then got bored with that so now I love the classes. Can I add that gym groupies annoy me? The color coordinated ones who never work out but block my view of the cuties? #jussayin

      1. Lol!

        Yeah, I try and keep the elleptical fresh by changing the intensity during my work out. I also try to jump rope and do various drills in the auxillary room to get my cardio in. I can't wait for this weather to officially break. I like running the bleachers at the high school and sprinting on the track.

        *dies* Yes! Like how you got on an outfit at the gym?!!

        The eye candy at my gym fell off something serious. There were about 3 guys I used to see stalk and I haven't seen them since 2010. They used to help me do extra reps b/c I'd be paying more attention to them,lol

        1. Your fitness knowledge had me tryna get a better look at your avatar to see if you had that slim, neatly defined face piece to go with the fitness vibe you're giving off. Its always refreshing to hear Black and or Latino women talk about fitness, dieting and being active and actually know what they're talking about.

    2. I give a stern side-eye to those lazy gym goers.. Especially when I'm on one treadmill running, and they're on the other treadmills talking on the phone or gossiping with each other. And then, you have the women and men who are only there to get the attention of the opposite $ex. Treating the gym like the club… smh.

    3. LaLaBakir: "I’ve noticed people in my gym practicing what I call “lazy fitness”. If you’re gonna work out, go hard or go home. Don’t fool yourself into think that walking on the treadmill, while texting and walking uber slow is going to get you results. You’re only wasting your time."

      I can't cosign this hard enough. People forget one of the words in "work out" is "work". If you are chatting it up on the treadmill or texting on the elliptical, just get off and let someone else use it. You'll burn about the same number of calories sitting down with your legs crossed, bouncing your leg.

        1. Yes I absolutely hate it when people are BSing in the gym! MOVE and get OUT the way!

          Dudes takin BBM pics for 30 mins and working out for 10 smh.

        2. Even funnier are the people who think sitting in the steam room or sauna is a workout! But since they aren't actually in the way like the half-exercisers, I don't mind them.

  12. Good post Streetz. If anyone follows my Tweets, yall know I've been trying to get to 170 – yes, 170. I'm slim. Kiss my slim @ss – by July since I'm going for my annual M.I.A. adventure. I know that's a poor excuse but it is motivational. The Lord works in mysterious ways.

    My metabolism or the tapeworm I ate when I was 10 is ridiculous. It's hard for me to gain and/or hold on to weight but I guess life could be worse.

        1. @Wisdom

          Aint genetics a b*tch! Fight back with some good supplementation. Optimum Nutrition makes a product called Serious Mass. GET ON IT! Its a complex carb product that has a good amount of protein, BCAA's. 2 scoops of it are 1200 calories. If you use milk instead of water, 2 scoops are 1600 calories. If you did try it, you would have to committee to a serious weight lifting program so that the carbs dont store themselves as fat. You will gain about 4 pounds a week and will hit your goal in no time. I used it last summer and over a 3 month period, I gain 20 pounds with it.

        2. Well WIM, I'd happily trade places w/ you. *sigh* I'm kinda tall for a chick (5'8) but WE shouldn't be weighing the same thing… *sigh* Lol. I'm chexy doe. You'd never guess…. but I know.

    1. Even if you were joking, parasites are REAL and affect over 80% of Americans.

      I drink Bitters (Got it from this older Jamaican man's shop) or take a little colloidal silver throughout the year.

      I stay up on my herbs and natural medicines (my gf keeps saying I need to do consults with people). I love knowing that the earth has all the medicine we need to stay healthy. Do your research!

  13. I guess we all needed this post. I got my @ss kicked in spinning class on Monday so my thighs need a break. I will not have you making me feel guilty about not going tonight. I just won't eat anything today. lol J/K!! Cardio works best for me. My diet is pretty good so all I do is cardio to stay slim. Although, I'm noticing a small belly forming and it's freaking me out. Not sure what I'm going to do about it. Maybe i'll purchase that perfect ab machine thingy. Anywho, good post.

    1. @ SFG

      If it is your lower abs, scissors and butterflies (learned in basic training) work well and you can do those at home. Beware though, if your man sees those legs open and close too many times you may not complete your reps. LOL.

    2. SmartFoxGirl: "Although, I’m noticing a small belly forming and it’s freaking me out. Not sure what I’m going to do about it."

