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Five Biggest Misconceptions about Black Greek Life


Y’all don’t hear me, “We need more Gamma Rays!”

A few weekends ago, the brothers of Omega Psi Phi invaded DC to celebrate their centennial. Being a member of the centennial club myself I must say that it is truly a powerful moment in an organization’s history.  Well, as I sat on a crowded Metro train talking to a Que another patron (aka G.D.I.) comes over to us and says to the Que, “Jesus is my founder. Now beat that!” This was one of those moments that was funny at the time, but looking back on it, it was a perfect example of how people are just so aggressive towards Black Greeks. I realize they think they know each of us based on the ones they’ve been exposed to in their past, but it never ceases to be an annoyance.  I’ve always thought, I made a decision to join a fraternity because I wanted to do so, it never crossed my mind that my membership in my fraternity made me any better than the next person. I always say to people on the other side, “For every stereotype that you have of Greeks, they have one of you.” For example, some Greeks think that if someone isn’t Greek they “were scared” or “the organization didn’t want them” and I’ll be the first to say, that’s not true, everyone knows not everyone has it in them to be a member of the Divine Nine. Just jokes, lol, but anyway, after evaluating the misconceptions both ways about Black Greek life, I came up with a list of the Five Biggest Misconceptions about Greek Life:

Of course before starting the post, @CarverTheGreat blesses us with another great mix, this one’s titled, Invictus. (Warning to my BGLOs, if you’re at work, this mix may cause you to A-train around the office, start a stroll line, set something owt, man at least hop to the copy machine.)

1. Its members used to be wack, or are nothing by themselves – Jay-Z said in a rap one time, “You was, who you was, before you got here.” I can’t stress this enough your organization is not going to change you but so much. Your letters cannot stop you from being loud, annoying, a pest, tacky, stinky, or uncouth. So if you meet a cool guy in a BGLO and you think, “they used to be wack,” no they either are still wack, or they were never wack at all, you’re just hating. There’s strength in numbers, we all know that. A lot of times people tend to think that if it wasn’t for a man’s frat brothers he wouldn’t act the way he does. I have seen many a Black Greeks do and say things they would have never done if they were by themselves. However, I think one thing that many people don’t realize is that there are a significant amount of Black Greeks who do anything in their power to get away from “the frat” or the “the sorority”. When someone asks me why I do that, I always tell them, “I like to figure out where you guys are so I know where not to go and see a sausage fest.” Of course you feel that none of those guys would be anything if it wasn’t for the organization they pledged when you go to a party and it’s just them, but you’re not taking into account the amount of members who didn’t come to the party.

2. High Class Loose Women and Manwhores – Most people think that men in Black Greek organizations are absolute manwhores, this is a lie that we’ve let get out of hand for the sake of our ego. I once proclaimed to frat in a Pittsburgh hotel, “Listen, I’ve met this chapter, this chapter and this chapter, listen to me though frat, if you guys are going to insist on spending all night sitting in this room talking about winning and not winning, then at 1, I’m leaving, it’s that simple.” The secret is; most Greeks spend most of their time talking about winning than actual winning in the game. Women do this too, they’ll all try and get the right outfit, then they all want to have a few drinks, then they want to talk to each other about; this Alpha, that Kappa, this Que, and then the most important part – PICTURES, and by the time they get around to talking to a guy, they’re tipsy, tired and trying to go home. I genuinely believe that you have a few guys who live the manwhore lifestyle and their reputation rubs off on the whole chapter or sometimes organization. In reality, we spend more time talking about it, than being about it.

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3. The Enablement of Alcoholism and Risky Sexual Behavior – I’ve seen what it looks like from afar and it’s not pretty, but I would be remised if I didn’t mention that many people blame Black Greek life for turning promising souls into alcoholics at a young age. Honestly, I can’t say that is a misconception, but I think the misconception is that the Black Greek organization is enabling the behavior. Quite frankly, college life is enabling this behavior. If a BGLO did not have a party at which they served alcohol to minors, there would be another group on campus who would do that. Also, many people believe that BGLOs encourage risky sexual behavior. Actually, I think the members of the organization who participate in that behavior would have done so regardless of their membership. The FAMU sex tape wasn’t made with any Black Greeks it was regular students at the university. And to address this; “You guys get girls drunk and then take advantage of them because you can’t get girls any other way.” I’ve always said this, “Nobody gets you drunk, you get yourself drunk.” Someone playing devil’s advocate says, “But you don’t tell anyone what’s in the punch?” My response, “Then why the hell are you drinking it?!” Listen ain’t nobody ever told anyone that Jungle, Oil or Kappa Punch had the cure for cancer, or would help them ace their next test, if you drink it and then end up making some decisions you regret later, that’s a personal problem that you should address with yourself. As controversial as it seems, I’ve found success with telling the younger generation this, “You don’t have to force any woman to do anything she doesn’t want to do. There are plenty of women who will do anything you want to do.” Contrary to belief, THAT’S what’s preached in most frat houses in America because nobody, and I mean nobody, wants to deal with a sexual assault or rape case in the chapter.

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It’s all fun and games, until the NPHC meeting on Sunday at Noon.

4. Party All The Time – My junior year our chapter had three cars in the chapter, guess who didn’t have one of those cars? Me. Guess who was the youngest person in the chapter? Me. Guess who had to get on his bike and go all around campus putting up flyers from 10PM until 5AM, multiple times before a program or a party? Me. (This also resulted in me bringing back an old saying started by my chapter brother, Big Brother X-Ray Vision, “We need more Gamma Rays!”) I can understand why most people think all that Black Greeks do is party, after all you’ll always get more flyers for a party than you will for our community service events. However, the truth is, I was told early on that if I wanted to become a Black Greek because I wanted to party, it wouldn’t be enough to sustain my interest. Yeah it sounds like everything is going to be great; you’ll have access to more friends, everyone will know you, and no more standing around at the party watching the Greeks stroll, you’re right, that all sounds like a great time. That is until you have to go to your first chapter meeting, that’s when it all comes crashing down. The parties that go from midnight until the sun come up have nothing on those meetings that start at 8PM and go until 4AM. It’s nothing like; the committee meeting, the committee meeting, the meeting with the other organizations and then your chapter meeting; truth be told, you’re almost always in some meeting. Heaven forbid there’s a program the next day and you’re underprepared, you may be up all night making forum materials and setting up decorations all at the expense of your sleep. So don’t let them fool you, a whole lot more is going on than just partying.

5. Resting on a history and not building a legacy – By far and wide the biggest criticism of Black Greeks, especially the Divine Nine is that we are infatuated with our history and are not doing much to build our brand anymore. I would like to start by saying I understand where that comes from, but I disagree with it. This past weekend in Washington, DC we were supposed to attend the MLK Memorial Dedication had it not been for Hurricane Irene. This is a project that has been made possible greatly due to the work of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc. While most churches have had their building funds for years and have built church after church for their congregation, Alpha has been building a monument for the American people. The project has cost the organization and its members hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s something that we’re doing today. I can only speak for my organization and I’m sure that every organization can speak on theirs but in the past few years Alpha has been at the forefront of social change in America. We cancelled our national convention in Arizona after racist legislation was passed that allowed racial profiling. We dedicated resources, financial and manpower to Katrina and the earthquake in Haiti. Many brothers took off work, unpaid to assist with the effort in Haiti. Even as Alpha Brother Mario Perez faced deportation the frat took a stand and worked to stop Mario’s deportation. Those are things that we do in addition to our national programs, those are things that we all take time out of our busy lives to do without having to be dragged into action.

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Those are my five. Of course there’s others like Black Greeks don’t graduate or they have poor grades, but I think those are once again when people focus on the exception and not the majority. You think it’s bad to get cussed out, well it’s worse when your whole chapter asks, “what type of member are you if you can’t maintain a 3.0?” And yes, I’ve witnessed that. These are my five. I’m interested to start a discussion around myths, misconceptions and misconceived notions of Greek Life. See you guys next week, trust me you’re going to want to be around for that one.

– Dr. J

More Information about Today’s Mix, Invictus: 1. School Spirit by Kanye West, 2. Drop It Like It’s Hot by Snoop Dogg, 3. Stand Up by Ludacris, 4. F*ck The Other N*ggas by No Limit, 5. Ante Up by M.O.P., 6. Touch It by Busta Rhymes, 7. Pump It Up by Joe Budden, 8. Fire by Joe Budden, 9. Atomic Dog by Parliament

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  1. I know like almost nothing about Greek life, Black or otherwise, but thanks for the info. It was interesting, I definitely thought it was primarily about partying.

  2. Tangentially related, but what about the myth that if you didn't go over in undergrad, then, you're not really real. #Sensitive (LOL) I guess my point is … After "the process" is over – the work is the work, right?

