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Five Reasons for Herman Cain to Win the GOP Nomination

"Stupid people are ruining America!"

One of my closest friends always tells me, “I come to you for advice because you can make an argument for just about anything.”  He’s typically talking about women.  So he knows that if most people are telling him that he shouldn’t talk to a young woman, he can come to me and I’ll tell him why he should.  I think that I have this trait within me that basically gives me the ability to disagree with people just for the sake of disagreeing either because I’m annoyed or just bored.  The other day I was watching the television and a news story was showing about how Herman Cain had just passed Romney in the GOP presidential nomination polls.  I thought to myself, like many Americans have said in the last few weeks, “Well, let me find out what this Negro is talking about.”  I sat down at my computer and I didn’t finish it all in one day, but I spent about two days reading everything I could find on Herman.  To be honest with you, I saw both sides, but I couldn’t help but think that one side was being a little rough on the guy.  What bothered me the most was that the roughest side was from his own race, Black people.  After I had read enough material on his platform and then read some analysis, I concluded, “I can make a case for why you should vote for Herman Cain.”

I’ll be honest with you, most people think the guy is stupid.  If it’s one thing Black people will have to learn to stop doing, it’s to stop associating disagreement with a judgment on someone’s mental capacity.  Herman Cain is well traveled and simply put a man who is a fool doesn’t make it to where Herman is without being intelligent.  In my opinion, while most of America does not think he has the capability of completing a correct sentence or speaking for longer than three incorrect sentences before he has to stop and recharge, the man has made a few valid points.  Take for example, the 999 plan, this is an excerpt from a conversation I had with friends:

 “First and foremost, I refuse to listen to anyone tell me why the rich in this country are getting away with murder when they spend most of the month of February looking for things to write off on their taxes.  Things they know they really do not qualify for, they are just trying to circumvent the system and pay less taxes.  I cannot listen to you.  Second, the tax system is flawed, it may fall under the category of a necessary evil, but if your taxes go up as you succeed in life, that’s just off.  Last, but not least, the 999 plan in theory is a pretty solid theory.  However, the problem is that when this plan is rolled out it will likely fail in reality.  Now that’s an argument against it and for it.”

This is just one of the many points that Herman Cain makes that if Capitol Hill was able to execute properly would work, but no one has any faith that it can be done.  I’m not here to argue about whether or not the 999 plan will work or not, all I’m saying is, he’s not dumb, most people just disagree.

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In 2011, Capitol Hill is nothing more than a pissing contest amongst electing officials.  I’m waiting for Americans to smarten up.  We have elected officials who act like Bloods and Crips, think about it, they both justify doing wrong, because the other is doing wrong.  At the end of the day, nothing gets done and the people they are charged with protecting are still suffering.  Herman Cain eliminates the GOP’s ability to continue to do nothing.  They will be forced to at least get something done once they have their President in the White House.  Moreover, in order to win the Presidential election, they will have to show some competence in Congress leading up to the vote too.

For my more selfish reasons, I would offer that I believe in the concept of a backup quarterback.  I think the biggest flaw on most football teams is that they don’t have a viable backup.  I think about the Indianapolis Colts, they just never planned for the day Peyton may not be able to play.  I also think of the Dallas Cowboys who can’t decipher whether the problem is Romo or the system because there is no viable backup option to try out.  So here’s how this pans out; we’ll have the perfect backup plan.  If Obama doesn’t win, which is highly unlikely, we’ll be forced to deal with the GOP candidate.  Out of all the GOP nominees the only ones that I would support, IF I HAD TO, are Paul, Perry, and Cain.  Paul is too old. Perry is one of those white people at your job who’s really smart, but he’s racist as hell and you know it.  I can actually deal with a racist President I did that before.  I’d rather know my President was racist than not know he was racist and he was doing racist stuff to me behind my back all the time.  I don’t trust Romney for several reasons, mainly because he doesn’t always beat to the same drum as the rest of us.  Also, he doesn’t have the support of his party, which scares me that we’ll have a President who continues to not get anything done.  You know, I truly believe that Obama will win his reelection but the following President will be a Republican.  It’s just history, in the last forty years we’ve had three Democratic presidents.  I’m only half serious, but outside of Michelle Obama in 2016, I can’t think of a viable candidate for the Democrats in 2016.  It’d be nice to hedge our efforts with a GOP candidate who was a Black guy.

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Also selfish of me, I just want to see two Black men in the Presidential debate.  I think that would be cool.  I think about what Martin would have wanted and I think that an all-Black debate would have been in that dream.  Regardless of whether you want to vote for Cain or not, you can agree that this would be a powerful moment.  As it pertains to Cain the candidate, I also know that if he was to get to this point, Obama would annihilate him in a debate.  A debate with two candidates who don’t have a whole lot of political experience will be based solely on popularity.  If you put Obama up against some of these people with extensive political backgrounds, some of his flaws may end up highlighted to the American people.

This is my last and most sound selfish reason, in addition to a strong desire to keep racist White men out of the White House, I believe in this quote from the movie, Ides of March, “get down in the mud with the f*cking elephants!”  Listen there’s a reason why America has only had three Democratic presidents in the last forty years, it’s because this is a game of chess not checkers.  It doesn’t matter who’s wrong or right, it’s about who does it the right way.  Herman Cain would make history, but he won’t beat Obama.  Rick Perry and Mitt Romney have the potential to beat Obama.  If really want to do Obama a favor, don’t give him $5, don’t ask all your friends if they’re voting for Obama, keep it real, are you going to be the Black guy who didn’t vote for Obama?…  No, tell all your friends who live in open primaries to vote for Herman Cain and make the GOP have to start thinking about a contingency plan for the next four years.  Many will say, “We’re not going to stoop to their level to win the Presidency.”  We tried that before and you know what happened?  George W. Bush.  The cost is just too high to play fair.  I’m down to play dirty if we don’t end up in two wars, a recession and children left behind.