      SFG, I would strongly recommend you start doing weights. Usually (emphasis on usually) if a person starts storing body fat around their stomach, they probably have a high amount of cortisol. Growth hormone works extremely well to mitigate the effects of cortisol, and the best way to produce growth hormone is through strength training.

      "Maybe i’ll purchase that perfect ab machine thingy."

      Don't bother. They are all a waste of money.

  14. Yea… this article is right on time smh… Now I feel guilty for blowing class yesterday and slobbing (#nocrips) down some ribs at Brothers Jimmy. To my credit, my girl was hungry and I had to take her somewhere lol.

    I started practicing Krav Maga aka Jew-Jitsu in December and it's like P90X with weapons. This damn NYC winter made things difficult in Jan. and I fell off the rest of this month. Being on the big-boned side of the spectrum, I have more than enough reason to slim down.

    Since I already know what Streetz look like SBM fam, I can say he does make for some motivation #pause #nohomo.

  15. Have you seen this, Streetz?



    Good post, as usual. Diet and exercise is important, not just for your summer body, but just for you overall health. I think a lot of people get discouraged with exercise because they don't see results right away. However, by making changes in your diet, and exercising daily, you're making improvements inside your body that are more important than the changes you can see in the mirror.

    There is a nice gym in my apartment complex, but I don't like going in there because there are too many people hogging the machines, half-a$$ing it, walking on the treadmill, talking on the phone and ish. Basically in the way. Thankfully, the weather has gotten warmer,so I've been able to run outside. I agree with LaLa in that you have to find what you like. I prefer running over any other cardio workout, but running isn't for everybody. Anyway, happy working out everyone. In May, Streetz should write a follow up post challenging people to post pictures of their better bodies. I'm game if you are…

  16. I just finished my power yoga class, isn't that enough? No..?? *SighsHeavily*


    DamnU Streetz!!! ikidd. Just a little. 🙂

  17. i guess wishing myself into shape won't work? lol currently i don't work out b/c of general laziness and lack of gym clothes. i refuse to go outside in shorts until it gets warmer,

    the girls i see just look foolish.

    however, i know i should at least attempt to exercise b/c i see how the women in my family get after a certain age/children, despite being thin before. but yeah, still lazy and no motivation. maybe senior beach week in may?

  18. Great post, Streetz!

    I'm on my grind with the weight loss, I've already lost 15 lbs, going for another 20 or so. I could stop right now, but I want to make sure that my body is RIGHT by my b-day in June.

    I'm not a gym rat by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm going to start my Kettlebell classes, Pilates, and Aerial fitness classes next month, while doing P90X and Brazilian Butt lift DVD's at the house. I gotta have variety or I get completely bored.

    I'm gonna be Kanye'ing this summer….can't tell me nothin'!

    Thanks for the inspiration!

  19. I am turning 30 this year so that resolution means a bit more to me. I am training for the monument 10K in VA and it hurts.

    I hate running… but I love finish lines. 😉

    1. You can do it! I ran the Sallie Mae 10K in DC several years ago, begrudgingly, I might add. My coworker signed me up and I had no choice. But, I did it in pretty good time, but it was crazy hard because I had never run more than 3 miles at a time. BUT that feeling when you cross that line……..indescribable!

      You got it!

  20. Cosign on all four of your points, but I want to place added emphasis on nutrition. What you eat is 75-80% of your results. You can’t out-train a bad diet, and if you have aggressive goals, don’t think for a second that the “eat-what-I-want-in-smaller-portions” approach is going to work. Soon as you do, you’ll have an insulin spike, and if you haven’t worked out hard enough for your muscles to receive that glycogen, that insulin will take that blood sugar straight to your fat cells. The best approach is some sort of carb cycling, where you are eating extremely low-carb (less than 100 grams a day) and gradually increase it throughout the week, but some people don’t respond well to low carb diets (get extremely irritable, get headaches, low energy, etc). I will also add that low carb diets without getting enough healthy fats is a recipe for failure.

    I’ll also add:

    Lift weights: Especially women. The hormonal response to lifting weights, especially when supersetting, helps you lose fat faster than cardio. Ideally, you want to do both, but don’t neglect the weights, and don’t fall for the ridiculous “lift light to lose weight” mantra. Light is a relative term: lift light compared to what? If you can lift a weight 15 times, chances are you are wasting your time.

