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You Must Respect Dude’s Night Out

How can you possibly caption this? Um... "not everybody can hang."

I was having lunch with a friend and she was telling me about a situation that was going on with one of her girlfriends:

“Yeah, and so she’s due any day now. They had called her last Thursday and asked her to come in because she was having some complications, they were going to induce labor. She was due in a week anyway. Her baby daddy was like, “I got to leave work?! Does this mean I can’t go out?! Fridays is my night with the fellas!”

Of course after I got my composure and pulled myself off the floor, I responded, “Hey you have to keep your night with the fellas sacred.” My lunch date looked at me as she does most times when I’ve said something borderline ridiculous. However, I wasn’t joking. On my ride home this weekend I was talking to my boy and I told him, “We need to pick a fellas night and stick to it.” This conversation was mainly brought about because we are trying to plan our strip club attendance around football, and he said that his girl likes to spend Sunday nights with him, so it’ll probably have to be Monday. Not many of you know this, but football and naked women go together. Heck, we’ll find any reason to go Stadium Nightclub. (That link is NSFW).

Dude’s Night Out is like Pride Rock, and you must never lose Pride Rock. In that same conversation I told him about why we would go to The Park every Thursday and how someone told me that I lived in The Park and I said, “Nah that’s my night with the guys, and I don’t care what we do, we just cannot lose this night.” I went on to tell him that the second you start missing a Thursday here or there and your girl snatches that day up, you’ve lost Pride Rock, time to find greener pastures. Now, Dude’s Night Out has a few rules:

1) Don’t tell your girl where we’re going, but find out where she’ll be – One night we spent an afternoon emailing back and forth about not telling the girls about where we were going. Guess who we saw when we walked in the lounge?
2) Don’t tell your girl where we’re at – If your girl sends you a text message asking where you are at, just delete and say you never got it.
3) Don’t tell your girl where we went, and if she forces you to, lie your ass off – If we were in a private room at the strip club with Buffie the Body, Pinky, and Jada Fire, you better tell her we were at a dive bar just having some drinks and talking about the Miami Heat. Make up a scuffle or shoving match, that’s called “selling it with the hips.” (And ANOTHER thing, when your girl asks you about something, don’t look like you’ve just seen a ghost or ask a dumb question like, “What you mean what we did last night,” just start laughing, it’s the best way to cover up your development of the best lie ever.)
4) You are allowed to occasionally bag a shorty or two, even though you have a girl, you just can never call or follow up – A man should be able to know he’s still got it, but he shouldn’t act on it. You’ll end up making a bad decision like not smashing off a Kerry Washington lookalike after you get her naked in your crib. (This is still the saddest scene in the history of Cinema.)
5) You better have a damn good reason for missing Dude’s Night Out, and it better not be anything p*ssy – Studying for the GMAT or CPAs, or you have to work late is okay, but if you say, “Shorty wants me to go to this play tonight.” I’m going to look at you like you are p*ssy.

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With such exact rules, it seems that one or two always gets broken each time we have Dude’s Night Out. I know why though, so it bothers me less:

1) Dry snitching is an epidemic. Your best mans and them will Kobe Bean you to save their ass. – I can see it now, she goes through your pockets and find a business card of some random breezy and you respond, “It’s just a business card! At least I’m not like Slim and actually taking women to hotels and sh*t!”
2) You know how they have that whole thing about the Guns or the Butter. The person who made that up lied to you. Men always take the Butter. – Given the choice between hanging out with the fellas and playing hide and go get it with the Misses, most men choose the sex.
3) People get drunk and do all types of dumb sh*t. – Everybody got that one basement chick that you have no respect for. She’s not your bottom b*tch, your bottom b*tch is strong like bull, she holds you up. Your basement chick is the one you don’t respect and many men find themselves at their house because they are drunk and looking for some poon at 3AM. LMAO, they haven’t spoken to this chick in months but they hit her up because she’s a jumpoff and you have nothing to lose. She can’t tell anyone you hit her up at 3AM, it’s an indication of how much respect people have for her.
4) There’s a Maverick in every crew. – Not many of you guys know this but people always think that Tom Cruise was the best pilot in Top Gun. But he was actually a horrible wingman, he continuously broke formation for personal glory.
5) At times, gracefully bowing out is the only way to keep yourself out of trouble. – Every now and then I have a friend who throws a gentlemen’s night at his crib. Many of times, dudes had to fall back because they know what happens at those nights. Ain’t nothing worse than waking up in the morning, sitting upright in a chair with your jeans around your ankles, pockets empty, and screaming, “F***************CK!”

