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Cuffing Season Part 1: Songs and Albums to Get You Through Cold Winter Nights

Let The Cuffing Begin

For some folks music is nothing more than accompaniment, something that plays in the background of everything else going on with little or no influence on our actions. Not for me. For me music has the power to influence and shape my world. It is the soundtrack of my life. There are moments and memories I look back on that are imbued with the the songs that mattered most at the time. When I think of elementary school and my neighborhood growing up I hear B.I.G’s “Ready To Die.” When I think of my first crush – in 6th grade, I hear Tevin Campbells “Can We Talk” and “I’m Ready.” When I think of high school all I hear is Hov. Yes, for me, music is affecting. Today is the first Friday of cuffing season which means many of you will be boo-caking all weekend. Next week the homey Streetz is going to bless you with the how to guide for getting your cuff on. But before all that, let’s make sure you got your music together. This right here is my official cuffing season soundtrack. Let’s jump right in.

Diary of a Mad Band – Jodeci

If you don’t have this in your collection – you fail at life. Diary of Mad Band is Jodeci’s magnum opus. It introduced us to an unknown producer named Timbaland and an unknown producer/singer named “Misdemeanor” who later became Missy Elliot. Key songs to add to your rotation include “Cry For You” and “Feenin.”

Voodoo – D’Angelo

Forget about the fact that D’Angelo looks like ODB’s long lost twin brother. Forget about the fact that he got caught soliciting a prostitute in the park. Voodoo is a classic. Voodoo is the kind of album you you put on when the forecast reads rain all weekend and you’re planning on spending the entire time with someone special. Voodoo is so subtly smooth and soulful that when it plays, you can’t help but want to make sweet, slow, passionate love all day and all night long. Songs to add to your playlist include: “Devil’s Pie,” “Send it On,” and of course “Untitled (How Does it Feel).”

Ready – Trey Songz

I’m not sure if you’re like me, but after all of the allegations, I had to remove all R.Kelly songs from my love making playlist. Making love to his joints just seems to skeevy. Thankfully, Trey Song dropped “Ready” right on time. Where as Voodoo makes you wanna make love, Ready makes you wanna bone. Not much more to say than that. Key songs to add to the playlist are: “Panty Dropa,” “I Invented Sex,” and “Neighbors Know My Name.”

Love Deluxe – Sade

It was really difficult to choose between this, Sade’s third album and the first album “Diamond Life.” The trump card in this game is the classic “No Ordinary Love.” Is it possible to not love “No Ordinary Love” – particularly the extended seven minute album version? Wow. Other songs to add to the playlist from this album are “Kiss of Life” and “Cherish the Day.”

Janet– Janet Jackson

Janet took there on this album. It was like she said, you know what, I’m a fully grown woman, I love sex, and I’m going to sing about it. This was the first album where Janet went totally R&B on us and let us see just how sensual and loving she could be. Songs to add to the playlist for this album include: “That’s The Way Love Goes,” “Again,” and “Anytime, Anyplace.” By far, my favorite Janet album – especially during cuffing season.

Purple Rain Soundtrack – Prince

If you ask most people, the most important album of the 1980’s was Michael Jackson’s “Thriller.” While I won’t deny the cultural importance of MJ’s joint, it is not my favorite album of that decade. My favorite album of that decade, and the most important album of that decade for me was Prince’s “Purple Rain.” The joint is just perfect. Never before and not since this album has anyone ever captured the musical sweet spot that sits between funk, rock, soul and rhythm and blues. It’s just a perfect album. My favorite joints for the cuffing music playlist include: “Purple Rain,” “Take Me With You” and “The Beautiful Ones.” As an aside, if you really like “The Beautiful Ones,” Mariah has an awesome remake of this joint on her album “Butterfly” featuring Dru Hill. Check that out and thank me later.

Kind of Blue – Miles Davis

This is the album that changed the face of Jazz music. Miles knocked it out the box with this one. It’s the sort of music that is both conversational and romantic. It’s suitable for a nice home cooked, candle lit dinner, while also suitable for post coital cuddling. Songs to really focus on are: “Flamenco Sketches,” “Blue in Green” and “So What.”

Thursday – TheWeeknd

Gotta add something current to the list and I can’t think of anything better to add than TheWeeknd’s latest offering. I already wrote a whole post about one of the songs on this joint so y’all know I dig it. I know reviews of it have been mixed but there are definitely some joints worth noting on here. My favorite joints include: “Thursday,” “The Birds pt. 1” “The Zone,” and “Lonely Star.” Looking forward to more new music from this dude – clearly talented and clearly soulful – this guy is poised to do something special.

That’s my soundtrack. What’s yours? What do you listen to when you want to set the scene just right. Are you cuffing season certified yet? If not, download the above, load it on your playlist and this weekend… stay low and keep firing.


  1. Love that you included Miles Davis! I've always thought Blue in Green was a great cuddle song. To add to the jazz tracks I'd like to suggest In a Sentimental Mood by Duke Ellington.

    Great list! Ill try to add more tomorrow

    1. In a sentimental Mood" will have you drowing in a sea of emotions as every note takes you deeper and further away from the surface of reality and into the realms of another world.

      Yea, definitely a song worth mentioning.