    Work out your legs: Your legs and hips are your strongest skeletal muscles. Don’t believe me? Look at how much weight is on stack on the leg press at your gym, then look how much is on the chest press. More muscles firing means more calories burned which means more fat loss. If your main goal is fat loss, incorporate a lot of single leg exercises, like lunges and split squats. And no, cardio most certainly is NOT a leg workout.

    Also ladies, your legs are stronger than you think. Doing 70 lbs on the leg press machine is an epic fail. Remember your upper body is half your body weight, so if you weigh 160 lbs, your legs are carrying around 80 lbs every day! If you haven’t loss weight by simply walking around, why would you think 80 lbs on the leg press would be enough stimulus to make you lose weight?

    Don’t go too crazy with the ab work: Although having a strong core is critical, there’s no need for a million sit-ups and side bends. In fact, most strength coaches and doctors recommend not using any sort of spinal flexion for working the abs. Do ab exercises, but remember that those exercises are working the abdominal muscles, not the fat that is on top of it.

      1. Did you have some type of knee injury? I've noticed usually the case when people have not had an actual knee injury but have knee pain (and I'll try not to get too technical) is they have a strong anterior tilt to their pelvis. If you stand normally with your lower back arched (butt up high) and your knees locked, it will cause you knee pain. Even worse, it makes it harder to tone your abs and glutes.

        Anyway, starting off, do as heavy as you can with one leg on the leg press. By heavy, I mean as much weight as you can use with one leg, doing two sets of about 12-15 repetitions. Place your foot about shoulder width, and make sure your knee doesn't "cave in", or move toward the middle of your body. Your foot, knee, and shoulder should be in a straight line, which means your hip/upper leg will "open up", especially as you bring your knees to your chest. If you are still having knee pain, let me know and I can recommend some exercises that will directly address the knee pain.

        1. No, I haven't had a specific knee injury. Years of playing sports…and it seems to run on my dad's side of the family (those jokers have knee problems like a mug).

          I am guilty of locking my knees, although I've gotten A LOT better with it. I also know not to lock my knees during lifting, so I don't do that.

          Hol up, hol up,hold up. You're telling me to press 70 lbs w/ one leg? Okay, I looked up leg press, the machine we're you're kinda laying on the floor, I haven't used. There's one that's more upright that I use. Anyway, I'm scared.

          I'm so mad I can't remember the name of these machines b/c there's another one I use (that I see mostly dudes on) that I use with zero weights. my lower back is supported and I gotta push up (so it's like I'm standing up). One of the staff helped me w/ this machine. I feel the resistance w/o the weights. He told me to weight until I get my form down before adding weight.

        2. No, I wouldn't recommend starting off a single-leg leg press exercise at 70 pounds, especially if you have knee issues. Start off very light, because part of the exercise is your nervous system getting used to the movement. Once you get used to doing the exercise, then you can start adding weight.

          The other machine you are talking about is the hack squat (or as best as I can tell from your description). Don't even look at that machine if you have knee problems.

    1. I forgot to add:

      Do most of your exercises standing: Your body burns far more calories doing the standing version of most exercises than seated. As an added bonus, your core is more engaged because your back isn't pressed against a back rest, which helps the midsection look better.

    2. Hmm, I tend to stay away from leg exercises because my knees seem to get out of wack pretty easily. one of my HS gym teachers said i have platella dysmorphia when i complained of knee pain after a pilates class. idk if she made that up, but i do know i can't ride an exercise bike w/o my knees being in pain. maybe it just means i need to get my butt back into the gym, while it's still free.

      1. It's hard to diagnose without actually seeing you in person, but one thing I would have you do is try using the leg curl machine and see if you have any knee pain doing that. You shouldn't, and the reason I suggest it is because most women are quad-dominant (quadriceps are much stronger than the hamstrings) in the first place, which is why girls that play basketball are always tearing their ACLs. If the leg curl causes you pain, I'd strongly recommend seeing a orthopaedic surgeon to see what the problem is.

        You can try the leg press, but what I will recommend is placing your feet up high on the pad. That way, there is much less knee flexion to cause you pain, and more emphasis is on the hamstrings and glutes. If it has an adjustable back rest, set it as high as comfortable.

        Just stay far away from any leg extension machines.

