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The People Who Read Your Blog

She’s reading this article. He’s looking at a Tumblr site. More men should read SBM.org, tell them that.

In my opinion the best music tours of all-time, of the ones that I was able to attend; (1) Jay-Z/Mary J. Blige – while not my favorite, can’t knock that type of star power in one place, nothing but hits all night, (2) Glow In The Dark Tour by Kanye West – while not my favorite, can’t knock the musical greatness and production of this tour, (3) I Am Still Music Tour by Lil’ Wayne – My favorite, Wayne shows America that he is the best rapper alive, through his two hour performance, of which you won’t see anyone of his caliber do, you realize that Lil’ Wayne captivates the minds of all his fans. Anyway, before I start Weezy ranting, there is something that Weezy said in his concert that really resonates above else. And it’s the way I feel about the people who read my blog, blogs, random guest posts around the Internet, follow me on Twitter, etc. etc. etc.

“Three things. #1 – I believe in God. #2 – I ain’t sh*t … without you. And the most important, #3 – I ain’t sh*t … without you.” – Lil’ Wayne.

This post is about the people who read the blogs, just a little thank you for reading. I’m going to break down all the people who read your blog. Do you remember the Rugrats? I was a big fan of the Rugrats and Doug growing up. (Patty Mayonnaise was tough.) I really enjoyed watching what these little kids would get themselves into on a regular basis. I think most of the readers of blogs can be broken down into the same characters. Think about it, we’re all just people walking around tweeting and reading blogs. Nobody knows when they see us on the train gazing into our phones, we’re really tapped into a world of imagination and dreams.

Tommy Pickles

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Although they may not know it yet, they are the good guys and the wisest guys. They may not be the loudest in the room, but everyone hears them and typically thinks they share the best opinions. Their only weakness is they haven’t figured out how to outsmart everyone in the room and find themselves going along with the flow after knowing in their heart of hearts that something wasn’t right.

Angelica Pickles

The “rang” leader. Yeah, to the blogger she looks so innocent, but behind the scenes she is an excellent manipulator of marionettes. Because of their aggressive ways, even if passively aggressive, your blog is never boring. They typically have strong bonds with both the readers and the blogger. The key to this relationship is to never piss her off, she can be your Oracle or Agent Smith. The choice is up to you as the blogger.

Phil and Lil’ DeVille

These two are a tag team punch. They always agree on a topic and never dissent from one another. As a blogger you must see them as one person. The frustrating part is in your mind you will say, “You know that doesn’t make any sense, you just agreeing because that’s your blog twin.” Phil is more sinister in his approach, they tend to actually seek out opportunities to do harm on another reader or blogger. Lil is just along for the ride and down to rock out with anything.

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Chuckie Finster

This is the reader who is scared of conflict and drama. This does not mean they do not have opinions of their own. They will probably only voice them to Tommy, and only when the time is dire. Typically, they are the lurkers or the people who comment, “I’m just going to sit back and watch.” They are also the people who go missing whenever the topic is too heavy or serious. They will however elect to share their thoughts offline with their closest friends.

Susie Carmichael

The peaceful commenter who seems to enjoy the community and wants everyone to get along. They will never disagree with anyone. They believe, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all.” However beware, in reality, they’re at odds with Angelica. They also can speak to bloggers and readers, and are waiting for their opportunity to take over at any moment.

Dil Pickles

Usually seems like they are speaking another language, but they aren’t we just can’t understand what they are talking about. Once they figure out how to communicate effectively, they probably are the type to start their own blog and be great, or at least get the most likes in the comment section.

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There you have it, these are your Rugrats. The only question is, where do you fit in? Here’s the rules, you can’t go and create a new character because you want to stand out. That automatically makes you Angelica, you’re just attempting to be a Queen on a chessboard. I love everyone of y’all readers, sometimes we want to fight, but most times we’re just laughing with each other. I hope you all enjoyed and once again, thanks for your support over the years!

