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Hustle Hard by The Doctor and Slim

Boss sh*t.

Dr. J:

It’s a Sunday afternoon and sitting in a crowded bar with friends, I tell them that I have to step outside for a few minutes to take a call.  Of course my friends say, “Oh my god! Work on a Sunday.” I don’t bother correcting them.  My 9-5 job is overbearing at times, but it hasn’t hoarded my weekends in a very long time, this “work” that I have to do is the weekly SBM.org strategy call.  It’s hard to describe it as work though, I’m doing what I actually love to do and progressing towards a goal of mine which is to one day become a full-time writer.  The only problem is, it’s not easy trying to build a career from a side hustle.

I meet people all the time and they ask me what I do and I’ve learned that in 2011 that answer has changed.  I used to tell people I was a consultant, but now I say, “I’m an aspiring writer, probably more accurately described as a blogger.”  The next question, “Really, which blogs do you write for?”  I have to take a deep exhale at this point because I’m on five blogs regularly, countless others on an ad-hoc basis and I’m always available for a guest post.  I get told all the time, “You should slow down and write less frequently and the quality of your writing would go up tremendously.”  I see their point and I raise them this piece of information; Malcolm Gladwell says that it takes 10,000 hours to master a skill.  I just started blogging or writing anything more than a Facebook note here or there in 2009, I’ve got some catching up to do.  What most people don’t know is that if I sat down and tried to write an amazing post, or an amazing story, I could.  But right now my goal is to get to the 10,000 hours.  It’s an everyday hustle, most people put their eight hours into work and then they go about their day.  I put my eight hours in at work, and then turn around and put anywhere from 6-8 hours a day into writing.  Like Kanye said, “I won’t be taking no days off, until my spaceship takes off.”


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I like to think of myself as an architect and a writer. On the train ride to work, I’m reading site after site to keep up on what’s going on in this section of the blogosphere. I’m also reading sites like Problogger, Daily Blog Tips, Life Hack, The Personal Branding Blog, and Copyblogger trying to figure out how I can make SBM and my personal blog better.  I’m researching how to build brands while simultaneously keeping my pen — better known as my keyboard — sharp. I’m involved with panel discussions on key issues. I’m building relationships with organizations that promote positivity in our community. I’m writing about stuff that isn’t main stream even though I know it won’t reach as many eyes. But honestly, I don’t care as long as it reaches the right eyes. If I can impact one person through a post or appearance at an event, all the hard work behind the scenes is worth it.

There isn’t a whole lot of glory to this right now. I’m still developing myself and the progression is obvious to those that have taken the time to follow my journey. I’m not walking around with stunnah shades, hubris, and entitlement. There are no autograph signings and full length features in magazines. What do I get from this everyday? The answer is simple. I get the satisfaction of doing something I enjoy doing and the opportunity to see progress. And I won’t lie to you. Seeing SBM go from nominations in the Black Weblog Awards last year to 5 this year under my leadership is pretty cool. Actually, it’s f*cking awesome. Hard work pays off.

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Dr. J:

Sacrifices have to be made, “I hate my job” gets old and no one likes hearing it all the time if you’re doing nothing about it.  So we spend our time trying to get out of the rat race; trying to find a way to make these words turn into dollars.  I’m not going to lie, early on I thought, this will be a way to get my cell phone bill paid, or at least a little bottle money for the weekend.  After I started looking at the take, I realized that there was much more potential to be had.  It was very possible that this could lead into a very lucrative career.  I want the book deal, lecture circuit, radio show, book adapted into a movie, or even a columnist in a popular magazine.  I want those things and more, so I’m hustling hard until I get them.  That’s why you see me posting anywhere from 5-8 articles a week on the internet, two eBooks, and spending time to collab with other writers.  Despite all that, I’m working on two new eBooks and a mixtape.  Closed mouths do not get fed on this boulevard.


