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Streetz normally handles the mail, but this letter ended up on my desk for some reason, so let’s see if I can’t shed some light on this situation, given my unique perspective and all:

Hello, I would like your thoughts on this situation. Me and my boyfriend are
in our mid-thirties. Our relationship is fairly new (8 months). In the dating
phase of our relationship, my boyfriend shared the fact that he smokes weed. I
asked “How often” he said, once every now and then. He stated he gave it up
for a year prior when he was in a previous relationship because his
ex-girlfriend despised it. After divulging this new data, he asked how I felt
about it. I’m Jamaican so I’m familiar with ganja smoking. There are a number
of folks in my family that does it on occasion so I was fine with it since it
wasn’t regular use. Since that conversation and after getting comfy a few
months, I’m noticing that my boyfriend smokes every weekend that he is with me.
He states it relaxes him. This is now bothering me. Not only am I thinking he
doesn’t have any control to give it up but the weed smoking is affecting our
sex. He falls asleep easily, he’s just blah, sex drive is low and the Johnson
doesn’t “get up” like it used to which is indirectly affecting me – a woman
at her peak! I recently spoke to him about possibly stopping especially since
its counterproductive to his workout routine/goals. (The munchies doesn’t help
with his diet restrictions) He went 2 weeks without smoking then ran into a
friend that hooked him up with a free bag. Needless to say, he smoked it. I lost
it and went off on him. I told him I didn’t agree to be with a weedhead and
that he’s an addict and don’t have any self-control. He said it was free. I
said Well, you should have gave it back and told dude that you’re good. I
don’t know what to do or how to approach this. Can you assist? I don’t smoke
anything and never dated smokers. I don’t want to be controlled or dependent on
any substance to relax or have fun. What are your thoughts? Outside of this
issue, our relationship is great.

Since you’re asking for advice, you clearly want to make this thing to work, but what’s also very is clear is that he’s probably not going to stop anytime soon. Before I tell you what you can do, I’ll tell you what you can’t do. Nagging him every time he fires one up will get you no where fast, and just stress him out more, which will lead to him firing another one up. It’s a vicious cycle. Going off on him because he lit up that free bag after two weeks of not smoking and throwing out the “weedhead” lingo is a bit harsh. Keep in mind, you made the decision to continue the relationship after he told you he smoked. You could have easily walked once he told you this, so every time you get mad at him, get mad at yourself a little bit as well.

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One thing you have to realize is that you two may have totally different conceptions of what every now and then means. To you that might mean every couple months or so, to him that may mean every other weekend, or every now and then compared to how much he used to smoke.

How you approach this situation depends on how important this issue is in the overall scheme of your relationship. Do you object to his smoking for health or religious reasons, or is it because the stigma associated with ganja smoking? (Contrary to what your Granny may have told you, all weed smokers aren’t lazy good-for-nothing rastas with locks swinging down their backs). There’s a huge difference between a pet peeve and a deal breaker. If the rest of the relationship is great outside of this issue, this may be something you just have to compromise on, because it doesn’t sound like he’s going to stop on his own anytime soon, especially if he’s bumping into people that give him trees for free (I wish a n*gga would). Sure, he gave it up for a year for an ex-girlfriend, but that’s probably why she’s an ex-girlfriend.

Your approach also depends on how much he actually smokes. From the sounds of it, you guys spend most of your time on the weekends, so you’re only aware of his weekend toking. If he’s smoking during the week as well, then chances are if the relationship progresses and you guys will start spending more time together, which means you’ll just be spending more time annoyed by his smoking. More importantly, can he sustain his habit financially, or is he barely making ends meet just to smoke? If it gets to the point where he’s constantly asking you to borrow money to support his habit, you can certainly do bad all by yourself.

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The fact that it is affecting your sex life does raise a red flag for me, because problems in the bedroom will inevitably snowball into issues outside of it. In a situation like this, son needs to be laying pipe so well, you wouldn’t care if he smoked a joint or went out and banged 8 gram rocks with Charlie Sheen.

I’d say give it a few weeks before you say anything, but definitely take the time to talk to him about it. Take that time to decide whether or not you think you can be around someone that smokes for the long haul. Whatever you decide to do, stay away from giving an ultimatum, because you may end up single because of a little lady called Mary Jane. I hope I helped you out a bit, and please tell me where I can find this gentleman who is giving out free bags.

