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5 Things Every Man Should Have in His Closet this Fall


My favorite part of the year is the fall, that’s when you can actually really do some damage on the fashion scene.  One of the things that most men never realize is that a keen sense of fashion is critical in deciding his social status.  Women notice almost immediately when a man has on some nice threads, even men take note too.  Keep it real fellas, you really want me to believe you never saw a dude with something on and thought to yourself that you wanted to get something just like it this weekend?  Yeah, me neither.

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Nonetheless, I took the liberty of putting together a short list of items that every man should make sure he has in his closet this fall.  I’m not going to recommend you start cuffing your jeans, invest in silk scarves, or turn into a wolf man to keep up with the times.  These are subtle additions that will definitely help you stand out in a crowd.

Michael Kors 'Blacked Out Runway' Chronograph Watch - $250

Michael Kors wristwatch – There used to be a time when a big faced watch was appropriate to give you that regal look.  However, recently the trend has shifted to subtlety but upon a closer look you realize that it’s as fashionable as ever.  I purchased the above watch because it allowed me not to have some flashy with “fake” diamonds or a huge face, but it’s got the blacked out look that catches the eye of a cultured watchman.

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Banana Republic Heritage Classic Belt Trench - $298 (on sale for $250)

3/4 length trench coat – I’ve told myself that the last trench coat was going to be the one that lasted me for years.  This year, I fell in love with yet another Banana Republic trench coat.  These are the perfect addition to your collection.  We’re quite too old to still wear a pea coat everywhere we go, and if it ain’t the pea coat then it’s the North Face or leather jacket.  Do yourself a favor and cop a trench coat.  I would recommend Gap or Banana Republic because it’s easier on the pocket, but you can go ultra Travolta with the Burberry or Ralph Lauren trench coat with the same results.  Here’s the most important thing, never get a baggy trench coat, a baggy trench coat just screams Law & Order SVU.  You want a trench coat that fits.

Not pictured, but Cole Haan has cool pairs for $198

Saddle shoes – Personally, you guys know that I’m always attempting to stay trendy without going too far with my fashion.  If you’re reading any magazines, you’ll see a lot of ankle boots, I am not a fan.  I always liked the Kenneth Cole Reaction ankle boots, but lately, they’re just not the right look for me (or any other Black man).  Take advantage of the return of the saddle shoe.  Charlie Brown shouldn’t be the only nicely dressed man to wear some saddle shoes, you should grab a pair too.  If you don’t like the white/black jumpoffs, feel free to do any color coordination to your liking.  I’m a brown shoe guy, always have been, always will be.  I prefer the two tone brown saddle shoes.

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Banana Republic Heritage New Slim Indigo Jean - $98.50 (on sale for $80)

Tight Fitted Jeans (or Slim) – If you are still wearing baggy jeans, go out back and shoot yourself in the head with a revolver – seriously, euthanize yourself.  Personally, I think that baggy jeans is something that men who didn’t love their body came up with to cover up their faults.  If you have the ability to wear a tight fitted pair of jeans, do so.  Do not wear jeggings, never wear jeggings unless you’re trying to impress 12 year old girls.  However, take all that unnecessary air out of your jeans and get some jeans that fit you nicely.  The obvious question that I always get is, “I’m thinking about slim cut jeans or tight fitted, but how tight is too tight?”  That’s simple, try on the jeans, if you can make a fist and put it in your front pocket, those are too loose.  Vice versa, if you’ll have to pull a female move and only take your ID and credit card with you in the club, those are too tight.  You want the front of your jeans to have a smooth, no crease or wrinkle look to them, and for the back of your jeans to show off your hammies and calfs.

Apple iPad, starts at $499

Apple iPad 2 – Anyone who knows me well knows that I just cannot stand Apple technology, I think it’s a ploy to control humanity.  When I think of Apple, I immediately think SkyNet.  However, there’s no doubt in my mind that an iPad is the best piece of technology to date in terms of handheld devices.  The iPad is the definitive item in a man’s fall collection.  This device will allow you to check email, write an article, chat with friends, check fantasy football scores, or catch up with your significant other via FaceTime all at the same time.

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A couple things, i’m admittedly average height (5’9″) and a slim build (I might be 152 lbs, soaking wet, with my jeans on in the rain).  This list will differ for everyone based on their height and weight.  So for those of you who aren’t “bringing skinny back,” what are some items that you’ve peeped that you think are required material for men?  Be sure to give some background on why you think that’s a good add.  Ladies, tell us a little about what you like to see a man wearing, but feel free to mention your five items too.  Cheers.

