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Eff a blog dog, cause one day we gonna MEET [RUH]


Baby Boy Strizzle

Some people really think the Internet is real life. Well, I guess it’s as real as people make it. One thing I see is an exorbitant amount of sh* talking. I see it on Facebook (usually on statuses), Twitter, and especially in blog comments. You get these characters, who are mere screen names, who will defile your name, and your character with no reproach. I remember hearing my favorite summer track im a Boss, and Ross’s verse where he says the quote in our title, and I thought “This is so true”! What if you knew you would see the people in real life that you destroy online? Would you make those same comments? Why are people so tough behind a computer? What happens when real life and the Internet collide? I had to get the boy Slim on this one [||] to speak on this issue. Slim sleezy what the lick read?!

Slim Sleezy

What the lick read? Is this some island chatter I’m unfamiliar with? I knew I should’ve affiliated with Haiti or Jamaica a long time ago. Half the ish yall say that leaves me confused would make sense. I’d also have to give up vodka for rum and that’s not an option, but that’s not the point of this post. What you’re speaking of Sir Streetz is an issue I’ve been unable to get past for some time. I don’t consider myself controversial. I also understand that with greatness comes criticism, malice, and a mass of unpleasantries that are better left ignored, but that’s not me. I see some of these characters dropping words of ferocity because they think we’ll never meet. Got folks out there getting their electronic nuts off by leaving nasty comments or writing Facebook statuses or tweets that they think will cause them no harm. B**ch, I’m not just bawse. I’m a beast. Ughn!

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Streetz Sans Subliminals

You are a Yankee, lay claim to your point of origin! Anyway, the malfeasance I witness on social media is ridiculous. The problem with talking tough online, in the 90s it was waaay easier to stay anonymous while spewing your venom. In 2011? Especially with Twitter, its difficult to not have followers in common or know someone who can point out the coward talking sideways. It’s one thing when you criticize or play the dozens, it’s another when you get personal. I’ve seen real fights and peace talks have to occur on campuses in the early 2000’s after those string of  “[inset your colleges name here] Gossip” websites came through and crushed the buildings. Let’s not even start on Greek websites! The biggest thing I tell people is that if you are gully enough to diss random people online, don’t be a vag when speaking face to face. Get it? Vag.. Face?

Slim Slawse

I will suplex a wack cat into oncoming traffic. Seriously, I will chop someone in the throat and ask them to speak to me. I look forward to the day that someone has the gall to act in person the way they do online…unless it’s a chick. In which case, I’ll have Bertha come though and deliver a steel chair to the forehead and banzai drop. People laugh, but they don’t understand that disrespect online is no different than disrespect in real life. “Nah, I was just playing” = tiger uppercut OR it’s time to put your business out.

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I’m just saying. If you have a problem with someone, voice it to them in person. Going strong on the keyboard will get you nothing more than lame chuckles and saffron knuckles. I’m out this b**ch. Oh yeah, and I will keep my day job.

S. Treason

#WhoHurtYou?! In all seriousness, there’s nothing wrong with clowning on the net. There’s nothing even really wrong with being disrespectful. Just know that your perception of Internet interaction may not be the same as someone else. Communication is forever evolving, and ever since the first caveman clubbed up a dude for grunting at him sideways, messages can be heard much differently than you mean it. I see so much “E-beef” that it makes me chuckle in autotune, but it’s easy to tell when it goes from mindless pass the time chatter to “Whatchu say bout my momma?!”. In any conversations you have, remember the natural rules of engagement, and like someone once told me “If you’re man enough to say something disrespectful to another person, be man enough to accept the consequences”

Women you can do that too. Don’t hate me (No Misandry).

Putting out an EP titled “Watch the Blog”…



  1. Are grown-a$$ adults really e-beefing? SMH And that's how I know I'm getting old. I mean I've seen people make some [email protected] off-the-wall claims and/or statements directed at other people, but I just assume it ends there. *shrug* I guess between age and rockin' the jersey for #TeamIDGAF I recognize everybody won't like me or what I say but *Rock voice* It doesn't matter if they like me. Buuuuut… I will never back down from a good argument debate, so either in the e-streets or the mean streets, I've got no problem speaking my mind.

