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How Do Men Feel About Hairy Women

Not. Cool!

Today’s Single Black Mail is short and sweet. A simple question that was sent to us that I wanted to answer. Here is the question from one of our great readers:

Have you guys talked about women with facial hair? Would you date a
woman with chin hair??

Sigh. How do men feel about women with facial hair? Well, as always, I cannot speak for the entire male population, but I can speak for myself. I am as passionate about this topic as SBM is about weaves and plane tickets. I abhor facial hair on women. It hurts my soul to see it, places a horror movie type of fear in my and breeds a level of disgust like no other. Pardon the hyperbole, but let me delve deeper into my consternation.

I love and I’m attracted to women. I am not attracted to men. I don’t think that’s a secret to anyone. When a women is rocking a mustache, that makes her look extremely masculine and it doesn’t appeal to me. Then you bring chin hair into the equation? Yo, if a mustache is a tropical storm, chin hair is a full out tsunami! There is no excuse for any women to come out the house with the Teddy Riley goatee and still think she can attract straight men. No sir, NOT ME!! Finally, if she has the temerity to rock a fu manchu, then you know other parts of her body look like Jumanji!

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It just doesn’t stop at facial hair. Proper grooming for women is essential. Fellas, check the scenario: you are with a woman and things are getting hot. You’re on first base attempting to stretch a single into a double. You get under the dress or take off her pants, caressing her legs, when you feel sharp prickly pain throughout your palms. You remove your hand only to be met with this:

She can S-Curl her leg hair. SMH

You’re super shocked and don’t know what to think but you’re a soldier, so you press on. You get the panties off, and immediately become afraid, because it seems the young lady at the center of your affection has been hiding a little person with an AFRO between her legs!! Ladies, this type of egregious behavior can scar a gentleman for life!

Now, before the women who read this blog turn my mentions into the Gaza Strip, let me also mention that growing up with sisters, female cousins, and my mom, I understand your struggles. I know that it seems like things pop off with men the day you least expect it, so you may get caught out there on an off shaving day or two. However, I will judge a woman who walks out the crib with BLATENT facial hair. I need to understand the method of thinking. I mean, I see it. They see it. I KNOW, YOU SEE IT!! Did you just say f*ck it I’m cute with this goatee I’m chillin? Do you think the hair doesn’t affect your physical aesthetics in any way? Do you actually…like the facial hair?! Please respond. The people need answers!

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I don’t want to kiss a woman and feel the scratching of a 5:00 shadow brush roughly against my cheek. I don’t want my woman to be stroking her mustache as she ponders world domination. That’s not my style, but maybe it works for others. If having facial hair works for women, then having detractors or men who oppose (maybe women too?) is par for the course.


Hoping I never see a woman tweet #BEARDSEASON



  1. Hair on a woman absolutely HAS to be in 2 places: her head and her eyebrows. I don't mind a fro below the equator as long as it is properly groomed. It is not my preference however. Back to the eyebrows, WHY DO WOMEN DRAW ON FAKE EYEBROWS!? You're not deceiving anyone! We all know those are drawn on. It looks absolutely terrible. There isn't a single man alive that deems that attractive that doesn't spend his time regularly at Science Fiction conventions.

    As for facial hair? Nope. Negative. I'm going to need you to go somewhere and handle that. The milk mustache thing is only cute the first 2 or 3 times you see it.

    1. Oh, and about the "drawing on eyebrows" thing?? I cannot for the life of me understand the logic behind that! One of my best friends [who is absolutely beautiful, btw] draws on her mothereffing eyebrows. AND they're drawn too close together. I just don't get it. It's not like she can't grow eyebrows. I saw them for a good 10 years before she started drawing them on everyday…

      I have another friend who has a fricken' STENCIL that she uses to draw on her eyebrows. SMMFH. There is absolutely nothing wrong with using an eyebrow pencil to fill in & define your brows. But anything else is just craziness.
      My recent post An Ode to Facial Hair

      1. The drawing of the eyebrows is another thing that completely baffles me. I just don't get it. Some women will actually shave off their 'real' eyebrows just to draw some on. Seriously?! What type of sense does that make?

        Before the ladies try to come at me, let me say that I have a friend who has very, very thin eyebrows, at times it looks like she doesn't have them at all, but she doesn't even resort to drawing some on. So, I really don't get it when I see women with drawn on eyebrows.

        Stencils?! Your friend is taking it to a whole different level. I don't get it at all. Ladies feel free to share your insight. Let me know what the deal is.
        My recent post Random 7 w/ Jasmine

        1. Stencils just help to get te right shape and keep you from over tweezing. Stencil on the brow powder to fill in then tweez stray hair! Whithout my stencil I might have tweezed off all of my eyebrow hair by now, so don't hate on the stencil!

    2. hahaha..I barely have any eyebrows so I draw them on.. I've gotten good at making them look realistic and people compliment me on them :shrug: before posting I asked my homegirl her honest opinion again and she said they look good. shoutout to her.

      But because I don't really have eyebrows I was always confused as to why people would shave beautiful eyebrow hair and them draw on some mess with a sharpie. no excuse for that oh and straight lines!!! okay let me not get started..
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      1. ladies if your going to draw on your eyebrows just know that they should'nt start from your ear lobe to the center of your face ___> ——-____——— . I seen women that get them tattoed on that looks even worst

      2. What do you mean you don't have any eyebrows?!?!? Like they don't grow in or they're just thin? And even if they are thin why not just shape the thin line of hair that actually exists?

        1. yeah I try to work and shape something with the very few hairs that are there but they aren't enough to look like anything. I know other people who have this problem too since we are not hairy (no hair growing on legs or arms). Like I said I don't draw a line. There is an art to it. But I look so much better with them drawn/shaped on. Eyebrows shape/ frame your face.
          My recent post Nigerian Wedding

        2. lol it is. Girls with hair cant get their legs to look as smooth as mine do. But I have the eyebrow thing..
          its like dudes and beards. I know one dude who was depressed all of 9th grade when he finally realized he would never be able to grow a beard.. po' thing
          My recent post Nigerian Wedding

        3. that is kinda sad… or men who have great beard potential but they have that one or two spots that hasn't grown all the way in yet so they keep it close to the face… but when/if it finally comes #swoon
          My recent post Blindsided

        4. my little sister is the same way. she has like no eyebrows. but when she pencils them in/draws them, they are perfect. i'm kind of jealous as she doesn't have to get waxed every friggin week. nor shave legs or any other fun stuff. you non-hairy people suck. lol
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  2. Facial hair on a woman is a major turn-off! Granted some women can't help where the hair grows…but they can sure take care of the situation. I like my women feminine…..not masculine. Oh yeah….when you take care of it…do it while you are in the bathroom taking a bath/shower. I have seen people taking care of this issue with tweezers in public. So disgusting!

  3. Women with facial hair makes me feel uneasy…

    What blows me up is when women dye their hair Crayola red & blue… It is not natural, I know your boyfriend didn't talk you into it… What's the deal…

    I know some women are not aesthetically pleasing… Genetics… Not your fault…. Maximize what you got… Take some notes from legendary sirens like Marilyn Monroe & Beyonce any other woman (I know I might get slammed for this, but I heard gay men understand men very well, I'll leave it at that) who knew how to inspire men to protect & possess her simultaneously


  4. I just died 1000x reading this post! Considering I just did a post on Monday about loving facial hair [on men, of course], I just realized that it never even occurred to me to think about facial hair on women!