I wanna run a lucrative website that has a positive impact in the community and have a column in a reputable magazine. Achieving those two goals will open all sorts of doors that I didn’t know existed as well as ones I’ve knocked on before. I have a running list of “remember when …” folks. I look forward to smiling at them and working with their competitors. **Sips Ketel on the rocks** Yep. That’s exactly what I’ll do. Bawse.Sh*t.

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What about yall? What are your hustles right now? Where do you see yourself against some of the goals you set? Have things went better or slower than expected? Let us know.


  1. My hustle right now is in the business side of the music industry. I'm an aspiring music supervisor. Started out great with an internship in the same field right after a degree in audip recording and engineering, but now my internship's done with no permanent position as hoped. 8 months of an unpaid internship with daily big ups on what a great job I was doing. So much for suffering for your craft. Silver lining would be that at least the so called "Super Intern" got a great reference letter and some experience though. Things are slow slow slow slowww now… I'm feverishly looking for a permanent spot somewhere for the past 3 months. 3 months isn't so bad and i know it takes time and work to get to the goal, but I'm not where I want to be and a little peeved I got shafted with the internship deal.They made a lot of promises that were never kept.

    Apparently 95% of unpaid internships in the province of Ontario Canada are actually illegal.

    Now I'm hustling across boarders looking for work and volunteering my time to various music events and companies in the meantime. Got to get better from here!

  2. Dr. J

    Sucio means dirty…J :0) Sucio el bano….or a dirty bathroom

    I know you have the meaning by now..

  3. Good Post. I got 3 hustles and I'll break them down a lil bit.

    COLLEGE HUSTLE: I view this hustle as a necessity hustle even though it is not by itself an inherent necessity. This is because my parents are both college graduates and so there was no excuse i could give not to go to college. Next year I'll get my B.S in Biology/Chemistry minor and even though sh*t is as hard as diamond stones, I still push on with the assignments, lab reports, research, e.t.c. At the back of my mind, the reality that undergrad degrees might become the new H.S diploma sticks there like glue, serving as a warning not to mess things up. My parents are gonna be surprised though that I'm not going to Medical School after.

    9-TO-5 HUSTLE: Without this hustle I can't buy sneaks or afford to take a girl out on a date. The pay is crappy, but ehh, I can't complain. I wish I could get a $15/hr job but we still in a recession yo (the republican Congress need to make a deal with Obeezy on this debt ceiling; the job markets is being spooked by their apparent willingness to let the Country's credit go on default)

    DREAM HUSTLE: Now this hustle, is the hustle I ENJOY doing. I have always had an interest in journalism as a whole. The concept of giving an audience a message or a viewpoint in an orderly way intrigues me. My main interest now is photography. I digest info that can make me better at it, and i can see myself in the future getting my paparazzi swag on or just being a laid-back photo-journalist…whatever.

    Now back to this physics lab report #nerdlife

  4. Le sigh.

    Right now my hustle is forcing me to sleep at 5AM this morn, just so that I can wake up at 8AM to prepare for a 150-question national board examination for Pharmacology on over 500 drugs, which is 40% of my grade…at noon today!!! And this is just today! Hoooray!

    This hustle is called medical school. I'm forever grateful for this experience of achieving my dream, and for being halfway thru, however, I am so sick and tired of studying. However, God has blessed me indeed with unmerited favor, academically!

    I have no clue what kind of physician I'd like to become (my interest changes with every organ system I'm studying), but I love learning about myself, and the next 2 years of clinicals will be one of self-discovery…and exams…and more exams…and finally, the light at the end of the tunnel:

    Tash, M.D.

    My other hustle, since I refuse to let medicine take over my life, is world travel. At any opportunity, as long as I can afford a plane ticket, I"m there! Nothing brings me more joy than taking a mental break from the books and planning my next overseas travel. It's an addiction to experiencing a brand new culture, a new language, a new land. This year alone, I've done Brazil, Columbia, Greece, Egypt and Jordan.

    If I could, I would change careers every decade, since my passions are eclectic…

    Now on to my 3 hours nap! Pray church!

