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5 words or phrases that if women say, #reallymeans you’re in trouble


Fellas, today I come bearing gifts of knowledge and advice. My favorite motto remains “The one thing I truly understand about women is that I will NEVER understand women 100%”. I don’t think the good Lord meant for us to be able to decipher women so easily. Male-Female interaction is a challenge and one of the greatest pursuits in life. I forget who said it, but @DrJayJack continuously brings up the point that you master a craft after putting in 10,000 hours. In other words, the more you do something, the better you get. The more you interact with women, the more you come to understand. In my dealings with the fairer sex, I noticed that their verbal communication can be subtle, yet powerful. If you listen carefully, there are a few buzz words women used that when invoked, mean that you got some ‘splainin to do!

I’ll do it myself

Let’s say she asked you for a favor and you either a) didn’t come through or b) slacked. She will be pissed. Pissed to the point that she will do it herself, and announce it CLEARLY for you to hear. Truth is, she could’ve done it by herself all along, but women like to use the simplest things as bonding exercises. Whether it’s fixing something around the house, helping her research something online, or even accompanying her to the grocery store, she will look for ways for y to bond with one another and do something constructive. When you don’t comply she will shrug it off, but know she is BOILING on the inside and the storm clouds are slowly forming.

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It’s not that serious

Lies. It’s ALWAYS that serious. This does hold a caveat that you can best gauge this phrase if you have been arguing. Also, if you two are discussing an issue you know she’s passionate about, and she ends the conversation with that and refuses to speak on her feelings further. Women want to be heard and want you to know their point of view so you never get it twisted. So when she says it isn’t serious, I would take that with a grain of salt. It would be good to tactfully revisit the situation later and concede. Pride can be the Stone Cold Stunner of relationship finishers.


Fine is the ultimate conversation finisher. To hear her say fine, means she’s done talking and is plotting her next move. Now, this next move could be that she will sleep it off and come back the next day refreshed, or it could mean she’s gathering a list of your errors, so that she can sound off on you properly when she explains the reasons why she’s angry. When an argument is ended men will rejoice because they no longer have to endure a drawn out conversation about petty bullshit, but when she ends that conversation, with that word, that’s like her walking away from the table in a negotiation and gearing up for a lockout. Stay low and keep firing, word to @MrSpradley!!

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When she is quiet, this does NOT bode well for you fam. You need to Spider-Man swing out the paint immediately. When a woman is left speechless, and it’s not because you dropped your pants and showed her your Sword of Omens, it’s nothing but bad news. You have as much chance of not getting verbally filet’d as Rick Ross has as a cover model for Men’s Health Magazine. When a woman is silent and angry, she is charging up like Goku ready to make her hair glow Gold and unleash a Spirit Bomb of ether in your direction. Only the densest dudes fail to recognize this, and end up on the cutting room floor. Even if you act like a thug, when push comes to shove and she hits you with the silent maneuver, you’re finished yo!

I’ll leave the last one for you to add. What’s some words/phrases that women use when men are about to get torched? Let’s open the lines of communication. Ladies: drop knowledge. Fellas if you know any buzzwords drop them here too. Remember, these words are guidelines and may not be 100% applicable in every situation, but it’s pretty close.

Stick and Stones may break my bones, but duck if she stays silent!

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  1. i love hearing "i'll do it myself"… why? because it usually comes after i'm nice enough to try to do something for her and she wants to procede to tell me how i can do it better. so… yes do it yourself. when you mess up and can't do it then please come back and ask me again to do it. so i can give you hell about it.

    the one thing i can't stand is silence. women are supposed to be talkative. when they're too quiet that means they're plotting. i'll sleep with one eye open when this happens.

    1. Lol silence doesnt necessarily have to mean plotting. Im silent and its mostly beasuse I am a laid-back person. My silence means I dont want to go through the hassel and expended energy of an argument/confrontation.

      1. @Queen B:

        Me too! For me, being quiet doesn't mean I'm plotting. I don't like to argue either… so at the point where we aren't understanding eachother and have already been talking about something for half an hour, I just shut down… because I'm tired of arguing. Usually at that point I need some time and space to pull myself together… because now I'm frustrated and trying to figure out a better way to communicate what I'm trying to say…

        1. so at the point where we aren’t understanding eachother and have already been talking about something for half an hour, I just shut down… because I’m tired of arguing.

          Exactly! you must have an introverted type personality too. Its like while you want to say everything on your chest, Arguing is just too overstimulating. I agree that I need to walk away too and pull my thoughts together than we can come back and have an adult conversation after the cool off.

        2. Lol! Yup… I'm SUCH an introvert.

          I know a lot of times people think I just don't care… but its not that. Like you said… all that arguing is overstimulating, and it completely drains me.

      2. " My silence means I dont want to go through the hassel and expended energy of an argument/confrontation."


        Or I'm trying to figure out a way to express myself that will be received positively instead of the not so nice things that are going on through my head.

        1. "Or I’m trying to figure out a way to express myself that will be received positively instead of the not so nice things that are going on through my head."

          I'd consider this plotting…working on your next move. Lol…

        2. Correction: and THIS is why you deserve your man Morris! lmbo

          Response: I know, boo. I know, LOL…

  2. The combination is the killer.

    Her: Did you pick up my prescription from the drug store?

    him: naw, I forgot. Besides, you work closer to Rite Aid. I figured you could get it…

    Her: Ohok. Fine, I'll get it myself. Its not that serious…

    *cue ominous music* duh duh duh DUH!!!


    Weak example, but if she uses all 3 of those phrases within 2 sentences of each other, Fuggedaboutit!!!

