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If I Was Elected President: Eight Things America Needs From Its POTUS

I’d like to give this a try one day.

A year from today, Election Day 2012, the United States of America will either re-elect President Obama to a second term, or they will elect a new President and the administration will have a complete overhaul.  I’ve long joked that one day I would run for President.  Honestly, I have mapped out a plan to get into the White House, and to my closest friends, they all have the same reaction, “You sound like you really think you can do that.”  My reply, “That’s all it takes.”  If you’re wondering why upsets ooccur in professional sports, it’s because the underdog really believed he could win.  Keep that in mind if you ever see my name come across the ballot.  However, I wanted to do an exercise today to examine the most popular phrase in the Race for the White House, “If elected President…”  It is the most frequently said phrase, but it is where a candidate can be seen in his (or her) most truest form.

Back today, with the Mix from @CarverTheGreat, he gives us an excellent quick mix, in President Carver, stream here, or download here:

So, what would Dr. J do if elected President?

Well, if elected President…

1) Food would be free – There are some things that are out of the control of the President of the United States, however, food is probably one of the easiest investments a country can make for its citizens.  I’m not eliminating the need for Whole Foods or Harris Teeter, I’m simply saying that the government will provide the necessities for the price of “on the house.”  We are currently sustaining the agriculture industry in America with grant money, let’s just go ahead and hire the farmers as employees and give the food out for free.  The government won’t pay for luxury though, you can fully expect on continuing to have to go to the supermarket to pick up your name-brand choices and items like NY Strip Steak.

2) We would have a 10-month work year – The American people are overworked and lack work-life balance.  Employers give their employees vacation leave and then tell them they can’t use it.  Therefore, the government needs to step in for the people and change the work year to ten months.  Citizens can pick their two months at anytime because the two months are guaranteed by the Federal Government’s new regulation.  Companies will just have to plan the workload over the remaining ten.  Parents can take off the two summer months, or single citizens can choose to take off one summer month and one winter month.  If there is additional coverage needed, then companies should look to increase jobs by using seasonal workers.

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3) I would insist that we invest in public education – We’ve allowed our public school system to become defunct because we’re not addressing the problem.  The truth is, public schools can work, but they need to funded properly and people need to attend.  We need to give them the resources needed to succeed, strengthen Parent/Teacher associations, and eliminate too many options for students to choose against public schools.  It’s take a community to raise and educate a child.  There are residual benefits of having classmates who are smarter than you, they will naturally pull the curve upward for all.  Let’s stop finding other routes for education outside of the public school system and finally invest in our public schools.

4) I would create a government agency for reporting the performance of elected officials – We’ve got organizations to evaluate our corporate leaders, and we’ve got organizations to evaluate the performance of the government.  I’d like to institute a scoring system for all federally elected officials.  Let’s face it, the average American doesn’t have the time to look up the voting history of their congressman, but if there was an agency whose sole purpose was to evaluate and report on elected officials, it would make it easier for citizens.  The statistics would produce a composite based on voting history, performance, and upholding the values for which they were elected to represent.

5) I would appoint a Presidential Task Force on Immigration – Do I think America is serious about cutting down on Immigration in America?  I don’t really think we’ve thought about how that would play out in the grand scheme of things, but I do think that we need to handle the situation.  I think the POTUS needs to designate a task force to go out and do so, as well.  If you’re going to be in our country, you’re going to do so legally and we are only going to take as many people that we can fit.  We’re not just looking to the southern border either, we should be checking up on people who enter our country on student visas and elect to never go back home.  We’re going to eliminate the abuse in the system, strengthen the system and then we will protect our borders to the fullest extent of the law.

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6) I would institute a program called, America First – We’re not getting anywhere by solving everyone else’s problems before we solve our own.  I understand that crimes against humanity affect us all, but there are some serious problems here on the home front.  We need to focus ourselves a little bit on those problems that are affecting us the most.  We can’t free another country until we free ourselves.  People are being oppressed in America, child literacy rates are falling, there’s a growing population of people in poverty, and American citizens are being forced to take less money than they’re worth because wages are down due to fierce competition.  We’ve got our hands full with things that need to be taken care of at home, we can afford to take some time away from furthering our foreign interests.

