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Here’s Why I Wouldn’t Recommend a Black Man Date White Women



Black Man don’t date white women
Lot of you woulda smashed, but later regretted it.

I don’t have to tell you much about why I would write a post on a topic like why black men don’t date white women.  I was surprised one day when I was dismissed from a conversation about dating white women by a group of Black women who said, “Shut up, we know you’re the type to date white women.” And … everyone was okay with that.  They weren’t mad at me, they just announced and kept it moving.  I never really knew what that meant until later, but basically, they were saying, our beef isn’t with the Black men who are the type to date white women, it’s with those who do it just because.  So I guess with that said since I don’t usually like to talk about interracial dating, but am asked to all the time, I think I’d give some commentary on reasons why I would suggest a black man should refrain from dating a white woman.

6 reasons why black men don’t date white women:


A lot of those stereotypes aren’t really true about white women

I think a lot of Black men get excited about the rumors about white women being more promiscuous and freakier in the bedroom.  That’s actually pretty false, the freakiest woman I’ve ever been with might have been white, but in terms of sheer numbers, it was Black women.  One thing I will say though is there are a small number of white women who insist on living up to expectations, (Read: stereotypes), that was pretty interesting.

You don’t date white women who enable you

So, I have this funny feeling that Kid Cudi is my cousin, and I’ll tell you why.  I was dating this girl one time and she was annoying the hell out of me one time when we were out for drinks with some friends.  After a while, it led to an argument, not really an argument, but it was me exploding because I had been drinking and I said, “Just go home, go the f*ck home, take my keys, go to my apartment and do not go to sleep until I get there.” Son…. She said, “OK.” She actually did that, and that let me know that you just can’t give men that type of power in a relationship, I had to get away from her.

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They’re sort of weird

No matter how much you try, you’ll never understand why they have to wash their hair everyday or put baby powder in it at times.  You’re never going to understand the various things they eat that you would never have tried growing up in a Black home.  You’re just not.  Let it go.  And you’re never, not ever, going to understand their logic.  You’ll either get a control freak, chances: 1 in 6, or you’ll get the most passive individual you’ve ever met in your life.  Anytime you try and ask her what she wants she’ll respond, “Whatever you want is fine with me.” This can go on for hours.

You gonna have to teach her some ish

There’s going to come to a point in time that something is going to happen and she’s not going to understand it because either she’s a woman or she’s white.  You’re going to have to be the one to teach her.  And it might cause you to sell out some people that you should normally be loyal too.  For example when she asks you, “Why is she so loud?” … Do you really want to answer that question?

Their hair will be everywhere

Let me circle back for a second because people complain about “other” women’s hair a lot and call it good hair, but that’s not always true.  There’s nothing worse than someone walking up to you and taking a long strand of blonde hair off your shirt.  You just don’t know how to answer it.  The hair will be everywhere in your house, her house, car, clothes, and wallet.  You’ll be pulling strands of hair out places you couldn’t imagine.

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Would you rather a chick cry or argue

This is just from my personal experience, but I’ve dated white women who either went bat sh*t, or they just started crying … in public.  You know I’ve never seen “other” women break down crying unless they told a dude they were pregnant and he was like, “Um… so” and walked away, or found out he was cheating on her with his … wife.  But there’s nothing like having a woman cry in public about you, and there’s nothing worse than when that woman is white.  Put it to you like this, you just don’t want to give the impression to other white men that you are hurting a white woman.

All jokes aside, this is actually very true and probably the best advice I can give any guy who is seriously considering dating white women.  If you think that by dating a white chick you’ll get away from the sh*t you have to put up with “other” women, that’s just not all the way true.  There’s a plethora of crap that you put up with because you’re dating a woman.  That’s why I always recommend that all men and women date outside their race so they can stop blaming problems with the gender on race.  And also that makes you a quitter.  Never be a quitter.

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Now, I said, “that’s just not all the way true.” There are some very clear differences.  For me, I hate discussing race all the time.  And when you date someone in your race, you’re going to spend a significant amount of time talking about it.  Well, that’s one reason why I date the “other” chicks that have those sweatshirts that say, Phillips Exeter, but that’s neither here nor there.  Anyway, let me give you a very valuable piece of advice, don’t ever say the following statement, “You’re no different than the Black women I date.” She’ll react no different than if you said, “This is why I don’t date Black women” to a Black woman. Dr. V


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  1. LMFAO. Um…

    I know more freaky non-White women than I do White women. So that "They do more freaky sh!t" is a false and void "statement". The Yes [Wo]Man. Can never say no. Sort of weird? Teach some stuff? Lol it's no fun when you can't make racial jokes. Yeah, some of my 2520 friends are on the slow side. Then I whip out the race card. And now with the HAIR EVERYWHERE. I hate that with a fiery passion. I've pulled long blonde and/or red hair from sweaters and it kills me because I can never remember when I was around someone with that damn hair. It bothers me when I see the hair in the sink at my friends' dorms. Like *shudder* just, clean up after yourself.

    Just a response to your madness. Lol smh

    1. when i was in ms/hs my mom would get so mad at me when i'd come home with blond hair on my sweatpants, as if i wanted it there lol.

      but that dorm shower drain is nasty. sometimes i'm scared to take a shower. i remember a time when i didn't have my glasses on and i thought there was a dead animal in there smh. things like this make me think 2520s are just unhygienic…

      1. Did you just say "white people" hair? You ain't right, lol. Let's go with straight or fine hair. Being as though most of the people in this world have straight hair, not sure that make it white.

        And go watch Good Hair as your punishment!

    2. Im a white man that is with a white woman that was with a black man one time and that is something I am totaly against.I asked her when we first met if she has ever been with a black man and she lied to me cause she knew I would have walked away and never given her a chance to be with me.So she finally tells me the truth after being with me for 3 monthes.I am still with her but it is hard for me knowing she has been with a black man,That to me is a slut and the lowest thing you can do.I am not predise I just think it should be black on black and white on white.I no longer go down on her just knowing there was a black dick in there before.That is where the term once you go black you never go back comes from.No normal white guy will ever want a white woman if shes stooped that low…..

      1. You’re out of your fucking racist mind. That girl better leave you immediately if she has any self respect. You don’t go down on her because you know you have NOTHING on a black man’s oral skills, not because “there was a black dick in there before.” Ridiculous.

  2. Who put baby powder in their hair? I've been around a white woman or two in my day and I ain't seen that one before.

    1. I had the same reaction. I actually googled 'baby powder in hair' and wow, I guess a lot of (probably White) people do that. Never heard of that.

    2. It's a way of washing your hair without actually washing it. Lots of white women <del>and Black women such as myself who act like white women</del> do it.

      1. How is baby powder supposed to "wash" your hair? That's like not bathing for a month and thinking a stick of deo is gonna put a dent in that funk your body is emitting.