  3. "When a woman is left speechless, and it’s not because you dropped your pants and showed her your Sword of Omens, it’s nothing but bad news." <=== I am dying…

    Here are more…

    "I don't care anymore…do whatever you want to do…" #reallymeans "I still care very much but I am through with trying to explain to you why you should do what I want you to do, and I hope you have the good sense to know that and comply"

    "Whatever" #reallymeans "F*#% You, you abominable piece of sh!t"

    "Its all my fault" #reallymean "Its definitely all your fault, and you should point out that I am not to blame and that you were, in fact, the villain in the situation"

  4. That pic tho…

    I'd like to add "feel" to the list. Anytime a woman SPECIFICALLY states that she "feels" a certain way about a subject or topic in which you have a direct influence you better make her feel the OPPOSITE way about it, because she likely doesnt "feel" anything positive if she felt the need to specifically describe her feel-ing.

    Example: "This made me feel…" or "When you did XYZ, you made me feel…" or "I feel like…"

    I'm telling you. Pay beyond attention to whatever comes after the word "feel" and act accordingly, because if you dont….

    I'll see you at your wake, bro.

    1. I know you didnt ask but I'm going to add a couple bonus translations on behalf of the fellas.


      "Word?" – I dont know about other folks but this means "get the hell out of my face because I'm done with this argument."

      "Iiiiight." – means I've shut down mentally and at this point I am only entertaining the conversation physically but mentally I've gone to my happy place. And the more "i" used in "iiiiiiiiiiight" the more annoyed I am with the absurdity of the conversation at hand.

      Ladies, you're welcome.

    2. This is my ultimate disagreement tactic! I always highlight my feelings about a situation becuase you can't debate feelings. A man that cares about you will ALWAYS make some sort of shift b/c he doesn't want to hurt you. He's much more inclined to help you understand his intent in a situation with less hostility if you go this route…which will help you better understand him…and get you lasting results.

      1. I agree. Women will be a lot happier when they realize, contrary to popular belief I'm guessing from my observations, their boyfriend/husband does not set out to purposely upset or annoy them and in most cases, he wants to make your @ss happy involving the minimalest amount of effort and headache. Just tell me what's wrong so I can make a (failed) attempt to fix it.


      1. I used get the whole name more from my mother, which means I effed up, but never from a girlfriend. I'd sleep in a suit of armor if my woman said that.

    1. LMAO!!!

      Yup, 9 times out of 10 if I call you by your full name (not a nickname) at the end of a sentence that means you're getting under my skin

      Same goes for my mom. Generally, I call her "mommy" if she's cutting up: "Ok Mother." If it's really bad "Ok Theresa"

      1. If it’s really bad “Ok Theresa”


        Oh you bold!!! Okay.

        I wish I would call my mom by her government name in a disagreement.


      2. when my mother starts the blabbering I just hit her with my terrible creole.

        Sometimes you need to shake those 'adults' up with some shocking tongue.

      3. THIS!!

        If I have call my mom by her first name, she know she is irking the sh*t out of me.

        Mom – NIA, blahblahblahblahblahblah

        NIA – ma, I said I would come home when I can.

        Mom – NIA, blahblahblahblahblahblah guilt trip blahblahblahblahblah something ridiculous blahblahblah

        NIA – *brooding* okay, Jean…

        lol. She hates it, but she usually starts listening to me after I hit her with her name instead of ma, mama, or mother dear.

  5. I swear the "I'll do it myself" sentence always pisses me of. I'll say it in my perceived raised voice saying "FINE i'll do it myself" hoping he'll feel the difference in how I'm talking to him but he always just thinks I'm being normal and that pisses me off even more because he's so damn oblivious

    1. *hoping he’ll feel the difference in how I’m talking to him but he always just thinks I’m being normal and that pisses me off even more because he’s so damn oblivious*

      STOP DOING THAT SH*T. Hoping a guy will notice will have you waiting until the Jackson 5 are back together. Why is it so hard for women to realize men do not read between lines. All that non verbal communication you want us to have …we don't. Like you are killing your self sighing and mopping hoping we notice. If i ask you are you ok? and you say fine. I f*cking expect that to be your answer. Why would you lie when i JUST asked you a simple question? Cause you want me to understand how you feel? So read your mood? Im not one of the X Men. Yall need to realize this sh*t.

  6. "We need to talk". Is there a worse phrase?

    "I've been thinking…" Lies, your mind is already made up.

    "I'll think about it"- No

    "Maybe"- No

    Anything other than yes means no, and sometimes even yes means no.

    "You can tell me anything" Lies indeed! There are limits to what you can say.

      1. really? no = you can still convince me? maybe = yes? lol now I see why men sometimes feel helpless. Like can words just be used to indicate what they mean?

      1. LMBO cause this is SO true that I've actually retired this statement. I just say what I need to say. I'd rather catch a brother off guard…no warning shot, lol…

      2. I'm not going to lie, there are men out there who wait on the call of, "We need to talk."

        Especially for men who don't want to be the one to end it, they basically screw up and then wait for the girl to call him or text him and say, "We need to talk."

        That's when you tell all your boys, "I'm getting out of Shawshank!!!!"


    1. “We need to talk”. Is there a worse phrase?

      If it isn't then it's up there. The last text message I ever received from the last woman I dated was 'We need to talk' word for word, smh.