  3. Great post…. i'll share more later on in the day. I will say this though, the “For every stereotype that you have of Greeks, they have one of you.” quote made my night.

  4. Im still salty that my parents didnt let me go to an East Coast school. Brown would of been one of my picks and Id definitely would have joined a sorority. I didnt know the Alphas were behind the dedication, thats amazing. The info shared was awesome, I never knew any of this (dont judge me lol).

  5. I don't have much to say about the subject, ignorant of all that is Greek as I am, but I sure am jamming on my bed right now.

    1. ROTFL!!!! This Pi Kappa Nappa stuff cracked me UP on Twitter yesterday!!! I was wondering though, if me and my perm wanted to join, and they shut me down, is that discrimination?!?!

  6. Good article. I’m Phrat and I have issues with the Divine 9 leaning on the shield of famous members instead of highlight the hard work and service we do in the community. But that’s just me hating. Can we get Pistol grip pump or no more play in GA added to the mix? And F them other Negroes is a classic hop song and sure to start a brawl!

  7. I used to be on special for certain Greek Life back in school. And really only for 2 reasons: I hated the party strolling throughout the entire night effin up my dance with some lil freak. I mean it never failed, my freshman and sophomore year I was dance fever … Lol … I'm talking coming out the party shirt drenched in sweat type stuff and over time i grew more and more frustrated with the fact that i had to strategically dance in certain areas of the party in order to not get bulldozed by this everlasting line and FORGET about trying to get to the other side without having to wait 5-10 like a dayum railroad crossing.

    But my main gripe is that as I understand and appreciate the premise of a Frat/Sorority, I just feel that more than not it's poorly executed. And actually to be honest, the issue is chapter/school specific and differs between frats and sororities for various reasons. Thee only issue I have with the ladies is that they have this elitist attitude and really only bang with other Greeks or athletes in the dating realm (A pinch of hate is present). This changes post-college, but in college definitely. As far as the fellas, some feel as tho they are now the elite, but not enough for me to gripe about. On my campus and neighboring campuses it seemed as though the guys have trouble graduating ON TIME for whatever reason.

    During my time on campus, I was able to meet some exceptional fellas and frats (Sigmas & Alphas), but I was just unable to make that move myself … Way too much of a loner.

    1. "On my campus and neighboring campuses it seemed as though the guys have trouble graduating ON TIME for whatever reason. "

      This is true for my campus. There is one frat in particular whose members take FOREVER to graduate. This frat has members who have been at the school for 6/7 years still working on a Bachelors degree. For real though?!?

    2. Top5,

      I think that it's merely perception that it's more than not poorly executed. I'm from a chapter in Upstate NY, and we can talk all day about how we may be perceived from the student body or from a regional campus body level, but at the end of the day. We know all the delinquent and miscreant chapters in the region. They are looked down upon and frowned upon. I think what happens is most people's only interaction with Greeks is a party on campus. Very rarely do you get students who approach a chapter and about our community service. People don't even ask us why we charge for parties on campus. (<— This would be a very good question to ask your BGLOs). For example, many people attend a ball or pageant, but what they don't realize is most of those events are scholarship pageants and the monies raised go to contestants and also other students for their education. I would venture out to say that there's a great deal of people here today who's first interaction with Black Greek life was a scholarship they received in HS. I know mine was.

      1. Agreed. I actually do think Greeks do a pretty good job of contributing to the community as a whole … Not sure if it's obligatory or what and it actually doesn't matter, but there are more sides to things than just one aspect. I guess it's unfair for me to hold them to a standard much like a church where everything should be exceptional from the parties to the graduation rate to their social skills. I'm not completely ignorant of the inner workings cuz i prolly spent the majority of my hangout time chillin with Sigma cats towards the latter years of college. But basically from my experience, the Greek Life wasn't a move that i felt like i needed to be apart of … I'm sure depending on the chapter and campus, The Greeks do a better job of selling Greek Life.

    3. I DO hate the strolls. Like I loathed them. The strolls themselves are the personification of the "We're better than everyone else" stereotype that exists for Black Greeks, because they feel it's acceptable to dominate the whole party with that BS. Seriously, pick your battles. You have to stroll at every party? EVERY party? Take a seat.

      1. Yeah, I know I'm going to get crucified for speaking out against the beloved strolls, but c'mon. I paid my $5-20 to DANCE, not watch YOU dance. That used to tick me off, especially if that was my last money before pay day.

        1. Why would you spend your last money before payday to party? I’m greek and I wouldn’t even do that!

        2. If you know that they will stroll why would you continually buy a ticket to their parties. At my school, out of respect for those who do want to dance and not watch us stroll (yes, I'm greek) we didn't stroll till after a certain time during the party (about an hours time) and the greeks in NPHC set it up so that we all had rules. For instance "nobody can stroll till after the hosting org strolls first"

      1. I'm a loner, so i shy away from permanent attachments to groups. But that's just me personally. In college i had a group of friends i hung out with regularly that was until i told them look i need to break away from ya and do my own thing for awhile. Groupthink doesn't have as much to do with it than the label associated with a particular group. I just know that i would prolly be a terribly rude frat brother had i did it and that's not cool.

  8. I just stopped by to say…Bro. Perez is one of my former classmates (Axe 'Em Jacks!)…he's such a cute itty bitty deuce. Now back to this grad school hustle..that is all.

  9. i like how you posted atomic dog last on the playlist. that's usually how it is at parties. bruhs be clearing the floor. smh

    as far as these misconceptions i don't think any of them applied to me when i became a member of my organization and they surely don't apply to me now. i think i would have been the same person whether i was greek or i wasn't.

    " However, I think one thing that many people don’t realize is that there are a significant amount of Black Greeks who do anything in their power to get away from “the frat” or the “the sorority” " <— this is me all day. not every bruh is your friend. *shrug*
    My recent post Childish Things

      1. please don't take me co-signing as this happening all the time. me being in a fraternity is a small part of who a i am. you don't want to spend 100% of your time around your co-workers do you you? same concept. i love my frat. i love most of my frat brothers especially the ones who had a direct influence on my life.

        i usually don't answer questions like this because everyone has their personal reasons for why they "pledged" but i did it because i wanted to. plain and simple. my fraternity doesn't "recruit" members so i actively pursued it.
        My recent post Childish Things

        1. "Questions like this"? What'd I say? Just curious about people who detach themselves from organizations to which they pledge.

          I understand what you mean, however. My a cappella group had a pledge process that was a bit much (a cappella was MUCH bigger on my campus than Greek life), as well as intense amounts of time together during my undergraduate career (tours, rehearsals, etc.) and as an alum, I go to SOME alum events and SOMETIMES come back to campus for performances, events, etc., but I'm not and wasn't as gung ho as some. I LOVED the group, though. And for me, it was worth the downsides, which is why I joined.

      2. I don't speak for all Greeks, but I understand the sentiment madscientist and Dr. Jay are talking about. When I think of myself as a member of a D9 who wants to get away from "the sorority," I don't literally mean disassociating myself from the org. I mean I don't always want to be known as "The __ (insert sorority here)," and I don't want to spend 100% of my time around sorority-related activities. Because that's exactly how people try to project that organization's stereotypes on you. I also don't think Greeks who feel this way spend "so much time" trying to get away from it, it's just the way they operate. You'll see me at x, y, z function every once in awhile, but most of the time, I'm just trying to do the work of my org.
        My recent post RIP Aaliyah

      3. I don't spend time getting away from my frat, I enjoy fellowship with the brotherhood. I just do not let my fraternity define me. My fraternal bond is an outlet, it's not the only way.

  10. good post. As a member of a sorority I do think you touched on the most misconceptions I hear, especially #1 for collegiates . Another connected to that would be "buying friends". yes it costs (a lot of) money to join but that money is to sustain our projects and friendship is not automatic. I just hate the idea that if you are in a frat or sorority you are socially awkward and would need to do such a thing. like you (and Jay Z) said "you was who you was before you got here"

    and #5 I think we do put an important emphasis on history as our orgs were founded during turbulent times. And we've come a long way! I was never really a history buff until I became a Delta. However, we must adapt to meet the needs of the community in the present. I recently viewed a video featuring the men of Kappa Alpha Psi and Omega Psi Phi regarding their efforts to support President Obama in his reelection campaign as a part of their centennials. I was made aware of these efforts by one of my older sorors. I think its amazing to have such a huge network simply based on our our affiliation. Now what you do to maintain those relationships and build upon that network and bond is up to the individuals. As I've moved across the country, my sorors have looked out for me in ways I greatly appreciate, and I do the same.
    My recent post I’ll drink to that!