      2. I am a white female, I have never put baby powder in my hair. Yes I wash my hair. I love black men, their body is very different from a white man, their body is more well defined. I dont just mean sexually either. I say as a white woman who has been with a black man. Once you experience a black man sexually you dont go back to white man.

        1. Maxie,

          Try the new Tresemme dry shampoo… Me thinks it works better than baby powder. Or at least my weave likes it… lol.

    3. they do it when they haven't had time to wash it…it keeps the oil down…that is why they wash it everyday anyway it gets really greasy

      1. I am a white female who washes her hair with water and shampoo. If someone does not have time to wash their hair, what else arent they washing. That is dirty.. ehwe

    4. I am so ashamed at these responses. All of you are racist and lame and are the reasons why the divide amongst people are still present. What about love? What if a black man loves a white women? How can you tell if he is there for love or just b/c. You are not a real doc and all these reponses are so ignorant. If I wanted to be mean I could say you black people’s hair looks like pubes! That you are mean and angry and always a victim. That no matter what, nothing will ever be good enough for you b/c you feel the world owes you and who would want to date a bitter depressed unhappy bigot? Shame on all of you! Laugh if you want to and act like you have unity all while you grow more fear in your beings. You act just like the white man. This post was one of the most ridiculous posts I have ever read! I will pray for you to be given more love and hope you can overcome this shyt b/c you never know you who you are passing up as a great friend or lover. Just sad and appauling.

      1. Not sure why u stayed and read all the comments if u feel this way obviously this site is not for u. It seems ur the one with all the issues with ur mean comments. White people always crashing black party and upset mad because they don’t like what’s being said well here’s a bit of advice: stay the fuck out and keep ur comments this conversation is not for you period.

    5. This is one of the most racist post ive read so far….for one you dont have a clue about what your talking about, most of the things that you mentioned in this post are just fucking stupid like you made them up. I am a mixed guy black/white/indian so i know first hand. If your weren't a racist you wouldn't have a problem talking about inter racial dating because honestly that's no big deal at all. I don't judge anyone by their skin color. My family is all mixed black/white white/mexican mexican/black you name it and we got it. I don't know were you got this information from but i think you should do some research, better yet go out and do your own research so you will know first hand instead of just pulling crap out your ass.
      My recent post We’ll be uploading our entire MINDS to computers by 2045

    6. I love all women asian , chinese, black, white, mexican, latina, blue purple, and green color does not matter and thats the way it should be. I would just like to respond to one comment i read. Please explain to me how a white woman dating a black is not the same as a black man dating a white woman that is the exact same thing just vise versa so who ever commented that must of been smoking some of that GANJA.
      My recent post We’ll be uploading our entire MINDS to computers by 2045

  3. I have no idea where I am going to go with THIS, But I am so excited whatever my bullsh*t brain is going to come up with

    Good Post… Dr. Jay… And I can't wait to comment…

  4. i thought this was gonna be satire, then i read it and was like HOLY SHIT.

    I [dated] a white girl and yes her hair was EVERYWHERE, and what was even crazier, when we kissed her nose, kept getting in the way.

    she was freaky as shit though. 3 input without asking…

    i hope she dont see this shit, lol.

    1. HAAAA!!! THIS—–> (I [dated] a white girl and yes her hair was EVERYWHERE, and what was even crazier, when we kissed her nose, kept getting in the way)

      is the funniest ish i've seen all day!

    2. The hair thing is weird because you can experience this with just about anyone. I'm mad a bunch of BW were talking about hair in the sink and shower, because that happens to them too. A chick with a weave will do that, pretty much any chick who brushes her hair gonna have some of it coming out. It's all about what she does with it. Latinas and Asian women have this problem too.

      I remember one time in college my roommate found a dred in his bed. Now that was really interesting. Not because a dred is married to the head, but because how in thee hell did it come out.

      1. the dreads get weak if they aren't kept up and they will break off…check out people you see with dreads and you will see some people have lost them particularly in the front because they haven't taken care of them and the weight of them will lead to breakage

      2. Omg thank you! White women aren’t the only ones w/ hair everywhere
        Obviously yall ain’t live with a black girl to know that most of them shed even more than white girls lmao
        I’ll be in class and you’ll see strands in the middle of the floor, it’s a damn shame.. So don’t come out w/ that shit
        All races shed hair, latinas (me), asians, blacks, whites. Whatever.
        This post was extremely ignorant and sounds butt-hurt.
        And i don’t know any white girl that puts powder in their head, obviously OP must’ve dated low class PEOPLE (notice how i didn’t say the term ‘white’ because it shouldn’t be just whites) to have known that.
        I’m not trying to go against anybody or offend anyone (my bad if i did in the first few sentences) but it irritates me that the writer thinks only white girls shed hair, that is soooooo off.
        This post is stupid as fuck,
        Let people love who they want. No wonder you’re the “single” black male. Smh

  5. "That’s why I always recommend that all men and women date outside their race so they can stop blaming problems with the gender on race. And also that makes you a quitter. Never be a quitter."

    Even though I'm not really comfortable dating outside my race yet, this line was a winner for me.

    Also, Dr. Jay, -2 million points for dating the girls in Phillips Exeter sweatshirts. I went to the better Phillips – my sweatshirts say Andover 😉

    Great post. I'll be back to say more in the morning – I need to finish this paper.

    1. Funny thing about this comment is that the quitter part is key. This weekend, while hanging around my boys they asked me about dating BW and I said, "It's not my fault, i'll date anyone, but it ain't been working out for me." As I get older I always let people know, I haven't quit though, I probably just ain't meet the right one. I would never just quit on BW, but I will admit that it hasn't really worked out for me.

  6. Hey, Dr. J, welcome to the You're-the-Type-to-Date-2520s (But-I-Won't-Tell-You-Why-I-Say-That-or-What-That-Means-Exactly) Club. Our numbers are on the rise.

    1. I've been in the club for a minute now. My first real girlfriend in life was a Latina, but everybody thought she was white. I guess because she would probably consider herself white as opposed to black in her country anyway. But we came together on that. Everyone thought she was white when she a Latina, and everyone thought I was some privileged upper class Black dude, when I was catcihng metro from the hood.

      Sort of the same thing.

  7. Great post. Though many of these points could be the same reasons why black women shouldn't date white men.

    The main exception would be the crying. I don't have him crying in front of the female. At most he'll cop an attitude and proceed to the nearest bar to immediately get wastie face.