    "Yo, if a mustache is a tropical storm, chin hair is a full out tsunami! There is no excuse for any women to come out the house with the Teddy Riley goatee and still think she can attract straight men."

    When I was like 15, I remember having a regular customer when I worked at Wendy's. She was an older black lady, maybe 60ish. #NeverForget – she had a thick mustache and she kept that bad boy lined up! She actually told me one day [I must've been staring] that men loved it and thought it was segzi! She said I'd understand when I got older. Um, I'm older now, and that ish still ain't cool.

    Being a light skinned chick, I know that any facial/leg/arm hair is 10x as noticeable, esp since my hair is black. Truth be told, I have my daddy's eyebrows and I can grow some surrrrious sideburns if I let 'em go =/. Which is why I keep it in check! Btw, that Monique leg hair pic up there made bile rise up in my throat. I can understand slacking off in the winter months, or anytime that your legs aren't out, really. But that fur coat she's cultivating on her legs is unacceptable, IMO. -____-
    My recent post An Ode to Facial Hair

    1. My hubby’s cousin said that dudes like her mustache too. She said they tell her its segzi so she keeps it thick. I don’t know. I just don’t know.

      I have a friend who managed to snag a husband while sporting a Mario ‘stache. You meet her mom and you see where she got it from. Her mom even has grays in her’s. Makes me wonder because nobody else in the family is like that. I think it’s crazy because she spends mad time on her hair every morning but doesn’t touch her brows or lip AT ALL. They’re sweet people though. That’s more important.

        1. lol I don't know that it's all that unfortunate if it didn't impede their ability to find a mate. As long as they are theirs are happy, it's all hood.

  5. Facial is hair is not what's popping. There is no dice for a woman with a goatee or mustache. However, I don't mind some sexy babyhair-like side burns(refer to Ashanti). Side burns are actually kind of cute, if they are completely feminine looking.

    However, I do love a bush below the borderline…I like sultry women that remind me of the 70's or 80's… I cant really explain that though. I abhor bald c00chie that is really not my preference. Pimp C wrote a song about it bald head p^ssy.*shoulder shrug*

    No one has brought this up, but some women have hairy nipples as well, I'm not with that either. I manscape from time to time, you can do the same.

    Keep it right, keep it tight.

    *peach fuzz on the arms isn't too bad either, but that Gaza strip of hair from the c00chie along the middle of the stomach will get you shot in my bedroom.

    IM OUT
    My recent post Are You Ms. Pretty P^ssy?

    1. "I manscape from time to time."

      Puhlease!!! Being a well groomed woman is a fulltime J-O-B! Men are so clueless and expect the dayum world of their lady… its just not right!

      We are supposed to cook, clean, always be on point and then suck your dick! Delusional!!

      1. A relationship/marriage is a partnership. Men and women alike need to do the necessary things to make sure their partner is satisfied. Sometimes things seem unfair and I understand that…but to keep score and say we are delusional isn't the right way to look at things in my opinion. Yes us as men may want the world from our women…but its also our job to make sure you are taken care of and appreciated for your efforts.

    2. "However, I do love a bush below the borderline…I like sultry women that remind me of the 70's or 80's… I cant really explain that though. I abhor bald c00chie that is really not my preference. "

      Thanks for this. I really kind of side eye mean who like per-pubescent lookin twat. I've done it as a treat for someone special, and I can deal…. but…. man, it's so much better with a little somethin down there.
      My recent post Blindsided

      1. @Chunk: "I really kind of side eye mean who like per-pubescent lookin twat"

        We've discussed this here before. Actually, I believe it was Dr. J. Anyway, liking a grown ass woman with no hair is not the same as liking "per-pubescent lookin twat." That doesnt make any kind of sense lol That's like saying men shouldnt like women who look young for their aethestic (preferred) beauty and all men should want old, haggard looking women because to like a young looking of age woman means you like young women. …..No.

        Further, for the wommen who like men to shave, are yall saying you like "per-pubescent lookin [richard]?" ….

        Game. Set. Match.

        1. Really?

          What about the rest of the comment? Particularly: "I've done it as a treat for someone special, and I can deal…. "

          Yeah, I think shaved twat resembles larger sized pre-pubescent twat. Sue me. A side-eye does not a dismissal make. (Obviously since I said I shave it if it's something he really likes- which is more than I can say for your absolute refusal to even consider something that might make her even more excited to please YOU)

          I also did not say that made a man a pervert. (referring to your twitter chatter)

          Further, there's a difference between hairless balls and hairless everything else. I don't everything gone (and yeah that's a little pre-pubescent looking to me too) but that's my preference, just like it's my preference to keep some hair on me.

          Game, set, match?

          Ninjah please *walks away with that Serena "don't talk to me" look as I go to eat my lunch, peacefully*

          My recent post Blindsided

        2. That's not what I said.

          I said, "I have to admit Hello Kitty kind of was interesting because it reminded of those tiny tees they sell which are in girl’s sizes, but they are in Spencer’s (a store that also sells sex toys) which is downright confusing. I’m still confused as to whether those shirts are for girls or women. Although, I’m pretty sure that those tee shirts are similar to women with no hair on their “HoHa,” how you look at it depends on how old she is, but it’s appropriate at any age."

      2. @Chunk It's interesting that you've done it as a treat before. I feel like that's how I started off, but once you've resided in Brazil there's no turning back! LoL. It's kinda addictive (TMI flow.)

    3. *sigh*

      I was waiting for someone to bring up sideburns… I Have sideburns and throughout middle school and elementary school it was definitely a problem with all the cold-hearted kids walking around. But then people started appreciating them and realizing that in some weird way, it was actually kinda cute. I can honestly say I love my sideburns <3

        1. Lmao I have super curly hair so my mom would try to semi curl but stick it to the side of my face to kinda blend my sideburns in with my hair but it never worked lol… they almost connected to the back but you could barely notice lol, I still love em..

  6. hmm.. so I am one of those people who have very minimal body hair. I actually don't grow hair on my arms or legs etc so its always smooth..

    I remember in HS I was somewhere goofing around with my friends. One of my friends was white with blond hair. I guess she thought since her hair wasn't visible she didn't need to shave. My hand brushed against her leg and it was the scariest thing ever. I think I actually jumped.
    My recent post Nigerian Wedding

      1. haha I have eyelashes but they are also thin. Thank God I have hair on my head!