  11. It's 10am… where are the other Gamma Delta Iotas that go to schools with Black Greeks though? Lol anyway. Nice post. From your five, I can definitely say there's A LOT of truth to it. I had a negative amount of knowledge on the NPHC and my 1st encounter was trying to get a closer look at an RD's tiki and he politely told me not to touch it (pause). My years at a SUNY confirmed these misconceptions but as time went on, I met a lot of Black Greeks who applied to some stereotypes and those that didn't. It's really up to every individual if they're going to look at you guys and gals through shaded "You Only Who You Are Because of Letters" goggles or they've educated themselves and can see everyone for the [if you want to call it] unique individual they really are. I guess this helps a lot of people who aren't in BLGOs understand your struggle.

    p.s. Lol @ the playlist cuz I deadass can rock to them all. But y'all snatched "regular" songs I can't move to anymore. Especially Ante Up. That song used to get me so hype before college. Lose it at home. And then I came to college, lmao I don't know how to move to it. So I just jog. Anyway, like I said —> d(^_^)b

    (I hope I see more replies from people (read: more ΓΔΙs) soon. Acting like we all don't have something to say haha)
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  12. I am trying to co-sign TOP5, but this site is run by greeks and I am being censored. I am not a loner but I stand on my own.

    Besides I belong to a different type of org. And from what I see those Divine orgs aren't that different from my kind.

    Strolling is one of the worst things to ever happen to a party. When you go to a party don't you want to dance with girl. Who wants to look at the back of another man's head for two hours. Self centered bull crap. If I am paying to go to your party, I don't want someone stepping on my toes. Its a party not a performance. Greeks would always say "if you don't like our party, don't come." That is why people don't come to those wack parties.

    White frats, always had it 1000% better than black frats anyway, than the jiggaboos would get mad when my people pledge that instead of their run-away-slave org. I have real friends, I don't need to pay for any. I don't think any of the misconception pointed out by Doc J are untrue. They are very accurate. Its just that they do have some positive points. Not many.

    1. Lmaooooo Yeeeeeeee … Should've figured u'd be a bit more course with your words … Lol.
      I honestly tried to give Greeks the benefit of the doubt because it's easy to paint a picture off of a few to many people in your community of how bad the entire Greek society is. It's very hard to do that tho and now that i'm years removed from the whole college thing, it's pretty easy to see who's thriving without their Greek bros and sis and who's not.

      I live in Indianapolis and the Kappa's centennial was this summer … Lol … a tragedy … There wasn't enough women in all of the state to satisfy the amount of Thirst that was walking the streets. I actually took that weekend off from going out just so these visiting fellas could prosper more. They should've made a Chicago move or something … This city isn't large enough.

    2. I guess what I don't understand here is the undertone of negativity that permeates this comment. I feel where you're coming from as far as some of the things that are annoying about black greek life, particularly if you're not a member of a bglo – but still, i think objectively speaking, the negatives pale in comparison to the positives. I can understand folks being in love with bglo's and i can understand folks being ambivalent toward them, what i can understand is how you could have a serious dislike for them.

      Bglo's is for the kids.
      My recent post That Certain Something “Watch The Throne” is Missing

      1. Well Most,
        I don't feel as though they are for the kids. I think they are for the ego's of their members. I have a serious dislike for people continuing annoying actions under the guise of tradition OR by deflecting attention away from some 'unsightly wart' to a more positive aspect. "Ignore our hazing, look at our Memorial fund. Forget the fighting that goes on when people stick their chest out and think they are Superman, look at the clothes drive that we held for Haitians that never got to haiti. Its a similar problem I have with black churches, ninjas are so prideful of their org, they don't have the perspective to admit there is any flaw. Ninjas act like there little student activity group is the second coming. I'm apathetic, I just tend to be disrespectful as a person.

        1. That's pretty much the thought i was trying to convey in my lil sentence or two above.

          Well said.

        2. Damn Cheekz.. who line did you drop?

          But for real, BGLOs are organization of people, no different from many other orgs and are not perfect. There are negative and then there are positives. More work is necessary,but to look at them as a whole and pretend they werent and are still not influential in Black American culture and do positive things is really a shame.

        3. Just to follow up here on Dekela's point… I think the thing that Cheekz fails to realize is that he's just as guilty as the Greeks. So there is something going on behind it, and maybe Black Greek life just wasn't for him. However, he went to Cornell and I believe he was on the programming board. I remember students at Cornell who complained the Programming Board thought they had all the power and rarely listened to anyone else. That's probably far from the truth, but it doesn't change the fact that the student body thought that a board that was spending money … that wasn't their own money … and making decisions for a student body was a bit elitist, and probably problematic. But I guess it's "different."

        4. This dude Dr J is jacob from lost. He has secret files on every commentor. This dude really exposed me. lol. Its all good, I do worse to myself.

          But I wasn't on CUPB's E-board, just a member. Its all good, the only other black person there was my homey and we did our best to rep for the community. I would never use the "different" excuse, but let me just say: anybody could be a member of that board. No pledging, no hazing, no membership fees. You show up to three meetings & you have voting power. It makes no sense to call them elitist.
          However, I appreciate being held to a higher standard and I really did my best at getting 'our 'slice of the pie. The Nell had MILLIONS just for student activites. That is millions for us students just to 'play with.' I didn't complain, I made sure that my groups had a record increase in funding that continues till this day. I tried to make stuff better, just like I preach. mean while I think they actually cut the greeks funding, because they said they weren't inclusive enough.

        5. I wouldnt want to be apart of an org that was "fro everybody". pardon me if i like something special that has requirements and that shows me how to be better than my best ever was.

          Im so mad i didnt have internet today!

    3. Hmmm, jiggaboos and run-away slave orgs? Tell me, is this how they talk in your glorious "different type of org…?" Sounds pretty classy…Yea, yall have it 1000% better alright…

      Oh yea. #WhoHurtYou?

      1. That org is more of a inside joke. But as you can tell, I don't pretend to be classy. I'm just being myself.

        As a GDI, I tend to associate with people who let me be myself. I am not hurt, jealous, or scorn. I'm just wild and godless.

        1. As a HBCU alum, I totally agree with what you are saying. Being greek was never for me. I never needed a group to get my point across. I joined a professional organization that is also recognized on a national level and my dues are only 50 dollars. My parents didn't have to break the bank for me to "represent". I know the history, I know what is required, and I know where we're going. They say you have to be a top student when MOST take "play, play" classes just to get their GPA up so they can join, then the following semester its down to a 2.5. I had "friends" from freshmen year that didnt even give me eye contact after they crossed, which is cool, but its really not that serious. At the end of the day, to each its know. If you like it, I love it!!

  13. I know I have been away for awhile… But this is a great post to come back on. I wont make this comment the highlight reel for my chapter and how we graduate on time and how we throw great events.

    What I will say is that you've hit the nail on the head. All the members of my chapter were bougie before they got made, so were still the bougie bruhz lol. We're trying to build our own legacies (for example, look at the resumes of our recent members) and I can go on and on.

    Nonetheless, my chapter has been quoted saying "The founders were more like me than they were like you."

  14. Hey now! I was a mean girl way before Delta. Just kidding.


    Numbers two and three I only hear in reference to white fraternities and sororities.

    I don't bother correcting misconceptions anymore. People know about the partying because that's what they see. Those people are making assumptions based on their brief interaction or observations from the outside in. If they aren't looking for anything else, they'll only notice what support their established beliefs.

    I understand where the elitist thing comes from. When people find out how much it costs to pledge and the yearly dues, they assume if you can afford those things, you must look down on those that don't. If anyone was to ride past out chapter meetings, they'd see luxury cars and furs. But to assume that all of these women look down their noses speaks more to how the observer feels about herself than what goes on behind closed doors.

    As an aside, 90% of my close male and female friends are Greek. The women aren't all my sorors but for the most part are Greek. I wonder why.
    My recent post You've Changed

        1. couldnt tell if this was to me or Ms. Smart but: its a testament that I spent a lot of time with the women I pledged with in college and we grew to be good friends. A good number of them were my friends prior to us pledging so it was natural to remain friends. My friends that aren't in sororities I knew before from either high school or college. I haven't acquired a lot of friends since college but a lot of associates and acquaintances– most of which I've met since being an adult were definitely based on our affiliations and mutual friends (that may or may not be in other greek orgs).
          My recent post I’ll drink to that!

        2. That question was for either of you, and for anyone else who feels the same.

          I feel you on continuing friendships with people you spent a lot of time with. Perhaps this is how the "elitist" stereotype comes into play? It's accidental, mainly because you continue to spend time with those people and go to those events.

          I have definitely experienced some severe elitism from sorority women, but I've also met some completely normal, even HUMBLE sorority women. So I'm really just curious. 🙂

        3. I'm really giving this thought as I'm reading. I can only speak for myself but being far beyond undergrad, I have had women attempt to be my friend because they wanted a recommendation letter. As a result, I feel people out. This could come off as standoffish or even elitist. That said, I've also been told I look like someone with an attitude so I think people will take how I look and apply their own biases and expectations before they know anything about me.