  2. Morning, I am burnt out for unknown reasons…

    eBeefing with women always gets a pass from me because of the gender difference… I prefer it that way…

    eBeefing with men, well, I can hit a dude square in the mouth without looking bad…

    I do my best to invite & avoid conflict simultaneously… And like Dr. J, & like rappers, you put it & keep it on wax…

    The eWorld should not be seen as an alternate universe, but an mere extension of the real world…

    Thank you & Goodnight

  3. E-gangsters…..ya gotta love them. Straight up comedy. Online everyone is a direct descendant of the Spartan 300 with the mixed fighting skills of Bruce Lee, Jet Li, Chuck Norris and early Iron Mike Tyson. But if you really want to see how tough they are invite them to meet in person. Give them a cross street. Then you will know if they really Bout Dat Life.

    And you ladies…..Smh….y'all are notorious for getting waaaaayyyy outta pocket with men online. Y'all say some stuff that you know might push a dude to smack your weave out had you said it face to face (not that I condone that but im saying).

    1. 'Y’all say some stuff that you know might push a dude to smack your weave out had you said it face to face (not that I condone that but im saying).'

      LOL! Tru and thats why we say it ONLINE! Its our truth and it can be vocalized better.

  4. I'm of the mind that you should say what you mean, mean what you say, and stand by it, and back it up if it comes down to it. The NIA you see online is the NIA you get off line, except better and in full-size instead of the pocket-sized avi you're used to seeing.

    And I really don't get e-beef. Why are you beefing about things said online by someone you don't know, and have yet to meet offline. I believe if people have issues with me, they should holla at me privately, and we can deal with those issues together. I don't do e-beef, cause I don't eat steak. I want a plate of soul food, chicken, rice, and gravy. Sometimes, people purposely create online drama just to keep themselves relevant, so everyone on twitter or certain blogs will talk about them, thus making them famous, or infamous. Its sad, really.

  5. Sheeeeit, you want to see some REAL e-gangstas? Folks who are on some MurderInc.com type stuff? Swing past Cafe Mom and tell those Gorillas in the Mist that you don't breastfeed, or that you spank your kid or force your baby to sleep in his own crib. Or even that you put your kid down once in a while, since baby wearing and attachment parenting is what's hot now. Twitter beef has NOTHING on Mommy Wars. Shyt is ridiculous.

    1. Looooool! You ain't NEVER lied!

      "You don't co-sleep? You inhumane, bride of Hitler, toe jam eating, child abusing monster! If I EVAH see you IRL I'm 'rescuing' your kids post earthquake style and will ensure that you co-sleep with Diabla for the rest of your days! God bless" *insert signature about her kids and how beautiful and precious they are and a Bible verse*

      PS I love the tag team writing fellas, you took it back.

        1. Naw, just a not so far off exaggerated compilation of the sentiments that I've read. Those Momzis will attack every part of you if you don't agree with one of their methods. I understand the passion, we are talking about our children, but I don't understand the closed mindedness and rigidity. When you have unbridled passion coupled with no flexibility, that's a perfect recipe for creating serial killers.

      1. Gurrrlll…What do you mean you feed your baby pre-made baby food? If you REALLY loved your child you would do what I do, pick organic fruits and veggies yourself by the light of a full moon then allow the baby to eat on her own because baby led weaning is the only way to go! You Gerber Goon Bish! And did you say you use disposable diapers? DISPOSABLE DIAPERS!!! *blacks out* Why did you even have kids?

        Co-sleeping with Diabla….dead, lol.

        1. TEFLON BE KNOWING!! The light of the moon… *faints* But real talk – we could pull actual snippets that would be as ridiculously humorous and hate-filled if we just looked…

          Krys – epidural!?! Don't you know that child birthing pains are the only TRUE way to bond with your child?!? Being ripped from stem to stern is a BLESSING and you must endure if you're ever to understand the joy and pain associated with motherhood. Geez, never shoulda let women work in offices. Bishes got soft.

