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What you need to do, so I know it’s real

How Real Is That!

Any type of relationship has its challenges. Whether its personal or professional, you know how to separate the frivolous relationships from the pertinent ones. The easiest question to ask is “how?”. How do I know this friendship isn’t a swindle? How can I tell whether my boss cares about my career path or is a snake in the grass? How committed is this (wo)man to my happiness? Well, the Mary J Blige of Hip Hop himself Drake, along with the champion of overweight achievement Rick Ross have an idea:

Tat my name on you so I know its real…

When I first heard this track, I could tell it was a “throw away” track or better yet, a fun track that you do just because. I didn’t see the meme that was forming in front of us. Soon, all over Twitter, Facebook, and social media, we saw some hilarious examples of how people could profess their realism. I’ll share some of those with you today;

Pay my Sallie Mae loan, #soiknowitsreal
If this isn’t love, I’ll never know its definition! Student loans are the bane of our existence. J Cole name drops Sallie Mae more times than Jayceon does Dr. Dre! Federal Loans are more manageable, but them private loans?! Man Listen… To pay this bill, and alleviate me from the pit of despair, would be phenomenal. Women would make their box available at the drop of a dime. It doesn’t even matter if you own a time share in the Friend Zone! Now that’s love!

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Feed me while I drive after we leave the drive though, #soiknowitsreal
This may seem trivial, and those women who are basic in nature may not see the importance, but this feels good. When you drive to your local food chain and pick up a economical meal from the struggle menu, it makes a brotha hungry! That you would feed me while I drive, instead of pounding your grub while my stomach bellows like an ork from Lord of The Rings, is selfish and foul. Pass them fries to me baby, and ill take care of your buns when we get home *Larenz Tate voice*

Send your a/s/l, #soiknowitsreal
Back in the AOL chat, Blackplanet, and early Myspace days, this was the epitome of revealing realism. Once you answered to that, you could send the followup picture request/aim name combo! Of course that 21/F/NYC could actually be a 15/m/Omaha but that’s neither here nor there. I still have to salute the predecessor to knowing when its real.

Unlock your twitter page, #soiknowitsreal
Stop actin like the feds are watching you 24/7. Y’all blocking your Twitter page and claiming job reasons. My question is why put your real info on Twitter? You do know a RT from a public user of one of your tweets will be seen right? Smh. Ladies, how can we properly lurk if you got that lock next to your picture? See? Messes it up for everyone.

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Realism isn’t always clear to see, but we all have a general barometer which with to gauge said realism. So I ask you, SBMNation: how can someone show how real they are to you? Use the hashtags accordingly!

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        1. Girl yes – get that Tampax Pearl and we're in business. iCan't with off brand. Matter fact, save yourself some time and just carry a piece of the empty box with you so you don't get confused with plastic vs. cardboard, scented vs, unscented, super vs. regular etc.

        2. I was in cvs one day and this guy was on the phone asking his girl did she want the over night with the wings, or the long with no wings ..lol it was cute he looked so lost

      1. It's not that we can't, just like we can change our own oil or buy our own flowers, it's that you're thoughtful enough to do it for us…plus we're home, you're in CVS – seems simpler for you to get it actually…

        1. ROFL, "not the boogie man." If a woman is on the pill, she's pretty regular; however, if she's not, sometimes you lose track of time. And sometimes you think you have some, but you don't. Either way, it should never be a monthly issue; maybe 2-3x/year.

      2. Sometimes if we go to the restroom or into a fitting room, it’s just easier for us if you hold it while we’re in there. Some fitting rooms are not roomy and some bathrooms don’t have hooks on the doors. Plus if I can carry your stuff around in my purse all day then you can hold it for just a few minutes. Bonus fact: sometimes the diaper bag gets heavy or the purse gets awkward when we’re trying to balance a baby on our hip. It’s nice when you hold those for us especially if all you were doing was standing there with your hands in your pockets.

    1. "Call me while you're in CVS buying me some pads & tampons so [surrounding customers and] I know it's so real."

      Crackin up!!