  2. ALL OF THIS! Can I just tell you….. Blue in Green is my absolute FAVE!!!!!! and Vodoo has been in rotation the entire summer for me.
    I would add:
    Maxwell – Embrya "Drowndeeep. Hula" and "Submerge" whew
    Sweetback – Sweetback Album every song!
    Art of Noise "Moments in Love"
    Prince -Sign o' the Times "If I were your girlfriend" and "Adore"
    Norman Brown – Celebration

    I'm ready the the cuffing commence LOL…..

    1. I was just listening to Embrya the other day! Don’t forget Maxwells “Urban Hang Suite” and “Blacksummersnight”

      SN:I would trade Trey Songz “Ready” for his “Anticipation” mixtape if you haven’t heard that you are definitely slippin That whole thing is fire!

  3. 1.Here we go again- Ray charles
    2. Marsha Ambrosius-late night early mornings
    3.TLC- Crazy Sexy Cool
    4.Jill scoot- Crown Royal
    5. Alaine- Sacrifice

    1. Whewww!!! Crown Royal on Ice though?! Just the THOUGHT of the song is enough to make me make a phone call…lol! If yall aren't up on that, just google the lyrics and see if they don't make you feel some type of way immedietely…

  4. I love all of this! but I have to add:
    Maxwell-Sumthin Sumthin mellowsmooth remix off of the Love Jones soundtrack!!!
    Adele-Lovesong and Make You Feel My Love
    Theophilus London-I Want You
    Jill Scott-My Love
    Lauryn Hill-Nothig Even Matters
    Corinne Baliey Rae- Breathless
    …..I could go on all night so I'll stop here, oh and that Mariah cover, thanks for that
    My recent post "However richly endowed we may be, we always lack something, and the best among us feel our own…"

  5. Good list! Folk slept on Mariah & Dru Hill's cover of "Beautiful Ones," so I'm glad to see it's honorable mention. Add "Baby Doll" from that album to your playlist, too.

    1. "I Want You" by Marvin Gaye
    2. "Crown Royal" by Jill Scott
    3. "All I" by Jill Scott
    4. "Skin" by Rihanna
    5. "Knockin Da Boots"
    6. "So Anxious" by Ginuwine
    7. "Customer" by Raheem Devaughn
    8. "Break You Off" by The Roots ft Musiq
    9. "Slowly" by Tank
    10. "Can You Handle It" by Usher
    My recent post bsquared86: RT @DaveCanon_: RT @1o_a_K sometimes you gotta remind yourself who you are and what you deserve and decide to walk that shit everyday.

  6. Good list Most… but let me dig in the crates and add a couple of suggestions I inherited from my mothers vinyl collection.

    1. Hot Buttered Soul by Issac Hayes… if for no other reason than to listen to the 12:03 minute version of Walk On By which combines classic strings and hot guitar put this on repeat and remember to bring protection the old school don’t call this baby making music for nothing.

    2. Blue Light Til Dawn by Cassandra Wilson… this album starts with You Don’t Know What Love Is and ends with I Can’t Stand the Rain, everything in between is driven by the smokey sensuous quality of Cassandra’s voice. Cuffing music at its finest.

    3.Amigos by Santana… Europa (Earth’s Cry Heaven’s Smile) is arguably one of the best guitar solos ever, every time I hear it I want to call up Carlos and ask him who he likes his eggs. This album organically oozes sexy in a way that doesn’t make you seem pressed in anyway.

    4.Aja by Steely Dan… Donald Fagen’s voice rides melodically over smooth loungey jazz groove and is their anything sexier than saxophone… nope

    Happy Cuffing Season ~JS

  7. Also glad to see “Kind of Blue” on the list. I recently bought a book that chronicles how it was conceived and executed.

    Keeping with the classic jazz theme I’ll go with “Baby It’s Cold Outside”, “Tenderly”, “Dancing Cheek to Cheek” and “Isn’t This a Lovely Day” all by Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald.

  8. Good List but what would a playlist be without Stevie & Donny??!!??

    My list would include

    1) knocks me off my feet: Stevie Wonder

    2) daily bread: Martin Luther

    3) lay down: Floetry

    4) misty: Donny Hathaway

    5) my loves old fashioned: CeeLo Green

    6) Sunday morning: Maroon 5

    7) banana pancakes: Jack Johnson

    8) all night: Damon & Stephen Marley

    9) the face: Kings of Leon

    10) Moody’s mood for love: Elliott Yamin version

    11) so beautiful: MusiqSoulchild

    12) all night long: SWV

    13) I’d die without you: PM Dawn

    14) teach you a lesson: Robin Thicke

    15) making love: Eric Benet

    I could probably keep going, but 15 songs a good CD doth make!

      1. Have you heard
        Cream: Sunshine of your Love?
        Blood Sweat & Tears: You've made me so very happy (so classic) and When I die?
        The Black Keys: Everlasting light and The Only One?
        Kings of Leon: Mi Amigo (my absolute favorite)
        I could pretty much live off of the Kings of Leon alone

        the Tymes: So much in love? (<—- How could I forget this?)
        My recent post I’ve been loving you too long

    1. I was a crazed Elliott Yamin Fan when he was on American Idol! Love the guy…

      And HIGH FIVE on the "teach you a lesson" mention…

  9. fantastic list. i love that you kept it retro . But I think the best songs on Ready were black roses and one love, the other songs I hear too much on the radio to play on my own.

