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SingleBlackMale.org Reacts to The McDonald’s Incident


Somewhere in America last night there was a store owner or a cashier who was the victim of a robbery.  It happens every night in America.  A person walks into an establishment and appears to make a purchase and instead ends up putting a gun in the face of the cashier and asking him to fork over the money in the cash register.  As a reaction, stores are forced to sometimes keep a weapon behind the counter because you never know when that night is going to be.  When you watch this Youtube video ask yourself, what if those two girls after assaulting a cashier at McDonald’s went behind the counter and proceeded to assault the cashier and rob the register?  The situation would have been on Youtube, but it would have been completely different.  I struggle to come up with answers for people behind the counter except to strike back.  After viewing the video, I thought to myself, “He may have gone too far, but you never know … and these kids have got to stop thinking they have a blank check to act out in society.”

Warning: This video is very explicit and disturbing.


If society chooses to stay the course with their current plan to empower the youth of our nation, we will fail. If you take public transportation in this country, you see it yourself.  They are modern day miscreants.  They’re not all like this, this isn’t a gross generalization of all the youth in America.  I’m talking about the ones who choose to commit crime after crime because they simply think they’ll get away with it.  They assault patrons wherever they go, they’re disrespectful, they steal, they loiter, and they knowingly break the rules because they know that there’s not much that society is willing to do about it.  Let’s be honest America, we’re afraid of our youth.  We treat our youth like they are zombies or rabid beasts, we don’t think we have any power, so we just run as far away from them as possible.

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A few years ago, I found myself in this situation on a Metro train in DC.  A young man sitting behind me, attempted to pluck at my ear.  Standing, I felt the air whiff pass my ear, but then he tried again.  I was ready, I turned around and pushed the kid to ground as he made his move.  And right there was the child… the look in his big eyes were that of a child.  His eyes big, the fear could be seen in his eyes, I stood over him with a look of anger, I had enough.  It didn’t matter that he like many of our youth is infatuated with dressing like Lil’ Wayne, growing their hair long like Lil’ Wayne, and attempting to prove to society that they are “mobbin’” at that very moment, he was afraid because he was in fact a boy who was attempting to “play” with a man.  I looked him in the eyes and said, “Just because I have this suit on, doesn’t mean I won’t whip your ass, cut that sh*t out.”  He slid up against the wall and stood to his feet and exited the train at the next stop.  Once he exited a few other passengers applauded me and confirmed what I truly believe, “It’s about time we show these kids the consequences of their actions.”

I’m not asking for people to teach the youth lessons with retaliation, I’m asking for people to show them that we’re not afraid.  We’re not going to be prisoners in our own homes because our youth has run amok in our cities.

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There’s something else in this video worth noting too.  If this had been a cashier with no prior record, he probably would have been applauded.  But once people found out that he had a record, he was headed for a night in jail.  He’s probably still there.  In the minds of the law, once a violent offender, always a violent offender.  But here’s the reality check for all those involved:

1) When you have priors, your options are limited.  Black men have to get it through their thick skulls that it’s not about what’s fair as it pertain to the penitentiary system in America.  It’s about what happens and what doesn’t happen.  Black men are brought to tears everyday because their civil rights are violated but because of a rap sheet, they have to hold their hands to their side because that would be their third strike.  Act like this is the order of business in America, there will never be a change.

2) This should apply to everyone, but you don’t ever want to go up against a man who’s been locked down for longer than a period of a month.  When you learn to fight in the schoolyard, you don’t learn what they teach you in the “yard.”  This cashier reacted the same way he would have reacted if he was on lock down.  He fought like they were coming for his life.  That never leaves a man once he goes back into society.  The United States penitentiary system conducts an exit interview with a parole board, but they never give you a referral to a shrink.

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3) To the youth of America, if no one has told you this piece of advice lately, “Don’t write checks, your ass can’t cash.”  If you slap a man, prepare yourself for a fight.  Let me give you a more contemporary version of the advice, “Don’t start no ish, won’t be no ish.”  This situation went left when he picked up that pipe.  But those girls started it.  The cashier was simply trying to do his job and check to see if the $50 bill that was used at McDonald’s (I’m a grown man, and I’ve never used a $50 bill at McDonald’s), for those girls to instigate the cashier was just wrong.  Once they laid his hands on him, all bets were off.

