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Letter To My Girlfriend About Football

Pound for pound the best player in the NFL and a true American story.

***At this point, this post has grown from a throwback to a traditional post.  I thought it was funny that last year I received a forward of this email.  Someone sent me an email and told me that this was the funniest thing they’ve ever read and they definitely sent it to their girlfriend.  Today marks the beginning of the 2011 Football season.  We didn’t know this day would ever become a reality, but it’s here.  The lockout is over and so is the preseason.   Copy this into an email and send to all of your boys and tell them to send to their girlfriends immediately.  Football is back.  Amen.  This is for all men (and women) to come together for some football, beer (or soda), wings (or nachos), Miller Light Girls, and the company of other men professing their fan hood.  Let’s get ready for some FOOTBALL.***


You know that I appreciate you. I appreciate you so much. I enjoy talking to you, spending time with you, and just generally spending afternoons on the couch snuggled up with you reading a good book. We both have busy schedules so I know that most weekdays we hardly speak with the exception of hi and bye, and getting ready for bed in the evening. Friday nights we usually make time to grab dinner and Saturdays are usually filled with errands or attending functions that we’ve both been invited to attend as a couple. Sundays are our day. And I think that most couples would agree, Sunday is that day that you can spend with your significant other and everything is perfect. Sunday hugs, kisses, naps, and a good movie are the way to go.

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Because I really appreciate that time with you, it pains me that I regret to inform you, that football is starting. This may be hard for you to understand and that’s why I took this time to write you this letter. I thought you would appreciate me getting my feelings out on paper.

I only get one day a week to watch football because it only airs on Sundays. Football starts at 1PM on Sunday, but lasts until 12AM on Tuesday. Let me explain, the games on Sunday are; 1-4PM, 4:30-7:30PM, and 8:30-11:30PM. On Monday, there is a special Encore presentation of Football at 8:30PM. It’s because the games on Sunday are so great that as men we cheer for an encore even if it kills us. I need this time, this time reminds me that I’m a man and that manly blood runs through my veins.

(I should warn you that towards the end of the season there will be games on Thursdays and Saturdays.  I know that this may become overwhelming, so since Thursdays is my night out with the fellas.  We’ve decided to compromise and kill two birds with one stone by watching football during our fellas night.)

Also, several of my friends will come over to watch the game, or we may go to a sports bar. If I’m not in attendance I will be considered a bad friend and my manhood will undoubtedly be questioned. They will think that while men are being men, I’m probably locked in house with a blanket and hot tea watching a romantic TBS movie. And babe, I love those TBS movies, but I don’t love it when my boys laugh at me.

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As it pertains to logistics, I’d like to discuss a few things. I’m a 49ers fan, and although you may not like the 49ers, it would probably be best if you went ahead and acted like you did. I get emotional. My fan hood is deeply rooted and not easily moved. Anything you say, I probably already know, and have known for some time now. For example, “Baby the man just said the 49ers haven’t scored an offensive TD in 9 quarters?! Is that a good thing?” That’s only going to make it worse. Don’t add salt to open wounds, just do what I do. And when I’m upset, just pat me on the back and tell me to keep drinking my beer.

If we have people over to our apartment for the games please be a great host. I would like to be as helpful as possible; however, my time is limited because I’m expected to be sitting in the living room watching the games at all times. Recently, there’s been a new thing that me and the guys have been trying out.  With the advancements of DirecTV and NFL Ticket, we can watch all the games on Sunday.  The only problem is we can’t watch them at the same time. It may make you a bit more comfortable not be around for this, but… we’ve found that by taking all the TVs in the house and placing them in the living room we can watch all the games at the SAME TIME!  I know this may look like a mess but I’ve talked to all the guys and we’ve agreed to help straighten up when the games go off on Sunday, so you don’t have to.  Anything I can do to help out with the household chores makes me happy, babe.  I know you work hard to keep our home clean and neat.

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During halftime is when most guys will break to call their girlfriends, wives, or side pieces. Some guys will need a few more minutes just to get up to speed on fantasy scores. However, if you’re going to be around, this is a good time for us to spend about 30 minutes together. And I can’t think of a better place to be doing that than in the bedroom. Yes, sex at halftime is BAWSE! It’s our way of staying connected and it’s also a stress reliever.

I’m glad I took the time to sit down and write you this letter. I feel so much better now that I’ve gotten his off my chest. I was so worried that you would be upset, but I think that now that I’ve expressed my feelings to you, you’ll understand 100%. If you want to talk about this later, please let me know, I’m always open to talking to you and hearing your thoughts. Lastly, know that, football only runs from September until February. (That’s 5 measly months!) Talk to you soon!