  7. "We Need To Talk" "Nothing" "It Doesn't Matter" "I'm going to (insert any carribean country/island) with Lisa, Champagne and RayRay" "Have it your way"

  8. Sometimes, when I say it's not that serious, it's because….well, it's not that serious and he's taking me/it too seriously. Even when it's something I care about. I had one such moment just last night with one of my closest guy friends. The extent to which he takes me seriously still surprises me to this day.

    Of all the things listed, silence is the most reliable indicator that I'm upset. It's amusing to me that people would much rather I yell and make a fuss than go into zip mode. I'm not one of those people who uses silence as a behaviour modifier, though. It's just the way my anger/annoyance gets filtered.

    Accurate list, for the most part. I can't think of anything to add at the moment.

  9. ''You know what, don't even worry about it'' = Oh you don't want to go to the Sade concert with me. I'm hanging up right now and going with the dude that's been begging me to go. Don't call me, text me, fb msg me and don't dare ask me whats wrong after you don't hear from me.

    1. *Looks at baby avi*

      Soooooooooooooo MIA … I see you back there!!!!


      By the way, Ladies whenever we have a convo talking about physical attributes … MIA … just showed you all the way to prosperity via avi.

        1. I know, I know. Sings " What Gaaaaaawd has for me, it iiis for me…"


          What's going on with your avi though Top? You sing R&B? You posing for your next album cover?

        2. "What’s going on with your avi though Top? You sing R&B? You posing for your next album cover?"

          LAUGHED OUT LOUD @ Krys!!!!!! OUT LOUD!!!! OUT LOUD!!!!

          *looks at Top's pose again*


          That white space is just enough space for his name and album title, LOL…

        3. LMAOOOOO #DANGNEAR … It'd have to a John Legend Cover Album tho cuz that's the only cat that i can emulate. My pics have cover album and album insert written all over them … Wait til you see my next one. #Perfect

        4. Lmao CO, I thought I was gonna be the only one to see what he was doing there.

          @Top, it's cool I would purchase this album solely because of the cover. And you got me in here wanting to take pics but I can't because I'm still waiting on my jaw to heal.

        5. Larry! Get out of my head man! I swear I was just sitting here thinking about the title of his album!

          I bet Star could come up with something.

        6. “What’s going on with your avi though Top? You sing R&B? You posing for your next album cover?”
          This KILT me!!

          "I bet Star could come up with something."
          Then THIS brought me back to life! You just made my night! <3 <3 Not that I have anything, but I'll try 🙂

          The @Top5DOA discography:
          Back at 5 #McKnight
          Lacin Up My Wingtips
          5Play #Arruh
          and his hit number one single: "We Told Him He Was Too Small for Football" off his album The Inverted Dorito Diaries.

        7. Lol Star!

          See I couldn't really come up with anything but that pic reminds me of Lloyd's Lessons in Love and he's got his hairless chest all exposed so I was thinking it'd be something along the lines of Top5 Lessons in Chest Shaving.

        8. Lmaoooooooo Star … smh @ the Inverted Dorito Diaries.

          And Krystllyght, I actually had chest meat there … Can't really see what i'm on with that lil avi … but i definitely had the gold chain amongst a bushel of hair. It's only right.

        9. My bad then Top. I could've just tapped out. I couldn't see it but how do you not get the gold chain tangled up in there?

  10. ROTFL! These are so on point! Here's another:

    "You know what, you're right." This basically means "You're so freakin wrong right now that I can't even deal. You have 10 seconds to concede before I delve into a sarcastic tirade under my breath, just loud enough for you to hear."

    Ex: "The stove is hot, but he wanna try and tell me it might be cool by now, like I dont know my own stove. Now when he get burnt he gon 'xpect me to take care of him. TUH! I think NOT! Next thing you know, he gon try to tell me the sky is purple, like I can't see its clearly blue…"

    *end rant*

  11. Apathy will defeat passive-aggression 100% of the time. If you're willingly to say what you want to express, I can't bring up the urge to care. I'm young and foolish though. Also, maybe it is just me and I know this is an absolutely fool-hardy opinion to expound, but if you don't have the common courtesy to be honest with me about how you really feel (and women usually proudly and loudly wear the banner of being the more emotionally mature and stable) then why should I care?

  12. YES! When I'm pissed, you only get silence….maybe a "fine" "ok" or "whatever" but if i'm REALLY upset I'll hit you with the combo of "fine/ok/whatever" + (your name) + silence + no eye contact.

  13. "Don't worry about it"….. do in fact worry and hope like hell for the best.
    And if she calls you sir or Mr.(whatever your last name is) ….do not pass go, do not collect $200. Things just got real so please proceed with caution or just exit immediately. Take no chances!

    1. "don't even worry about it" for me is an Extinction Level Event. If I say this, it's a done deal. I have nothing more to say to the clown @ss ninja, and he better not say one more word to me, I may end up throwing blows.

      Dont let me start calling you sir, or agreeing too readily, he ducks out the house faster than if it was on fire. I'm way too argumentative to just agree without murderous intent.

      1. You can tell how upset I am by how long I draw out the word even.

        "Don't eeeeeeeeeeeven worr' ' bout it man!" means worry about it man.

  14. "Go ahead don't let me hold you back" means negro I dare you to defy me!

    When she's moving her mouth but no words are coming out. That's real trouble!

    I guess this goes with Streetz's silence part but it's a different kind of silence.

    1. That's a good one there.It puts a man in a very precarious position.On one hand you've basically challenged my manhood because if I do change my plans I've been punked. You might as well put me in a headlock n tell me to call for my momma. On the other hand,if I go there will be hell to pay later…..That's a bad situation to be in.

