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Deep into the heart of the strip club

Myth #1: They don't all wear glass heels

SBM: Man I love Atlanta!
Ms. Hater: Why is that? I know you are going to say something ingnorant.
SBM: Ignorance? From me? Miss … I think you have me confused.
MsH: Then do tell … why do you love the A?
SBM: All these strip clubs! Last night, I threw so much money in the air that the owner of the club dispatched 2 search parties to find his customers.
MsH: Ugh. I don’t know how you can go there. Those girls all have Daddy issues, hate their lives, and aren’t in school.
SBM: *sigh* … you are so misinformed.  Let me school you.
MsH: School me?
SBM: Yes. Let me tell you …

The SBM’s List of Huge Stripper Misconceptions, Misunderstandings, and Falsehoods!

Stripper’s aren’t really in school

I don’t know why people think strippers aren’t really trying to pay off tuition bills.  In my college’s newspaper, a local strip club ran an ad every week trying to recruit girls.  Still, I have stronger proof.

First: While out at a club in Texas with a friend, he notices someone he knows.  Apparently, someone in his biology club was stripping … for the tuition.  BTW, he went to Unv. of Texas – Austin … a good school.  And being the classy guy he was, he said hi … and then got a dance.

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Second: It’s the end of the night. Bazz & Krue is closing up for the night.  As I grab my jacket, a young employee begins her plea.  “Please ya’ll … I got to pay my tuition”.  And just to prove it … she holds up her community college bill for everyone to see.  Yes … she was in school. Myth … Busted!

Strippers hate stripping and want to do something else

While at a strip club in Texas … another night, another club … I was having a deep conversation with one of the employees of this fine establishment.  I often find myself having deep heart to hearts at the shaka joint where I can help these girls find focus for their lives n sh*t.  This career oriented individual, who was really beautiful (and not just stripper pretty) was telling me of her problem.

Chardonnay Honey Brown: I just don’t know what to do.
SBM: Tell me your problems.
CHB: Well …
SBM: Hold on, I didn’t tell you to stop dancing.
CHB: Sorry. But guys always come in here and tell me I’m beautiful. They say I’m pretty.  And then they tell me I should be a model. What’s wrong with them!
SBM: What is that a bad thing?
CHB: *after finishing her handstand* I don’t want to be a model. Why can’t I make a good stripper!?!?

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Yes … she wants to be a stripper.  She likes her work.  Myth … Busted.

Every strip club is a brothel

If one more girl tells me that you can just walk into a strip club and buy some p*ssy .. I may sadly be forced to slap a female.

Are some strippers whoring themselves out … yes.  Are some strip clubs that are fronts for brothels … probably. Are some massage parlors fronts for whorehouses … sure.  But just like there are still legitimate massage parlors out there, there are a lot of legitimate establishments where girls take off their clothes … and nothing else.  I haven’t tried … but I know several people who have been stopped cold while trying to buy a “special” lapdance. You saw Player’s Club! Myth … Busted!


Now you know … stop acting the fool.

Got a nugget of strip club knowledge to add … drop it in the comments.

– SBM aka King of the Shaka Joint aka “Make it rain … what the f* for when I can get a dance?”



  1. I must say, I do not frequent the strip club but the few times I have make me agree with SBM.
    I once had a great talk on the state of the educational system with a girl who just finished her show; she was an education major and stripped for quick cash. I was impressed to say the least…in more ways than one.

  2. I literally just laughed out loud. Do people still believe those cliches about strippers? C'mon kids, let's be serious. I do enjoy strip clubs, but once I saw this girl and she did really look sad. I wanted to give her a word of encouragement, but I didn't think it the time or place. At the end of the day, strippers choose to work at the strip club, who am I to judge? I just hope that as long as they're stripping, they are giving me a show worth my dollars.

  3. Came across one jawn at the shaky butt…good ol' Strokers, and shorty was an aspiring lawyer. A brother was def. trying to keep her on retainer along with using her for her future lawyer skills. Now the shaky butts in Philly is a different story. Few years ol Night on Broad would have you praying for your life trying to grab on some tail.