With Love and Admiration,

Your Honey Bunches of Oats

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  1. Hint to the fellas, get a woman that enjoy sports…makes life easier! Oh yeah, Go Jaguars (this is not a joke…always root for the home team)!

    Ummm…the Pick 'em League sign-in isn't working. I want in on the action.

      1. I'm sure of that… I'm just not going to be with someone into every sport. You have to understand I grew up with a father that would watch two people kick a can down the street. I just cant!!!

        1. Nah, nah nah Kema. You meant you wrote and you wrote what you meant. You done backed down too easy. Here's how it goes:

          What I SAID is…….what you NOT gone do is sit around with a favorite can't-tear-my-eyes-away sport every muh-fuggin' season! Especially if there's only one TV in the house. Better sit yo azz in a corner somewhere with your smart phone.

          Dang girl, get your gangsta up!! lol!!!

  2. LOL. I have a friend for whom the contents of this letter are very applicable… Football is his first love, his only love really. No other relationship has lasted as long, and caused him as much joy, or as much pain. As a woman, I fully recognize its hard to compete with that. I think its best not to even try. I think its cute in a weird, slightly pathetic way… he just gets so sad when his team loses. Slightly sadistic, but it kinda turns me on. I love it when a man is passionate about something.
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      1. "What if the man is passionate about NOT watching sports?"

        Deal-breaker! I LOVE sports. It hurts (terribly) that I'm a Cleveland fan but it still hasn't stopped me from being a sports fanatic. Which means, I watch EVERY game (college O-H!, high school, NFL, NBA, US/Australia/French Open,Wimbledon), which means if he's not passionate about watching sports, I will end up spending more time with his homies than he will and that….. well, that's not really a good thing now is it? Funny though, I've never met a guy who was never passionate about sports but I guess they do exist…

        1. “…Deal-breaker!…”

          (deadpan look while shrugging) Whatever…

          “…if he’s not passionate about watching sports, I will end up spending more time with his homies than he will…”

          (an even more deadpan look) Whatever…

          “…I’ve never met a guy who was never passionate about sports but I guess they do exist…”

          Although I could fire back many points, I will stick with one–contrary to stereotypes, guys who are never passionate about sports DO exist… There are no guesses about it… Even though the question wasn’t aimed at you, thanks for the input.


        2. You took my comment that was made in jest so seriously that I am utterly confused. That was in no way a shot fired at you. I didn't even think you asked that question for you personally. I thought you were just making conversation, you know, throwing out a general question for discussion but….um… ok. My bad.

      2. LOL that's fine. I mean, I would prefer he be passionate FOR something rather than AGAINST something, but a cause is a cause I guess. 🙂
        My recent post OMG

  3. Also, as an FYI ladies – the time to start asking questions and learning all of football's rules and such is not in the middle of your guy's favorite teams game. Wait until it's a weak NFC North game or something. Two teams he doesn't care about. Really, you should have watched the preseason games with us and asked questions then, regardless, don't ask me anything when the Giants are on.

    Let's Go Big Blue! S/O to the Jets and Bills too.
    My recent post That Certain Something “Watch The Throne” is Missing

    1. the time to start asking questions and learning all of football's rules and such is not in the middle of your guy's favorite teams game.

      Truer words have never been spoken.

        1. I believe you.

          I've gotten a little better at it over the past years of watching the game and attending superbowl parties, I pretty much understand the football lingo/plays and I can spot and name which team just by the color of their uniforms.

          *BabySteps* :o)

        2. I don't want to be a snitch but if you aren't into football, just go for the food. And proceed to eat your ass off. Sooner or later a man will have to make some decisions. You better have that quan though. He might just dump your big old ass, but if you tell him, i'll eat for as long as you watch that game, he'll stop watching and pick to do something else.

      1. lol I've been watching football all my life and every once and a while, something happens that I still don't understand. But I don't understand every single position and never bothered to learn. The only two that matter to me are qb & wr, everybody else is just offense or defense to me. And the kicker that nobody pays attention to 'til he misses it.

      1. The Redskins could take that division on the low though. The thing about Rex Grossman is this… he sucks, but he actually knows the whole playbook. The defense got better too. I think the Eagles may catch an injury bug and the Giants just aren't that good. I can no longer consider Eli an elite QB in this league. His brother has had less talent and managed to produce winning seasons by himself. Eli's teams suck.

