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Street Love: Most and Reecie’s 5 Favorite Hip-Hop Love Songs

When I'm Alone in my Room Sometimes I Stare at the Wall

By its nature, rap music is direct and to the point. Never in the history of recorded music has a genre sprouted up that allowed its artists to speak so concisely their feelings and emotions. This is one of the many reasons why I love rap. While its directness allows rappers the liberty to be forthright about their experiences, it also creates a great deal of abrasiveness and raw, unkempt emotion. That raw emotion can sometimes make certain subject matters difficult to feel when expressed through this music. The smooth subtitles necessary to capture the mood and spirit of a love song are difficult to encapsulate when you’re talking in rhyme over a beat. To put it plainly, love songs in rap music are rare and great love songs in rap music are even more rare. Today I’m collaborating with one of my favorite bloggers Reecie, who writes The Soundtrack Of My Life to discuss our mutual love for Hip-Hop love songs, and to put you on to some of our favorites.

What Makes a Great Hip-Hop Love Song


For me, one of the most important aspects of love music in Hip-Hop is production. Production in Hip-Hop is always important but with love songs, it’s particularly imperative. There’s a sweet spot that needs to be found where the song is not too soft to be considered something other than Hip-Hop but also not too tough and abrasive to spoil the mood. If the production is too soft you end up with a song like Fab’s “So Into You” and if it’s too rough you end up with Tupac’s “Me and my Girlfriend” – both decent songs, but both fall just short of what you need a hip-hop love song to be.


Hooks or choruses aren’t always necessary in Hip-Hop. It’s one of the things that makes the genre special. But with Hip-Hop love songs, a good hook and/or chorus is essential. You need to be able to kick back and vibe to the song and having a solid chorus or hook goes a long way toward that. Imagine a song like Diddy’s “Satisfy You” if it didn’t have that classic hook? The hook is everything. Also, the hook reminds you that this isn’t poetry or some other form of artistic expression, we’re listening to music, we should be able to enjoy it and sing along.


Lyrics are everything! In the case of Hip-Hop love songs, storytelling and vulnerability particularly important. One of the things that separates the best Hip-Hop artists from the rest is their ability to tell a great story.  For me, that is also what drew me into a couple of my favorite songs mentioned in this post. Lyricism isn’t about how you say it (flow) it’s about what you say. While love songs of the pop and R&B variety don’t necessarily have to convey a tale, a Hip-Hop love songs that give us full blown stories add a new layer and dimension to love music that is impossible explore in other genres of music.

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A great Hip-Hop love song is one whose lyrics express a sense of vulnerability. As stated above Hip-Hop in at its core, is raw and abrasive. I find myself at times conflicted in my unabashed enjoyment of some of the misogynist lyrics my favorite artists kick. There is a time and place for respect, a time and place for deep thought, but there is also a time and place for raunchiness and as one of my favorite iPod playlists describes, “hood sh!t”.

While I am cognizant of the contradictions a female hip hop head faces, my girly girl romantic side lives for heart felt expressions of love. Even the most grimey goon has the ability to reflect upon love for his woman in his own special way. When the two are married in a song–perhaps a hard core beat with tender lyrics, it’s magic to my ears. It’s not always about “throwing it in the bag” or “beating it up” sometimes you need to articulate those feelings felt in the quiet moments when we are just hanging out, or the adoration exemplified in why you chose the woman you did. These are the moments captured by the perfect Hip-Hop love song.

Now that we’ve laid the foundation and figured out what it takes to create the perfect Hip-Hop Love song, let’s look at some examples.

Reecie’s favorites (it was hard for me to pick 5 and Most stole some of mine lol):



5. Me & My Bitch ~ Notorious B.I.G.
This song begins with probably some of the most pauseworthy lyrics ever in hip hop, but Mr. Wallace used that metaphor to describe his insurmountable affinity for his woman. And then there’s the b-word. I have no problem with his usage but I know it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. This hood tale speaks on the highs and lows of a ghetto love affair. I loved this song after my very first listen, especially when BIG said “then we lie together/cry together/I swear to God I hope we f*ckin die together” What can I say, I’m an urban youth. This is not my idea of romance, this is some hood sh*t. I still love it–even though several aspects of the song epitomize that inner conflict I explained above.

