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5 signs that it’s time to get a new job


Right now, many of you will be reading this blog from work. While reading this blog, some thoughts about your career, current job, and any frustrations may pop into your mind. It’s no secret that  that this generation isn’t the “stay at a job until you retire no matter what” generation. We’re always looking for a come up, or a new situation. The real question to ask is “how do you know when it’s time to leave your job”? Well, I have a few telling signs that it might be time to update your resume and LinkedIn page:

You’re more on edge than normal

Are the usual jokes from co-workers not even remotely funny anymore? Is a simple request for an email response met with a desire to throw your computer off the nearest ledge? You might have hit your boiling point with the company. There’s no reason to HAVE to work in an unfavorable environment, and if you are constantly frustrated with your situation to the point where any little incident will tick you off, then you might want to consider a power switch.

You hate your job

Many people get placed in a situation where their current occupation isn’t “what they went to school for”. Once you graduate college, you ideally want to get a job or go into a career field that mirrors the degree you earned. Sometimes, however,  you take that job with a company hoping to find your niche, only to realize years later that you can’t stand it at all. Maybe it’s the menial tasks, nature of the job, or the complete deviation from your interests and skill set, but you can no longer accept that you do a job that you don’t love (or love enough). Looks like it’s time to walk on by.

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You are grossly underpaid for what you do

I understand that this could be said for every employed person who isn’t a rich CEO getting million dollar bonuses, but a lot of companies are looking to use “the Recession” as a crutch to why they aren’t paying their talent what they deserve. Yes, we are all happy to “have a job”, but at what point do you stop being content and start to demand more out of your employer? I used to ask my dad for sneakers all the time and video games. He would “next week” me a lot (tell me he got me next week and turn it into a swindle), and eventually I got tired and started doing odd jobs as a kid to save my own money to get what I wanted. Along the same lines, with our American economy slowly recovering, competition is heavy for good people now. So employers will have to boss up, or see their talent leave. Don’t let them G you either!

You don’t work at work (more than usual)

Unless you’re doing construction or something that forces you to be active 24/7, people BS a lot at work especially in 2011. Fantasy Football, blogs (lol), social media, new sites, and other Internet time consumers have assisted in people spending idle time engaged in stuff other than work.  If you find your BS time to be >>>>>>> actual work time, this is a prime example that you are BORED and might need a change. Now, some people may enjoy this, but if you can notice it then that might be an issue as well.

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You constantly look for other jobs while at work

If you already envision yourself out of the company and are taking active steps to meet that goal, on the job, then it’s safe to say it’s not only time to leave, but you have one foot out the door. We all will hear offers and attain leverage, that’s called business! We have to be loyal to our careers and not employers, because just like the Knicks players found out, an employer will dead you in a heartbeat or make a move if in the end it improves their bottom line, regardless of personal connections.

What signs do you see that will tell you it’s time to bounce from a job? Any job venting? Any readers fortunate to mostly like their current situation? Any past job horror stories?


  1. Should have been #1. "You hate your job"

    Lmao how about everyone notices that "you've changed. You don't dance anymore."

    At the moment, the gig that I have at THD is definitely NOT what I will be doing for the rest of my life. You'll definitely find me getting business cards from customers who notice I'm a student trying to pay some bills. That's how much I don't like it…

    "Not a single f*ck is given that day." This is the mood you start to have almost every. single. day.

    I'm tired of not knowing why these cheap bastiids can't give raises. Recession my @ss.

    That's all I have for now..

  2. I'm conflicted about this right now. I was promised D.C. all the way through the final interview. I prepared for D.C. Five days before I'm about to execute a cross country move, they call me and swindle/strong arm me into SE Conneticut. The conflict is really the fact that even though it's completely unrelated to my field of study, professionally it ain't a bad gig. However, outside of payday, I'm none to pleased with……well any damn thing here actually.

      1. Man they had an opening in Jackson, MS (which ain't half bad actually) and I tried to get it. Even with the guy who runs ish in the 'sipp backing me they weren't going. Apparently my position was open for quite a while and they aren't really trying to bet on convincing the next person to come up here.

  3. I currently work as a Bilingual Customer Service Rep in a Call Centre environment, and they kept me on the phones 24/7 because I'm the only fulltime French rep. I stomached it for quite a few months, especially when we were understaffed during the busy Christmas season, but about a month ago I had just about had it. I called an urgent meeting with my manager, and they quickly arranged to cut down my phone time to two hours per day so I don't lose it on a customer and/or quit. Mind you, our customers & system are awesome, so what was annoying me is the lack of autonomy and freedom that I had at my previous job as a demand analyst. After so many calls in a row when you still have a million and one other things to do, you can't help but get peeved.