      But for real though, that's hot. My friend once offered to go into walgreen's and buy my pantyliners for me while I waited in the car. I was like "aaawwwwwww, but no sweets I got this"


    2. The feminist movement and its implications aint gonna have me buying no tampons. Its also not gonna have me laugh and think its cute when you past gas in bed. I also REFUSE to do pet names before marriage. Tight that ish up! We cool….and may indeed be in love but a lady is still a lady and a man is still a man. I dont even let women come over if I know they on their period (unless she's a GF)

      Deep Throat until you choke…so I know its real…

    3. My friends told me about — H0TB lackwhite. C’ 0- M —–told It’s the best pla;ce to meet bla;ck wh;te s;ingles. Come in and stay a while. Complete your profile. Post a message, a picture of yourself and check out the photo galleries. Give it a try, you will find someone you like there… 😉

      I still think so yeah

  1. You ain't never lied about them private loans. Damn, i wish somebody had told me back in the day. I have way too much loan debt to only be getting my masters. SMH

    One that i saw on twitter that made me LOL (and silently nod in agreement) was: Get me chick-fil-a on a sunday #soiknowitsreal. Thats some serious ish cuz them random sunday chick-fil-a cravings are no joke.
    My recent post In 1492

  2. real or not, I would marry a dude right now who was willing to pay all my private loans. May not be love, but Lloyd said love won't get you on the bus.

    Get me my favorite snacks/foods/drinks when I don't even ask for them, so I know its real
    My recent post Childhood Stories: Immigration Sucks

  3. Rub my back when I’m sick.

    Do my laundry.

    Pick me up/meet me after a long day/late night in the office.

    All without being asked #soiknowitsreal

  4. answer me when I call you mushy pet names infront of ya boys #soiknowitsreal

    hold my purse and my shopping bags in the mall #soiknowitsreal

    let me leave my towel and tooth brush in your bathroom and two outfits in your closet (so everyone can see) #soiknowitsreal

    1. "hold my purse and my shopping bags in the mall #soiknowitsreal"

      I can do the shopping bags, but I can only hold a purse for <10 sec after which it is getting dropped like Hank Williams MNF intro.

    2. there is a difference between being real and being a simping @$$ kisser with no backbone.

      Nothing more disrespectful than a man holding a handbag. Might as well ask to tuck his balls between his legs and walk around with a mangina.

        1. everytime they show an emasculated whipped man on tv, they show him holding a hand bag…

          why would you purposefully do that?
          You hurt my soul with that request Smilez, my soul….

  5. Post bringing me a smile early in the AM.

    Let me watch football all weekend, so I know its real
    Play with my kid sauce, so I know its real
    Don't talk to your ex man, so I know its real
    Don't flirt with other men to boast your ego, so I know its real
    Don't make me do things I don't want to just so we can be a cute couple like go to church, or go shopping, or going out with your friends who have nothing interesting to say……… so I know its real.

        1. open your mouth and beg for it, so I know its real.
          let it get in your hair, so I know its real
          ATM so I KNOW its real

    1. Do things you dont really want to do like "go to church, or go shopping, or going out with (my) friends who have nothing interesting to say" so I know its real

  6. show me your FICO #soiknowitsREAL

    tell me your twitter handle #soiknowitsREAL

    send me dem nekkid pics #soiknowitsREAL

    come with me to Comic Con #soiknowitsREAL

    If you from out of states, pledge allegiance to the NYJ, Giants, Yankees and Knicks #soiknowitsREAL

    1. co-sign ALL this.

      Except replace jets with Giants and Yanks with Mets.

      And Comic Con this friday is a must! If you can be around nerdy white boys dressed up as characters from Game of Thrones and Nauroto for a whole weekend than I know you love me.

    2. "show me your FICO #soiknowitsREAL"

      O____o LOL

      Okay, I see ya'll tryin to get me called down to my supervisor's office today for excess noise pollution (laughing too much)


  7. Unlock your twitter page, #soiknowitsreal


    kiss me through the phone while with your boys #soiknowitsreal

    1. Take me out on a Sunday afternoon date during NFL season #soiknowitsreal

      Help me take out my braids #soiknowitsreal

      Proclaim your love to me specifically on your blog, send me the link and CC every girl you'd see see round town #soiknowitsreal

        1. @ mizzcam: If I can help you out with your hair but you wanna act stush when it comes to mine? No bueno. If I'm seriously asking for help, I probably need it.