        But everyone I know who has this no-hair problem is black. Both my parents don't have tons of hair. I know a few Ghanian/Nigerians who also don't really grow that much body hair.
        My recent post Nigerian Wedding

  7. I have a condtion called PCOS which causes unwanted hair growth in places a woman should not have hair. I can't help it and I hate it. So my first inclination is to say not to be so hard on hairy women b/c some of them cannot help it b/c it may be due to medical conditions. The struggle to remove the unwanted hair and keep it gone is very real. It can often damage the skin making the situation worse so the woman not only has hair but has razor bumps, discoloration, etc.
    Laser hair removal is the best thing ever invented. I would catch the Amtrak from VA to NYC once a month just to get laser done. But a lot of people can't afford it at $100-$400 per session for 6-10 sessions. That's a lot of money but I gladly pay it. Some people can't or don't think it's a big enough deal. I cringe when I see a woman with facial hair who doesn't give a damn.I'm obsessed though and even started getting laser under my arms and will do my bikini line next. I'll never have to shave again b/c God mercifully stopped the hair growth on my legs figuring I had enough to contend with.

    1. I wanted to say the same thing. I have unwanted facial hair and was teased mercilessly(sp) in school and occasionally as an adult about it even though I shave it off, you can still tell that I have it because of the slight razor burn that I have. It's embarrassing, but it is heriditary and I can't help it.

    2. ((hug)) and 100% cosign. What's worse is PCOS women grow it where it shouldn't be, and lose it where it should be. I spent over a year researching this condition in grad school. It's a tough road…wreaks havoc on your appearance and confidence sometimes. And despite being so.very.common. it's rarely talked about.
      My recent post Blindsided

    3. I think we should give the commenter of the day award to Kimmie. She actually has a medical condition AND still handles her business in keeping up with hair issues. She could have been tight and took the post as some personal attack (I know I would if someone wrote about small tongue ninjas). Instead she wrote a helpful comment about how she resolved her issues and probably helped out a reader who might be going through the same thing. That is a classy women with smooth legs.

      *standing ovation*

      1. true, she didn't, and it's a good look… I was just thinking about how it could be offensive to some, especially folks dealing with PCOS which is… hard… I'm so glad she set an example!
        My recent post Blindsided

        1. Hey! I have a small tongue too! Ain't nothin wrong with it, it works just as well as a regular sized one!

    4. I posted earlier…but I don't see it now….anyway,

      My older sister has PCOS so I know where you're coming from.

      When I was 18, I began growing hair on my chin and was VERY self-conscious about it because I was/am so tall and knew people could look up and see it. Like you mentioned, removal lead to discoloration and the sort.

      A few years ago, I began getting laser done and it's done wonders. I continue to get it done because the last thing I want people to do is think I'm a tranny 🙁 . I consider it a part of my upkeep like getting my hair and nails done.

      (surprisingly, or not, It never kept me from getting dates)

      1. You can… but it takes several visits depending on what you working with in terms of hair. And it's relatively expensive, but worth it (like she said) There are also a couple risks involved. So sometimes it's better to wait and see what the extent of your PCOS situation will be before you dive in (ie. can waxing be enough for my personal situation?)

        Also you can't reverse growth, but you can stop new growth by getting the condition under control (which is hard- because your body fights against you, but not at all impossible)
        My recent post Blindsided

    5. I myself have PCOS, yeah. I have been to drs to treat it, and I was told that laser treatments was not good for dark skin because of the chances of getting discoloration. I don't know, however I do get the hair threaded or waxed. thank goodness i have very fine hair. I have women in my family that literally shave. I told myself that at the next family reunion i was going to do a spill on PCOS. Maybe I can reach a few people.

  8. I would also like to point out THIS GOES FOR MEN TOO! There is nothing worse than a man with pepper pods all over his chest or hair so thick & long under his arms that it balls up with deodorant. That's disgusting. I won't even get into long ass pubes and hairy balls b/c those things are unnecessary and uncalled for! If your chest hair is beady-bead–wax it off! Clip those arm pits!! Trim the pubes and shave those friggin balls. My "whatever he is" likes for me to grow out my nether regions and I cannot. I compromise but I know many men who will NOT shave down there. If a woman is asking you to do something to make her journey down there more pleasant DO IT!!!

    1. yes.. I wish more men would get their lower region waxed (no hair at all or a low fade) how are we suppose to find the snake if its hiding in the bushes.

    2. Shaving the balls is one of the most terrifying grooming activities known to man. Imagine just a slip..Imagine a accidental cough..Imagine a muscle spasm in the arm … All of these things can result in the inside of the sack opening up like Amber Cole on Steak and BJ Day. My balls actually shrunk just now thinking about it. Anyways, that skin is sensitive and pretty loose. I'm sure you don't want your man's balls looking like a suicide attempt gone awry.

      Fellas, if you decide to shave them balls … Make sure no one's home and make sure you stretch before hand and your allergies are in check. Out.

      1. Veet or Nair is your friend. Seriously. Painless, highly effective, and 100X more likely to get you some non-attitudinal head that includes attention to your pods.
        My recent post Blindsided

        1. Well, the thought of getting teabagged by hairy walnuts is enough to make me gag… and not in a good way. *shivers*

          Yo, take one for the team, for real.
          My recent post Blindsided

        2. veet on the balls can go horribly wrong as well. the skin down there is very sensitive to chemicals. trust me i know. 🙁
          My recent post N*gger

        3. True, I guess if you're allergic to it or leave it on too long… but I still think it's _much_ safer, easier, and less painful than trying to shave them.
          My recent post Blindsided

        4. I take your word for it, but this thread started because he was apprehensive about it and listed how shaving could go terribly WRONG so, I offered another option! Whatever works, please use that, lol.
          My recent post Blindsided

        5. WTF YO … that ish burns on my face … and you suggest putting it on the sack … GTFOH … I need my balls … idk about you

        6. O come come now. #pause. Waxing probably hurts 1000X. Man up. If magic burns that means you have it on for too long.

        7. waxing only hurts the first time..listen if your a man with hair down there (alot at that) you cant ask your women to rock a baldy on her lower area.

        8. But why you whispering though?? *lol*

          Shooo, Magic Shave is the only thing I use now to keep my lady parts smooth and hair-free. Screw that nair stuff THAT ISH BURNS.

        9. Ive nair'd a guy before and there were no complaints. Just like when I do it if you keep it on too long it will burn.

      2. If you a hoop, unshaved ballz multiplies the unfreshness…

        I don't know what you brothas can do to help that "After basketball" smell…but PLEASE do something.

        Body powder…something…

        1. Just tell that brotha to take a shower afterwards … I mean what are u really trying to be on post-hoop session tho.

          You bout that lettin a n*gga blaze with baby powder on his balls life? Lol

        2. LOL. This was an issue with exes. The current is a body powder advocate! Lol. Blaze on with the freshness, baby…

          Plus, y'all like to come back from hoopin and sit down for a second…like y'all don't smell like fortified nastiness! Get a drink of water and a breather AFTER the shower. We don't need a "hey babe" kiss just yet, lol.

  9. I'm not really down for hairy legs, underarms, or lower regions, I know its natural but it creeps me out. I think I started shaving my legs at like 12, and I shaved every other day so now the hair on my legs barely grows, but I still shave like once a week. I keep everything else shaved too, I really don't know if I could handle a man who likes a bush….. honestly, I don't even remember what that looks like.
    My recent post What is his name? He is sooo fine! 

    1. to
      be honest i have a friend who has little mustache hair and she doesn't look that attractive and still she has chin hair…… i would not go out with her.