In closing, here are my final thoughts, #jerryspringer, to the men — respect Dude’s Night Out, don’t take it for granted. And as always, STOP SNITCHIN! To the women – there’s no rule that says you can’t have girls night out too, the only thing I will say is that b*tches are catty. If I was y’all, I wouldn’t trust any woman as far as you can see her. She’ll be in the club texting your man that you wilding right now, meanwhile she scheming on some culo herself. Wait a minute, why does she have your man number anyway?!

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I’m hyping it… sigh. I’ll leave you with this funny story I saw the other day.

Proof that men have better friends: A woman didn’t come home last night; the next morning she told her husband she slept at her friend’s house. Her husband calls her 10 best friends and none of them know anything about it. A man didn’t come home last night the next morning he says he slept over at a friend’s house. His wife calls 10 of his best friends.. 8 confirm that he slept over & 2 said he was still there!!!


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  1. i completely and totally agree… people need space and their own experiences… enjoy your life, i do not want to be every aspect of it!!!

    that being said… i do believe that your lady due any day now with complications trumps dudes night out

  2. so its ok to lie?? and its ok to bag a shorty when u have a girl?…not feeling this post at all or maybe i dont understand it well….i'm not saying you should ditch guys night but dont lie or "bag" another shorty thats just wrong in my opinion

  3. My boy and I had a similar theory and it was actually taught to us by my Uncle. It's a little different than guys night out because the ladies can know about it and you don't have to lie. Win Win He called it "The Man Spot."

    The Man Spot is basically some place that your girls know that you and yours boys go but they are UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES WHAT-SO-EVER allowed to attend, because they'll only ruin it. They'll sit around and talk about the girls are how "nasty" or "disgusting" the place is and basically do all in their power to ensure you don't have fun. Plus, I don't care how close you are with your girl, you cant talk with your boys like you can when she's not around. Miss me with that "our relationship is different" crap because trust me, it's not.


    Anyway, our man spot was Hooters. Still is…I just don't live at home anymore but you can best believe whenever I visit we hit up a Hooters. At one point, I slipped up and we took our girls to watch a UFC fight and I PROMPTLY got banned from Hooters/Tilted Kilt/Twin Peaks because the waitress aka "that b*tch has been eye flirting with you all night" according to my X. Rookie mistake. So, for a while we had to mosey on over to Tilted Kilt/Twin Peaks.

    But yeah, we watch sports, drink, and harmlessly flirt with the waitresses. No harm, no foul. Get your alcohol on, game watch on, ego boost on, then go home to your woman.

    Sometimes you say you're going to Hooters/Twin Peaks/Tilted Kilt and you sneak off to the Gentlemen's Club, which conveniently has roughly the same hours but that's another story for another day

    1. Man this is so true. Went to the tilted kilt a few weeks ago and got my waitress number just because. Took my lady there because they are the only place that had the beer we like on tap. Been thee 2 times with my lady actually, both times ole girl was there. She only spoke when my girl eas in the bathroom lol

        1. I'm ballsy like that. Worst time ever was when we went out to eat and my ex was a waitress. I didn't know and my girl was trippin for stupid reasons…i started drinking early that night.

  4. So I understand the concept of the boys night out. But when reading this, be sure to flip the script in your head and make it a girls night out…..are you still cool with everything you wrote? I doubt it.

    1. Doesn't matter if we're ok with it or not. If you're a realist you know that you wouldn't approve of everything that goes on outside of your presence. As long as no major infractions are committed, I'm a big proponent of out of sight out of mind.

    2. How about you don't flip the script because we are not the same, men and women shouldn't go out and do things the same way. Come up with your own set of rules, but I don't think we should follow the same script. I seen some girls try that in the bathroom in middle school and it didn't work out for them.

      1. Thanks for this reply.

        Women and Men aint the same! Jawns gotta get they own rules! Piss and C*m comes out of a penis. A little person comes out of a vagina! Stop comparing the two!

  5. I'm all for the guys having their own special night, and the girlfriends should encourage it.

    But lying? If your girlfriend will purposely go to the place where her boyfriend and his friends are hanging out having their little "Guy time". Then you really need to evaluate the relationship.

    If your girlfriend has given you no reason for you to lie, then don't. Because it will only make things needlessly complicated when she finds out. (Which she will, women find out things, even without snooping. We don't know how we do it, we just do.)

    And strippers? If you have a girlfriend and your going out getting Lap Dances, you don't deserve her anyway.