          @ Reecie: lol Word! I was just having fun with the post, but there's a reason why the only guy I know who does it without being asked is still boo'd up with my best friend almost a decade later.

          @ Streetz: Better believe it! I've never actually taken my braids out in the presence of a boo, but him being thoughtful enough to help me out? And in front of witnesses without acting as though his manhood has been trampled, swept up, and flushed down the toilet? Points^infinity.

  8. Let me blaze even tho i'm sick #SoiKnowItsReal
    Make me a 5-Cheese lasagna w/ Italian Sausage #SoiKnowItsReal
    Let's go out and find a woman for a 3-some #SoiKnowItsReal
    Massage my hands and feet #SoiKnowItsReal
    Don't call me just to keep tabs on where I am or what i'm doing #SoiKnowItsReal
    Random acts of duggry #SoiKnowItsReal

        1. DING DING DING … Tell her what's she's won BOB!!!!

          Duggry formerly known as Duggery serves as the suffix of Skullduggery, which is synonomous with Oral pleasures.

  9. Iron my clothes in the morning sometimes #SoiKnowItsReal
    Let me sleep in today while you handle EVERYTHING #SoiKnowItsReal
    Make everyone else in the room disappear #SoiKnowItsReal

    1. My man would do it – but I've seen what HIS ironed clothes look like and just don't ask. Not gone have me walking round with a cooked collar.

  10. Hold my hand while i'm taking a sh*t, So I know it's real ( ._.)

    Toss away your Beyonce "4" album so I know it's real

    Shake that a$$ with dem stilettos on while we skyping, so i know it's real.

    1. "Hold my hand while i'm taking a sh*t, So I know it's real ( ._.)"
      —iDied! lolololol

      Back at my first apartment, I overheard my neighbor taking a sh*t and he called his girlfriend to bring him a coke… and she did! #youknowthatsreal

      1. My pops does that….he ask my moms to come hold his had while hes in there…i be dying laughing..lol she be cursing him out

        1. Heeeeelarious! Does she do it though? I just won't! Now that we have a bigger bathroom though I might sit in there and talk. He'll never ask though so I don't have to worry about it.

    2. You crossed the line when you said throw out that Bey album! LoL. If you know what's good for you, you'd actually want your girl to listen to that one. She schoolin chicks…lol

  11. Give me head in the morning for no reason and don’t ask me to return the favor #soiknowitsreal.

    Come with me to help my home girl throw her man sh!t out the house when he cheat on her #soiknowitsreal

    Tell your boys you can’t come to the club tonight you have a cold, but really come to my house and help me grease my scalp #soiknowitsreal

    Make wings for me and my girls on monday nights when basketball wives comes on #soiknowitsreal

    1. What's up with your best friend? #soiknowitsreal
      Let's make a movie. #soiknowitsreal
      Lick, suck, deep throat, stop, cough, hop on, hop off, lollipop off. #soiknowitsreal
      Watch Brazzers with me and say, "We should try that." #soiknowitsreal
      Thou shall have no other sports teams above the Lakers. #soiknowitsreal
      Twitpic your red, black and green wristband. #soiknowitsreal

      …great post Streetz, i'm back in the bat cave.

  12. Fix something in the house, so I know its real.

    Listen to me complain about people without telling me to ignore them and agree with me that they ain’t sh*t, so I know its real.

    Have Sunday brunch with me, so I know its real.

    1. "Listen to me complain about people without telling me to ignore them and agree with me that they ain't sh*t,"

      Miss Cougar, y do women do this??? #DRIVESMECRAZY!!!!!!!

  13. I'll try to add some that nobody else has.
    #soiknowitsreal pick up some Pamprin
    #soiknowitsreal get up out of bed in the middle of the night & pick me up some of my favorite pepperidge farm cookies or a Dr. Pepper (both if you're really real)
    #soiknowitsreal wash, condition and comb my hair
    #soiknowitsreal try some food that you don't think you'd like
    #soiknowitsreal do something out of your comfort zone
    #soiknowitsreal do my homework for me
    #soiknowitsreal love both of my personalities
    #soiknowitsreal laugh at all of my jokes even when they're not funny

    My hubs has done all of that for me…

    #soiknowitsreal take out the trash without me asking
    #soiknowitsreal clip your nails before you touch me intimately