I have a family member, she’s a few years behind me.  She acts out like these two girls in this clip.  The family always tells her, “One day, you’re going to go off on the wrong person.”  That’s what happened to these two young ladies.  Today’s lesson is about miscreants, I am aware that there are several other issues pressing for our youth, but today’s lesson is about miscreants.  I would ask that anyone who considers themselves an adult, not a role model or parent, but I would have to insist that you say something and show our youth that we will not live in fear.  I refuse to be a prisoner in my own home because I’m scared of the youth in our country.  It takes a community to raise a child and in many ways we’re neglecting our responsibilities, it’s time to step up.

– Dr. J


  1. I prolly wouldn't have beat them as bad as he did but I don't think he broke a law. Chicks stay thinking they can beat a man up. I went to a college campus and was talking to some girls about abusive relationships and some kept bragging about how they would beat the guy up for hitting them. NEWSFLASH aint none of yall beating up a man, most of yall wouldn't fight a ticket. But when a chick attacks you you're wrong if you restrain them or strike them.

    I'm not condoning violence against women, I'm just saying don't put your hand anywhere near or around my face when you get mad. Especially if I'm at work and I don't know you. Some women aren't normal, some aren't good people. So its all cool to say "never put your hands on a woman" but if one smacks your mother in the face, or gets caught fingering your infants when they are supposed to be changing the diaper, or trying to attack you at work I say cancel that *blank*

    1. I'm with you, I don't condone violence against females…but if they are provoking and being the aggressor then they can't start playing the victim role once things get real an they realize they bit of more than they could chew. It just makes no sense that some people have to enduring punishment before learning a lesson.

      It's like touching a boiling pot on the stove and realizing it's hot…then getting so bold that you stick your hand into the scalding and boiling water. Then you wanna cry about getting burned?! That's not the way lessons should be learned, but that's the only way some people seem to learn…unfortunately. You know?

  2. After living for 2.5 years in DC I swore the world was going to end. The little kids that ride the DC metro have got the be the worst kids on earth. One grabbed my behind one day and luckily this man standing next to me saw it and smack the sh!t of the little boy. I just cannot with kids today.

    I saw you tweet yesterday about the law involved with the cashier and the only reason he'll go to jail is because he didn't use the equivalent amount of force used against him. In most jurisdictions you can only fight back with as much force as someone fights you with (aka fist to fist, knife to knife etc).

    1. Wow! They had to audacity to grab your butt?! Now that's just blatant disrespect. Where are the parents and positive role models who should be teaching the children. It's time to put a stop to letting entertainers raise the youth. I can't believe a child did that to you.
      My recent post All Women Care About is the D(ang-a-Lang)

    2. I agree, I'm originally from the West Coast and I've lived in DC for about 2 years now — the situation with youth here is OUT OF CONTROL. I wholeheartedly agree with Dr. J that adults need to stand up and do something, and stop acting scared of these young punks…

      But at the same time, I am a female who recognizes the other point of this post, which is that I absolutely would be overwhelmed if a situation escalated to the point of physical defense. The one time that I chose to defiantly respond to some ignorant little boys who grabbed my butt on the street, THEY got in MY face and THREATENED me! I couldn't thank the heavens enough that a police officer happened to be right down the block and got involved when he realized what was going on.

      It really seems like a double-edged sword for those of us who are mature enough to know something needs to be said and done, but also who recognize we might not be the ones to do it.

  3. Wow is all I can say to the video… While I think the beating may have been a little excessive I don't fault him for defending himself. I'll share a story that happened to me a few years ago. I was in Wendy's a few years ago when this girl pushed me. Now when people see me they tend to think I'm not the fighting type. Well this girl continued to provoke me and for lack of a better term " I whipped that ass!!!" However, After the fight was over it was discovered that this girl had a big steak knife in her back pocket. It was clear that she planned to use it but never got the chance to pull it out because I was whipping her like I hadn't ate in days and she stole the last cracker……. These children that are out of control and not because that can't be controlled but no one is taking the time to do it…… Something needs to be done asap….
    My recent post I like my coffee black… and my men too!!!!

    1. I agree with you completely. The beating may have been excessive, but it was definitely deserved. He was hit first and he defended himself and then decided to get them the azz whuppin they daddy should have given them a long time ago.