    I love music post because everybody gets on the comment section with good choices, than you hits you like 'damn, I do need to re-download that Voodoo album'

    I got a playlist on my ipod called "Missionary with the candles lit" its like 400 songs deep. Some featured songs include:
    Bobby Brown: Roni
    Force MD Tender Love
    Ready for the World
    Teedra Moses – Backstroke
    Roger Troutman – be your man
    Peter Gabriel – In your eyes
    Goo Goo Dolls – Iris
    DMB – Crash into me
    R Kelly I can't sleep remix
    Troop – All I do (i think its better than the J5 version, sorry MJ)
    Matchbox 20 – 3am …. and the list goes on for what feels like every unitl I catch a leg cramp.

      1. Teedra Moses – Backstroke => Get out of my head!!!
        They wouldnt let me post my full list so here is the edited version
        Maxwell – Bad Habits…
        Prince -Money don't matter
        United Soul – Sleeve => Please tell me someone else knows this song.
        Jill Scott – Declaration of woman…”I am not afraid to be you lady, I am no afraid to be your whore…”
        Slum Village – Count the ways
        Dwele – Early morning…sh*t his whole repertoire will do.
        Tyrese – Signs of love making
        TLC => Lets take our time
        Chaka Khan => my funny valentine.
        Anthony Hamilton => Exclusive, clearly
        Eric Clapton – Wonderful tonight

        My recent post Weave-Lapse

  10. Addendums: Bilal's "Love for Sale" album, The Love Jones Soundtrack (remember when soundtracks were almost if not better than albums?!), and both of Raphael Saddiq's solo albums (though TonyToniTone's "Lay Your Head on My Pillow is the TRUTH!).

  11. And the rest…
    B.I.G – Sky is the limit, Get money<=this beat slays me…
    Tupac – Do 4 love
    Busta Rhymes – Whats it’s gonna be(f.JanetJ), I’ll do it all (f.Latoya.J)
    Common – Come closer, light, I want you
    Tweet& Bilal – best friends
    Aaliyah – 1 in A Million
    Erykah Badu – I want you
    Lenny Kravitz – Heaven help, Again
    Amy Winehouse – My bed
    Alicia Keys – Unthinkable, Diary
    Bob Marley – Wait in vain
    Gentlman – Jah jah never fail (woooi oiiii)
    Wow, sorry for taking over your comment thread….*fans self*

    1. The sample for Sky's the Limit is called My Flame by Bobby Caldwell, which isn't a bad song either. And speaking of Bobby Caldwell, What You Won't Do For Love is an excellent song for cuffing season.

  12. Great post Most! So fun! I'll co-sign the ladies above with Jill Scott's "Crown Royal." That song! OMG And I'll add:
    some otherJill Scott joints "He Loves Me" and "All I"
    Floetry "Say Yes"
    Beyonce "Speechless"
    Isley Brothers "For the Love of You," "Choosey Lover," "Between the Sheets" I like a lot of Isley Bros.
    Al Green "Simply Beautiful"
    Lauryn Hill "Nothing Even Matters"
    John Legend "Good Morning" omg
    Keith Sweat "Nobody" lol
    Lonnie Liston Smith "Enchantress"
    And I gotta co-sign that Trey Songz Ready album especially "You Belong to Me"

  13. Yess love this post!! Voodoo changed my life for real smh. Like I skip songs when it comes on my shuffle because there is a time and a place lol. I agree with you on the No Ordinary Love piece but I still think Stronger Than Pride wins out (Nothing Can Come Between Us and Paradise especially). That's just me though. Complete co-sign for Ready and the R. Kelly sentiments. He's off the ruggy list. These are the albums I'd add – with some notes:

    Jill Scott – The Light of The Sun (also, this song is not on that album, but "Imagination." Whooo chile)
    Corinne Bailey Rae – Corinne Bailey Rae
    John Legend – Evolver (this one a million times over, especially Good Morning and This Time)

    My recent post Currently On Repeat

  14. Musiq Soulchild – musiqinthemagiq (pretty much every track on this album goes for cuffing time, people really underestimated this one in my opinion)
    112 – Part III <—- yes.
    Timothy Bloom – The Budding Rose (I don't know if a lot of people have heard about him yet, but just look up "End of Time" featuring V. The video is kinda NSFW in a really beautiful way but yea, he's amazing.

    I'll probs be back with more and I'm going to have a downloading party this weekend with what everybody else puts up. Can't wait.

    My recent post Currently On Repeat

  15. I think I may try to cuff a goon this season so my playlist may look a little different

    TrillVille – Some Cut
    Three 6 Mafia – Lil' Freak
    D4L – Bobble Head
    Khia – My Neck, My Back
    GUCCI MANE [feat. Ludacris & Lil kim] – Freaky Girl
    NaS – Oochie Wally

    oh and just to get a little romantic
    Plies – Bust it baby

    1. *dead*

      "throw on a rap cd we gangsta f*ck, this ain't r&b smooth, i ain't a r&b dude. poured a glass of army, got mami in the mood. then she stripped for me like the moulin rouge" – #NameThatLyric
      My recent post The Dating Game

        1. You know I'm not up on all of this Reecie but I didn't think that was a goon song, I just love the song, it doesn't necessarily seem like something you'd throw on to set a mood either though. Imma have to go listen to Ghostface's song now. The only song I know by him is that one that goes "All that I got is you…" makes me cry.