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4. Come Close ~ Common ft. Mary J. Blige
Common is the romantic of my generation’s rappers. Conscious lyrics, bravado, consistent in his thoughtful songs for women, Common always gives us something worthwhile. This one happens to be a favorite because it features the incredible Mary J. Blige (my favorite R&B singer) and when I think of it I automatically envision the wonderful music video that goes with it.  Don’t we all want a man who tells us: “I see the God in you” or, ‘I’m tired of the fast lane, I want you to have my last name.” *swoons for freckled faced fine a$$ Lonnie Rashid Lynn* what’s not to love?!?!?!

Back When Common Was on that Other Ish....


3. Renee (ghetto princess remix) ~  Lost Boyz
More storytelling. In addition to being partial to the name Renee, I loved Lost Boyz (my blog’s web address pays homage) and Mr. Cheekz told a great tale of meeting a woman, their courtship, and also losing that love, tragically.

2. Soon You’ll Understand ~ Jay -Z  
This song touches on a few things, but the first two verses are what I identify with in terms of this post. I call this the unrequited love song. I think most women can relate to having deep feelings for someone that wants to take it there with you but just won’t, for whatever reason. “You see how I am around girls/I ruin them all…” Then the second verse has the most poignant line: “but I’m young/and I aint ready/this ain’t easy…” these lines have actually been told to me before–what can I say, we were both huge Hov fans. Even knowing it was a quote from a song didn’t make it hurt any less. “I ain’t ready to be what you want me to be/and because I love you/I want you to leave. Please.” *deep sigh*

1. You Got Me ~ The Roots ft. Erykah Badu
Now I know some may prefer the Jill Scott version. Whatever. I actually adore the live rocked out version from Dave Chappelle’s Block Party that has both singers featured. But for purposes of the post I’m sticking with the radio single. Black Thought is one of my favorite rappers. He has the ability to discuss various subject matters and spit BARS. Relationships are no exception and this is one of the very best from The Legendary Roots Crew.

Most’s Favorites:

5. Sunshine – Lupe Fiasco

This, one of Lupe’s standout tracks from his debut album – Food & Liquor combines all the elements necessary to create a dope Hip-Hop love song. He carries us seamlessly through his initial interaction with a woman to the moment their mutual attraction is consummated. The hook is on point, worthy of singing along too without being too basic or soft, and the production is stellar. All around great track – my favorite from this album.

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4. Common – The Light

Common and Dilla knocked it out of the park with this joint. From the Bobby Caldwell sample to Common’s microphone perfection, this is an almost perfect song. What I love about it is how only Common can say stuff like “it don’t take a whole day to recognize sunshine” and without sounding soft of pandering.


"5411 Size 7 In Girls..."

3. DMX – How’s It Going Down
Remember that summer when this came out. Wow. X had given us a string of super hard, rob you, kill you type joints, from Get At Me Dog, to Stop Bein Greedy. Then he threw us all of when he dropped “How’s It Going Down;” single-handedly bringing back the classic Reebok  “5411’s.” On this joint, X showed both the beauty and complexity of love in the hood.


"Lie Together, Die Together..."

2. You’re All I Need – Method Man and Mary J. Blige

What can we say about this track. Everything you could ever want in a Hip-Hop love song is found in this joint. It’s endearing, it’s hood, it has a great lyrics and a great chorus and most importantly, you feel it. This joint is the standard by which all Hip-Hop love songs are measured.

1. Song Cry – Jay-Z
Quite possibly the most introspective joint we’ve ever heard from the homey Hov, “Song Cry” is an anthem. What makes this song so amazing is that he was able to make male hypocrisy seem reasonable and logical. Only Jay can say something like “I was just f*ckin them girls I was gon get right back,” and “I know they way a n*gga living was wack, but you don’t get a n*gga back like that,” and make it all sound so perfectly acceptable. You almost feel like she really is in the wrong. Men and women alike love this song, Hov wrote our lives with this one.

Do you guys have Hip-Hop love songs that stand out in your mind. Do certain songs have certain moments in your life attached to them. What are your 5 favorite Hip-Hop love songs of all time.



  1. All dope picks. Especially Reesie's. "Renee" – a lot of people know nuthin bout that. And "Me & My Bitch" is not what you'd think of when you think hip hop love songs, but it def is. That Meth & Mary is clearly a all timer too… Overall great post.

