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Help SBM Be Great. Do Your Part.


Hey Folks,

Hope everyone’s doing well and enjoying the summer weather sans tornadoes. Just wanted to remind people to vote for Single Black Male in the finals of the Black Weblog Awards if you haven’t done so already. If you voted back in April during the nomination period and think the job is done, it isn’t. We’re in the last round and need everybody that supported us once to support us again. Here are the 5 categories we’re in:

  • Best Blog Design
  • Best Blog Post Series
  • Best Group Blog
  • Best Sex or Relationships Blog
  • Blog of the Year

Voting for the finals ends soon. Please make sure you vote for us today so that you don’t forget and then remember right after the ballot has closed. That’d be lame buckets and wack sauce. You can make the magic happen here.

Slim Is Raising Funds to Make It Happen

Make sure you check out Slim’s fundraising page. He’ll be representing the SBM team out in Cali at the Blogging While Brown Conference and the Black Weblog Awards event in July. A $5 donation would be tremendously helpful. The cost of the trip is kinda crazy. If you read the site daily, please make sure you do your part.

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That’s it for today. If you’ve already donated and voted, thanks for your help! Enjoy the rest of your weekend and we’ll see you all on Monday!

The SBM Staff




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