        4. where did you get elitist from. Greeks be hoe's and scalawags too. I'm not saying Reecies friends are ratchet, but I mean, they could be and they could be greek at the same time. BGLO life is a microcosm of black collegiate life. Take a cross section of all the black folk you know who went to college, you'll find that some are successful, some are not. Some are trifilin, some are not. Some are great people, some are not. Black greek life is the same. Our numbers are a little better because we have a gpa requirement, so that weeds out a great deal of people, but not enough to make us "elitist."
          My recent post That Certain Something “Watch The Throne” is Missing

        5. I'd like to think that her referencing elitism is the same way white people feel they are greater than any other race. Of course you still have the lower class, middle class and upper class, but a Blue Collar white man still feels that he is greater than a upper class black man simply because he's white. So it's a attitude or frame of thinking that coins the term rather than anything they've actually done.
          To the inner circle, it's easy to dismiss these allegations, but to the outer circle it's pretty easy to see. To me, it's nothing to be bitter about since it's really just college phase, but when that attitude is present it can be a bit annoying to a G.D.I., which i'm sure u can understand.

        6. idk sometimes I feel that outside people give greeks their elitist powers. Coming from the outside I know plenty of girls who check for guys just because they are greek and plenty of people in general who think that greeks are the best thing ever! When all these people are whispering all around you "they think they are soo great…they are such elitists" well then after a while you start to feel like your ish don't stink. I don't think that mnyone is better than me just because of their affiliations and many greeks I know feel the same way. Yes, they are proud of their orgs and what they have done but they don't go around defecating on non greeks unless some hate was directed towards them.
          My recent post *Otis scream*

        7. And I'd be hard-pressed to disagree with u … It's hard not to put something up on a pedestal that u deem too hard to accomplish yourself.

        8. not really I'm not greek and I would say that about 75% -80% of my friends are greek, they are just the people I seemed to be attracted to and we had things in common, most often we were friends before they crossed and remained friends after…
          My recent post *Otis scream*

        9. For me, I think it boils down to like minds. We may not be in the same organizations but we seem to share values. We seem to have the same 'polished hustler' attitude. Those that are not Greek also share that attitude. Far fewer of them have become my friends. They've self-selected themselves out of my friendship circle.

          I'm not sure if it's that we aren't friendly and inclusive of non-Greek or what. After all, I do live in the DC metro area and I've had several new comers say DC isn't sincerely friendly. Part of it could be that we will always have inside jokes–even across organizations. I work with a couple of Kappas and we STAY making inside jokes. I remember one of my BFF's from HS commenting that when she went to grad school, she had trouble making friends because 90% of the people in her graduate program were Greek. She felt like they already had something in common and she was an outsider.

  15. These misconceptions are on point, especially about your sorority/fraternity affecting your lameness. Seriously, if you’re a wack indivdual no amount of affiliation can change that, because at the end of the day when you are alone you are who you are. The only way your organization should change you is in a positive way, where you are more proactive in your community and more vocal about change and growth.

    I think another misconception within the sorority/fraternity is that pledging/crossing is the most important part of your collegiate career. Now let me be clear, if you are so chosen to be apart of the Divine Nine that is a great accomplishment and it is something to be proud of, BUT you didn’t come to college to only pledge…right?!? Alot of people inside and outside of the orgs think thats the pinnacle of college life right there but really it should be when you cross the stage and receive your degree.

    Also the whole idea of rivalry between the D9 and folks really truly believing that there is a deep hate for each other. I can not tell you how many times I’ve had to explain to people that its really not that serious. My twin and I are in different orgs and we have nothing but the utmost respect for each others’ orgs.Having pride in your organization is one thing but fueling that pride with ignorance and hate for another org is something totally different, and again..its not that serious.

    1. Thank you for your comment sister. If you don't mind me asking, what organization are you in and also your sister.

      I also agree with you, inside the org and outside, the mentality of, "All I got to do is cross, stay black and die" is a problem. That's why you always have like a few people doing most of all the work in the chapter. Not to say that the goals of the organization are not met but those events and programs always seem to fall on the shoulders of a few. For my chapter in order to solve this, we just looked at everyone's skills and faults. My LB hates the hell out of meetings, but he likes talking to women, so we made him in charge of passing out flyers and hitting up dining halls to talk about events.

      Another thing, people are always amazed at how we all used to fight in undergrad but once we leave college pretty much the entire Divine Nine gets along. (And while i'm on the subject just want to say thank you Peyso for not bringing up the annoying things that may or may not have happened in our past few weeks.)

      1. No I don’t mind at all..my sister is a Zeta and I am a Delta and we have little sisters (I mean biological younger siblings) that want to be AKAs. Me and my twin always laugh and say how we will disown them if they ever make it but honestly I hope that if thats truly their choice that they are able to pledge. If not for nothing it would make for a very interesting family picture.

        My sister is a year older in Zeta than I am in Delta and for that year everybody just *knew* I wanted to be a Zeta, even some of my pros had the “but I thought…” look on their face. I hung out real heavy with my sister and her line sisters because they were cool as hell but my heart was always with Delta. Needless to say a lot of folks were shocked but I just chucked it up to them not knowing me.

        1. my guess was right! I had a feeling you were gonna say your sis was a Zeta for some reason.

          I have LSs whose mothers were AKAs and know sorors whose younger siblings went AKA. A girl I went to college with had an AKA mother, a Delta older sister and she pledged Zeta. I always find that family dynamic interesting since I am an only child.
          My recent post I’ll drink to that!

        2. I love the family dynamics too! I'm a Delta, and I have 3 aunts who are AKAs, 1 who's a Delta and 1 cousin who's a Delta, clearly the majority sentiment when I left for school was "Keep your eye on the pink and green (No literally I was told this,) but I am my own woman! LoL. And I'm also an only child! 🙂

        3. I have an AKA spec who's mom is a Zeta and wanted to be an AKA but she got done when AKAs were paperbag testing … and the Deltas too!

          Funny thing is she's married to an Iota now, so I don't know what that means for their kids. They probably gonna pledge Sigma.

        4. Aww Reecie…you wan’t any of my sisters?!?! I swear you can have em all for the low cost of $0.00. Are you going to be at the Happy Hour because I can hand over my twin at the event, no shipping and handling involved 😀

  16. I could never have pledged for several reasons:

    1.) Hazing? Seriously? The way to get to networking, community service and lifelong friendships is through insane, legendary, sometimes fatal HAZING? Yeah, I think I'll just do it the old fashioned way and introduce myself to a few people.

    2.) I'm at college to go to SCHOOL. I'm PAYING for the school. Nothing made less sense to me than when I'd see my roommate sneaking out in the middle of the night, getting three hours of sleep or NO sleep, memorizing her Divine 9 knowledge instead of studying for exams, etc. I wish someone WOULD have tried to jeopardize my $45K/yr education over an extracurricular activity. I told this to my a cappella group when they tried to pull an eight-hour rehearsal in the middle of finals, and I certainly would've told it to a sorority.

    3.) I just didn't deem it that IMPORTANT. MANY people in my extended family are in sororities or fraternities and proud and I honestly don't hold it against them, but no one in my immediate family is, and it wasn't stressed that it was NECESSARY or something to strive towards. From what I could tell, it was about being the "cream of the crop" Black people by the way they carried themselves, and I thought going to an Ivy League and being generally awesome took care of that as far as I was concerned.

    There WAS a brief moment as a senior in college, when the Black frats were just starting to really get strong on campus, and my roommate was pledging. The outfits, the colors, the parties, the pearls, the stepping. That part looked FUN. And I thought, "Hmmm. Am I going to do this second semester, maybe? Would I be interested in going the Delta route?" But then I realized that second semester of college is when you need to be focusing on AFTER college, not pledging, so I let that go.

    I seriously considered pledging again, after a couple years in NYC. I sang in TWO church choirs and at BOTH, my sorority of interest ran deep. I thought, "Man, maybe I should get in on this. Networking? Preferential treatment, etc." I even asked a couple strangers about what I might do to start getting into it. They suggested I pick up a book and start reading up on the history. And that's where they lost me. I GRADUATED from college. I had a DEGREE in ENGLISH. The days of book reports and homework were seriously done for me. I had a job, I had a very time-consuming hobby/job, so once they mentioned that, I knew I wasn't going to go that route.

    And yeah, I must say that I've seen many cases where these stereotypes are true, but I have also seen a FEW where they aren't, so I won't say they're ALWAYS the case. But there is a sorority that I have a bone to pick with. They'll remain nameless, LOL.

    1. "I wish someone WOULD have tried to jeopardize my $45K/yr education over an extracurricular activity."