  8. Good Morning Dr. Jay

    A man who keeps his promises is a man I admire… I say that because I really like to make & keep promises… That is why I rarely do…

    I wrote a tweet the other day the I 95% stand by…

    “TAARenaissance I need to get off of #TeamBlackWomen For an extended period of time… I can find my #TeamAss #TeamTits, & #TeamFreak elsewhere… #FML…”

    Like Dr. J said about marriage, It doesn’t matter the reasons, because the end result, I will be chasing Non-Black Women… I will give other races more flexibility than I would give a BW… If a stranger BW wants my attention, she has some legwork to do…

    Now, as I stated in an earlier post… My hierarchy in dating American Women is…



    #TeamLatinaWomen (They are Black Too, But The Culture Is Different & They Deny Their Blackness, SMH)

    #TeamAsianWomen (If they are apart of #TeamBigAss & #TeamBigTits)

    So it is only natural that when you take BW out of the picture, WW are the Apple of My Eyes…

    To Keep It Buck, I am tired of dealing with BW BS, so I would rather a taste of some WW BS… Let me address Dr. Jay’s points…

    A lot of those stereotypes aren’t really true about white women

    (SideEye…) I think Dr. Jay you forgot the racial component that goes into WW dating BM… Just like I pointed out that I would give more flexibility to a WW than a BW… A lot of WW would do things for BM… that they wouldn’t do for WM… So while your point holds up… Something tells me that if you ask a lot of BM of their experiences with WW… You will hear the stereotypes more often than not…

    BTW, I have dated two WG in my lifetime… One lived out in Long Beach, NY… And she gave me head in a movie theatre on the first date… Her parents were very <DEL> uninvolved </DEL> cool… She stopped f.ucking with me because I told her I didn’t want to be her monogamous boyfriend (sideeyes @Starita34)

    The other WG I dated, I did get to beat it up… FAST… She was of the white trash type… I ended up leaving her for a BG… So make of that what you will…

    They’re sort of weird

    Sigh, So Am I… I was just talking with my family how I been “kicked out of the Black Community” for a LONG TIME… Because

    – I Speak Proper English

    – I Am Not Into The Sneaker, Clothing, Jewelry, Car Culture

    – I Do Not Smoke (Mary-Juana Or Newports) , & Rarely Drink (4-5 times in my lifetime)

    – I Don’t Go Clubbing

    – I Am An Accomplished BookWorm & Information Whore

    – I Am EasyGoing, Polite, Feminine (Call It What You Want…)

    So when you say, WW are weird… That speaks to me… Cause I rarely ever was called a “Normal Black Male”… And I don’t match up with Most BW, educated or uneducated…

    You gonna have to teach her some ish

    Every woman I date/encounter I HAVE to teach her something… that is in my nature to teach… no different for WW…

    Their hair will be everywhere

    Especially the way I love to pull it… Although not a problem… I can see how this can get annoying…

    Would you rather a chick cry or argue

    Cry… When We Are Having Epic S.ex… When We Are Sharing Traumatic Experiences… & Miscellaneous Reasons… But if she is making a scene in public and/or crying… (sounds like BW more than WW) I have FAILED her as her MAN…

    Put it to you like this, you just don’t want to give the impression to other white men that you are hurting a white woman.

    THIS!!!… When I am dealing with WW… I worry about

    – Dealing with her parents & friends…

    – Dealing with the BS from BW & WM… (The most insulting thing is if Black Women are checking for me all of a sudden I have another woman in the picture…)

    – <DEL> Letting her know that it is okay for her or any white person to use the “N” word around me, just make it sound WAVY </DEL>

    – Or any other issue that comes with dating women in GENERAL…

    That’s why I always recommend that all men and women date outside their race so they can stop blaming problems with the gender on race. And also that makes you a quitter. Never be a quitter.

    Knowing when to cut your losses is a SMART way of life… Others just call it quitting… BTW I believe BW should date WM, and I encourage it… But the reasons you never see that in astronomical number is…

    – BW are generally not attracted to WM and vice versa

    – If WM go for BW, it is a particular kind of BW (skinny, cultured, lacking the stereotypical BW BS)

    – WM see BW someone they would F.UCK, not MARRY

    – BW can get away with more F.UCKERY with BM than WM… or any On-Point Man with Standards

    I like this article, off the strength, that if you are a BM looking to date any Non-Black Woman, you are STILL taking YOU into that relationship… And sometimes no matter who you date, the same issues always seem to come up…

    Don’t Take It Personal – Max B.

    1. So many things I can say, but OVERALL I agree with and LOVED your comment! I'm not gonna pull that, "well, not ALL black women are…" because that's bullshit and NONE of us are sitting up here saying that "ALL" anything is anything. I HATE that derail.


    2. Adonis, I have to put the popcorn down. You made your points heard without going in and putting people on the defensive. **dramatic slow clap**

      Had to give you your shine on this one. Whether or not anyone agrees, this is a comment that could start a discussion, not necessarily an argument. Good luck with your search for your Princess Leia. Just remember, when the grass is always greener, it takes a lot of Shitake to keep it that way.

      1. I don't get why anyone should get offended/defensive… I really don't…

        But of course it is the people who are the MOST guilty…

        Thanks… Enjoy Your Morning

    3. Very good points not offended at all however this Latina proudly claims my American Dominican Brown heritage…my mother is taking that she "ain't black" shit to the grave…its just the mentality, especially noticed in DR.

      Don't know about all them other Brown Spanish folk

    4. – "I Am EasyGoing, Polite, Feminine (Call It What You Want…) "

      okay i was with you on your list…thinking he should not be excluded from being a brotha because he is not into..xyz… then i saw this… what's up with the feminine thing?? men who are not gay and not feminine don't want to hang around men who are and sistas don't want a feminine brotha even if he says he isn't gay….

      1. @Drw, in reference to your comment… people sideeye me, when I say I am a slightly feminine male…

        Put this in another way…

        Masculine energy or swagger just doesn't come easy & natural to me (yet)… It is something I have to develop… And if I decided to exclusively date BW in my city… I have no choice but to be HARD, Machismo, etc…

        These women value that over anything else you can offer them…

        I hope that answered your question…

        Enjoy Your Afternoon

    5. " BW are generally not attracted to WM and vice versa

      – If WM go for BW, it is a particular kind of BW (skinny, cultured, lacking the stereotypical BW BS)

      – WM see BW someone they would F.UCK, not MARRY

      – BW can get away with more F.UCKERY with BM than WM… or any On-Point Man with Standards"

      OK, on these points I think you're misinformed. If you have a chance please read "Don't Bring Home a White Boy" by Karyn Folan as it debates these points you're making and more. http://www.amazon.com/Dont-Bring-Home-White-Boy/d
      I found it at my local library but on amazon they got used copies from $1 on up.