– Dr. J

Today’s Tracklist: 1. A Life In The Day of Benjamin Andre 2. I Can’t Wait 3. Roses 4. Behold A Lady 5. Party (Beyonce) 6. Sleazy 7. Throw Some D’s 8. Walk It Out 9. Green Light (John Legend) 10. Hey Ya!


      1. It canNOT play flash. As a matter of fact, apple products will NEVER use flash…google it. Jobs ain't having it. He says they've tried working with their developers but they won't fix enough of the bugs to make it happen.

  1. Fall and Winter = Hoodies + Jeans + Timbs. I am not fashionable in the least and have very little desire to be so. It is a good start for those that do though.

  2. Do you just have expensive taste, Dr. J or are men's clothes just really expensive? I think the most expensive article of clothing in my closet is a 'winter' coat that cost $100.

      1. Agreed… I'm the main shopper in my Dad's life and I always buy him the latest trends: what I can get on sale for me, I usually have to pay full price for him. It's just not fair!
        But since he always gets a dad after I take him shopping, I know it's worth it 😉
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    1. It makes sense though.. we buy a lot less than women, on average. So the clothes need to be a higher quality. I think $100 dollars is crazy for a pair of jeans, however that is what they charge you everywhere, unless they are sale.

      shoes you have to know where and when to cop. I really don't see a reason why an outfit can't include some bargain basement items, unless you are that shallow.

      I don't wear these brands though. My clothes aren't European. So I tend to go after NYC brands I pick up from the scene here. mishka, artful dodger. I'm not really trying to look like that guy in the trench coat picture.

      i am in the market for a watch though, its hard for a left handed brother to throw money on something he knows he is going to break.

    2. Buy all of this stuff offseason and when it's on sale. That jacket costs about $180 offseason. The watch was $175 when it first came out. You can find a way. However, I always think about it this way. A night out on the town with a lady could run you $120-200. That's one night. If you can't find a way to budget a $200 purchase for a 3-6 months fashion season, something is wrong. You get way more use out of a nice pair of shoes than you'll ever get with a fancy meal and some drinks.
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      1. “By all of this stuff offseason and when its on sale” Here’s a man who knows retail. How attractive is that! you and your wife will never hurt your wallet spending too much on your kids clothes!

  3. I love a simple look on a man. Sweater vests, nice jeans, peacoats, clean shoes, nothing flashy-a classic look. Maybe a nice blazer for a night out.

  4. Love the evolution of black/brown men's wear AKA urban fashion…

    Street Etiquette.com is also a great cheat sheet or menswear.

    P.S That MK watch is THA TRUTH!
    Im gettin that & the saddlebacks2 lol! 😀

  5. 0/5…yes! *fist bump*

    5 things i need in my closet?

    1. Timz (is it proper grammer to add a "s" on the end? or is it a "z"? Tims or Timz? i never knew which one)
    2. fitted hat (no snap backs, that was the cheap hats you wore in 3rd grade
    3. baggy jeans
    4. football jersey (it's fall right? gotta have the jersey game down proper)
    5. clean fresh fingernails, no manicure though. gotta look like you 1/2way take care of your appearance.

    now if you'll excuse me…i'll be going back to 1999.
    My recent post kjnetic: Might be a song right there RT @chrisnotbrownn: You never realize how much you like someone until you watch them like someone else.

    1. Pete, funny thing is, I almost added football jersey to this list. I made a note to say, I always find it suspect when someone claims to be a fan of a team but doesn't have a jersey. Decided to go with the iPad instead. Don't get me wrong there's nothing wrong with your list here, except the baggy jeans… I just don't get that anymore. However, what you're doing here is your doing the status quo. Maybe that works for you and that's the type of person you want to be. You'll find that although these things are in my closet, that doesn't mean i'm not a tee shirt and jeans type of guy. My tee shirt collection is flawless, my hoodie collection is unparalleled, my fitteds are impregnable, wait… I sound like Mike Tyson. I guess you get my point. You can have your list and my list and be perfectly fine.
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      1. What is it with fitteds and snap backs? All of a sudden everyone is rocking snap backs and they say that fitted are out and that they're wack. What is that? I mean do people really pay that much attention to the band of a hat?

        1. Since the Yankee fitted changed hip hop fashion forever, we have done EVERYTHING that could be done with a fitted. Every kind of fitted has been rocked. We bedazzled the fitted. We oversized the fitted. We mirrored the fitted. Its time to let the fitted go.

          I respect you for not blindly following Chris Brown, Tyga, and Big Sean. Clowns, I know. But honestly, when I saw it I said to myself… that isn't a bad idea. So many 'new fashion' trends are ugly and silly. Is it so bad to follow one you like? I saw Chris Brown tell Bow wow in an interview he was going to bring back Jerseys, I'm too old for that, but I'm glad he is doing it. That is how young hip hop kids should dress.