      I'm not greek, but I'd hardly reduce it to simply being an "extra curricular activity."

      "Nothing made less sense to me than when I'd see my roommate sneaking out in the middle of the night, getting three hours of sleep or NO sleep, memorizing her Divine 9 knowledge instead of studying for exams, etc"

      It's true, I don't understand the signficance either, but I'm careful not to criticize others for prioritizing something just because I don't get it.

      1. Thank you Pretty Keety.

        Sidenote, I love how negros love to quote the total cost of attendance like they paid that.

        I think the organization that causes it's pledges to fail out of school or do poorly academically is the organization that fails to meet its mission. So i'm going to nosign the earlier notion. But if you were smart, you would not have thought of it as something that would jeopardize your education, you would have thought about the benefits of membership. After all, did you really expect them to tell you that you couldn't study for your exams, complete your assignments or attend classes? Can't tell you how many interests I talk to everyday and i'm like, "Wait, are you seriously going to relinquish control of your academics? If we value scholarship, do you think we legitimately are going to put them in jeopardy? No, it's because foolish pledges get on line and then let the frat or sorority dictate their academics for them. That's a personal problem."

        1. Yea I know many of my friends who wanted to pledge had to get their gpa's up in order to do so. The dorks and greek wannabes were the only ones I knew taking 18 hours freshman year.

          But…I've also driven a friend to the hospital when he was on line. Lying to doctors about why his a** was bleeding was one of the lowest points of my college career. LIke I said, I don't get it but I suppose it was worth it to him.*shrugs*

        2. You know nothing about how much I paid for college, sir, and I also don't appreciate the connotation in the phrase "if you were smart". But hey, people acting like the Black Greeks could do no evil despite some evidence to the contrary is ANOTHER reason I shied away from them, and it's my hypothesis behind why there are so few comments on this post, when so many people definitely have opinions on it.

        3. I never said that Greeks could do no evil. There is overwhelming evidence to say that they do commit evil. What i'm saying is that there are two sides to every coin. You never know, you could have been the one who came in and changed the system. But I think this was said early, it just doesn't sound like it was for you.

          PS – I never said I knew how much you paid for college, but then again you didn't say I was wrong… cheers.

        4. You know you implied something with your comment. I only accrued $15K in student loans and only received financial aide for junior year because my parents were in that lovely little gap where they made too much for me to receive financial aide yet not enough to act as if $45K/yr wasn't crippling. You can do the math on how much I paid. 🙂

        5. I agree… I know I didn't pledge D9 because I didn't think I would fit in. But I did join a sorority and have been a VERY active member for 5 years. I'd like to think that each person can make a difference.
          But some people join in order to have that power trip and they tend to bring the organization down. It's also about speaking up. If you're being hazed you have an outlet, speak up. Honestly, how can you be hazed and then turn around and call those same people your family? Was it really all in love? I honestly don't have an answer to that one. *shrugs*… but we also can't say that only BGLO's haze. I think that's one of the common misconceptions. I think it's all a twilight zone version of the stanford prison experiment. But if we "each one, teach one" to show that you can produce quality and long standing members without brutality (emotional, physical, psychological) you'll see a wonderful product.
          My recent post Make you feel my love

        6. "But hey, people acting like the Black Greeks could do no evil despite some evidence to the contrary is ANOTHER reason I shied away from them, and it's my hypothesis behind why there are so few comments on this post, when so many people definitely have opinions on it. "

          If you dont have anything nice to say… lol! Thats why its quiet here today

        7. I dont have any experience with Greeks one way or the other… I just see the arguments on the web.

      2. First off, Greek organizations ARE extracurricular activities, as in activities that fall outside the regular curriculum. They're not school, they're not a job, they're an organization through which you take part in extracurricular activities. I saw no negative connotation in that.

        I ALSO did not "criticize" others. I EXPLICITLY did so when I said people in my family are Black Greeks and I don't hold it against them. I ALSO said "nothing made less sense to me" about her choice, not that her choice was stupid. It obviously wasn't stupid TO HER.

        But hey, if my entire post came off as some sort of condemnation of Black Greeks, than so be it. It's how I felt about the situation.

        1. Well why are we attackign Kat for calling a spade a spade? Do you expect her to bow at the altar of Greekdom? We patronize an intelligent point making the person feel bad for speaking out..

        2. ??

          Was that reply towards me?

          I wrote three words… Even she got the point of my message!

          Reread my message and heed its message good sir. It's all love.

        3. Let me clear this up. It's not an extracurricular because it is a LIFELONG opportunity. Now there are some people who leave Greek life behind when they graduate but that's their personal problem. This bond was made for life and is not just some extra activity anyone should do in their spare time.

    2. I think its all about perspective. I personally knew that my GPA dropping wasn't an option. Period. I also knew that if I wanted to pledge I would have to work that much harder to maintain my GPA. So I did. Thus my 40k/yr education was never in jeopardy, because I didn't put it there.

      The way I looked at it, it only improved me as a woman, by making my work ethic stronger. I was proud of myself for staying well above a 3.0 on a couple hours of sleep a night and at one point holding down 2 internships in the process. Definitely did better than some ninjas who had nothin to do after class but play spades in the student center. LoL. (We've all done it though #DontFront)

      Clarification: This type of work ethic is not exclusive to Greeks. It applies to anyone who can successfully juggle competing interests while in school (jobs, children, sports, etc) its not easy, and *Jay-Z voice* "It ain't for Everybody."

    3. @KatWebb84: not every organization hazes and it varies by campus and by chapter. Usually it's the nobodies trying to be somebody that haze. It's all a power trip and not representative of the organization as a whole.
      2) many greek orgs pride themself on academic excellence. My sorors graduated magna and suma cum laude from their respective chapters (one ivy league, one HBCU). I worked three jobs, oriented in the sorority, and still graduated with honors.The best thing you learn when you're online is time management. And its CRUCIAL TO LIFE
      3) The reason why you're asked to learn the history of the organization is to build your foundation, invest you in the process and the legacy, and to welcome you into the fold (so-to-speak) so that you can start with the same baseline as all of the other members (when you join). Because honestly, you can't be an asset to a company if you have no knowledge of the products they produce. *shrugs* that's how I see it.

  17. Just wanted to come back and say that if I ever did go to an HBCU university or a university where there were black frathernities I would have been in heaven but I would also be in soooo much trouble! LOL My ratchetness would have been known lol

      1. I'm serious, it doesn't help that I love black men, now imagine me being there with a plethora of men to choose from… dios mio!

    1. See if I'd gone to an HBCU I'd have probably been a Wu-Wu (sp?) or something of the sort and probably woulda been in trouble too! LOL! Someone was clearly lookin out for us when we made our choices gurl!

  18. Maybe you should do a post on the history of these organizations. I have always, without much real study on the topic, thought that it was ignorant for a black man or woman to call themselves a Greek. I mean Black Greek??? Comeon man. My first concern is Pan-Hellenic and the purpose of its use. Here is the brief answer I got.
    "The main thought behind the use of Greek letters is that the fraternities and sororities have a Hellenic way of thinking named hellinism. Hellinism meaning: a body of humanistic and classical ideals associated with ancient Greece and including reason, the pursuit of knowledge and the arts, moderation, civic responsibility, and bodily development."

    To that I ask, why the importance of being associated with the ideals of ancient Greece and not Africa for example??? Here is the brief answer I got on that.

  19. To that I ask, why the importance of being associated with the ideals of ancient Greece and not Africa for example??? Here is the brief answer I got on that.

    "The origin of Greek letters can be traced back to the first fraternity Phi Beta Kappa. It is important to understand that the Greek writing system and philosophies has connections to Africa, particularly Egypt. For the Greeks went to Africa and stole the writings, philosophies, and lifestyles of the Egyptians. Although each organization does employ Greek letters the objective of the fraternity was founded with the use of Greek letters. So in keeping with the tradition that constitutes the reasons why. But each particular organization employs some type of reference to Africa within the organization. To become Greek you should know the history that not only did the Greeks study in Egypt, but Jesus & Moses did as well.

    So, if this is true, although you do recognize that the Ancient Greeks DID steal knowledge from Africa (our origin), you still feel it necessary to glorify the Greek culture and not the origin of the knowledge in the first place? If I am wrong, please do feel free to enlighten me

    1. Actually, I've always been on the Mary Leftkowitz side of the Black Athena debate – and before a bunch of folks jump down my back recommending books i should read, let me tell you, I've read every book you're probably going to recommend. Stolen Legacy, Black Athena, most of Browder's work and I just can't get with it. I can't because most of the time the research is questionable. And also because, I've never understood why so-called afrocentric black folk like to skip over 2000 years of west african culture – culture that we actually descend from – to focus on what the ancient egyptians did or didn't do. But I digress.