  4. Let me add one to the list…

    Myth: They do not really like you

    No they do really like you… especially when you thow more than $1 dollar bills. lol!

    Dont we say all the time that a few outliers dont disprove the generalizations? Now I will say I believe many start to enjoy their jobs after a while. But no… most are not in school and you may not get every girl in the establishment for pay but I'm willing to bet there's a good percentage in any club that will for the right price.

    1. True story. In some cities "tricking" is frowned upon amongst strippers. Its more noble to just dance for your money. Selling full access to the pum is seen as hoe behavior. Strippers have morals too. So there may be a lot less selling going on than people would expect. Some of those women leave the stage with a garbage bag full of money, so tricking on the side really isnt necessary…

  5. i bartend at a stip club. you'd be surprised at how many of these women have REAL ass jobs. like, 9-5's. They, as many of you refuse to believe, are real people with real lives. not all of them are lost and confused girls. a lot of them, yes. all of them, no. the same way you can walk into any college class room and find a dumb as nails broad, you can walk into a strip club and find an educated woman who just so happens to shake her ass for cash. it's really that simple. the environment doesn't dictate the character nor intelligence of its inhabitants.

  6. When I was a college student, I was a regular at Atlanta's best strip clubs. There were college girls working at most of the clubs. Some women stripped just for the money, some had habits, some liked it, some were being pimped, some were trying to get discovered and some were tricking. Those myths should be put to rest. Most will never leave with you because their boyfriend, girlfriend or pimp is waiting for them when the shift ends.

  7. I'm sure very few people actually believe that these are unilaterally true. The vast majority of strippers of college age are actually not trying to strip their way through school though. I've never had a desire to go to a strip club. I don't understand the logic in paying to go into a place that has terrible drinks, food, and sanitation and for women to give me blue balls.

    1. I agree. I never understood the point of window shopping. Then again, I've never been to Atlanta. My brother told me their strip clubs are the truth.

      1. Both of you take a trip to Onyx in Atlanta. If you dont like it then I dont think there is any hope for you as far as strip clubs are concerned.

      2. THEY ARE! Not mainly for the sexual content either. I'm a very hetero woman and I was impressed with what I saw there. Its quality entertainment. Barnum and Bailey aint got thing on Magic City.

        1. You can get women to do the same exact things for free, in your bedroom, with a meal, and have sex afterwards. zzZzZzz Sorry you can miss me with paying for the 'artistry' of stripping when you can get everything it offers for free and better.

    2. I think you hit the nail right on the head, Malik. Guy drops a couple hundred hard-earned bucks – and for what? A lot of the guys who frequent strip clubs work in corporate jobs with vaginas who scream "sexual harassment" the instant a guy looks at them the wrong way; they have their fat american wives and they're sexually frustrated. And, of course, there are guys in there who are insecure and have had bad experiences with women, so paying for it is better than rejection. But, really, who is gaining from all this? You drop your hard-earned money, she wiggles her ass (which is nothing more than what she does at the beach) and you are the one out some cash at the end of the night.

      Doesn't make sense.

  8. Is it wrong that my first thought upon seeing that picture was 'Those shoes are cute.' ?

    Anyway, anyone that believes that nonsense about strippers must be highly insecure. Who cares why they are stripping as long as they are happy and healthy. I see nothing wrong with it but I'm also not judgmental about these sort of things.

  9. When I was in school in the AUC there were tons of my classmates that had side gigs at strip clubs. Back then I was a little leery, but after going to a few clubs I found out most of the myths I'd heard were false. I love going, you can learn a few things and I swear female strippers are super nice to women who aren't intimidated by them. I've had full on convo's with them about life, love, shopping, and where I can find a sturdy portable pole. Lol.

