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Sunglasses and Advil: Happy Hour Was Mad Real

And a good time was had by all


There aren’t too many things black folks love more than a good Happy Hour. Happy Hour sits in that perfect little space just below a full blown party. Sometimes a middle of the week happy hour is exactly what you need to get you over the hump and help you finish out the week. It was with this in mind that we here at singleblackmale.org decided to host a lil’ get together for our faithful readers. Last Wednesday, at the Empire Room in the Empire State Building, Happy Hour happened and if we might say so ourselves – it was pretty epic.

Let me let you guys in on a lil’ secret – when we decided to host this Happy Hour, we had no idea how many folks would show up. Seriously. It was our first full blown event so we weren’t quite sure what to expect. In our minds we figured if we could get 75-100 people to come kick it with us, that would be pretty dope. Welp … 300 rsvp’s later, The Empire Room was packed and we were having a helluva time.

We really and truly appreciate everyone coming out to support and we hope you all had as much fun as we did. The best parts of the night for me were the opportunities I had to meet folks who’ve read and been affected by something I’ve written. It’s really, really rewarding to be able to sit down and chop it up about the varying topics we discuss here, the posts you really liked, the posts you didn’t like so much and the posts you’re wishing we’d write. Really awesome – You guys are great… we really appreciate you all!

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Check out a few flick from the event below and head over to our Facebook page to see the rest: If you see yourself or someone you know, feel free to tag away – and don’t forget to “like” our page. Also – if you have pics, feel free to share!


More Flicks here too: http://www.flickr.com/photos/sbmdotorg


  1. Very nice pics. lol @ none of you guys smiling for the group pic. Y'all think you're bad, huh? I'm glad you had a good turnout and that it was fun times. I would've shown up if I weren't 50 million miles away. Hope at least a handful of people left a little less single than they arrived.

    General comments:

    – Tunde really is tall.
    – Lala's really cute. Love her smile.
    – I saw more than a few lovely ladies. Shoot, I would've collected some numbers.

      1. My pleasure! =)

        lol @ Tunde. You're not as tall as I previously imagined, true, but having a full head over some 6'0+ men is not insignificant.

  2. YAY! Pics! Headed to FB to look. Thanks for posting!

    And Naija, the pics don’t do her justice – ya’ll gonna believe me one day when I tell you that LaLa is perfection, the chick is disgustingly gorgeous, and funny, and smart, and …yeah, like I said, it’s sickening!

    😉 Luh ya though gal

  3. Congrats on such a successful happy hour! Everybody looks so beautiful and amazing! I feel left out. Next stop Indianapolis?

  4. Awwww, congrats guys!!!! I wish I could've gone. I had mandatory staff meetings that evening *kicks the principal in the shins*. Anywho, congrats again.

    PS- Dam Tunde is hella tall
    PPS- where's SBM? Is he still incog-negro

  5. Definitely a good event and time held by all.

    Real talk, people ran away from the name tags like it was leprosy, though we all were checking HARD to see who was who lol. (I'm in the main pic myself, can you find me?)

    Can't wait for the next one.

      1. Kema it was nice meeting you! I was happy to meet at least one other avid commenter in a room full of lurks and people who didn't even read the blog at all! LOL. You have a really beautiful spirit btw!

    1. I had my own. Most checked me and told me to get one,lol. I didn't walk through that entrance, so I didn't even see the table set up

        1. I'm in one w/ madscientist…I have short hair and a grey cardigan on. I"m also in one sitting down

        2. Ok I see… Beautiful smile!! I’m in the bright yellow. lol! I wish I would have caught you. I was going to everyone asking what their names were on the blog.

          Shoutout to Miss Mina!!! (only female commenter I met)

    2. I am among the guilty who ran from the name tags! LoL. I wish I wouldn't have though. For some reason I'm strangely shy around people I don't know, I just discovered this at the Happy Hour lol. Don't think I met you though Dekela. I can't wait for the next one either!

  6. Looks like it was a very nice event, I would love to meet the writers- with a few weeks notice I might be able to fly up and check out the next one.


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