  5. *Quick note: Hustle Hard is now stuck in my head and will likely be there all day, thanks! *

    A college professor once told me that I could be great but I was settling for good. I was young(er) and had an attitude at the time so I didn't let her words resonate then – but she is one of me main reasons why today, at 24, I feel like I am already on my second life.

    I originally went to school for computer engineering – left that job for an opportunity in marketing and was quickly promoted to Executive Business Advisor. Spending hours everyday speaking to senior level executives regarding their next move in life had a major impact on me. One of my main questions "Are you were you thought you would be today, ten years ago?" was almost ALWAYS followed by a chuckle. I was speaking to people who, 30-40+ years in, wanted to follow their dreams. This forced me to wake up and realize that I was helping people define their dreams while I lived my own nightmare. My job was good but it wasn't great: it was just a job. I liked it for the perks – outside of that it meant nothing and I hated being defined by it. It was hardly challenging in the ways I wanted to be challenged and the corporate world is simply not for me.

    Long story short I left my comfy (and I mean cooomfy! Company car/phone, traveling, etc.) to go back to the school hustle – double majoring in chemical engineering and sustainability. While working I spent the majority of my free time reading books on physics and the world and I realized that this natural pursuit needed to be my main pursuit. I want to make a difference in the world and be an inspiration to young women – using my mind. Young women need to see success outside of the entertainment industry. Young + Beautiful + Black does NOT = Video Vixen/Aspiring Actress/Somebody's arm candy.

    This is a hustle though! Thats why I am at school most days by 6AM until 9PM – even now (in summer sessions). These classes are no joke and THIS time around in school I'm not going to class just to get good grades – but to seriously understand!

    I absolutely love to see people chasing their dreams. I am so inspired by everyone's hustle and really look forward to reading the comments today!

    1. That's an amazing story!! I share your sentiments exactly! Congratulations on your bravery.

      Like yours, the path to my dream is extremely long and extremely arduous. Most of my peers are well into their careers, family, home ownership, etc, etc. I even took 3 years off from eternal school after getting my master's, to live, travel and work in Korea. It was an experience beyond what I could've imagined, however, I knew there was a time to end that gig. As much as I enjoyed working as an English teacher, and traveling around Asia, that experience hit a plateau for me. I could not stay in Korea for longer than 2 years.

      When I realized that I would ask my physician students for their old medical books so that I can read for LEISURE, I knew then it was time to start medical school…which I did, on my birthday no less, 5 days after I left Korea, jetlagged and all!

      However, having been away from school for 2 1/2 years whetted my appetite even more and gave me newfound energy, which I divulged in my books first semester…which led to fantastic results, by God's grace! Even though I complain a lot (as all med students do), I can't imagine doing anything else at this point. I'm not in love with studying 10-15hrs everyday, but, if I have to study this much, I better love the subject matter…and I do!!!

      The human body is freakin' amazing!!!

      I really applaud ur career path…and I know it is very difficult. Physics??? Just thinking about that subject gives me goosebumps! I've always hated it due to very poor teaching of it…so I am impressed and humbled by your love for it!

      Good luck in your future endeavors!

      1. Wow!!! I am sure two years in Korea contributed just as much (if not more) to your personal and professional development as school! That sounds amazing and far more brave than anything I have done so congratulations to you!! I'm sure you have some great stories.

        I feel you on that new found energy! Even though I cringe a bit when classmates were born in the 90's (shout-out to all of you, tho – lol) there is nothing like knowing, I mean REALLY knowing that this is what you want to do. (At least for now…:) )

        You are right – I would contribute Physics' poor reputation with the poor teaching of the subject. It's complex – but it's doable. Less than one percent of Doctorate degrees in Physics are earned by minority women. In 2007 Colorado had their first African American women to earn a Ph.D in Physics…. 2007!!! But I won't get started on that… 🙂

        Anyway – the human body is certainly just as amazing and so much credit is due to every med school student – earthbound angels. My sister works in a hospice facility… I do not know how she does it. Cheers to all of you. 🙂

        Best of luck to you as well! #letsgetit


        ..Back to the grind.