  2. Ghostface Killah – Child's Play
    MF DOOM (as Viktor Vaughn) feat. Apani. B – Let Me Watch
    Jean Grae – Love Song
    50 Cent – Baltimore Love Song
    Blu – No Greater Love

    1. No disrespect, but I am giving you a slight side eye for Baltimore Love Song.
      Not hating on your opinion, just hating on 50.

  3. great post! my fave in no particular order:

    ATCQ-Electric relaxation

    LLCool J-Hey lover

    Pete rock&cl smooth-lots of lovin

    Andre 3000-Prototype

    Kidz in the hall-Understanding

    Honorable mention:

    J Dillia- Only one can win(its instrumental but probably my favorite JDilla instrumental ever)

    Talin Kweli-never been in love

    1. Yes, Electric Relaxation. Mmm…

      And considering the occasion, I will dedicate The Clipse 'Ma, I Don't Love Her' to Evelyn Lozada and Ocho. Mazel Tov!

  4. I definitely had 'Come Close' on the list before I reached the bottom.

    'The Light' is another Common joint that I love.
    Little Brother's 'All For You' is a wonderful love song.
    'Never Be The Same Again' by Ghostface

    And while this song is not referring to romantic love, I have to highlight 'Why I Love You' by Jay-Z and Kanye. Crazy track!

  5. Very solid post. You guys pretty much covered my list, minus the songs I’ve never heard. (Me and my b*tch, Soon you’ll understand, Renee) They came out when I was a kid and not allowed to listen to hip hop. Yes, I’m a youngin. I’ll check em out. Probably not Renee though cause I don’t want to hear a sad story about a girl with my name.

    1. Yo man. Let me tell you. You have no idea what you are missing. That great east coast sound. Sound story telling. Great deliverly, you really thought Mr Cheeks was talking his girl, turns out it was his man's girl. Plus all the different remixes and beats they had for this one song.

      You know how you know a song is a classic, when it comes on you think of the smell of your old locker or the girl you had a crush on when the song was hot.

    2. It’s SO MUCH more than sad story about a girl with your name. U would be doing your ear a huge favor by giving it a listen.

  6. I totally co-sign "How it's going down" & Renee

    Bestfriend by Fiddy (Good romance scenes)
    Best I Ever Had – Drake ("Sweat pants, hair tied, chillin' with no make-up on")
    I'm Real – J Lo & JaRule ("And I, Can't Go, Without You")
    What You Want – Money Ma$e ("Now the more you treat me royal I adore you
    That's why I dont mind doing these things for you")
    How To Love – Lil Wayne (Max & Dr. J put me on… Anything my favorite blogger listen to, I will check out…)

        1. I never heard. I never want to hear to. The first thing I did when I downloaded the carter 4 was delete that song.

  7. Hard to argue with either list it might take Kiki Sheppard and the Apollo crowd to decide (Most gets the edge cuz Song Cry might be my favorite song ever.)

    However i think what makes a hip hop love song is lyrics. The lyrics is what makes you stop and replay the track and ends up your Facebook status.

    5. Lil Wayne-Receipt

    4. Kanye West-Bittersweet Poetry

    3. Wale-Pretty much every song now The Breakup Song

    2. Drake- Best I Ever Had

    1. Lloyd Banks-Karma

  8. In no particular order:

    50cent–21 questions

    Drake— best i ever had

    Fabolous— into you

    Ja rule– down a$$ chick

    Wale– that way

  9. This post is hot! I can’t fathom having to narrow my list down to just 5. Soon You’ll understand is a definite REECIE nailed it. Her rationale was the reason I loved it so. It was my ephiphany song. And Song Cry was the reason I had even began to think of a list of fav HipHop Love songs. I would have to add Common “I want You” for that Crazy Love feeling. I would also add Most Def “U r The One” for that Had It Up To here/Why do I love you so much feeling. I would have probably chosen Common I Used to Love Her, because it was one of the reason I feel in love with hip hop. I But thats not relative to man/woman relations lol. I felt like I was one of the only realized the story was about the love of the music and not a person. But I definitely choose”The Light” I just love how common intergrated his love for hip hop (and the fact he had been away from it for a while), while also communicating the love/interaction between a woman and man. Love the list Awesome Collabo!

  10. Mos Def – Ms. Fat Booty <= Love the storytelling in this song.

    I think everything else was mentioned… I love love love You’re All I Need – Method Man and Mary J. Blige. I can remember sitting down and writing all the words to this song.