        1. Look at the CB in that division, you think Santana Moss is a number one WR?
          You think Hightower is a starting RB?

          Redskins are a joke. The game has passed Shanahan by and Snyder is the worst owner in the conference …. maybe behind Richardson

        2. Rex actually isn't all bad. He's inconsistent. Wildly inconsistent. When he's on he can be really good but when he's off it could be record breaking (and not in a good way).

  4. Lord I have tried and tried but I can’t stand football. I hardly know any teams and I dang sure don’t have any faves. I’ve tried watching it with a couple guy friends and I always end up going to sleep or to another room.

    1. Have you tried watching college football? That may be a little more tolerable because it seems like collegiate sports are more entertaining. They play with more heart. I am soooo with you on falling asleep during NFL games. Gametime Sundays are designated naptimes for me. Shoot I only claim to be a Steelers fan because they make cute apparel for ladies

    2. I'm just glad some ladies admitted to not being in LOVE with football. I love football season, I don't love football – I do like it a whole lot though…

      I can't stand people that fake. That's what bugs me. The girl screaming "I LOOOOOOOOOOVE FOOTBALL!" to anyone that will listen, but don't know ish about it and is just trying to impress a man. That annoys me, just be real and I'm cool whether you love it, hate it, or are right in the middle with me.

      1. I f*** with you on that, viewing all females that claim love for the game as spies until their knowledge is proven. All a chick gotta do is respect that football means don't bother me & be ready to console me when my team is down. For 7 months out the year I'm entirely hers, so she can give me these 5 months.

        Go Eagles!!!

  5. I LOVE football. This is my favorite time of the year 🙂 This is also the time when all the shit talking begins as my man is a Raiders fan (like…why?) and I'm a Cowboys fan all day every muthaf'in day! If we didn't agree on the Lakers my house would be a war zone for much of the year lol. Sports are such a huge thing in my home; we watch everything from football to basketball to little league, soccer, tennis and golf. We're not huge fans of pro baseball or hockey though.

    Next November for my 25th bday we will be taking a trip to Arlington, TX to see my Cowboys live at home. I can't wait.

        1. Born and raised in LA and I've been a Cowboys fan since I started watching pro football when I was 5 with my Granddad. The fact that the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders are so damn fine is a bonus 🙂

        2. I take offense to this comment. I am a true Lakers and 49ers fan. If you ask Streetz or Most they will tell you, i'm one of those real die hard Lakers fans. I been liking the Lakers since birth, don't know but one person who likes the Lakers more than me and that's my mother. I can point out the bandwagon jumpers, but what I will say is we have WAY MORE LAKERS HATERS than fans. The Lakers, Celtics, (and sometimes Heat) are the only teams in professional sports that people genuinely hate on with reckless abandon. You got a guy like MadScientist who will say, "You're right I just don't like them." Not that he said, but that's what he meant.

          I'm just going to go around quoting people and then saying that's what they meant to say…. lol. I wonder how that would work out, lmao.

        3. lol why do you take offense to this? It was a simple question. But, you're definitely right. There are more Lakers haters, than there are, Lakers fans.

        4. I was pretty much born a Laker fan. Loved them since I started watching basketball as a child, rode with them through their ups (all FIVE chips since Ive been old enough to understand the game) and all their bad times too (I STILL hate the Spurs to this day.)

          Haven't loved the Cowboys for as long, but I was a child during the height of their glory days, so can't really be bandwagon when your team is losing…don't worry though, from the ashes we shall rise! I have hope!!!

          Hail to the Jerrys!!!

  6. First of all, Patriots. All day.

    Its weird because on my twitter theres so many female football fans and im wondering where the hell yall come from. I think i've dated maybe 2-3 legit sports fans, 2 who liked me enough to tolerate and countless ones who only know the athletes on reality tv…this girl threw out willis mcgahee one day n i fell in love, then i found out he was on housewives. -__-

  7. This time of year I am completely useless on Sunday. My team has spent the past decade as the joke of the NFL. We are back to where we were before that horrible general manager came here. I love football. I usually cook breakfast that Sunday morning. Typing this I realize that I've spent Sundays in the fall doing nothing but watching football since I was 12.

    1. Obviously a Detroit Lions fan. Sorry about your luck, homey, lol. I heard the Pontiac Silverdome went for almost $600k…I'm pretty sure the 3rd string punter gets paid more than that , lol.