      My point in saying that is, everything don't have to be afrocentric. The founders of these organizations wanted to found fraternities for people of color that also fit into the american collegiate system of the time. They did things to make them their own – to make the different from the white orgs that preceeded them and they all made nods to Africa in their own way. But none of that changes the fact that they are, essentially Black American institutions. Everything don't gotta be about Africa all the time. I hate that sh*t.
      My recent post That Certain Something “Watch The Throne” is Missing

      1. "And also because, I've never understood why so-called afrocentric black folk like to skip over 2000 years of west african culture – culture that we actually descend from – to focus on what the ancient egyptians did or didn't do."

        My recent post Childish Things

    2. Numba 2,

      At times, you have to understand that if we told you all the secrets what would be the benefit of membership. You're not the first one to point all of these things out and you won't be the last. It's a secret society for a reason.

  20. Just to clarify … BGLO = Black Greek Life Organization????

    I would've asked what G.D.I. means, but i just found that out yesterday.

    Make a long form, definition, meaning move before doing acronyms for the people not in the know.

      1. G.D.I. = Gat Dayum Individual = Non-Greeks = Common folk … Lol

        Ratchet = ignorant, ghettoness personified in some type of action or way of life. I use the word ignorant because most ratchet people don't even know that they're behavior is lowly or problematic.

        1. "Point of information" GDI is a term that a GDI came up with. You have to figure out where you put your accent in the term, for instance, "I'M A GODDAMN individual, that's what I am." Black Greeks didn't just go around like the starbellies naming God's Kingdom.

  21. I went to a small state school that had a chapter of Sigmas and a chapter of Kappas. Most of them were generally upstanding gentlemen who were respectful (minus the scamming on the freshman..smh) and terribly smart. I never encountered the stereotypes but again my school was small. They threw great parties and were cool people to be around. The only beef I've ever had with Black Greeks was the strolling during the parties. I really wouldn't mind it if I wasn't being pushed and stepped on. By my sophomore year I learned to get the hell outta the way at the first sign of a stroll lol.

    Now my sarcastic cynical know-it-all self would not have been able to be in a sorority. It also seemed like it consumed alot of your time and I was in so much other stuff (choir, opera, cheer, university dance company) that I couldn't see when I would have the time to fit a greek org in.

    1. You know I hated strolling when I wasn't Greek, but after, I loved it. I think what's lost in the discussion about strolling or party walking whatever you call it is, THERE ARE TONS OF PEOPLE WHO STAND THERE AND DO NOTHING ALL NIGHT. Nobody ever says sh*t to them about that. I think that the people who are cutting up the rug rarely notice. It's only the ones who are trying to walk around and stare at the party who do. Plus, the party is for being seen, the afterparty is for sweating out weaves and leaving blue stains on the wall.

        1. Before Greek = Man this sh!t is gay
          After Greek = Damn I need to get my stamina up for Mu Sig.

          Real talk tho…nowadays it seems as if you need a damn acceptance letter from Alvin Ailey to do some of these strolls…

  22. I found today's post interesting. I'm not greek but I don't really have any strong opinions of the greek organizations one way or the other. When I went to Syracuse (a long time ago) all of the black greek organizations got along because everyone remembered that they were black first and greek second. I had no idea that the Alpha's were behind the King Monument and I also didn't know who Mario Perez was until today, so today's post was quite informative.

  23. Well, me, I’m unaffiliated (prefer this to GDI, I mean really, who came up with that?), but I have immediate family and close friends who are in a BGLO. And, I’ve dated my share of Greek brothers in the past, long time ago. To be honest, I don’t get all the venom towards an organization, a community, you have no interest in. Its ok to not really care about it one way or another, but to be callous and rude is so unnecessary.

    As for the misconceptions, yeah, I can see that. Hell, I’ve held a few of these same misconceptions when I was undergrad, and before I really got to know and work with awesome people, who also just happened to be members of a BGLO. If your last interaction with a BGLO was in undergrad, then I can see how someone may have these misconceptions. However, #3 can be attributed to the white orgs much more than the black ones. Trust, I spent my Junior year at Stanford, and I saw more underage drinking, partying, and debauchery than I’d seen the entire time during my first 2 years in the AUC. Seriously, if you’re feeling parched on a Friday night, find your closests SAE or Kappa Sigma house, and enjoy your drink. lol.

    Oh, and when you’re ready to talk about myths, yeah, I’ll be here for that one. lol. Enjoy your Tueday, folks!! *kisses and hugs*

    1. Can I ask a question what group of people are more elitist;

      – BGLOs
      – Ivy League grads
      – HBCU grads
      – Christians

      Yes, I just threw that chair.

      1. Baptist HBCU Undergrad BGLO members who did their advanced degrees at an Ivy League.,.

        I call them the Quandrangle of Hell

    2. I agree. I went to a primarily white school (Ole Miss), and nobody partied like the white greeks. And it was always so much fun, but hardly a Monday went by when you didn't read in the paper about an alcohol-related accident or death that occurred over the weekend affiliated with a white greek organization.

    3. You are going to be mad at me for saying this but I just like 2520's approach to frat life better than ours. I dont know every black greek and I don't know every 2520. But you tell me where I am wrong. Those 2520 aren't trying to be anything they aren't, maybe its white privilege. They just are out there.

      I know you want me to be less rude and callous b/c you are a superior human being who I e-worship, but the anarchist me is uncomfortable. Its like someone building the most beautiful sand castle in the world, than insisting its Versailles. Some how I am always the a-hole for not letting the builder live and carry on his grand claims.

  24. My 22 cents. I'll only speak to misconceptions 1 & 5 because I think 2, 3 and 4 apply to Greek life…and really just college life in general.

    1. "I can’t stress this enough your organization is not going to change you but so much." Exactly. And I will say that sometimes people express interest thinking that an org is going to give them a face/character lift but the truth is, it won't. Will it open up your network? Absolutely. Increase your confidence? Probably so, but at the end of the day, you are who you are and that's it. Also, if you see somebody who is all of the sudden at the top of the charts, it's most likely because people on campus GASSED THEM. This doesn't only apply to Greeks either, it also goes for the head of the marching band, that really good singer in the choir or whoever.

    My recent post RIP Aaliyah

  25. Cont'd

    5. I usually just attribute this to the fact that the media spends more time highlighting negatives than positives in general. Perfect example is the MLK tribute BET aired last weekend. If you don't follow an Alpha on Twitter, or stalk the BET TV Guide, you probably didn't hear about it. Which is unfortunate because it was a great show of one of many things D9 organizations are doing in 2011. It also could have been more than 30 minutes, but I digress.

    People won't ask about what your org is doing in the community but will instead accuse you of not doing anything because it's not glaring. Chapters spend time advertising parties, luncheons, etc because they bring in money to complete other initiatives. In general, Greeks who do work live by their deeds and not their words; the work is done for the impact, not the bragging rights. Besides, a lot of chapters advertise community service too, but who shows up for that stuff?

    PS. Can't wait for the event tomorrow night!
    My recent post RIP Aaliyah

    1. Besides, a lot of chapters advertise community service too, but who shows up for that stuff?

      Ding ding ding ding ding! lol. I think one my biggest issues with people are their misconceptions is that people don't seek out the truth but would rather just believe the hype. I can't tell you how many people, those with the collegiate experience and those without, come up to me talking about how stupid it is to be greek because all we do is party.

      People think all we do is party because thats all they go to! If there aren't free food and free drinks, most students are not checking for the event at all. 9/10 when i go to (or walk past) an educational workshop or program hosted by my or someone else's org, majority of the people in the room are other greeks. Very rarily, even when they are advertised, do i see GDI's at anyone's educational programs unless they are interests of said org.
      My recent post Randoms

  26. My father, Mars Calhoun*, is a Kappa, through and through. Even though I've been out of college for a while, he still hopes that I'll pledge as an alumni. I didn't even know such a thing was possible. Even if it is, I can't do it. I'm not much of a joiner. Besides, I know how I am. The first time I get asked to do something I'm not down with, I'm throwing deuces and telling somebody to eat a hot bag of deeks.

  27. This was interesting.

    I guess I am a GDI..but then I’m not. I didn’t pledge a greek organization but I had NSBE (National Society of Black Engineers). Our NSBE chapter at CAL was just as big as the greeks. There was BRRC (Black Recruitment and Retention Center), NSBE and greeks, and everyone was part of everything. I am sure there are some greeks on here who were part of NSBE as well.

    NSBE did community service, we had history, we stressed academics, we threw parties, we had chapter chants (which only meant something at NSBE events..so we didn’t do one at every party we went to), we had dues ($11). The difference was, it was for both males and females, and we got funding from corporate sponsorships. Our office was high tech, equipped, fun and open 24 hours. Everyone hung out there! LOL

    I feel that yes there are stereotypes about Greeks, but then so what. None of that needs to be addressed or explained. It’s all a part of the msytique and what makes you different from other organizations.