          I swear some of these heffas get high off of the martyrdom…

        2. "Gurrrlll…What do you mean you feed your baby pre-made baby food? If you REALLY loved your child you would do what I do, pick organic fruits and veggies yourself by the light of a full moon then allow the baby to eat on her own because baby led weaning is the only way to go! You Gerber Goon Bish! And did you say you use disposable diapers? DISPOSABLE DIAPERS!!! *blacks out* Why did you even have kids? "

          What's funny about this ish is that these are the same folks who become irate if anyone tries to tell them how to raise their OWN kid. SMH…

    2. I'll see your mommy gangsters and raise you a natural hair gangster. Go on one of those boards and start extolling the virtues of the creamy crack and watch the thugs come out!

      1. Girl youtube is where those natural-thugs frolic. There was a feud on there between three naturals that was just epic all because of a couple of small comments from two viewers. I'm natural but those girls are on a whole nutha level. It gets really bad when they combine being natural and being feminist. Sh¡t really hits the fan then.

        1. I remember natural-gate on youtube. Once ole' girl came out with the un-published video I was done, like really boo #whohurtyou ?

          And there is one board that is the lion cave for all the natural nazis… I stick to my own lair, those chicks are crazy

      2. [email protected]

        OMG thats so TERRIBLE yet soooo TRU!

        When I was natural (b4 it was trendy) I didnt give a dayum about ppl w/perms now I gotta perm and chicks act like they're better than me! BISH ITS ONLY HAIR!!! 😛

    3. Girl that is so true! Instead of "thug life" tatted on their bellies, they've got "thug mom" tatted over their stretchmarks. Them heifers are beasts! I was scared of some of them. It was crazy because they would talk sweetly about their kids loving organic raisins as a snack but in the same breath they'll slay you if you ask about a fruit roll up.

    4. LAWD…tell the truth and shame the devil! I've only lurked a little bit on Cafe Mom but I'm on Babycenter frequently and it's nuts. I don't know if these parents are crazy or if parenting has made them crazy, but these women are off the chain. There's no e-beef like mom e-beef.

    5. Glad i don't have to walk through that e-Hood … I stay in the suburbs of e-Thuggery … Ya out there in the e-Projects. I don't want no parts of that.

    6. I find this thread hilarious. You know you have great female readership when 1 long thread turns the topic from some mano y mano e-beefing to blogs about parenting, pregnancy/babies and natural hair. lol! #noshots

        1. @Star I'm reppin for the natural-haired, co-sleeping breastfeeders! I wish somebody would get outta pocket wif me! I'd throw my b00bs over my shoulders and go in on em! Plus I just got my wisdom teef out and this vicodin ain't sh¡t. I got some penned up aggression to take out on somebody. I'm not a killer but don't push me!

        2. "I’d throw my b00bs over my shoulders and go in on em!"

          Krys, I AM ON A CONFERENCE CALL! You bout to get me fired…

          My insides hurt from trying not to laugh at that line out loud… OH MY GAWD!


      1. Larry we was just talking bout e-beef of a different variety. If we were talking bout how you should change your avi to the shirtless one for the female readership's enjoyment….THAT would be hijacking the thread.

        All Ladies in favor, say aye.

        1. aye! I'm co-signing! no one asked you to take that picture down in the first place Larry! we don't care about your face! j/k j/k…..your face is nice too

      2. Hey now ladies, I agree with you on the same thing but different niche. I should have worded it better, lol. I'm basically saying you wouldn't see a thread with guys talking about those kind of e-beefs revolving around babies and the such, especially on single black male, lol. It's good there's a variety…I never would've known about the seriousness of the other blog sites…comedy.

        1. Nobody's mad about the comment…we're mad about the view. Why's your shirt still on? Let's talk about the real issue here…stop tapdancing Lurry.

        2. Rita you are killing me today.

          Yeah Larry, do it for the children. Or these e-dollas.