        1. I have no problem with the leg curl. In fact, that and this other machine for the glutes and hamstrings (you lay down and lift the weights w/ your legs) and the easiest machines (outside of the hip abbuctors/adductors).

          You just dropped some knowledge with that whole ACL thing.

          I wish I had my workout chart at work. Then I can tell you exactly what I do,lol

    3. I will also add that low carb diets without getting enough healthy fats is a recipe for failure.

      ^This! I tried eliminating fat entirely from my diet [raw oatmeal, chicken/green salads] and actually wound up gaining weight.

      Whoever said abs were built in the kitchen wasn't joking.

    4. Wow, you sure do know your stuff. You some kinda doctor or sumthin? *bites into Krispy Kreme* <— I'm a b*tch without my doughnuts. lol j/k

      I cosign diet is a huge part. I feel better when I eat better. I'll pay more attention to weights.

      1. Nope, just a part-time certified personal trainer that loves reading about fitness. If I thought I could make more doing personal training than engineering, I'd switch jobs.

        Although I do feel bad posting all this info. My job just had a soul food potluck, and I'm full off of ribs, chicken, yams, greens and peach cobbler! Time to do some complexes when I get to the gym!

        Speaking of which, if you want to kick your own a$$ at the gym, try one of these. Just a word of warning, the site isn't explicit or anything, but there is a lot of potty language, so careful if your job has web filters.


  21. I usually by-pass fitness posts, but I enjoyed reading this on my way to work this morning. I'm one of those slackers who's been making a lot of noise, but my elliptical is sitting unassembled in my basement. These past 8 months have been my least active in a long time, and it doesn't help that I no longer dance often. I really do have to start walking the walk.

  22. Well,l I started back at the gym last week. I've been doing 2 miles on the treadmill at 4.5 and then I do weights afterwards. I've been going at it 5x a week and I've modified my diet.

    I drink a TON of water, like almost 7 bottles a day because I have an app on my iPhone that tells me when I should drink a bottle of water. Eh, it's something. I figure that if I kee this up for a few more months, I should be straight when the weather breaks.

  23. my only advice,and Ive seen immediate results from this…is to stay high fiber and high protein. that also requires you to drink lots of water. but you will see results. youll feel a lot healthier too.

    tidbits of info: greek yogurt is the BEST yogurt to eat in terms of health. get the kind that comes with fruit in it. by itself its gross.

    eat first thing in the morning.

    eat every 2-3 hours.

    food that are high in "fat fighting fats"-avacadoes, peanuts, almonds, pistachios, hummus (chick peas)

    egg whites…high in protein…NO CARBS.

    buy a George Foreman grill. take chicken breasts, marinate in any type of italian dressing, use at will. chicken breasts on average…20/40 grams of protein, no carbs, only about 100 or so calories.

    protein makes you feel more full post meal…and its the essential building block to muscle density and strength.

    great salad: sliced up mango(fiber), dried cranberries(fiber), spinach and spring mix, rasberry vinagarette dressing (for example) and sliced chicken breast(protein)

    you shoud be eating something with protein at every meal.

    great snack…hummus and carrots

    salmon…great source of protein AND Omega 3's. always try and go with wild salmon vs farmed salmon. farmed salmon is typically high in Omega 6's, and thats not good.

    pomegranate juice…high in antioxidants

    great tasting protein bar (sell em @ Vitamin Shoppe) TITAN BARS. i hate protein bars, but I LOVE these.

    get sleep.6-7 hours at least. if your body cant get to stage 4 REM, then youre not giving yourself time to recover and repair yourself.

    make sure u take a multi vitamin. PURE aloe vera juice is good for your "insides", easy on the red meat (but you should eat some), carbs ARE YOUR FRIEND, oh..and fiber intake "cancels" out carbs. example…protein shake might have 20 grams of carbs, and 5 grams of fiber…so in actuality it has 15 grams of carbs.

    if youre over 30 (as a male) consider taking a testosterone booster…but thats a whole nother story.

    combine weight lifting, cardio, and hot yoga, and see how quickly your body tightens up.

    AND A SHOUT OUT TO ALL THEM LADIES THAT HAVE ME CRACKIN UP AT LA FITNESS off CAMP CREEK PARKWAY in ATLANTA…makeup on and urrthang. that place is definitely a meat market.