    PS #soiknowitsreal don't ask me to get a tatt to prove any dang thing

  14. Still hang out with me while I’m on my period #SoIKnowItsReal

    When I say I don’t want to have sex tonight, don’t keep trying #SoIKnowItsReal

    Tell me how you feel about me instead of sending subliminal messages via BBM statuses #SoIKnowItsReal

    Spend some time with me, so I don’t wonder if your boys are actually your boyfriends #SoIKnowItsReal

        1. @GirlSixx

          I was team BB until I switched to Verizon and the phone is crap compared to AT&T’s Bold. I loved that damn phone. This sh*t *glances at phone in disgust*

        2. Yeah our Bold's are da truf!! 🙂

          But not for nothin I am quietly hating on that new Bold touch from Verizon my friend has one and it's bananas ( touch screen and regular size Qwerty keyboard and 4g). I am hoping AT&T comes out with it

        1. LMaooo

          But for serious Imma need ya'll to stop acting all brand new and goin in on BLACKBERRY because everyone was on #TeamBlackberry right up until that big azz walkie talkie droid thang came on the scene.

      1. If you can switch off of BBM to G-chat and get over the email harder e-mail configs (or just use all G-mail accounts)
        Droid is the move.

        But I can't lie. I think I lost some friends when I stopped using BBM. G-chat just isn't popping for me.

  15. Take me to a Beyonce concert and pretend you're enjoying yourself #SoIknowitsreal (My ex definitely took me to the Destiny's Child farewell concert!)

    Respect my headache and just cuddle with me, even when you're h0rny #SoIknowitsreal

    Don't throw it in my face when my #Cowboys lose #SoIknowitsreal

    Don't freak out when I have my emo moments (this doesnt really happen much) #SoIknowitsreal

      1. LOL! Its not about me torturing him, its about him loving me enough to sit through it because I love her. And I'd sit through a show of his choice with him.
        My ex seemed to be fine with it. She puts on a phenomenal show. You'd be shocked how many dudes are there with their girlfriends. Plus yall are likely to get a Jay-Z spotting/performance out of the deal 😉 Win/Win

  16. help me pick out my nail polish for the latest mani/pedi #soiknowitsreal (if you like me in red, I'll rock red!!!)
    tell me which dress to wear tonight so I can stunt in front of your friends, and you can peel me out of it later #soiknowitsreal
    take my car to get the oil changed, detailed, and a new cherry airfreshner–even better if you can do all this yourself #soiknowitsreal

    know what all my favorite snack foods/ice cream flavors are and when I tell you I had a bad day, have those joints at the house waiting so we can pig out #soiknowitsreal

    My recent post I guess I got my swagger back…

  17. some of y'all women are ODing today.
    Asking people to straight violate their personal intergrity for the sake of the relationship?

    What's next ladies?

    Make a death threat to Obama so I know its real?
    Ruin your credit rating on buying me hand bags so I know its real?
    Watch me with another man cuckold style so I know its real?

    How about: Don't take advantage of "So I know its real" Day so I know its real.

      1. Naija this post was inspired by Rick Ross. Hip Hops moral compass.
        The realist rapper in the game. Everything he says is authentic. He never lied on wax.What John Lennon was to the Beatles, Rozzay is to young black generation.

        There is no room for tongue and cheek when the Bawse is invovled.

        1. lol, you silly. But on the real, though… do whateverthehell I ask of you #noquestionsasked #soiknowitsreal

  18. when you drink all the juice in the fridge dont leave a swig in the carton throw it out #soiknowitsreal

    Dont leave your underwear and socks on the floor when the laundry basket is right there #soiknowitsreal

    Come with me to macy's for the 6am sell on cotton sheets because you sleep on them too #soiknowitsreal

    Cuddle with me without trying to get the poke and stroke going #soiknowitsreal

    1. yes number one all day just calling or sending flowers to say hey i love you like you miss you

      or sending morning texts and goodnight text #soiknowitsreal

  19. Do corny sh*t like slow dance with me in the dark #soiknowitsreal

    Come back from chicken shack with a breast and fries b/c you know I don't do dark meat #soiknowitsreal

    Indulge me in convo when I rant about hip-hop or get all artsy and bask in the beauty of nature or art #soiknowitsreal

    Still love me after I lose my temper #soiknowitsreal

    Wake me up with a kiss #soiknowitsreal

    Put the toilet seat down after you use the bathroom so I don't take swimming classes by mistake #soiknowitsreal

      1. Exactly! Just the smalles thought goes a long way.

        come home with that Hershey Cookies and Cream candy bar…after a long day?! What? don't let it be king sized *starts singing I'm Your Baby Tonight*

        1. YES!!!!

          You ever had those Andes candies? Please say yes. If not, I'm shipping you some for your birthday!