  6. Where did that top pic come from? I don't see a lot of fashion layouts with black dudes. Also, I'm loving the trench coat and watch. Looks like good Christmas presents. My hubby has been trying to pick up his fashion game these last couple of years because he's tired of me saying he dresses like Forest Gump. lol But I'm nobody to help him. My favorite look on a guy is a nice sweater over a button down with slacks. Nice, real nice. I agree with some of the above commenters, men's fashion is quite expensive. Dr J, I thought I read a comment by you once that said you don't shop at malls anymore. Why? And where do you shop then? I LOVE the mall. There's food and a play area for my kids.

    1. I shop online most of the time. Shoot me, but I’m addicted to Neiman Marcus midday sales. However, in DC there’s several areas like Georgetown where you can go to the actual store.

      There’s nothing wrong with the mall though. I was just on one that day.

      Tip: Macy’s every so often puts there Club Room cashmere sweaters on sale. Typically, $100 you can grab them for $50. Now that’s how you shop for him. You just have to watch, its not often announced.

      1. Thanks for the tip. I just have to work on getting him to wear a sweater now. The man just won’t do it! What do you wear on a date J? And a post like this on what you like to see women wear in the fall would be fun too. Just throwing that out there.

        1. Girl I've been wanting to step up my fashion game and since I've moved here I've been wanting to go to Nordstrom but I feel like I can't step foot in that place with the way I dress now. Maybe the website is a good place to start.

        2. I see. Maybe I’m just a chicken lol. The highest end store we had where I’m from was Dillards so maybe I just need to get used to shopping somewhere nice.

  7. Wasn't aware MK made watches…I personally prefer Nixon, but that 1 would make a good xmas gift for the younger bro…all in all, a solid list! Although I think the pea coat/north face thing is strictly a winter in NY/East Coast thing…I lived in Chicago for awhile, never saw not a 1 NF coat
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  8. For me the bottom line is comfort and social versatility. Shoes are a must and properly fitted clothing as well. You need something for all situations. I still keep baggy jeans. Not 4XL jeans bur I"m a big guy 6'4 230lbs and I like room to move. I save the fitted wear for work and certain social events. I'm Hip Hop so there's a time and place for the Timbs and fitted too. Feeling that trench coat too.

  9. Again THE MIX!!!!!!!!!
    All of this!! J Crew has haberdashery for men that I just adore. They have great suits. Good look Dr. J!!!

    1. Yeah the mix!!!

      I think J. Crew suits are overpriced. I also only wear Emanuel Ungaro suits. The cut at my height and size fit me perfectly. Every man will be different. You have to know exactly what you like. A suit should fit like a luxury car. An expensive luxury car. It should be an intimate relationship between thread and flesh.

      1. YES YES YES!! a man in a nice suit that fits him well…..I don't even have words for that kinda sexiness. This post makes me all kinds-a happy. I love well dressed me so much that I have a subscription to GQ.
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  10. Micheal Kors watch is dope I hope you didn’t spend$ 250 cause they have it at Ross for half the price. Or was it TjMAxxx … And the Saddle shoe is always a staple. They are as simple and basic as a lbd is for a woman.(little black dress). All in all this is a great list.

  11. Before reading this post it didn't even occur to me that I found things like good watches and ipads on guys hot. Lmao guess I'm still a product of my ancestral money grabbing genes.

  12. I was with you until the Ipad2 comment. How much $$$ are you getting for endorsing the Baphomet?

    I think the only thing missing off your list is a blazer in a nice brown or gray color. They allow you to dress up almost any look, and can be removed and carried depending on the situation.

    Being apart of #TeamChubby, for the bigger guys, another important item is having Jeans hemmed and/or tailored to our proper height, so we can acheive the clean look our skinner brethren will have.

  13. I'm still working on the jeans..cant wear them slim fit joints..i don't do baggy but i'll do something in between.. i need to be able to put my hands in my pocket…

    everything else I co-sign sir

  14. Hmmm. I’m too lazy to keep up with fashions and I’m not from New York (or the east coast) so I don’t think it’s as big a deal for the men who reside in the rest of the country. This is a good list tho.

    I don’t wear watches. Might get an iPhone 5 but can’t see myself getting an iPad. I only really shop at Armani and Express so I depend on them to keep me up with the latest “trends” because I can’t myself. In Texas it gets up to 110 degrees plus humidity, we were more worried about not passing out than looking fashionable but I got by.

    I only buy shoes from Aldo or Macy’s unless I’m looking for a specific brand. Only non dress shoes I have is for the gym. I guess you could say I’m a minimalist.

