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There are many things that differentiate humans from all other forms  of life on this planet. The most obvious are heightened intelligence, advanced communication, etc. However, one of the most intriguing characteristics of the human complex is the affinity and worth placed on inanimate objects. We cherish things in our lives, that may or may not hold a true monetary value, close to our hearts because they remind us of a significant point in our lives. They may represent an accomplishment, a failure, or a milestone achieved. Sometimes, things happen in our lives that reinforce our love of these worldly possessions. I had a situation occur over the weekend that would reinforce this point more that I would ever think!  So I bought a new dresser for my room. My old one collapsed and over time broke down. You all know the furniture struggle: Drawers off track, broken, left open due to convenience, etc. Well I finally got around to getting a brand new dresser and felt good to finally have that eyesore of an old dresser gone. On top of this new dresser, I placed some items that held significant value. The most precious being a ½ broken Pharaohs bust. It looks something like this just a little bigger: This damaged King Tut relic meant so much to me, because it signified part of my process to becoming a member of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc. For someone who had a arduous and unexpected road to the greatest fraternity on the planet, this heirloom was the penultimate chapter in my quest. It broke during my probate show, on my head no less (one of the craziest/funniest stories ever). When it broke, it was symbolic. It broke, but still I stood. It was damaged, but the face of the pharaohs head was still in tact. Although the pharaohs head was bloody, it remained unbowed. That moment and that pharaohs head was a parallel to my journey throughout my lifetime, leading to that moment. The Pharaohs bust became a constant reminder to press on when the road seemed tough. It reminds me that even though I may stumble, even though I may fail, I shall rise again. This too, shall pass, as they say. As the years went on, I wouldn’t say that the pharaohs head lost significance, but with the constant grind that is life, you tend to forget the importance of items in your life. Fast forward to this past weekend. i was in my room, chilling, when I remembered that I wanted to open my drawers and let them air out. The dresser is so fresh, that some of my clothes were starting to smell like wood a little bit, and I didn’t want hat smell to permeate everything in the dresser. So I opened all the drawers and left it for a few minutes as I chilled in the room and watched TV. Now, for someone who has degrees in the sciences, i failed to realize the effect that all the weight of the open drawers would have on the dresser. there was more weight in front of the dresser now, than on top or anywhere else. So the dresser will gravitate towards the area of highest weight. Force = Mass * Acceleration, and I was negligent. Out of the corner of my eye, I see the dresser starting its descent towards the ground. I had a plate of food on my lap and was in a trance watching the latest episode of Fringe (GREAT show!), but I still had plenty of time to react. I saw the dresser, and all my precious items that were on top of the dresser, hurling towards oblivion. I had to act fast! I lunged in one motion, throwing the plate of food to the side, with no regard for my carpet, my hunger, or anything else. This was purely about survival. This was about saving my dresser and that ½ broken Pharaohs head, from irreparable damage. I moved quickly, extending my hands forward to try to correct the dressers weight and stop everything from tipping. I reached out and caught the front of the 9 drawer dresser (5 regular drawers, 4 mini drawers) as it was a 45 degree angle from the floor. This angle was good, but not good enough. All the items from the top of the drawers were too far in their descent to be saved. They flew past me, as i they were trying to avoid colliding with me, sacrificing themselves for my well being. The irony of the situation did not escape me. There was a loud crash, and the seismic force of the dresser shook the room. When the dust settled, I didn’t even want to look back, because I knew the damage was real. My mom, who was in the living room, ran in to see what happened, and she found her son, bleeding unknowingly from his legs, arms and hands, holding up 50% of a dresser, looking at her with despair and simple saying “Sorry Mom”. Then I turned around and saw the damage. Food everywhere, clothes scattered all over the floor. Broken wood and ceramics abundant. Finally I saw it: The pharaohs bust, preserved at 50%, was broken once again. I didn’t even want to find out how bad. I just held the dresser, still at a 45 degree angle, and remained at the epicenter of the destruction. it was then that the shock wore off, and I knew that this broken, seemingly worthless heirloom, meant more to me than even I thought. I started to break down. I knew that it would break again one day, but you never know when they would happen, and you would hope that it wasn’t due to negligence. I was upset with myself, for letting this symbol of my journey get damaged. I’m usually a positive person, but I was at my lowest at that point. My mom, seeing this told me “Well you can’t change it now. Don’t worry, you can fix it later. Now you have to be careful and fix the room again!” I snapped out of it immediately. I knew there was a task at hand, and I had to perform it to the best of my ability. I had to triage the damage to my room, and clean up! 20 minutes later the damage was assessed and calculated: Two broken drawers, two damaged tracks inside the drawers, one statue with its head lobbed off, and my old friend, the Pharaoh, with 25% of its head and body, broken beyond repair. I try not to live my life with regrets, but that emotion filled my soul. I couldn’t even repair the damage. It was then, that I realized the magic in the moment. The head and face of the Pharaoh remained in tact! Yes, it wasn’t as “whole” as before, but his head once again was bloody, but unbowed, just like I was in that moment, in the middle of my room, holding a dresser at a 45 degree angle, and wondering how I was so stupid for doing this to myself. I bent, but I didn’t break. I bled, but I didn’t fail. I stumbled, but I finished the race. Another life lesson embedded within an unfortunate situation. Sometimes, sh*t happens, but I look for meaning in random occurrences, because I always seek answers. Whether this happened for a reason or not, it was a great reminder to never give up, never surrender to temporary setbacks, and to always show resolve in any moment of despair. For a split second incident to teach me so much, shows the value my friend the Pharaoh had to me, and still does today. I moved the Pharaoh to my living room and put it in our display case with our other precious items to make sure this didn’t happen again. Every time I see that damaged heirloom, I will always be reminded of my past struggle and how they were overcome. We all have items that hold sentimental value. Items that mean nothing to the outside world, and everything to you. 11 years later, my friend the Pharaoh shows me that life lessons are timeless., and reminds me of everything it means to me.