  10. I don’t even have to read this. It’s nasty! Armpit hair is a complete turn off. Arm and leg hair is just as bad. Facial hair….oh no. Pubic hair I can deal with but I’d rather not. At least keep that stuff tame

  11. The only tip for hairy women I have is too use nair or get it waxed. When you shave your upper lip it will grow back thicker and darker, also will leave razor bumps. I've noticed that most hairy women usaully have a head full of hair. This one girl I went to school with had more upper lip hair than all the boys in 9th grade but she had a head full of hair down to her mid back.

  12. Slay me. Those pictures have me vomiting in my mouth. I have tweezers and a mirror at work and any time I feel an unwanted hair I am going to war. I can thank my father for his testerone contributions. Although, I was lucky. I don’t have a shadow nor do I have enough to shave.

  13. In no way is it cool. I have a friend with facial hair and it bothers me so I can only imagine what men think bout that crap!!!!! Get it together you are not one of the homies!!!

  14. YEAH BUDDY…. Nothing like hairy loving between the legs… best damn loving I ever had… Huge fan of the bush beneath the button…

  15. I'm STILL mad Monique was all about the Golden Globes/Oscars showing off her cashmere legs that year.

    When I went to Caribana this year and was out at the club, there was this one chick who was in front of me as we were exited and I definitely thought she was a model. She turned around and was sporting a pretty well-groomed mustache. Like, she know it was there because it was neat. So instead of shaving it, she spruced it up? Lawd. Maybe she was a model for Barnum & Bailey circus.
    My recent post Recycling A Can Of Worms

  16. I see you ladies actin like ya don't have facial hair … Unless you plucked, shaved, or edward scissorhanded your face in the last 4 weeks I'm sure you have some lone rangers somewhere. I've noticed that A LOT of women have stray hairs around the chin and upper neck area.

    ADVICE: Make a magnifying mirror move and gaze over your face, you'll be surprised how camouflaged your hairs are. Remove those strands whichever way you can. Don't under-estimate the fact that your body does dumb ish, despite how beautiful you may be. Attention to detail is a turn-on, not a turn-off.

    1. I'm not acting like I don't have it. I'm constantly struggling with my eyebrows. And my lip? Well, I've been clowned about it since grade school so…I'm a little self-conscious and go in on it all the time. I'm against shaving it though, that would make me feel like a dude. I used to get it waxed but I learned how to thread it myself so I don't have to pay for it or wait for it to grow long enough for the wax. My hubby has said he doesn't know what I'm talking about because he's never seen it. And since you're calling us out, I'm gonna go ahead and cop to the nipple hair. I only had one that I used to pluck all the time. It stopped growing by itself though. And I don't shave the nether regions anymore. I have a very good reason. I think that's only a phase that men go through anyway.

        1. My grandma has no hair on her legs so that ticks me off til no end. She said she waited til college to shave them though and she thinks that's why. She gotta work on that toehair though.

    2. I do have ONE LONE chin hair that can grow extra long sometimes. My ex used to call it my "beard" and he even used to stroke it lovingly when we cuddled sometimes. It just one chin hair though.

  17. Female facial hair is just an unfortunate fact of life. Ladies in your 20’s, if you don’t have it now, you will once you pass the 30 mark. Also, if a woman has a full, lush head of hair that men love, she’s also likely to have extra everything hair.

    Ladies, just budget in a weekly or bi-weekly trip to the Indian hair threaders, and keep tweezers for the obvious hairs that come back in between. And guys, please be understanding that we can’t be 100% hair free 24/7. That would require constant shaving, and the only thing less sexy than female facial hair is female facial hair bumps & razor burn.

    Oh, and a tip for taming the love below…..Pure Romance Coochie shaving lotion. It works amazing, and no bumps. And no, I am NOT a rep, just was very impressed with their products.

  18. "I don’t want my woman to be stroking her mustache as she ponders world domination."

    I literally laughed out loud! I hate you Streetz.

    I can't relate to the hairy struggle so I don't have much to add except…I don't care for hairy men too tough. Rocking a chinchilla on your upper body? Get that outta here B.

    1. "Rocking a chinchilla on your upper body"

      I CANNOT with YOu today!!


      Honestly I don't mind chest hair on a man if he has nice hair texture (baby soft hairs) but if you got that brillo wool then yeah, you may have to work on that — Hot Oil Treatments or something.

    2. I like some hair on my man. Chest, legs, arms, and I don't mind a few pubes. You know, I blame p*rn for this fascination with the hairless body. P*rn has ruined a generation. lol.
      My recent post My Love Is Like…

  19. I use to work with this very attractive women whose mustache was so thick and luscious that we use to call her 'Bigote' (Spanish for mustache) or simply 'Stache'. She was married and her husband LOVED her thick azz facial hair. We thought it couldnt be any worse until she wore a skirt and the legs look like they were coated in fur. One could only imagine what the rest of her looked like….I guess everyone has a preference but damn.

  20. Women with facial hair? *Rick Ross grunt*

    I’m with Streetz all the way, its femininity of women that make them sexy. I want a soft voice, smooth skin, natural curves not chin hair, and more muscle tone than my ass. Even if you got a hair or two, i dont even wanna ever know its there even if we married.

    Sidebar on Cam’s trackback: I was just asking this at work, I stay with a lineup cuz i think i look weird with a beard. Are any women like really attracted to beards, not stubble but like a Freeway beard?

    1. I think it depends on the dude's face. Some dudes look better with facial hair than others and some just look bad without it.

    2. I can't get with the Freeway beard, but a nice goatee or a little length is nice. I used to tug on one of my ex-boyfriend's beard when I wanted to pull his face down for a kiss. But I've made it clear that I love facial hair, sooo…
      My recent post An Ode to Facial Hair

    3. Nah, I can't get with that Freeway beard look, it makes you look unkempt and somehow I'm always imagining you might have moths or gnats caught up in there somewhere; now the ricky rozay bigen beard/goatee/sideburns, whateva YES I can definitely do BUT not all men look good with that either.

    1. Not 'billy-goat hair' though!!!
      I hate seeing women with scraggly chin hair. Especially if it's gray. Just take care of it, by any means necessary! And yes, real men will help you out.

  21. a hairy woman? smh

    i used to know a woman who had long ill placed hairs on her nipples. it made sexy time a little uncomfortable. well a lot uncomfortable. i don't understand why women wouldn't take care of things like facial hair.
    My recent post N*gger

  22. This whole post had me ROLLIN'. But did the question mean like a few stray chin hairs or a full out out shadow? I mean both can be handled but there's a difference. I don't personally know any women who KEEP their facial hair lined up and I really can't see how that = sexy but clearly there's someone out there for everybody if these women have proof that some men like it o_0

    I'm lucky…I dont really have arm or leg hair…I think the first time I shaves was prom and it was pointless, but that doesnt mean that those annoying hairs dont show up once in awhile on the neck/chin area. That's when I just grab the tweezers or make a threading appt. If you make it a part of your daily or nightly routine, it becomes negligent.
    My recent post It might be too early for this, but i don’t care. I LOVE…

  23. I work with this one woman who clearly shaves her face. It is disgusting but also sad. Ive tried to tout the benefits of lasering nonchalantly, but I don’t think she’s clued in yet. That, or she doesn’t care?