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What do you guys think?  Have you had the chance to read up on Herman Cain?  If so, what are some of your thoughts about him and his campaign?  

– Dr. J


  1. P.S. Who is Herman's wife…? Too lazy to look her up

    I think that I have this trait within me that basically gives me the ability to disagree with people just for the sake of disagreeing either because I’m annoyed or just bored.

    They said the same about the late Al Davis… He'll disagree with you just to see how passionate you was about your position when it came down to football… I do it just to f*ck with people to alleviate boredom from time to time in my personal life…

    Have you had the chance to read up on Herman Cain? If so, what are some of your thoughts about him and his campaign?

    I saw alot of the p!ss!ng match that was the GOP debate in Vegas… & it reminded me of a bland version of Nick Cannon's "Wildin' Out". It is no secret that they guys are not truly interested in seeing America progress… I was very uneasy to hear Rick Perry call Herman Cain "Brother" … His 999 plan simplifies the tax code in theory… Other than that, I can't call it…

    I am semi-depressed Sarah Palin is not running for the nomination (that was the only person I was gonna vote for in 2012, then expatriate to England)…. But the idea of an all-black presidential debate makes for fantastic television… If this country is going to rise or fall… It might as well be with a black guy… Very fitting…


      1. If she was a white / non-black girl… How would that change the game…

        I know the wife FOR SURE would get more coverage…

        Michelle Obama > Gloria Cain

    1. Interesting read bro. Some good points….I appreciate your intellectual honesty which is missing among so many in the media. Even with Obama's few years in office Herman Cain still has way more executive experience. Obama is in way over his head. Either he is completely incompetent or he's destroying the economy on purpose. I think it's the former. Anyways no candidate is Jesus and Republicans are making the same mistake as the Democrats did in the last election by looking for a Messiah type candidate. Cain's got his faults but at least he's no sold out to big corporations and Wall St. like Obama is. Obama was the largest recipient to Wall Street campaign money then goes out and says he's with the Occupy Wall Street crowd. smh………I hate politics……Don't put your faith in politicians no matter which side they are on.

      1. "Cain's got his faults but at least he's no sold out to big corporations and Wall St. like Obama is."

        WHAT? Cain was the chairman of the Federal Reserve Bank in Kansas City! The man said TARP was a good idea! He said the Federal Reserve doesn't need to be audited because it has it's own internal audits! He defends the banks that caused this depression!

        And you say he's not sold out to Wall Street? He's one of them! I can't stop using exclamation points!

        "Don't put your faith in politicians no matter which side they are on."

        That is a sentiment I can get behind.

        1. Just because you're the chairman of the Fed Reserve Bank in a small town for a while doesn't amek you sold out to big corporations on Wall St. <-I refrained from using and exclamation point. lol

          And he explained his thought son TARP, maybe you missed it.

          He doesn't defend banks that caused the depression he just includes the politicians who forced the banks to make the loans that caused the depression. Barney Frank and Chris Dodd…ie the Community Investment act.

          Not sure where you're from but I listened to Cain locally here in Atlanta for many years. He's a good guy. I just hope he stays good because once you start getting involved in Washington affairs it can have an effect on you.

          I understand your concerns however they are in error my friend.


  2. Herman Cain, skin color or not, is selling out black people to gain favor in the eyes of the GOP. What makes matters worse is that he's playing both sides. He argues the Barack Obama is not a real black man & that he will be the first real black president! First, the GOP doesn't want a "real" black man in the White House, they want their black man in the White House. There's a huge difference. Second, who is he to comment on another man's "blackness"? I know that's an age-old discussion, so I'll leave it at that . Then, to play the other side, he argues that he doesn't "believe racism in this country today holds anybody back in a big way." That is completely disingenuous and misleading for an educated man like himself to say something like that. Of course there's no more de jure/ Jim Crow racism, but to say that, as a whole, many blacks have a level economic playing field with whites on top of not acknowledging the changing face of racism is…I can't put my feelings into words. He's almost as bad as Clarence Thomas. The only problem is that we won't hear about Herman Cain after next fall, but Clarence Thomas will be one of the most powerful men in this country for the next 25-35 years.

    1. I disagree here. He basically said something that all of us should have thought about but we just felt like we'd be going too far against the grain to say it. If you look at what he said and then really examine it, he made a good point. Think about both Cain and Obama's backgrounds. I always said to people, "What if Michelle was like a negro and she knew that Barack had what it took to be President more than he knew. So like lowkey she taught him how to be a negro." Barack's background just never suggests that he had any Black friends or any contact with a strong African or African American presence in his development years."

      It's very possible that Barack went to college and made a decision that now he wanted to learn what it meant to be a Black man. None of us can be sure of his intentions. Compare that to Cain, politics aside, he's more like the Black men we see in this country… born in Memphis, attended Morehouse, strong businessman in Georgia… think about it that way.

      1. Sorry, but no-sign J.

        Just because Cain is "more like the Black men we see in this country" doesn’t make him more or less black than anyone else. If anything, perhaps we should be striving to have more black men with backgrounds more diverse from Cain than like it. There is no one road to the path of black. You're black by birth, not by choice. Irritates me that people, black people no less, are so obsessed with defining the black experience and how black it makes you as a result of how closely you tote the line or wander from the path. Last I checked, there is no "How to Be Black for Dummies" handbook out there. Holistically we should look at all black men, regardless of their background, as expanding the "black experience" or better put, the definition of what it means to be black. Not that I agree it needs to be defined in the first place because that implies there is a limit to what it means to be black. I could not disagree more.