      All jokes aside the Lions may compete this year…can't wait to see what MegaTron does.

  8. I love football season. Something comforting about zoning out with the game. Plus, I get to make my football party food. Makes me a little homesick, 'cause my circles up here aren't as into sports as back home.

    I like basketball season, too. Y'all gonna have another letter for that? Go Lakers!

  9. Dear Hubby,

    As long as you keep AT LEAST one squirming, crawling, constantly hungry, hair-pulling, shouts along with grown-ups, rasberry blowing, pulling up on anything that stands still, 9 month old twin with you….we're cool. And don't get mad when I correctly pick the winners based on who looks better in those tight pants and who has the least stupid hairstyles.

    Shout out to my emotional roller-coaster boyfriend Redskin. And my booski on the side Raven.

      1. I KNOW you ain't talking LOL!!!. Question, who would you like to take your QB out for the season like Romo this Sunday. Pick a player, ANY player, LOL!

        PLAY LIKE A JET!!!!!!!!!!!!

      2. you do realize that my giants have more rings than your pats AND you haven't won a ring this decade…..

        So why you talking trash?

        1. Damn you just ruined your sports credibility. You both have the same amount of Super Bowls, if you're counting that championship pre-merger… you're reaching.

  10. I for one am a certified sports chick! Loveee them! Football is the undisputed champ, basketball is a close second, baseball, ehh when I get invited to a Yankee game or during the World Series. LoL. If there's a sports argument going down though, I will not hesitate to toss my input right out there. I've pretty much always been this way, and it wasn't even until recently that I noticed guys liking this. I've heard (but never really experienced) that some guys actually prefer their girls not to be into sports, so they can have that all to themselves. Does anyone here feel that way?

    Oh yea- GO COWBOYS!!! *shakes my blue and white pom poms*

    1. I so wanted to say ALL OF THIS until the end and you mentioned the Cowgirls!
      I am so a sports chick also B-ball first and football 1.5 lol….
      I have been in both scenarios where men loved it and one that was so mad at me for a Lakers/Boston argument I had last year. This guy said if Boston had 5 more min in the game they would have won and I said if your grandma had balls she'd be your granddad. Yeah it got serious – all the men went nuts and he felt so bad for the guy………#nobueno!

    2. I like a chick that likes & knows sports, gives us an easy talking point! Plus when the guys come around during Football Season, I can show her off like a Championship Ring when she start spouting her knowledge of the game. Beauty & sports-Brains, how they gonna top that……………..

  11. I'll begin by stating how much admiration i have for my beloved Indianapolis Colts. With that being said, Football is BACK … 'The League' on FX will be back … Oh man, my heart can't take it. And I shall retake my thrown as Fantasy Football Champion.

    In regards to whoever wrote this letter, job well done sir … job well done.

    Luckily, i've been with women who not only have taken to football with the tenacity that Superhead has with the art of oral stimulation, but they've also become avid Colts fans. Lowkey wifey material type ish.

  12. I'm a really picky sports fan. NFL till Death. Than Baseball, College Football, NBA , NCAA BB. Even some tennis, golf and I probably know more NASCAR than your average black man. What gets on more nerve even more than my GF is fake sports fans. People who only mildly follow the sport, come into the party and start calling players the wrong names, only know the stars, more concern about the food than the game, or guys who hit on women at a bar instead of watching the game. Can't stand watching games with these frauds. Should be a man law, you take attention away from the game once, you are banned from all future parties. Counts for fantasy draft parties too.

  13. This is from a guy who is only into NFL. There should be another paragraph about NCAA and God help her if his MLB team is still in the pennant race.

  14. HA! I may not understand the rules of football but I understand those uniforms! Thankya, Lawd!

    My ex-hub was a NBA nut and pretty sporadic about the NFL. Plus, he's a musician so he's in church till at least 2/3pm…and 2nd service at least twice a month (gotta love charismatics). The NFL never really impacted our rela.

    My BF isn't into any sport really. He keeps up with what's going on…cause he's a man and he's gotta know certain things on cue. But, he never sits and watches a full game of any kind. I get any day of the week I desire! 🙂 #WINNING

    My 4 year old is gonna ruin my life with all this sports stuff though, lol. That kid is an athlete…its in his heart.

      1. No I do not! lol, just kidding. I only watch football once a year…during Superbowl and I watch it for the following reasons (by importance): the parties, food, commercials, following trending social media topics and last but not the least, the actual game 😉

        With that said, FOR THE LOVE OF RAY-JAY, can the sports team of a city that I reside in actually be relevant for once?? Yes, I'm talking to you REDSKINS!