      1. What's ironic is I actually used this phrase the other day but I totally meant it! I know it can be taken other ways though and that's why I brought it up here today. Maybe I need to go clarify to my husband that I wasn't actually threatening him, that I was actually trying to be supportive. And that's the problem with all of this. If we do all of this double talk it leaves you to wonder what we really meant even when we're not upset.

        "You might as well put me in a headlock n tell me to call for my momma." Lol I can picture this now. Pure comedy!

  15. In text mode, "Cool." usually translates into annoyance about something. For me, anyway. Context is key, of course. lol, I really don't say much when annoyed.

  16. First things first… Malcolm Gladwell. The person who coined the mastery phrase was Gladwell in his book Outliers. Good read

    The Phrases of Death Uttered by Women

    "No, no. I'm Fine, Really": I've heard reports this was the last thing ol' boy heard before he woke up with his peen in the garbage disposal.

    "If you really love me, you'd already know…": Abandon Ship! Red Alert! Stop, Drop, and Roll ninja. There is no way you can know what is wrong. You cannot win this argument and any words you say after she says this phrase is tantamount to finding the right spot for your deck chair on the Titanic. Game Over.

    "Are you listening to me?": If she's asking you this that means she already knows you're not. You better be quick under pressure. (pause) Follow up with a compliment on how beautiful her eyes are today or something, but don't lay it on too thick.

    "Do you know what today is?": For your sake I hope she's singin' Tony Toni Tone…

    And the grand-daddy of 'em all…

    "We need to talk": Which is just woman-speak for *deep breath* I'm about to tell you about yourself and you might be able to get a few words in edgewise, but if you say something that I don't like you might get hit with a combination of several of the above phrases and I wish you would go to sleep before me 'cause you might don't make it to morning. *breathes again*

    1. "Follow up with a compliment on how beautiful her eyes are today or something, but don’t lay it on too thick."

      This gets me upset because then I KNOW you weren't listening. I would rather you catch yourself not listening before I do and then give the compliment.

        1. Huh? What? Why yes, they are new. You really think they look nice on me? Awww, thank you. I'm all flustered now :-)….. Oh, this comment wasn't meant for me? But.. but I have on new earrings. Ok.

    2. "“Are you listening to me?”: If she’s asking you this that means she already knows you’re not."

      It always seems like a guy can remember the last sentence that was said… but nothing else

    3. "Are you listening to me?”: If she’s asking you this that means she already knows you’re not. You better be quick under pressure. (pause) Follow up with a compliment on how beautiful her eyes are today or something, but don’t lay it on too thick."

      Negative!!!! This is one of theee worst things you could do to me — I see you muddersucka!!!

        1. Naija, chill. I know what Streetz said and I know what TWIsM said, no need for you to jump in. Won't be going there with you today and no reason for you to go there either.

        2. Your statement appeared a bit defensive, so I was merely pointing it out in case you missed it. I'm not heated, so your invitation to chill is not required. Thanks, though.

    4. “No, no. I’m Fine, Really“: I’ve heard reports this was the last thing ol’ boy heard before he woke up with his peen in the garbage disposal."

      DEAD!!!! Crazy is as crazy does, he ignored the warning signs. #ijs

  17. Streetz, you are absolutely, positively right!! I can't speak for all women but for me it is.

    Another phrase I would add is "whatever". If I'm dating someone and I use this term then ish is real bad because I don't care and when I don't care about you then you might as well jump of a cliff because its a wrap.

    1. Lol Right! Cause that "whatever" Is usually said with a *flick of the wrist while you are walking away!

  18. I’ll do it myself- All I have to say is that you hit the nail right on the head. If I say this Its because Im disappointed and pissed that I couldnt rely on you. If it recurring then make a mental note to myself: *unreliable and points get deducted as a contender as future HOH

    It’s not that serious- Ehhhh I never use this. If Im mad, then chances are it is of some importance, and Im not going to lie and say it is not.

    Fine!- I dont really say fine, I am more apt to use its variants "Oh ok", "Whatever" and walk away. If Im am really pissed and just want to drop it I've been known to say "Is there anything else you would like to say before I end this converstaion" which In my experience with men has tended to come off a bit rude (not my intention at all), I always think that I am being polite enough to let him say whatever else is on your chest before I walk away. Unfortunately no man so far has been able to see this provision as I meant it *shoulder shrug*

    Silence- NOW THIS IS ME!! I am more of the silent type when Im mad. Fortunately, I am smart enough to know when to pick my battles, and if on a scale of 1-10 on the anger scale, it is not a 9.5 or higher, then I am more than likely just going to remain silent. I might not say anything but I do give looks! If you are especially in trouble then I probably dont even want to look at you. Lol

    Im not the type to come back later on with a laundry list of a man's previous transgressions to discuss. The only time I bring up old stuff if we are already in the middle of a"discussion" and I state something and he denies it and says: "Name one time….Give me an example…I never said that!"…………SMH…….Why do men do this? FW: to any man reading, when it comes to conversation/error I have the memory of an elephant! I can tell you what you did/said, how you were standing when you did/said , and what you were wearing the day the offense occured!

    But back to my point, it is usually the guy asking for "An example" that will make me bring up past errors. Now if he knew he was wrong and brings it up later it usually plays out like this:

    Him: Yea I thinked I effed up back when….

    Me (who was silent when it orig. happened): Oh yea you did!

    And I will add to the list:

    "Go ahead"- because a lot of times if you pay attention to the tone in which it's said, It really means you better stop and think twice ninja!

