You believe she put every single one of their last names together to make her son's last name!

SBM: I just don’t get it.
The Baby’s Mother: What is there to get?
SBM: When was the last time he even say little Jay-Quan?
The BM: When did Jay drop the Black Album?
SBM: You know that’s crazy! The n*#$@ slums as a father.
The BM: What is your point?
SBM: Why does he have his last name? What happens if you get married? Why should his name live on even though he puts no effort in raising his son?
The BM: You asking a lot of questions right now. I invited you over to invest in these guts, not analyze my son’s last name.
SBM: I mean … Ima put it on you … but Imjusayin

Yes … that is based on a real conversation.

I don’t pretend to understand the mind of a baby’s mama.  The complexities of keeping a relationship with someone you have a child with, but aren’t married to or dating might be beyond my understanding.  Many women find themselves in this weird situation of loving a man who doesn’t love them, yet they are forever linked to this person through the child they conceived.  It’s complicated and difficult, but it is what it is.

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But there is one thing I often wonder. One facet of the baby mama & baby daddy dynamic that I haven’t been able to figure out.  If you couldn’t tell already …

Why do women with no-good baby daddys give their child their father’s last name?

***disclaimer***   I am only talking about the dad’s out there who don’t raise there kids and are “no-good” ******

This might sound like a stupid question, but it’s not.  If your child doesn’t know their father, why does he have his name? If this guy can’t take care of his own kid, why should his name live on?    Why does someone who contributes nothing to raising the child deserve to leave his mark on them?

She hopes to eventually marry him

It’s so sad. Ever met that woman who just keeps hope alive.  The BD has a new girlfriend, bought a house with this new chic, and hasn’t sent his kid a birthday present in 6 years.  But in the back of her mind she is convinced he is going to just wake up one day and think “I need to take care of my daughter and make an honest woman out of her mama”.  If this is you, or someone you know … smack the sh*t out of said person.

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It’s Baby Mama tradition

Baby’s mamas have some sort of code. Random nonsense that they pass on to the next one of their friends.  A ghetto tradition of sorts.  Second on the list is “your child shall hold the name of his/her daddy. If you don’t know the daddy, just assume the richer out of group of possible daddys”.  Apparently the first one is “the baby’s dad will always be granted the p*ssy upon request”.

It costs money to go to court

Shut this sh*t up.  This is too big of a problem to let the $200 court fee stop you.

I hope to one day be a father.  Not just a dad, a sperm donor, or the dreaded “BD”, but I’m trying to be a modern day Huxtable.  My son (I refuse to have daughters) will carry on my name.  It’s like putting a signature on my greatest work of art.  It’s being able to claim something that I personally molded and worked on.  My name will be my gift to him.

So when I meet these chics with these sorry ass reggins who point at their child and say “that’s my boy” during the one time a year they see them … I want to smack them.

It is a big deal. It makes you look stupid. Fix it!

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SBM aka Future “World’s Best Dad” aka “One more reason I don’t date women with kids (yeah … I said it)!”