      1. You have piqued my interest… I hope to check it out some time… thank you…

        Although it would have been nice for you to summed up the book to dispute those points…

    6. "Sigh, So Am I… I was just talking with my family how I been “kicked out of the Black Community” for a LONG TIME… Because

      – I Speak Proper English

      – I Am Not Into The Sneaker, Clothing, Jewelry, Car Culture

      – I Do Not Smoke (Mary-Juana Or Newports) , & Rarely Drink (4-5 times in my lifetime)

      – I Don’t Go Clubbing

      – I Am An Accomplished BookWorm & Information Whore

      – I Am EasyGoing, Polite, Feminine (Call It What You Want…)

      So when you say, WW are weird… That speaks to me… Cause I rarely ever was called a “Normal Black Male”… And I don’t match up with Most BW, educated or uneducated"

      Ummmm youre soo ignorant….should of went to Howard U…. lol thats all i have to say about that…(met different women, we might be the same "race" {which is a made up concept anyways} but truly or diverse)

  9. I co-sign

    I like that you took the women are women, they are humans and they all act in messed ways but their actions should not be assessed based on their racial background approach. (if my interruptions are right)

    I must admit that I once had a problem with interracial dating and swore to myself that I would never be in an interracial relationship. I’m no longer against interracial dating and have shared with my friends that I’m willing to date the entire United Nations….lol I have also learned that the reason I was against interracial dating was because the way individuals who had interracial relationships define their reasons for why they chose to do so. I would hear Black men say ‘I don’t date black women because _____’ then I would hear Black women say ‘I don’t date black men because _______’ This often made me upset because I would ask them how does your argument differ from someone saying that all Black men and women are ______ (insert stereotype) or that they should not hire a Black person because of what the previous Black person did.

    It all comes down to the fact that we make generalizations everyday our daily interactions. But we should really think before we make those generalizations and how they may affect us.

    P.S. one thing I would not miss from college is random ass people hair all over my clothes. GROSS!

  10. I honestly love this. Because it's true.

    Now, forgive me for sounding entirely hypocritical, but I have dated (and am currently in an amazing 2-year+ relationship with a) white dude(s). And a black woman with a white man is not the same as a black man with a white woman. ALL THINGS ARE NOT CREATED EQUAL, bitches.

    If a black man and a white woman end up battling for whatever, the white woman will probably always win because of who she is. If shit goes down, no black man would ever win against a white woman. Divorce court, *claims* of abuse/violence, etc. JUST CAIN'T WIN, mandingo!

    When it comes to me dating my wonderful white dude, at least I *know* that HE is dating UP by dating me. This ain't no "I hate myself and can't stand black men; I should date white guys!" type of thing. No. I just genuinely have a wonderful relationship with an amazing white guy, and he worships the ground I walk on and will do anything for me.

    I do feel bad about joking about him being my slave, though….not. I also don't feel bad about reminding him that he's a cracker too…. but he's also the one who said at the beginning of one of our podcast shows: "If the revolution comes, I'll kill my cracker kids first just to prove how serious I am." I died.

    I have, however, in the PAAAAST, dated a dumb white guy who had the AUDACITY to tell me that the only reason why he dated black girls, primarily, was because "white girls wouldn't talk to him."

    Fucking lehooseherr!

    Love this. Keep it ups.

        1. Wow. Duh. I already follow you and you follow me. I bet you probably are the one who tweeted this link into my Twitstream. My comment above is a great example of the beauty of being able to delete a comment before it goes live…but IDGAF! I'm leaving it!

        2. You BW Bloggers are off the meatrack…

          I do have a "Twitterrer"…

          Today is going to be the Wild Wild West in this MotherMother…

          I like the fact that you & your beau keep it so real, and is so comfortable, despite the racial barriers…

          One of the things I believe in which MOST relationship lack, hetero and/or homo-racial… Is TOTAL intimacy… I believe that when you are with the love of your life… You should be TOTALLY naked to them in every sense of the word…

          Thanks… And PLEASE… If you have ANY legitimate rebuttals… Please don't hesitate to call me to the carpet…

          Enjoy Your Morning

    1. I chukled all throughout your comment(s)…your guy sounds pretty cool…you seem to have a pretty comfy relationship..and you both have a sense of humor about your relationship….I doubt if I will ever go white but if I did I would want a guy like that……

      1. I'm Zambian. I don't have a choice! Of course, if we have children, they'll be part white, but my man isn't one of those "ethnic" white folk; he's just an American white. So clearly, my heritage and ethnicity will come into play. I'm not trynna raise no cracker kids. 🙂

    2. Are you sure you're black?!?!?!? Cause you sound pretty damn dumb!!! Whether you realize it or not, crazy ass!!! Anytime you get into it with a white man or white woman, (regardless of being a black man or black woman), people are going to be rooting for white person. Be nice if most black women won cases against white men but that shit's not going to happen because to do so would be to put a crack in the white power structure they labored hundreds of years to keep in tact. Your racial representation precedes your gender representation, because in their eyes, give blacks an inch and they'll take a mile, therefore, make it a general rule, not to give to negros, regardless of age, education, religion, occupation, etc. To be a black woman born in america, you sure can be a dumb ass when it comes to race relations.

  11. @ Adonis-

    Yes. Being with my crazy man, for whatever reason, gives ME more freedom to be even BIGGER and BLACKER than I've ever been. I don't think I've ever pushed BLACKNESS (which is synonymous with EXCELLENCE) in a white person's face until him. But he appreciates, believes in, and recognizes it as well (which is RARE for white people to be able to do).

    And believe it or not, my white ass boyfriend was the one who bugged me to "go natural" because he "couldn't marry a woman whose REAL hair he'd never seen."

    I mean, can't argue with that.

    And finally, I am ridiculous and say nutty things. If I actually take issue with anything, I will let you know. But if I call you a crazy ass and swear at you, chances are I think you're really funny… (and not only that, but I really don't get offended by anything.)

    1. BW better not give you a PASS for dating WM, and then get in my as$ for desiring to pick WW over BM…

      Your Black Sisters love to make AS$es of themselves on these eStreets…

      God Bless Your Relationship <DEL> And I hope you get married, although I love married women too… 😉 </DEL>

        1. I ain't want to get deep into deeper points. But I will say this, white women have been known to blame relationships that ended bad on the fact that the dude was Black. But when they start talking it always goes south because it's always some typical excuse. Whether that woman is Black, white, Puerto Rican or Haitian it always burns when a woman says, "I'm never dating a Black man again."

    2. the one thing i noticed immediately when i went natural, was how many white men started chatting me up and/or hitting on me. it was alarming. they love the natural hair. lol

      1. This is very true for me as well! I get more compliments about my natural hair from White men than I do from Black men.

  12. I love this post..and it is very humorous…I just don't have anything to add…I will sit back in the cut today and wait for the men to comment…..

  13. I used to have a problem with BM dating and marrying WM becuase of the stereotypes. Today not so much. I have seen some loud, big arsed, WM *shrug*

    But for some reason I still stare, I still eye them down and trying to see what it is about this WM that made him take leave. *shrug*

    I have decided that I would date man of any race. But I love my brothas so if you see me in the streets with a WM that looks like Brad Pitt… *shrugs*

    We should be with someone who at the end of the day is going to hold you down and if they happen to be of another race; that it does not play a factor in an argument. How do you come back from that one? Jail, racial slurs, the eyes from close friends and family?? Its different from another race. It isn't the same when she calls Pookie n 'em or when you call Tyrone. Honestly WP do not understand what we go through on a daily basis.