    2. You a fool Kema! That’s why I love you girl! Add Juvenile “Slow Motion” and Devin the Dude “Ligole Bips” to that! lol You so crazy!

        1. Girl I don't know much about him. My hubby put me on him but he was on Scarface's "F*ck faces" and most of his lyrics are just funny as h.ell! He raps high.

    3. YESSSSSS!! Kema… my whole iPad… Goon Loving music. Omg. I'm trying something new this cuffing season!

      Where to start…

      Waka Flaka – Round of Applause
      Ludacris – Tell Me A Secret
      Twista – Yellow Light
      and old school…
      Busta Rhymes/Janet Jackson – What's It Gonna Be

  16. maybe its just me but i don't prefer music when doing what i do but i mean if me and a woman are chilling out before hand i might throw in a couple of albums.

    112- Part III (sweet love)
    floetry- floetic (say yes)
    donnell jones- where i wanna be (this luv)
    vivian green- a love story (be good to you)
    ryan leslie- transition (i choose you)
    musiq-aijuwanaseing (settle for my love)
    marvin gaye- love songs (feel all my love inside)
    frank ocean- nostalgia (american wedding)
    eric roberson- the collection (softest lips)
    My recent post The Dating Game

    1. *Clap of approval*
      Yeah the sounds of love making (no tyrese) don't need a music BUT I would not hate if these play in the background.
      It's always nice when songs come on that give you flash backs *glazed eyes*

    1. Side note: If we're revealing our "first time" songs, mine was "Sex in the Kitchen", by R. Kelly. Don't judge me! My dude told me to put on some music to make me comfortable and I just couldn't miss out on a song with a breakdown of, "Girl I'm ready to toss yo' salad!!" That ish had me crackin' up!! 🙂

  17. I see ya got a lil taste … DJ Top 5's Music to Blaze to playlist:

    The Weeknd – What You Need
    Vikter Duplaix – Nothing Like Your Touch
    Stevie Wonder – Lookin' For Another Pure Love (Cuffin Season extraordinaire)
    Res – 700 Mile Situation
    Raheem DeVaughn – Desire
    Leon Ware – Girl, Girl, Girl (from "The Education of Sonny Carson Soundtrack" … Blaxploitation FTW)
    Kev Brown ft. Chronkite, Eric Roberson & Wayna – Hennessy Pt. 2
    Jill Scott – So Gone (What My Mind Says) ft. Paul Wall
    Dwele – Dim The Lights ft. Raheem DeVaughn
    Slum Village – Climax (Girl Sh*t)
    Marvin Gaye – Distant Lover


  18. Yo, for contemporary stuff I decided to go the TheWeeknd because that's what I'm rocking right now but, in case you missed it, that Miguel album from last fall goes hard in the paint too.

    "Sure Thing"
    "All I Want is You"
    "Girls Like You"

    All dope.

    He also has a really great cover of Britney Spears' "Hold It Against Me" Check it out here:

    My recent post That Certain Something “Watch The Throne” is Missing

    1. I love "Quickie" it makes being a jumpoff sound appealing. lol! But then you hear "sure thing" and realize thats what you really want.

  19. Most this is on point! Jodeci rains supreme forever! There will never be another like them. Might I add

    Amel Laurrieux- For Real
    Amerie- That whole first album! "All I Have"
    Kindred- Far Away
    Jill Scott- Whatever & Cross My Mind
    Trey Songz- Anticipation mix tape (I'd argue that its better than Ready!)
    Marshia Ambrosius- Late Nights/Early Mornings
    Jamie Foxx- Unpredictable (the WHOLE album!)
    Anthony Hamilton- The Point of it All
    Janet- Twenty-Foreplay
    Eric Benet- Chocolate Legs
    TLC- Red Light Special
    Robin Thicke- Sex Therapy
    Usher- Seduction

    And of course I wouldn't be me if I didn't throw in my gurl Bey! Speechless & Dance For You!!!

    1. Aww Mina I commented up above about Treys Anticipation mixtape before I saw your comment girl. That Mixtape is definitely hotter than Ready My favorites off of it are “Did she Know” and “Scratchin me up” what are yours?

  20. Nice Variety! I just can’t have” So What” without John Coltrane’s “A Love Supreme”…. and then you can ease into Trey but I’d Replace that Panty Droppa with Doorbell, and Add to Janet’s ” Would You Mind or Discipline” ohh, and I definitely have to add Jill’s “Until Then, I Imagine “cause that right there really is the beginning….all you can do is Imagine when you just cuffing lol!

    1. I like the direction you're going with this Fuzzy. "Would You Mine" is my joint and Coltrane's "A Love Supreme" is about as good as it gets as far as love making Jazz is concerned:

      No Matter What … It is With God
      He is gracious and merciful
      His way is through love
      In which we all are
      It is truly -A Love Supreme-

      -John Coltrane

      For bonus points, name the movie that ends with this quote. As a hint… the movie was originally supposed to be called "A Love Supreme"
      My recent post That Certain Something “Watch The Throne” is Missing

      1. Im a Trane Fan all the way soooo Naima is def in my top 10! I Can talk about his songs/covers all day. That man had it! When I Look at his old footage on youtube… smh, he just had swagger.

  21. But can we take a moment to talk about Janet's "Funny How Time Flies" from Rhythm Nation? When she starts talking that French ish??? I was but a wee boy when I first heard that but even then I knew it was sexy as hell.