    People are going to be jealous and may or may not hate on you. That’s human nature. What’s also human nature is the need to belong to something. Whether or not you are a greek, you are part of a group. Whether it is sports, friends, church, organizations, family …or part of the larger group of ‘individuals’. You are part of something. It’s how we are able to feel connected to something greater than ourselves. There is nothing wrong with it, nor is there nothing wrong with having pride for whatever organization you belong to.

    You just got to decide if you want to celebrate diversity or hate it. If you hate it..look at why you hate it and if your criticism is a reasonable problem that can be addressed in a civilized manner. Otherwise, your hatred is your problem, not anyone else’s.

    1. Ok, NSBE, I see you! Region IV repping right here! The "Mother" region (and the best , mind you, lol)!

      I remember when the National Convention was out in Cali, over in Aneheim back in '03. But yeah, NSBE is a big deal on some campuses. I believe it still is the largest student-run based organization in the country (black or white).


          "It's not the one, it's not the two, three, six or the five…it's that number four region that's live….and if you wit me let me hear you say I – V!….I – V!! "

          Lol…man, those chant offs were priceless. *sigh*..memories. lol.

    2. NSBE is the best Co-Ed fraternity in the world… Though I do remember seeing a chapter at Convention with jackets that had crossing dates and line names…. and it read Nu Sigma Beta Epsilon… #WTDDA

        1. That's basically an NPHC party. The best part of strolling is how every frat has their song… like if you listen to the mix right now…

          Ante Up – That's an Alpha song, when you hear that, all the other orgs get off the floor because it's about to get crazy.
          Atomic Dog – That's a Que song, they don't take too kindly to anybody being anywhere near their hopping.

          Damn… I got to listen to this mix again now…

  28. I never really had an issue with BGLO's or any fraternity or sorority, really. It always feels a little awkward, though, when I get mistook for a Kappa or an Alpha, which happens often. Not sure why. *shrugs*

    At any rate, I always respecte these organizations on my campus when I was in school and even to this day. Maybe it has something to do wth my father being an Alpha and seeing the great pride he took of wearing his Alpha ring and telling me and my sister stories of when he was "on the yard" and the benefits he reaped from complete strangers who happen to be his frat brother.

    Like many others on here I have many friends that are in a frat or sorority and now a days the majority of the time we all hang out no one is even thinking about what organization is who a part of or totally forgets all together. I will say, though, that the grad chapter organizations here do a great job putting on positive events throughout the community. At least that's been my experience.

  29. You pin pointed my misconceptions of them…even to this day (get out my brain). In college I refused to date a greek man, and I thought the lady greeks were very judgemental. I typically run in the opposite directions of Q's for some reason.

    Once I graduated college, I wished I would have joined because the networking contacts are tremendous. Attending a UNC school in the late 90's the greeks weren't appreciated the way I seen them appreciated at HBCU's.
    My recent post School is Back in Session- Wake the Hell Up!!

  30. What the hell is a black greek??? smdh. I have no problem with the networking and brotherhood/sisterhood side of fraternities and sororities, but the whole greek history/mythology shi*t is comical at best. Miss Aisha Sekhmet song on youtube "White mans bi#%ch" is a must view if you havent seen it, she should have way more views, she addreses this subject as well as other topics. At the end of the day though most of the members in yall organizations are college graduates and thats a great thing in my opinion, so I cant just criticize and not acknowledge the good.

    1. What does dropped mean? Dont know if im included in "some of yall" but i havent attended a university yet so that disqualifies me from that group. But i think some people who commented criticizing " black greeks" are just educated on the history and reason those fraternities were started way back in the days. After stumbling upon an article about the origins of most black fraternities and the Boule, i just cant get down wit that shi*t. I dont knock anyone who does , because in most cases you need that affiliation to get ahead in the corporate world and make the most of your degree, but i rather obtain that without becoming a black greek, which is a contradiction in itself.

  31. wow. most of this went straight over my head. Only ever hear of sororities in american movies, and i've sort of assumed without thinking that they were a joke/excuse for 'underage' (an 18 yo man is old enough!) drinking and casual sex. I like having my ignorance confronted though.

  32. Great post! I think its needed from time to time because stereotypes get remembered and perpetuated more frequently than the substance Greeks are predominately about.

    On another note,
    Amazing mix! It makes me feel like a Neo, strolling around my apartment with sand between my toes.

  33. My Mom and I just had a conversation about BGLO when I came home from school this past weekend. She believes I'm missing out on the best part of college b/c I'm not in a BGLO rather a service fraternity that is predominately White. I will say that for certain ppl being Greek gives them a big head. I know a guy who never had the courage to talk to me until he was on line. Then when he finally had his probate he thought he could string me along while he and his on-again-off-again girlfriend reunited. That's a story for another day.

    I've always viewed BGLOs in a positive light even after watching School Daze. A lot of the programs in my hometown aimed at African-American males and females were created by members of graduate chapters from some of these organizations. The only negative part would be that some ppl (girls usually) believe they can't join certain orgs simply based off of their look not fitting in with the stereotype of their preferred sorority. Then there's always the ignorant girl who thinks she can HAS to be a K b/c she's light skin with long hair.

  34. I hate these debates.

    I hate them because it gives people who just like shittin on greek orgs a platform to do so. eff that.

    yeah some of those stereotypes will apply to people, thats why they are stereotypes!

    If it wasnt for you, cool. Dont go shittin on orgs because you see others doing it and you think they are superfluous.

    Its easy to knock a greeks intentions, hen you dont see the inner workings, or what goes into community service projects, programs don on campus etc. you know how many nights i wanted to go holla at chicks, play video games, or SLEEP, when i was up hangin up flyers on campus, in chapter meetings until a god awful hour, or staying up late to put the final touches on a campud program where if it wsnt talking about male/female relationship or wasnt a social event, a lot of people wouldnt care for it, but we did them anyway? shyts real!

    These orgs were there during the African American struggle. From the Niagra Movement, to the Civil Rights movement. to today!

    Im proud to be greek. Im proud to have joined an org that was doing the right things and had a purpose. Fck that im proud to be ME, because the letters dont make me. Its augments this individual, not dilutes him.

    Pardon typos. Im an insomniac whos delirious

  35. I love how when discussions like this come up people throw in the amount of money they paid for school. We're all learning pretty much the same sh!t, whether you went to an ivy league, SUNY (woop woop) or whathaveyou. Shut all that money talk down. Finding ways to divert from the main issue at hand. I love it though. ._.
    My recent post Breakfast at Suki Dukez: Suki’s Breakfast Scramble

  36. I'm usually a lurker on this site but I feel I'd be doing my frat a disservice by not commenting. As a BlackGreek who attending a predominately white school in a major city, my experience and many other BG's experiences are typically different from those who went to an HBCU or went to a school where they had a "real campus" or even went to a school where there wasn't much else available to do outside of the parties that greek organization threw. My experience as a BG in a major city is different because there was alot to do besides going to greek events. So unlike most other schools where a Phrat party or a Sorority function was the highlight of the week/month/year, in the city there were plenty of other options especially for those of drinking age or at least had forms of ID that said they were of drinking age. Between the various clubs, lounges, restaurants, festivals etc there wasn't much room for BGLO's to draw a significant crowd or even have this "elitist" status that most garner at HBCU's or a "real" college campus.

    1. With that being said even without the vanity that most of the BGLO haters continue to spew there are alot of people who join BGLO not for the popularity, not for the groupies, not for the parties, not for the stepping/strolling but because of what the organization represents. History has shown that BGLO's were behind the civil rights, NAACP, National Urban League and other issues the black community has faced. This is probably one of the many retorts that GDI's hear and they like to refer to it as resting on laurels but to know where you are going you must understand where you came from. If it is evident that the leaders of yesterday were majority members of BGLO's then I will do my thorough research and see past the social aspect and see why these leaders aligned themselves with these various organizations. Alot of times individuals become interested in the organizations because of the social aspect but at the end of the day they still will end up doing the work(whether they like it or not).

  37. As for myself the reason I decided to look into BGLO's was not due to the social status that may come along with it because in the city where I live it really doesn't mean much. I had forsight, looking for a way to expand my network without having to meet every CEO/diplomat/congressman(yes I have high ambitions). BGLO's have ALL of these and more within the membership rolls. U.N. ambassadors, congressmen, u.s reps, CEO, retail managers, entrepreneurs, music execs, investment bankers. the list could go on! At the end of the day when everyone finishes the degree and college life is behind us these BGLO's open so many doors and opportunities. I can honestly say that I have been blessed through my organization not just because of my affiliation but because I recognized the opportunity and alot of people do not(BG's too).