Of course I was smoking when I wrote this,


  1. pass de dutchie on de left hand side

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    It a gonna burn, give me music make me jump and prance

    It a go done, give me the music make me rock in the dance

    Pon mi rasta vibes

    Good advise!

  2. i have been known to partake in the greenery from time to time but i don't know about the adverse effects that seem to affect this woman's boyfriend. in fact i think it may have the opposite effect on me. either way it seems like if he can't give it up for more than 2 weeks then he may have a problem. she should just be honest about her hesitation to deal with a weed head.

    1. <blockquote cite="comment-308197">

      MadScientist7: i have been known to partake in the greenery from time to time but i don’t know about the adverse effects that seem to affect this woman’s boyfriend. in fact i think it may have the opposite effect on me.


  3. Hmm, I was under the impression that smoking increased sensations during, I guess it's just e.

    LW lied to dude and herself when she said she was ok with his habit. It is clear from her letter that she is not. She should call it quits now before things escalates and the breakup becomes nasty, since she is already arguing with him about this. I wonder if she stopped picking fights would the sex get better.

  4. I'm at wow ………. if its affecting your sex life he's doing it more than you think. IJS

    Like he said nagging isn't going to help its only going to make him smoke that much more.

    There is no gray in this to me – you are either cool with it or you're not and it sounds like you aren't so its best to just cut your losses.

    1. That's EXACTLY what I thought. Man, if you're in your 30s and having ED already… I'd say hang your head in shame but apparently it already is. I wouldn't have to have a woman nag me to stop, let me notice that SCUBA Steve isn't willing to go diving when I want him to. That's it, I'm done. You can puff, puff, pass me by with that. That's just too young to need Blue Diamond Phillips (a.k.a. Vi@gra) for support. I gotta say I feel her on this one. I'm not looking to play second to anybody, and DEFINITELY not to an addiction being veiled as a hobby.

  5. Good advice, like RCLS said, ultimatums almost never turn out right, even when you think he's gonna choose you and all you have to offer over some ugly hoodrat who doesn't even do it right…or weed. I don't know if the sex issues are from the weed though, I've been with a few smokers and we never had that problem 0_o. But you can't fault him for smokin the free stuff, it was free!!

    1. soooo I think I figured out how to do this, so I'm gonna try it again

      ultimatums almost never turn out right, even when you think he's gonna choose you and all you have to offer over some ugly hoodrat who doesn't even do it right weed.

      1. *pins you with your HTML Code Badge*

        *looks away before my voice cracks, wiping a tear away* Ooh, my allergies are ackin up….

  6. Well. I'm speechless. I absolutely 100% agree with RCLS

    This is a topic that hits waaaay to close to home for me and RCLS is right in that repeatedly expressing your distaste for the frequency in which he smokes will do nothing but make it worse. Again, I just cosign everything RCLS said.

    Now, let me go check to see if the moon is full.

  7. Yeah I agree there is no gray area. Either you mind it or you don't. I was with a guy who smoked A LOT and he only had that "no rise" problem once. I guess it's different for everyone. My idea of every once in a while is 2-3 times a month and everyone is different.

    Sounds like she agreed to something cause she liked him and didn't want him to stop dealing with her and it back fired. We all do it at some point.

    um so I guess I agree with what RCLS said….

  8. I did not inhale in my youth but I knew a few people that did. I dated this chick who smoked a lot but she was always horny on it so I Didn't mind. Another girl smoked a lot but it didn't affect her chex drive all. She just wants to chill all the time. Island girls are the best !!!!

    If drugs make your partner do crazy things and you don't want to be with them , end it!

    In a mature relationship, you'll do whatever you can to make things right, or not. I know people who gave up on the Newports because their partner hates smoking.

  9. I agree with you advice. I also think, she should just leave this guy alone. Obviously, his weed habit really bothers her..so, she should date someone who doesn't smoke weed. Why put yourself thru all of this…getting him to stop. He is most likely going to continue this habit…so, she can either accept it or move on…

    Quick question: I have never smoked weed before (dealt with one guy in my past who did)….does it really affect s*xual performance? If so, that would be reason enough to move on….just kidding. lol. No, but s*xual performance is important to me….and I am sure many others….I mean too much liguor can affect performance..and too much food. too much of anything is never good…I just always assumed the weed made the s*x better???

    1. I think it makes it better in general but for some reason, for some people that smoke regularly, it doesn't have the same impact on sex.