    As a matter of fact, it'd be totally awesome if one of you ladies out there who speak fluent French could take a listen and translate that for us.
    My recent post That Certain Something “Watch The Throne” is Missing

    1. I must admit I had a Janet mixtape just by itself and Let’s wait a while and Funny How time flies where tracks 1 and 2 Anytime Any Place was #3. After that its a blurr since I haven’t seen it in about 13 years. However I continue to update my Janet mix on my Ipod pretty regularly. Her and Jill you just have to give them their own slowjam file. New addition to my rotation has been Marsha Ambrosius…she has some really nice tracks too! All the way back to Floetry with Say Yes!

    2. If my French hasn't failed me she says: iI me plait d'etre avec tu, je ne sais pas ou, o le temps s'est enfui. Je t'aime mon cheri Which translates as I'm so happy to be with you, it doesn't matter where… Oh, where does the time go. I love you, beloved (or dearest, or hunny *insert random term of endearment here*).

      What she says isn't exactly grammatically correct, but it sounds beautiful. Have you heard Donny sing Je vous aime beaucoup? In his southern drawl… still very nice!

      My recent post I’ve been loving you too long

    3. You have to listen to Madeleine Peyroux (like a French Billie Holiday I swear) but they all sing this great song: Ne Me Quitte Pas (roughly translated: Never, or please dont, leave me)

      There's this one part I really love:
      Moi je t'offrirai Des perles de pluie Venues de pays Où il ne pleut pas Je creuserai la terre Jusqu'après ma mort Pour couvrir ton corps D'or et de lumière Je ferai un domaine Où l'amour sera roi
      Which translates: I will (personally) offer you tear drops (or rain drops) in places where it doesn't rain. I will drill a hole in the ground, until the brink of death to cover your body in in gold and light. I would make you a palace where love would be king (or would reign like a king).

      image the picture this love song creates… Beautiful. And the English translation (if you ever leave me) doesn't do it justice…

      But you know who have the French beat? Russians! I've read some of the most heart wrenching and passionate poetry by Pushkin, Dostoevsky… with love songs by Chaplain. They really know how to string some words together… *sigh*
      My recent post I’ve been loving you too long

  22. I can't get with that Ready, at all. I like Trey's first two albums personally. Diary of a Mad Band is a classic, and Jodeci is one of my favorite groups so I will cosign that. Janet is also my fave by Damita Jo. I prefer my hometown homie's debut classic Brown Sugar but Voodoo is dope as well. The Weekend only has two songs that do it for me: "What You Need" and "The Zone" all in all, nice choices.

    I also don't really associate cuffin season with necessarily just sexy music. it can be lots of things that play out through the courtship of getting to know someone. and because I blog about music all the time I don't really have a list, but I will shamless plug and say all of my posts reflect my great musical taste. 🙂
    My recent post I may be young in age…

    1. "and because I blog about music all the time I don't really have a list,"

      See! Thats why I was excited to know what your list would look like. What music would you play during the courtship? C'mon… Do it for the kids!

      1. Kema I'm lazy! but because you asked–and I already have a playlist for this I will share some of them:

        Why Don't We Fall in Love – Amerie (really her entire first CD)
        The Newness – Eric Roberson
        Believe – Raheem DeVaughn (his debut works as well, but this song right here!!!)
        I think I love you -Algebra
        Falling -Amerie
        For A lifetime ~ Teedra Moses
        Against the World – Robin Thicke
        The Hunger – Eric Roberson
        Lady – D'Angelo
        The Way – Jill Scott
        Certified – Lloyd
        Cupid – 112
        Sure Thing – Miguel
        Fancy – The Dream

        My recent post I may be young in age…

        1. Fancy – The Dream

          I will tell you right now…. there are not enough Dream songs on everyone's list. I heard the free mixtape he just dropped went hard too. Everyone wants to be up on Frank Ocean, Miguel, The Weekend.. they must of forgot who was the first provocative R&B singer of the new millenium.

        2. you're right cheekz, he has tons of bangers, I'm a huge fan, of him and Lloyd actually but you knew that.

          I recently read something where Dream was basically saying I led the way for dudes like Frank and The Weeknd on their emo sh*t. he's right. his new mixtape is straight too. matter fact I'm going to listen to that now.
          My recent post I may be young in age…

        3. That is right we are both Lloyd fans.
          That little ninja makes me so happy with the way he sings (PAUSE).

          Great touch, that was a dope post you did from way back when. Always great reads on your's and Lala's personal blog. Those two and Slim's on the only jawns I have bookmarked.
          *plug aint shameless if its a third party*

  23. Nice playlist Most!!

    This is definitely an ambiance (set the mood) kind of playlist while knocking back a few cocktails. I can’t be having background music during the session, it’ll throw me off rhythem.

    But may I add:

    Sisqo – Incomplete, Enchantment

    Maroon 5 – Sweetest Goodbye

    Crowded House – Don’t Dream It’s Over

    Sade – Moon and Sky

    Phil Collins – Groovy kind of love, Air of Night

    The List Goes on But I’ll stop here.

  24. *takes notes and hops on bit-torrent*

    And this my fellow Men-folk is how you define winnning… Let someone else do all the work, and you reap the benefits…

    Y'all gon make me get someone pregnant…

    1. I love Luther's "You are My Lady" but when he came out with "Dance with My Father" I couldn't listen to him the same way anymore. Sorry Hugh.