    Anyway, whenever the subject of hair and hair removal comes up, I have to chime in just to say that laser hair removal has changed my life. I laser everything…underarms, bikini and legs, and let me tell you ladies, once you get those three main areas done, you’re free. And I wasn’t a hairy person to start with, but now i don’t even have to think about whether those areas are taken care of. Even if there is regrowth, it’s so thin and one that nobody will see or feel it unless they’re super close. . And now with those sites like living social and groupon, lasering deals pop up every other day that make lasering more feasible for everyone.

    And that’s my semi-annual pro-laser Proclamation. The end.

    1. Back in the day I worked for an ob/gyn and his wife was also an MD. They expanded their practice by adding laser hair removal, and they would do us all for free. Everything about that place was horrible – but the free laser treatments kept me coming to work. Although…it isn't permanent. Just long lasting.

  24. hilarious post! lol

    sigh. i don't have facial hair (thank the lord) but let me tell you, thanks to my wonderful genetic mix from my hairy arse mom and my even hairier (half-German hairy) dad… life staying smooth is a struggle. it did benefit me on my head, where hair is a 'plentiful, but whew lawd. i absolutely hate it otherwise. it's expensive and time-consuming and that's why my arm hair… hey depends on the day and how i'm feeling if they'll be smooth or not. this is also why i stopped going regularly to a professional waxer and learned to do it myself, aside from my brows (shoutout to GiGi waxes-virtually painless). $60 for legs, $20 for underarms, $20 for brows for something that is supposed to last 6-8 weeks but lasts me two? nawl. and that was in michigan with longtime customer discounts. the prices are even more fun in New York. :-/
    My recent post Sliding Doors: Part VIII

  25. I had this one chick who I told before hand I like my skin smooth. She told me it was no problem. She finally came over and when I took the shirt off all I saw were these stray curly jawns. So I am disgusted but I press on b/c I want to just add her to my number…. I go to suck on some mammary monsters and I get a mouth full of hair. I'm trying so hard not to eff up the mood while taking these jawns out my mouth. after I was done I kicked that chick out my house in record time. That was the momment I really became Mr "Please Wax." Skin just feels better when its well kept.
    That goes for me too! #pause. I don't even do it for wifey sometimes, I just grab the designated electric razor and go to town. I tell you one thing though, I was not meant to be a barber… my fades are terrible.
    I'm completely grossed out by body hair request. If you let your leg hair go for too long during the winter you are not wifey material. If you actually have good looking genitalia why would you cover it??? Its a clear sign that there is no such thing as intelligent design.

  26. You are wrong for that picture of those hairy legs, Streetz. No need for coffee to wake me up now!

    If my woman came to me like that, I'd be softer than a Color Me Badd – Michael Macdonald collabo with Kenny G on the sax.

  27. 10am???? 102 comments???? LMBO! OH MY!

    I have a sneaky suspicion that the brothas feel some kind of way about this, LOL!

    *off to read the post*

  28. I have learned over the years that many women walk around with mustaches, chin hairs, neck hairs and don't EEEEEEM care! or they just have poor lighting in their houses and don't realize that ish is all over them. As a woman blessed (cursed?) with abundance of hair growth and a critical eye, its something I notice in other people because its something I also work hard to remove and maintain! I mean really, light skinned joints? your staches show up more. bleaching it is not sexy either, REMOVE IT. I really don't understand. like Unheeded Prophetess stated its hormonal and normal for many of us but damn! its the anti-sexy.
    My recent post I guess I got my swagger back…

  29. Hilarious Post.

    It Ain't For Everybody!!…. *Hov'sVoice*

    I knew this woman years ago who had cleavage hair, she said men loved it they thought it was freakishly sexy and not for nothing this chick ALWAYS kept a man. So it goes to show you.

    I ain't gonna lie these past few years I've been noticing some stray chin hairs on the left side of my bottom jaw that now is incorporated into my bi-weekly grooming sessions… (nails/feet/eyebrows and CHIN WAX, #Ugh) but hey that's life

    1. Oh! I forgot about my friend with the chest hair, not quite cleavage hair but chest hair. I hadn’t noticed it but one day she was trying to show me something with my hair so I bent my head down for her to reach and was greeted by a little tuft of hair. I must’ve made a face or something because she told me that’s what happened after she took some hair vitamins. I never felt like I needed them but now I know I will never use them mugs. She said they gave her neck hair too. She should sue the company! Lol

      1. LOL. Oh my goodness

        but hey I'm sure that bottle had a little disclaimer along the lines of….

        "Guaranteed Hair Growth or your money back" they weren't lying, she got some hair growth it just wasn't only on the top of her head. #Heeeelarius!!!

  30. Hair on a woman's head and eyebrows…that’s all!!!! Hair is/was for the purpose of protecting the body's skin. We have clothes to do that for the last 5k years so the need for hair is as antiquated as rubbing sticks to make fire. I live in Miami, its hot 350 days a year. The majority of women and men wax or shave everything and everywhere. To damn hot to be sporting even a well manicured turf. Women with facial hair, arm pit hair, nipple hair, hairy assess, hairy backs should be stoned. In my life I’ve only met 2 women who didn’t wax there love below. The comments on this post from some of the women act as if that’s a treat…well around here between West Palm and Miami we call that….Hygiene reflective of a clean individual. Feel bad for my brethren in the North who encounter rough terrain and under growth…gross!!!

  31. I, according to those in the know, was born with a very fine hair on my pubes. As I got older, a mustache and thick brows snuck in. When I was 15, my dad said, "SH-A. Black women don't shave their legs." Ok. I was 28 and in some shorts, same dad says, "SH-A. Why you got all that hair on your legs?" Me, "YOU TOLD ME BLACK WOMEN DON'T SHAVE THEIR LEGS!" Him, "No I didn't". Shaving commenced. Meantime, I still had a stache and a unibrow, but I still had boyfriends and eventually a husband. Early 30s strolling through the mall and happened upon a threading station. Bit the bullet and proceeded to get 30+years of overgrown brows shaped. My palms were sweaty, I was nervous, but oh,my.gawd. my brows were a work of art. Msged everyone I knew and blamed them for letting me look like a yeti all that time. Oh, but wait. Still wouldn't do my stache. Fast forward to mid 30s I'm lookin in the mirror and notice my lip's getting darker. Call my little brother in a panic and say, "I think it's growing!" He says, "Thick like the Whispers?" (Old school group). Needless to say the stache left that day. My love below has always been subject to regular maintenance. Having said all that, a thicker, well groomed brow is nice, but a tiny mustache, is not.

    1. I’m curious what did your hubby say when you started grooming your brows and lip?

      Sounds like your dad was trying to prevent you from growing up. My mom wouldn’t let my sister shave her legs until like ninth grade so I didn’t ask and started shaving them in fifth. I had an unibrow too. My grandma wouldn’t let me do my brows until I was over sixteen but I started sneaking tweezers to school to do them before then. Smh. I think they’re just trying to prevent us from growing up.