    In conclusion, if your girlfriend has never given you a reason for you to lie to her.

    Don't. Because any caring boyfriend would be upset if their girlfriend lied without even a decent reason.

    1. Here's the thing Krista, if you tell your girlfriend where you're going and tell her it's just the fellas, there's a healthy number of women who do NOT like being told what they can and cannot do. They likely just to show up off the strength of that alone.

    2. "And strippers? If you have a girlfriend and your going out getting Lap Dances, you don’t deserve her anyway."

      So I just have to know…if your man goes to a strip club the relationship is over? What if he watches a flick – is he cheating on you?

      1. Why do women always know "somehow" when their man is out doing wrong "we don't know how we do it, we just do" but don't know how to pick a good man? #womensintuition

  6. I like how you threw in a few to get a reaction.

    Otherwise, what is there to disagree with?

    Men need their space, women need their space. Rituals are important. I'm glad when the boys go and do their thing. A few hours without highlight reels and the opportunity to throw away some of his ugly shit is always welcomed.*

    The only thing I'm saddened about is that it seems like most men limit their rituals to objectifying women or watching sports. I wonder if this limits them in some way…

    Seems like men are most concerned with having that time and it doesn't really matter to them what they're doing so why don't they get creative about it?

    *I have no idea what happened to that stank and stained 2001 3 on 3 championship t-shirt, baby*

    1. "The only thing I’m saddened about is that it seems like most men limit their rituals to objectifying women or watching sports. I wonder if this limits them in some way…"

      This really shouldn't bother you. We're guys. Its kinda just what we do. What should we be doing? Getting together to discuss our "feelings"? Evaluating the newest styles from Paris? And I KNEW you had something to do with the mysterious disappearance of my shirt!!

    2. Here's a list of things that men do with each that doesn't involve objectifying women or watching sports:

      1) We play pickup basketball or flag football.

      2) We talk about hip hop.

      3) We talk about politics.

      4) We have meetings and we go on trips.

      5) We play golf.

      6) We invest together and start investment groups.

      If you're talking about at night, we do a few other things too:

      7) We play Madden or COD.

      8) We have live fantasy sports drafts.

      9) We go see movies that you guys don't want to see with us.

      10) We come up with plans to takeover the world. When this fails, we may or may not just go drink.

      That's ten and i'm stopping because I could go on forever, but I think you get the point. I wish women didn't get gassed thinking that all men knew how to do was objectify women and watch sports.

        1. <blockquote cite="comment-313462">

          Elle: P.S. Talking about all of those things at a strip club or hooters though,just sayin’…

          Only on A – B cup nite.. *oflmao*

    3. Elle: The only thing I’m saddened about is that it seems like most men limit their rituals to objectifying women or watching sports. I wonder if this limits them in some way…Seems like men are most concerned with having that time and it doesn’t really matter to them what they’re doing so why don’t they get creative about it?

      For one, co-sign @ Corey.

      For two…why does this sadden you? Or were you being satirical? The essence of your comment seems to be, “why dont men act more like women?”

      1. Obviously it doesn't actually sadden me, but I do find it interesting. Not really sure how "get creative" translates to "act like women", but okay. I think men are capable of coming up with ways to bond that are outside of those two arenas. And yes I know that SOMEtimes they do, but MOST of the time, at least as far as I've seen, they don't.

        The bottom line is (and this is for Dr. J too) is that it's fine. Guys do what they do but if it's always at the stripclub or at hooters, don't expect your girl not to raise an eyebrow. Especially, (as the blog suggests) that one is lying about it. It's hard to see the value in that for the relationship. Maybe more conversations about what that value really is for men would be helpful.

        Ultimately, don't you want your partner to value and respect what you're doing?

        1. <blockquote cite="comment-313464">

          Elle: Ultimately, don’t you want your partner to value and respect what you’re doing?

          Speaking for WIM and WIM alone: Not really. Sometimes I just want my girl to leave me alone. You dont have to understand my every move, thought, or action. And to be real, there's not always some profound justification for it. I choronicle this under the "let me be a man" category. I see what you're saying about the lying part, but Dr. J will have to address that if he so chooses.

          My thought process is if I'm being faithful, doing right by you, and coming home to you at night then I should be able to go out and chill (wherever said chilling may take place) without having to explain myself or provide some deep psychoanalysis about why I need to do so.

          That's just me. Not all women agree. Of course, me and said hypothetical woman will just need not date.

  7. This is a funny post. To me this is only okay when the frequency does not exceed once or twice a month and does NOT include getting numbers for fun!