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  1. "Sometimes, sh*t happens, but I look for meaning in random occurrences, because I always seek answers. Whether this happened for a reason or not, it was a great reminder to never give up, never surrender to temporary setbacks, and to always show resolve in any moment of despair."

    Whew! Needed to read this. Its been a hell of a day today and I've been trying to keep this in mind all day.

  2. Oh no…

    Reading this was like watching a thriller/suspense movie. I slowly read each line, anticipating the worse and what was to come next. I’m sad for you that your new dresser is broken. But glad that your pharaoh bust still holds sentimental value in your eyes.

    My items that hold any type of sentimental value are out of harms way because I know I would be in tears if they were destroyed. I learned this the hard way with some jewelry my mom gave me as a child.

    I have a question that is a little off topic…Well, more like a request.

    Can you and/or the other writers (who are also part of a fraternity) write a post on why you/ya’ll joined a fraternity? I’m genuinely curious as to why people join a fraternity or sorority.

    What is this Alpha Phi Alpha you speak of?

    1. They are pretty much a Greek cult that worships their "Founders" who are all secrect members of the FreeMasons, which is itself a lower ranking sect of the Illuminati. Their members tend to be A-Hole black college guys who are typically bright, but lack social skills and need to pay for friends. Even the names of the 4 primary Black Fraternities are a tribute to the Rothschild Foundation for which they originate from.

      The truth is out there….

      1. Well… I guess this is the "unnecessarily negative comment of the morning", so far…lol.

        Look… I don't get greek life, either.

        However I don't knock others for being into it. Some of my closest friends are very active in their organizations and they enjoy it. Its not for me, but I love them… they are AMAZING people. So… if they like it, I love it.

        Man… did you even GET the message out of the whole post? No??? Well… it turns out that it wasn't even really about greek life. Go figure…lol. 🙂

        1. Duly noted on the sarcasm. I thought about it after the fact but we all know that person that really thinks like Dekela's comment.

          Well played sir

        2. LOL and my dudes comment is hidden!!! LMAO damn DeKeLa ha!

          Stupid Alphas!

          @Christina, Maybe one day I'll do a write up. Did you not have frats at your college? (assuming that you did and apologies for any assumptions)

          Its a great organization I joined in college and continue to be involved in to this day.

      2. Thank you DeKeLa…Thank you for that explanation of what Alpha’s are.

        Now I need you to elaborate a little more.

        Who are their “founders”? They’re all secrect (do you mean secret?) members of the FreeMasons. What do you mean? Who are the Free Masons? Who/what are the Illuminati’s? Is world peace achievable? Do aliens exist? Have you ever been probed? Is Donald Trump’s hair real or fake? What is Spam made from? What is God’s home address? Is Tupac dead or alive? Where do babies come from? Why is the sky blue? What is a micro-dermal piercing? Why is the industry designed to keep the artist in debt? Why they sellin’ niggaz CD’s for under a dime? Why is a brotha up North better than Jordan that ain’t get that break? Why did Kobe have to hit that raw? Why did Bush knock down them towers? Why they stop lettin’ niggaz get degrees in jail? Why did crack have to hit so hard? Why’d Denzel have to be crooked before he took it? Why they ain’t give us a cure for AIDS?