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  1. I guess I'm Susie Carmichael, but everyone's gonna think that they're Susie or Tommy, right? The behind the scenes blog world is fascinating. This is a bit of a peek into it…

  2. New to SBM – but I must say this was a great post for my introduction to the blog. Thoroughly enjoyed the Rugrats references – tis true – tis very true! now off to read some of your earlier works!

  3. This blog is awesome. Real talk.

    I'm not sure if I fall into any of the above categories but if I had to choose I'd go with Tommy Pickles, but people can correct me if they disagree.

    I have a pretty good idea of where I'd assign a few other readers/bloggers/commenters but I aint trying to start nothing…this soon anyway.

    *re-reads that Dil Pickles description*

    *shakes head*

    *exits stage right*

    1. I know..I immediately knew who Dill Pickles was….but, I am thinking of possibly 2-3 people….but, one is in the forefront of my mind for sure….

  4. Nicktoons…. Whaat. Oh the memories. Rugrats, Dogs, Ren and Stimpy (how was that show for kids). SNICK, All That, Roundhouse, Are You Afraid of the Dark?…. Oh am I showing my age? lol

    Well, damn. I feel like some kind of weird genetic hybrid of a couple characters, and unfortunately not the Black one. I couldn't care less if everyone gets along. Controversy makes for good conversation.

    Oh well. *grabs popcorn*

    (see what I did there?)

    1. Are You Afraid of the Dark? was great and when I find episodes online, I still get a little spooked. The Secret World of Alex Mack was also a good one. I can't tell you how many times I wanted to ride a bike and get hit by a truck full of toxic waste, lol.

      1. Are You Afraid of the Dark?!? FTW!!!!

        Reminds me when they use to remake Goose Bumps books every now and then. I LOVED those books. I know for a fact they heavily influenced me wanting to write.

        Good times.

        1. Don't ask me how I know this, but they still pump out a Goosebump adaptation every now and again.

        2. Man, I was a Goosebumps STAN.

          I dedicated my entire childhood to meeting R.L. Stein.

          Spoiler Alert: I'm a failure.


      2. "The Secret World of Alex Mack was also a good one. I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to ride a bike and get hit by a truck full of toxic waste, lol."

        haha, if nickelodeon came out with a show like that now, environmentalists would have a heart attack for a show teaching children that toxic waste can be positive.

    2. I heard NIckelodeon has decided to start replaying many of their 90's hit shows on another one of their channels (i can't remember which one) this upcoming fall. Apparently they've heard about how much people in their 20's still love those shows. But i will be forever and always a Hey Arnold, and Doug fan 🙂

      1. I heard that too. Apparently it will be on their TeenNick channel and air like Nick at Nite does. I'm too excited about seeing Are you Afraid of the Dark? and Clarissa Explains it All!

    3. I definitely care less that people get along and more that people have actual discussions and not just pissing matches and name calling contests…I like the intelligent debates.

  5. This is great!!! I watch The Rugrats on Netflix every time the nieces are over. I guess i'd like to say I'm Susie, but like Star said, I bet a lot of people would say that. I'm so curious where other people would place me though. Wis, feel free to let me know, I won't get offended. Well, I won't send you infected emails at least.

    1. Yea, Sane, I see you as Susie Carmichael….but, you will disagree but always in a respectful manner….

  6. I think I am more like Susie by default because I could definitely be one of the twins. I do tend to agree with the opinions of my twitter-sisters/fam a lot however that would make us like octuplets and you said no hybrids. Seriously, sometimes I just come on SBM find one of their comments and click "like it" because they've expressed the same sentiments I would have. I'm not being lazy, just super busy being Cortney Corporate.

  7. This was a super great post!!! Who would have thought: the Rugrats!!! I think I'm some where in between Dill, Susie, and Chuckie… Nice!

  8. I'm Chuckie. Always have been always will be. I am a lurker, most of the time and I've always kind of been the mediator, plus I have super awesome glasses kinda like Chuckie's.