    1. The funny thing WIM is there a certain look at Armani and Express as well as Aldo shoes. The style and tailoring only look appropriate on a certain body type. So as minimalist and nondescript as you would make this sound its NOT AT ALL lol.

      1. Nah, I was saying I dont go out of my way to specifically follow fashions myself. I assume that if I'm shopping at a decent store then they themselves will keep abreast of the fashions. All I have to do is pick out clothes. I usually go in, take a look at the looks on the manikins, then pick out a few fits that mirror those but with my own flavor and I assume I'm "in style."

    2. after growing up in Arizona for a portion of my life, I realize that for men there it's important to have decent shorts and man-dals (man sandals).
      I got my Dad some hand-crafted leather sandals when I lived in Africa and he still loves them. The look good whether you're running errands or dressed up.
      My recent post Hear My Call

  15. There aren't too many things I love more than fall fashion. Fall is what separates the men from the boys as far as being fly is concerned. The winter isn't a bad season for fashion but once the weather gets too cold and there's snow on the ground, fashion is way more about functionality than anything else. The spring is cool, but spring fashion is way more informal than fall fashion. Plus, the new stuff you buy in the spring is always geared more toward your summer and in the summer all you need are fresh kicks and good t-shirts to be fly.

    So yeah, fall is where it really happens. Last fall I was all about earth-tones… deep browns and such. This season I'm doing a lot of black and grey. A lot of knitwear up top like lots of cardigans and sweaters.

    I'm glad you mentioned watches Dr. J. Watches are key. There are two types of watches you wanna invest in. You want everyday watches and then you need at least 1 or 2 formal watches. So like, the watch in the post – that's a Michael Kors watch. That's a great watch to rock everyday. It's not expensive so you don't mind if it gets a little nicked from it knocking against your desk at work all day. You need a couple of those, at least 1 to go with your black-based stuff. Then another to rock with your brown/blue based stuff. Designer watches (meaning, watches made by fashion houses as opposed to actual watch-makers) are great everyday watches. You also need a watch by a pure watch-maker. That's for your formal stuff. To wear when you want to wear a suit or when you're going some place nice. I have a great Switzerland based brand whose watches are top quality at great prices. I'm sorry… i'm not going to share. Some stuff you just gotta keep for yourself.

    My recent post The Millennial Manifesto: How 80′s Babies Can Save the World

    1. I see you with you Baume et Mercier LOL although I have no idea what Swiss time piece you would be referring to. I just love their mens watches.

      1. Guys notice if a Guy isn't wearing a watch or not. And A nice watch can say alot about a guy in terms of social status and general taste.

        When I go into negotiations, I noticed the watch on the hand, and adjust my approach accordingly.

        1. There are tons of dope watch brands… that's the thing. It's also often industry based. Rappers used to love Jacob's but nobody else rocked them joints. Breitling is a staple in finance/investment banking circles. Lawyers love Rolex. etc.

          Personally… I do love Breitling. I've been looking at this Aeromarine Super Avenger black on black joint for mad long now. It's a grip though.

          My recent post The Millennial Manifesto: How 80′s Babies Can Save the World

        2. There are designer watches and then there are watches where you can put a down payment on a house (or buy a house with). Let me give example

          Bulova, Seiko, Citizen, Invicta etc. (some fossils). – nice but not typically pricey ($150-$450) If I see it, I know you are not a top dog and really just a workhound.

          Baume & Mercier, Tag Heuer, Movado, Longines etc. – pricier (~600-2000), but the lower end of name brand watches (not in terms in quality).. Better taste, more meticulous to detail. These guys are fair negotiators.

          Breitling, Omega, Rolex, Bell and Ross, Bvlgari, Tiffany&Co. – Down payment on houses (non-NYC), these guys are ruthless to negotiate with.

          Vacheron Constantin, Audemars Piguet, Jaeger-LeCoultre, IWC, Phillipe Patek – I don't negotiate with them. They own the company.

        3. Wow.I never really peeped this, mainly because I haven’t worn a watch in over 5 years.
          I’m definitely taking notes on this, and all the other tips, and incorporate this into my budget

  16. I agree with this list.

    If you're concerned about price, hit up the outlets. Off Saks, Ralph Lauren, Timberland outlet,etc. Don't hate on the outlets. I'm not big on trends for myself, and I don't like men who copy trends. You can get your classic, "never goes out of style" pieces from the outlet stores. Also, someone mentioned Gilt Group. Gilt has great bargains on nice items for men.

    As an adult, good quality clothes and shoes are an investment. You shouldn't have to replace items in your wardrobe every year. Buy quality , and then add new stuff because you like it, not because you need it. I buy a pea coat every year. Not because I need to replace a cheap coat with another cheap, low quality coat. But because I like new isht, and I always see something that would look exceptional on me.
    My recent post My Love Is Like…

    1. everything NIA said!!