        Why…Oh why?

        To be continued…

    2. I am just curious, would you give up an object that was given to you (by a special person) that has a sentimental value for a good cause?

  3. Thank God it wasn't another e-mail response.

    I had quite a few aww moments while reading this. Isn't amazing that no matter how much we change, we're still learning the lessons we learnt lifetimes ago. I don't think I have anything that has that a lot of sentimental value to me. When my very unsentimental mom donated my security blanket to Goodwill, (sad just thinking about it :() I learned not to get too attached to material things.

    I do think that we all need a reminder that we're a lot stronger than we feel we are. For me, it's a diary i kept in high school. It never gets any easier to read but whenever I'm done, I feel proud of myself for having gotten to this point.

      1. Lol, streetz advice was great, but the actual letters were starting to bug me. I've been low-key praying for a post like this for a couple weeks and I wasn't disappointed. This story had me on the edge of my seat.

        1. Yeah Sade you ethered my soul with that comment, lol. Its all good though I like writing posts, I like helping others too. We'll be mixing it up on SBM though!

        2. Lol, that wasn't my intention. I'm glad that you answer questions (especially since one of these days, I might need objective advice myself). I just didn't want that to be all you wrote because I like your other posts so much. 🙂

  4. Soooo good to hear from you Streetz. Good storytelling and I'm glad you found the blessin' in the lesson. Time and life takes a toll on us all, glad Pharaoh made it out with what was important. This was a great writeup.

  5. Great story Streetz!

    I am sure that Pharoah's head will sit on a mantle somewhere….and your grandkids will be asking,,,,"yo, what's the story with the pharoah;s head"..lol.

    I to have a memento/keepsake that I have carried with me through my journey of life…it's a stuffed doll named "Rainbow Polly"….she has been in my life since I was 18…she's sitting in my boys room right now on their dresser drawer…..she is so special because I bought her for my highschool best-friend's daughter as a Chrismas present……but, unfortunate circumstances occured and I didn't end up giving it to her daughter..and then my best-friend died unexpectedly…..and I cherish that doll because it was for my best-friends daughter..and I held on to it because one day I want to give it to her daughter…and lo and behold. I located her daughter (my God-daughter) on FB and we have been in touch…and she doesn't know I'm holding Rainbow Polly for her and she will receive it one day……

    So, I totally get it….I am sure everyone has a memento or two with a story behind it.

    Good stuff!

      1. Streetz:

        According to DeKeLa, the truth is out there…Lol.

        I’d like to hear the truth from the horse’s mouth…aka you. I definitely had Frats at my university, but I didn’t pay much attention to them. I have a friend who’s in a Frat (I can’t remember the name right now) and I’ve asked him questions. He was telling me about a step show he went to and how he had to wear certain colors to avoid clashing with other fraternities. I’m not tryin’ to put a hit out on you…I swear. Why is Frat life idolized the way it is? What can you do as a Frat that you can’t do as a non-Frat? I just want more insight and a better understanding since your organization means so much to you.

  6. I don't get emotional over too many post.. but the anguish my heart felt when I read that Pharoah was mid-air… truly touching.. I understand the pain and felt sorry for your loss, but the Test of a Man is the fight that he makes and the grit he daily shows. Stay Strong Bro.

  7. "I bent, but I didn’t break. I bled, but I didn’t fail. I stumbled, but I finished the race. Another life lesson embedded within an unfortunate situation. Sometimes, sh*t happens, but I look for meaning in random occurrences, because I always seek answers."

    This was my favorite part of the story.

  8. Streetzie this post is awesome. In the true sense of the word, not in the cheesy overused sense. You went a different way than I was expecting. Although I enjoy you answering the mail, it's great to have some good old-fashioned Streetz story-telling again.

  9. Loved it…

    I've been bending for quite some time…but I also know that through pain/struggle/strife comes growth. So even though it's unpleasant…and uncomfortable…I hold on. I will not break.

    Great post sir and I hope someone reads it and it helps them to "finish the race" too. 🙂

  10. Streetzie this is one of my favorite posts from you yet. I was so sucked into this story, the suspense, the open dresser drawers (we have a cheap dresser in my sons room that does that if you even leave the top 2 drawers open. I've saved him from under that thing on too many occassions, so I just KNEW what was going to happen when you said you wanted to air out the dresser!) If you had put it on twitter I would have warned you!