      I ain't mad at you for handling yours in Wendy's, but like you pointed out, we never know what type of people we're dealing with, what they are holding or even capable of. It's a blessing you were able to overpower her and keep her from getting to that knife. It's crazy how confrontational the youth and people in general are in our society.
      My recent post All Women Care About is the D(ang-a-Lang)

  4. WOW. I'd heard about this incident and, from what I'd heard, it sounded like the girls got what they deserved. I have no sympathy for these chicks.

    Seeing the video gave me a different perspective. These idiots were obviously already on the ground and weren't a threat anymore, so he could and should have stopped. But I don't think he should receive any jail time for it. At most he should get community service or some anger management-type situation, but how much can you punish a guy when he was just going to work and trying to make an honest living?

    If this had been a chick instead of a black man who beat these 2 girls down, they would have said she was a hero. And somebody needs to put those dumb broads behind bars.

    1. I agree with you except they did continue to try and get up. that could (and probably will) be his defense…the fact that they wouldn't stay down and therefore were still a potential threat to him

      1. I hear you. But you can't work at an international corporation thinking you can solve problems there the way you would in the hood. That mentality right there is probably the only reason he's facing charges and the reason he lost his job.

        I read that one of the girls had a fractured skull & a broken arm. She can't cause too much more damage with one arm & a broken skull. And if they were still trying to get up (I couldn't tell from the video), it may have been so they could get the hell away from that dude. But I still don't necessarily think he did anything wrong, I just wished he'd done things a little differently.

        1. But seeing the world through his eyes is the reason he keeps getting into trouble. I don't want this guy's future to be ruined because of a couple of bad decisions.

        2. @prettykeety

          Good morning,

          When you are drunk or coked up… You can take alot of damage… The women were still a threat… JustSayin’

  5. I totally agree w/ this entire post. But I think part of this comes from poor parenting at home. If these kids had parents who were parents instead of adults who see them as source of income. Frankly if these parents would rather parent them instead of being their friend then the BS Lil Wayne & the rest of bafoons say wouldn't be taken as the Gospel.

    1. Exactly! It all goes back to the lack of parenting. It's really like some of these kids are raising themselves or being raised up by other children or just bad role models(entertainers). It's completely out of control. Something seriously needs to change, but I agree with what you said completely.
      My recent post All Women Care About is the D(ang-a-Lang)

  6. good post. i agree.

    these children out here are so wild nowadays. NY has opened my eyes to just how much.

    about the video… he didn't have to go that far, but they shouldn't have jumped over the counter. and these women were both 24. they should've known better. i will never understand a woman going up against a man as if he's her equal. men are stronger and they are wired to react with violence so…. that was just dumb on their part. chicks out here trying to manufacture testosterone with foul language and menacing scowls. isn't that easy, sweethearts. lol
    My recent post these three words…

    1. @Muze

      Women (at least up until now) in general are usually off limits when it comes to violent situations… & they think men won't cross that line…

  7. This is a small preview of the behavior some youth today exhibit on a daily basis. Of course we can all shake our heads and go on our merry way avoiding and dodging these youth, but how do we help them? As a community how can we turn these deviants into productive members of society or at the very least people with manners?

    I don't know the answer, the "thug" and criminal is the fantasy each youth dreams of living out each day. Proving their gangster image, speaking and living in lawlessness is their goal.
    My recent post TMI: God Bless America

  8. MSNBC's telecast of the dedication of the MLK Memorial was on my television while I played this horrifying video. I am so scared for our next generation. Have we really allowed our people and movement to regress to THIS degree? Whether NYC, Philly, DC, ATL, VA, Cali, etc- these kids are out of control!

    I live in the DC area too and I refuse to set foot on the train unless it's during rush hour or I'm with a group. I'm strong and fit and I'm still afraid of the possibility of having to deal with these kids. No one has taught them about dignity, respect, shame, love for self and others, and consequences. It's frightening to look at women who are essentially my age and so, so lost. Who is raising the youth? You can't even save or teach some of them because they are so set in their ways. The McD's employee did take it too far, but in cases like this you almost have no choice but to to fight fire with fire- some people won't learn or respond to anything else. Those women behaved like animals, and they tested the WRONG ONE. I hope they realized they brought everything on themselves.

  9. I read that he was fired after this incident. All of this happened because he wanted to check to make sure a $50 bill wasn't counterfeit, and the owner fired him. For what? For being a better employee than most people? Cuz if I was flipping burgers for minimum wage I wouldn't give a rat's behind if that $50 was real or not.