      1. Said I was beautiful either way and that he knew I thought of the stache and brow as part of who I was. But in the years since, I haven't heard him begging me to bring 'em back.

        I totally think that's what my dad was doing!

  32. Running around so cant show as much love as I'd like today. Just have a few comments.

    1) This post is funny as hell.

    2) Like The Hallway said above, the hairy nipple struggle is real. Ironically, pretty women are usually the hairiest in my experience.

    3) I think some women are confusing "expectations" with "preferences." Men have a lot of preferences but that does not equate to expectations. You have just as much right to be hairy, not give head, not cook and/or [insert any other example of what you "not gone do"] as we men have to not date you as a result. It is what it is.

    4) Ive made exceptions but I dont like hairy women. A mustache is a deal breaker. Arms, legs (within reason), the Love below, etc etc I can work around although I prefer it be absent. If you keep it manageable though me and you should be ok.

    PS… I manscape so yeah, I'm not asking of you of anything I dont ask of myself.

  33. I tell yah…you men have all the luck. Ya'll don't know half the things women do to upkeep themselves. Sometimes it's tiring shaving, tweezing, waxing, threading, nairing and veeting. Especially if your hormones are out of wack. And women, you know this happens as we age. I won't lie, at times I say "screw it!" You just don't know….but I like the post. I had a good laugh for the morning. Thx!

  34. THIS >>>>"Yo, if a mustache is a tropical storm, chin hair is a full out tsunami!<<<THIS>>>>"Ladies, this type of egregious behavior can scar a gentleman for life!"<<<<and THIS>>>>"I don’t want my woman to be stroking her mustache as she ponders world domination"<<<<…and the use of the word, "temerity" just about took me outta here, Streetz, LMBO. If you ain't crazy…

    I too am a part of team hairy. But thank Baby, Teenage, Adult, Crucified, and Resurrected Jesus that I do NOT have facial hair issues!!!!

    My bf caught my arm on an angle in the light like two weeks ago…"I had no idea", LOL. "They're smooth…and it's not super dark…I didn't know", LOL. I shave the pits and the legs…I'm not starting with the arms. I do pluck/wax and fill-in my eyebrows though…big difference from drawing them on. I get regular compliments regarding my eyebrow skills…even from straight guys.

  35. I'm def feeling some kinda way right now…
    I am HAIRY! I would have drake's eyebrow, steve harvey's mustache and monique's legs times 2 if I didn't do what I CHOOSE to do. BUT I don't think it is anything I HAVE to do to get a man. I have dated dudes who thought my mustache was cute and actually asked me NOT to wax it. I've also dated men who think furry legs are sexy. (I've yet to meet one who wanted a unibrow but eh I'm sure he exists) For many years I didn't shave/wax etc. because my mother is also hairy and raised me to embrace all of me (including the hairy parts) lol. She still to this day doesn't shave her legs or wax her mustache. (She does however pluck those nasty chin hairs. LOL)

    1. growing up I heard things like "hairy legs are a sign of wealth" when I was in my preteens and wanting to shave, or when i got older "hairy women have good snatch" but then again I grew up IN THE SOUTH. older southern men do covet these things for some reason. LMAO. not sure where you are from but there are a lot of men that DO like it, so I'm told. But I'm not 45+ and I'm vain, so I remove my ish…
      My recent post I guess I got my swagger back…

      1. Streets was very clear that this post only reflects his opinion. And all I am trying to give you is why I don’t like hair (personal love of skin)
        There are also men out there who like flat buts and muffin tops.

        Just realize some will not. And those who do not, might be turned off and/or grossed out.

        Heck, maybe there is a girl out there who likes a small tongue on a brother….. maybe…. somewhere….. please..

        1. "Heck, maybe there is a girl out there who likes a small tongue on a brother….. maybe…. somewhere….. please.. "

          Okay. My interest is peaked at this point. CHeeKZ what is this thing about you and your small tongue, I don't believe you — I need to see proof #SayItInAnAviPic!!!!!

        2. Don’t feel bad Cheekz. I’ve got a short tongue myself. I thought it only looked like that because of being born with a tied tongue so I got a frenectomy when I got my wisdom teeth out. Turns out my tongue is just really short. *shrugs* I still found love. You will too. 🙂

  36. And she gets on me and my sisters all the time for "changing" ourselves. I guess the point I am trying to make is who made you the hair police? If my mustache is unattractive then don't holla. But don't judge me and question my hygiene or upbringing because I don't feel it necessary to try and look like everyone else. I definitely think someone can be beautiful and hairy. I believe if a woman is happy with herself and confident she is worth 10 women who are too insecure to be themselves. If you are getting rid of all your hair b/c it bothers you cool but if you are doing it to please some man, or to conform to society’s image of beauty, then possibly the problem is you and not the hair. I’m just saying.

    1. Cosign! To each his or her own! Lots of guys like or dont mind hair on a woman. I’ve never shaved my legs. My mom doesn’t, my sisters don’t. I’ve never had a complaint. Granted, the hair is thin and soft and you can barely see it, but still. I shave the pits and trim the poon to keep fresh. But the legs? Meh.

      1. then you are not the target of our discussion. if you have hair on your legs like a professional soccer player that i can see clearly in HD..then I am targeting you for a wax session…if not..we cool.

    2. “I believe if a woman is happy with herself and confident she is worth 10 women who are too insecure to be themselves.”

      I agree with this! I started shaving my legs because I like how it looked. I was fine with my brows before, but when I got them threaded. I.could.not.stop.looking.at.me. As far as my LoveBelow, I like it better low and so does my husband. My ‘stache never stopped me from getting play, but once it started to “fill in” it had to go. My daughter is 8 and gorgeous and she has inherited my hairy genes. When she asks, we will get her brows shaped but until then, everyday I tell her she is beautiful and I want to eat her up.

  37. I feel for Kimmie upthread. I too am hairy as all outdoors (read Chubaca) and so I now too get laser hair removal. However, I don’t have a medical condition…I have my Belizean Central American genes to blame. All the women in my family are hairy. If I missed my waxing appointment all hair ( worse than hell) broke loose. LMAO! So I decided to turn to technology to help. It’s expensive but worth every penny.

  38. Dudes say they have a problem with hair but when I've "gone wild" and kept it that way, in an attempt to stop myself and the dude from getting too physical, that's when you realize they don't care AT ALL. Seriously, EVERY SINGLE TIME I've attempted to use this tactic to slow things down, I find out they don't give a crap. Even when during a previous conversation, they said they hate hair, as soon as it stands between them and getting physical, they're like, "What hair?"

    1. Yeah. This is true.

      Firstly, we are talking about preferences. I prefer sex with a woman with hair versus not having sex. We do have a notion of priorities.