          *waves e-dollas*

        3. Maybe he breastfed too and his pecs were left looking like two deflated Tony the Tiger balloons…


        4. Lmao star, I'm loving how you bring it full circle! If that's the case, he can use some clear packaging tape to hold em up for us…. If it's a hair issue he can throw some hawaiian silky on it or just do a "big chop" for the naturals.

          @top, why did you take down the lips?

        5. *waves e-dollas too*


          If you're not a part of the solution… well you know. Take somethin off!!! Wooo!!!

          If ya worried about the thirst get us something to drink!

        6. "Yeah Larry, do it for the children. Or these e-dollas.

          *waves e-dollas*"

          We talking money now? Well you know what I say…if it don't make dollars then it don't make sense! lol.

          Lol! @ Krys and Star.

        7. @Tef I'm so broke I don't even have e-dollas. You think he'll accept this bed bath and beyond coupon?

          *waves bed bath and beyond coupon*

        8. @Top

          You too can e-Prosper, Hot Chocolate (that'd make a great stage name, btw). JUST GIVE UP THE ABS…or the…ne'mind. I won't start that again, LOL…


          #thethirst continues…

        9. FYI – Bed, Bath, and Beyond honors all expired coupons. For real. Frugal bishes know this ish…ask about me.

        10. *Looks in collection plate and counts all e-dollas and one wrinkled Bed, Bath & Beyond expired coupon*

          This seems to be enough. I’ll see what I can do for tomorrow. lol.

  6. Lmaooooo … smh … Reminds me of the HEAT @kiing_Warren was getting on Twitter last week from his "When Keeping It E-Thugged Out, Goes Bad" … Apparently, dude posted a picture of his driver's license then he posted some pics of 2 Harlem night azz guns and then the next picture he posted was of his beaten face. Hilarity. I guess some cats put all the tough talk and initial pics together and pulled his card. It's actually thee first time i've actually seen or heard through word of mouth or via camera phone the fusion of E-Thuggery and Real-Life.

    Anyways, I just assume when cats are talkin reckless they're just training for Person to Person verbal venom, regardless of the fact they aren't talm bout throwing down. The loudest, most talkative, intimidators usually are the ones gettin they azz beat when push comes to shove. I'm sure you've all seen that. And #NoShots, but from my experience the major violators are light-skinned cats … Coincidence??? Over-compensating much??? Idk, am i the only one that has recognized this???

    1. da Hell?

      It always comes down to skin color for your darkie Alabama Swamp Negroes. Why can't y'all just let us be great. smh

      And if you want beef, Meet me in the e-hood on Cyber St. and Digital Ave. across from the bodega.

      1. *Google Maps the street view of Cyber St. and Digital Ave … Exits out of unnecessary applications … Opens up Microsoft Word … Hits Caps Lock and blacks out on the keyboard…*

        It's NOTHIN for me to clap an e-n***a … AAARGHKJLN;AALDNAOIUWEASALFK <—– Battle Cry

      2. O No DekeLa, you should know better than to start talking mess on these internets. You come in here talking all reckless like you are holding something. Little ninja you aint holding NUFTHANG. I been on your block, Cyber St. You aint never there. They said they don't know you at Digital ave. You are as soft as you are brite. So don't come in here talking reckless to my boy TOP5…..

        And as for you TOP5, you need to STFU. No one wants you here your witty banter so stop talking all load when you can't back it up. Changing your avi, posing next to art and sh!t. That is ghaye my ninja for real. Stop that. My name is CHeeKZ Money and I don't play that. MONEY keyword. I make it rain on the auntie while eating cheese doodles. Ask about me in your hood. I come thru wearing whatever colors I want.

        1. Yo Cheekz, we was cool homey but now I'm airing you out on da innanets…

          Word on the twitter, ya real name is Cheekie… and ya got that name from ya #Moms..

          We hARD all day ova on Cyber St.. Ask about the real Big Meech.. aint no internet memes homeboy…Now run tell dat!!!!

          Top5 You lucky my screen contrast can't be adjusted.. I can't even see yo a$$… Idris Elba wanna be looking e-ninja.

          I run deez Innanetz! Can I haz m0re!