        1. LMAO That WAS the show though

          *sings* "Luscious she smashed the homies, Luscious she smashed the homies!"

      1. You know Miss Mina, I've been trying to tell him that for the longest but that man refuses to listen to me.

        Honey I love you but your team sucks!

  15. This letter is hilarious! thanks for sharing.

    " They will think that while men are being men, I’m probably locked in house with a blanket and hot tea watching a romantic TBS movie. And babe, I love those TBS movies, but I don’t love it when my boys laugh at me."

    " It may make you a bit more comfortable not be around for this, but… we’ve found that by taking all the TVs in the house and placing them in the living room we can watch all the games at the SAME TIME! "

    "Yes, sex at halftime is BAWSE!"

    My recent post How to implement an OODBS (pt. 1)

  16. i'm excited about the nfl being back. with that said i'm really hoping the redskins can pull out an 8-8 season. to me that would be a success with rex grossman as the starting qb. i keep waking up hoping the redskins came to their senses and picked up david garrad.

    either way i also pull for ravens. i'll root for any dc/bmore team. plus ray lewis is my favorite player. you have to respect his love of the game.
    My recent post The Dating Game

      1. Nope, Shanahan is just racist. To be honest with you, Jason Campbell could have won a Super Bowl with the Redskins if they kept their RBs healthy.

        1. Too much of an uphill climb for them to be contenders for the Superbowl Champs, better yet the Divisional title. I suggest ya begin hopes/could'ves/would'ves/dreams/expectations within the division first.

  17. also as much as i love the nfl its a distant 4th to be behind college basketball, college football and the nba.

    i signed up for the pick em league. how come sbm doesn't do a fantasy league?
    My recent post The Dating Game

  18. With football officially starting, now it's time for the NBA to get their act together.

    And with that said, two in a row for THE PACK!

  19. I don’t mind my hubby watching the game, I really don’t. Matter of fact, please do! It’s when he watches it and turns around and plays madden right afterward with the same teams. What? You think you can change the outcome?

    1. Ha… Krystl you give me hope. I think we should start an SBM post on Sundays just for the women to get on here and chat while we watch football. Would be hilarious watching you ladies talk.

      1. I don’t normally post comments when my hubby is home or awake but I would make an exception for that. All the smack talking would be hilarious! Hope though? LOL J you’re too much!

  20. Dear Honey Bunches of Oats,

    Sunday dinner will be cooked early on Sunday morning prior to me going to church. Therefore if there is a Jets game that starts at 1:00pm, I will be leaving directly from church to head to the stadium. Please just put the oven on warm adn eat it in 20 minutes. Please don't burn your tongue eating so fast, (I am going to need that after the game LOL). Also, the snacks for the fellas are in the fridge, and I left the beer on ice in that cooler by the door. Remember the channel for the NFLST are 701-705, the other channels are really useless. Redzone is channel 703. If the game is later on in the afternoon, at 4:30pm the above rules apply as I will be joining L7 for the tailgate prior to the game.

    Your one and only
    Sugar Smacks

    *PS, I am a season ticket holder for the NY Jets, 8 years running*

    1. AND……If the game is at 8:30pm, as THIS Sunday. I will be leaving the house at 5:30pm, so we have time for a quickie after the 1:00pm game and right before I leave *Wink*.
      If it is raining, sorry babes, you know how Directv gets down. If all else fails, grab my work blackberry and watch it on that verizon phone. Just click the NFL app.


    2. Today must be my lucky day
      Baby, you are the prototype
      Do sumn' outta the ordinary
      Like catch a matinee
      Baby you are the prototype
      I think I'm.. I think I'm in love again…

  21. I love sports, with college football coming in first (Buckeyes!!), NFL (Panthers!!) and NCAABB(Duke!!) tied for second, and NBA last, not to mention golf, tennis, soccer. I like to watch it all. Hell, I might get Canes tickets this year.

    NFL is why I attend the 5pm Saturday church service. This year, I just hope Carolina can win at least 3 games. *Jimmy voice* I mean, come on…

    My recent post My Love Is Like…

        1. Actually I do like both Bama & Auburn. Cam Newton was the sunshine in my life last year. But I'm seeing this guy who adores Bama & he makes me want to hate them.

          I'm a Rebel (Ole Miss) but I graduated from both Ole Miss & MS State and I generally like both teams until they play eachother. Ole Miss is awful though. I stopped drinking but Idk if I can make it through another losing season sans alcohol. Ima try tho.