        2. *cue India Arie singin The Little Things* We women really are pretty easy to please because thoughtful gestures will make us melt.

          If a dude bring me home some cookie dough ice cream in a waffle bowl from Cold Stone though, for NO REASON…*T.I. voice* You can have whateva you liiiiike

        3. LMAO!!! I love me some Tip!!!

          Yup. Thoughtful gestures. Like, you demonstrate that you remember something kinda random about me…*hearts in eyes*

  20. Grab the tweezers and pluck this hair under my chin that I can feel but can't see. #soiknowitsreal

    Ask me a question that shows you've been listening to my drawn out story about nothing particularly important. #soiknowitsreal

    Make me feel attractive during and after a physically taxing pregnancy when I KNOW my body looks nothing like it did when we met. #soiknowitsreal

    Drop the babies off to daycare and pick them up. #soiknowitsreal

    Take the girls to the mancave with you to watch football so that I can take a nap. #soiknowitsreal

    1. “Grab the tweezers and pluck this hair under my chin that I can feel but can’t see. #soiknowitsreal”

      Aww snap! Girl you going hard with that one! My hubby had to help me with a wax strip once. He was real g about it too but I was just embarrassed one, bc of the hair and two bc I’d punked out.

  21. Hilarious – Gully time

    Help me take out my weave/braids #soIknowitsreal
    Shave it like you like it #soIknowitsreal
    Give me a real kiss after I swallow your kids #soIknowitsreal
    Sleep in the wet spot #soIknowits real

    Sorry I had to do …………cause I keeps it real!

        1. Number 15 rule on body fluids……
          they most be consume directly from the source. If it touches anything else, it becomes gross.

        2. So you don't like it when you take your fingers out of her honey pot, dripping with lady sauce and she guides your hand to her waiting mouth to hungrily suck you clean of her essence? Yeah, that's definitely "gross"…

        3. you got a point there…..

          amendment to rule 15 of Body Fluid By-Laws *

          A man's own sexually produced body fluid is gross to himself at all times.
          A woman's sexually produced becomes gross after a time period has past OR said fluid has touched an unhygienic item.

        1. You still being nice about it, Betta you than me girl,


          No Mouth Hugs at all then. *hmph*

          I never understood this craziness dude wants his girl to catch the kids and/or even swallow kids but he won't kiss her afterwards.

        2. Girl aint nothing nice over here! He may not be giving me a kiss but he would receive one. Tongue all down his throat. lol!

        3. "Commandment 11:

          Thou shall not induce thine own children down thine own mouth."

          ^^^^ It was written…

    1. I have to no-sign this, LOL.

      Unless we're at least engaged, there will be no rela status on FB other than "single" and DEF no boo pictures. #KnowItsRealRegardless

      1. I’m going to have to no-sign your no-sign. I’m going to feel some type of way about you and I being in a relationship but your Facebook still reading “single.” Either take down the status all together (if that’s an option, hell if I know because I’m not on Facebook but I know people who know people who will definitely know about you) or update that mofo. Otherwise, #NoDeal.

        1. But if we wanna get technical, the law doesn't recognize "boyfriends", lol. I file my taxes as "single". Should I scratch that out and write in "In a relationship"? LOL… I had dudes "In a relationship" on FB still trying to get at me. It means nothing. Like, it really means nothing, lol. Its not a repellant and it doesn't keep people from doing what they want to do.

          Leaving your status as nothing or "single" keeps folks out of your relationship business. And when you break up, it saves you the embarrassment and headache of all your FB friends seeing that you've switched back to "single"…posting "Aww, what happened? I totally thought you guys would get married???" on your wall, LOL.