    1. It was a business decision. If they had kept him on as an employee, it would have brought them a lot of bad press because a lot of people are "horrified" that he even hit them at all.

      As for me, I remain unmoved. I mean..seriously? You're just going to jump over the counter and continue harassing someone – who's only doing his job, btw – without fear of reprisal? Aight. It was interesting, because I'd recently read a blog post touching on the subject of men defending themselves against attacks launched by women.

      I remember when I first got to North America and my eyes would open wide when I observed instances of flat out disrespect towards figures of authority, and adults in general. I'm almost in my mid twenties and still can't freely talk back to these people all willy nilly. It's simply not the way I was raised, and I will definitely see to it that my kids mind their manners as well. As far as the kids I see outside are concerned, I don't show signs of being intimidated, but I'm sad to say that I don't consider it worth my time to try to give them a dressing down. They could very well decide to be brave and get violent (girls are stupidly notoriously for this) . I can hold my own in general, but I cannot be getting into it with kids.

    2. That's how it typically goes. Employers seldom take the side of the 'loyal' employees. Then they wonder why some people don't care or totally invest themselves into their business. It should be a two-way street. Respect your employees and they will respect you. You know?
      My recent post All Women Care About is the D(ang-a-Lang)

    3. Two chicks I went to high school with just got popped because they let a couple guys use counterfeit money at McDonalds (they were taking the money & subsequently exchanging it with real money.) So if this guy didn't check to see if the money was real, the owner could have fired him for not practicing due diligence and possibly accused him of participating. But when he checks to see if the money is fake, he gets attacked, fired, and thrown in jail. I hate America.

  10. I've got news for you. It's not just kids thinking this. There are a lot of adults in this world that never reaped the educational benefits of someone putting a foot in their posterior.

    As for this guy? I don't know. I've been in those situations before. Adrenaline and emotion take over. You swing and swing and swing, until you feel there's no longer a threat. I won't say he overreacted. If those two hadn't jumped the counter, this would be a non-issue. The problem I have is occurs at 00:42 in the video. He stopped…and then started wailing on them again. Those two girls were down, and probably less threatening. I believe that if he had stopped and then let them leave or called the police, he would have been okay.

    1. yeah I agree, I think he was in the moment, its like when you are trying to kill a bee you smash that mothafcuker to oblivion so it doesn't get back up and sting you.
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    2. But you could see in the video that he was telling them to stay down. Maybe they were putting their arms up, pleading. It reminds me of when the police tell you to put your hands up or don't move any further so they can make sure there's no threat. I've never been to prison, but know a correctional officer who told tales. Those criminals are pretty crafty/determined, even moreso in a penitentiary. Ijs…

      But the point about mental health is a damn good one. Long-term inmates must have some level of PTSD. I couldn't imagine being in an environment like that for 10 years without issues. And maybe they came from a rough environment. Yet, I still don't excuse them because as we used to say, "THEY STARTED IT!"

  11. I echo many of the sentiments expressed in the comments. He went too far, but he was pushed. And he pushed back. Hard.

    Youth today are a little nuts, and these girls are really on some stuff. I've never seen chicks look for fights like some of these little girls out here today. When I was younger, we got in a fight or 2 at the skating rink with another group of girls. But we never just threatened people out in public, we never just cursed at people randomly. Parents are failing these little brats, letting them out the house to wreak havoc in the streets. smh.

    I said on twitter I sort off felt I should feel sorry for these girls, but I don't. They got what they deserved, and they'll think twice before thinking about breaking bad again.

  12. Having volunteered and mentored "Youth" (ages 16-21) in a homeless youth facility in Hollywood for five years, I understanda that a lot of kids are raised in foster care, or are run-a-ways from abuse and or gang situations and never learned core values and find themselves in precarious situations. The 24 yr old women in the video should know better. Hopefully they know better now. The McD's cashier clearly acted out of fear and should not go to jail. Far too many of our Black men are in prison for harsh sentences that don't fit the crime, as well as innocently incarcerated like Dewey Bozella. Visit http://www.deweybozella.com. Discussions like this are great. But complaining about poor behaviour in our youth without contributing to correct it won't make a difference. Challenge yourselves TODAY to find a volunteer/ community service opportinity to help make a positive influence. Make the time and stop complaining. Also, make a donation to the innocence project, visit http://www.innocenceproject.org. There are more innocent brothers who need a get out of jail free card.