    Maybe it's super old school… but my father, who has been married to my mother for 33 years now, has always told me "…if he has a weekly dedicated night with his boys where women are not allowed he is a f*ckin fag gay. I would rather spend time with your mother than anyone else." So I have always thought of mentality like this to be a bit backwards and thought men who do this are simply not in a relationship with "the one".

    That being said… you should certainly have lives outside of just each other.. but shouldn't you also be best friends? That whole side-eyeing every chick at hooters and ruining your mans time by being insecure is for the birds. I can't fault a man who doesn't want that girl around, however, be more selective!

    I don't care about a strip club, tilted kilt-ish type place or any other random broad trying to flaunt her body in front of my man – he is coming home with me. I hope a chick DOES try to flirt with him! Who wants to be with someone nobody else wants? Sometimes it's fun to be reminded of how s*xy he is. You simply have to be able to trust him and not run rampant in your mind with thoughts of them having some kind of history, or worse, future. Kind of hard to do if you have NO CLUE where your man is once a week!

    Lastly, if you go get some girls number at a club (which I do not agree with, whether you follow up or not) and she happens to be the waitress at some spot we go to… now what? Since she is a female 99% of the time she is going to make SURE that women knows that something went down between the two of you – even if you only got her number. If this was during our relationship – we now have a problem and you have made me look like a fool. Especially if I thought you were chilling with your friends – not at some club. I"m just saying… it's not worth it!

  8. Agreed!

    I encourage Boys nite out. I certainly believe in Ladies Nite out…that being said, I don't agree with all of the lying and deceit that comes along with your interpretation of boys nite out….but, I know you weren't totally serious…..were you? At any rate, I would like to see the fellas comment on this one.

  9. Isn't this part of the Ten Commandments?

    X. Thy shall not covet thy neighbors ass

    But the fine print or Commandment X subsection A reads:

    Thy shall not covet thy man's ass to stay at home at all times, nor must you constantly bother him during his goings on with his fellow gentiles. So sayeth the Lord.

    There's a reason there's a book of EXODUS! Don't argue with God. Don't even try.

  10. So its ok to not be there with the mother of your child giving birth or whatever, if it interferes with dudes night out?

    No its not ok. That's just not acceptable.

    1. Mika you know damn right.

      I thought that was funny. Dude was dead wrong, but that speak to the type of dude that he is. Most men know when you expecting that child, it's like Frank Lucas's last day as a free man. You try and live a normal life, but you know when the time comes it's over for you for a minute. You don't get mad you just exit quietly and hope your boys bring you some dirty magazines to read to past the time.

  11. I'm ALL for dudes nights out. This gives me the perfect opportunity to go over your girls houses while you leave them all alone to hang out with other men. No seriously, I mean that.

    Actually, all men need a healthy balance of work, service, their women/women, and their friends. So a woman should be able to appreciate that, unless she doesn't have a life. It just so happens that my friends and I spend way more time with women, seeing as though none of us are in committed relationships where we're actually…committed, than we do with eachother. On the flip side, my boys that are married, spend time with their wives….and their boys. They're always trying to hang with the fellas…I think they just get tired of seeing her all the time…it's for their sanity. It's healthy though.

  12. So I opened this up when I got to work about an hour ago, clicked on the link to Stadium….and the morning went left.

    I'm back now and all I can say is that this post represents everything good about Dr. J's posts.

  13. "Due any day now" means "keep yo azz in the house now". Getting cussed out during labor is already a given, you do that and she'll run a poll of every nurse, your family and everybody you know to confirm how much of a dumbazz you are. Other than that I'm cool. Have your fun at "Boy's Night Out". Don't make any babies or catch any diseases, but have you a good time. I sure have one when I go out with the girls.

    1. What happened to midwives?!

      I'm going to bring this up the next time I meet with the Gamma Rays, they should bring that back. Tef you know i'm young but I just don't understand why a man goes into the delivery room. Nothing good comes of that during labor. He can hold her hand right up until the point that she's about to start heavy labor and come back when the child is born. I think only women need to be in that room. It speaks to the man I am, but 1) I don't like people cussing at me, 2) I don't like people yelling at me, 3) I'm lowkey randomly jealous and I don't want a fistfight to break out with me and the doctor.

      1. I've been present before and honestly it just completely grossed me out. And that's saying a lot cause I have an ironcast stomach.

      2. SMH! Midwives are still around, but most recently one was convicted for negligence because she let a little baby die during a home birth. Might want to watch out for them when your time to be a papa comes around.