        1. You have direct access to a Roscoe's? *silently hates*

          That's one of the 1st places I'm hitting when I visit Cali in 2 months…2nd In and Out

          yeah man, I definitely don't deny myself…I'm just aware of over indulging and making sure I pay the piper by working out,lol.

        2. if by "direct access" you mean "Hey DayL8, is there a Roscoes within a 1 mile radius of where you live?" then my answer is YES. roscoes and in-n-out will be my last two meals before moving east in the coming months…so I'll be missing it and hating on the person talking about it, JUST LIKE YOU…lol.

        3. DAMN!!! You're a lucky man!

          I was just describing how wonderful those waffles are. Even without syrup.

          I can't believe you're leaving that foodie goodness behind,lol

        4. No doubt! I suffer every time I squeeze into my sports bra and sweat on that treadmill until my natural hair turns into a knotted mess. I just want to grab the clippers, shear my hair down to the scalp and call it my "warrior look".

          When I get this way dirty looking salmon is the least of my worries, but I will persevere. In answer to your question, yes, a little "suffering" is in order.

        5. suffering is in order. I know yall feet be hurting in them 5 inch heels…but hey…it is what it is. my apologies for the slight detour…anyway…the one thing I love about the Obama Administration is that now you have to have the calorie content in plain view at restraraunts and fast food joints…that definitely is a deterrent…at least monday through saturday morning.

      1. I don't really rock w/ salmon at all

        Unless it's a salmon cake…with a side of grits and scrambled eggs fried hard

        But umm…that wasn't on his list of recommended eats

        1. nah…salmon cake aint on my list of reccomended eats…but then again…I did "reccomend" a cheat day, when you eat what you wanna eat, so by all means…have a double side of grits with that…its all good. believe me…when i eat like that all week…and its the weekend, the FIRST place im hittin up on Saturday when I wake up is ROSCOES Chicken and Waffles.

          be good to yourself, the reality is, we'll never stop eating the things that satisfy our pallete. I'll never stop eating Roscoes unless my doctor says "u cant eat it"…if I eat 5x a day, 6 days a week…and healthy at that…I think its okay to do a little indulging.

          roscoes, lemon cake, banana pudding, In-N-Out burger, and a laundry list of foods that I will INHALE at times…i just learned to inhale them a lil less frequently.

        2. @SmartFox

          LMAO! I was w/ you until you said sleep w/ the groom. I gotta hold on to my man…but maybe we can get a threesome popping for his birthday :p

        3. @LaLaBakir

          I love In-N-Out…A double-double with grilled onions and a side of fries. Then I wash it down with a Pink Star or Peach Pleasure from Jamba Juice. Mmmmmm… =)

      2. "But wild Salmon looks so dark and ugly!"

        -Hey that's racist! Why the dark salmon gotta be ugly? lol j/k I heard a good way to look out for healthier alternatives is by color because the darker the anything the better. Not sure if that's true though.

        1. My ex-nutritionist/trainer said if you eat the perimeter of the grocery store you're good to go…

          The perimeter of most grocery stores include:



          Fresh Meats

          Bakery (close your eyes here)


          Essentially eat all the fresh stuff, skip the frozens and cookie isle. Lol.

        2. OK yeah that did sound kinda racist, but they always put the wild caught salmon next to the farmed salmon in the grocery store and the wild caught makes me think of the dirty ocean and the fish looks beat up and not as THICK as the pretty pink salmon filets that are from the farmed salmon.

          I know it's all psychological and as Dayl8 says, their healthier for you, but you know how visual people are and I automatically want to purchase the fish that just LOOKS better.

          As far as color is concerned, if farm caught salmon was dark and thick and healthy looking and wild caught salmon looked pale and sickly, I would have said, "it's so pale and ugly!"

        3. you wanna marry me? I graciously accept…but only if we can watch reruns of MARTIN while eating the cookies and ice cream, amongst other fatty yet mentally satisfying foods.

          but im tellin you now…when we hit the gym…you gettin the workout of ya life! gotta keep the balance.

        4. @dayl8

          You had me at the Pillsbury cookies sir. Martin just sealed the deal.

          I'm with you on the workouts. As UFP, we must maintain our identity by not exposing our inner fatty-ness and allowing it to reflect on the outside by becoming…well…fat,lol

        5. matter of fact…we should try eating the cookies and ice cream WHILE watching MARTIN…WHILE on the excercise bike…it'll almost be like the cookies and ice cream never happened…lol

          but I definitely love and respect your angle on discretion and concealment…I love your covertness. we basically like UFP/CIA agents…we know where all the best fatty foods are at…but noone knows we know.