  6. This post and comments so far is just the push I needed after a weekend of stuffing my face and lounging around. My main hustle right now is the Wall St hustle. Working in a major bank fresh out of college is something else. I'm in Fixed Income which promises to be beyond fulfilling but extremely challenging. But I like (good) stress so I'm excited. Beyond the actual work is the corporate culture and even though school and internships prepare you, (sort of) its amazing to see it full time. From the clothes to the attitudes and down to the style of hair you choose smh.

    My side hustle is my passion…my poetry hustle 🙂 I'm a spoken word poet currently throwing myself in it with performances and more writing. Trying to have my first book published in a year. It keeps me balanced and more power to the pen if it reaches someone else.

  7. *cues Hustle Hard by Ace Hood…Thats my ISH *Katt Williams voice*

    My Hustles:

    9-5 Hustle: Its what pay the bills. I'm not walking into the building grinning ear to ear everyday but im not sulking into work everyday. At the end of the day, work is work. Its either that or let some middle aged white woman with self esteem issues take care of me cuz im cute.

    College Hustle: I walked across the stage with a degree in sports management (well actually i got a piece of paper they didnt send the degree for another month) only to wonder if thats really what i want to do and why didnt i listen to my mother and just go into a much more secure engineering field.

    Side Hustle: I write alot. I've written specs, songs, a sports blog, i contributed to a now defunct sports site and a hip hop blog plus single black male-esque blog that i eventually abandoned.

  8. My side hustle became my main hustle a lot earlier than expected. I love it and I HATED my main hustle, the only thing I miss besides a steady check is my benefits. Right now I have my first client and I'm working on my logo, website and etc. Honestly, having a side hustle and trying to make it a career is hard as hell and I give any and everyone that's doing it props because nine times out of ten there are other things you're working on that doesn't even include you taking time out to spend with family, friends and your SO.

    I remember last year this time I wanted all the things that are happening now to happen then, but looking back I wasn't ready. It's crazy how everything happens for a reason.

  9. Until 3 months ago my side hustles were adjunct teaching, and performing data analysis for small community groups. After three rocky years followed by three horrible years at my full-time job, I had too many signs of stress to ignore. That's when I started thinking of how to make my side hustle my main job. I could either stay stuck in a job that I hated, which was literally standing in the way of me finishing grad school, or step out on faith.

    I realized that what was going on in my office was way too much, and I had choices. So I quit, immediately found a consulting job that (paired with part of my savings) would give me enough money to live on for six months, and picked up a couple more classes to teach for the summer. This also allowed me to meet with my advisor as much as I needed to before my dissertation defense. I graduated in May, and I am working on permanently making my side hustles my full-time job.

    It's turning out to be the best decision I've made. I get to travel to see my family more often. I enjoy what I do. I'm a night owl, so overnight class prep and analysis has been so much easier. I get to hangout without feeling pressure.

    And the very best part is that I no longer have to work across the hall from the man sitting in his office watching tv or making international calls to family on his gov-issued blackberry while our boss dictates that I should do all of his work.

  10. Good Morning to everyone! I don't have a side hustle to speak of but I am making a career change. I am shifting from sexual health to mental health. I will be leaving my comfy job to go back and get my master's in marriage family therapy. There is such a stigma in our community about it and needs to stop. People are suffering in silence, and lashing out in harmful ways. Anyway great post and continued success fellas

  11. Dreams? How do you guys decide what they are? Are they a happenstance discovery? Did ya'll just stumble upon them? I think I had a dream once but I let it go for love (which is a dream in and of itself I suppose) but I want a new dream. Are dreams and goals the same thing?

    1. I don't think dreams and goals are the same thing. A dream is something you want. A goal is something you have to.

      Or maybe it's same difference. i might just be wrong.

      1. Is it bad to not have a dream? If I think hard about it, my only dream is to raise my kids to be happy, healthy, well-rounded and open-minded. Is that a dream though? Seems more like a duty but not everybody views parenthood that way. I guess I have some self-discovery to do before I learn what my dream is. Good luck to all of you though.