    But seriously…I have a similar keepsake. I felt your pain.

  11. Great story Streetz…I really enjoyed it.

    My "pharoah" would be my degree. Although I was always a good student and in a number of educational programs, I wasn't too beat about going to college (don't ask me why, I don't know what I would've done other wise). Moms pretty much said that wasn't an option and that I was going to be the first college graduate in the family. Always wanting to make mommy happy, I went along with it and was indeed the first college grad.

    That degree represents so much more than 135 credits in various coursework. It represents my growth, strength and resilence. Although mom pushed me to go to college, she wasn't exactly "there"…and neither was my dad for the first 2 years. I had to do a lot on my own and figure sh*t out in order to stay in school. There were times when I didn't have money, and definitely did some dumb sh*t that could've gotten me in a heap of legal trouble because I needed money in my pocket. Sophomore year, my family fell on hard times…like no hot water hard times (which eventually led to eviction). This was the summer, my moms kicked me out after an arguement. I packed my stuff and left. She didn't look back and neither did I.

    Working 2 jobs, sleeping on my friend's floor in an already crowded house…there were so many nights I wanted to leave school and just get on my feet. But I stuck with it and I've learned so much about myself, life and just people in general. I have so many great experiences from college and met some dope people. On days when I'm frustrated, I think about college and the loans I owe and think "This is some bullsh*t". But deep down I know, college showed me when I'm really made of.

        1. Good ole Birmingham, Al, well thats where I'm from. I'm currently in the huntsvile area which had its fair share of damage but not quite the amount Tuscaloosa and Birmingham got.

        2. son i got mad peoples from birmingham and tuscaloosa. glad to hear everyone is ok. we keep getting barely missed by tornadoes. well we had a bunch of small ones. weather in this area is crazy.

      1. OH MY!! I would be heartbroken, but as you said having your parents is still more important! I hope all is well with you in AL! Sending good wishes from Atlanta 🙂

    1. Great comment LaLa, a "like" wasn't enough. What resiliency and determination. I especially liked this statement, "But deep down I know, college showed me when I’m really made of." Those tend to be the things that really stick with us.

  12. Somewhere an Alpha pledge will be responsible for learning this whole post word for word and reciting it in a basement, open field, or obscure location.

    I'm not an Alpha though. I'm just making the assumption that this will indeed happen.

  13. You ever had to explain to someone that the paddle was decorative, after they broke it?! Sh*ts the worse, B.

    Anyway, this was a good piece. You'll always be alright if you look at situations like this, "my head is bloody, but unbowed." A lot of people never even try, they are so afraid of failure, they neglect to even try. I can't go out like that, I refuse. A lesser man/woman looks at a situation and says, "OMG…" A greater man/woman looks at a situation and says, "I don't know what i'm going to do, but i'm going to do something."

  14. I have many momentos that remind me of things and evoke emotion. But I keep them packed away. Every now and then I pull them out. I don't like to live life in the past so I don't keep things from my youth out.

    And I tend not to read a lot of meaning into everything that happens to me. Some ish just happens. I don't think God causes bad things to happen to teach us. I'ld like to think God is a better teacher than that. And if there is a devil…he holds no power over me as long as I walk wit God.

    Just my thoughts. Good post. Didn't mean to contradict it LOL

    1. You didnt contradict me at all really.. you actually strenghtened the overall meaning of the post.

      Youht had nothing to do with my momento's. Momentos can be from any era, just so happened to be from my past. Its not really living in the past, it's a reminder of good times and significant achievements, which we do mentally anyway! Do you feel the same about pictures too?

      Meaning in life is a foundation of human existence, but people can OD. Finding meaning in things isn't harmful though and some stuff does just happen, but you can find meaning in any lesson and be better as a result.

      1. Yeah. It's wierd. I'm the same with pictures. I keep them in photo albums and only look at them occasionally.

        I've always seemed to prefer momentos over pictures cause with momentos it seems like my mind builds the picture. Like I still have my grandfathers old suits. When I look at them I can see him in them and smell his cologne. It's a stronger recall than the picture.

        But yeah…even thought past times were great….I always like to look forward and not spend to much time reminisin over my past successes or failures.

  15. Awesome storytelling. I really enjoyed reading this.

    I have a few things of sentimental value. I just like being able to have them near me especially when I am down or not feeling well.