        The only time my husband got ghost was when they administered my epidural. That's one big azz needle! But his quiet encouragement by my ear was more helpful than the team of nurses hollerin' at the business end. So you'll attend the birth because you know your wife needs the support that only you can provide.

      3. I am old school with this one too…I DO NOT want my man in the room if I ever give birth. My mama, maybe my sister(s) and the medical staff are enough. The whole world doesn't need to see that and I don't really want my man to see me in that state either…but maybe i am just talking ish b/c I aint never had no baby! lol My brother didn't go in with his wife b/c he said "why i wanna watch my child mess up my ____y?" LMAO

  14. I agree with all the rules but #1. I'm torn in that one. I usually tell where the night will potentialky start. Why? So she doesnt pop up! This also runs the risk of her actually popping up though. I've seen it happen and it is sobering to say the least.

  15. I totally agree. Give your man room to breathe. Let him miss you some. Go out with your girls, and don’t make your girls night, 3 hours of you guys talking about were your man went or his stupid boys night out because trust he is not thinking about you. Go have fun, get a few numbers let some man buy you a few drinks, do some pole dancing, ride a mechanical bull, take a random road trip to Atlantic City don’t inform your man until after and tell your friends don’t tell. Just have fun don’t get to wild and don’t catch anything on tape.

    PS.( and dont call your man the next day giving him all the details. That will just ruin all the fun lol).

  16. I completely agree with this post! I think the same rule should apply to women as well, but from personal experience women always mess it up either snitching or canceling for her dude.

  17. Guys night out is a must. you always codify different with a significant other as opposed to your boys. It's just what it is. Whe nn you try ot talk "cool" with your S/O, there's always a potential for the conversation to completely left. lol.

    This post was hilarious though.

  18. This is what I am talking about, co-sign all the way, I miss my girl more when a I am out with the fellas,so when I come in the house I am straight up killing something!! Lol don't matter the time. Pretty sure all guys can agree there's nothing goin to play ball and taking a shower to lay up with your girl. I cannot lay up under all day I probably would get sick of you just like I dont want hand around the guys all day. Plus truthfully this how guys measure there relationships with women you go out, put yourself in situations to see if you can trust yourself…this has to happen you need to know, works the other way too I would throw my woman into the fire I need to what she would do if she can be trusted,etc, one thing I don't like is my manhood bein tested because I do like kicking with my guys oh you must gay or whatever. So after guy night and other women etc I still coming to my baby.

    1. The thing most women will never quite grasp is that we are so different around our friends than we are with them. The more time we spend under them the more we forget our native tongue. Women think they want us to be what they mold us to be, but in reality, they don't. If we are able to keep our yin and yang it ends up being better for all involved.

      1. <blockquote cite="comment-313450">

        Dr. J: Women think they want us to be what they mold us to be, but in reality, they don’t. If we are able to keep our yin and yang it ends up being better for all involved.

        Women successfully molded some men into what they wanted men to be in the early 90s, and it spawned the whole Ralph Tresvant/Color Me Badd/Kenny G era. Ugly times. You just gotta let a man be a man.

  19. I've always been cool with the ex having his boys nite out because they always ended up in the same dingy azz spot 5 minutes from home NO MATTER WHAT anywayz, but I also respected the fact that the spot was off limits to me and my girls which I didn't mind because everbody and their momma's momma knew my hubby so it was useless going up in there. *shrug*

    Me and my girls have our spots too that we would frequent from time to time in which the SO's knew nothing about although he tried his damnest, all they knew it was in the Bed Sty area in Bklyn.


  20. 3) Don’t tell your girl where we went, and if she forces you to, lie your ass off *NoTAGoodLook

    This is how shyte gets started.

    You a grown azz man why you gotta lie for, unless you laid up in some random stank cooch, if she ask you you mean you can't tell her you went to a tittay bar?? o__o in this day and age, Really?


    1. Chill Sixx, you thinking about one man. If there was a way for him to speak for himself and not incriminate the others who may or may not have told the same story to their ladies then fine he could do that. However, you can't let the secret workings of the crew out for personal gain. Stop snitchin'. Men get caught and start to singing like the opera, implicating everybody. Just take the nickel and don't be a snitch.