        1. I don't disagree with you, but I think that if someone accuses you of not being Black, then they open the door for you to compare yourself to a person they consider Black. This is classic McCoy right here. They should have never came at him that way to say he was fake or a sell out.

        2. Last I checked, there is no "How to Be Black for Dummies" handbook out there

          Classic… I think we need to holla at John Wiley & collaborate (Whatdayasay Wiz…?)

  3. No, tell all your friends who live in open primaries to vote for Herman Cain and make the GOP have to start thinking about a contingency plan for the next four years. Many will say, “We’re not going to stoop to their level to win the Presidency.” We tried that before and you know what happened? George W. Bush. The cost is just too high to play fair. I’m down to play dirty if we don’t end up in two wars, a recession and children left behind.


    He was a lobbyist. Puhlease…

    1. I don't know if being a lobbyist is a bad thing. I think it's bad when the lobbyist can influence policy. I think the onus should be on the politicians. For example, Wall Street was the largest donor to Obama and then he turned around and gave them a bailout of epic proportion. This is also after he said that the lobbyist influence on Washington had gotten out of control. I put the fault on Obama, that's just unacceptable. The lobbyist have a right to lobby.

      1. Are you sure about the Wall Street bailout? Many of the bailout agreements were already on the books from the Bush administration. Obama inherited that unfinished business.

        1. 100% positive. Bush allowed Obama to use the oval office to draft that legislation in between being elected and taking office. It's cool, I know it's disappointing. I'm not saying i'm for or against, i'm just saying I don't think people have all their facts straight.

      2. I believe it is. Politicians are the married men and lobbyists are the mistresses.
        it's just an opinion. No fact.

  4. Herman Cain… where to start? Maybe him touting his ignorance on foreign leaders and saying he doesn’t care who the leader of “Ubecki-becki-stan” is. Nah, that’s too easy. Maybe I should talk about the joke that is his 9-9-9 plan, oh wait, I’m sorry, his now 9-0-9 plan. Hmmm, no I think I’ll pass on that one too. Maybe it’s the fact that he doesn’t have a clue of the difference between pro-life and pro-choice. http://youtu.be/JD-sBPBzpmE, or the fact he thinks as president he can sign Constitutional amendments. Come to think of it this list could go on for quite a while, and I’ve only touched on the easy ones.

    Why could I not vote for Herman Cain? Well, we and by “we” I mean the idiots of the country that arrive in mass at the voting booths after watching Fox “News” tried putting someone in office that had not idea what the scope of President was. And after his eight years, “we” are mad the next guy hasn’t cleaned up his mess in less than three.

    The better question to ask about Herman Cain is why are the Koch brothers backing him?

    1. He's supported them for years and collaborated with them in their their anti-clean energy “activist” group Americans for Prosperity. Now the Tea Party can "support" him in return and not look like racists….

      Grassroots candidate he is not. He can play his "awww shucks" role all he wants, he is just a sad little tool until they toss him in the dumpster right before the primaries.
      My recent post inomallday: Already in bed…on my old lady steez

    2. I saw that clip too. It sounds like he wants to be pro-choice but knows he will alienate conservative votes so he decided to be confusing which gives him room to weasel out at a later time
      My recent post MissRepresentation

    3. I'm going to answer you in a second but I would just say that like most people you told one side of the story without telling the whole story and then used poor attacks to make a point. The only reason why the plan is 9-0-9 now is because Americans couldn't understand the rebate. They kept claiming that he would be taxing the poor and he kept saying, no they will receive a rebate. No one could figure out what that meant, so he just said eff it and dropped it altogether. You should have told both sides to be real.

      1. There’s a great reason everyone’s confused regarding his “rebate” and that’s because he’s never explained it. But now who’s telling one side of the story. You speak of the exemption for the poor but what of the new exemptions for business he’s touting? And what about the fact that 84% of the US would see a raise in taxes with households making $10 – $20K seeing an increase of almost 950%. All the while those who make $1 million+ would see their taxes cut nearly in half. So yeah, I agree with you. That will definitely get a Republican House doing something.

        But as far as poor attacks, what else do you suppose I attack? His foreign policy which he has yet to mention? Or would you rather I rip apart his “electrified fence” to stop illegal immigration. Serious question.

        1. ""electrified fence" to stop illegal immigration."" – when he said that I cringed. I mean seriously I wanted to crawl up in a ball. This is the kind of rhetoric that makes him appear stupid.

    4. "And after his eight years, "we" are mad the next guy hasn't cleaned up his mess in less than three. "


      IJustCan't anymore with this right here^^^^^. I gave up having these arguments because I've learned that common sense ISN'T always common. 2+3=6.. O__O. Ohhh okay

  5. Herman Cain won’t win dogcatcher if the elections were held right now. I won’t blame him or call him an Uncle Tom like how other black intellectuals have being doing; its the GOP base that has gone to the extreme due to their knee-jerk reaction that a socialist-kenyan-musilm-atheist president was now in the white house ( cue in Tea partay!). Even Pat Robertson… FREAKING PAT ROBERTSON!! Said two days ago that the GOP is now extreme.

    My 2012 prediction: Obama will win 2012, the Tea Party will freak out again then go Super HAM with protests, leading to deficit reducing and budget cutting of historical proportions instead of a laser focus on job creation, thereby turning Barack Obama into Clinton 2.0: A republican president in a democrat label.