  13. For the third week in a row, you have brought something on Sunday that I hadn't heard about. Anyway, what was that he was hitting them with? A spatula? I wonder what they expected would happen once they jumped over the counter? Was he supposed to be scared of them. They're idoits. I'm over here like really?
    Ya'll talking about how youth act nowadays but honestly, I used to act like couldn't anybody touch me but I never picked a fight with anybody, ever. These chicks are just lunatics.

    1. He beat them with a metal rod. This is the first time I've heard of this too. Couldn't believe it when I saw it, but never once did I question him. I could see that he wanted them to stay down and seeing how they had absolutely no good reason to be behind the counter, trying to double-team him, I can understand why he would make certain they would comply.

      Police officers receive specialized training and still shoot people "accidentally" out of fear or for other reasons… What hypocrites!

  14. Well this was fun….Unfortunately we live in a society where too many people believe that violence is the answer to all problems when in fact in a lot of cases it only generates more violence in retaliation. Obviously the girls were wrong for what they did but Young Boy was wrong for reacting the way that he did. Thank God there wasn’t a piece under the counter otherwise there really would have been a tragic outcome that night that no one would recover from.

  15. “chicks out here trying to manufacture testosterone with foul language and menacing scowls. isn’t that easy, sweethearts.”

    I’d been thinking this when I 1st heard about this on the news…females out here being females instead of being ladies…I mean did Coretta ever win Romeo over by strong-arming him? (random Lady of Rage reference). You can’t put fear in a man by thinking you’re on his level….and you can’t expect a man to allow you to test his gangsta…I’m not saying that this particular guy was right or wrong, but they came into a place of business on level 10 trying to flex…and it didn’t turn out so well for them…that’s the breaks

    Sidebar: I dig how you guys are doing Sundays posts on something non-relationship related! Good change

  16. You said a few things that stuck out.

    1. He was locked up for TEN years. Not a month. Not 12. But 120 months. That's a lot of instilled behaviors and picked up defense mechanisms. Not that I know that jail life but I heard, being in jail for a long period of time leaves you with mostly jail thoughts. All you know IS jail. So I dunno if it's completely his fault.

    2. Writing checks your ass can't cash. These girls crossed the line once they made skin contact. Okay, you're acting all "boisterous" and rowdy, like fxcking idiots in public like you don't know damn near EVERYWHERE is checking $50 and $100 bills. It's a FAST FOOD joint. You had NO rights to hit him. He's just doing his job. You slapped him, whether he's a man or not, you better be ready for consequences. And they're lucky it's just a pipe he grabbed.

    I was saying this on twitter. You don't know anyone's struggles. I'm nice to everyone. Especially people who are preparing my damn food. Get the fxck outta here. He could have had a gun in his belt. You never friggin know. I'm not saying they deserved it but if they had any sense, they'd have known better to do better. He beat the dog sh!t out of them though. Horrific thing but hey… you really never know. People are fxcked up.
    My recent post In Lust We Trust I

  17. The youth really are ridiculous these days but these ladies are 24, they really should have known better, a burger and fries is never worth all that. Good post!
    My recent post Photo

  18. “The United States penitentiary system conducts an exit interview with a parole board, but they never give you a referral to a shrink.”

    Out of everything in the post this stood out to me the most. It seems like many expect men and women who have been locked up for months and in most cases years, to come straight out of prison and become a productive member of society again. Once you get tied up into living in an environment where you constantly have to be on guard just to survive to the next day, it takes away your ability to ease up or back down when you face confrontational situations outside of prison. Reform is definitely needed in this area of the prison system. Counselling or a referral to a shrink for those leaving prison and reentering society again, would be a good place to start

  19. Sigh… This was a weekend Internet Project for me… Lot of mixed emotions…

    1. Personally, I could have disarmed with words or took the b*tch route & removed myself from the situation, but Dr. J said it… Dude basically caught a flashback from prison…

    2. The way the media spun this hamster was mind-blowing, an if I would have watched the Tel-LIE-vision, you would have thought Rayon was the perp & the women were victims…

    3. I just don't see non-black women pulling that same stunt… I'll leave it at that…

    And Dr. J you nailed… I will not live in fear of anybody… Even if death is a strong possibility…

  20. crazy thing is that i go to that mcdonalds all the time. its right across the street from "the cage" basketball court. he kind of went overboard with the pipe but those girls were asking for something and they got it. what if those women would have had a gun coming behind the counter like that. i'm not going to say he was wrong for physically confronting them but he was wrong for using the pipe. i would have laid hands to them as well.
    My recent post N*gger

  21. wow…those girls had some nerve. I'm not mad at the guy. Fight vs. Flight syndrome. They bust a move like they were gonna do something and he retaliated. I would've done the same thing.