      Secondly, why are you attempting to grow out your hair as an attempt to make yourself less attractive to prevent sex from happening? Why can't you just say "no" (and walk away)?
      My recent post How to implement an OODBMS (pt. 1)

        1. All I can say to that is, not all men are created equal. I once went on a date with a dude who specifically asked me to STOP shaving. He said he loved it wild. Granted, this was only the FIRST DATE and I never went out with him again, because that's a bit much, but hair is not a deal breaker for all men and some men even like it.
          http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tsyio3Wo2F4 Check out starting at 2min. 🙂

        2. There also men who like weasring their women nylons and panties…*shrug* so what…you can find a dozen of characters that like all kind of fetishes, but the exception doesnt over turn the rule. And you wouldnt marry this guy or date with serious intention so why bring him up? Ask the guy you are with or a guy you are interested and ask the direct question of "What is your prefrence…with or without hair…then tell me

        3. Bull Chips. Men will smang with hair, once, twice, twenty five times. Then maybe make a timid suggestion a few months into the relationship. And talk ish on the interwebs

        1. I feel you because it's all pyschological if I don't feel s.exy (read: unshaven) then we ain't getting cozy. I do it too, so don't feel bad.

      1. "Secondly, why are you attempting to grow out your hair as an attempt to make yourself less attractive to prevent sex from happening? Why can't you just say "no" (and walk away)?"

        Will Power Fail!!!!

        And at the end of the day, THIRST WILL PREVAIL.

    2. A man would drink water out of a toliet bowl if he was dehydrated. but his preference is Dasani/Aquafina. Dont confuse need with want. The Law of Diminshed Return applies here. Because sex is valued higher than hair of course a man will ignore his desire to fulfill his needs. However I dare you to take a double blind study where you are with hair and another woman is without, and he could only see the lower portion of your bodies…9/10 he is choosing the waxed vagina. It plays to our visual stimuli. I can show you the actual test results from a study if you want further evidence

  39. WOW…this is hilarious! Thanks for the laughs Streetz! I am so glad to not have this issue. The little body hair I do have is a very light blondish color and never grows long (no idea where it came from).

    I can't imagine having hairy legs like the picture above let alone any type of facial hair other than eyebrows. I won't speak soon because as hormones change in women as they get older, things may sprout here or there.

  40. I guess I should preface this.. I'm a bit a hippy in a lot of ways so I don't believe in shaving.

    I don't touch my eyebrows, underarms, arms, legs or the love down below and my man doesn't does not care a bit. I believe that that hair is there for a reason and I'm not a slave to vanity. Quite honestly, I don't think someone is unhygienic just because they don't shave.

    It does help that my skin is smooth and practically hairless but even if I had more hair, I would still be as I am. Take me or leave me. No one should feel that they need to do something so steeped in vanity just to be accepted. It's ridiculous.

      1. Off the top of my head, I believe that hair grows in specific places to trap your natural scent. Everyone smells a certain way and this helps us in chosing our mate. If you do not like the natural scent of your SO, then that tells you that you're not genetically compatible with that person.

        1. no, not even close. But to each their own…no judgement. And if i came off judgey i apologize. But your answer is incorrect

  41. Y'all women need to chill with the shaving balls things. Let's keep it funky for a minute. Even if both of you are REALLY into teabagging, let's not pretend that both of you are going to be doing that longer than 20 seconds max. And let's not sit her and front like the majority of you women are able to kiss my pelvis, so stop with shave my man region.

    1. We'll stop for as long as you stop acting like men don't do it, LOL. Straight men.

      No excuses, Malik, lol…

      *bzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz* lol

    2. "Let's keep it funky for a minute."

      Thats exactly what you are doing if you dont shave it. But seriously I like the way it looks and feels when its maintained. So why cant you do that? I do mine…

  42. This post. lol

    About this woman's appearance versus sex thing:

    Look… YES, we would like the woman in our lives to appear groomed and YET still be herself. This means, if you equate shaving your legs as "not being yourself"… iono… But dudes will still like/love you the same.

    Of course, when it comes to sex, many things loose their importance. For many guys, unruly hair may be one of those things that seem a lot less important when trying to become intimate with you.

    Here's my question to you ladies: Don't you want it that way? Would you truly prefer a guy to actually walk away from your awesomeness simply b/c it's been 5.5 days since you shaved your legs? Isn't being intimate with you more important than the fluctuations? B/c we overlook those fluctuations at times, does that mean that's an excuse for not keeping ourselves groomed to eachother's liking? No. So don't be mad when dude speaks on your not-so-groomed-ness, but quickly shut ups when sex is in the picture. Keep in mind though, we can't have sex 24/7 sooooo… lol
    My recent post How to implement an OODBMS (pt. 1)

    1. If a dude walked away from me because I hadn't shaved my love below in a while, good riddance. These fluctuations are the stuff of life and, when life gets busy, unimportant things like the length of pubic hair tend to fall by the wayside.

      Myself, I prefer to keep my ish low. I keep it trimmed low with scissors like a bonsai tree. I shave my underarm hair, because that's not attractive to ME. I have no need to shave anywhere else. I sometimes thread my eyebrows (like if I have a show), sometimes not (because that ish hurts). Even when I do NOTHING to my love below, it's not like "Where the Wild Things Are", it's just not low.

      So yeah, if a dude has a problem with my untrimmed self, yeah, he can keep walking. There are plenty of girls who are slaves to the salons. I'm not really one of them. He should probably be with one of them.

  43. This post had me cracking up.

    Both of my parents are SUPER hairy so unfortunately, it was my fate. I did get lucky in that I am nowhere near as hairy as my sister– she has sideburns– but I am still pretty hairy to boot. The hairiest women I know have a lot of hair on their heads as well, so I guess that's the trade-off. I just grow lots of hair…everywhere.

    I gotta admit, I do have like 5 chin hairs that I abhor and I fight a near-daily war against them. I have tweezers in the house, in my purse, and in my CAR because I cannot stand to feel or see them. It is that serious. I've seen my future and it is not bright. My mother has 10x the chin hair than I do, and it is now gray. That hurts my feelings. She refuses to wax it, but instead enlists my assistance on a biweekly basis. I stop by, her first question is: "Can you pluck my chin?" *shudders*

    As for everything else? I am only offended by underarm hair (it is so gross to me, even on men), so I get that waxed every 2-3 weeks. I shave my legs frequently because I practice yoga 3x a week and I would hate for my lovely teacher to come adjust me and accidentally rub against my fur. I reserve waxing other regions for summer and in the winter, Nair and my shears are my two best friends.

    I do not get my eyebrows threaded very frequently though– maybe once every 6 weeks or so? This is mostly because I *had* long, thick, curly (yes, CURLY) eyebrows that I started waxing in 9th grade. My grandmother took me to get them waxed because she said she couldn't let me start HS looking like that. Good lookin, Grams. The only problem is, after years and years of waxing, my brows have thinned out way too much for my liking. I let them grow back in first to give my follicles a rest. I don't wanna have to pencil them in when I'm 50. They're not as bad now as they were when I was a kid, thanks to waxing, so for a few weeks they may look a bit unruly. That's what brow gel is for.