    They've resolved the issue, but this is definitely not a long term situation for me, and I've told them that I'll be heading back to school in the Fall. I've already paid back my school loans from my first year in University, and should have enough down for next year's tuition by the time I quit in July. If not for the latter goal, I might've been

    dipping much earlier.

    Now, in relating my past & present situations to your points:

    1. You’re more on edge than normal

    I definitely was, but only when it came to getting calls. I usually don't let my frustration spill over into other areas. And I guess it helps that my company is really big on customer service, so through it all, I'd endeavour to make the customer's experience an enjoyable one. It does help that they're appreciative, and a lot of them eased my mood within seconds.

    2. You hate your job

    I've never hated a job, only aspects of it.

    3. You are grossly underpaid for what you do

    I'm actually very lucky in this respect. Even after two different paycuts, I earned enough at my old job to put me through school (much more than the position deserved in my opinion, but I was doing the same job as salaried employees & the Union negotiated a handsome pay for us summer students, particularly those in the office), and the current one still earns me some decent money. I guess my plate is full 24/7, but people are out there killing themselves for half of what I'm blessed to make. I definitely can't complain for the time being.

    4. You don’t work at work (more than usual)

    See, unless people are in a situation like my mom's where she legitimately has nothing to do for hours at a time on occasion because she's mastered her gig, I don't rate this at all. Whether or not I enjoy what I'm doing, I'm getting paid to do it. At my previous job, I only ever browsed social sites during my lunchtime, and I allowed myself very few liberties in terms of things I did that were unrelated to work. I don't even have time to think of anything else where I am right now, so…yeah. It amazes me when I see people who are (over)active all over the web during their 9-5, because I can't personally fathom it.

    5. You constantly look for other jobs while at work

    lol I only did this two summers ago because I knew that was my last one at that job and I wanted to scope out the job market. By the time last May came around, I knew exactly what I would be targeting, and had my current job within 2 weeks of my last exam.

    1. Smh, I ALMOST made first post for the first time ever. Why the hell did I have to write so damn much?? And how did half an hour just pass me by? Curses!

  4. Hello there ! Long time lurker here.

    I have to definetely agree with the last point. Once I start looking at other jobs and finding myself clicking on "employment opportunities" on every site, thats when I know its time to go.

    Also # When you start calculating how long you could live off your savings without a job

  5. Yes!! All five of these things are me everyday at work. I work at a lab, a public health lab for my state and it sucks!!! I hate this place but I have another sign. You use every excuse not to come to work. I always have a headache, lady problems, or doctor appointments. I'm just looking for an excuse to use my leave.

  6. Streetz, you are speaking to me today.

    "If you find your BS time to be >>>>>>> actual work time, this is a prime example that you are BORED and might need a change"

    This line right here is the truth!

    I've been in the same position for almost two years now and I am so bored. I work in the department that I received my degree in but I feel so undervalued, unused and BORED. I ask for work to do and they forget about me so I BS. Heck, I even get annoyed when they ask me to do what's in my job description. Lol.

    Thank God for smartphones otherwise I wouldn't be able to BS the way I wanted to.

  7. "I hate my job, but I get paid. People who love their job, usually don't get paid."

    And this is the harsh reality for most of the people in my network. The on consolation that I get in my field is that i'm actually really good at my job and has an affect on our country in a big way. Would I prefer to do something else? Yes, and i'm actively pursuing those routes. I am the same here as I am at work, so it's a constant party. I have no patience for incompetence, so that angers me and will reduce me to always being on edge when incompetent people are in my area. I am grossly underpaid….

    But i'm not afraid to be a NEGRO and go in there and demand a raise. You would think you couldn't do this at a global firm, but I did. Not only did I get a raise, but I also got guaranteed a little extry later on too. Funny thing, white people do this too. You have to be a little selfish in corporate America. That Lebron James flow…

    "I just need to do what's best for me and my family. I'm the best player in the company, but let me be real with you for a second … my costs are going up and not at the same rate as my salary, so i'm broke."

    Broke is defined as, "I'm not able to pad my savings and investment accounts as much as I want." <- Got that from women.

  8. Imagine looking for another job, while you are currently working at Careerbuilder.com — conflict of interest? LOL. That was my first "gotta get up outta here" experience after completing undergrad.

  9. Have you ever been at work, totally engrossed in something not related to your actual job (like, um, reading a post on SBM maybe) and then a colleague comes over and drops off some work that's related to what you actually get paid to do and you then get highly annoyed. Like, this person really has the audacity to interrupt me with… work? Can't you see I'm busy being sidetracked right now?