    Thats about all I can add cause Im more of the silent, look-giving, eyebrow raising type of person. Lol

    1. SN: One time I was in a heated discussion and I said to him "What if I just keyed your car?" and he gonna say "That's cool….just dont be surprised when I kick down your door and f*ck up all your stuff in your house" LMAO that's a Gemini-Saggitarius relationship type for you….smh

  19. When she says, "Whatever you say."

    This would work for either sex, but I know when I say it, it means that I am not even going to waste my precious time trying to prove you wrong or entertain anything you just said because:

    #1: honestly your opinion means as much to me as having a pocket full of Monopoly money.

    #2: I probably wasn't listening in the first place.

    Men may say this because they just don't want to push any buttons.

    Woman may say this because she doesn't care enough about you as her man to value your opinion. Basically she already knows she gonna get her way and/or make a B*TCH out of you.


    1. "Whatever you say" really chaps my hide! My husband seems to be saying it a lot lately and I've noticed he's always near the stairs, I just want to push him right down.

      1. I must say, I giggled when I read "really chaps my hide" in my inbox. I don't think I've ever heard that before, and I had to picture you saying it.

        1. Girl, Taye Diggs said that on Malibu's Most Wanted. I thought it was so funny it just stuck with me all these years.

  20. I agree with all of the words/phrases..especially:

    "Fine" and silence!

    If the conversation ends with one word…im pissed.

    "OkAY, FIne, and WHatever are the most commonly used.

  21. dang I wrote that long aye response when everyone else was short and sweet smh. Im like the dinner guest who walks about to get seonds before everyone is done with their first plate. lol

  22. This post is hilarious and "I'll do it myself" is my go-to phrase. I agree with all the other statements above, I would add:

    "Don't worry about it" usually along with I'll do it myself.

    "For real? You sho right"…followed by silence.

    "Oh…ok *blinks slowly followed by silence*

    "Do you Boo Boo" (from Kevin Hart's crazy self)

    "You're a grown a$$ man, you can do whatever you want"- you CAN do what you want, but it isn't wise to do so

    1. “Oh…ok *blinks slowly followed by silence*


      “You’re a grown a$$ man, you can do whatever you want”- you CAN do what you want, but it isn’t wise to do so"

      AND THIS!!!! Accept I add, "you do what you need to do and then, based on what you do, I'll do what I need to do".

    2. “Oh…ok *blinks slowly followed by silence*


      You conveyed it perfectly.When I say that it means mental note has been made and internally I'm lookin' at you sideways…

  23. I'm back after yet another mini hiatus. Being blocked at work is killing my commenting steez.I'm only on this tip today because I've gotta get ready for my fantasy draft (which coincidientally enough I KNOW I'm gonna get mad over bc our comissioner is on some bull)

    Silence is definitely a major warning sign. We all know that us chicks love to talk our BFs heads off about any and everythang. I've had to keep myself in check for my tendency to tell long-winded stories.

    Another one, though is just short, clipped, concise phrases. Most specifically the phrase "I see…" Follow that with silence and you know she's NOT pleased. Even worse if she just walks away. Its gotten to the point that even if I use it in a gchat convo my (now ex) boo thought something was wrong.

    Oh and this isn't a phrase, but excessive head nodding while you're talking during a debate of any kind – even if its a mild argument, it generally means ish is about to get all the way turnt up.

    I will now depart to go pray to baby jesus for the #1 pick. Adrian petersen you are MINE.

  24. Yeah my friend there are definitely a few important ones you left out;


    -"Don't worry about it!"

    -"Forget it!"

    "Whatever"- signifies that she is angry and no longer has any interest in further discussion. In certain circumstances a woman in the "whatever" zone can be brought back to the discussion table but it takes a man with keen intellect and excellent conversational skills. Do not try until you have reached Advanced levels in these areas.

    "Don't worry about it"- means ninja you BETTER worry about it!!!! This is not her telling you that she will just handle it alone. This is a CHALLOOOONGE!! This is her saying "I dare this ninja to even think about going about his business like nothing happened!!" If YOUR woman says "Don't worry about it" then WORRY ABOUT IT! Unless of course tension in your relationship and a cold spot in your bed is something you don't worry about.

    "Forget It"- (Usually proceeded with JUST) means you done eff'd up. She is already moving towards plan B. You are screwed life a man in the middle of the ocean, surrounded by sharks, with no lifeboat and bleeding. You going down. My only advice…..attempt to seek shelter and hope the storm passes soon

  25. I co-sign this post wholeheartedly!

    I would like to add one more…If you hear me say "It's all good"…that means "It's all bad" run for cover…it's about to go down in a few minutes…lol.

    Good post Streetzie!

  26. This dude referenced Dragonball Z, lol. Sad but all those words mean exactly what he sad. There are probably waaay more.

    Peace, Love and Chocolate,


  27. If I say "that's okay" it is a world of trouble. No one really wants to deal with the subliminal battle, but if need be I will play the game to the best of my ability.

  28. Nowadays when a girl gets pissed she just pull out her phone and start typing all fast (she either texting a friend like can u believe this ninja or she droppin mad subliminals on FB n twitter). When a girl says "fine" i say "i kno u r but what am i" from there she can smile and think this ninja so corny or she just gonna give me the "that aint working" face

    1. Good catch. Just the other week, I was in annoyed and pulled out the phone. I just randomly play around with it, though.. I've never given friends or FB instant updates on such things. I remember one time I was upset with my ex, and he thought I was texting someone to come pick me up. Meanwhile, I was waiting for his ass to get ready to take me home, even though it was 3-something AM. He straight up refused, not least of all because he wanted to make sure we sorted things out. Dammit! lol.