      2. I think that they are interchangeable. My goal is to be an aspiring writer is also a dream of mine. People who are good at transferring their dreams into attainable goals are those who go far in life. That's sort of why I made it a point to say, "I hate my job" gets old after a while.

    2. Doing what you have to do so that you can do what you want to do.

      For me, that defines the relationship between dreams and goals. Goals are more specific, more immediately attainable steps toward your dreams – or at least they should be. Otherwise you might evaluate the way in which you invest your time on a daily basis.

      Everyone has a different definition for what their dream is. Some say it's what you would do everyday for free – others link dreams to God given talents… a change they want to see in the world, etc. Recognizing your dreams is immediate for some people… but not for everyone. Good thing life is not a race. I would warn that "sleeping" may allow your dreams to pass you by… but again, some people don't believe that to be possible. I beg to differ.

    3. Are dreams and goals the same thing?

      I think dreams and goals are similar….

      Everyone has dreams whether to become a billionaire/be extremly successful/marry rich and/or successful/marry a woman or man who looks like LaurenPatton/IdrisKojoe with Michelle Obama/Bill Gates brains/work ethics. ..Now having said all of this most people tend to work hard towards those dreams which now sets out as goals?

      So yeah dreams and goals are basically one in the same, although not everyone gets the opportunity to accomplish them.

      1. "although not everyone gets the opportunity to accomplish them."

        Do you really think it's the opportunity that is lacking (In America, at least)? When I first read that I thought… I dunno if it's the opportunity that is lacking – maybe some need to hustle harder – maybe the timing isn't right. But I do realize that in today's market we face some impossible looking circumstances. But do they just LOOK impossible? Maybe there is always a way? Or maybe I am just overly optimistic. #KanyeShrug

        1. I think that we have the power to do anything in this world. Like people give themselves all types of reasons why they might not be able to accomplish something. Truth be told the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is that the successful person cannot be convinced that he can't do anything.

        2. I'm not sure if it's the opportunity but maybe the know-how (and sometimes the know-who) that may be lacking. I carry the train of thought that you CREATE opportunity and with faith and hard work anything can be accomplished.

  12. What a motivating post!!!!

    9-5 Hustle: I work in IT writing training documentaion for software that my division develops, maintaining webpages, and anything else I need to do to support our projects…and I get paid very well to do it.

    Main Side Hustle: I wrote my first song when I was 8…it was a theme song for a bootleg Babysitter's Club that my cousins and I were planning to start as soon as we were of age, LOL. When I had an award winning songwriter was impressed by a song I wrote, I knew it was what I was born to do…but it still took years for me to actually start pursuing it. Now, I have one official reference track completed and an offer for a publishing deal. It's a slow process, but I'm patient with it.

    The Side Hustle I Stumbled Into: I'm a music nut…so I read and comment on music blogs as well. I received an email from a blog owner who enjoyed my comments. He asked if I'd be willing to write for the blog…and I said, "YES!" So, I review music for a website with over 10,000 followers. And I PRAY that it will be an avenue for my Main Side Hustle! 🙂

    The day my love for music replaces and exceeds my 9-5 income will be a VERY FABULOUS DAY!

  13. I don't have a hustle. I guess technically blogging is a hustle in terms of hours and bandwidth invested in it, but I don't make money off my writing and had never planned to do so. Lately I've been getting a lot of encouragement and it's kind of making me rethink things but for now….I'm hustle-free.

  14. I enjoyed reading this. I especially appreciate it since I think during the suggestions/feedback post I said I enjoyed author collaboration posts 🙂 I appreciate what each of you bring to SBM

    (finally– J had to grow on me :-p) and I consider you both to be very different types of writers also, so it was cool to see the motivation each of you have behind your crafts!

    I'm not a hustler at all–I write about music on occasion for my own personal love and for the conversation with others so I am intrigued by all it takes for those of you that are in actualizing your dreams! kudos!