        2. DON'T TALK ABOUT MY TWITTER LIFE IN PUBLIC FAM! You don't want to go there. You real disrespectful right now. Let me learn you something.

          You see how I spell my name? With the lower case 'E.' That is for every commentor I done laid out with the nine. That is right homey. Real gangstas. I'm catching bodies. Take a man's life. Instead of tatoo tears, we getting lower case 'E's. Don't make me spell my name CHeeeeKZ.

      3. "Word on the twitter, ya real name is Cheekie… and ya got that name from ya #Moms.."

        LOL. Uh-oh… CHeeKZ and I may be the same person! O_O *conspiracy*

  7. streetz i've known you for a minute via social media (kazodiass/pledgepark) circa 2003 or so. i know you remember the buffoonery that used to take place on there. people (who shall remain nameless) would pop ish and then ish got real when someone said "meet me at so and so place [starbucks] and we'll see what's up."

    nothing has changed since then. i see a lot of e-thugs and its funny because i know some of these people in real life. fraudulent. that's like the grad student who sells drugs and thinks he's a thug. son, you're not built for that life. stop faking for the masses.

    1. Dog, I remember Kazo well. it almost led to a war on my campus, and most of the people on that site was based in Cali!!!

      It gets realer when you involve people who know one another in real life

  8. This post is funny. I enjoyed the tag team writing fellas. I'm with NIA, the Telly you see on the internet is the same Telly in person. I don't start beef IRL so there's no point in me trying to start one on the internet.

  9. Whats worse is when people backtrack on their words…a celebrity goes off on twitter gets checked, deletes his tweets and says he was hacked. Or people you kno get way outta pocket on Facebook then they say oh its just facebook…if you cant stand by your own words what can you stand for. Smh with Tony Montana in disgust

        1. Pretty much. They'll be speaking out of their a** and when you correct them with the truth, they'll like "It ain't that deep, you ain't gotta make it a debate, you take it too seriously". N*gga please!

  10. I particularly like the brand of E-thugging that occurs on sites meant to uplift women. The most innocent post about natural hair can induce 'gang talk'. Oh and dont let the article be about someone handling their color issues.

    1. lol GIRL women be ready to pull the E-Shank out


      Redbone 88: Im a light skin women but I think all skin is beautful. I think everyone especially women deal with beauty issues, I know I've been made fun of for being too light.

      SexyCocoBrowndelight: Bi3th plz, you dont know sh8T about being made fun of. Im so sick of these light skin girls with this wo is me bull.

      DarkskinGoddess: SexyCOCObrowndelight calm down she's just trying to relate, no need to be mean.

      SexyCocoBrowndelight: How about I relate my fist to her face .. These light skin hoe's

      Talking to women about skin color and hair have lmost start mini e-wars, I've been a witness and many dont survive.

    2. "The most innocent post about natural hair can induce ‘gang talk’."

      I've been trying to figure this out for a while now. I can think of one site in particular where this happens and I really don't get it.

  11. Good post.

    People can be so negative and extra rude on blogs/facebook/twitter. Its rediculous. I wonder if they're really like that in real life, and if they are… how they have any friends…

  12. Christians get real anti-love on their blogs, lol. Post something about abortion, homochexuality, the validity of "the rapture", or Sabbath vs. Sunday worship and Bamas will GO IN!!!!! You read the comments section like, "I know they bout to start straight up cussing any second now", lol.

    And, the comments section on Black Voices, CNN.com, and various other sites are a breading ground for racists to let loose. Crazy.

      1. Girl, I don't even read the comments section there anymore. They make me wish speech wasn't free, lol…

        1. @cynicaloptimist81: "They make me wish speech wasn’t free"

          That made me spit out my soda. And it is crazy how wild the comments on CNN (of all damn places) can get. Dont let them talk about the blacks….or the mexicans.


    1. co-sign.

      Sport website have the same problem. When Kevin Durant dropped 66 at the Rucker, you should have seen the hate for the hood. "Durant dropped 66 against ghetto trash" "worthless ghetto kids, this is a none story".

      No respect for the hood. None.