      1. Ahhh! Ms Fat Booty, the classic” She’s just not that into you” ode to love without reciprocity. I moved it off my love song file but its still a banger. Still in rotation in my house matter of fact lol

  11. I love these lists!

    My adds
    Bonita Applebum – ATQC
    Beautiful Skin – Goodie Mob
    You make me better – Fabulous

  12. great post. i think as far as hip hop love songs go the most important things to me are the production and the lyrics. the hook matters but not as much as the aforementioned.

    my five songs in no particular order:

    mind sex- dead prez
    make me better- fab
    robocop- kanye
    let your hair down- kidz in the hall
    song cry- jay-z
    My recent post #30for30

  13. Good topic… a little surprised that the first widely recognized hip hop love song, I Need Love, is not on the list. It remains a classic and LL remains the genre’s pioneer. Another one of my favorites, which may be borne out of intense regional loyalty, is MC Shan’s Left Me Lonely. The singing on the hook is horrendous but the song is a delightful reminder of male frailty and female independence — a rarity in hip hop. Ms Fat Booty is also a great choice but the ending is jarring each time I hear it. One last song I want to mention is Nas’ I’m Getting Married. It’s rare for an emcee to express unabashed joy and outright glee at settling down and I thought the song was very successful in capturing the sentiments of the maturing crowd with lyrics like: “Tired of hopping from honey to honey/ HIV spreading/ Everybody bumping the same bunnies/The game’ll put ni@@as in they graves/right before they part ways/with the street/I want a son to greet/every morning/daughters and more sons tickle my feet/wife smiling, telling me ‘it’s time to eat’/I’m getting married”.

  14. Oh I loved make me better – fab
    common – the light (classic)
    you all are taking me back with some of the songs on this list — lot's of fun!

  15. I love, love, love this post!
    I remember when the love of my life Common and Mary J dropped "Come Close" I was so in love with this guy and this was our summer theme song. Ooooh the memories. Also, I plan to somehow play " You're All I Need" at my wedding, both versions.

    A few of my top hip hop love songs:
    The Light- Common ….just the other day I was singing " I never knew a luh, luh, luh like this" …..
    I Need Love- LL
    Song Cry- Jay Z
    Never Been In Love-Talib Kweli "It let me know that my prayers is the music God be listening to" ****SWOONS****

    1. Talib's Never Been in Love is one of my classic favorites. And if you love it, check out "Never Stop Loving You", he does it again!

  16. I love the nod to "Soon You'll Understand". That song is great and many don't even know…and "Come Close" was also dead on! Great choices Reecie.__Sunshine, also great!__

  17. Now, I get excited about when people talk about music, and if you looked in the comment, you will se me e-5ing a lot of comments,
    Slum Village => Tainted Love
    Q-Tip => You.
    Ja Rule => Put it on me I dont like rule much, Murder Inc => Down 4 u (these song takes me to my teenage years, where every young thought they were J and B.)
    Common => I want you
    Foreign Exchange => All that you are
    Tupac => Do 4 love
    My mind has frozen but I will be back….
    My recent post My Precious…

  18. Love the post and the songs!!

    Common – I want you
    Dead Prez – Mind Sex
    Roots – You Got Me
    Goodie Mob – Mahogany
    Immortal Technique – You Never Know
    Shyne & Barrington Levy – Bonnie & Shyne
    Mobb Deep Feat 112 – Hey Love
    Poor Righteous Teachers – Shakiyla

    But what's different nowadays is all the R&B artists are featuring hip hop artists…which could then change up the list of songs….

    My recent post Volume I : Things My Exes Have Taught Me…I Am the Prototype

  19. You're All I Need – Meth & Mary, is one of the few rap songs that I know line for line, lol. Aside from it being a HOT song, I was hopelessly in love with Method Man…

    I'm more of an "every other line" person…I need the previous line to remind me of what's coming next, lol.

    And I'm surprised y'all are listing Prototype (which I LOVE) as a hip hop/rap song…

  20. I'd never heard "Soon You'll Understand" before…that's some real ish… 🙁 Thanks for turning me on to that.

    Big cosigns on Come Close, The Light, Prototype, I Need Love.