  15. Hmm… I don't really view what I do as a hustle, but I'm a medical student. Just finished my 3rd year, which I guess I could only describe to you guys as a hazing process. Imagine being on line for one full year, or imagine a really hard internship in the most competitive field, or just imagine working 12-14 hr days regularly, with hours upon hours of studying on top of that. And most of the time, you don't get weekends off lol. It's RIDIC! Training to be a physician is no joke, not that it should be. We hold people lives in our hands.

    Anyways… being a medical student takes up most of my time. I always strive to be among the best, so I put A LOT of work into what I do. I go to one of the best medical schools in the country (top 10) and I'm heading to Harvard for a master's this fall…. so I can get an extra degree. Its another year of school and more work for me, but I'm going because both the name of the institution and type of degree I'm getting will help me get to where I wanna be, which is either professorship in a prestigious medical school (less than 4% current faculty in medical schools are black), or running a major healthcare-based NGO like Care or doing stuff with the Gates Foundation.

    As for side hustle…. I don't know if it counts because its not a money-making one. I do a lot of service work, a lot of mentoring, and do a lot of organizational leadership stuff with my free time. Like many others here, I enjoy reading and writing, and I do plan to write a book (mainly to help me pay off some of these loans), but I want to get some more experiences, wisdom, and notoriety under my belt before I do that.

    Also, just as a side note… I'm a HBCU grad. I know how Slim feels about us (lol), but I believe that everything I'm doing now, I would have been doing anyways, whether if I had gone to a PWI/Ivy/ wherever. I'm glad I did the HBCU thing though, I wouldn't be who I am otherwise.

    1. Wow, Lady!

      We have lots in common, down to being an HBCU grad ( which I wouldn't change for the world, as those were the best 4 years in my life, hands down!)

      Some of the ish I see now from my fellow classmates (i.e, practices that get them thru) just causes me to SMH. It's a different world, indeed!

      Congrats on your finishing ur 3rd year. I just finished my 2nd, and preparing for the STEP 1. I'm really looking forward to clinicals…pimping, scut work, overnight and wknd calls and all. I'm soooo sick and tired of sitting in a classroom all day!

      Hooray to the black female docs of the future!

      GL on ur future endeavors.

      1. Thanks Tash! Congrats on finishing second year! Study hard for Step 1, that ish is a BEAST! Its totally doable though, just make sure to do LOTS OF QUESTIONS. I'm studying for Step 2 now, on the bright side… its much easier studying for Step 2 than it was for 1.

        And you're right, 3rd year is hard, but it totally beats sitting in the classroom all day. Sometimes it feels like the work doesn't stop… cuz we still have residency at the end of all this lol. Oh well… its the path we chose right? 🙂

        Good luck to you as well!

  16. The only problem is, it’s not easy trying to build a career from a side hustle.


    What about yall? What are your hustles right now?

    I have a start-up software company. The idea started back in the start of highschool. Since then I've been trying to cultivate myself/experiences so I can actually have a company and make some money doming something I love. Our (read: my) focus (right now) is database software and mobile apps. The database software is a do-by-learning type of move and is only a small step to help me achieve a higher goal: write an operating system. One day (soon?), I plan to compete with Oracle, Google and 'nem. My hustle has always been to use my 9-5 as an ad-hoc "learning center" to better my understanding for things in my company AND vice verse. That's why I like working in research. All you need is money and an excuse and people are gun ho (as along as you're not changing their workflow).

    Where do you see yourself against some of the goals you set?

    In reference to my direct goals, it's a struggle. But it's mad fun. Some of my goals:
    1. Write a successful database and database management system.
    2. Provide internships for minorities at my Alma Mater.
    3. Contribute to open-source projects under company name.
    4. Update blog more regularly.
    5. Write a successful operating system.
    6. Get some d*mn employees…

    The list continues…

    It's feels great to have the know-how to contribute to open source projects. While I'm a full supporter of open source projects (and my work depends on some), I wish I contributed MORE under my company brand. I will start doing that. Also, I need to update my blog more regularly. Ever since that flood, I've been slippin. *sigh* But I'm working on it, I PROMISE. I think I'm close to the "internships" offering though. I've always had a good report with the CS dept at my undergrad, and they are starving for such a thing there. And I have PLENTY of things for an intern studying CS to do. lol

    Have things went better or slower than expected? Let us know.