      1. Yeah ESPN's comment section goes H.A.M. from a racism standpoint … I read them comments on that KD Rucker park article. Helly smhs. Mad i can't comment on my work computer.

      2. Hurt people hurt people, and that what internet thugs are. When I go into the comment section of any Black publication or article about black people I expect to see one racist/ignorant comment. It doesn’t even boil my blood no more. But nothing tops the worldstarhiphop comment section, People be throwing up the most random hoods, they be ready to buss shots.

    2. npr.com too! reading those comments make you want to get all e-thug but then you have to check yourself so that these misinformed white people don't have more fuel for their fire, they'll be quick to call you an angry black woman.

      1. There's no point in arguing with people who have no desire to be enlightened, LOL. You gotta leave ignorant people of any kind to stew in their mess…


    3. Totally agree. Especially when theres a race issue, people go HAM racially on those popular sites. it gets ridiculous! I wish I knew who some of those people were… funiest thing, they could be sitting right across from you at work!

      1. "funiest thing, they could be sitting right across from you at work!"

        Don't say that…

        * looks around at the VAST sea of potentials * Scary…

  13. I think that e-Beef is for people who have too much time (popping ish cause I'm busy at work all of a sudden) but seriously, some people do not care about what they say or who they say it to. It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt (isn't that someone's mother's quote?). OK back to work.

  14. But here's the thing about e-thuggery/e-jumping/e-slaying.. Sometimes this ish gets IRL and people do get hurt because you never know who lives just around the corner BUT it's still funny as hell to read all the same.

  15. It's unnecessary to resort to personal attacks just b/c you don't agree with someone. LOL it's really very silly. As opposed to come up with a valid point to refute their argument, people wanna resort to name-calling and ish…. Weak. Also I haven't been posting here that long, but it seems like that is really popular around here…. Not just the commenters, I see the bloggers doing it too LOL.

    I'm pretty opinionated, and I will state my opinion whether it's in line with the rest of the masses or not. Going against the grain can really grind people's gears it seems…. Someone told me I was a statistic and had the clap yesterday…. I was like you said waaah? My boyfriend had to hold me back from the computer! I was about to mollywhop a font.

    J/k…. But that is just a ridiculous as e-beefing

    1. "I was like you said waaah? My boyfriend had to hold me back from the computer! I was about to mollywhop a font."

      LMBO! Please don't break your computer trying to mollywhop fonts and stuff…cause @___ won't be sending you money to help replace it, LOL…

    2. its alright girl I've been called a gold digging, abortion happy, man hating, trollop, who will never be married and have a monkey baby out of wedlock. But as someone up stream said "hurt people, hurt people" there is no need to attack someone's character.

  16. Great post. I think anyone who writes on the Internet can relate – blogger, commenter or other. It's riiiiidiculous out here in these e-streets. I dont get into a lot of "beef" because I dont go too sideways at people and people dont go too sideways at me.

    The only time it has really gotten out of line is when I write a blog on a site where people arent familiar with my work. For example, SBM (and some of my other work), is reposted on FreshXpress – and while I like most of the dialogue on there – some of those people will get OUT OF POCKET. If I was a less refined man, I might be on Google tracking down IP addresses and showing up at people's jobs with a sharpened tooth brush so I can get through security. People will take you there, I'm not exactly sure where "there" is, but I know it's a very dark, dark place.

    I dont know why people feel the need or compulsion to act ignorant on-line (assuming they arent the same off-line). On a social and psychological level, I think it says a lot about society in general that simply giving people anonymity brings out the worst in them. Given the opportunity though, I would thoroughly enjoy having the ability to slap a few people, closed fist optional.

    1. On a social and psychological level, I think it says a lot about society in general that simply giving people anonymity brings out the worst in them.

      I think the e-thugging is brought on by people confusing being rude /ignorant with being "REAL", then they think all the sh8t talking and cyber hand clapping is going to get the a stamp of "realness" no ma'am/sir you just look stupid most of the time.

    2. "On a social and psychological level, I think it says a lot about society in general that simply giving people anonymity brings out the worst in them."