  9. Ha, I didn't know you old folks knew about Rugrats or Doug lol. Since I'm an infrequent commenter, I guess I'm Chuckie. However, Angelica and Susie were my favs.

    SN: You forgot about Kimi, Chuckie's Asian step-sister…

    1. I had to stop with Dil. The only reason why I included Dil was because he crossed over into the TV show. I am not sure I ever saw an episode with Kimi and she came in the 2nd movie.

      Stop calling people old.

  10. Sir…SIR. *patiently raises hand*

    you can make a Rugrats references, but fail to mention the Up in Smoke Tour (Dre, Em, Snoop, Nate, Xzibit, W.C., and others) as one of the greatest tours of all time?

    thou dost needeth more people, verily i say unto thee. lololol

    good post, i can't figure out who i'd be…maybe chucky or dil (because i have been inspired to start my own blog..thanks to reading y'all…but i never get around to it, lol)

    1. Hmmmmm. I don't know. The Up in Smoke Tour might have been the best tour to catch a contact high. I can only imagine what that did to your Spidey senses. Good tour, though.

    2. If we were having a conversation about music tours, maybe I would have. But honestly, I went and saw the Up In Smoke Tour, it wasn't anywhere near as great as the three I mentioned in my Top 3. Like at all. Eminem on the Marshall Mathers LP, that was when he thought saying wigga was cool. Snoop didn't really do his own thing. And all those people on Aftermath <<<<<<< Young Money. They just didn't have anybody with the same caliber of Drake or Nicki Minaj.

  11. omg i LOVED the Rugrats! this is awesomeness. i still quote the movie randomly in conversations with my brother. lol. i heart him for getting all the Rugrats, Animaniacs, All That, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle movie references. lol

    great post. i have no idea which i'd fall under, but i'd like to think i am a combination of susie and tommy …and maybe a little Dil. lol.

    1. Am I the only one that still has Take Me There (aka Rugrats song) on my MP3 (Go Zune!)? I love the Animaniacs and will still stop and watch if I ever catch it on TV.

        1. Mya. #ThrowbackSmashFactoryInductee

          Thanks, Dr. J. *Googles My Love is Like Whoa!* video.

        2. I knew this girl one time and one of the first things she told me was that Like Whoa was her favorite song. And she wasn't the type to listen to Black Rob. She stayed with me for a while too.

  12. Well, since there is only one black Rugrat…I'm her I GUESS? But, I am really relating more to the reference of Tommy Pickles….Hmmm? What say you?

    1. Nah b, don't think I forgot about you and Teflon back in the day. Y'all was Phil and Lil to the fullest. I would just sit and wait to see you guys tag team on a post. Now you and Red got a little bit in yourselves these days, but that makes you Phil.

      That's cool Phil and Lil was my favorite characters. Remember when they used to call each other by their whole name when they got upset. Hilarious.

    1. Please! Can't you tell that this man wrote that description with you in mind? He practically calls you out in it. LOL

  13. I have never seen the Rugrats a day in my life, but it seems like I have missed out. Maybe I should check out on Netflix since I can't sleep and it's 5:30 on the west coast. SMH

  14. My age was already in double digits when Rugrats came out. Thanks for my old man reminder of the day, Dr. Jackson.

  15. I'd have to have someone else rate where I fall, because I can't really identify with any of those beyond a certain extent.

    Tommy? Far too subjective. Sure, people cosign my opinions every now and again, but I don't know if I'd consider myself one of the wisest around. I don't go with the flow if I'm not feeling it. I don't see the need to.

    Angelika? Not even close. Heck, no one's even around for me to lead a lot of the time when I finally get around to commenting.

    Phil and Lil’ DeVille? There are a few commenters (Hugh comes to mind) who I agree with a lot of the time, but I don't go about dropping co-signs after every post, and I don't think we've ever even exchanged words on this very blog. I have no one to wreck havoc with.

    Chuckie Finster? lol. As much as I'm a fan of neither conflict nor drama, I'm hardly scared of it. I will voice my opinions unless I can't be bothered to.