        6. @dayl8

          That's pure genius right there!

          and yes, the UFP is a pretty exclusive society. We can't allow anyone just to be apart of the agency, ya dig? We have a reputation to uphold

        7. U know I read this like…3 times…and started to slightly salivate for a good second or two. YOU TRYIN TO RUIN MY MARRIAGE! I gotta stay focused…focused on the cookies and ice cream…stay focused on the cookies and ice cream…ok Im back.

          Smart Fox tryin to get me in trouble…I only got eyes for my baby LaLa… but if my baby (and my fingers are crossed like a mofo) thinks that we need to integrate you into the proverbial fold of our love cocoon of cookies, ice cream and cake…then you know…I'll "sacrifice" for the greater good of the situation.

          I just hope both of yalls high heel game is on point. but thats for another day.

  24. wait…also forgot…at least once a week…eat whatever you want! go HAM at least for a meal or two…consider it your reward for busting ya a$$ in the gym, and your body needs that "dumping" of carbs and sugar and what nots to "reboot" per se your metabolism. it also gives you something to look forward to.

    stay away from processed foods…lean cuisine, etc…they are good in a pinch…but use sparingly.

    bananas, mangoes, apples, plums… but only 2-3 servings a day.

    everything ive written I follow, and its typical for me to lose at least a pound a day the first week im back in the gym. you should only shoot for 1 pound a week, at the most 2…but if you get yourself organized with your meals and your workouts, youll feel great, and youll see results quickly, and not just the type that will fade away in 3 days.

    and RIGHT when you finnish working out…drink a protein shake. the sooner, the better.

  25. okay…LAST THING. if you need to find out how much protein you should be eating everyday…you first need to find out your BMI (body mass index) which is basically your percentage of body fat and lean muscle. if you weigh a hundred pounds, and 20 percent of your body weight is fat, then the "remaining" 80 pounds is "lean muscle". take 80, divide by the number of times you eat a day (5 or 6) and thats how much protein you should eat every meal. dont pay money to a trainer thats just going to babysit you in the gym…pay money to a nutritionist to figure out how to properly fuel your body. you can find tons of info on working out on the internet.

  26. The journey to truly get RIPPED for this summer should have started last summer. At least it did for me. The key word is RIPPED. If you simply wanna drop some pounds or tone up enough to look decent, this 3 month stretch is more than enough time to get it right, get it right and get it tight. Four things have to be on point for me to see the RIPPED results that I desire:

    -Diet (Protein, Carb and Fat intake)

    -Workout Regimen (Progressively increasing weight or reps and changing workout every 6 weeks or so)

    -Supplementation (Whey Protein, Multivitamin, Creatine)

    -Sleep (Gotta make sure I get in at least 7 hours a night)

    Its funny because when it comes to this to beach body's, I think this is more centered to males. There will always be some thirsty negro hawking at girls with cellutite covered thighs and guts that stick out more than they booty's do. Being out of shape is actually PROMOTED in the black community. Thats a whole different topic…

    Women dont go to the beach to see men in Polo's, Jordans and designer sh*t. They like to have something to look at and something to get physically excited about to (other than the penis). I got the baby oil on deck…waiting for summer ot hit (no homo, lol).

  27. Im very glad everyone chimed in on this topic today. I take this shyt seriously, if not to look good, to be healtjhy. I've seen too many family members and friends either lose their life or be in serious trouble because of their health. It couldve all been prevented had they paid more attention.

    People let bad health own them. it aint gonna own me though! *Frank Lucas Denzel voice*

    I'll try to post more of these blogs here, but if everyone is serious about the commitement, or just wants daily tidbits about health fitness wellness and lifestyle overall, check me out at streetztalk.net. Its my personal blog and thats the focus I currently have. I also document my personal fitness journey. You'll see that I go through it like eeryone else!

    Finally, I didn't get to do my Ask the readers over at my site, so I'll do it here. Specifically for HUGH Jazz and KautiousNupe:

    I'm trying to lose body fat and get ripped. My body type is great and id estimate that I'm about 12% BF, trying to get to 9%. Whats the most important thing/foods to eat to do so?