      It also says a lot about society that the kinds of behaviour they display are rewarded. It starts from a very young age. Bullies tend to be popular because everyone is scared to stand up to them, so some of the bullied kids go online and start replicating some meanness they have observed, and are rewarded with respect and notoriety. It continues into adulthood, and people would be shocked that the ones with the most mouth are the scrawniest, fruitiest scare-crow-lookin'-ass mofos. We are, of course, all aware of how thugs are placed on a pedestal, so it should be no surprise that there are attempts to emulate them online as well, rude-assedness and all.

  17. lol @ comment section. Crazy ish. I've been saying for years that I don't know why people make a big distinction between the online and "real" world(s); to me, they're one and the same. People make some noise about how others don't know them just because they've read a few of their posts, but it's the same as me letting you know that you don't know me just because you've seen me joking with some mutual friends a couple of times. The only valid thing I can think of that differentiates them is, in the case of the inn'anets, the lack of peripheral cues that could help clear up the ambiguity of some statements.

    Streetz, I actually beg to differ with your claim that there's really nothing wrong with being disrespectful, because there is everything wrong with it. Disrespect is not something that should be dished out flippantly, regardless of how the other party takes it. As much as I joke around with and tease random people/friends, my intent is generally never questioned because it's obvious that respect is something that I place high value on. Whether it's a stranger on the street, a three year old kid or a random puppy, my disposition is pleasant and respectful (yes, even to the puppy, dammit. lol) unless some perceived transgression has taken place. It annoys me when I see immature punks poppin' off at the mouth ever so often. It's even more annoying when you see them growing wings over a certain period of time and gain some unjustified sense of self and worth. Sorry kid, ya still ain't shit.

    As for e-beef, it's stupid. If you have a problem with someone, call them out and address the issue. You're free to dislike the person and point out their contrary nature and comments, but following a person from left to right and going at them like a kindergarten kid at every available opportunity is silly. Trying to get the exchange to go from one medium to another (internet to the streets) is even more so. It's one thing to issue a warning for the person to have their mind right if your paths should ever cross, but to actually initiate it? Just cool.

    Completely random aside: there is THE tiniest smiley face at the bottom left side of my screen that I just noticed. Is this a part of the blog design? Or am I just crazy like everyone keeps telling me? lol.

        1. Its really small… scroll all the way to the bottom and then its on the left.

          *crosses finger* Hope I'm not just in the crazy house with Naija.

        1. It's at the VERY BOTTOM CORNER and the smiley face is super duper small and it helps when the reply text box isn't at the very bottom of the page … hit reply anywhere on the blog and then scroll all the way down and u'll see more of the face.

        2. *thanks the Lord for Top5 and Kema* Eff the rest of y'all tryna have a negro-ess lookin' crazy-like. Shiiieeeet.

          The comments today, though? I'm smiling everytime I look in my inbox. Y'all silly.

    1. "Disrespect is not something that should be dished out flippantly, regardless of how the other party takes it."

      Agreed… and honestly, I think the people that are the most disrespectful on the web… even if they claim that they aren't being all that serious… are the ones that can dish it but can't take it. Don't be mad when you say something crazy and somebody comes back at you…

    2. I feel you on the disrespect. I guess with dissin i mean snappin or clownin people. I see no problem with it, but be able to dish what you take,. Blatant racism or craziness is a different animal

      1. Understood and agreed…when it's all in "good" fun and not actually intended for harm. But alas, different people, different thresholds.

  18. LOL, I've always been a fan of the e-thug demotivational poster. The caption NAILS the essence of an e-thug.

    I guess I'm caught between the "taking the internet too seriously" and the "not taking it seriously at all" spectrum. I mean, part of me takes it at least somewhat seriously since I've made REAL friends from engaging on the internet, but when it comes to drama with stranger bishes? Man… I cannot. The drama within social networks (Twitter especially) goes so deep that even the audience can't keep up at one point. I mean, don't get me wrong, some of it is popcorn-entertaining (well, because… I'm not knee-deep in it… just watching like one would watch TV lol), but other times it can become as tiring as if I were involved in the drama. Stepping away from it all sometimes is good for the soul. Like chicken soup.