  6. I think the assertion that people don't like him because he has different opinions is a little flawed. Maybe there are people that think like that – if that's the case, that is sad. But while Cain isn't "full retahd", he lacks a basic grasp of the way government works – and that's a problem.
    Yes, he makes valid statements – a large portion of the black population blindly supports the democratic party, even though they don't exist to defend our interests any more than republicans do – they just know what looks better. That said, there's a reason why it irks us when a black leader is a proud republican – there's a history of public racial subjugation from them that can not be ignored. However, that just indicates a problem with our party system as a whole, which has been distorted for a long time (frankly, i think we should start a slow transition into a more European-style multi-party system, but I digress).
    Anyways, its my belief that Cain doesn't even believe half the stuff he says, its that ridiculous. He makes bold economic assertions but can't even pretend to have any justification for them. You can't defend your policy by refusing to answer questions about it, a la CNN Debate: "thats an apple." Right now, he's playing the role of the "opinionated black man" – allowing the Tea Party to rally behind a man that supports their buffoonish convictions while allowing them to say, "see?? we're not racist" *rolls eyes*
    And don't get me started on his lack of knowledge on foreign policy – and not like Obama in '08 who had just barely legislated on any foreign policy issues, he just barely has knowledge of high school level geopolitics. Or the constitution for that matter.
    Yes, he's an educated man, but his background is in business and computer science – and, as we've seen with Obama's first term, the White House is NOT the place to get a grasp on how the presidency/government really works on the fly. He knows how to draw attention to himself and keep it there, but it won't translate into votes. And it shouldn't.
    More on this later — i need to scurry into the office.

    *Sidenote – yes our tax system has issues, but if you're making more income you SHOULD be paying more — i'm getting ahead of myself. Gotta run*
    My recent post inomallday: Already in bed…on my old lady steez

    1. Shamira:

      I feel you, but I don't know if you are upset with Cain or the two-party system. Here's what I will say, a few things:

      1) Herman Cain represents a new thought that we don't want politicians in the White House anymore. People will strong political backgrounds or knowledge of how to operate in the system are failing. It's not about the "change" that we were promised by Obama. He promised change, but didn't say he wanted to change the system. America is fed up with the politics as usual. They don't want someone with a lot of political experience, they want someone who represents them, the citizen. The average citizen doesn't know much more about the legislative process pass, 'I'm just a bill."

      2) I don't think that you can make an assertion that the Republican party is more racist than the Democratic party. There's just no proof to support that. I think both parties are racist and there's just a notion that the Republican party is more racist, but it's never really sustained with any real facts.

      3) Your sidenote… "The federal tax code is dysfunctional. It penalizes hard work, marriage, thrift, & success-the very factors that are the foundations for lasting prosperity." I believe that's a true statement. But I believe that taxes are an unnecessary evil. But if you go back to my post, I said, I just don't take a person seriously when I see them doing anything and everything to get out of their taxes themselves. Everyone is trying to circumvent the tax system in America. Over the weekend, someone said to me that the rich people pay closer to 15% in taxes. I replied, "Maybe they're just better at it than you, what if I told you I could tell you how to make $40,000 and pay 15% in taxes too? Would you still be bothered by the rich not paying? Or would you say, "No tell me how to pay 15%, but they should still be paying more"? Because therein lies the problem." The problem is that people are always looking at why someone else should be doing something or living up to a level of responsibility when their own houses are dirty and corrupt too. Charlie Rangel… great guy… broke rules himself though. It goes both ways.

      1. "Herman Cain represents a new thought that we don't want politicians in the White House anymore. People will strong political backgrounds or knowledge of how to operate in the system are failing."

        I definitely agree with this and I think that's why he's winning favor among the masses. He tries to present issues in logical manners that have a strategical answer, I.E. in the manner of a successful business man. But I believe his novice approach to politics will also be his downfall, because that's where political sagests take his approach and drag it through the mud.

        My recent post Nothing Left to Say

      2. Sorry, I got swamped at work and didnt have time to respond.

        1) I understand the sentiment, but there's a distinct difference between not being a politician and not having a real grasp of how government/politics works. You can't be in office and learning basic knowledge on the fly (like, say, how the amendment ratification process works). And I dont think Herman Cain really represents the citizen — maybe what citizens wish they where. I will give credit where it is due – Cain is a self-made man whos made quite a nest egg for himself – but he is essentially a disgruntled man that is tired of people asking for handouts. Thats a valid position, but I don't think its indicative of everyones position right now.

        2) i dont think the democratic party isnt above racial criticism – like i said, cain is valid in critiquing people for blind support of the left. i believe they defend the "underrepresented" because its convenient to take the moral stand, not because the party as a whole really cares about po' black folks. but do i think that the republican party is more open with racial subjugation? yes. the birther movement is just one of a plethora of examples that cements that in my mind.

        3) i see where you're coming from – but as it stands, the fact that im giving 30% percent of my income while warren buffet is only giving 15% and NONE of his capital gains and the republicans can complain about raising taxes/cutting loopholes is preposterous to me right now.
        My recent post inomallday: @cbenjaminrucker @1CulturedPearl ouch

  7. Whats funny is i dont ever think Cain took himself seriously as a candidate. It would be like in 2004, Al Sharpton woke up picked up a paper and was leading the polls, he would'nt know what to do. Its like okay 999 plan, what else ya got and Cain has nothing else. The other thing is i feel like if a Republican were to win in 2012, come midterms when Americans blindly vote against the incumbents and the Dems take over congress we're gonna have exactly what we have now. That being a congress so concerned with getting their guy in 2016, that they will block every move for the next two years writing it off as "campaigning".
    My recent post ItzTrizz617: RT @lilduval: black housewife shows script goes like this: lets meet up and talk about who we dont like then lets go confront her. the end

  8. " I think that I have this trait within me that basically gives me the ability to disagree with people just for the sake of disagreeing either because I’m annoyed or just bored"
    Yea this is me all the way. But even I stop at rationalizing a vote for Cain. I wish I had time to argue why.

    1. Here's the reason why you should though… because most people don't know why they vote for who they vote for. That's a problem. By making an argument for Cain, you strengthen their minds, by making them informed decision makers.