    2. <blockquote cite="comment-308373">

      QueenT: I just always assumed the weed made the s*x better???

      I think it does! Makes me wonder if its only weed… Hmmm…

      1. Ok ok… I take this back. Maybe weed makes it better when you are BOTH smoking. I would compare this to alcohol. If only one person is drunk the sober party may not enjoy the activity as much as the other.

        I think she can save the relationship by toking a bit. JK!!!

        1. "If only one person is drunk the sober party may not enjoy the activity as much as the other."

          That all depends on who's the drunk and who's the sober one because if I'm tipsy and he's sober it's a win win situation but if he's drunk and I'm the sober one…… it's not a good look.

        2. <blockquote cite="comment-308513">

          GirlSixx is ChloeRayne516: if I’m tipsy and he’s sober it’s a win win situation

          I think thats because guys dont complain as much. Also I'm talking drunk…. not tipsy. Your man may still take it but I'm sure he's wishing you hadnt drunk that much.

  10. I actually sympathize with the writer on this one. While I don't have a problem dating someone who smokes from time to time (can't throw rocks in glass houses), I really get annoyed when having this in a get-to-know-you-better conversation and he misleads me to believe he only smokes only on his birthday, or as little a 3x a year, or even once a month…only to later (once youre already waaay into them) find out they do it 3-4 times a week or more.

    Two things besides the deception are annoying. One is my fear that they are dependent. It's not social smoking, it's not smoking to party, it's not smoking with your boo for extra excitement in the bedroom. It's smoking cause you had the urge 3-4 times a week or more.

    The most worrisome thing though are the side effects. I have seen the ones the reader refers to because after smoking regularly from 20s (or teens) to mid-thirties or higher, they really show up for some people. In addition to the low sex drive, inability to stay hard, and falling asleep all the time, there really is this weird memory loss (did I say memory loss<— ah annoying) thing. I've seen then with more than a couple guys close to me.

    All this to say, I do agree with the advice about not nagging. Sorry he mislead you into thinking he didn't do it all like that. It can be very sad to have to watch a loved one continue to hurt themselves because they are in denial about the drugs negative impact. You just have to decide what you can deal with, especially considering he's one of those people experiencing the negative side effects of smoking regularly.

  11. Good Advice!

    I cosign what RCLS says, however I would say that IDK if she should wait a few weeks. If she already feels a way, are you allowing for time to try to mend her feelings? My experience has been that women will let feelings fester and build for weeks and then when it's time to speak up, they'll blow up on a dude because they were holding in their true feelings.

    I think maybe a week she should wait then speak to him about it, if that.

    Also, he may want to speak to a doctor if hes having issues with his vertical. It may be more than just weed causing that.

  12. Good advice RCLS!

    I haven't dated a guy who smoked Mary Jane so I'm not sure if it's a pet peeve or a deal breaker for me. But I have a question, doesn't weed contribute to laziness? I'm not trying to be funny or anything but if you smoke all the time (like everyday) doesn't it make you content with life no matter what situation you're in?

    1. for *some* people smoking all the time is one (of many) excuses for being lazy. yes smoking does cause relaxation. but there are long way between being content with life while enjoying a jay and just smoking your life away. i've know smokers with doctorates (MD, PhD, PsyD peeps) as well as tokers who take a big inhale before running or biking. i live in cali tho and everyone smokes out here as for the s.ex performance issues, ever heard of tantra? in addition to crazy positions they include deep breathing with a bit of the ganga.

  13. Nothing wrong with some good stuff every now and then. The only problem is if it starts gettting in the way of your regular life and it looks like it doesn't.

    Does he still go to work/school? If yes then there is no problem. The dude is just chill and prob doesn't have the same sexual drive as you. People get a boost at the beginning but it just tappers off after a lil while.

    1. Just add to this…

      Don't you think there is the possibility that you are exagerating these side effects that you've witnessed just because you are not confortable with him smoking? Like seriously I know people who smoke 4-5 days/wk and you would prob "judge" them and exagerate their issues but really its not that big a deal.

  14. Ooooh he would get on my NERVES with that! I would give him an ultimatum. The weed or me and if he chooses the weed you will know what his first love is. After that it's up to you to leave or continue to play 2nd to his first love.

      1. It depends @ Lucious. If he could drink 4-5x a week and not be drunk, it wouldn't bother me. If he could still perform in bed it wouldn't bother me, but if every time he took a sip he became some ratchet annoying drunk and couldn't make love properly it would be the EXACT same ultimatum.