        1. Reecie, after that much foreplay, you know he nutted real quick. He just ain’t want to admit that to us so he just claiming great foreplay…

        2. hahaaaaa Krystll got jokie jokes lol…i prob nutted a good 4 times during so i was good and crazy exhausted

      1. Thing is I had no real clue about that album..shawty brought it ova..im thinkin im not sexin to no damn music..lol needless to say that album ran on repeat for 5 damn hours…

    1. "Brown Sugar >>> Voodoo"

      I'm glad you said this so I wouldn't have to, LOL. Higher, Me & those dreamin eyes of mine, When we get by, Lady…WHAT!!!!!!!!!!! No comparison. And I say that while LOVING his cover of the Ohio Players, "Heaven Must Be Like This"….

  25. Great Post!! My list is below (a couple of retro songs and what is in my playlist right now)

    "All the way around"- Marvin Gaye
    "Overjoyed" (Rendition)- Grover Washington Jr. feat. Freddy Cole
    "Love in Time"- Esperanza Spalding
    "I Wanna to Know"- The Foreign Exchange
    "Beauty"- Jose James (Probably one of the best albums I heard this year)
    "Desire"- Jose James
    "Like Crazy" (Live) – Jill Scott (Jilly is on another level when you see her perform live)
    "Heaven"- Kem
    "Love Ballard"- LTD

    But the theme song and video for cuffin' season should be "Let's Chill"- Guy: http://youtu.be/3Wj8Yxa309E

      1. Agreed and its also one of my top 10 favorite songs of all time. You can actually feel what Jeffery Osbourne's was feeling when he sings it. lol.

      1. I actually like this rendition better than Stevie's original b/c I think Freddy gives it a different meaning (describes perfectly how you feel about someone you're in a relationship with) compared to Stevie's original upbeat tempo (he was singing about the birth of his daughter).

      1. Thank you very much. lol. I have been a Little Brother and Phonte (NC based) since my undergrad days in Greensboro, NC. lol. But the FE albums currently in my playlist (Dear Friends: An Evening With The Foreign Exchange and Authenticity) shows the musical genius of Phonte and Nicolay.

    1. Actually I already played that "All The Way Around" a few times today … Dope. and good look on that LTD. Jose James is definitely slept on!!!

      1. If I didn't watch Our Family Wedding with my sister, I wouldn't found out who he was. lol. To say that movie was ok, the soundtrack for it was pretty spot on. Jose James is really slept on in the US (he's from NY but is signed to a UK record company).

  26. Posting from my phone, hope this goes through

    Let’s Get It On- Marvin Gaye (the entire album)

    We Should Be Making Love -Trey Songz

    Sade- Cheirsh The Day

    Sweetest Thing- Lauryn Hill

    Beauty- Dru Hill

    Feenin- Jodeci

    Speechless- Beyonce

    In A Sentimental Mood- Duke Ellington and John Coltrane

    Close Your Eyes- Peaches and Herb

    Don’t Disturb This Groove -(I forget the group)

      1. You ain't lying. Beauty was probably one of the best songs of the late 90s. lol. Surprised the hell out of me when Sisqo came out with the "Thong Song" after that. lol.

  27. Most of the music you guys listed were great, but I could never get into the music like that. The only music to my ears I needed was her gasping for breath, and……you can figure the rest out. (I don't want to get graphic) lol

  28. All John Legend everything…
    Definitely some Raphael Saadiq, Ray Charles & Stevie Wonder
    Lots of Sade & Melody Gardot…their music is great for those cold winter months.

    For the music snobs & those with sophisticated musical taste: Melody Gardot is on point…very intimate & dreamy with a splash of soul & jazz– definitely takes you to another reality. A few noteable songs are "Goodnite", "If the stars were mine" & "Baby I'm a fool"

    (and Most, I love that Mariah Carey/Dru-Hill "Beautiful Ones" remake!).
    My recent post MikasThoughts: Is it 5pm yet?

  29. Outside of that TP2, I can say I have a good sex songs BUT my love song list looks a lil like this:
    Issac hayes – the look of love – extended version
    Jodeci – you give good love
    Lenny Kravitz – I belong to you
    Debarge – all this love
    E. Badu – Orange moon, in love wit you
    Dru Hill – What are we gonna do, you are everything
    Stevie wonder – you and I
    Luther – Since I lost my baby
    OJays – Wildflower (live version)
    Tony Toni Tone – Lay your head on my pillow, anniversary
    John Legend – Again

      1. Imma hardcore stevie junkie.." I believe " is the joint! "Another Star " is probably my favorite song for so many reason..the arrangement alone is incredible

        1. I honestly feel that Stevie and I have a relationship that no one else can understand. He's the first man in my life, lol. There is nothing like Never Dreamed You Leave in Summer, Seems so Long, Superwoman (into Where were you when I needed you (my absolute FAVORITE)), Girl Blue {Clearly Music of my Mind is the best album}. Also included in the mix: Sunshine in their eyes and Do I Do…
          Stevie is a genius…

          Close second? Donny Hathaway… OMG I love that man! Misty, Thank you Master, Take a love song. Pure Genius

          So… Do you like James Morrison?
          My recent post I’ve been loving you too long

        2. Now you talkin..Superwoman has got to be the greatest song ever..its REAL music! my close second would have to be Issac Hayes, dude is a master arranger..the extended version of "the look of love"did it for me