      I don't think it should matter where you are from and where you live (although I'm biased, East Coast men have the best style to me!) you get to a certain point in your life where your style should mature, not scream labels and your clothes should fit properly. I am particularly fond of the Banana Republic, Kenneth Cole, and J. Crew styled look on a man… preppy but kinda rugged if need be.

      nice shoes, a decent time piece and smelling good–man listen! that man is officially chose!!!

      great post Dr. J. I wouldn't have focused so much on the brands and the prices, but I do think you listed really good staple pieces, that can be found all over and for different prices for those that think these are a little steep.
      My recent post Walk your broken heart through that door…

      1. The only thing is tho… I didn’t focus on prices. I just added it in the caption the same way you’d see on any fashion guide. All of these can be acquired for cheaper or more expensive.

    2. I would add Hautelook as well they have great designer bargins. Lots of times they have 7forallmankind and Joe jeans on sale for men – which are great jeans in my opinion.

  17. Those jeans are still too damn skinny. Relaxed fit please, gents.

    Never under estimate the power of the button up. Still. But in colors.

    1. Put a note here about button ups…

      I don't disagree that a button up and jeans is a great look for most men. The problem with that is that everyone has on a button up and jeans. You've got to do something to set yourself apart and not look cliche for your nightlife. Imagine how many dudes throw on a light colored or striped button down, a pair of relaxed fit jeans, and some black shoes (or casual sneakers) and go to the club… that to me is why you have to reevaluate your options. You can throw a sweater over the button up, even a nice blazer. Although, those crushed velvet blazers have RUN their course. People kill me looking like they getting Jiggy Wit It in 2011. Try the vest, just not the leather joint. The leather vest will have you looking like you are in a squash league with Will Smith and Duane Martin.

        1. I can't really get with the cardigans … i've seen its comin back, but it seems more like an in and out trend/fad to me. Not saying i wouldn't purchase one, but i'm usually in the anti-fad category when it comes to styles and brands.

          When i was young, never had a pair of Jordans nor did i ever wear Phat farm, Fubu or any of the obvious brands. I try to stay ahead of the curve and would rather have ppl imitate me than imitate others.

  18. *pets Pea coat* “he didnt mean it”

    1. Agree with the watches, i always kept it clean n simple even when aybody was rocking them fake fishbowl joints. I got that from my pops who got a watch collection i demand be left in the will

    2. Besides being teampeacoat i’ll throw on a nice fitted solid colored hoodie. Trenchcoats just arent my thing.

    3. Saddle shoes- Admittedly my shoe game needs work, i seen this dude with some sperries n i think ima bite off that tho.

    4. I’m not exactly a small dude so i like my jeans a lil baggy *clenches keys in front pocket*

    5. I dont like tablets. At all.

  19. tight jeans? why can't dudes wear regular fitting jeans that fit. not baggy, not tight. they just fit. what's wrong with that?

    that michael kors watch is official and i've been thinking about copping a trenchcoat.

    as far as the iPad. this time 2 years ago i was so anti-apple. i even had a zune. today? i have an iPod classic (30GB), iPod touch (30GB), a macbook pro and i'll be getting the iPhone 5 when it drops. i'm also thinking about the iPad 2. the apple addiction is real.

    also on my list of things to purchase for the fall:

    beef and broc timbs (yep i'm bringing em back)
    a funnel neck jacket
    vintage style army parka
    british down technical gilet
    My recent post Always a groomsman…

    1. beef and brocs never went out of style as far as I know. they're kinda like a staple…like constructs (double sole of course).

      Just don't start rocking some colored joints, lol

  20. I'll leave this fashion stuff to you cool kids.

    I'm at that Event Horizon where I'm not keeping up with the dandy gear.
    My styling is pretty simple:

    1. Jeans of various shades, not too baggy so I won't get denied entry anywhere, definitely not young bamma skinny.

    2. Decent button ups

    3. Various colored polos

    4. Shoes nobody else is rockin..

    The End.

      1. Yep. I just got a couple of blazers to add a little pop to it, but I don't go out much anymore so I'll reserve those for when I paruse the bougie crowds.

  21. This is a cool list, considering that you said should/most haves. But if you really want to upgrade your wardrobe and be different take your a$$ to the thrift store and thrift. Fashion is as much as an art as writing or expressing your thoughts. The things I get the most compliments on come from the thrift store. Department stores are for finding staplepeices like khakis, jeans, regular sh!t but not that unique sh!t that makes a man/woman (hopefully) stop you dead in your tracks just to say I f^ck with that jacket, shirt or whatever. If you dont at least get two compliments a week on your style, you should assume you are doing something not too right. However, compliments shouldn’t validate you, but the lack thereof should be an indicator of a need for change.