    Im 5ft 11 -6ft 188lbs (currently) and my goal is to be 180 (just because and to see if I dont look too emaciated).

    Anyone else can chime in too. Please!

      1. Yup,

        I took protein and multivitamins but I cycled off for like the past 6-8 weeks. I may start again in march. March is like my home stretch to shred. I can see abs pokin out Im just trying to accelerate it with tweaks in my fitness and diet

        1. hmmm….you taking any flaxseed? you can put that in a shake. are you up on your "fat fighting fats" (NATRUAL peanut butter, almonds, pistachios, avacadoes)? I wouldnt reccomend cycling off protein…you need that everyday, every meal is possible. and are you over 30?

        2. my advice…and im not the guru by any means…but theres no real need to cycle off protein powder…maybe you switch it up (look into ISOPURE Protein drinks) but thats not something you really need to rotate. oh…also look into CASEIN protein shakes…the info is online, but that stuff is crucial, when you start getting into being "catabolic" (bad). and I cant speak enough about greek yogurt…

      2. that ISOPURE is the TRUTH! and man you already know the rules…if you wanna the results, you gotta come out the pocket…lol…but I hear ya. also, just remember, that when you drink a protein shake, you probably need to eat a "solid" meal at least an hour to an hour and a half later…because its in liquid form, it hits your system and runs through it alot faster than say a chicken breast…

        1. I agree with the homie dayl8

          No need to cycle off the protein. I would replace Isopure with a more 'clean' protein such as the Gold Standard Whey made by Optimum Nutrition. Cut Carbs after 3 pm to a minimum and increase your water intake to a gallon a day (in ordger to get a gallon, I refill a Gatorade bottle (the bigger 32 ounce one) for times a day. 32 ounces in a quart and 4 quarts equals a gallon. If I drink 4 of these a day, I know that I have gotten that Gallon up water up in me!

          If you're tryna really cut down and loose bodyfat but keep all the hard earned muscle, I would simply add at least 30 minutes of cardio to EVERY workout that you do. 45 mins is prefereable. No need to run for 45 mins straight. A steady paced walk at a high incline OR some interval training in which you walk for like 4 mintues, sprint hard-body for 2 and then keep repeating the cycle. These two methods insure that you'll be using your glycogen reserves and whatever carbs are in your system..and once that deplets, you'll begin to burn fat for fuel.

          Most people fail to realize that the key to getting ripped it to decrease bodyfat. It took me a while to totally accept this. Thats why its always dudes in the gym who are DUMB strong and DUMB brolic but look chubby when they're on the beach or in their clothes. Two much fat on top, underneath and inbetween the muscles. Once we loose the fat between our muscles, from under our chins and the thin but consisten sheet of fat over our abs and between them, that RIPPED-NESS will begin to show and chicks who break their necks at the beach to get that second glance will be the only confirmation needed! lol.

    1. Streetz: "I’m trying to lose body fat and get ripped. My body type is great and id estimate that I’m about 12% BF, trying to get to 9%. Whats the most important thing/foods to eat to do so?

      Im 5ft 11 -6ft 188lbs (currently) and my goal is to be 180 (just because and to see if I dont look too emaciated)."

      Those last stubborn pounds. Even though your Knicks beat my Bucks last night, I'll help you anyway.

      I hate just telling someone who is already working out what to do if I do not know what they have been doing. But generally speaking, training wise, I'd increase the metabolic effect of your workouts by doing a lot of supersetting exercises. Something like a tri-set of dumbbell bench press with pull-ups with reverse lunges. Rest 90-120 seconds between the tri-set. You'll notice after two sets that this strength training is giving you a good cardio workout. Do two groups of tri-sets (three sets of three exercises, then three sets of different exercises). Use multi-joint exercises (like rows) over single-joint exercises (like arm curls) for the tri-set exercises. You can do a couple of sets of single joint exercises and some core work at the end. Do the tri-sets four days per week. The other days can be high-intensity cardio, complexes, or a rest day.

      Nutrition wise, try to stay strict for at least three to four weeks (no cheat days). Do carb cycling throughout the week. Two days very-low carbs (under 100 grams), three days moderate, and two days high. Your hardest strength workouts should be on the higher carb days. After four weeks, you should notice some improvements, and can probably have a cheat meal, or even a cheat day. Just make sure if you do cheat, it is never on back-to-back days, and not twice in a week.