          The only SEC team I really can't stand is LSU. But I'd rather watch them than any non-SEC team.

        2. http://bit.ly/pimS3F

          You're a Tiger or a elephant, no playing both sides, especially for some man. I will cut you over this. Pick a side.
          Cam Newton is a demigod, of that there is no question and I'm down with your anti-LSU rhetoric, but that Bama sympathizing is UN. ACC. EPT. ABLE.

        3. lol no, I actually liked Bama more before I met him. He makes me want to hate Bama because he talks about them so much.

    1. I respect this comment. I recently just re-upped my cable so I could see all my Premier League and La Liga matchups and also my Brasiliero teams too.

    2. Me and you are right >>> <<< here. I left work early last summer in tears when Ghana lost that last game. #TeamBlackStar. I follow college football because my brother is a Blue Hen and I'll watch NFL games with him in support when he's home (food for him and his friends included lol), but really it's all about national soccer games the the Premiere League. Don't bother me on Saturday or Sunday mornings when the pitch is ready.
      My recent post Currently On Repeat

  22. One of the first things I do when I'm getting to know a guy is ask what his favorite sports team is, not because I care, but because I want to know and leave him the hell alone when his team is playing. It's worked very well for me so far.

    I've also come to accept the fact that my bf will choose NFL Sundays with his boys especially when is team is playing over doing something with me and I'm okay with it 99% of the time.

    1. I'm gone need you to upload a pic of yourself, because I might need to date you off that post. This is at the very least, what we expect & anything above this like knowing the game or even enjoying the game as much as us is simply bonus points.

  23. I don't watch much NFL unless I'm watching it with a dude. My boss has season tickets to the Titans and can't drag me to a game.

    But Saturday is my day. College football all day. The whole day.

  24. Ehh NFL Football moves too slow for me, I fall asleep waiting for something to happen. I can watch College football, it just seems to move at a faster pace than pro football. Also I always feel like the way they play in the NFL is like they are gonna get paid anyway, I think college athletes play with more heart (both football and basketball).

    I am a basketball girl myself so if we can use basketball references in this letter interchangeably than it works for me 🙂

    I think the NBA playoffs have to be the best time of the year ever! That an March Madness of course, there is nothing sweeter!Football? I can do without but…
    I might cry if there isn’t an NBA season this year

  25. I am a LOVER of football…both college and NFL. I prep the food for any and all guests, and then cop a squat in front of my flat screen to yell at it! I have to admit, my passion for football started with the innate desire to stare at their butts *giggle*…but after watching a few games, I got hooked to the actual plays being made….which is actually a win-win in both instances. HA! Good luck to everyone's team choices this year, but I'm going to toss my hat in for the Packers with a consolation prize for the Pats.
    My recent post brown_shugah: 'I have insecurities, of course, but I don't hang out with anyone who points them out to me..' – Adele …1 of the many reasons why I &lt;3 her

  26. I really don't have a solid favorite NFL team. I definitely watch as many games as I can and catch all the highlights What can I say…I live in Ohio…obviously there's not much to root for football-wise other than Ohio State Football.

    I will say I'm pulling for the Patriots and the Steelers in the AFC this year and Philly and the Cowboys in the NFC.

    My sports allegience starts and ends with the NBA and the Los Angeles Lakers!!! When the Lake Show is on, sh*t gets real at my house, lol.

  27. Late to the Party and only came with a few words.

    F The Cowboy-lovers, Patriots, Steelers, Redskins(they have fans?) and the Bills, because seriously.. f em…

    Good luck to the G-Men, but May God Bless Gang Green.

  28. I read this letter to my boyfriend and he thought he wrote it himself. I am in the room typing and he and my brother are in their own world where I don't exist. It's cool though. I know he loves me.
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  29. I can't believe I missed this today UGH!!!!!!! Damn it to hell business travel!!
    I am sending this to someone right now!

    GO 49ers!!!!!!

  30. I always say what the hell do girls that don't like sports talk to men about?
    I love Sports, I love cheering for my team LSU all day everyday and I love cheering for the Eagles gotta pull for the home team especially when they play the Cowboys down here in Dallas.
    Would love to find a man to date that can be a great rival, go to games with, cook his fav snacks and cheer against all in one! One thing though please dont interrupt me when Im trying to check all the scores from all the games, I need to see what my fantasy players are doing.

    BTW Dallas is a great sports city to live in so when they win everything is better!


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