    I have a few tips of my own:

    1. Statement Peice: The statement peice is something you wear that is unique like a ring or necklace; the black’d watch. Or even some fresh fedora that seems to only fit your head. Make a statement.

    2. Cologne: Please do not wear the same cologne everday, the smell of your cologne should actually complement the things you wear. If you’re being rugged that day go with the woody smells, today you’re crisp and clean go for citrus or cool fragrances, etc.

    3. Socks- Dont wear the same simple a$$ socks… step your sock game up. The flash of some clean socks will have a woman stuck for a minute. Wear a sock that complements but doesnt match an outfit in the slightest. Blacks, navies, and grays sometimes get boring. Switch it up.

    4, Tailor- Find a tailor, every man should have something that was tailored for them. Every man should have a go-to fit, that will never fail them in any environment.

    Good Day to all.

    1. I kind of agree but disagree with your number #2.

      For women most definitely we need a array of different scents but for men, I don't think it's really necessary because most of the homme scents TO ME ANYWAY seem to smell similar afterawhile, so I think if you have a regular scent (heavier – woodsy smell) and a lighter scent like something along the lines of Thierry Mugler fragrances you'll be straight.

      1. yeah I actually disagree with #2.

        I wear my cologne based on season, not based on my look. So, I really only wear about 3 different colognes. In the spring I wear something like… Really like Happy for men by Clinique. Then in the summer I wear something a little heavier – Polo by Ralph Lauren and then in the fall and winter I wear John V's Classic.

        I think it's important because wearing a cologne or the same colognes helps to develop a "smell." Having your own smell is an important part of endearing yourself to a woman.
        My recent post The Millennial Manifesto: How 80′s Babies Can Save the World

    2. Be very careful with cologne. The worst thing you can do is show up smelling like her ex. For this reason I stay away from Aqua Di Gio and Jean Paul Gaultier.

        1. @Top get some cologne
          John Varvatos
          Tommy Bahama
          Like GirlSixx said Thierry Mugler – I personally like Angel for men LOL
          Antidote by Viktor and Rolf

          Try them out and see how which goes with your body chemistry #WINNING!!!

  22. My rules of fashion are as follows: 1. Know your size! 2. Stay well groomed! 3. Only buy what you LOVE!

    I'm a mininalist so I only buy clothes that A) fit perfectly and B) I love, thus I have 10+ Pima Cotton V-Neck Tees in black and white from Banana Republic. Yes, it looks like I wore that yesterday, but I probably popped the tag off my shirt this morning.

    Some other pieces that are cornerstones in my wardrobe:


    HEATHER GREY CARDIGAN: it works with everything, trust me.
    LEVI'S: find your size, I personally am a 505 guy….Levi company created Jeans…some ppl just get it right the 1st time #AlphaSwag
    G-SHOCK WATCH IN YOUR FAVORITE COLOR: it's an attention getter; i have 3 (white, black, red) and have been complimented on it by everyone from CEOs to strippers. Who doesn't love that?
    COLOGNE: Words cannot describe the effect a good scent has on the hormones of a woman.

      1. Watch your mouth (pardon the pun)

        I rock only metal banded Gshocks for the grown man look. The new black metal bands are sick!
        Besides…I'm tough on time pieces…they can take my abuse.

  23. The preppy look on men is just………DOPE!!!! I call that the Renaissance Man Look – it's different from the everyday skinny or fitted jeans/ t-shirt, polo/button down shirt/yankee fitted cap, etc. look but I think you need a certain kind of oompf to pull that look off though. I can't see just any man in a pair of saddle shoes, with a nice trench over a pair of jeans, etc.

    You Wear What Works for You.

  24. Check out Dr. Jayonista! I enjoyed seeing this list and reading about what's hot. Carry on everyone, I'm just reading and listening.

  25. The saddle shoes are too gimmicky like sperrys.I'll stick to Cole haans and kenneth Coles.U left off blazer and sports coat which is an absolute must.Every man needs a dark or light suit.I disagree with the button ups.I can wear a slacks,Kenneth Cole button down ensemble with my belt color,shoes ,and watch matching that is an absolute head turner.Word of advice stay away from trends and rock only the classics.

    1. The only way you can stand out with a button up is if u tuck it in, wear a nice belt/shoe and roll the sleeves up or something to give it a more casual look.

  26. Hey- where did you find the MK watch at $250? The website has it listed for $495… Was about to send my BF the link until I saw the price…

    1. Have you tried other retaliers such as Nordstrom or Neiman Marcus? I copped a Michelle Watch for like $175 at Norstroms (on sale) and it was retailed at $395. My point, you might get lucky and it'll be on sale.