  9. Herman Cain would be an absolute disaster as president, for the simple fact that the banks are the most responsible culprit for our current state of economic affairs, and he's a Wall Street goon. Anyone stupid enough to blame people who are looking for work for not having a job, then turn around and defend the banks who screwed us out of trillions of dollars and are the reason people can't find work, should not be in government at any level.

  10. I will be the black guy not voting for Obama.

    I can’t see Herman Cain winning the GOP nomination for a myriad of reasons. Like ‘herbetteroption’ said, I don’t even think Herman Cain thought Herman Cain would ever be ahead in the polls. He has not taken himself or this election particularly serious in my opinion. Seemed more about selling his book and no doubt becoming a talking head in the future, like a black Sarah Palin, who for the record, has been eerily quiet lately but that’s another discussion.

    By the off chance Herman Cain wins, his 999 plan would never pass no matter how great it sounds in theory. In fact, a lot of great plans never pass. Overall I think the entire federal two-party system is broken right now and the only one that seems to benefit from it are the wealthy, not the top 1%, the top .05%. The “super rich.” I’m fairly disenfranchised with the entire system myself – and actually feel that neither party has my best interest in mind.

    Damned if you do, damned if you don’t.

    1. You won't be the only one not voting for Obama. I'm not speaking fo rmyself, but I know a lot of people are fed up with everything. Honestly, I would seriously consider voiting for Paul if he was the nominee, but Repub voters would never vote for him. He's too old, he makes too much sense, and he doesn't seem to hate everybody like some of his counterparts.

      I agree with you. The two party system has been flawed for several years now. People are really starting to notice that regardless of your party affiliation, those in power do not have our best interest at heart. This is a game, and we're losing. However, until the Repubs show me at least some effort in attempting to try to do something other than shoot down every idea the POTUS puts forth, I'm sticking with the O-man. Unless, we get a viable third party candidate, or we all take to the streets and say "Eff this sh*t!"
      My recent post My Love Is Like…

      1. "However, until the Repubs show me at least some effort in attempting to try to do something other than shoot down every idea the POTUS puts forth…"

        This is what pisses me off. People are acting like a bunch of kids. Remember back in the day when a couple of kids would fight over who got to play with a toy so hot, heavy, and long that the adults finally came and took the toy…"no one's playing with it"…and all the kids got screwed? Yup…that's America right now…screwed cause these "adult" politicians act like they don't know how to compromise.

        1. It's scary that the fate of this entire country is in the hands of some of these people. I agree with Nianaturally… I'll take my chances with President Obama.

          How serious can we take this game when they won't even pass the job bills JUST because a black man came up with it. If you (in general) take politics serious….be afraid…be very afraid.

          I will vote because I can't complain while not playing. I just know that this whole country seems to be leaving all our children behind.

        2. Scary indeed…cause while they're being selfish and prideful, people are losing jobs, running out of unemployment, losing assets…and soon to follow will be their minds, smh. They refuse to compromise anything "for the greater good of the people", but they get to go home with a job at night and money in the bank while "the people" continue to have nothing. Makes me sick…all of 'em.

        3. I would just say that if you consider the reasons they gave for why they didn't pass that jobs bill … you may feel differently about pulling the race card.

        4. To be honest with you, I could respect this thread if you would admit that the Democrats did the same thing when they controlled Congress.

        5. Speaking for myself, not sure if you noticed, but I've used "people", "politicians", and "all of 'em" to describe who I'm talking about…and I did it for a reason. 😉

      2. "Honestly, I would seriously consider voiting for Paul if he was the nominee, but Repub voters would never vote for him"

        *Blank Stare* Ron Paul is the nuttiest of all the repub candidates! Forget his foreign policy which seems to be enticing progressives and check out what his monetary policy is about. He wants to take the U.S back to Gold Standards. I mean, if that isn't crazy then I don't know what is.

        1. I said I would consider it. Which means if he was the nominee, I would listen to all of his arguments, presented against whatever President Obama has to say. Would I vote for him? Maybe not. But I would, at the very least, listen and pay attention. As a voter, its the least I can do. Make an informed choice on all the facts based on where we are now, not where we were when Clinton or Reagan was in office.

  11. I loathe politics. I don't think there's one politician on the planet that's really working for "the every man". When I vote, I choose the lesser evil. I think dems are too liberal and "anything goes"-ish. I think reps/tea party are generally overly conservative/repressed…and/or greedy rich people who should be ashamed that they sleep well at night paying less taxes (based on the percentage of their income) than a working class citizen. Disgusting.

    Herman Cain gets a "no" from me…too far to the right for my taste.

  12. I've only gotten caught up on Herman Cain recently, though I've seen his name in the headlines and on SNL for some time. Whether he takes himself seriously or not, I think he's a marketing/sales genius. If there's anything people know about him, it's the 9-9-9 and it sticks. People like catchphrases and abbreviations that they can hang on to. It appeals to those who don't really pay attention to politics and it's easy to understand, though the implications of it would most likely impact them negatively in the long run.

    He's far from stupid. I just think he's calculated extreme. He won't win, but he'll add some spice to the mix. Go Hurricane Herman Cain for the GOP! I bet that'll be his next gimmick if it isn't already.
    My recent post The 1st Habit of Success: Be Proactive

    1. I sent Herm an email and said, "Now you need to create a sound" that's how you take your marketing to a new level. I propose that Herman Cain borrow Rick Ross's grunt. That would go a long way in a debate. Preachers use it too. You probably never picked up on it because it's a higher pitch.

    2. Even better than releasing the 9-9-9 plan now, is that it's the foundation or comparative tool for the rest of the financial plans that the candidates will release. Perry released his flat tax plan today, immediately it's compared to 9-9-9 and the current market systems.