    Susie Carmichael? It'd be nice for everyone to get along, but I don't really care either way. I just dislike trolls & unnecessary hyper people. I think SBM has a nice group, though. I read through all the drama from back in the day, and it's relatively quiet these days.

    Dil Pickles? Stop at the first line and my mom would probably place her vote right here. *shakes head*

    1. IMO, you're a Susie…but I wouldn't mind Phil n Lil'n it with you sometimes :-p

      *wonders what "drama from back in the day" you're referencing*

      1. "the peaceful commenter who seems to enjoy the community"

        You know what? I'll take it. I'm sorry, but that means that I can't join in your antics when you're trying to bring harm upon my fellow commenters. =P

        I started my involvement with this blog by reading from the very beginning, and came across the usual drama that can be expected overtime.

  16. Hmm… you miss me on the "Wayne is the Best rapper alive" comment. And I grew up po' (without cable) so I never got into Rugrats.

    I'm blue-pilling it for today.

      1. Does a comment based on subjective criteria at best really make it universally factual or just a really strong-minded opinion from one angle? Get everyone to agree what the criteria is for best anything (rapper, artist, etc…) first and then will I consider any comment to be factual.

        1. "Well, 'aight, check this out, dawg. First of all, you throwin' too many big words at me, and because I don't understand them, I'm gonna take 'em as disrespect. Watch your mouth!" – Kevin Hart in the 40 Year Old Virgin.

          I'm not going in on this comment because the post is about the readers, but all that to say… I could though.

        2. Lol, I'm sure you could, bruh…and it would be very compelling, I'm sure. "Say it wit your chest!!"-Kevin Hart's Uncle. Great post, though, sir. Rugrats and Doug were a couple of my faves back in the day, too.

        3. I am patiently waiting for this Dr J post about Lil Wayne being the best rapper alive.

          I already am typing up a reply comment to represent the backpacker perspective.

          Let me just say this…

          Best and Most Popular haven't gone together since Puff.

    1. <– No cable here either…and I'm obviously a lil aged as well. When I would visit my Big Mama that had cable I'd get in some "You Can't Do That On Television" and I was an absolute Animaniacs stan far after the age of acceptability, but the kids I babysat watched Rugrats. I def feel a bit like I need a walker and a big glass of prune juice today.

        1. Lord, when did I tell you my birthday? What else did I share with you? Please say hopes and dreams and spit

          iKeed, iKeed unless your gonna do it #MidwestSwing

  17. This was cute. I'm not sure I fall under any of the "Rugrats" categories, but the descriptions certainly exist and are active. What I will say is based on the very first caption though…men are a hard sell on this site sometimes. I've suggested to many a bloke that this site is a great read. To be perfectly honest, the ones who openly agree w/me and check it out are the ones who don't affect my vagina. As a converse, the ones who I'd like to one day grant (semi?)permanent ownership to said organ, are cool on it. At least publicly. I mean, I've heard a few casual references here and there, but there's times you guys open up amazing dialogue and touch on topics that I'd love touched on in my dating life…and who better to talk to about it than the actual man/men I'm dating, right? But they're usually too cool for school. And by too cool for school, I mean giant d-bags who can't admit to actively reading a relationship blog they don't own/their boys don't own about the male/female dynamic. *le sigh* Maybe one day, I'll just hook up w/one of yall. At least I know you read your sh-t.

    That was a joke btw. I'm not trying to stalk yall and set that thang out. But since I've seen some readers that actually might be, I wanna clear that up.

  18. This post made me laugh. It was a really good one Dr. J. I can honestly say that I've played each one of these characters at one time or another, depending on the blog, the topic and who was commenting at the time. So does a person have to pick one particular character or can they just morph when necessary?