  10. If there's one thing I've learned from perusing through 3+ years' worth of this here blog material, it's that SBM luhs him some skrip clubs. My best friend actually asked me the other day if I would like to go to one, and I said no. Although I'm always vocal about how beautiful the female form is and I'm consistently checking out other women (I find them attractive without being attracted to them), a room full of semi-naked women doing what them skrippas do best holds no appeal for me. Lapdances and stripping are more fun behind closed doors, à deux. The former can be fun under other circumstances as well, but giving is more fun than receiving. <– still talking about LDs.

      1. Although it's not the same, I've seen clips of strip club action, and not once has any of it tempted me. I get lapdances from women all the time, and they do absolutely nothing for me besides give me a couple of laughs. I'd rather not have 7/8 naked women dancing anywhere me, the same way I'd prefer not to have 7/8 naked men dancing near me; it goes to follow that I would not want a 7/8 naked woman dancing on me. I don't hate on people who enjoy it or those who do the entertaining, but it's not something I have taste for, and not something I'd like for a significant other to be into either. I may eventually get dragged to one and will probably admire and profess my jealousy of the sexy women doing sexy things, but I highly doubt it'd be a repeat event.

  11. The finance major in me whispers, "You should strip & quit to buy that car/house/lap dog. It's a great way to earn quick cash almost tax free and you get to be in primo shape… You want them Louboutins don't you?"

    *sigh* Alas, I ignore the voice (sadly) and take my behind to work.

    1. Thinks to myself *Hmmm, she must have a "stripper body" … How does one find out?? Dayum these avatars are too small*

      Go with your heart … I shall not judge!

    2. I feel you

      That's the same thing I think every single day. every. single. day. "If I strip for a few months, I can renovate my kitchen…and the bathrooms…and get new flooring. hmmmm…" LOL

  12. I will agree and disagree with ya myth buster. I was a waitress at a "gentleman's" and I have seen it all, and even have the inside dressing room gossip. The club is filled with a variety of girls who are there for a variety of reasons. You have your females that want to strip and or whore themselves. you have those that do it for their poison. There are chics that do it to make money ( there is good money, I just delivered drinks two nights a week, and pulled on average 100 a night) There are even females forced to do it by there pimp and or boyfriend. In the club I have seen it all. And sorry, but you can for a 10 dolla dance do a little more than the rules allow. Got more cash, rent a private booth and you will have multiple chics willing to please.
    All I am saying is, there are hoes everywhere ya go, strip club is no different. Hoes got to get educated too.
    Lastly, I had to laugh that you sat with a dancer and believed the words that came from her mouth. Too funny!

    1. <blockquote cite="comment-316395">


      Lastly, I had to laugh that you sat with a dancer and believed the words that came from her mouth.Too funny!

      Well Dayum

  13. I'm always reluctant to visit the strip club, tho i can count on two hands how many times i've been…So i can't say that i hate it.

    Quick little story: When i went to Purdue my freshman year, my moms dropped me off and rolled down to Ft. Lauderdale to live. Apparently, her neighbor was this young attractive, black girl (she was 19, i think) and in attempts to rekindle her younger years, my mother befriended her. During one of my breaks, my moms randomly decides to take me to a very popular strip club (Can't remember the club to save my life) to introduce me to her neighbor … TOO DAYUM BAD i was only 19 and they wouldn't let me in, despite my moms plea bargaining…smh…7 years later, i still haven't seen the neighbor ( ,-_-)

    But yeah, the last time i was at the strip club. My homeboy was in town from Detroit and apparently the last time he was in town he met this chick at the club who happened to be a stripper, so of course we visited upon his arrival. Anyways, i was just there as a wingman chilling at the bar and met this young 20 yr old server/stripper who just got hired a week earlier. Needless to say, we conversed about life and ish and she wasn't thirsty for anything but convo. Prolly one of my best strip club experiences. Stripping and lap dances don't get me live, i've yet to catch a chubby or anything close in a strip club and YES i've been to Magic City.

  14. Well I’m from ATL, so yes I have been to the strip clubs. Not only did I see some of my classmates there, I have some friends that do it. Luckily I had a child and was married at the time. But I had a friend that did amateur night at Magic City and brought home two months rent. See if a younger RxBeauty would have had the body, then trust me I would have went out there too. I’ve seen women do way worse things at college parties, but we judge the stripper.