    Yeah, that's when you know it might be time for a new gig.

    1. "Have you ever been at work, totally engrossed in something not related to your actual job (like, um, reading a post on SBM maybe) and then a colleague comes over and drops off some work that’s related to what you actually get paid to do and you then get highly annoyed. Like, this person really has the audacity to interrupt me with… work? Can’t you see I’m busy being sidetracked right now?"

      I feel like that EVERYDAY! I don't think they get it though.

      I've been looking for something for a while but still no luck.

  10. Or when you go on vacation for 3 weeks, come back to check your email only to find 4 (One of which is from E-Z stub). So you call IT to make sure your email account was active while you were out and they confirm it was. Would you rather be overpaid or unappreciated? I clearly am both. So then you say eff it…Imma just get an MBA.

  11. Good post. I've been working since I was 16, mostly doing jobs I didnt like that much. That's just my background. Plus my father instilled in me a long time ago that "dreams don’t pay the bills." Since gas is going back up, this statement is also related to the mantra amongst my boys and I, "my car doesn't run on friendship."

    However, my father did say you can do pretty much anything you love and the money will follow – the amount of money is not guaranteed.

    I LIKE my job, but at the end of the day, it still a job. I actually get paid well (enough for me anyway). I also make more money for doing less work so I'm very grateful for the position I'm in. With that said, if I had the money to walk away would I? Yes. I believe a lot of people would.

    I'm of the philosophy that sometimes you have to do things you hate in order to do things you love. e.g. work the six figure job "you cant stand" so you can take the vacations and live the life the six figure job affords you. Now you can also be "happy at work" and have to work 80 hours a week to make 35k a year. I think it's all about your priorities.

  12. I'm at that point right now, but because of the recession, I've been patiently waiting for my industry (Construction) to bounce back.

    I love where I work and what I do, but was denied promotion and raises froze due to cutback on the project. I'm lucky as they laid off 80% of staff on the project so I was clearly considered crucial. But not having the title I want and the pay I want is starting to bother me.

    Recently I have been doing some searching and looking at other opportunities. Overseas is looking promising

  13. Every one of these applies to me (except being grossly underpaid since 70% of the time these days, I'm surfing the internet).

    I hate my job so much, I'm looking forward to the impending layoff in June.

    1. Bwhahaha! All of these apply to me to *re-checks* except # 1. I pay these folk no mind. I don't let this crap put me on edge.

      I WISH I would get laid off. I have my laid off plan all mapped out in my head. Hell, if I don't find a new job by September, I may lay myself off (with proper planning of course)

      You know, when I'm really depressed at work I listen to "This Can't Be Life" by Jay-Z or "Spaceship" by Kanye West.

      Sh*t is that real.

  14. Lol at this post.

    grossly underpaid was definitely me. until i made them fire me quit. now i make more than i did working for them. hahaha.

    and i think grossly underpaid with highly unrealistic extra expectations for said pay, leads to job loathe and BSing whilst at the job you hate. life is too short. time to quit and be a Basketball Wife.

    i kid. i kid. lol

  15. I don't hate my job. I've been here a long time and there were times when I have hated it. Having a bad manager or being underpaid will make you hate a job. After I got the raise I should have gotten three years ago it helped a lot.

    What I like most about my job is I pretty much get to do whatever I want. It's like I run a small buisness within the company so pretty much do what I want and come and go when I want.

    Now I have come to realize that I probably won't move much farther without a Masters. I'm taking a class now and doing well but it is taking so much of my free time. I am questioning whether I want to invest three years of my life and $40,000 into a Masters just to make more money. I could just as easily save $40,000 and invest in a buisness. But I have no delusions about how hard it is to start a buisness and live off of it. I work with contractors every day so I know it is an up and down thing. There are times most self employed people wish they had a regular job.

    So I have decisions to make. I like school but I feel like I am giving up the things I love just to get a Masters I really don't care to much about. The Masters is only to make more money.

    1. I feel you. I'm trying to either get a post-grad certificate, work for a couple of years and then get a Masters, or a post-grad certificate immediately followed by a Masters. Either way, the Masters is only for advancement and $$ purposes. I could do without the extra years of schooling and the new debt I'll have to amass. I rather like being 100% debt-free.

  16. I have a lot of unsupervised time and I'm grateful for it. But with that being said…

    Finding myself coming in a little later every week and taking a slightly longer lunches every day definitely means it's time to start looking elsewhere

  17. Other signs you hate you job:

    1. You no longer try to hide what's on your computer screen even though its not work related.

    2. Your boss makes a bonehead decision and instead of warning her you can't wait to carry it out so you can watch it blow up in her face.