  19. Streetz Sans Subliminals


    1 in 4 relationships are ruined b/c of subliminal

    2 out of every 6 women realize that the "him" she's been tweeting about actually has a her thats tweets about "Him: too

    3 out of 10 a$$ whoopings are handed out because of subliminal and @them or dap them

    40% of the times subliminal’s are taken to heart by people who the subliminal message wasn’t directed to. People on twitter are prime examples of the having a guilty conscious

  20. Some of this foolishness comes from certain people not being able to read a d*mn or comprehend worth sh*t. It's sad when people get riled up over something you didn't say in the first place and blame it on you. That's when they show their stupidity and conversation is over. Be stupid by your d*mn self….

    1. Depends…you got something we want, we got something you want…if we show you this path to enlightenment, we require a sacrifice…involving abs, arms, or thighs in pictorial, video, or gif format. These are our demands…

      1. Such a trouble maker. But you DO bring up a good point, we'll discuss SBM avi requirements at the next meeting.

  21. Can I just say…y'all are some FOOLS! The SBMettes are off the chain HILARIOUS…Rita, Krys, Kema and CO…if I lose my job me and the twins are coming to live with one of you.

    Oh, and I have a decree:

    Larry will now be known as "Sandman Larry" for his admirable tap dancing skills. This bamma tried to collect e-dollas and do the soft shoe shuffle when it came time post the requested avi. WE C U, CONSIDER THE E-BEEF ON!

    SBMettes, e-thugs 4 lyfe!

    1. LOL! My bad, home skillet. Can't change my avi at work. Got to wait till I get back home on my home computer.

      *Looks over both shoulders for SBMettes to avoid an e-drive by*

  22. I'm late but whatever…

    Most beef on blogs resembles Jay and the Angry Customer from 40 Year Old virgin.. in fact, that entire scene is about thugs in random places.

    Smart Tech Customer: This sh*t just got real!

    Jay: What are you gonna do, bitch?

    Smart Tech Customer: I'll tell you what. You know Luca Perry from 20th and 25th?

    Jay: You ever heard of rolling twenties, n*gga? Since I was sixteen, n*gga, I'm saying "frosty." You know what I'm saying? "Spoon", n*gga. We f*cked dwarves in the ass!

    Smart Tech Customer: N*gga, this dwarf here don't got to be tall to pull a trigger off in somebody face!

    Andy Stitzer: [walks up quickly] Good afternoon! Good afternoon! Welcome to Smart Tech. What can I help you with?

    Smart Tech Customer: [points at Jay] Is this your boy?

    Jay: Yeah, n*gga, we will both mash you! What? What? Where you at?

    Andy Stitzer: Hey, how can we help you, sir?

    Jay: No, no, he don't need no help! He's already been served. I served him. He's taken care of. He's a little slow, but he got it. See, what he thought was he can come up here and make the rules. But now, he see that Jay make the rules at Smart Tech, that I run this b*tch, and now he 'bout to bounce!

    Smart Tech Customer: This your boy?

    Jay: Yeah, n*gga, that's my boy. We rep the same Smart Tech.

    Smart Tech Customer: [points at Andy] You just got f*cked up with him. Both ya'll n*ggas gonna get clapped up when I get back.

    [pretends to shoot two guns at them]

    Smart Tech Customer: Both ya'll n*ggas!

    Andy Stitzer: What? What did I do?

    Smart Tech Customer: It don't f*cking matter!

    Jay: Yeah, well, aim high, Willis. Aim high!

    Yep, that's almost exactly what it sounds like.

    Now what you really want to talk about is listserve beef. I don't know if all y'all know about that, but that is the BEST beef on the net because you know you coming to see homeboy. Someone threatened to shoot me on a listserve one day. But I wouldn't waste much time talking about the people who live in e-beef, just respond:

    "He ain't bout that life."

  23. You should hear some of the things people say when I'm beating them in madden or call of duty online, people say the most derogatory disgusting things.


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