          James Morrison? i gotta go check it out, never really heard of him

        3. yes, yes, yes: start with If you don't wanna love me, dream on Hayley, Precious love, You give me something, Wonderful World

          Then move to Emily King (album EP 7 is the best). Listen to Down, Radio, Georgia. Switch to East Side Story listen to U & I, Never be lonely, Ride with me

          And simply enjoy!
          My recent post Hear My Call

    1. I am very picky with my Hip Hop love songs. Too often they sound like cheesy attempts to get radio spins. No real feeling behind them, just looking to appeal to a female fan base more likely to buy records
      *CHeeKZ stop preaching*

      But Wale does them right. Also I like Fat Joe's All I need (you can tell its about his wife)
      Fabolous – make you better
      Roots – U got me
      Reflection Eternal – Love Language
      and the before mention: the light, I want you, and break you off

  30. You know there's gonna be some chexin music in those albums since 5 of the 8 covers featured topless folks, lol

    Other songs that make my tingly in my lady parts…
    Neyo's – "Say Yes"
    Jill Scott – "Whatever"
    Eric Benet – "Just My Way"

    1. I don’t know the song title, but its Prince! I wont google and cheat but I don’t think anything …and I do mean ANYTHING that Prince makes is cuffing season music. Its Grown Up, Incredulous, Raw, Sex you have to be past the 9 month rule to even break out Prince, and cuffing season is only for 5 months Im sorry lol. You pull that out for your One Nighter, or your Old Timer (Established Relationship) nothing in between. You gotta know what you doing when you pull Prince out at all times.

      1. "Its Grown Up, Incredulous, Raw, Sex you have to be past the 9 month rule to even break out Prince, and cuffing season is only for 5 months Im sorry lol."

        "Future Baby Mama" Prince

        Would that fall under Cuffing Season? ;o)

        1. Nope, Its to easy to be confused with longevity. This one line right hear envokes a spirit of Projection

          “To build a house together,tthe thing that matters more, iis under the floor a strong foundation that lasts forever more”

          Play it on the first date she aleast knows you wanna put it down tonight and she’s second guessing the expiration on that condom she has in her purse or wondering how fresh the guys box is…lol. Im real simple when it comes to sexual relations. Anyone you are willing to have sex with you have the “potential” to be/make a baby momma cause condoms/ birth control is NOT 100%. So you take that risk even with a one nighter! So basically anyone you hit can be a baby momma! And she should Realize that potential even with a one night stand! (Maury, Maury, Maury…but I digress) However, play it anywhere between date #2 and month 8 and she has the” potential” to forecast or Project that ur tellng her you wanna have a family and “potential” to get married (to her). Stupid, I know, but I have known far too many cases where a “cuffing” participant thinks shes the “girlfriend” or better yet” wifey material”lmbo. Dare I say again, cuffing season only last about 5 months. So you need songs that are straightforward enough to set the mood for a moment… not for a lifetime. Lmbo

  31. I was reticent to put a list together, because I could easily do a list of 150 songs, so here is a list. This list is for background music and setting a mood. This list is for quiet conversation or lovemaking, not fcuking.

    Chante Moore – Precious
    Minnie Riperton – Inside Me
    Anita Baker – You Bring Me Joy
    Con Funk Shun – Straight From the Heart
    Tony Toni Tone – Me and You
    Rose Royce – I Wanna Get Next To You
    Janet Jackson – Twenty FourPlay
    Keith Washington – Kissing You
    Al Green – Still In Love With You
    Isley Brothers – For The Love of You
    The Deele – Two Occasions
    After 7 – Ready or Not
    Shalamar – This Is For the Lover In You
    Luther Vandross – A House Is Not a Home
    Stevie Wonder – Knocks Me Off My Feet
    Maxwell – Til The Cops Come Knockin'
    Jill Scott – Not Like Crazy

  32. Ok, I'm back. Seems like everyone has mentioned a lot of my faves, and I agree wholeheartedly with Most's list.

    *shameless plug* Check out my latest post for a few of my faves from the ladies…

    A few not mentioned…

    Rain – SWV
    Single – Lil Wayne
    Voyage to Atlantis – Isley Brothers
    Sex Room – Ludacris
    He Loves Me – Jill Scott
    Breathe, Marathon, Love Drug – Raheem Devaughn
    Nasty Girl – Beyonce
    Butterflies – Michael Jackson
    Darling Nicki – Prince

    I have more, but its time for lunch…

    My recent post My Love Is Like…

  33. Like to add;

    Mariah Carey "Ribbon"
    Prince "Joy in Repetition" "Somebody's Somebody"
    Aaliyah "The One I Gave My Heart To" (RIP)
    Jay-Z "Song Cry"
    Lionel Ritchie/Commodores "Easy Like Sunday Morning"
    Shirley Murdock "As We Lay" I think that's her name

    Okay Imma stop for real..

      1. LOL Jokes. Dont got time to read all the comments today but…

        Blackstreet – Dont leave me
        ANYTHING that 112 made
        Tyrese signs of love making
        Lil Wayne – She Will for my stripper chicks
        +1 at whoever mentioned trey songz anticipation
        TLC – Red Light Special

        All I got now.
        My recent post Stressed Out Students – [Infographic]

  34. I'm so glad somebody FINALLY said "Anticipation"… That mixtape was the business.

    I must say. I agree with The Weeknd …I think both mixes are excellent. Right now, "House of Balloons" edges out over "Thursday" but we'll get there.