    1. Hey Joya I’ll be hitting you up offline. I have some questions about both those guys. I love Street Etiquette. I didn’t want to go that far here but yeah this is a warm up.

  27. Depends on the activity involved on the date. If its dinner and a movie, likely to go Andre 3K, Benjamin Brixby inspired look. If its going out to a lounge, not too flashy: express jeans, purple cashmere sweater, white shirt, silver tie. Colors are important for sending messages. However most of my first dates are somewhere where I can do something with my date like Dave & Buster. So then its a pair of casual sneaks, True Religion or Aldo, nice pair of jeans and a V-neck. Shh… Not every dude can have the proper V neck game.

    1. This is for Krystl. I’m on my way to the South again and on my phone.

      Again intentionally vague cause the feds watching. Literally.

  28. Great post and great comments. I love fall fashion, especially right on the brink of fall to winter when men pull out the hats in dove gray or wool (black)… lovely.

    I think in this transition from spring to fall lets not forget good colors… I don't know what it is about pale yellow, but when I see dark men in pale yellow shirts, I tend to follow them around… well until I'm noticed. Or orange… the right shade of orange just looks lovely on men (light, dark, in between).

    Another commenter mentioned scents, I think that's key as well. To have a good fall scent which is strong and heady and reminds you of the woods and camping and snuggling *fans self*. I work in a predominately male building so I love going into the elevator after a group of them has left and their scent lingers YUM!

    the last I'll mention is socks. When a man in dressed in a nice suit, but his socks are interesting (not outlandish) but representative of his personality, I always want to find out more. It's definitely time to retire the white Hanes…
    My recent post I’ve been loving you too long

  29. Yes FALL … the season where one can actually differentiate themselves from the rest of the stormtroopers.

    1. Wear patterned dress shirts. Plain colored shirts are losing … Make a Gingham, Checkered, window, or striped moves with different colors AND make sure the shirt is SLIM FIT. Walking around looking like a bed skirt is not the move.

    2. Wear complementary ties that brings attention to the shirt and the tie interchangeably. The diagonal thick 3 colored stripe ties are a thing of the past … Madras, Pin-stripe, Pin-dot, Paisley, Plaid, Wool are some types and patterns.

    3. Make a Wing-tip dress shoe move. Timeless style design. Cole Haan’s wing-tips are dope as hell.

    4. Statement Socks: The idea of them is to draw attention, but ideally a statement sock shouldn’t match the rest of your outfit otherwise it just becomes apart of your outfit and loses it’s statement. For example, black pin-striped dress pants, a purple striped dress shirt, pin-dot purple tie and some bright ass orange dress socks —-> Statement.

    5. A tailored black suit. Every Man should have this in his closet regardless of the season.

    1. All of this!!!
      1 – I fell in love with the purple Gingham shirt and had to buy it for someone – yep my dad.
      I so miss shopping for a man!!

  30. this kind of stuff warms my heart. Nice selection. I think I'm more attracted to unconventional looks(none of that high-water or tight-fitted pants stuff though); playful combination of textures, a dash of color here and there, coupled with great grooming and I'm good. Not a label type person so I don't look for that, but I certainly like to see a bit of someone's personality in their outfit. I like flair, but tempered with simplicity.
    My recent post Race – an illegitimate concept.

  31. +1 on the "black" watch style I copped an all black SEIKO last year on sale for my birthday and it goes great with the shirts and ties for the office Mon-Thurs, but like Most said I definitely need a more extravagant piece for special events. One thing no one's really touched on is where to find clothes if you happen to be a "bigger" guy. I've met some of you in person [VSB Event] and some you guys can get away with shopping at Banana Republic.
    Whereas with me, I wear an 18.5/37 dress shirt. There's NOTHING in there that will fit me.
    Alot of times I have no idea what to wear out to club events because I already know if the shirt is "fitted" it's going to fit me way too snug and that sends off the wrong vibe entirely.
    I'm built almost like Ronnie from JS so believe me, it's a struggle for some of to keep up fashion-wise. (,-_-)

    1. 18.5?!?!?!?!??!?!?! WTF yo!!!!!!!! Lmaoooo … that's wild … You don't need to put bigger in quotes bro. Good luck in your search for the Big and Tall section in every store.

  32. Dr. J I am slowly but surely gonna add you to my rotation of people I go to the Jets game with (but not this week, and the Miami game is already called LOL! ) with my season tickets.

    Very nice post.
    Ironically I never noticed a nice watch until my S/O's co-worker made a statement about it. I never paid much attention. I haven't worn a watch in about 15 years. He has a serious collection.