      Perry's flat tax plan brings me to another point. How can you say that american businesses headquartered in the US, but mainly do business abroad will now not have to pay local taxes (aside from income). That apparently is supposed to bring more business back to the US. The problem is that Clinton gave tax breaks to businesses who went abroad. I'm sure Perry's gonna come up with signs that say things like Flat 20 All Around!

      SN: aren't presidential campaigns exciting? It's like watching masters of the craft of BS spin their webs.
      My recent post Nothing Left to Say

  13. I haven’t read up on Cain so I can’t comment about him. You’ve inspired me to look him up. I’m noticing that you guys use the number five a lot though. Why?

    1. Is that a new pic Krystl?

      I think it's because people like lists. You can have 3, 5, 10… I just don't like odd lists like 6, it seems like someone started and just ran out of things to talk about.

  14. I had a very heated discussion about Herman Cain with a friend (white female). You cannot discredit this man's education or his corporate viability. He's a beast. But a CEO does not a POTUS make. His uncouthly demeanor makes him appear stupid. You can curse out your share holders and subordinates in corporate but not in government. I'm waiting for him to drop the F bomb in one of these debates seriously I am. Honestly we are back to choosing the lesser of 2 evils. Who can represent us best on the congressional floor and on the world stage. Cain – NAH MAN!!!!!!!!!

    Until "we" and when I say we I mean as voting Americans understand that change happens at the local level and start holding our city and state representatives accountable. Federal change is futile.

    ……….that is all

    1. THANK YOU! I’m so tired of hearing “I ran this business, so I can run the country now.” the purpose of business is to turn a profit. That is not the purpose of government.

  15. Hermain Cain just makes my head hurt. I can't wrap my mind around the way he thinks and I distrust the fact that the Republican Party backs him. Like I feel like I'm waiting for someone to jump out and scream that we've all been punk'd by the politics of this country in general, but specifically with this Republican candidate race. I've read up on Cain and he still gets a no-go for me. The idea of a 9-9-9 plan has been proposed before and though he's made it a little prettier it's still something that sounds great in theory to me but probably can't happen in real life. But my biggest gripe with him is the way he's gone after Obama, and really Black people in general. And what makes me even more upset is that I really feel like there are a good number of closet conservative Blacks who agree with him.
    My recent post joshuabrandonbennett:

    From the first night of Poetry Africa….

    1. I think more Blacks than will admit actually agree with some of the things he's said around racism in America. I think he's going after Obama because that's how the GOP/Tea Party plays ball. I think that the Democrats did that too, but then what ended up happening is they put their foot in their mouth when they didn't have the skill to back it. Don't forget Nancy Pelosi was a fiery one, until Obama had to ask her to calm down because she was ruining good proposed legislation by pissing at the other side. I think the GOP backs Cain because he listens and because they really do NOT trust Romney. They like Cain because truth be told, Cain has a shot at winning.

      1. As for the Rupublican candidates overall, "I'm just saying you can do better" *drizzy voice*, what happened to Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Scott Brown…all these people they hyped to give Obama a run for his money in 2012 and now they have a worse lineup than NBC on Monday nights. They are all extremely flawed and exposing each other so much at the debates, i'd be downright shocked if Obama doesnt win reelection
        My recent post ItzTrizz617: Occupy Oakland is raid will be the first of many…it was cute but taxpayers had enough

        1. I think you should take Bobby Jindal out of that list. I know for a fact that the DNC is afraid of him running for President.

        2. herbetteroption: "what happened to Sarah Palin, Mike Huckabee, Bobby Jindal, Scott Brown…all these people they hyped to give Obama a run for his money in 2012 and now they have a worse lineup than NBC on Monday nights."

          This is the only reason I believe Obama will get re-elected. Given the recession/depression, there is no way that he should get re-elected, based on history. I would write Obama off, but given the cavalcade of jokers the Republicans lined up, Obama should easily win in 2012.

          Only Ron Paul is a viable candidate (age notwithstanding), via conservative standards, but that's also why Republicans hate him. He's a true conservative that believes conservative ideology. Republicans talk a good conservative game, until they actually have to give up something.

      2. I agree with all of this. The racism piece is something I grapple with because it also brings in the issue of class and while race is still a huge issue in America, we are definitely approaching the day when class is becoming more and more of an issue within race. This makes it all the more important to close the disparities. As far as the whole Romny/Cain thing…if I was Republican I would probably be of the thought that Cain > Romney as well. But like some people have said upthread, that makes it sounds like we're choosing the lesser of two evils.
        My recent post joshuabrandonbennett:

        From the first night of Poetry Africa….

        1. Choosing between Democrat and Republican is the lesser of two evils. To me, I see if like picking a plea deal. The evidence is stacked against you, you may think you have a chance to be acquitted, but the reality is you might lose. Do you take your chances with the jury and get 25 years or do you take the plea deal for 10 years? The lesser of two evils.

    1. “I only get mad when people try to call Cain an Uncle Tom.”

      Me too. I feel he’s just playing to his base. He is just doing what every politician does.

  16. Your last reason is my entire reason for hoping Cain does well… it'll just make 2012 that much easier. I'm actually a little worried about Perry, he makes sense, even to those who routinely vote democrat, regardless.

    Two black men debating for president? Meh. I'd rather see Obama verbally murk a good candidate in the debate.
    My recent post Journal Peek: Thank You

  17. I wouldn't discredit Cain's intelligence. To start as a virtual nobody in the beginning of the year, so being a household name (however snidely), to winning wide public appeal for being seen as someone who understand economic functions even with limited public knowledge. I think people regard him for his business savvy and the fact that he's spearheaded major enterprises in and out of a struggling economy. That makes him tangible to the public who doesn't watch CNN, read national news publications, political blogs, etc. Most American voters just aren't that interested until November when it's time to vote.
    My recent post Nothing Left to Say

  18. Politics make no sense. The whole game/system is silly. A country so divided on the needs of its people can only FAIL…epically at that. I watched Cain the other night, not sure why anyone would vote for him. I abhor that thought that people are ready to snatch the belt from President Obama already and he's only had four years to correct the inherited mess he has to clean up. It's going to take many more presidents to continue the clean up.