    I think some of mine are a little unorthodox but here goes:

    Gerald Levert-"The G Spot"
    Ruben Studdard="After the Candles Burn"
    Isleys-"Make Me Say It Again"
    Alicia Keys-"Unthinkable"

    AND THE O'JAYS… Stairway to Heaven…. (Fool around and make me shout!)

  35. This was a great post. I’d participate fully if massa ain’t block SBM page again….smh

    I just want to add…

    Ask of You by Raphael Saadiq

    The never that you’ll never know-Mint Condition

    There you go- Johnny Gill

    One Night – After 7

    Yearning for your love – The Gap Band

    Two Occasions – the Deele

    I can go on but these are a couple of my all time favorite classic joints. The list is way too long to type on this phone.

    Have a peaceful loving weekend people!

    1. When you bought up Two Occasions something just clicked for me and I need to look that up on amazon cause I could not for the life of me remember what the name of that group was. Babyface “n dem” is what I’ve been saying for a minute lol

  36. some of the songs on my list…..

    Usher, can u handle it, thats what its made for, little freak,
    Xscape: softest place on earth, my little secret
    anything Jill Scott, Floetry and
    Avant..Phone Sex
    Trey Songs….love faces, massage
    Keri Hilson….Slow Dance
    Chris Brown…..take you down, no bullshit..wet the bed
    Jah Cure….before i leave

  37. I would be behind the times on a MUSIC POST!!!!!! UGGGGGGGGHHHHH!!! I couldn't even begin to articulate how much music is just what I do, lol. Now, to my list… (all late…but whatever, lol). Y'all mentioned great stuff. I'll add…

    Janet Jackson – Would You Mind
    Raheem DeVaughn – You, Breathe, Love Drug, Customer, Mo Better, Desire, Marathon, Empty, Four Letter Word, Garden of Love
    Van Hunt – Seconds of Pleasure, Down Here in Hell (with you)
    High Five – Can't Wait Another Minute
    Keith Sweat – Right and a Wrong Way, Make it last Forever
    Joonie – You Got Me, Acoustic Love, Love You More
    Joe – Signature CD
    Janelle Monae – Say You'll Go
    Faith Evans – Faith Evans CD, Anything You Need
    Eric Roberson – Right or Wrong
    Dwele – My Lova
    Chrisette Michele – Love is You, If I have my Way
    Carl Thomas – Summer Rain, Thought You Should Know (whew…my my)
    Bruno Mars – Our First Time
    Boys II Men – Ribbon in the Sky
    Bilal – Soul Sista
    Calvin Richardson – More than a Woman

    Lemme just stop there, LOL…I could do this all evening!!!!

  38. Free my post…AGAIN, LOL… man…

    (now that it's been released)…thanks Fellas! 🙂

    Oh, and I gotta add Kem's Share My Life…

  39. Long time lurker, but I had to come out for this.

    No one mentioned
    Jagged Edge, Boyz II Men, Shai, Bel Biv Devoe or Tevin Campbell

    My List:
    -Zhane- Sending My Love, Love Me Today, and La, La, La
    -Mista (before Bobby V was Bobby V) -I Think That I Should Be and Lady
    -Neyo -Comfortable (ultimate cuffing song imo)
    -Rock Witcha (Bobby Brown and Bobby V versions)
    -Total- Kissing You (Remix and Original)
    -Melanie Fiona
    -LeToya Luckett- Good to Me and I Need a U
    -Keyshia Cole- A Different Me and Calling All Hearts
    -Mary J. Blige- Share My World
    -Monica- Miss Thang and Still Standing
    -Usher- The Many Ways
    -Tony Terry-With You

    That’s all I can think of at the moment

  40. Alright, I finally managed to go through the thread. Here are some of my songs that I didn't see listed (my bad if any were):

    Stroke You Up – Changing Faces & R Kelly (This was "our" song)
    Get Up on It – Keith Sweat f. Kut Klose
    Slow Wind (Wine for me) – R Kelly
    In Love With You – Erykah Badu f. Ziggy Marley
    No Ordinary Love – Alaine
    Rendezvous; Unbelievable – Craig David
    Through My Heart (The Arrow); Last Night; So In Love; – Az Yet
    Turn Your Lights Down Low – Lauryn Hill & Bob Marley
    Fire – Babyface f. Desree
    I'll Make Love to You – Boys II Men
    I belong to You – Brian McKnight
    Interruptions; Feeling You – Donnell Jones
    Stingy; My Pony – Ginuwine
    Doing It Well – LL Cool J
    All The Things (Your man won't do); I wanna know; More and More; No One Else Comes Close – Joe
    Naked – Marques Houston
    Lucky – Jason Mraz
    I'd Rather Be With You – Joshua Radin
    If You're Not the One – Daniel Bedingfield
    Love Calls – Kem

  41. lol.. my first post sent for moderation. My bad if there was anything I neglected to filter; I wasn't paying too much attention.

  42. Look y'all need to learn about Janet Jackson! YouTube "Would You Mind" <— YouCanThankMeNow

    This SONG! Lord Have Mercy.

  43. Usher- Can you handle it
    Isley brothers- Footseps in the Dark
    Lotsa good stuff on sisqo's unleash the dragon album, same for Sade's Lover Rock


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