  29. Long time reader…first time commenter. Had to chime in on this one. The #1 on the list should be "ok"…followed by her actually being okay. No argument to follow. Men get really happy with this but in reality its a big signal of the death of the relationship. If you anticipate an argument and one doesn't come and you start feeling like the man, don't be so quick to start choreographing that end zone celebration dance. What it really means is you're the bed warmer and mentally she's making room for the next dude.

    1. "If you anticipate an argument and one doesn’t come and you start feeling like the man, don’t be so quick to start choreographing that end zone celebration dance. What it really means is you’re the bed warmer and mentally she’s making room for the next dude."

      Okay first let me say WELCOME..

      2nd. Umm. Ms. Joya Imma need you to step away from the Vault. #SecurityBreach




    2. "…followed by her actually being okay. No argument to follow… If you anticipate an argument and one doesn’t come and you start feeling like the man, don’t be so quick to start choreographing that end zone celebration dance."

      This right here!!!!!!!

      1. LOL!!!!!!! @Streetz… it's provocative!!!

        @The Management et al… we also know what goes in a man's ear goes right out the other. Watch… Streetz' take away from this post is going to be "I'm provocative". LOL!!! But now they can't say we never warned them. 😉

  30. I tend to go against the grain..even tho you guys are correct if my lady starts dropping all of these phrases and I'm really mad, I honestly wont give a good got damn…in fact I'll go as far as telling her what she doing and then proceed to not give a damn..case and point: we just had a big fight and shes silent – I say: you know what you can be silent, you plottin right now and its all good, cuz guess what, I DON'T GIVE A GOOD GHAT DAMN! <~~~~~~ Now that's how you piss off a women that's already pissed off…throws off her whole game..lol #sometimesyoucantgiveaphuch

    1. I'm gonna go out on a limb and guess that you've been slapped, kicked, punched, and had things thrown at you before, huh, SD?????? LMBO! That's intentionally provoking a woman to extreme violence, lol…

    2. I don't think you and I would last in a relationship. I'm odd, because I simultaneously get upset and cease to give a damn. I don't know how to explain it. So what's going to end up happening is that you stay in your corner and I stay in mine, and then 5 weeks later we realize that we kinda sorta broke up.

      1. I'm a Leo and 2 people not giving a damn does not work for us..You would really have to piss me off tho..I have a high tolerance level and eventually id come to you and try to work on the issue..and if you continue to pout and act up or not care then you just gonna be mad that day! You'll get over it

        1. I'm a Libra, but I couldn't tell you what that means. lol. I only pout playfully. When I'm upset, I don't have time for alla that. More often than not, if you're trying to work things out, I'll make an effort as well. However, if you piss me off and then pull the IDGAF card when you see my reaction, then things do not bode well for you, and our relationship in general. I'll admit that I wasn't particularly great at communicating my feelings in the past, but it's something I've greatly improved on.

          Thankfully, I'm not one to get seriously upset on a frequent basis, although I do have an ex who brought it out of me. For the most part, we'll be able to get through the little things and be laughing and kicking each other's behinds (or more accurately, I'll be kicking HIS behind) in no time.

        1. The latter is true on average, but all that went out of the window the first time I really liked a guy. Glad we're back to our regularly scheduled programming.

  31. " it's coo, dont even worry bout it" #said playfully but truly means I have lost confidence in you do to a simple task.

    "I do it myself" or "I got it"= go hide cuz im pissed, and best believe you will hear about it at least for the next week….

  32. Good post Streetz! You're right on point, lol

    Some of my phrases:

    "Is that so?/Oh yeah" is usually followed by something that I did not like hearing (some BS) and I'm rolling it around in my brain to make sure I heard correctly.

    "I gotta go" if we're on the phone/texting


      1. Yup. That's my sarcasm for ya! I may send you a voice note of the "Oh yeah?" Bwhahaha! I think its funny, but I'm sure the person on the receiving end doesn't :/

  33. Streetz, this was a really funny post. I was going to say "whatever" but everyone else beat me to it. I'd say that just about all subliminal comments were covered in this post!

  34. "You know what…" are the 3 words that are the Prequel to the End of Days.

    Those 3 words are like the Old Testament, followed by Revelations. I mean the day can be wonderful … I'm talkin Sun shining, Birds Chirping, a midget doing the Hammer Time in the middle of the street with the gold pants on wonderful. But as SOON as those words are uttered, hearts drop globally, there's an instant eclipse, Cumulus Nimbus clouds fall thru, a Panda bear falls out of a tree, lightning sparks in the clouds, Mr. Rogers puts on a black ski mask and pumps the shotty … END OF DAYS type ish.

    Go ahead … try it tonight … You can use those words on your bf or someone ur just enjoying sexually … His azz will go MUTE after u say that ish and that's because he's picking his heart up off the floor. After u pause for a sec, say i'm just playing … The sigh of relief thereafter will be a Safe Haven for that falling Panda Bear … Promise.

    1. I was about to say this just now. I think we share a brain, bro.

      "You know what" is the hop, step and jump of all arguments. Since we already know most women are Olympic long jumpers in arguments.

  35. "You have as much chance of not getting verbally filet’d as Rick Ross has as a cover model for Men’s Health Magazine. "

    DEAD! You're a mess Streetz. Stop talking about my boo Ricky!

    One line that conveys my pissivity: "Oh, is THAT what we are doing now?"

    Yes, it is a trick question.

    1. “Oh, is THAT what we are doing now?”