    Things have been SLOWWWW in the database development aspect of things. For a while I was STUCK. Like a blogger getting writer's block. But Now that I'm "un-stuck" I feel like the world has opened up. I mean, I expected for this to be a struggle. I knew it wouldn't be easy and that I'll fail more than once. In light of that, I've learned SO much. I usually can't wait until I can lock myself in my home-office. I always feel like paying catch-up though. While larger companies have the man-power and money to make ridiculously large "partnerships" or "Alliances" with Vmware and similar, I'm stuck writing all this code by hand. I'm slowing making service alliances with local companies in the tech sector, but that can only go so far. As a start-up, I want revenue. So, I want to be like, "I can do everything, anything! Give me money and a chance!" But that's not the move. Through building these alliances, I can tap into more of a consulting angle for businesses and individuals. Before, I get too deep, I need to get a dream-team of attorneys though. Large companies either buy smaller companies or suing them into bankruptcy from legal fees alone. Just grimey…

    I could talk about this ALL day… Tangents for days…

  17. Damn, these commenters out here exposing me for the slacker that I am. Wish I could say that I have something that I'm passionate about, but eh. Took a job out of school to pay back loans & for the next round of schooling, going back for something new in September. Like Trey sang, "I just wanna be successful." I want to lead a comfortable life that affords me certain luxuries, and to at least mildly enjoy my job.

  18. Few people here today, don't consider it a side hustle since they don't get paid. That's not true. You are still building a skill which is a leverageable thing. You might be doing music reviews or writing a blog now, but that skill is growing to the point where it can be lucrative. It's like an education or a sport in college. It's going to pay off one day. Take for example, Steve Young, he had a side hustle, he was a part-time law student. Now that's paying off for him.

  19. My goals so far are moving very slow. I am definitely an aspiring writer (blogger)), went to college for journalism, and so far no job in the industry. I always had this goal but never knew how to make it happen. I'm writing on my own personal blog just to keep it up and do something I love, but it's so many things I want. A real career, a mentor or at least some guidance, and people that believe in me. It's going to be a long road.

  20. so mad i missed this discussion yesterday. i read early and then got busy. i'm going to comment anyhow though because i love inspiring posts like this one here.

    first … good luck to you both and everyone who commented on realizing dreams and achieving those goals. young, black and talented for the win. 🙂

    my hustle… sigh. lol. actually, i can't really sigh at all, as i've been blessed tremendously as far as advancement in an area i'm passionate about goes.

    right now… school is on the menu. doing well at NYU and completing a second book is my goal for 2012. writing is my love and my life, fiction to be specific, and avoiding the starving artist life is a hustle in and of itself, if you plan on being a writer full time.

    devoting hours to writing when everyone else is fast asleep (they sleep, we grind), building a fan base so that my book doesn't tank, and ever committing to the pursuit of perfection in my craft is my main hustle right now. writing to the best of my abilities and then raising the bar on those abilities, and making the transition to NY as smooth as possible are the focus right now.

    exploring the many talents/interests/gifts we are blessed with and finding ways to create a living out of them is a hustle. one i am currently having a ball doing.

    great great post. 🙂

  21. My hustle is relatively the same thing. I started a blog that is just over 6 months old. Still learning, and writing as much as possible. I still have to maintain my career, and go to school part-time but blogging thus far has been a very fun activity. I did not think I could do it initially but if I keep practicing like you just stated I can only get better. I believe my strong suit is entertainment,news and politics. I like to leave the life style sections to the veterans. The grind does not stop, I will continue to elevate myself until I reach my goal of one day having a popular blog and land interviews with A listers This post was extra motivation, and good luck to you.

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    sources back to your website? My blog site is in the very same niche as yours
    and my visitors would truly benefit from a lot of the information
    you present here. Please let me know if this okay with you.
    Thanks a lot!


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