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SBM remembers 9/11, Football is back, True Blood season finale and Entourage ends

"It's not how many times you get knocked down; it's how many times you get back up.” - Col. George Custer

SBM Remembers 9/11

Dr. J – I woke up to take a shower for class, when I got in the bathroom, one of the other guys on my floor said, “Did you see that a plane flew into the WTC?”  My response, “Word? That mean we ain’t got class, I’ll holla.”  And I went back to my room and went to sleep.  After laying there for a few minutes, I decided to go into the hall lounge and see what was going on.  I thought that the people in the lounge were watching an old movie, or a clip from a previous WTC bombing.  (I’ll admit, I never saw any coverage of the first bombing at WTC because I lived in DC.)  It was almost 9:45 when I realized that this was actually happening … and about ten minutes later, the South Tower collapsed.

Streetz – At Hofstra, I had a view of the Twin towers from my dorm. Used to look at it every morning before leaving my room. I remember that day being late for class, woke up at around 9:30 looked out the window and seeing the towers smoking. I remember looking at it like “some idiot probably ran a helicopter into a tower, or set off a fire” and went to class. Got to class and all was normal, until someone said “I heard a plane hit the World Trade Center” we all looked at her like she was crazy. It wasnt until another late woman to class came in the door and said “One of the WTC towers just fell, and they think the capitals under attack! We looked at each other, packed up and Headed for the Student center! We get to the Student Center and they set up a TV, and the news read “Both World Trade Towers have fallen”. We were in complete shock. I’ve never felt more shook in my life. phones were out of commission. We didn’t know what to think. The worst part was we all had friends and fam that worked in Manhattan. We didnt know who was safe and who wasnt. Remember, no Twitter or Facebook and the net wasnt what it was in 2001. Info was scarce.  New York City, we are 10 years stronger and better than that day. We will NEVER be defeated! Greatest city in the WORLD! God Bless NYC, PA, DC, the 2,977 souls lost, the countless others who were unidentified, and God Bless AMERICA!

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SBM – I was in undergrad at University of Maryland and woke up for my late morning class.  I sat there watching the TV and skipping my first class that day. I tried to get up and leave for my afternoon one, but images of my campus being the 3rd attack site let me make it halfway before turning back.  I spent the rest of the day calling & texting all my family in New York and trying to make sense of it all.

Peyton >>> Brady (and I think Tom Brady is the coolest man on Earth).

Early NFL Observations

Dr. J – I really don’t have a lot of things to look forward with my Niners.  Crabtree didn’t accept Alex Smith’s invite to work out during the offseason, and we’ve got two rookies on the OL.  I’m excited to see our defense get back to being a Top 5 defense in the league.  But that’s really on the plate of Alex Smith, who’s got to do his part to control the T.O.P. (Time of possession.)  Other observations include; Peyton Manning is not only the MVP, but he’s the Colts organization.  He’s being quoted at worth $300 million to the organization.

Streetz – The entire Giants team seems to be hurt. We have more uncertainty than I can handle. We need to get off to a good start. This is a big year for Tom Coughlin and Eli. Tom can’t get by with mediocrity anymore. Eli’s being challenged on his QB acumen, so he needs to have a strong year too. I think they’ll be 10-6. If that’s enough to make the playoffs, IDK.

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SBM – Hail to the Redskins … that’s all

True Blood Season Finale

Dr. J – I’ve never watched this show.

Streetz – As always, I’ll have the wrap-up for the show on Streetztalk. This has been a great season and I can’t wait for the finale. Marnie is going for blood, and I think no one is safe! As always there will be death, blood, and cliffhangers. I just hope that fairy sh*t doesn’t interfere with the story too much. Check HERE for my review of last weeks episode and the set-up for tonight.

SBM – I never watched a full (or even half) an episode.  Vampires n sh* … right?

Entourage Series Finale

Dr. J – I’ll admit, I’m not ready for Entourage to go off the air.  I didn’t start watching the show until maybe the 4th season, but I’ve been a fan since then.  I’ve always made the observation of the differences in Vince, E and Ari.  I will say that all the way up until this season all I ever wanted in life was to be Ari.  But after this season, I’m back to – “Only afraid of two things God and marriage.”