    I work w/ high school students and I've had a few that have tried to break fly with me. And I've made it quite clear that I will f*ck them up. I don't get paid enough to be disrespected, let alone get my @ss whipped by some kid. Nope, no way. Not going down.

  22. "If you slap a man, prepare yourself for a fight."

    The thesis of this post in a nutshell. The question was raised: "Is it too far or self defense". Definitely not self defense. Dude could've defended himself without using a metal rod. He looks strong enough…It's labeled as self defense when the action happens on the spot. He went to the back…looked for the rod…..came back up front…THEN beat the crap out of them. He clearly has anger management issues which really may have nothing to do with hm being an inmate. Yea he was in jail for 11 years, but we don't know the circumstances of the crime. Black men are always guilty in the eyes of the law.

    I don't want to link the crime from 11 years ago to the recent incident. I just know what I just saw and the action definitely didn't match the reaction…Now if he would've strangled them on the spot, then that would have definitely been called for. I'm sick of consumers thinking that the workers aren't having a BAD FREAKING DAY!!!! They obviously plucked the wrong chicken. smh

  23. I was in the bus once , I live in Los angeles Ca,Inglewood to be exact, anyway i’m in the bus, and this little boy (about 14) start making jokes about dark skinned women, starring directly at me, i knew he was provoking me, but i also knew that if i got up , i would end him, so i prayed that the bus hurried and let me off, so i could avoid going to jail, he walked up to me, starred directly in my face and told me my lips were pretty, and how much would i charge him for head, I grew up with five brothers and i used to fight every single one of them, so he got the wrong one that day, i punched him dead in the nose, he double over, i punched him in the back of his head, kick him, and when he fell i sat on him and repeatedly beat him up, my knuckles were bruised , blood was all over, his friends looked terrified, he was trying to hit back but I was taller and much bigger than him and if the bus driver had not pull over, and lift me off the little nigglet , i probably would have caught a body,and even then i dragged him with me outside the bus, since i held on to his shirt as i was picked off of him, needless to say i was arrested and charges were filed, i met his mother outside of court and she wanted to fight me too, i was ready, but the baillifs stopped us, i got community service, and had to pay his hospital fees, i didn’t feel good about myself, two days in jail, $500 dollars gone plus the lawyer fees and my knuckles were bruised for about 2 weeks, and i didn’t accomplish a single thing, i’m sure he was up and bothering someone else again in no time, it was a waste of everyone’s time, my best advice when these kind of people attack you, try to restrain them to the best of your abilities and call the police let them deal with the animals, then again black folks and the whole “no snitching” issue, I’m done.

  24. What I think no one touched on was the fact that she was a lesbian. A lesbian who affirms her self with being a stud. A lot of these "studs" really believe they are men and get into ish they can't handle. Once she slapped him theeeen went behind the counter all bets are off

  25. Truth be told, you can talk sh*t to a man and he might just cuss you out in kind or ignore you and walk away, but the second you hit a man, especially in the face or you spit on him, you open yourself up to a world of hurt, and I can't defend you in good conscience. There are some things in life you just don't do, whether it's to a man or a woman, you just don't do them, point blank.


  27. Real talk, even as a woman, riding the metro in DC, I have had to "check" a few miscreants in my time. And you know, J – you're right. The minute they realize they've hit the real deal – someone who isn't playing, then it's not fun anymore. I don't run around here looking for trouble, but as I was taught, I won't start it, but I will finish it if needed and won't ask any questions.

    You really addressed something that's happening in all of the urban areas at an alarming rate – and yes, if more arse whoppings were handed out when they were deserved (see most riders on the 70 bus, X2, the Chinatown exchange and Metro Center) then there would be less incidents. <3

    Once you get your tail beat by a girl who looks like she's Rosa Parks, you pretty much stop all that dumb shat – one would hope. Kinda like that dude who was messing with the white guy in Philly on the bus and white guy just commences to pound him. Classic and deserved.
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