  19. Aww, you brought it back, I love the Rugrats. **memories**

    I am relatively new to the e-streets so I'm not sure where I fall exactly. I guess the process of elimination should work…

    I know for sure I'm not Angelica, Chuckie, or the twins. I could be Susie but then there's times when someone says something incredibly stupid that there's no way you can just keep it nice and not say anything, even if it's just cosigning someone who called out the other person's stupidity. Now that just leaves Tommy and Dil… This is tough because I loves me some pickles (pun intended). I guess depending on the post that I decide to comment on I can seem like i'm speaking  gibberish and other posts I get some likes, cosigns and e-daps. Who knows?! 

  20. As a returning commenter to SBM I'm not exactly sure where I fall. I do know the Rugrat characters you listed are pretty on point to what I see in the blogosphere.

    1. You're a robot invention that Stu is working on I don't know, I think you may fall into the Phil/Lil spectrum. I think of you and Hugh Jazz as two of the same mind a lot. You may not always agree, but just enough to be Phillip and Lillian you guys can work out who's Lil

  21. I've actually never watched Rugrats and only have slight knowledge of the Doug cartoon. Used to love Ren and Stimpy though. So I can't really pick from your choices…..

    (,-__ -)

      1. Oh I'm most definitely a Ren [gets up to sing/dance Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy]. I usually try and sneak at least several 'eeeediot" insults in per week at random co-workers, pedestrians, women drivers and ghetto heathen chirrens on the DC Metro.

  22. I thought I was gonna be the only person to identify with Chuckie. I feel a bit like Tommy and Susie at times to, but not more than Chuckie.

    he was my favorite on the show as well. I used to be a HUGE Rugrats watcher but Doug was my fave…

  23. I'm not scared of conflict and drama. I just think it's purely unnecessary online, and I mostly lurk now. So, I'm claiming Chuckie.

    1. *lays out cupcake crumbs*
      *crouches down and motions towards you*

      Come on out little guy, we won't hurt you…don't be scared….

      (I don't blame you, I lurked for a long time before I commented too)

  24. I guess technically I'm Chuckie since I don't comment too often, but I'll work on being Susie or maybe even Tommy one day!!

    Good post! Always nice to think back to childhood!

  25. Dont know where I fit,but I will say that nickelodeon was the GOAT childrens/Teenager channel. It wouldve been a clean sweep if ABC didnt have TGIF on lock!

      1. You know how many people wanna be the Lil to his Phil?!? Get in line. 😉

        For real though, I feel a lot of Chuckie in you Streetz…you're a man of very few words…

  26. "Angelica Pickles

    The “rang” leader. Yeah, to the blogger she looks so innocent, but behind the scenes she is an excellent manipulator of marionettes. Because of their aggressive ways, even if passively aggressive, your blog is never boring. They typically have strong bonds with both the readers and the blogger. The key to this relationship is to never piss her off, she can be your Oracle or Agent Smith. The choice is up to you as the blogger."


    Okay, so I'm Angelica…eff you n*gga.

    Creative post but I want to believe I'm Tommy sprinkled with Angelica. Just agree or there will be problems.

      1. LMAO!!

        i dont know if im around enough to be the phil to her lil. or vice versa. 😉

        i love the sprinkles though.

        this was a cute post and brought me back to my childhood of watching cartoons.

        and by childhood i mean last week.


    1. Peeps that come to mind…

      Tommy – Hugh Jazz, Meteor Man, Slim, Red Lady…can't think of anyone else.

      Angelica – me and Max

      Phil and Lil – Starita and Adonis

      LMAO…I'm sorry, j/k…can't stop laughing though…hahahahahaha. Okay that was wrong.

      Phil and Lil – Cheekie and Sane85? I can't think of anyone.

      Chuckie – Cheekie? I dunno, has anyone ever seen Cheekie get upset?? or RealTalkSuki

      Susie – Beef Bacon

      Dil – Adonis

      1. "Phil and Lil – Cheekie and Sane85? I can’t think of anyone."