  21. Underground's finest Hip-Hop Love Songs:

    Tab-One – You Got Me (Gives me the chills … Make a Last fm move … PLEASE!!!)
    Tanya Morgan – She's Gone (aka Without You)
    Brother Ali – You Say (Puppy Love)
    One Be Lo – True Love
    H.I.S.D. – Automatic

    *In respect to yesterday's blog A Tribe Called Quest – Find A Way (FRIEND ZONE ANTHEM)*

    1. I gotta shake this brother's hand for the Brother Ali jawn.

      Trust me, your favorite rapper doesn't want to get near a microphone with that guy.

  22. Renee and All I Need is classic hood love shit. Hands down.

    You Got Me, Put it On Me, and many other Ja Rule and Fab shit is right up there with it.

    As far as newer songs and artist tho, Ima go with:

    In The Morning – J. Cole (2009 version with just Cole)
    Best I Ever Had – Drake
    Ambitious Girl 2, Passive Aggres-Her, Let’s Chill – Wale (I’m sure there’s more but you get the point)

    I think the only lil Wayne song that should be mentioned in these comments is Earthquake. I could be wrong but i don’t think so.

  23. Nice very nice.

    I'm all over romantic hip hop. Common and Dilla got busy on the light. I have used lines from the Meth and Mary jawn several times to show how a ruff neck can love. Renee was a great twist, and the Roots are the most underrated group of all time. This is why I should marry Reecie.

    Not a fan of all the songs listed. As I told Reecie, some rappers just make songs for the radio about women that having no meaning. Just a catchy melody and shallow lyrics about spending money, horrible reflection of black love.

    some people forgot:
    Talib Kweli: Love Language
    Fat Joe: You are all I need (tony sunshine sounds like an angel here. Baseline is magical. Great video to go with it)
    Drake – sooner or later
    Pharcyde – Passing me by
    Cunninlynguists – Beautiful Girl
    ghostface – camay
    Sha Stimuli breakup mixtapes
    Andre 3K verse from UGK's International Player Anthem
    Blue, Tribe, Atomsphere, emilio rojas, Murs. all can take you there just like a Adele record you just can't sit around and wait for the radio to play it.

    1. Yeeeeeee Good look on that Ghostface … that's one eery ass beat too.
      Definitely Sha Stimuli breakup mixtapes
      Pharcyde – Passing me by is another Friend Zone classic
      Blu's Her Favo(u)rite Color had a lot of love ish on it

    2. how could I forget the Pharcyde!!! its on my playlist tho.

      I'm gonna make a download link for it one day and post it on the blog.:-)

      Ghostface is also the king of romantic rap. luh me some him!!!

    3. "Andre 3K verse from UGK's International Player Anthem "


      i asked someone to name a song that reminded them of me once… and they burst out into that verse. one of the dopest things ever. lol "…And I apologize if this message gets you down. Then I CC'd every girl that I'd see see round town and. I hate to see y'all frown but I'd rather see her smiling .."

      My recent post these three words…

  24. Well damn. At this point everyone has already gotten to the good songs. I'll co-sign Cheekz list and MadScientist. See if anything else comes to mind later in the day.

    Good list in the post, too. I can rock with anything Common and LL when it comes to love song joints. Most Def – Ms. Fat Booty holds a special place in my hearts because of college experiences. Same with 50 Cents 21 questions aka the Hood Love Anthem.

  25. Song Cry — Jay-Z #FTW

    I never get tired of listening to this song.

    I liked both of ya'll picks.

    Teenage Love – Slick Rick (don't know if it was mentioned already)
    SummerTime – Beyonce ft. Ghostface Killah
    She Will – Lil Wayne Ft. Drake
    She Rockin That Thang – Dream
    Breakdown – Mariah Carey ft. Bone Thugs n Harmony

    That's all I got for now.

    1. Here's another one that gets heavy play on my ipod.

      How's It Going Down – DMX ft. Faith Evans I love that mans voice. *swoon*

      ruff ruff

  26. So this post makes me feel like I've been living in a cave because I've never heard these songs and I pride myself on being a very musically inclined person. Looks like I have some homework to do this Thanksgiving weekend.

    In my defense though, I was into a lot of rock and alternative music during my middle/high school years. Still am actually.. oh well *shrugs and moves on*

  27. Awesome, awesome post!!! I love every thing. Come Close and The Light are the truth. And All I Need… you gotta respect it!