        1. <blockquote cite="comment-308491">

          RedLady821: It depends @ Lucious. If he could drink 4-5x a week and not be drunk, it wouldn’t bother me. If he could still perform in bed it wouldn’t bother me, but if every time he took a sip he became some ratchet annoying drunk and couldn’t make love properly it would be the EXACT same ultimatum.

          I 2nd this motion..


        2. Now explain to me the difference between having a glass of wine every night and blowing an L before bed…

        3. <blockquote cite="comment-308511">

          The Formerly Honorable and Rather Articulate Award Winning RightCoastLexSteele LLC, Under Mi Sensi: Now explain to me the difference between having a glass of wine every night and blowing an L before bed…

          Simply!! Because wine just like weed does relax you, but it doesn't affect your sex drive or the ability to get and maintain a woodie, but judging from the comments here — apparently weed does and that's just one of the MANY differences>

        4. Now explain to me the difference between having a glass of wine every night and blowing an L before bed…

          This is a very complicated and intricate distinction, so try to stay with me on this, but one big difference is:

          Marijuana is illegal.

    1. @ FHRAAWRCLS – I just did if you blew an L every night before bed and acted like your regular functional self without missing a beat I'd tell you to keep it moving, but that's not what this woman is saying, she's saying it's affecting the relationship. Anything that is an outside influence that adversely affects the relationship needs to go. We can sit here and discuss alcohol vs. weed all day but everything effects everyone differently.

      1. I don't know I kinda think that the other issues in the relationship aren't necessarily because of the weed. Maybe they are but I've never had that experience, nor anyone else I know…..and once the high wears off you should act like a normal functioning human being, unless that free ish had something special in it.

  15. Smoking is a deal breaker for me period. I grew up around people who smoked and I decided that I didn’t want to deal with that in my home or relationships. She did both of them a disservice by not being upfront about her feelings. If you’re ok with it then you just are, no gray area. It’s not fair to nag him over something that you initially said you were ok with. I think she just needs to be honest with him. As far as sex, remember that Marijuana effects testosterone production which can cause erectile dysfunction. So if he is a heavy smoker then that may be the case.

  16. "There’s a huge difference between a pet peeve and a deal breaker."

    I think all my advice is summed up by this. She needs to decide for herself if it is something she can tolerate or not. If it isn't she should leave. I don't think she has to stay away from an ultimatum though. She just has to be ready to follow through if he chooses the weed.

    I'm not sure what I would do if it was me. I've never smoked and I'm not against it but I've never dated anyone who smokes. However, a lot of friends/family do. As far as I know it hasn't made them lazy or any of the other stigmas associated with weed, but I guess it depends on the person, so my feeling on the matter would also depend on the person. If it was cigarettes, that would be a deal breaker.

  17. Ironically when I'm with a woman (if shes not a smoker) I dont really care to smoke cant figure out why but I have noticed that I really dont care to smoke but if you been around a weed smoker for 8 months its almost impossible for him or her to conceal their smoking-I dont broadcast it but if you ask I will tell you

  18. I don't see the dilemma here lady. He smokes weed, you don't like it. He can't get it up, you can't be intimate like you want. He sounds like a lame. Sounds like it is time to chuck the deuces to me. A man will only do what you allow him to do.

  19. I think she OK'd his from time to time trees habit because deep down somehow she came up with the idea in her mind that he would eventually stop for her just like he stopped for the Ex-girlfriend and now that she sees it ain't happening it's starting to get to her along with being chexually frustrated.

    It's not too late for her to bounce though if she really can't deal, although she shouldn't have gotten involved with him from the getty up if she doesn't like smoking of any kind because I don't see him stopping anytime soon and if he does she may become an Ex too.

    1. Maybe it's not even the weed itself. I'm starting to think that she's mad because he gave it up for his ex and not for her. It's possible that in her mind, him giving up weed for someone else and not her shows that he doesn't care enough about her. Just a thought.

  20. I use to smoke more weed than Bob Marley. And slang weed like Big Worm. So let me give you my expert advice.

    If he really likes you he may try to quit.

    If you are a real weed smoker you aint quittin cold turkey. You will have to ween yourself off of it. You will go through withdrawl.

    If he stops smoking it will also mean choosing you over his friends. You can't stop smoking and be around smokers. This is one of the hardest parts about quitting. Your are giving up a lifestyle you enjoy.