    Cain is right up the Republican alley, they are in fact worried about THEIR PROFITS. This is why he is even a contender. I truly hope we get that $$$ is the only thing that matter to the 1%. They care nothing about our children, our incomes, our homes and our lives.

    For the record….for those of you that still call President Bush, Mr. President….PRESIDENT OBAMA deserves the same respect. Little things like that do matter. Because if most don't even want to respect this man's title that he earned…how will they EVER respect an average black person…hmmmm. And go ahead and tell me the title doesn't mean anything…smh. I will not respect or care about a system that from day 1 have shafted the black community over and over again. Even the so-called ways they helped us (e.g. welfare) hurt us.

    1. Beef… I hear you, but I need to focus you.

      1) George Bush, Sr. only had four years to correct the mess that he inherited, nobody complained then. But they complain now?
      2) Cain's decision to tax what you spend rather than what you make is just his strategy. Not all his GOP friends agree with that. They still plan on purchasing company jets and that would be taxed.
      3) President Bush sent the valedictorian and salutorian from every public school in Texas to the Univ. of Texas on a full scholarship. I've never heard of a Black governor of any state doing anything close. Not really a smart shot to take at the GOP. They do put in place programs that assist Black people.
      4) As long as George W. Bush lives he will be called, Mr. President. So will Bill Clinton, George Bush, Sr. and Jimmy Carter. Rules is rules. When people want something from Barack, I bet you they call him President Obama. Then again, do you think we're worried more about that than he is? I think so.
      4b) So yeah that title means more to you than it means to Barack. I would recommend you consider that.

      1. 1) Bush Sr. was moreso looked at as "more of the same" after the age of Reagan. Twelve years of Republican reign and massive deft increase unlike the country had ever known…the circumstances aren't quite comparable to me. The country was over republicans, not Bush. Clinton didn't see a real decrease in the amount of the national debt increase over time or a surplus until his 2nd term so…that does support the thought that time is needed to heal wounds…not a guarantee though.

        1. Bush wasn't looked at like that… We are old enough to know that. Bush was looked at like the smartest guy in the room. I will always think that Bush, Sr. was the only President who connected the dots on how Diplomacy, Defense and Intelligence work to secure our country. That will probably never happen again.
          My recent post My First Blog (The Final post on The Book of Jackson)

        2. "We are old enough to know that."

          LOL! I was 12 or so when Clinton was elected to office…and into boys, music, and hair…not politics. So yeah…needless to say, any opinions I have were formed from what I've read or seen as an adult. And, based on that loose research (if you even want to call it that…I don't live and breathe this stuff) the "fed up-ness" of the people is what booted him out of the office in only 4 yrs.

        3. "George Bush, Sr. only had four years to correct the mess that he inherited, nobody complained then. But they complain now? "

          "Bush wasn't looked at like that… We are old enough to know that"

          I'm old enough to know that he inherited the mess that was created when he was Vice President under Ronald Reagan for 8 years. People seem to never mention this fact or they just forgot he was the VP…*shrugs*. Oh well.

  19. I actually really enjoyed this post. I don't follow politics as closely as I should, but I like your take on the situation and your reasoning for wanting two black men in the presidential debate (it would be pretty cool). Carry on Jay!

  20. Wow Dr. J. You're making some serious generalizations and accusations of stupidity towards the voting population. Your said- "The average citizen doesn't know much more about the legislative process pass, 'I'm just a bill." " and "most people don't know why they vote for who they vote for. "
    You're calling a lot of voters stupid. I'm not going to single you out. Someone else commented- " Most American voters just aren't that interested until November when it's time to vote." Personally, I think that anyone who takes the civic privilege of voting seriously enough to actually do it has put some thought process about issues that matter to them on a personal level into their decision.

    1. I'm not Dr. J, but I'll make the same generalizations and accusations. Many people just don't know. If you doubt me, ask ten random people if they know who their alderman or state senator is.

    2. Camille, here's the situation in a nutshell…

      120 million people voted in 2004, there were 300 million people in the United States at that time. Of the 120 million who voted you have to consider that many of them don't know much more past, "Bush must go." It's just the fact of the matter. Not everyone is an informed voter. They just exercise their right to vote. And so to that I would say, people take their right to vote seriously, but that isn't any indicator that they are more or less informed.

  21. As far as Black people are concerned, if we all remember how we obtained this priviledge in the first place, the weight we give to our voting decisions (not just every 4 years) would be taken more seriously. Does the term "Bloody Sunday" resonate with anyone? If not, please google it. My family was on the Edmond Pettus Bridge in Selma, AL on March 7th, 1965. I briefly worked for President Obama in his Chicago Law office while he was running for Senate. This is a man who would never make geralizations/judgements about the ignorance of "the average citizen". He would go into every community to educate them, and inspire them by reminding us of how we got to where we are politically by honorong those who paved the way.

    1. YOU GO CAMILLE… Finally someone here who knows her history… It's obvious that we are only 50 something years removed form the civil right moment and all that it encompassed… All votes count for something… Cain vs Obama will never happen… White America will not go for it… Cain will fall soon enough trust me…. he's just the flavor the month right now….