          Now, if we're out together and you introduce me, your girlfriend, as your "friend", that's a #NoDeal.

        2. "Leaving your status as nothing or "single" keeps folks out of your relationship business. And when you break up, it saves you the embarrassment and headache of all your FB friends seeing that you've switched back to "single"…posting"


        3. Naw, bro. Like GirlSixx said, just leave it blank then. lol Otherwise, if it's no big deal, it's no big deal anywhere. So dont get upset when I introduce you as "my friend" to my boys when we're out in public because it's likely the same circle of people anyway. Because while you're trying to save face for your on-line friends my off-line friends are going to be wondering, "Dawg, why your girlfriend still single on the FB?"

          If we're going to be embarrassed, we're going to be embarrassed together dammit.
          My recent post Promiscuous Girls and the Men Who Marry Them

        4. LMBO! See…

          The Rela Status issue doesn't bother me at all. If a man wants permanent shine on my page, get all the info you need on me and put a ring on it. That way, you won't have to worry about my "options", lol… cause that's all its about.

          Our wedding day pic will be my profile pic for all to see, lol…

        5. lol @ being embarrassed together. I actually like the fact that you're advocating for pictures and whatnot..'tis a refreshing change from what I usually observe.

          As for the relationship status..mine's permanently ghost.

        6. And I can't even believe I neglected to say the obvious.

          "Single" means unmarried. So, technically, you ain't lyin, lol. Ijs…

          I think it really comes down to the couple. If your partner takes issue with seeing "single" on FB and you refuse to at least go "blank", #ItsNotAsRealAsYallThink. If neither of y'all care…as is the case with me and my bf, #NoNeedToQuestionTheRealness.

      2. Agreed.

        I've seen way to many status go from "In a Relationship" to "It's Complicated" to "Single" LOL and the comments are all like "WTF?" What happened? Oh it's be okay.

        Nah I don' need that in my life. Just acknowledge me as your baby, future fiancee, whatever out in public and I'm cooler than a fan.

        1. Girl, that happened to my lil male cuz on FB a minute ago. I posted, "Let this be a lesson to you…don't EVER post your relationship status on a social networking site again"…so far, so good. Gotsta train these youngins, lol…

          "Nah I don' need that in my life. Just acknowledge me as your baby, future fiancee, whatever out in public and I'm cooler than a fan." <<<< Yup! What you said, lol. And you get more points for just saying my name in a "that's her" kind of way so the person can respond "oh, I've heard nice things about you!". I'll DEF #KnowItsReal then, lol…

  22. Take care of me when I'm sick #SoIKnowItsReal

    Mow my lawn #SoIKnowItsReal

    Ask me for advice #SoIKnowItsReal

    Do the dishes after I cook #SoIKnowItsReal

    Maintain my car #SoIKnowItsReal

    Scratch my scalp #SoIKnowItsReal

    Remember lil things #SoIKnowItsReal

    Make me your wife #SoIKnowItsForever

      1. Youzafool for that Kema – why did I just have a flash of you taking a toothbrush to some baby hair and break dancing a la Omarion? LOL!

  23. ROTFL! I love this post, and the comments got me crying laughing at my desk! I want to join in on the fun

    Give me forehead kisses #SoIKnowItsReal

    Bring in the groceries #SoIKnowItsReal

    Even though you hate musicals, take me to go see Wicked/Lion King on Broadway #SoIKnowItsReal

    Make tea for me, and hush my back/stomach when I'm cramping #SoIKnowItsReal

    Let me stay the night when Aunt Flo is visiting #SoIKnowItsReal

    Tweet that you love me and MENTION ME AT THE END #SoAllOfYourFollowersAndTheyMommaKnowsItsReal

  24. "Well, the Mary J Blige of Hip Hop himself Drake"

    Before I finish reading, THIS ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ made me laugh out loud for an extended period of time, LMBO!

    …back to the post….

  25. #soiknowitsreal:
    keep my choice of liquor on tap at your house (and don't let anybody else drink it)
    fix me a plate FIRST when you bbq
    recognize when i get a new outfit and/or hairdo
    eat whatever i cook (no matter how it looks or tasts)

  26. *hug/grope me after a long sweaty workout
    *give me a massage even though you swear your fingers are sore after 5 minutes
    *wash my hair
    *change my oil because you heard me say that ive driven at least 3500 miles since my last one O_o

      1. party foul on Top.

        not cool B. Not Cool. You should have checked to make sure that wasn't her in the Avi before you threw out that shot in the air.