    However, can we add a bowtie to the mix. Hammercey when a man wears a bowtie, his swag level reaches and all time high for me. I know immediately his confidence is threw the roof.

    1. See my post…

      Knitted ties and flat bottom cotton ties are dope. Wide ties a la Steve Harvey are No-Nos.

      Brands: Not a big deal .. Quality and design are key … J. Crew, Nautica, Tommy Hilfiger and the Hill-Side have some good ties tho.

        1. Try looking up Paul Frederick or Thomas Pink online. They have some pretty good selections for a decent price and always have sales. You can also see if your area has a Filene’s Basement or a Burlington’s? Not that I can’t afford it at this point, but something about buying a $200 tie just seems wrong to me…

        2. "Not that I can't afford it at this point, but something about buying a $200 tie just seems wrong to me…"

          Cosign 100%

          Even Brooks Brothers ties don't cost that much, although their suits can set you back a grip.

          You right about Thomas Pink, I like their stuff for men and their prices are reasonable.

    2. I’m not a brand shopper for ties. I typically prefer small boutiques. Kulhman used to be my spot. However for the inexperienced and broke, you can NEVER go wrong by letting a woman pick your ties.

  33. A guy that can dress fashionably but not trying to hard always catches my attention, specially during Fall, its just sexy some of the things you men be wearing!

    Oh and I'm copping that watch, but for myself!

  34. Thanks for this post Dr. J!
    My fav thus far..
    You have also reminded me to check out Detail & Complex mags for clothing/styling ideas 🙂
    I HEART fall fashion!

  35. And as far as Clothing/Style guides … Esquire had the best Spring/Summer guide this year (bought), but GQ generally has some good ones too … I'll be looking to check out the fall/Winter guides for those two and decide on which one to buy.

    Nordstrom has a good style guide too, but its like a small hardback book.

  36. First, I love men's fashion.

    Second, I've officially gotten my BF out of baggy jeans…currently working in the slimmer top and shoe department! He sees a need to let the young boy look go but over-zealous, ambiguous metrosexuals are making this transformation HARD, lol. Plus, this dude stays hot. It has to be 55 degrees or less for me to get him into a sweater…and he's not wearing a coat with it, lol. This closet transformation project is one of the biggest challenges of my life, lol.

    Lastly, American Eagle had a trench last year that was to DIE for. Check them for a reasonably priced trench coat as well…

    Oh…and I can't get with saddle shoes, lol. I had 'em when I was a kid…that was enough. They look silly on adults to me…

  37. *strokes chin*

    Ah. I'm one of those people who wouldn't be able to break down what works for me; I just know it when I see it. I just generally like seeing a man who's well put-together, and I wouldn't be able to tell whether his watch was $120 or $3000; the main thing is how complementary and nice it looks to me. To be perfectly honest, none of the guys I've dated has done it for me as far as wardrobe is concerned. At least one knew what he was doing, but his wasn't to my taste. Anyway, I think I tend towards a classic (and fairly simple) look.

    As for me, I keep it simple as well. None of the names I've seen today mean anything to me, except for Aldo's. That's my go-to for leather boots when Fall hits. Unfortunately, they didn't bring back my most recent favourite, and I have to settle for something(or some 4) towards which my feelings are lukewarm. Le Chateau is for my evening wear & some work pieces. My most recent trench coats and fall jackets are from there as well. It's terribly overpriced, but it's the store that has failed me the least over-time. I smile everytime I read/hear a woman say that they could never have a friend whose shoe game isn't killer (read: who doesn't have at least 200 pairs of shoes). Works for me. I'm extremely picky when it comes to shoes, so I tend to latch on to the ones that finally catch my eye and wear them everywhere, appropriateness permitting. Then again, I don't know how appropriate it is to wear stilettos to work…and I'm going into HR. That, and I'm more interested in being debt-free than ballin' on a limited budget. There'll be time to go crazy later on. I'm a fan of classic, coordinated style. The past couple of years can and have missed me with all this purposely mis-matched, adventurous crap.

    My must-haves for Fall are tall boots, a faux-leather jacket & a trench coat.

  38. I was excited until I read it! What does a iPad have to do with fall? I thought a nice sweater would have been on there but some saddle shoes…

    I rock bow ties every day!!!!

  39. THIS…. J I see you from BK
    I’m so late and I didn’t read every comment but, I just want to note the sock shoe coordination is what separates the boys from the men. No matter what your personal style is, socks that are perfectly on point with the rest of the accessories can really set the tone for woman who pays attention to details.

  40. I would substitute the trench coat for a sports coat. Here in Cali where we average 70 degree weather a trench coat may be a little too much. Howevever a sports coat is necessary. You can rock it with jeans or slacks.

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