    LOL @ explaining shit. If they are willing to cross over they need to do their homework and no it is not okay for you to use our slang *cuz you sound stupid* Lord knows they have crammed their history down our throats so they should know ours!

    Okay I have to get back to my books! Thanks for the awesome post!

  14. Ok forget about black man's kryptonite for a second, I was going to make some comment's but I reversed this scenario and wondered what I read this about black women ? What if I read a column calling black women sexual freaks or Comments about their hair or that black women are too passive or agressive or loud or quiet.

    Gonna have to sit this one out.

    1. Sambaguy,

      Yeah that would be odd wouldn't it be, it would be just like 99% of what people claim they read on the internet everyday about Black relationships. That's why I decided to do something different and talk about a topic that is not touched on frequently by Black men. I would enjoy a conversation about this, instead of comparing it to a conversation about Black women. The point was to be different. Can't understand how people get mad and claim that Black men are always riding Black women, but when there's a different topic offered….


  15. " Anyway, let me give you a very valuable piece of advice, don’t ever say the following statement, “You’re no different than the Black women I date.”  She’ll react no different than if you said, “This is why I don’t date Black women” to a Black woman."

    Seems like some great advice to me.

  16. Is there a list for why black women shouldn't date white men? I just tweeted yesterday about being nervous about bringing a white-surfer-cowabunga-man home to my parents. Do these same rules apply to me?

    1. That's a great point. I would write a post on that topic, but that would make my fingers and eyes bleed from writing the post. I do think there's a few reasons why I wouldn't recommend. But let me say this, i'm not saying I advise people not to date, this probably would have been best titled, "A list of things to take into consideration when deciding to date white women."

    2. @ Dr J. -Go ahead and write a post about it, I'm interested on what you'd have to share.

      @Sane, your ex-husband was white right? I have dated white men before but never brought one home. My latest fixation is a "California surfer" boy…idk, how well we will mesh.

      1. Hmm..very interesting. I too was wondering about the BW + WM interracial dating faux pas…as WM are my latest fixation.

        Of course, I don't think the SBM writers can really help here, for lack of experience…but maybe a female guest blogger who has had experience can shed light.

        To be sure, the VERY few (1 1/2) that I have dated has made the relationship interesting only in the context of how society views us. There's always a shocked look and/or we always get special treatment.

        For both men, I was the first Black chick they've "dated" "kissed" etc. Funny thing, race comes up in conversation all the time, without the awkwardness. It's a learning experience for all.

        Other than that, the same issues come up as they do dating Black guys.

        Being attracted to WM is not an affront to my amazing BM…I just don't discriminate. And as long as I have United Nations as my colleagues and as long as I travel the world (Brazil in 3 weeks…YAY!!!), my range of attraction will forever expand.

        The most important thing is that we're connected mentally, emotionally and physically. Color is of no consequence.

        1. "The most important thing is that we’re connected mentally, emotionally and physically. Color is of no consequence."


          I just happened to marry the first WM I ever dated. Still trying to figure out why it matters… maybe I'm oblivious… but I couldn't be happier, so I'll take it.

  17. How about dating outside your race just cause you happen to meet a cool person who happens to look a little bit different? I have always been a fan of inclusion. Hell variety is the spice of life. I have dated American white women and a European white woman (STONE KRAAZEEEE!). Having sampled many a flavor of the rainbow, I can honestly say that black women are just my preference. I see the beauty in all women but there is just something about the nice chocolatey ones. I don't really see anything long term or permanent coming out of my interactions with "others" mainly because of cultural differences and the fact that I'm not really the type of black dude that they like (I scare people). But I have been wrong before. This could be another one of those times…..

  18. It's crazy how these reasons mirror why I wouldn't date a white man (minus the crying).
    I my primary reason is Strength. I love a strong assertive man, and no white man has ever given me strong or assertive. They give me "yes dear". I cant stand that mess.

    1. I don't know about that. I have a lot of white male friends who are strong, assertive and have no problem putting women in their place. Black or white women at that. There's something about a person who exudes privilege that puts them in an awkward position when dating. In fact when I think about it, most of the passive men that I know are Black. That's because they haven't let themselves get pass the power of P.U.S.S.Y. And that's pretty tragic. I do know soft spoken white men, but I wouldn't let that fool me. There are times when someone might have said that about me or other men in my network. Just because we aren't assertive, doesn't mean we can be easily moved. For example, "I've already answered that question" is one of my favorite phrases because it means, i've already said what i'm going to say, this conversation is over. It's a soft spoken, yet very aggressive move.

      1. THIS!!! It seems like alot of women want you to be Super Sayian Aggressive Alot Of The Time… I'll check a b*tch if necessary, I think some get OUT OF POCKET just because they want to see you demonstrate your strength & boundaries…

        1. "I think some get OUT OF POCKET just because they want to see you demonstrate your strength & boundaries…"

          Eh, you call it OUT OF POCKET. I call it FOREPLAY.

          To each his own…. :o)

      2. you know, this comment makes a lot of sense. some of the most assertive and confident (and sometimes unyielding) men i've ever met all came from an affluent background.

      3. I have seen my share of pu$$y whipped men of all races. I am also not saying that there aren't strong white men out there. Honestly, I'm just in love with black men. *shrug* Sue me. I'll probably never explore the "wonderful" world of white men. Maybe some other race, but white… Naaaaa

  19. this post made me chuckle. that hair everywhere thing sounds like owning a puppy. one of the reasons why i don't own one now.

    i've never seriously dated a white man, but i can imagine some of the reasons would be the same. i'm not against black men dating white women, as that would be pretty much shunning nearly half my family and my german grandmother, but two of my brothers who dated white and latina women exclusively for a while (one of them has a child by one) had a lot of the same reasons for stopping.

    the why is she so loud question cracked me up. i went on a date with a white guy once and i told him he looks like the kind of white man that dates black women. he got highly indignant and kept asking why i said that. i was shocked, because he clearly IS the type, and it was revealed that most of his exes were black women. he actually started defending himself saying "i've dated white women before!" lol. hilarity.

  20. Brunch?!! Now you say something. I made plans Saturday during the day. I will be at the VSB thingy and I will find you…trust. -_-

    Okay, eff it I can re-arrange my plans cause I wanna meet you guys. Can I bring my cousin?

    Anyway, this post is hilarious and TRUE. I'm an expert on 2520 women so I can't deny the truths in these stereotypes except I wouldn't tell anyone not to date white, yellow, puerto rican or hatian women. Diff strokes for diff folks. I just can't get with men who date a woman just because she's white or other. Btw, I put baby powder in my hair sometimes. I get greasy scalp like white women and have to wash my hair every 3 days so I add some dry shampoo or powder to take out the grease. Judge me. Oh and my hairs are everywhere!

    And I'm a cryer.

    Okay, that's all I got. Lemme know about the brunch thing. I'll show up in lingerie and a trench coat…and anyone who rejects me will catch a court case.