    I think some women are intimidated by strippers. They think that all strippers are basically prostitutes and it’s just not true. If your guy sleeps with a stripper, then he probably was sleeping around anyway. And if he is spending rent money at Blueflame, then you have way bigger problems. A friend of mine was upset that her boyfriend went to a strip club. Instead of letting her spit out myth and lies, I took her to one and she had a good time. The atmosphere is laid back and everyone is there to have a good time. And to be honest they have some of the most amazing bodies. I’m actually in the process of doing a Pole Fit class to tone up.

    I wish I was more comfortable in the DMV, because I miss the Atlanta nightlife sometimes. But that’s another topic for another day.

  15. I used to have a stripper friend. I think I'd call her a stripper friend. Eh, it was something. She was studying her ass off (it was still there) to get her 4-year degree and move on to something else. I've already incriminated myself so I'll leave it at that.

    I really don't enjoy strip clubs. The idea of having breast meat in my face and booty buttcheeks on my laps that I'll do nothing with at the end of the night doesn't excite me.

  16. i'll maintain my strong stance against strip clubs. something about them reeks of shattered dreams and hopelessness. i'll pass on paying what i can get for free.

    1. +10

      I understand the part about there clearly be a*s-n-t!tties everywhere. But I will feel PLAYED once I reach into my pocket. Be thinking: "Well… I could just ask… and she'll let me smash."

  17. Shout out to all the SKRIPPAs

    Just like college and life in general there are women who do this and women who do that. While there might be some who work in the strip club and trick, lie, stink (yes I heard about stinky strippers) there are plenty who just need the extra cash and don’t mess with customers and keep it friendly. My uncle is head of security at a strip club in Philly and while some of the girls are wild some of them just needed a side hustles. Hell there's under paid teachers that strip for extra cash because teaching Johnny his ACB's is fulfilling on the inside but not keeping those pockets fat.

    Man I remember about 3 yrs ago trying to get my first loan for college and thinking that I might have to strip to pay tuition. I would have chosen some place upscale with no chance of a random shoot out. But I was scared I would see someone from school or home.

    I also thought about just being a waitress in the strip club, I figure it be like serving drinks in a super sexy bathing suit.

    And I took a pole dancing class that thing was cool, I have to put in more effort and practice to get my pole tricks up.

  18. I too was a cocktail waitress at a strip club 20/20 in Century City, CA – my girl with whom I went to high school and college with was a stripper and initially said i should strip but that wasn't going down.

    How about that chick made like $5K a week NO JOKE. She had regular entertainment types and some oil dude who were regulars.

    She was able to secure the American dream before retiring at 30. She paid cash for a MB SL, She put half down on a home, and graduated from college with no student loans. I'm just saying. She's a RN and said she made more stripping!

    BTW – They had the BEST FOOD! I know it sounds gross but seriously they serve the best food and the drinks are LIKE THAT!

    1. "How about that chick made like $5K a week NO JOKE."

      Now that's what I'm talkin about!!! (samuel jackson voice)

  19. I am laughing at all the men saying they don't like strip clubs. Its kinda like when the men were talking the other day about how the women commenting were acting like virgins and everyone is celibate. GTFOH

    There are no shortage of men in the strip clubs and let one of your boys get married your a$$es will be in the strip club!

  20. Skripping is shameful…shameful I say. I would know cause I did, ummmm about two lap dances before I quit. I was SO EMBARRASSED for my family…lol. I felt dirty. I had to get WASTED to eem do that much. My DC years were a life long lesson.

    I was fresh outta the military, working and really just got tired of hearing everybody tell me I would make loads of money–I had to see for myself. Plus, my neighbor was skripping…sad to say she died right after she introduced me to her club owner (tru story). Although I saw in 30 minutes, the potential to make some not needed (but wanted) easy cash….

    I just couldn't. No amount of money in the world is worth letting a bunch of stray, random dudes look, touch, feel, and possibly follow me home to rob or rape me. My neighbor almost had to run a dude over in the parking when we left. I THANK GOD for showing me that he had other plans for me.