    1. Due to my comments that were insensitive in nature … i deleted them … Sorry folks *Goes to the corner and sits in timeout for the rest of the evening*

        1. Well DAYUM … Apology rescinded … I swear everybody made me feel bad for roasting … Ya made me feel bad on here and some went to Twitter and made it even worse. Did you see what i deleted?

    1. bwahahahahahahahaha this made me bust out laughing in the middle of my office! leave it to a nupe to wanna go in the backdoor!

  27. Bring me some tea when I'm up late grinding. #soiknowitsreal

    make me lunch for work the next few days with a heads up on my dietary goals #soiknowitsreal. You're basically in there ma'am…

    book us a vacation somewhere nice #soiknowitsreal

    watch classic kung fu movies with me #soiknowitsreal

    play some ps3 with me #soiknowitsreal

    form a tag team with my mom for making thanksgiving dinner #soiknowitsreal. Assuming you actually know how to cook. Once the leftovers are gone, we're getting married.
    My recent post How to implement an OODBMS (pt. 1)

  28. Hilarious Post Today Streetz!!

    I'm reading these comments and laughing my azz off but also I am kinda shocked to see quite a few "let me still chill or sleep over when I have my period" type comments, I mean really are some of ya'll really giving your precious time and effort to a man who does NOT let you come and/or sleep over when you are on the rag?

    1. @ GirlSixx,

      Its a hard, cold world out here sweetheart. After all, this is a blog where women come to get some HONEST perspective from black men. I have very expensive egyptian high thread count sheets that are WHITE. No spotting on my sheets..so that I got an try and get it out. Thats relationship type ish. Im just saying that I aint in to dealing with that…if I aint got to.

      From the age of 9 to about 26, women put up with all kinds of harsh, aloof, out right disrespectful behavior from men. When they get a little older (and noticeable more realistic) then they began to look for men that are more ‘substantial’. I did as I was told by my grandma (sweet and noble to chicks) up until about the age of 23 until I realized that I got further being more “Alpha male” minded with women. If my p**** bled profusely and shed its inner walls and I wasnt your boo, you wouldnt want me over there in your bed either. Chicks dont want guys to pee on the toilet seat but they are perfectly fine with spotting all in his bed. #nastyjawns

    2. Yes!

      Why would you sleep over someone else's house when you are bleeding out a hole, that doesn't even make sense.

      I understand if we have moved it, but if you have your own place….

  29. Change your number & only give it to me & your fam & ur LBs #SoIKnowitsReal
    Randomly show up at my job with flowers #SoIKnowitsReal
    Tweet me how you feel about me & @ me #soIknowitsreal
    Buy my nursing textbooks #soiknowitsreal

    Pay my moving violations #soiknowits real

    hahhaha I didn't read all of them but y'all have me dying laughing!

  30. LOL!

    My number one would be to oil and rub my scalp #soiknowitsreal
    Hell even just play in my hair #soiknowitsreal
    Tell me that thang is mine while we………. #soiknowitsreal
    Send me flowers to the job #soiknowitsreal
    Pray with me at night time #soiknowitsreal
    Massage my feets after a long day #soiknowitsreal

  31. "Pay my Sallie Mae loan, #soiknowitsreal" <<< You ain't lyin!!!!!!!!! LOL

    Y'all have pretty much said everything so my late behind has nothing to add…daggon training class, lol

  32. One word #soiknowitsreal , PEACE

    something so simple yet rare to find in women. Don't nag/complain about everything, don't get mad when I want to hang with my friends, don't start petty arguments over nothing, don't annoy me when i'm trying to watch the game or play video games, and most importantly stop being so dam emotional/crying all the time
    My recent post Top 10.5 Places to Meet Single Women

  33. Im late, but I gotta!
    Come w/ me to Lollapolooza! #soIknowitsreal 😀
    Don't stare at me #soIknowitsreal :-/
    Love me don't Lust me #soIknowitsreal
    Hold me #soIknowitsreal


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