    I'm just curious, for those who have things of sentimental value would you ever consider giving it up for a bigger reason?

    It's difficult letting go of such things!… But I remember giving something I had for years– a heart shaped marble, that a mentor gave to me when I first went away to college. It meant so much to me and I would take it out and just literally stare at it when I was homesick while on campus.

    Anyway, several years later, I gave it away to one of the young people I work with…she was a little girl who had alot of unfortunate things going on in her life at that time.

  16. Thx for this post. As I graduate from college next this entire post sums up my whole college experience. "My head is bloody, but unbowed" It wasn't easy being the first in my family to go to college but I did it. Turning every struggle into a learning moment. Thx again!

    Oh shit I'm graduating from college…….oh shit I'm an adult…….oh shit I have grown people responsibilities……oh shit college life is about to be over……oh shit oh shit oh shit

    1. <blockquote cite="comment-307766">


      Oh shit I’m graduating from college…….oh shit I’m an adult…….oh shit I have grown people responsibilities……oh shit college life is about to be over……oh shit oh shit oh shit

      Entirely appropriate response, glad you're aware enough to know it. I was not.

  17. Very nice, Streetz. Very nice.

    Can't nobody take my pride, can't nobody hold me down. Oh no, I've got to keep on moving!! lol. thought that line would be appropriate for this post.

    This is what its all about. Not giving up, and never giving in to the storms that will inevitably occur in our lives.

    Struggles come as a way to get you on the right path, to get you back on the right path if you've fallen off, and to keep you on the right path, teaching you lessons throughout your journey. Embrace it, welcome it. Its all for your benefit and your betterment.

  18. awwww i love this post.

    and i love A Phi.

    i'm trying to think of something in my life that holds as much symbolism as the Pharaoh does, but i can't, except maybe the many notebooks full of random writings of mine. cool that you took a deeper meaning from almost killing yourself and creating a storm in your room. lol.

    sidenote: this Alpha i dated told me on like our third date that if we ever reached that point, our son's name was to be Pharaoh, with no exceptions. lol.

  19. "….For someone who had a arduous and unexpected road to the greatest fraternity on the planet…."

    i stopped reading after this. 😐

    j/k but good story son. i have a few sentimental objects that will forever be important to me.

    1. a snapple top. my '87 prophyte told me that whenever he saw me i needed to have it in my right pocket. i don't know why i still have that top 9 years later.

    2. this picture i have of me and mom at my first birthday party. i love my mom and it was probably the last picture i had as part of light skinned nation. lol

    3. my birth certificate. not really trying to get obama'd.

  20. <blockquote cite="comment-307655">

    LaLaBakir: My “pharoah” would be my degree.

    I am sooo feeling you on this one LaLa…

    Although I went on to higher degrees one of the most difficult times in my life was going after my Associate's Degree.

    I didnt go to college right after H.S. Nope I decided to do things backwards. I was pregnant my senior year of H.S. and later got married at age 19. Well by 21 I decided that the next step would be college. Now college is hard as it is… but add a break after H.S. and its really difficult to get back into the whole education process. Also by then I had 2 kids under 3 and was living in a new state. It was a very trying 2 years but at the end it was well worth it.

    Oh and just when I though my struggle was something, I had the opportunity to be in the same graduating class with an 86 year old woman who had also decided to go after her education after 'a break'. Talk about perspective!

      1. Thanks… and you too!

        The one thing I did have for my entire college career was my mother's support. Dont know how I would have done it without her.

    1. Wow, that's amazing.

      I have a plan for my life and I pray all the time that nothing and no one comes along to interrupt that plan because I'm not sure I'd be able to get back on track once I left it for whatever reason. Regardless of how old I was or capable I seemed, I'm desperately afraid that changing the plan might be too much for me to handle.

      You definitely have my respect and so does for 86 year old graduating classmate

    2. LAUD! I know that God doesn't give you more than you can handle but giiiirl, He was sure pushin limits with you! Congrats sister! You, my friend, are a trooper! Glad you came out the other side in one piece.

  21. This post was beautiful, the story telling was so vivid I could imagine it all in my head. I don't think that I have any object as sentimental to me as your Pharaoh's head is to you but I do hold my diploma and my experience at college as something very important. I wanted to go to Cal since I could speak and it was my motivation for absolutely everything that I did. When I finally made it there I felt so accomplished but I never knew how life changing the experience would be or how important the people I interacted with would be in my life. My diploma represents all the changes that I went through. I definitely left college with a new outlook on life, I can truly say that I am a better more secure person and I love my Alma Mater so much! Now I am on to the next….Law School!