      With emphasis on the "WE"…cause I'm bout to get hip to that method too, lol…

    2. I was WAITING for this! It was my only contribution, but I see you got it. ^5 BP

      "Really? That's how we do now? Oh, ok. I got you." *all the while nodding*

      It's fittin to be on.

  36. Hmm my top three that I use when I'm ready to lay wrath stronger than Cerberus at the gates of hell I use:

    "It is what it is"

    EX: him: oh you wanted to spend time with your sister? (but because you were driving me around I made you late)

    me: *shrugs* it is what it is (get the hell out of my car you slimy dirty bastard)– often followed by tangible silence.

    "Honestly, Sir", "Really, Sir, REALLY?" "You know what Sir?"

    If I decide to use Sir in place of your given name or a nickname, you've irritated me. You've crushed me and I know only how to respond in anger. The "sir" is deadly, slices like a Hattori Hanzo sword.

    "its not important"

    Sorta like it's not that serious, but it means that you weren't listening, you didn't understand what I said, it's not important to you because it doesn't fall in line with your logic, you really just don't care.

    It's nerve-wracking when you think he doesn't care, because as a woman you care so much! And to think that you put forward so much and then he responds nonchalantly… *ouch*

    1. I forgot two more:

      "nothings wrong"— meaning everything is wrong and you're the leading contributor.


      "It's best if you were quiet now"— it usually shuts him up and makes him wonder about what he said or did wrong. And then HE wants to talk it out when I don't. usually this comment preceeds a heavy lidded look.

  37. This post is on point and judging from all the male comments/responses — that goes to show: YOU GUYS DO KNOW/UNDERSTAND WHAT WE SAY or MEAN — YA'LL JUST CHOOSE NOT TO LISTEN OR ACT ACCORDINGLY.


    1. I was never a 1984 fan, so doublethink dialogue has never been something that registered with me. Just say what you really mean and feel. But I suppose that isn't as exciting as emotional and psychological warfare.

      "Actual happiness always looks pretty squalid in comparison with the over-compensations for misery. And, of course, stability isn't nearly so spectacular as instability. And being contented has none of the glamour of a good fight against misfortune, none of the picturesqueness of a struggle with temptation, or a fatal overthrow by passion or doubt. Happiness is never grand." – Aldous Huxley

  38. 91 comments and no one to co-sign on my "Go ahead" ?

    I CANT be the only one who uses that! No I know Im not, you know you ladies say this too

  39. My favorite is: "So how would you feel if I did that to you?"

    It usually hits home and nothing else needs to be said.

    1. This one usually got me in trouble in my last relationship. The thing is I try to consciously not do anything to others that I would not want them to do to me. So many times when she asked, "Well, if I did that how would you feel?" I would usually say something like, "It wouldn't bother me" or "I would be ok with that" or something along that nature.

      It's almost a lose/lose for me. Either I lie and say, "Yeah, you're right, that was wrong" (obviously lying is no bueno) or I tell the truth as mentioned above and even make her more upset since our perspective and logic aren't on the same page. Always treated it like it was the most incredulous thing that we have a different opinion on a situation. *shrugs* Oh wel…what can you do, right?

      1. Larry,

        Wow! I usually get the, "well, yeah, I wouldn't like that either, you're right" from my SO. I rarely get the "I would be ok with that", because I only use that when it is something clearly worng.

        Give me an example of where she would be upset about something you did that you would be ok with her doing to you.

        1. talking to an Ex. Looking at another woman in public.

          Anything jealousy related I pull out the "I wouldn't care if you did that."

          Just last week I said "damn this girl on my volleyball team got the perfect body." And I got in major trouble for that.

        2. My boy CHeeKZ Money summed it up in general:

          "Anything jealousy related I pull out the “I wouldn’t care if you did that.”"

          The funny thing is I'm sure she used this saying when she thought something was clearly wrong, also. As we all know "clearly wrong" can at times be subjective at best.

        3. So jealousy doesnt faze you? Hmmm… Iono… I think its more the fact that your woman would probably never say “damn this dude on my volleyball team got the perfect body.” We know your egos are fragile.

      2. Yeah, I can't use this tactic on the bf at all for the same reasons you mentioned. He never concedes to pacify me, lol…way too stubborn and prideful for that.

        Best route is the "what you did made me feel (insert feelings)" route. Always a win/win…

    2. All you gotta do is look at her and say "I know boo, I know" then try to grab her most sensitive body part as quick as possible. Thats your only hope to temporarily break her concentration and *ahem* give her "the slip"

      Get it? Give her the slip?

  40. Good stuff right here, Streetz! I def co-sign "I'll do it myself" or "Ne'mind, I'll do it" and silence.

    Silence is a sure sign that I'm pissed cause I'm the same all the time. I'm not moody at all (except when I'm tired and hungry but that's everybody, lol). I'm always in a pleasant, chatty mood (with friends and fam) and I direct my anger at the villian so I don't go around pissed off at the world. So, if you are getting the silent treatment from me…coupled with no eye contact and one-two word responses, then I'm DEF mad at you. However, when I'm asked "what's wrong", I usually say, "I'm not ready to address it yet. I'll let you know as soon as I sort out my thoughts." By the end of the day, we're talking about it.

    I'll also add:

    "You betta go 'head with that" – Whatever you're trying to say or explain, stop…cause it makes no sense and I refuse to address it.

    Raised eyebrow – Whatever I say next is gonna be contrary to whatever you just said.

    "Let me tell you (insert what you will or will not do or what will or will not happen)" – There will be no compromise. And I'm prepared for you to bounce if you choose not to roll with it.