    Excessive weed smoke does effect your sex drive. I never realized how much it effected mine until I stopped smoking and my sex drive went through the roof.

    Weed will mess up your memory and your drive to do anything. It eventually takes all your energy.

    As a former smoker…I can tell you I could never do my job if I was still a smoker. Weed messes with you memory, your speech, you ability to think clearly and makes you tired.

    I will say…if I was still a smoker my blood pressure probably would not be high. And man do I miss smoking after a long workout lifting weights. That was the best. It just took all the pain from the workout away. That is the only real smoke I miss. The after workout Bob.

    That's all for now.

    1. Man you touching on a lot of points that I make with cats all the time. Let me just say that I used to live down the hall from this Que who used to smoke up the hallway to the point that I had to ask him for that connect. Now, I never was a weed smoker, but when you're faced with being a senior and knowing that you'll never really get the opportunity to try it again without risking your job, you should try it, just don't ever lie about it on a job application, or your clearance package.

      But in terms of trying to quit… remember when Thurgood was trying to holler at Mary Jane? Did you see the struggle this man had trying to stop smoking weed?!

      People who go through withdrawal prove that marijuana is a drug and dangerous. But I don't really care about drugs, Angela Davis flow, people shouldn't go to jail for using drugs, the disadvantages are on the label. I could care less if someone wants to do dope, you seen how Chris Tucker went out in Dead Presidents.

      WHAT KILLS ME is when dudes get locked up and they try and tell the judge that they need to go to a rehabilitation program because they have an addiction. I'm so glad i've never been on one of those juries. I just be laughing. I had a couple family members who did this though. It works, you can complete the program and they drop the DUI, disorderly, and possession charge. It just suck though because you have to pay for the program and submit to drug screening for a drug you're allegedly not addicted to, or at least that's what you been telling us for years.

      It's funny weed is like Henny, it can go both ways. Some weed increase your sex drive. Why you think it's so easy to pull jawns by just saying, "Tryna smoke after the club?"


      Oh you can talk your doctor about that stress issue, it's a lot of options you can take. Thing about marijuana is it's a depressant. All you got to do is take an anti-depressant to get the same reaction. You can get you some Xans on the street for cheap and get the same reaction. Look into that, ain't nothing wrong with that. Doctors prescribe that to white people who have anxiety attacks. That happen to Black people too, we just called it Angry Black Man syndrome. I used to want to slap the sh*t out of people at work, I would say that too, but a guy pulled me aside and was like take this and stop being a n*gga.

      1. Yeah if you get caught sellin crack the difference between doin 5 years and 6 months might be convincing the judge you are a crackhead. So a lot of dudes will say "Help me judge I'm on that stuff."

        And nah….I don't need anti deppressants or nothin like that. I just have high blood pressure from other factors. To me the relaxing effects of weed is really physical not mental. Weed takes all the tension out of your muscles and makes your blood flow. To be honest I get the same effects now in the Sauna at my gym. The physical effect of the Sauna and Steam room is very similar to weed.

  21. Once had someone give me an ultimatum that if she was to be with me I would have to give up herb. I sure do miss her.

    Anyways…ole girl needs to realize that she didn't want a smoker period, so she should stay in her lane and go with a non-smoker and end the agony. I hate it when folks tip toe around behavior they know they won't tolerate only to then turn it into a nag point. Just leave dude alone!

  22. <blockquote cite="comment-308511">

    The Formerly Honorable and Rather Articulate Award Winning RightCoastLexSteele LLC, Under Mi Sensi: Now explain to me the difference between having a glass of wine every night and blowing an L before bed…

    I've had to give people Ultimatum's regarding alcohol. If you smoke an entire L, you're probably high. One drink, you're probably not drunk. But, if you get drunk multiple times a week, its not cool to me. Dependence is real, and something I really do not want to have to deal with. When you have further conversations with these people outside of their actions, whether smoking or drinking you can make a better decision regarding their dependency. It is not just the action solely.

    1. You sleeping on the fact that a lot of weed smokers only take a few pulls and put it back in the ashtray. I know a lot of cats who hit it like three times before bed and put it out, wake up in the morning….

      Aaaaaaawwwwwww snap, I forgot about this. Take like 4-5 mroe pulls and finish it off later. Both times, they only get a little buzz, not high. People don't smoke all their weed on one shot.