    1. Thanx! I am sure that I'm gonna need it, this LSAT is driving me crazy right now…I can only imagine the hell that I will go through in law school, but it will all be worth it when I am the Honorable Judge Kriola!

      1. Guys stop it, I'm studying for LSAT this summer. This is not encouraging at all 🙁 I know it going to be hard but its the only thing I see myself doing.

        1. Its better to face the daemon straight on than to pretend it will be all unicorns and rainbows. We can do it! We may bend, but we won't break. Bleed, but we won't fail. Stumble, but we shall finish the race! Law school ain't got nothin on us! (see what I did there! applying what I learned from Prof. Streetz!)

  22. <blockquote cite="comment-307753">

    DeKeLa: LOL, thanks J. I’m sitting here dying laughing over these comments.

    Oh… my bad then. I was sure thinking, "Damn… where the hell did THAT come from."

    Sorry 🙂

  23. <blockquote cite="comment-307753">

    DeKeLa: LOL, thanks J. I’m sitting here dying laughing over these comments.

    Oh… my bad then. I was sure thinking, "Damn… where the hell did THAT come from?"

    Sorry 🙂

    1. Yeah, I was literally in tears thinking "Damn, people really didn't catch the not-so-subliminals??

      It's ALL good.. ::still crying::

  24. Hello my SBM peoples!

    Great post Streetz. I too have some things of sentimental value, so I know where you are coming from. I also have memories of the same value that I hold on to as well (especially if the worldly possesion is lost). For example, the last thing my little brother gave to me before he died was a certain candy bar a couple of years ago. 'Til this day, I still cant eat that candy bar when offered to me or I see it in the store because that memory. This may be insignificant to others, but hey *Kanye Shrug*

    I think things happen for a reason and have some kind of meaning and all that jazz, so Im glad that you got some meaning out of what happened to you and others that posted comments about their valuables. Thanks for sharing! Im glad Im not alone in still holding on to some ish that, to others is crap, but to me is something entirely different.

  25. *slow clap*

    I needed a little inspiration this week, thank you for providing that! What I loved about this post was the sheer honesty of why the pharoah was important to you and what it reminds you of pertaining to your character. Oftentimes we forget lessons already learned, struggles already fought, and battles that have left scars of victory. But once in a while, something happens that reminds us of our character and puts us back on guard. That helps as we continue this journey through life, constantly growing, experiencing and advancing.

    I salute you today cause this reminded me of why I am so strong :o)


  26. <blockquote cite="comment-307835">

    Streetz: LOL and my dudes comment is hidden!!! LMAO damn DeKeLa ha!Stupid Alphas!@Christina, Maybe one day I’ll do a write up. Did you not have frats at your college? (assuming that you did and apologies for any assumptions)Its a great organization I joined in college and continue to be involved in to this day.

    Streetz, real talk. Having my comment hidden was the highlight of my day LOL.

  27. This was a cool post and all but who knew that Streetz was that damn old. You crossed 11 years ago? i kid i kid

    I feel the same way about my "brain." I wont go into much detail about what it actually is but I do revisit it often. Always has the right words for me…

    1. just went thru mine on Monday while looking for something with my LS when she came over here Monday.

      and we just turned 10, don't hate on the old heads :-p

  28. Streetz, good job on the post homey.

    The worst feeling is in the world is the feeling you get when you've lost something that can't be replaced that would not have been lost had you done what you were supposed to do. I have a few things like this and it really hurts to think about.

    So, on that note, I'm bout to holla at these new COD maps…

  29. Damn Apes! I aint hardly suprised, lol. Sike naw. I feel your pain when I read this good brother. I to, being a "MADE" member of my frat (the one that gets all the ladies and turned 100 years old this year, no need to mention the name, lol) know and can relate to the connection that we have to things from our "Middle Passage" or "Rights of Passage" to the promise land. The key here is that your head has remained bloody but unbowed". In the fell clutch of circumstance it does not appear that you winced or cried aloud..and that is also important. This jawn read like a suspense thriller, lol. Shout out that tha nut-azz chick who felt the need to ask you questions about what Alpha Phi Alpha was as if she doesnt have access to the internet. SMH. I felt like she was kinda being a d*ck-head on the low. Its all good tho. Good read!

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