    3. You rent the biggest most expensive car on buisness trips.

    4. Voicmail answers all your phone calls

    5. Everyday is casual Friday.

    6. You don't say anything in staff meetings cause you really don't give a ufck


    1. 2.  You boss makes a bonehead decision and instead of warning her you can't wait to carry it out so you can watch it blow up in her face.

      I do this often. I shrug my shoulders, smile and laugh hysterically inside. But what I find most interesting is when they implement the idea you mentioned prior to them making the decision.

      1. My ex-boss once asked me if I played in a band cause every time he walked by my desk I was looking at new equipment for my home studio. ROFL

        Dat bamma had lost all credibility with me cause nobody in the office was doin any work but me. Eventually I was like ufk it…..started doin my shoppin at work. ROFL

  18. For me it's always the moment I realize I'm smarter than my boss that I know it's time to quit. If I'm done learning I'm bored and that leads to everything on Streetzie's list.

  19. I like my job actually. At first I did not because of an evil person that is no longer here (it was either her or me). Now we are a small family and we all get along great too. However, I don't see myself doing this forever and I am already preparing for my next career.

    I run my department and report to one person so I don't have anybody in my face or over my shoulders. It makes it easier to take a few moments to come to SBM throughout the day and chat with all me e-buddies.

    I make great money for the area and firm size (cuz a sister don't take shorts AT ALL). I just know that my future is not in this. I plan to write my own checks soon.

  20. OKay so this is off subject but… I used to date this guy who was a complete Neanderthal. He was rude, loud, cursed ALL the time, was a minbo, and was an embarrassing drunk. He also was and still is on occasion a male stripper. His favorite thing to say to his guy friends when they were talking ish to each other was "dude, suck my D$ck", or some other crude phrase involving his d#ck. I often wondered about this and a few other of his character traits, like the fact that he shaves all his body hair. Is there a chance that this guy has some gay tendencies that he's repressing or not… repressing???

  21. Streetz you nailed it in the head…. I definitely need a new job… so tired of it… actually tired of the people I work with… they are just working my last nerve literally… i'm not gonna leave the place until i securely have another one… but the Lord knows that I'm done with this job…

    Great post too!

  22. Great post. As a person working in HR, a former recruiter, and someone that used to hate their gig, I cosign.

    I'd add (related to first point) that when you come home feeling mentally and emotionally drained from being at work, it's time to make some changes asap. It will actually start to show in your interaction with people you talk to daily outside of work and you may not even know that work is causing it.

    I actually love my current job. I'm in the day gig field I wanted and work for a great organization that gives back to the global community. It took months of frustration and borderline depression from stress at my last job before I got this though. Couldn't be happier now…unless I was a full-time writer/blogger/online person.

  23. I cosign that we do the job simply to have money to do the things we love. Im amazed some of you can look at this blog from work computers. Thats a big no no. Im even too paranoid to open up personal emails.

    Two employees were recently dismissed for facebook usage. Idiots.

    1. lol Before everyone thinks you're trying to take shots at them, right? It's the same thing at my company. The Customer Service department is under the most scrutiny, and people get in trouble for mis-use of Lotus Notes IMs & emails. It's crazy how micro-managed people are within the company and particularly my department. I almost didn't take the job to begin with because the manager had said something that made my ears perk up and prompted some serious research that revealed a lot of their idiosyncrasies..but at the end of the day, the pros outweighed the cons. Personal use of computers is supposed to be limited to the one in the break room, and only during one's lunch hour. If I had time to resent it, I'm sure I would. Fortunately or unfortunately, the workload keeps me insanely busy.

      1. Heh exactly! Don't want to offend (unless I deliberately was trying to do so)

        But I agree. My company is so micromanaged its a bit of a worry sometimes.

        But like you the benefits (the training, career development, positive staff) keeps me there and as a new graduate, I cant really complain.

  24. you know its time to go when you sit in your car a full five minutes bawling your eyes out before trudging into your office. yep, that was me after holding on to hopelessness for 10 years at a job that i knew wasn't a good fit on day one – hell, i knew it at the interview. i took it and stayed because it was "a good job" with phenomenal pay and benefits for what i actually did. and that was the problem – i didn't actually do much. in a world where there is so much that needs to be done (and some of it is soul stirring, 'this is my purpose, oprah" good stuff) i was just pushing paper and clogging an already clogged system. i left it all behind 5 years ago and haven't looked back. well, maybe a glance or two when i'm having a stress moment – but have never had a minute of tear and tissue time since.


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