    Good times.

    1. Oh and I wanna add that I strongly cosign not dating an enabler. I'm an alpha but ironically I like my men strong, if not stronger. There's something s.exy about a man who has no problems checking me when necessary. If a guy lets me walk all over him, I will and find him unattractive in 5 mins flat. I want my partner to be someone who challenges me…preferrably while tugging on my hair.

      Weak backbone aint s.exy.

    2. I keep telling people to stop assuming they will see me at the "VSB thingy". I hadn't really planned on going, didn't RSVP, didn't even know about it until last week.

      But, I would recommend that you rearrange your plans to join us for brunch. Bringing your cousin would be a great idea.

      1. Wait, hol up!

        So, you didn't know about the "VSB thingy" until last week (which is admittedly short notice) and that plays a role in you not going. However, you randomly tweet about this brunch yesterday and then tell us we should move our plans around to be there? I heart you and all, but that is just highlarious.

        1. Yeah! Hold me back Sane!!

          dis ninja aint right. I got a plane ticket and er'thang last minute so no excuses. You live in DC too. With all the relationship advice you give…I just….in ANY relationship there needs to be sacrifice and compromise. Compromise your plans and go or you'll be sacrificed.

        2. This won't help and will further contribute to these silent rumblings, but I don't think he's obligated to go to anything. Same goes for the brunch in my book. It would be cool if folks came through, but I'm not gonna kick, stomp, and roll around on the ground if people decline because they have plans. If folks wanna go, they'll make it happen. If not, it's whatever.

        3. SmartFox:

          1) "I'm gon be where i'm gon be and i'm at where i'm at." – Samuel L. Jackson voice

          2) You bought the plane ticket. #pointSBM

          3) If you want to see me, then you'll do what you have to do to see me. There is a stage, i'd like for you to be a part of my show. I can't tell anybody else what to do with their stage. Therefore, I can't really rely on being added to the bill.

        4. I don't know what the two of ya'll just said but….okay….well…whatever…SO THERE!

          You're saying you don't care if we go and don't care if we don't go? I'm slow.

          Anywho, of course I'd love to go. I'm going to talk to my cousin and see if we can make it. I originally made plans with her and don't want to flake. I know you said you don't care but I'm explaining myself any way cause I care.

          So there….eff yo couch n*gga.

  21. The enabled thing is interesting . As is the psychosexual mandigo element in dating WW. I'm mean if there is this underlying element Is it better to acknowledge it or just enjoy it. Now for me that's an interesting topic because clearly BW also get a chexual charge from that raw strength that brothers bring to the bedroom play, but where the interracial dynamic comes into play, is this erotic element something we should acknowledge or ignore.
    WW telling a bro that she's dating that she's got a rape fantasy that she would like to play out. I'm not saying that's happened, I'm just giving an example of where and how that ish can get complicated.

    I have learnt mOre about hair treatment in one post than I ever wish to know! LOL

  22. So much I could say, but all I have time to do is laugh, Smh @ all this commentary abt baby powder (how easily distracted we get) lol, and say great post. 🙂

  23. It's been a long time since I saw Vanilla Pie, but I'd have to say I find hairs in the strangest places from any woman that doesn't have a short cut and not just white women. This reminds me of that time I put on clean boxers and felt something tickle my taint and then discovered a very long strand of nubian fiber.

  24. Ali Larter body is on Ciara’s level.

    Women crying in public sucks cause everyone assumes the the man is some sort of a wife beater.

    Das about it for me…..never dated a white girl.

  25. For example when she asks you, “Why is she so loud?” … Do you really want to answer that question?

    THIS had me cracking up. I just felt like I was witnessing this scenario firsthand.

    Great write Dr. J. It was both insightful and humorous.

  26. I think this post was more satirical with a hint of truth. Fact is, there's considerations to take dating any race or person in general.

    God forbid if this post was talking about black women. Our site might have crashed!

    Double Standard in full effect, lol.

  27. I said it on twitter and I'll say it again here, if you have combination hair/scalp (oily hair, dry scalp) baby powder is an excellent way to moisturize your scalp, but drain the moisture from the follicles. Race aside, this works well for me.

    Also, I can see myself agreeing to go home and wait up for a man after he blacks out on me. But, I can't lie I'd probably trash the apartment or do some crazy shit. Cuz I'm crazy as hell. That's all.

  28. This was a great post.

    Although, I'm going to say if you make a woman cry in public… regardless of race… well, you're doing to get some strange looks.

    See y'all tomorrow.

  29. WAIT!!!!!

    I read an article on Clutch earlier about S&M and s!ex where racial games are played…

    So if I pretend to be a white girl… (or you a white guy) …is that a turn on?

    1. I know a dude who let a white chick say the n-word to him so he could attack her and give her the business. And he said they did this on the reg. I ain't know about that guy.

  30. Literally about three hours ago one girl was raving about the wonders baby powder did to her hair, and another was telling me about how much she loved washing her hair every day. Both of these were news to me, and I just couldn't understand it.

    Then I came home, read this, and died. I just had to let y'all know.

  31. Adonis, it's easy to be masculine, slap her around wear you pants lOw and shout wear my dinner biatch every now and then. A real man's got a code, values and character because if you don't stand for something in the world, you'll fall for anything. Stop your fixation on the cOntent of masculinity , just do you. Eventually you'll meet someone who likes what you stand for.
    Some twenty years of experienced bullshiz condensed into two cent worth of advice.

  32. You americans are messed up! I am a canadian….we are very multi-cultural and dont seem to have as many hang ups about color. All these generalizations about white/black etc……..oh lawd!!!!!

    Who cares really? Culturally, there are many differences even between white people depending on what their background is ex. italian, greek, russian, serbian, turkish.

    It is not always a color thing! Inter racial and inter cultural dating can be very difficult however those differences are what makes life interesting.

    1. This!!!

      I have been reading all through the comments and am just gobsmacked. I am British and in the UK and we don't obsess about skin colour this much.

  33. K, now i`m just shocked.. Here it is.. I m living in one small European country and we think of ourselves that we`re lil bit conservative and so. But black people are really well accepted and every day there are more of them/you in here and everybody is ok with it..

    we are always hearing how black people are still discriminated etc.. but I think heeellllll NO.

    you r dissing all other races, black man talking sith bout BW, WW…, black woman sith on WW, WM, BW, BM… make up your mind.

    I`m dating a black man and my family&friends are totally ok with it.

    there is no racism towards whatever.. but i cant`t imagine going to his hood, lol and dealing with some frustrated BW who thinks that I dont deserve BM.

    you have some strong hate for white people. I understand that you have had difficult past and suffer a lot of hate but times has changed and you have should learned feeling equal.

    No, i`m not fat, ugly white trash.