  41. Yea I'm guilty of all the above. Me and boo don't even argue as much anymore, but when we were going through our growing pains, I used the silence thing alot, mainly because it was so effective.

  42. The only other one I can think of is when she starts off her sentence with "Let me tell you something…" It's always accompanied with a finger point. Sh¡t is about to hit the fan. And you better pay attention she'll talk fast and you won't know what happened.

  43. Get in trouble? Since when did men become 5 year olds running from mommy?

    Hmm… How about you just say what's on your mind and get your point across like an adult. This double talk never impresses me and if you are fed up, there's a good chance that I am fed up too. IF we are in disagreement, let's come to a resolution. If we need space to cool off, let's do that and recovene. I'm not scared of you and your actions/.emotions and will be treated as an equal in the relationship.

    I could sit and decipher all the phrases (and lack thereof), but I got more important things to do, like comment on SBM.

    1. Yeah I can feel you.It just seems like some of these back the man into the corner.My grandmother always said "If you back a dog into a corner he'll bite you." I'm all for conceding some things in a relationship but you must respect me as a man. I'm not for being told what not to do.Yocan ask all day but don't tell me.

  44. I don't get it tho, why all the code talk..this is why men stay confused and/or just don't give a damn

    I would think ya'll ladies would have no problem just speaking how you feel..is it really that difficult to say I'm upset because you did xy and z???

    Sidenote – Then yall the first ones talking bout " Im not into games" or " I need a real man these lil boys be playing game "..lol

    1. Its human nature… I'm sure we could have a long list of things that guys say and what ya'll really mean.

      I think its only playing games when you are trying to act as a puppeteer

    2. It's not always code talk. Sometimes we will directly express our concerns, but then men want to dismiss it like it's nothing. So why further complicate the situation or waste our energy by getting emotional over something you're not going to understand or refuse to see my way anyway? So we won't be label "being a bitch" or "always complaining" sometimes we have to level the playing field by dismissing you as "being a dumbass" who we'd rather not deal with any further at that point in time.

  45. I don't know if anyone mentioned it but,

    "…nah, that's cool"

    "you think i'm playing, don't you?"

    and if you got a hood breezy, this is probably what she says before she do something wild like punch you in the face, or call her brother, or burn your closet.

    "Aight, bet." [and then she storms away.]

    Be careful with that, "Aight, bet" fellas, pray to God you be careful.

  46. YEP(while shaking head up and down, as if to agree, while holding lips tightly after the p, and then blowing hard)= I understand what you’re saying, but you’re sounding like a dumbass, and not listening to what I’m talking ok. Tired of repeating myself. So just gone leave it alone. Cause you’re apparently only listening to yourself.

    OK= not it’s ok. But just “ok”. Means I’m done talking about it(probably let it simmer, then cool down again to try another approach later), but in the meantime, probably going to ignore you the rest of night, due to low tolerance to b.s.

    WOW= just astonished at your take on the situation. How can you NOT understand what just took place?

    1. YEP(while shaking head up and down, as if to agree, while holding lips tightly after the p, and then blowing hard)= I understand what you’re saying, but you’re sounding like a dumbass, and not listening to what I’m talking ok. Tired of repeating myself. So just gone leave it alone. Cause you’re apparently only listening to yourself.

      I am but SO through at this point! Bag back, bag back – gimme 50 feet!

  47. I think its a tell tale sign that i woman is beyond pissed when she starts to punctuate sentences with you name. When it gets to that point your better off dropping the argument and trying to resume it calmly some other time.

  48. – I'll do it myself: Yep and i will never ask you to help ever again, so you can sit around and feel useless.

    -It's not that serious: Actually mean that to me, because if an issue is that serious , i will just go "humph" and lit into you.

    -Fine: No my "you're about to feel my wrath you sonofabitch" word is : "okay", if i say okay, I feel sorry for you, i have the ability to zero in on people biggest insecurities, you'll cry.

    -Silence: I'm a master at ignoring people, and not speaking to them; to me you're literally dead, R.I.P, Pisces i guess, You're not worth my words

    Ps: I think this list can apply to friendship too, not only relationships.

  49. oh and also the Legendary :

    "What is that supposed to mean" : Just apologize fellas, just start apologizing, you will never win a fight with a woman without losing her, or a piece of her, altogether. ABORT the mission !

  50. "I really don't give a f*ck WHAT you do"….. We all know that this means:

    "You better do exactly what I'm asking you to do and you better show up to do it an hour early with a smile on ur face and flowers in your hand" lol.

    Also, if you do the sleepover thing:

    "Oh…….I'ma just go home then" means:

    I really want you to stay home so we can watch Jumping the Broom instead of hanging out with your friends all night, but I'd never openly ask you to sacrifice your manhood so I'll just walk off sad and carry my still packed weekend bag to my car.

    And fellas, you ain't sh*t if that shower is running before her seatbelt is secured lol

  51. Been awhile since I have commented on here…good post. When I am really done with a situation/completely pissed off I shut down. And that's when a dude better be afraid. I'm not necessarily plotting but just know it ain't looking good & something needs to be said or done to rectify the situation & quickly.

  52. I loved this! But tell me what happens when the effects of the obvious aren't obvious to your partner at all, or at least that is what he portrays. I'm a killer of all of these, especially the silent treatment. We lived in the same house and I could go a whole week without speaking… at all.

  53. I am really loving the theme/design of your site. Do you ever run into any browser compatibility problems? A couple of my blog audience have complained about my website not working correctly in Explorer but looks great in Opera. Do you have any recommendations to help fix this issue?


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