    2. Obama's grassroots approach is commendable that I will say. However, many of his supporters are very dangerous supporters. They just don't know anything that the man stood for. When I would bring up to them that Obama actually thinks that No Child Left Behind is an okay policy and could use some improvement, they were totally surprised and argued why I was lying. I asked Obama voter after voter, have you read his platform? Did you read the part when he said… and their response would be, "No I haven't but tell me what he was talking about and i'll tell you what he meant." It was just like, "Dog, it scares me that so many people are voting for Obama and have no clue about what he stands for…"

      And if you want proof, then you just look at all the people who showed up for the election in 2008, who were nowhere to be found in 2010. They elected their President and now they think the victory has been achieved. When it's time for the local governments to elect new officials, they will go to work. They will never read a report from their local school board, they will b*tch and moan about their mayor, but probably never actually cast a vote for that position either. Those are the people that scare me. You don't change the world in the White House, you change it starting with your communities.

      1. co-sign all of this. Its kinda funny to see ultra liberal progressives go apesh*t (no Alpha) because he isn't as liberal as they thought during the election. Why they thought that… you called it.

        As for your 2nd paragraph, yes! Local politics is so important, it will have an immediate effect on your day-to-day life. Folks realized that once the new Repubs took over the Wake County school board, and immediately dismantled the school assignment diversity policy. Those same folks who were in an uproar kept their a$$e$ home in the 2009 election. They came out this year, but there is a run-off in November, so we'll see if people are truly paying attention.
        My recent post My Love Is Like…

  22. Thank you cbrantley15! Dr. J, the majority of people I have communicate with are civic-minded and proactive in their communities. They are aware of the pro's and con's of various candidates political platforms. Perhaps I naturally gravitate to particular circles because of my family history of active involvement -vs- opinions and complaints. My uncle was Assistant DA and the first Black circuit court judge of Sangamon County, IL i the 1990's. One of my aunts was a candidate for Mayor. This has greatly impacted my community involvement. I will agree with you that in 2008 there was a percentage Black of voters (some first time voters) who only voted for Obama because of his race. If that was their only reason at that time I am hopeful that since then their awareness of issues and proactiveness has risen. I drove through Inglewood, CA the night Obama won. I saw little Black boys and Black men who were hopeful and inspired and I hope that continues with their positive, more educated decisions through voting and community involvement.

    1. Camille, like you my mother was deeply involved in the civil rights movement. She help organize sit ins and marches for us to vote. Most people who has never protested or ever seen politics upfront will never understand what you and I know. I dare to ask Dr. J or anyone on this thread if they ever participated in any civil disobedience protest in their lives??? I myself marched last weekend here in NYC with the Occupy Wall Street movement and notice very few black people involved. I guess the thinking here today for most people is "if it doesn't involve me, I'll stay home."

      Like I told my father before he died, Obama was a throw in. People jumped on the band wagon for the elections, but not for the ride.. since he's been president, none of the 64% of voters who voted for him has stand up for him or with him… I guess voting for him was the right thing to do back in 2008. I myself personally brought into his great speeches knowing that he was facing more than uphill battle, but a war of monumental hate and disrespect. I think since he's been president you can all concur with me that this man is the most disrespected president in our history…

      So, trust this Cain vs Obama is not going to happen. Obama becoming president was a fluke my dear friends… The republicans threw the fight… They couldn't take another four years of republican screw ups…. Cain is right, black people will never vote republican. Here's a bit of trivia for you, what party did Lincoln belong to????

      1. Thanks for the compliment, even though I'm sure I'm way younger than you mother, LOL. I should post a photo at some point.

        1. @ Camille – Posting a pic would be nice, but most people rather have their opinions read than to have their faces attached to their opinions…

      2. "Here's a bit of trivia for you, what party did Lincoln belong to???? "

        Lincoln was a Republican, and if I ever have the displeasure of crossing that racist ba$tard's grave, I will happily urinate on it, and drop a deuce on it if there's anything nearby that I could wipe myself with.

  23. President Lincoln changed political party affiliation twice. He was a member of the Whig Party from 1832 to 1854, Republican Party from 1854 to 1864, and the National Union Party from 1864 to 1865.

    The Republican Party was founded in 1854 in Ripon, Wisconsin. Its principal goal was to stop the expansion of slavery into the western territories. Lincoln had been involved with the Whig Party, which was disintegrating due, in large part, to sectional rivalries. Since Lincoln was personally opposed to slavery, he found the Republican Party platform much to his liking.

    This has been a refreshing discussion. Hopefully moving us all to greater action, even if that means simply writing a letter to your local and state representatives to let your voice be heard.

    Article Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1897425

    Read more: http://wiki.answers.com/Q/To_what_party_did_Linco

    1. Hey now… I'm 52 years young and was around during the end of the civil right movement… Was five when Kennedy was killed, Was Seven when Malcolm was killed and 9 years old when MLK and RFK was knocked off… I have seen a lot of history in this country… My congressman knows me on a first name basis, because I call him at least twice a month to remind that if he doesn't do anything with my vote, I will give it to someone else… If you can get five of your friends to call their congress person twice a month, I'm sure you will see some action… Thanks for being a breath of fresh air… I usually cannot find anyone to have a good political debate with….

  24. I think it would be interesting to see two black candidates… Instead of people just "voting for the black guy" they would really listen to their platforms. I love Obama but he certainly isn't without flaws. There are so many people blindly supporting Obama just because he's black and don't really care or understand the issues. If Cain is on the GOP ticket it will force some to look beyond skin color.
    My recent post It Ended With A Dance…..

  25. "Also selfish of me, I just want to see two Black men in the Presidential debate."

    I'm sorry, but that is one of stupidest reasons to vote or support someone. Ethnic/race loyalty can make people down right retarded. Herman Cain is ignorant of other cultures and people how aren't rich. Also, as a people of East/North African descent, he said some racist BS about Obama because he didn't come from slaves. He stated that its poor people fault that they're poor. The man is an idiot. Why support him? To show that black people are just as shallow and petty as racist white bible-thumping' folks…….Yay? Is it really worth it to doom this country from racial pride? It just seems childish to me and it won't improve the black community.


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