    1. That fear of family knowing and hearing their mouths plus. All the crazyness I saw in "the players club" had me just stick to retail … And pole dance aerobics classes..

  21. Man yall need to get over yourselves with that "why pay for what I can get for free or at home". Thats a bogus excuse because you only use it for the strip club. That restaurant you just went to… could have cooked at home. Those drink you got at the bar…could have hit the liquor sipr and frank at home. The dancing you did at the club…pandora is free and you can dance at home.

    The strip club is damn near like a dance club. Just the chicks have on less clothes. You can get sex from either if you want. You can touch at either one if you are smart.

    The strip club is not some mythical place where all things taboo occur in a back room. Its a place where women are paid to undress. Activities outside of that can, and do, happen anywhere.

    1. It's a price vs. reward argument. It is more expensive to buy the ingredients and food to cook the meal than just simply going to a restaurant. That's assuming you know how to cook first of all. And it's assuming you know how to cook with the same quality. People go out dancing, to be with other people not with themselves. Same as with the bar. The cost vs. reward isn't in favor of the strip club in anyway.

      1. You ever wanted a drink and hit up a bar? Me too. I've also done the same thing at a strip club. Go to chill out and drink. Spend the same amount with titties as a bonus.

      2. Really? Cheaper to go to the restaurant than buying the actual food and ingredients. Dang, all those financial savings seminars that told me to pack my lunch for work as opposed to eating out all the time to help save money have been lying to me all this time! lol. Come on man, at some of these restaurants you're paying for the decor and convenience/service on top of the food. Now, I don't want this to turn into some discussion of semantics revolving around price and the food industry as a whole, so lets just stop it here, lol. I do see the point you're trying to make.

        Like WIM said, it's just an opinion vs. opinion. I was thinking the same thing that Animate said, though. It's just another form of entertainment you're paying for at the end of the day. What should be argued, possibly, is what should be deemed as worthwhile entertainment it sounds like. *shrugs*

  22. Mmm…I used to waitress at a strip club (or the den of iniquity as my mother called it) in another lifetime. And sure there were girls there who were in school or had jobs and were stacking dough – but there were plenty of young girls (babies really) who had started strippin at 18 and 5, 6, 7 years later still going at it and that was all they knew and would probably know, which takes me to the 40+ year old stripper high as a kite who has no other options, which takes me to the crazy amount of drug/alcohol abuse that occured and very rarely did a dancer ever go on stage w/out being high or drunk off something. And this was a "good" strip club – I shudder to think what happens at the holes in the wall like the one I visited once and the woman said, "you dancing tonight?" Uhhh…no. Anywho. It was an eye opening experience to say the least and I learned lots about the ways of menfolk, met some interesting people, and am thankful that I was just passing through their world…

    1. This reminds me of a time I went to the shake joint with some friends andthis one dancer AND her mom worked there. Grinding on each other and what not…i felt dirty afterwards

  23. First, anybody ever seen the King of Queen's bedroom pole episode? LOL! Funny, funny!

    Second, not my thing…nor do I date men who are strip club regulars. As a matter of fact, if I'm talking to two guys and they're running neck-n-neck in the race to win my affection, the one who "doesn't do strip clubs" would become the winner.

    Third, I def respect the art as a workout. But, I had to leave that pole class alone after I bruised my leg…it ain't that serious. I'm with that floor/chair class though! 🙂 #trickbagisfullofgoodies #letmeseethosedollars

  24. I wish I wasnt swamped at my job today to partake in discussion…

    The strip clubs are the truth! Ive been to FL, ATL, NYC clubs and such. Listen, with the right ambience, you all frontin on them will love em.

    You go to regular clubs, watch chicks dance, imagine them naked anyway (men and women), why not goto a club and watch em naked?

    Certain spots will have great food, cheap drinks, music rockin in some cases better than the club, and if youre not in a hood spot, high quality looking women who dance. When you go during a live night, I promise you itll change your life.