    All the good one's have been listed. Co-sign my lover CHeeKZ with the Pharcyde and 3Stacks verse on International Player's Anthem. "Hate to see yall frown, but I'd rather see her smiling."
    My recent post My Love Is Like…

  28. All time Favorite-LL Cool J- I Need Love
    Currently digging-Lil Wayne- How to Love

    Music you should hear! Go to youtube.com and type in Lecrae. Watch the videos, “Background”, “Just Like You”, “Don’t Waste Your Life”. Also look up The Ambassador. Watch his video “Gimme Dat”. Visit http://www.Rehabthealbum.com click on “watch the film”. These brothers are the business. Be inspired!!! Peace & blessings.

    Camille 🙂

  29. all these songs win.

    does "can you get away" by Tupac count as a love song?

    "I can see you're cautious and I'm careful not to scare you
    But anticipation of love makin
    got you shakin when I'm standin near you…"

    love this song. lyrics are the best thing about any song.

    My recent post these three words…

  30. Ahem Ahem Ahem……is my mic on…..lol
    I'm a big Jay-Z fan so 2 of my favs are Excuse Me Miss (both versions)
    as well as Bonnie & Clyde featuring Wifey Beyonce.

  31. People are starting to just name songs that haven’t been put out there yet, but mine are:

    1- Meth and Mary: You’re All I Need
    2- Common: I Used to Love H.E.R.
    3-The Roots: You Got Me
    4- Blackstarr: Brown Skin Lady
    5- ATCQ: Bonita Applebum

    Honorable Mention:
    Phonte-Sending My Love (“Martin Luther King did not die so ni@#as could be tricking off hoes”)
    Andre 3000: Prototype
    Common: The Light

  32. Ima write all these songs down and make sure I listen to each and every one of them (sans How To Love). And brush up on a few that I’ve heard but don’t really remember like young guns, puff & kellz, Lloyd Banks, and things like.that.

  33. Yes I'm new wanted to put some of my favorite songs up here

    Nas K I S S I N G
    Tupac and Jon B Are you still down
    Jadakiss Kiss Me
    Doc Box Slow Love( classic throwback)
    Fabolous Baby
    Yes I love Dmx How's it going down takes me back to the summer of 1999 aww memories
    Teenage love Slick Rick (love this song)
    LL cool J Luv you Better
    I can go on but I rather not just had to put my two cents into this discussion

  34. Y'all got pretty much all of them, though I must say some of the songs listed are LOVE songs but rather "LUST song, but it's all good. Just an observation. But anywho, here's my 2 cents on the list!

    MY TOP 3!
    1.YOU’RE ALL I NEED – Method Man & Mary J. Blige : YES definitely the GOAT!
    2.LOVE LANGUAGE – Talib Kweli : If you don’t know, you need to get on this joint!
    3.YOU GOT ME – The Roots : COSIGNING

    Honorable Mention:
    I NEED LOVE – LL Cool J : A classic. This song started it all.
    CLOSER – Slum Village : This is a "lust" song but it's another one you need to get on if you don’t know
    COME CLOSE – Common & Mary J. Blige : COSIGNING
    SONG CRY – Jay Z : Literally made me cry real tears

  35. When it comes to some of my favorite hip hop love songs here they are in no paticular order right here
    1) Bonita Applebum by A Tribe Called Quest – Whats not to love about this song, smooth breakbeat, neo-soul type vibe , part spoken word and all around great record.
    2) Slow Love by Doc Box & B.Fresh – Not too many people know about that classic joint, it definitely reminds me of Zapp & Roger. (Slept on classic throwback, I was 6 years old when this came out)
    3) Neptunes Jewels by Mystic (I Love her work , she's an artist from the Bay Area who rhymes and sings, she reminds me of Goapele/Jean Grae & Lauryn Hill)
    4) Come Close To Me (Remix) feat. Erykah Bahdu, Pharell, Q-Tip : I actually love both versions but the remix goes a little bit more harder and it also has that smooth laid back vibe that you can definitely get down to.
    5) So Far To Go feat. D'Angelo – Produced by The Late Great J.Dilla (Rest In Peace) Common definitely comes correct on this record rhyming and expressing to get closer to that special woman.

    *Honorable Mention*
    1) Remenisce feat. Common, Mos Def by Bilal
    2) You're All I Need To Get By feat. Mary J Blige- Method Man
    3) Whatever You Say (Remix) by Little Brother
    4)Teenage Love by Slick Rick
    5)Mind Sex by Dead Prez


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