Streetz – E got a bomb dropped on him last episode. Vinny Chase seems to be cool. Turtle had the biggest come-up possibly in Entourage history. Many a tear will be shed when this show goes off the air. Whether they have a movie, this needs to just end right. I’m hoping it isn’t like Sopranos. Ari Gold is the best character on this show. I hope he ends up with Dana, because his wife is corny! Sloan is also the  hottest woman in Entourage ever. Challenge me!!

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SBM – Grad school and HBO don’t mix, but I’m mad to see the show go. I’m about 2 seasons behind. Turtle still with that chick from Sopranos?

With this special Sunday edition of SingleBlackMale.org we ask: Where were you during 9/11/2001? What are your early NFL observations?  Are excited about True Blood tonight?  And what are your favorite memories of Entourage?

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  1. I was working in NYC on September 11th, I just happened to call out sick. I sensed a disturbance in the force. My husband was working on Wall Street at the time and all of the cell phones were down. I was toally freaked out and when he finally walked in the door late that night I was crying. His comment? "Come on baby, I'm from Harlem".

    I have no football predictions but I am a Jet's fan.

    True Blood is going to be AWESOME tonight. I'm truly saddened that the season is ending, but it's been one of the best so far (I agree w/Streetz, let's keep the fair ish on the low end).

    Entourage – I haven't caught it like I used to, but the guys seem like we'll be missing old friends.

  2. I was in the car on my way to work when Doug Banks said something. I went in the building and went right to my gfs office where we proceeded to watch the 2nd Tower get hit. My brother (in the AirForce) called me and said go home….all I needed to hear. As I was heading out the door my boss was coming down the hall telling us we could go home. Our parent company was in the WTC. I called my husband and told him I was on my way back (he worked evenings). He was an IT contractor at the time so he had to go in. Honestly I was scared to be home alone with my then 4yr old. I along with everyone else, watched the news the entire day.

    Used to be I was a fan of whoever was featured on Hard Knocks, but nooooooo. So this year its the Panthers (have you seen Cam? GEE SIIS!) And of course since I live in Chicago, Da Bears!!!

    True Blood has been awesome this season. I love Lafayette (last weeks favorite quote "Marnie just threw a bitch up" or something like that)

    I'm over Entourage.

  3. I was in the Double Tree across the highway (street, kinda) from the Pentagon on 9/11. Howard University had no space in the dorms so they put the "awesome kids" in a hotel. It was a scary experience and I can still see the ppl running from the Pentagon to the hotel and just the chaos. The smoke…fire…tears…fears…crazy shit.
    HBO is just awesome…TB: Sookie should have had a three-way w/ Bill&Eric 😉
    Entourage….still in denial :-/
    Im just waiting on Boardwalk Empire right now…

  4. 9/11/01 I was in 8th grade…. As I left my first class and headed to the second, of friend of mine ran down the hall yelling that a plane hit the WTC. My pops was working in the city at the time, remember it like it was yesterday. This season looks good so far, My Jets going they thing but my Giants are disappointing me as usual.. we'll see. Been following both True Blood & Entourage still their beginnings, and have seen every episode of both. True Bloods finale was cool, well the last 10 minutes were cool, look forward to next season. As for Entourage, it was truly amazing tonight… Too bad that such a great show has come to an end. #RIP Entourage. Ari definitely had the best character and the episode where he absorbed Terrences' agency and shot up his old job with a paint ball gun was LEGENDARY!!!! Gonna miss that show… definitely gotta get the DVDs for the entire show.

  5. I was a senior in HS the day the towers fell. I have a very large and very close family. My godmother (who is also my first cousin, long story) worked in Tower 1, but fortunately was on vacation, and my other cousin worked in Tower 2. The one who worked in the second tower was running late for work because she left her iron on and had to take a train back home. She ended up being stuck underground for like 9 hours on a train. No one had heard from her. My mom came and got me from school. We assumed she had died. That evening we got a phone call. Probably the most relief I had ever felt in my 17 years of life. I still can’t hear stories from that day, or think about that day without feeling choked up. My heart still goes out to those families that lost, and I am still so grateful to be an American. To see the city of NY become closer, safer, and rebuild after the tragedy was amazing. I will always respect their resilience.