    And as for all the money excuses…well, I got yall on Wednesday with my rebuttal. Thanks for the material!

    goto Sues Rendezvous in NYC or Onyx in ATL. High class clubs. Bet yall will talk different

    1. Ey, mind yo'self! The last thing I need is for you bums trying to convince more men to go look at nekkid girls. Shooooot.

        1. lol Simply incorrigible! I hope you're coming down to T Dot this year again so that I can deal with you appropriately.

        2. It kills me that Torontoans (?) always say come "down" lol, I get that you're in the southern part of Canada, but, er, uh…you're hella North to me 🙂


          Oh and strip clubs are fun, but I do always feel some pity and jealousy for the ladies.

        3. It kills me that Torontoans (?) always say come "down" lol, I get that you're in the southern part of Canada, but, er, uh…you're hella North to me 🙂


          Oh and strip clubs are fun, but I do always feel some pity and jealousy for the ladies.

        4. lol True say. I got corrected by some Auditor visiting our branch from the States just last week. I apparently learned nothing, as usual.

          *Torontonians >=P

  25. I'm not into strip clubs. I just have an ethical problem with half naked women dancing and grinding on random dudes for dough. It's one of the few jobs that I would be embarrassed of if my mom / sister / daughter / wife did. I can see why other people are into it though. Same with casinos – I hate them but other people love them. To each their own. Like the post said, if you don't have the extra money to spend on strip clubs or ANY activity, then you have bigger problems.

  26. <blockquote cite="comment-316401">

    Rxbeauty: I think some women are intimidated by strippers. They think that all strippers are basically prostitutes and it’s just not true.

    I am with you RxBeauty: I think some women are just intimidated by strippers so they may spew things like "Oh she's a hoe" or "Oh she's unstable" which none of us can say about ANYONE unless we walk in their shoes. I haven't been to a strip club but I wouldn't be adversed to going just to say I did so (well let me take that back I did go to a male strip club in ATL…it was okay but it's not like I got excited). I am with many others on here it does NOTHING for me but I surely can appreciate the art form…ESPECIALLY of the sistahs because um I took a strip pole class in Las Vegas and that was HAAAAAAARD LOL…MIND YOU I HAVE FORMAL DANCE TRAINING …GHEESH! I have a friend who went to school with me and in fact I was viewing her pole dancing pics on FB today…mind you when I say SCHOOL I mean college and yes she graduated and no she wasn't stripping her way through although I knew girls who were to each her own….but my point is this GORGEOUS EDUCATED friend of mine who is MARRIED and HAPPILY SO…teaches pole dancing classes and is about to open her own studio for it; she teaches private classes too! I ain't mad at her…because her body is slammin and her abs I am envious of …and she has been a model and works a 9-5 now also but she happens to do pole dancing for fun and for exercise period! She turned it into a lucrative side business and I am NOT mad she does not take her clothes off though so I know this post is about strippers but the pole dancing term is related so I had to go there to show how there are variations on this 'art' form…I have been asked to be a stripper and I was flattered because dude said I was built for it; mind you I have been asked MULTIPLE times and I always said "thanks I am flattered but not for me"…I wasn't offended at all; it is a choice some women make and it is what it is…each of us makes our own choices and that's what makes us individuals. But it's funny how something that was once SO hush hush is now something where (aside from taking off any clothes) you can LEARN the art of POLE DANCING…at a fitness club, via private classes (my girlfriend has an actual pole dance teacher and she does competitions!), and the US Olympics is being propositioned to include pole dancing as one of their competitive sports so don't sleep embrace it LOL!

    I will add that I intend to ask my college friend to host a private party/class for my girlfriends so we can learn some moves for our hubbies and boyfriends…because I think it's so very sexy but I have always chosen to "dance" privately for that special someone vs publicly for the world to see. I do want a pole installed in my house when I get one built with the special flooring and everything real talk LOL! Meanwhile I keep myself upgraded by taking classes (I am like you Rx I am looking for Pole Fit classes now in fact TODAY that's why I had to post LOL!)…smoochez all LOL!


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