    1. So at the end fo the day it really boils down to the individual, do they just enjoy the social aspect of the college life(which is amplified by being a BG) or do they go out into the world and search and network for opportunity(which is much closer when you can email someone who you have never met but is at least going to give you an ear just because you are their brother)lol

      1. My only gripe with black greek fraternities is the history behind how they came about. I hate to be on some conspiracy theory ish, but what ive read made me side eye them permanently. I dont hold it against none of the members personally because they either havent read up on it or dont really care. I do think its a shame that theyre based on Greek history and not black history. Like somebody pointed out yesterday i dont think white people would start a fraternity calling themselves African or black. Im very aware that most if not all Black leaders are part of these organizations, and I think thats part of the problem. They killed and sabotage all are righteous leaders (Malcolm X, Huey Newton) and left of with people like Jessie Jackson who is kinda shady if you ask me. This is just my opinion but I wouldnt be suprised if the head of all these organizations is ran by a white person. And if im not mistaken dont all black fraternities fall under the Boule.

        1. You have to love when someone wants to comment on the inner workings of a secret society and reveals that they don't know sh*t.

          And Huey Newton is a Sigma, but go head…

        2. Damn… why all the hostility homie. I was just giving my opinion based on what ive read and heard from people. If im not mistaken i thought that was the purpose of yall site. I never claimed to know the inner workings of your "secret society" lmao, im just giving an outside opinion from the stuff ive read and heard from others. I dont knock the work yall do, i actually commend it, but that doesnt mean i have to overlook and bite my tongue on stuff i find for a lack of a better word wack about your organizations. And thanks for that info on Huey Newton, I didnt know that, but cant say im suprised…

  38. And just to add to what i was saying earlier, the term Boule which was one of the first black greek fraternity means advisor to the king. I assume the king theyre talking about is white people or the white fraternities/ secret society that they pattern themselves after.Like I said i cant get wit that shi*t on no days but to each his own so more power to yall.

    1. And just to subtract… I think every Alpha here is very much aware of Boule and could reply to you, but you can do your research on your own and I can keep my fraternal secrets to myself.

  39. The ONLY thing greek about Black Greek "LETTER" Organizations are the letters! People need to get over it! BGLO's are as white as Democracy, and for those who can't perceive sarcasm….Democracy is NOT a white institution.

  40. I agree democracy is not a white institution… but any country that has a democracy paterned after western nations white people are pulling the strings (sarcasm… not really) . I just have a problem with some of the brightest and most succesful black men and women calling themselves greek. But then again being 100% black or African and not being mixed with 5 diffrent things isnt hot in these streets to some people.

    1. Let me actually take a moment to address this.

      The easiest way to describe our organizations to people outside of our organizations is to say that we are Black Greeks. But our organizations are by no means, outside of our letters, Greek. Our organizations symbols and traditions are all deeply routed in Africa. Research what the meaning of Alpha Phi Alpha means and this will yield the answer that you are looking for. Then again take a look at the symbols which the public obtains from Alpha. We are the Sphinx, the Pharoahs and the Ape. These are all symbols from Egypt, more accurately described as Ancient Kemet. However, it is important to note that much of the history that you see in our organization and the things that we pledge for are concepts from Abyssinia. I will not get into detail, but this again is a misconception.

      If there is anything to pass judgment on with the way that BGLOs represent themselves it is because there is an identity crisis amongst us all as to what qualities of our symbols that we want to uplift. Are we Apes or are we the Sphinx? Are they Omega Men or are they Que Dogs? For a whole different breed, are you a Kappa or are you a member of Phi Nu Pi? These are the issues that each BGLO organization faces and deals with on a regular basis. But none of us are confused, we are not Greek organizations.

  41. OK… work travel… took me forever to type up my comments. Ahh… so good to be home!
    "I realize they think they know each of us based on the ones they’ve been exposed to in their past, but it never ceases to be an annoyance." (*nods head* very true)
    5 misconceptions:
    1) "I can’t stress this enough your organization is not going to change you but so much. Your letters cannot stop you from being loud, annoying, a pest, tacky, stinky, or uncouth." I honestly believe people join greek organizations in order to be a part of something bigger than themselves and to make a difference. But the problem is that you're in an organization (in undergrad, in alumni) that's still run by people, and people have flaws… thus and therefore the organization has flaws. That doesn't mean that the statutes by which the organization were founded are flawed, it simply means that the interpretation of those statutes can err on the side of ignorant. What I've found is that those in power: who fundraise, who volunteer, who do the "greater good' for the org; often aren't the ones at the block parties or the step shows, etc because they are so EXHAUSTED from WORKING.
    2) I'm a huge contributor to the myth that certain bglo greeks do certain things (in their private time), but I just like it because it's FUN… and FUNNY to talk about it in hushed tones. But honestly, manwhores are in every organization…even mine! And I talk about them in the same hushed tones, with the proper amount of censure b/c of course that stigma isn't a plus. Even more, it's not until men say "well I just rocked your world b/c I'm a XXX frat!" that I actually associate the manwhore title with the fraternity.
    3) I went to Gtown where the slogan was "work hard, play harder" and every weekend (starting Thursday) there would be a party. Going to a predominately white school where greek life was not accepted as a form of expression (or a part of student activities) the white kids partied like maniacs… you thought Animal House was bad… geesh! *Shrugs* it just seems like drinking and college go hand-in-hand.
    4) I think it's up to each individual member to contribute to the legacy of their organization. Yes, its true that some people rest on the history and slack off, but there are countless others that are manifesting the destiny of the organization, otherwise why would people still be joining? And it's also true that people join for the wrong reasons, hoping that the organizaiton will transform them into who they want to be without putting the work behind it, but it's all about personal growth. If you allow it greek organizations will give you life long friendships, network connections, accountability, and an avenue in which to create a platform (and stand upon it).

    Good Post Dr J, I can't take it from a NPHC perspective but being in a sorority changed my life. I was able to escape my shell, make great friends, and have a family that transcends bloodlines. There are things I dislike, but I refuse to bad mouth my own orginazation, because honestly if you're not in the fold, if you're not working everyday to rebuke the sterotypes or negativity, then just shut up! Geesh!

    My one gripe is that people join greek life in undergrad and don't continue into alumni. The work, the legacy building, the freaking growth happens by alumni's and this is with having a full time job, a boo, a family, etc… I wish more people thought of it as a lifetime committment.
    Second gripe, I strongly detest going to a block party or a step show and seeing each organization rag on each other. That crap gets painfully annoying. C'mon son, you pledged a different org, I understand that but you're not segregated just because of your letters. You still have to work with these people whether its in class or for an event. Even more, when you get in the real world and away from the undergrad silo, you realize that they are people too… outside of their letters.
    My recent post Make you feel my love

  42. I saw this and meant to comment but LIFE happened. Great post. It's quite simple, greek life is not for everyone and that is cool. There is no need to try and paint those that it is for in a negative light. In any organized organization, there will be flaws. It is just the way things work. I love all my org, sorors and frat but that is just one piece of me. I am so many other things. I am who I was before Zeta and who I will always be. Granted, there are some who may have allowed the prestige of being in their respective orgs go to their head but it is unfair to assume that we are all like that.

  43. SOOO Mad I Missed this, when it was posted initially….But I’m Glad you did. More often than not, people who don’t belong to BGLO’s think the absolute worse about us. IDK how many times I’ve heard people say, we worship false gods, we think we’re better than others, and we’re all sleeping with each other. Grant it, not everything is perfect there are some frat and sorors, who live up to those misconceptions but its definitely not all of us….Non-Classy females and Hoe-ish guys before greeklife will remain the same after, every org has their “bad apples”. But Greek Life is not for everyone….neither is dating one, but you come to your decision based off fact, not rumor or hearsay, or stereotypes.
    -Signed: a Devastating Diva& Graduating Senior, who does WORK in my community, Is about my SCHOLARSHIP,and can be owt leading a Stroll 🙂 hahaha.

  44. As a member of a BGLO, I must say this post was on point. I just wanted to correct you on #3 though, that sex tape wasn't made by Famu students either, in fact the University sued them and won for misrepresenting the school.

  45. Just to be devils advocate if there is one person in every chapter that acts this way then is it really an exception to the rule. Your right in every organization people don't pull weight but deaths have occured and law suits have happened so with the good comes the bad. unfortunately i went to a school that was one of those that had these issues but, BGLO's do way more good than bad much like US government.
    My recent post Labor day weekend

  46. I just recently got into college, and I’m actually a member of the music and band program at my university. (to be more specific im in the FAMU Marching 100). From the outside looking in, i’m always running into the stereotypes and misconceptions of black greeks. And i was told to do research first if i were to ever pledge


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