        I'm no longer positive that we are frequenting the same blog everyday. LOL

        1. Although I can see it when it comes to Disney, me and the Cheekster are like this *intertwine fingers*

      2. I was wondering where someone would categorize me since I didn't categorize myself. That's actually what I was thinking and probably what happens to me away from the keyboard sometimes.

        1. Cheekie, I do believe you have made your eyes too large in that emoticon. Here, let me help you out.


          P.S. Yes, I'm feeling feisty today.

        2. If Cheekie's virginal, childlike face were to ever form into a scowl all puppies and infants would instantaneously implode…she keeps her moods level for the children. She's a saint really and very heavily medicated – by "medicated" I mean she drinks a lot – by "a lot" I mean, like as much as she breathes and loves Disney…that's A LOT

        3. LIES!!!! All ya'll were plotting to stab the waiter at Caraba's when he fudged up everyone's bill at the end of the night. I seent it with my own eyes…..all four of 'em.

        4. LOL! Cheekie has that face where you could trust her with your money, your newborn child and your fine @ss man…she's THAT angelic looking lol. I don't believe she even knows how to get mad, not one bit. All lies.

      3. SFG ain't lying… I will not disagree with or at least start conflict with Star for anything… Yup I pretty much give her a pass…

        I'm slightly worried that people think that I worship WW and they can do any wrong…

        Whoever I give the tough love to, that is who I love the most…

  27. Awesome. Rugrats was one of my favorite childs, and I was not a kid when I was watching it. lol.

    I don't know where I fit, but I do know I'm not Phil and Lil, and I think I'm Susie. I would love to see how other people view me. Then, I'll come back and tell you you're wrong if I disagree. lmao.

  28. Wow! I LOVE this post! Its a change from the norm posting but fits right in! It makes me remember when the kid shows were great! Is it bad that I sometimes still watch Rugrats and Hey Arnold (I love Helga) @ 23?lol As much as I identify with Angelica in real life, I have to claim Chuckie here since this is my 2nd time posting. My wack job blocks this site!

  29. Nothing to add. Just giving props to Dr. J. I dig your writing style. I just might catch a episode or two this weekends since the weather is suppose to be crappy. I miss cartoons and watching some this weekend with all my vices set up as an adult should be a hoot…btw I loved Tommy he was a leader, it didn't matter he was half naked. He had more important things to worry about. LOL

  30. Definitely a Chuckie online but more Susie offline.

    *someone's trying to take my spot in lurk land, gotta go…*

    1. Plus that dome of yours takes up so much bandwidth, you're really doing us all a favor by keeping the comment count low…

  31. I strive to be a Tommy…or maybe even a mini-Angelica because with her it's never boring. But, I'm definitely a Chuckie right now. Especially the part about sharing my opinions about a post with my friends offline. One of my girls definitely got me an SBM T-Shirt as a Valentine's Day gift =/

  32. Awwwww this was such a NICE post!

    I know I recently started following SBM (like early this year) but Im def a mixture between Susie Carmichael and Chuckie Finster! I love to share what I read with my friends. Your blog post ALWAYS make for GREAT conversation! However, every now and than I'll post a comment (Like today) lol ^__^

    Keep up the GREAT work men 🙂

  33. *throws part at bottom of comment section to welcome all the people de-lurking recently* There is an open bar* (courtesy of the mens of SBM, ( I'm pretty sure they are aware of the cost involved ).

    *Open bar is not available for big bully, Eddie Brock. Charges will apply.

    1. "Big"? I'm like 5'2 and only weigh like a buck-thirty. 0_o

      *stares longingly at cold Coronas behind the bar*

  34. I think I am Chuckie in the blog world and Susie in real life. Thanks for this article, it has sent me into a happy place. Now I am dying to see The Famous Jett Jackson, Legends of the Hidden Temple, GUTS, and All That. Gosh the good ole days!

  35. new to the sbm world (kinda, i've psuedo stalked via guest posts on other sites). good first read! i'm but a babe in the blogging world, but in my relatively limited experience, the rugrats reference is dead on!… i'm claiming susie.


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