    I am doing pretty well cuz yesterday the steelers lost, the cowgilrs lost, and the midgets fell to my Skins.

    And entourage finale was well done in my opinion. Left me with a good taste in my mouth. Still need a movie to start production like….yesterday though. Thankfully to fill my void How to Make It In America is back.

  6. When the towers fell i was in a west african country, wondering why my cartoons had been interrupted and mistakenly believing i was watching an action movie. My uncle had gotten on a plane from boston that morning and no one could quite remember where he was headed or what flight he was on. My grandmother was crying. It's an unpleasant memory but I can't imagine what it would've been like if it was happening in my own hometown.

  7. I was a sophomore in college. I had an 8 am psychology class that day. My friend and I dragged ourselves to class and tried really hard not to fall asleep. We had humanities directly after that and we were standing on the steps of the building (it was a place where lots of people congregated), and this guy from Cali came up to me and said, "I'm sorry about happened in your city." I had no clue what he was talking about. He told me, "Someone flew planes into the Twin Towers. They collapsed." I refused to believe him…It just did not make sense to me. This other guy from Philly came over with a little radio and we listened. I tried to call my mother and couldn't reach her. She didn't work too far away from the WTC and she suffers from anxiety so I couldn't imagine her being in that crowd of people trying to escape the explosions and the clouds of toxic dust. My humanities class wasn't cancelled, but we sat there and watched the news and cried the entire time. When I finally got in touch with my mother, she said she had stayed home that day to paint the freaking kitchen. I spent the rest of the evening trying to contact my colleagues at my internship– the building is on Barclay Street. Right there. Everyone was fine. A girl in my dorm lost her mom and never came back to school. I interned again at the same place the following summer, and that whole area was just a ghost town. I still don't like to go down there. It's too haunted.

  8. Senior year of undergrad at SC (West Coast). I had a huge paper due that day that I had not completed. My mom called me and since I was still asleep, all I could make out was "don't go to class." GREAT. All I needed to hear. But wait, what about my paper? I woke up just enough to find out that there was actually NO class that day because everyone was in a frenzy about a plane possibly being flown toward Downtown L.A., which is a hop, skip and jump from USC. I don't think I got the magnitude of what was going down, as a matter of fact I know I didn't. I wound up going to work with my dad (he worked graveyard) that night (for whatever reason) and it was then (at 1 in the morning) that I saw the footage…and wept. Watching people jump from buildings and then watching the collapse was just too much. In 2008, I visited Ground Zero and just walking the street and standing there, I was overcome with emotion all over again.

    Football. Well, honestly, I don't usually watch anything but USC football, so I don't have an NFL team. I had been hearing so much about Fantasy football, that I decided I wanted to give it a whirl. After week 1, I'm glad I have Brees and McFadden, good isht to the Chargers and Raiders (since we have no home team) and I'm downright pissed at the Steelers. Oh, and Tony Romo, from what i understand, needs to be bagging groceries.

    I've never watched an episode of True Blood. Entourage, I may have seen 1 or 2 episodes, but…I guess I'll hafta visit Netflix to find out the hype.
    My recent post Wonda Why They Call You Bitch…

  9. I was a student at UDC & had just come home from NYC the day before. That night I had a dream about running into an old classmate who was murdered in our senior year of high school. In my dream I chatted with him for a few minutes in the quad before realizing that he couldn’t possibly be there (since he had died) so I ran into a bathroom crying and saying over and over “Oh God, why?” The next morning (9/11) I was still disturbed by the dream so I stayed home from school and watched the whole thing on the news, from the 1st crash until the towers fell. I remember watching the 2nd plane hit; my mom started crying & saying the same thing from my dream. (I hadn’t told her about my dream). The evening was so eerie; no one was out on the streets except the National Guard in jeeps and trucks


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