  44. Over 200 comments? Wow, you folks are passionate about body hair. lol.

    As for me and mine, I wax and Veet/Nair everything. Everything! I've fallen in love with touching my own hairless body, I can only imagine how my lover likes it. As for the pubes, I like to keep something there, otherwise, it looks too weird. Like, I've been there before, and I don't really want to return to that time in my life. lol. I say, just keep things neat and clean. Everything ain't for everybody, so no worries! Like the homie said, "Don't worry, be happy."
    My recent post My Love Is Like…

  45. I understand what the poster who has PCOS is going through. I do not have that condition (to my knowledge), but I battle with hair daily! My eyebrows are much better thanks to waxing and I use a small womens face trimmer "thingy" for the thin hairs on my face. As soon as I save some money electrolysis/laser is def. in my future lol! The only good thing is the hair on my head is long and thick. I would never go out with my legs looking like that picture lol. My arms are a little hairy, but I'm not adding them to the list lol!!

  46. No to facial, underarm and leg hair. Sometimes the punany wears a small fro. Trimmed neat but close around the lips… so when they swell and are sucked.. My, my my!!

  47. Funny post as usual Streetz! Am I the only one who can tell that is NOT a female in the gold dress? That is clearly a guy. Lol. So anyway, I didn't start shaving my legs until sophomore year in college and I only really did it out of peer pressure. All the girls were doing it. At the time, I didn't grow that much hair on my legs and arms. It was barely noticeable. What I've noticed though is that since I started shaving, the hair grows at a much faster rate now, so of course I can't go years without shaving it anymore. This is now my life! smdh.

    Not shaving my armpit has never been an option though. I've been doing it for as long as I could remember. I always imagine how uncomfortable it must feel, to have all that hair over there. I mean, won't your deodorant take FOREVER to dry? Also, won't it retain a lot of sweat? Eeeek! When it comes to down there, I stick with the very low scissor cut. I have an unnatural fear of ingrown hair and I imagine shaving or waxing puts me at a very high risk.

    Finally, I have yet to meet a female who was happy with any kind of facial hair so I'm thinking most of us are in agreement with Streetz's post here :-).

  48. Im late!
    But I gotta say this..Im hairy..not Ashanti hairy, but I gots mine. Anyway, a friend of the family once told me that hairy women are moreso aggressive and sex driven. I didn’t get it then but now I understand LOL! 😉
    Thats prolly why older guys like hairy ladies.
    Nevertheless, nowadays I wax and take care of myself but the mentality is still there! #justsaying

  49. I must admit I'm pretty hairy…it's hereditary. All the women on the Rican side of my family are hairy. My mother didn't allow me to shave my legs until I was 18, but when the time came I made sure to take care of business. The only place I don't shave are my arms because I don't want them to grow back thicker, but everywhere else it has got to go. I remember when I was 12 and I realized I had a light mustache growing..now when I'm going to get my eyebrows done the mustache must also get taken care of. It is not a game out here… Oh, and the nipple hair is real, but them not taking care of it is lazy…

  50. okay, now i understand…men dont like females with fake hair (weaves), fake eyes (contacts), fake nails, fake eyelashes, fake teeth (veeners) etc…
    and yet you dont want us too natural..too much hair (shave the underarms, shave the legs, shave the cookie…pluck the eyebrowns, pluck the chin, pluck the nipple (i believe i read it here on one of the responses)

    and if we do all these things on the outside, the inside (good healthy, sweet breathe, nice personality) doesnt matter to you.

    SHAME on you Men!!!

  51. I am both disgusted by, and relating to, this post.
    I have PCOS and have been pretty freakin hairy since my teens. I'm now 23.

    I have been admired by men and women alike, saying I am gorgeous, attractive, beautiful, stunning, breathtaking, blah blah blah.. the whole time worried (read: petrified) that people would think otherwise if they saw all of the hair.
    After years of self hate b/c of being hairy and not fitting the 'ideal', I am realizing that most of the people who make cruel comments about women being supposedly 'too hairy', are the same people who would change their 'preference' in a heart beat if society suddenly changed its tune and decided to say that hairier women are the most desirable.

    See how your IDEAS of what is 'feminine' and 'masculine' are not even your own.

    If it so 'masculine' to be hairy, why am I now meeting (straight) guys who are obsessed with getting every last strand of hair removed from their bodies? I mean, I respect their 'preference'…and that is just NOT NATURAL. The same way its not natural, or fair, to expect someone like me to be completely hair free all the time, or not be considered 'wife material'. Are you guys for real? Come on now, you're not really that shallow?

    I have been put on birth control pills, and other drugs to try to control my hormones and the hair growth. These have DESTROYED my body, made me sick in ways I wouldn't wish on my worst enemies. And having too much laser hair removal damages your skin. Its not permanent (the hair removal). So if you have PCOS or are just naturally hairy, and like me you keep going back to 'manage' it (or as you guys backwardly put it: 'take care of/look after yourselves'), it too has consequences.

    MeteorMan, I sincerely hope that at some stage in your life you get to experience intimacy outside the bedroom. I think its really sad if your only experience of intimacy is sex. 🙁

    To me, masculinity is the strength to stand in, and own, your vulnerability, and meet others at theirs. With integrity, honesty, heart and the courage to stand up for what is true and fair. That's true power.

    It has nothing to do with the amount of muscle mass or strands of hair on your face or head or any of that superficial BS.

    Maybe you guys can sit back and take a moment to ask yourselves what femininity REALLY, truly means to you.

    Much love x

  52. Ok dude you have some serious misconceptions.

    I'm a girl and I can tell you that we DON'T grow mustaches or beards! wtf dude!? We do have facial hair, but it is so tiny and fuzzy you wont even notice it! My bf thinks its cute.

    You guys expect too much from girls while not giving crap about altering body yourself. If false hairless image is the only one you can be attracted to, then you have been heavily influenced by the media.

    It's freaking sad

  53. Fine baby hair on a woman's face is not too much of an issue. Legs should be shaved. As far as pubic hair on a women, to me there is no such thing as too much. I have been through the full spectrum of the pubic hair issue over the years. From trimmed to clean shaven. I am of the impression that only very young girls have no pubic hair, so why would that be desired ? Ummm.

  54. There is something sexy about it. I consider myself an attractive sought after male, little more hair than the average joe, and there is something about hair on a woman that turns me on. I haven't read other posts as not to be biased. People are too easily influenced by other peoples opinion. I see a sexy confident woman, has a little more hair on her forearms than usual, or elsewhere, and hell ya I'd hit on her. A man I look up to, f*word badass, had the same opinion. ALL I'M SAYING IS, woman, love who you are.

  55. My brother's I have listen to you all complain about our beautiful black women, being too hairy. No such thing, god has given her everything of beauty including her hairy body, and her beauty nappy head. The
    black women need to stop listening to you fools. What real black man wants a shaved woman, sound like
    you guys are closet child molesters. I bet most of you brothers, have children no job, and pay no child support. The same fools I seen walking the street, holding your stuff like its a college degree. We have other
    issues, besides the hairy black women. chill and get real..

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  57. This is old. But I had to address something. There are women who live thus plague down everyday. I don’t believe that any woman says imma rock this gotee today, but imagine if you had to shave your legs ir underarms or someplace you never thiught you would ever ha e to shave. Some place where no other man has to groom. It becomes discouraging and tedious. And to know that people think you’re disgusting if you don’t get it 100% right. The shame and fear of judgement alone is enough to trigger agoraphobia, depression, anxiety, and any other number of issues. Remember that no one chooses the hair they grow. And no one chooses the skin they’re in.


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