      Hope that's a decent start, because those last few pounds are a female dog.

      1. #1 Respect to you for being a bucks fan. Shout to Vin Baker! Yall been killin us though.

        #2 Thanks! thats some good advice. I haven't done tri-sets. Yo, if you dont mind hit me at streetz [at] streetztalk.net if you got any good tri set exercises I can follow. Im not sure if you want me to split days of upper/lower or chest/back and arms/legs. I just want to folloe something structured.

        I love switching up lifting exercises too and Im due for a change.

        I also do HIIT cardio in the mornings or evenings. Either one of my P90X or Insanity cardio workouts (guaranteed to drop 1lb per exercise lol) or stairmaster/treadmill/rowing machine. Im gonna increase those to 45 mins as well. I try to get 6 cardio sessions in a week but might 2 a day the cardio too…

        Anyway hit me there if you have any workouts I can follow for what you suggested.


        1. Gotta rep the home team. If I survived the Alaa Abdelnaby and Shawn Respert years, I can weather this crappy season. Shout out to Vin Baker? Jesus wept!

          But sure, I'll send you some suggestions. I need to start doing this myself after getting out of shape having shoulder surgery last year.

  28. Been lurking for about a month, but I just had to add my two cents

    First off, I cosign everything you said. I've been telling myself to get in shape for ages but i'm just now seriously working on in. Started with the gym because it's a lot easier for me to go to the gym consistently than it is for me to consistently stop myself from eating all the junk food that I love so much. I go to the gym at least 3 times a week, depending on my schedule and mix it up with yoga, weights and zumba.

    Still trying to get my diet in order.I think I'm going to try a food journal and possibly a video blog on youtube. I think that if I feel like I'm accountable to someone other than me I'll get my sh*t together. Thanks for the reminder though, it was very much appreciated

    Oh and I also have a suggestion for anyone who wants to switch up their workout. Try Bikram yoga. It's a type of hot room yoga (about 105 degrees) that will totally kick your ass. It's kind of expensive ($20 a class) so i only do it once in a while 🙂

  29. my late night 2 cents

    i appreciate this post, and now that my trainer is back from New Zealand (just in time!), i can get back to biz (My countdown is for Caribana/bday)

    for me the support is key. i've done 80% better having a trainer come to my house, than pretending i'll go through rain, sleet, snow after work, or interrupt slumber and hit the gym solo. i also plan on incorporating fun activities (boxing, pole dancing, swimming) that are hidden ways to get your cardio up.

      1. @Flyy,

        The parade/big party weekend will likely be July 29-31, with the parade usually on the Saturday.

        if you on le twitter, holla at me and i'll try to keep you posted when i know for sure! 🙂

  30. @KautiousNupe

    Good Lookin. ON Protein is my favorite. Im actually leaning towards 2 a day cardio in March. I tried this month and didnt get ti all the time, but I definitely want to try it out. I dropped mad weight doing 2 a days years ago. Just not trying to end up looking emaciated, lol.

    That gallon of water is truth too. Gotta get on that!

    1. I use Optimum Nutrition for whey protein. Also, if you're doing low carb, I suggest supplementing BCAAs as well. Most decent protein powders have five grams per serving, but without those carbs, the BCAAs can be used for energy in addition to the healthy fats you should be eating.

      And fish oil pills. Some nutritionists are saying fish oil is so beneficial that they'd recommend taking it before a fat burner for weight loss. But don't get just any over-the-counter fish oil pills, many of them out there are rancid and do more harm than good.

        1. I'm not sure, but they should be ok. You just really should stay away from Sam's Club, Amway or some company that doesn't really specialize in supplements. I use Optimum Nutrition's fish oil or Flameout by Biotest . From what I've read, Poliquin fish oil and Nutri-Sea are better products as well, but I've never used them.

  31. I like this post, but I hate the gym. The gym and I don’t have a good relationship. My mind is too active to take any of that stationary equipment seriously. I stay active by playing basketball, snowboarding, running, pole dancing, belly dancing, indoor rock climbing, kick boxing, rollerblading, ice skating and batting at batting cages. I think I have some form of ADD/ADHD, so I need to be mentally entertained to have an effective workout. I love food…All sorts of food. Matter of fact, I love food more than men. I would marry food if I could. I have a fast metabolism, which makes my love of food that much stronger. Looks are good, but my overall health is greater.

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