      1. Not trying to exclude them, thats why I said "if you smoke an entire L" I respect the guys that tell it to me upfront tho, and not on some "sometimes" ish. I've had some straight off the boat Jamaicans just be like "yo, I smoke weed" im like ok… how often. "alot" OKAY…. next lol. It doesnt bother me if its not around me, but if its a serious relationship eventually he'll start lightin up in my presence. I mean I've smoked before, but like I said before its the 'dependence' that annoys me. So I try to figure out the truth really early on…

  23. Weed is still illegal, folks. I know that's not a big deal to a lot people, but having the green in my house, my car, smelling like green, all a nono for me. Not gonna happen. Now, vacation is another story. What happens on the vaycay stays there…

    She already knows what to do. Leave him. He told her he smoked every once in a while. Well every weekend is a little more often than every once in a while. And who knows what he does when they're not together. If he's dependent on it, if he thinks he "needs" it, then I think there may be a bigger problem. Even if he gave it up, he may replace it with something else like alcohol, trading one dependency for another. Don't wait a few weeks, wait until the next weekend, and have a real sit-down with him. Let him know all of your ,and that you want the relationship to work. Don't give an ultimatum unless you're really ready to let him go.

  24. This is kind of funny because one time I was on this date and this chick was like, "I don't really drink when I go out because I don't like paying for drinks and I don't like the feeling of not being in control." I never called her after that date because I was like, i'm the Greatest Shitshow on Earth. This won't work. So my first thing would have been to say the dude should have bowed out the situation from jump or at least been honest about it. A lot of chicks don't like dudes who smoke anything, a dude will lie and try and keep it on the low, or speak down about it. Same thing with people smoke like Blacks. They'll tell a chick, "Oh I don't smoke." Then they show up at the crib at like 3AM and she's like, "HAVE YOU BEEN SMOKING??!" He says, "Oh I mean when I drink I typically smoke a Black or two." He should have just said everything up front, "Do I smoke unnecessarily like i'm addicted? No. Will I have an occassional tote? Yeah, but I can monitor that if it bothers you." #ObamaFlow.

    (Sidenote: People should ask a similar question to people they dealing with about sleeping with other people. A lot of dudes will be like, "I don't cheat" but that's short for. "I'm not a cheater, but do I sometimes fall into random p*ssy for the story? Yes. That ain't got nothing to do with you or that girl, it's just for the story.)

    (Other sidenote: People probably think i'm racist like ish. Blacks are short for Black & Mild cigars. I know all y'all know that, but just in case you didn't.

    Anyway, RCLS gave sound advice. I know a situation on the side where a chick was dating a guy who wasn't smoking that much in the beginning and then he started doing it way too much. She ended up saying something that you know signals the end of any relationship with a Black man.

    "How come we don't do nothing no more?"

    When a chick say that, you might as well, call the Closer, it's OVER.

    (Last random sidenote: If you a real dude and you want to blow that save, this what you do, if she asks why you don't do nothing anymore, just tell her that you do, just not with her. If you not a Patowan and you a real Jedi, that will work like a charm. She'll be coming up with ideas in a second.)

    (OK last sidenote: What she should do is do stuff that's fun to do when you high. Like, if they went to Color Me Mine or peopel watching, he'd be down for that and they'd have a great time. Or put a real good movie on like The Last Dragon. I don't know about y'all but if you high and you watch that movie on mute, the sh*t is the greatest MOVIE OF ALL TIME!!!)

  25. I've been to California before and I go back every now and then (not even once a month). Chicks learn that pretty early on. Not trying to have to be ducking into corners, lying about where I'm at, or doing all sorts of tricks with open windows and air fresheners. But let someone start calling me names though…

    It'd be a wrap. Chicken Ceez.

  26. This post was just as orgasmic as that "Are White Women Easy" Post…

    I don't smoke but hang out with some weedheads…

    Why is it that today's woman sucks at manipulating men post- "the first couple of times they had sex"

    There is ways to get him to stop smoking, but that is not the real issue…

    I don't believe in men changing (almost) ANYTHING for women… I think some women ask for men to change, so the men can deny the request to reaffirm that he has backbone…

    And then there are some real changes that men would make in women's lives that would be legitimately appreciated by a woman

    I think weed-smoking is not in the same league as "he beating your as$ everytime y'all get into an argument"

    But him sustaining a fierce pipe game is a legitimate improvement

    Thanks for another funny post RCLS


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