    1. Yes but I'm sure you have class or some other type of discrimination in your country. I'm a BW and my boyfriend is white and English. He claims that race isn't that big of a deal in his country and he's right but then shares experiences of being bullied and teased as a child for being the son of a farmer. There are still major class issues in the UK and what people don't realize is that racism in the US is a form of classism. When someone acts racist against me it's normally because they're assuming that because I'm black I'm of a lower class. From that they assume that either I'm more likely to be a criminal or uneducated.

      Also, in the UK they don't have racism per say, but there are people that are anti-immigrant and as a result treat people of a certain ethnic background because they assume they're either in the country illegally, etc. The singer Corinne Bailey Rae told a story in an interview about being called a "paki" and being told to "go home" due to her tan skin color despite the fact that her mum is English and her dad is from St. Kitts and she herself is considered English.

      The way I see it, all discrimination and prejudice is bad, one type isn't better or worse than the other and we should all work together to end it.

  34. As a white girl, who dates a black man, I think this is hilarious. Because, I agree that a lot of it is true. I mean, I can't speak for the fact that "other women" are more "whatever" in bed, because what we do is beyond amazing…but props to you for the rest of it. However, I don't think they are legitimate reasons not to date a white women. Obviously there's SOME reason black men come to us…

    1. Because they want to…there NOTHING special about white women being with black men…any more then it is with black women being with white men…just people deciding to hook up; no more no less…

  35. I found this blog thanks to one of my friends. I have to disagree with the author–white women should be on a brother's team just like sisters, latinas and asian women. As long as you're the man and in control, go for it but: BE A MAN AND BE IN CONTROL. I've got three white girls on my team–in addition to the two sisters and the one latina. One is a second grade teacher and freaky as hell, but to the outside world she looks like the traditional soccer mom with a mini-van. The other two aren't as freaky but they will take a day off from work just to spend the day in bed with me.

    The sisters aren't freaky–they're more the wifey types and I can see myself getting serious with one of them. But one is stuck on money and status and thinks that I need to go back to school despite the fact that I make twice as much as she does and the other one has too many angry friends and family members in her business. The latina is about to get cut from the team and placed on waivers if I catch her grinning in the face of another man again.

    Is it hedonistic? Probably but I'm a grown man who's single and I don't see why I shouldn't experience as many beautiful women as possible while I'm not married. Once I'm married I'm quite capable of being a one woman man–cause I've done before when I was engaged. I called the wedding off when her father insisted that I sign a pre-nup and she thought it was a good idea. For the record, my ex-fiancee was a sister and from a well to do family but he wasn't stacking paper like Bill Gates. He owned a couple of chicken joints and ain't nobody I know ever called that negro the next Colonel Sanders. She wanted to please her daddy more than she wanted to be my wife so I wasn't about to have that dude running my life.

    I'm really looking forward to finding that one special lady but in the meantime, I'm keeping all my options open and I suggest that all brothers do the same.

  36. Lol, this post was hilarious. Unfortunately I'm gonna have to agree on the hair issue, though I don't think that's exclusive to WW. Baby powder? Never heard that before, but hey whatever works I guess.

    However, I question your choice of WW to pursue, cause not all of us are passive no-will-of-our-own, crying-in-the-streets-types.

    I think you're right on the money when it comes to dating outside your race in order to realize the fallacy of blaming problems on race rather than gender.
    My recent post Söta men tråkiga

  37. My daughter was dating a black guy, I told her that she was going to get the ugly end of the stick. He didn’t work, he didn’t want to work, unless selling drugs is considered work. She worked and paid all the bills. All he was interested in was getting laid by a white girl. White girl chaser. He robbed a grocery store, came home, then he slapped her around and hit her a few times with a baseball bat, breaking her arm. Her screams got the attention of the neighbor and he called the police. By the time the police came, he stole her car and was gone, never to be seen again till he was arrested in Chicago for doing the same thing. Most of black guys will use a white girl and leave her after she gets pregnant. Would the child be black or white? Who would take care of it? He moved into her apartment and was gone in less than three weeks.

  38. Yes it doesn’t help that the white women who are attracted to us in the first place are usually a little odder than those who stick to their white men.


  40. Im a persian american, and for SOME ODD reason black women find me THE MOST exotic and charming. Therefore, i have had many relations with black women (and white women also), and i can honestly say that you are fucking retarded if you think what you wrote it ACTUALLY true….IF ANYTHING i found everything you said to be more true about the black women i have dated…..Don't make me put you to shame by typing them all out….

    1. Armenian American Women- Let me put you to shame, maybe you should be dating your own persian women instead of commenting on black women, look at yourself and see how much you much hate yourself. The illusion of a white women will never give you value, you can date down if you want to but don't be mad at the world because you have a twisted sense of reality.

    2. Persian Men are not really cultural in America, Black Women have a sense of culture, Persian Men actually match better with White Women especially with their German Ties. so why would a black women even date you? I would like to see your list, and give you 100 reasons why you actually do deserve to date a superficial, marketed, fake white women, For some ODD REASON these BLACK WOMEN gave you some attention thank god that's was it not marriage 😉

  41. The hair comment is ridiculous lol and I am a Caucasian woman who's currently dating a Black man. He absolutely loves my long hair.

  42. Black men(for the most part) only stick with black women and the percentage that date white women fantasize about being with black women. I have tried a couple white women and they are definitely not the best head-giversr(media makes you think this)..every black woman that I've been with can do it better than the white chicks. Nothing sexier than black on black… Bets believe that. And all that hair was irritating As hell… thirsty ass white women… Lol. (Some)

  43. I am glad so many black people dont wanna date white, thats great, date your own kind and let us white people alone having beautifull white children

  44. I honestly found this to be horribly offensive in a lot of ways. I’m a white girl who’s starting to date a really great guy who just so happens to be black. I went on the internet trying to figure out how much racism I’m going to face and I have to say that I didn’t expect this. Just to put this in perspective, if a white guy made a blog about why his friends shouldn’t date a black girl everyone would freak out and call him a racist, bc he would be. The first statement is about how the stereotypes about white woman aren’t true but then goes on to stereotype us as basically bat shit crazy. I have to say that I have NEVER cried or flipped out on a guy in public, and I definitely don’t back down from an argument and neither do my white girl friends. And the fact that you called us weird just bc our culture doesn’t match yours is ignorant and racist. I came on the internet trying to find support bc living in the racist south with a relationship like mine won’t be easy, but instead I just find racism from every angle. So thanks for that.

    1. You just stereotyped people living in the South as racists. Are talking about the white racists in the South or are talking about the black racists in the South. Don't forget there's plenty of Latinos and Asians that live in the South that are also racists……There's racist up North and there's racist on the West coast……You complain about the post being racial but you just racially stereotyped Southerners.