      1. Men get caught and start to singing like the opera, implicating everybody.

        They sure do!! hahaha


        My girl hubby and his boys USED to ( being the operative word) have their annual guy trips out of town to visit their old HS friend from the ole neighborhood, apparently a bunch of ratchet shyte went down that weekend, men come back home and one of the wives find condom in hubby's pocket, and that's all she wrote cuz homeboy started dropping quarters on EVERYBODY.. from how they had separate rental cars, to cell phone call records to each other cuz apparently everybody was on their own dirt that nite and was just checking in. *shakingmyhead*

        That mess was EPIC!!!!

        1. Guurrrrl – why do they think they are getting away with stuff? LOL, all it takes is one to knock the whole crew down. That's why real g's do their dirt alone.

        2. this right here is why so many women get nervous when their men do these vacations alone. Cause they cant be trusted 🙂 It only takes one guy in the crew to taint the water. All those annual trips back to the old neighborhood and I have never went with you (assuming this was his wife form what i read) You know something is up. They all had hometown side hoes.

          Guys night out is cool, but when men vacation together they have no act right.

          This Statement rferes to about (56% of the male population the rest of yall are cool)

  21. <blockquote cite="comment-313395">

    WisdomIsMisery: It’s a little different than guys night out because the ladies can know about it and you don’t have to lie. Win Win He called it “The Man Spot.”


    No Need To Lie!!!! Most Women respect the Manspot

  22. You should never give your exact location to your guy/girl. But you should always try to find out where they are. I live by that. LOL

  23. LMAO – thanks! This really brightened my crappy day. As the female best friend who usually ends up out with the fellas on man night I co-sign your entire post. Sidebar: as the female BFF it is very hard for me to lie to the women…I solve the problem by just not really getting to know the "women" so I never get the "where was he last night phone call" LMAO

    For me, when my dude wants man night I say YES!!! Time for a girls night out. I get on the horn and look for drink specials for the evening.

    I think women would be so much happier with their men if they would just….wait for it…. TRUST THEM!!! When I am in a relationship I don't care what my man does or who is with when he isn't with me because I KNOW he aint doing no dirt. The minute I start to think a man might be doing dirt, is when I know it is time to end the relationship b/c somewhere along the line I lost trust for the man. If I don't trust you, I CANNOT be with you. And this is what I will never understand about women…you don't trust him to go see the shoe models but you trust him to enter your secret garden?!?! Doesn't make a bit of sense to me…

    1. The minute I start to think a man might be doing dirt, is when I know it is time to end the relationship b/c somewhere along the line I lost trust for the man. If I don’t trust you, I CANNOT be with you.

      Speak on It!!!!!!!

  24. i just want to throw out there that with BBM, #2 is impossible! I see the "d" next to your name! it was delivered, don't tell me you did get it!

    Ok, let me stop before you think that's happened to me.

    quitely, scrolls through comment section…..

    1. That's not true, all you have to do is read BBMs from your messages folder. D means Delivered, not Read. She can't prove that I got that message if it's no longer on my phone.

      1. oh i know that. but if it's a "d" on my phone, you can't say that you never got it. That means that it was delivered and you just haven't opened it yet. if it doesn't reach your phone the check mark will stay blank. But if you delete the message without opening it, it stays "d" on the the other person's phone.

        I used to work for AT&T, it's all part of training. BBM f*cks up lives and relationships! lol

        1. Yeah, but you can't prove that I got the text if it's not on my phone. You can tell me, "I used to work at AT&T and I know you got it, but you never read it." Then i'm just going to look at you like you're crazy and say, "Well, get on the horn with AT&T and ask them about it, because I never got it. Besides, if I never read it, then I never read it, so it doesn't count anyway."

          Trust me, i'm a technology expert with relationships. If you R and don't reply, you're on your own.

  25. This is so goofy. And men do talk a lot about taking over the world or just sit around each other drinking and talking about their GIRLS. The part about going to a play and being considered a p*ssy is HILARIOUS!!!

  26. Proof that men have better friends: A woman didn’t come home last night; the next morning she told her husband she slept at her friend’s house. Her husband calls her 10 best friends and none of them know anything about it. A man didn’t come home last night the next morning he says he slept over at a friend’s house. His wife calls 10 of his best friends.. 8 confirm that he slept over & 2 said he was still there!!!

    His wife calls 10 of his best friends.. 8 confirm that he slept over & 2 said he was still there!!!……

    All his friends did was get him caught–proved to her that he is a liar and so are all his friends.

    Her husband calls her 10 best friends and none of them know anything about it…..

    She's not busted–she has the better friends!! All 10 of her friends had her back 100% by saying nothing–now she's bought herself time to call a random friend and collaborate with her on her story! SHE has the better friends!!!


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