  45. Interesting. From a white guy's prospective (who dates black girls), I found the "washing their hair everyday" bit hysterical. Yeah. White girls (clean white girls) wash their hair (and hopefully themselves) everyday. First couple of times that I dated a black girl, I was totally shocked after the first couple of days she didn't wash her hair.
    Biggest differences I've seen between black and white girls (in-relation to previous things you mentioned) is the attitude and the volume. With a white girl, she can get lost in the background, but with a black girl I can remind her "Hey, whoa. Yeah I know you're here. Everybody now knows you're here. Good job." White girls can be ditzy as hell, but with black girls you have to push and push and push to get them to open themselves up, especially when it comes to just being f*cking silly. I know, I'm a grown man. But by God, once in a blue moon, I like silly f*cking shit. Makes me laugh. Takes a little longer to teach that. But……. like August said, yeah. We shouldn't stereotype, granted there are general similarities and differences but yes, everyone is different. (See? A Happy PC Ending, AND I didn't even make a 'putting the cream in the coffee' reference in there once. Except for just now.)

  46. A lot of you people on here are sad racists. I do not know where you come from but I come from NYC so I have grown up with every race around me. I get along with all races, black, white, Spanish, Asian and everything in between. So I can honestly say that as a white female, I don’t care who dates who. Whoever you are happy with should be the one you want to be with no matter what race that person is or how that person looks to the rest of the world. People need to mind their own business and focus on their own relationships maybe that is why people in this world are so miserable…. because they are too worried what the next person is doing……maybe its time that you people focus on making your own lives happy instead of being angry over what the other person is doing.

  47. ok.. so im a wm engaged to a successful older bm. we have nice house baby etc… u get pic… comment about wm hair every where is so true lol. but control comments r so far off its insane! im a wm who doesnt take bs. bc i love and respect myself. that doesnt have anything to do with race. thats about a persons level of self esteem. interracial dating isnt something i was raised to accept. but its the 21st. century and every white man i ever been with was a lazy no good something. this man is exact opposite of every man i ever dated. are there some cultural diffrences defiently! im into whole wheat eat right attitude this man talks about soul food lol. the only thing come of that is i feed him heathier food he got me to like hot sauce! love is love people. never had a man like him so passionate loving abd except ne and my kids lke him! the world will never b better until people stop seeing color and instead embrace diffrent ways if life do we get dirty looks from alot of people young old women men black and white…YES. our motto kill them with with kidness! the comment about the sexual and easy to control cmments we laughed at! bc that is not me! not even a little. lol! and also im a wm who was raised to not just sling her goods around. thats an issue women of all races have unfortuntley.

  48. slap that bichs ass ! slap that biches ass! A mofo gunna rollin some shit then get a fat white ugly bich then a mo fo be a man. Gunna piss off dat biches daddy

  49. This article is stupid, as hell, and ignorant, and all of you who are co signing on this is just as stupid, white women are people just like anyone else, and everybody is different. Some white women are strong some are weak, the same goes for black women. I have dated just as many white women as I have black women. Some of the white women I dated were stronger women than some of the black women I dated, and vice versa.

    People are individual and you can't just lump them all into one package. It is just as ignorant for a black person to be racist as it is for a white person.

    1. But ok be honest don't act like slavery dont play a part in this you know how many black men were killed just flirting with white women I mean be honest could you really blame a Jewish guy for not wanting to date a German girl some wounds take longer to heal your not going to tell someone to put a band aid on it and get back in the game when the bone is sticking out.

  50. VALETINA, life indeed is a misery and i thought i would never be happy again after my boy friend left me in a relationship of 3 years but i was wrong because DR OGUN of [email protected] made it so my friend llydia got me introduced to this man through his email and i told him my problem so he promise to help though i felt he was like the others that almost milked me dry he demanded for my details and i gave them to him so he ask me to provide him with the resources so i did DR OGUN casted the spell and 5 days later my ex called to say he was sorry that it was the devil's work i write this for the world to see as i promise [email protected] i am now married to him all thanks to Dr OGUN my friends contact him now if you seriously need help because Dr OGUN don't give room for unseriousness

  51. This may be shocking but I’ve seen way more black women crying and screaming in public… I dunno why you said the whities do that. Hahaha!? I’ve lived in mostly black areas my whole life, ran track and field… Black girls def scream n cry in public more. Infact I live by a community center and I can hear them talking from the 3rd floor of my apartment accross the street. Doesn’t happen with Asians, Mexicans, random Italians, all other kids!!! You dork!!!

  52. I would love to know how people would be responding if this were an article written by a white man about black women. The problem with people today is they're too quick to make generalizations and then get insulted when they're stereotyped based in these generalizations. People are people, if you're not learning from your relationship you shouldn't be in it. You want to sit here and say you have to "teach your white girlfriend" but I'm pretty sure your white girlfriend will teach you just as much. Just saying.

    1. Yeah there is I read one with a white guy wrote in a article about black women being beautiful ticking time bombs and have attitudes and like to get loud and cause a scene so yeah it happens so what freedom of speech

  53. Really this is upsetting. I cant believe someone would write something like this. I am in no way shape or form racist, but to.me its like a white man dating a black girl and saying oh I cant date her bc she wearing weave and I dnt like seeing it all over. Or any man or woman saying I cant date someone with extensions bc they shed as well. Or even saying u can not date a black woman bc they do their hair too much or what ever. To me it shouldnt matter who u date as long as u are happy with that person. It has nothing to do with any of that if ur happy then.others shouldbe happy for you rregardless!

  54. Thats not true im a white girl dating a black guy i have never lost my hair and i always make him look good. So just cause one girl does it doesnt mean ever other white girl will.

  55. This is so stupid. The hair thing actually got a whole paragraph. Really?! It's funny because I remember a guy I dated saying my hair got everywhere and people were always pulling long brown hairs off his sweaters, but I don't think he considers that a reason not to date me. I really think it's something he just might be able to deal with. I just think it's funny you actually took a whole paragraph discussing that, I hope you were joking. If it's really that important to you, maybe you should just stick to what you are comfortable with if it bothers you that much. I'm sure a lot of white girls wouldn't really want to date you anyway with such a biased attitude, cause bias is bias no matter what race you are, you are still closed-minded. Girls want to be seen as a girl, not a "white girl". Stupid.

    1. I never really felt comfortable dating a white woman, but what you said made so much sense skin color is so irealvant but you have to admit in our society it does play a small role could you really blame a jewish guy for not wanting to date a german girl looking at their past and blacks being killed for talking to white girls isnt even that old plus some Latina and white women parents don't want or feel comartable with their daughters dating BM but with that being sad I think I should pick a woman who will love me for me and be there for and try to let the past be the past

  56. Barbara I’m sure yr a black man pretending to be a white women , I’m white man I have that girl who I slept with 4 times , didn’t know she was dating black men , when I found out I dumped her , it’s three years now and she’s still bagging me to take her back , what does this mean to you ?

  57. Mudsharks are disgusting. Most white women who date blacks are absolute sluts. Why oh why would any respectable black man want that as a wife & mother? There’s a reason why even WHITE guys don’t want them.

    Burn the coal, pay the toll.


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