7) You would have the freedom to choose where your taxes go – Should the wealthiest people in this country pay more taxes than the rest, I don’t know if that’s fair to make that decision for them.  However, something has to be done.  Therefore, I think that we should have a standard tax rate for all citizens and an additional tax rate for those who make over $250K.  Here’s the catch, they can select where the money goes (we’ll create large encompassing tax funds), or elect to have the government equally distribute the money to various areas needing funding.  We’ll hold these people responsible for paying more, but we’ll give them some control in the situation.

8) I would stop caring about the things we don’t need to care about – This country spends entirely too much time worrying about religion, abortion and gay rights.  Why should the government be regulating society?  Do we need to tell the people of America what they should and shouldn’t believe in?  If it doesn’t affect me, then why do I care?  I agree with Mr. Spradley, let’s get rid of the need for marriage licenses and consider them all civil unions.  If you want to get married in a church under your God, fine, but the government will just treat them all the same.  I don’t have to be in a same-sex relationship, so I’ll be damned if I’m going to break a sweat figuring out how to stop it.  The same applies to abortion and religion.  People are free to do whatever the hell they’d like to do.  It doesn’t affect me and the Lord didn’t send me here to police his Word.

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This is my eight. I can’t be expected to get everything done in my first four years in office.  I can’t promise you I would be able to get all eight of these done, but this is where I would start.  In four years, i’d sit down assess my performance and figure out what my goals for the next four years should be.  I think that’s the best way to go about it.  Here are my ideas, let’s see if they work, if they don’t, we’ll figure it out together.

What are some of your ideas?  What’s something you would really like to see happen in our country?  All ideas are welcome, nobody is right or wrong.  Let’s hear it.  If you were elected President, what could we expect?  Feel free to be as serious or comical as you’d like to be.

– Dr. J

While I have your attention, many of us have recently moved or need to update our information anyway.  Are you registered to vote?  Some of us are still registered in our home cities or states, we need to be registered in the district in which reside.  If you are not registered to vote or need to update your information, please visit this link and get registered now.

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  1. 1) Food would be free: Since you said luxury food is in a different category…what are we really talking about here? If the bare necessities, then free is ok with me. Anything more and you're messing with the economy and thousands of jobs held by people in the food industry.

    2) We would have a 10-month work year: I'm a capitalist, so at first I was like "WTH"….but then I thought about being able to relax more….I would kinda sorta be in favor of this. Only if other countries didn't leap frog us and leave us in the dust.

    3) I would insist that we invest in public education: "Let’s stop finding other routes for education outside of the public school system and finally invest in our public schools"….that's a joke right? Please tell me that's a joke lol.

    4) I would create a government agency for reporting the performance of elected officials: I'm for it Mr. President.

    5) I would appoint a Presidential Task Force on Immigration: Would you also make it easier for those here working to become citizens? The new immigrations laws are actually starting to backfire on the construction and farming industries.

    6) I would institute a program called, America First: I'm with you again. We are almost on the same page lol.

    7) You would have the freedom to choose where your taxes go: This is something that I would agree with. Probably be a loop hole in there somewhere, but for it nonetheless. EVERYONE pays for tax. Even those in poverty. It could be $1 a year, but its the idea that we all contribute something.

    8) I would stop caring about the things we don’t need to car: Semi with you. Not all the way. Some of the things you said are social things…but affect how the government sees the people involved. So gonna go against this to an extent.

    1. I think that if America dedicated the time and took accountability for public school education it would work. We have a tendency to abandon something instead of working on it. It's the schools, teachers, administration, and parents. It's not just throwing money at the problem, it's making the system work. Do you know how much money this country is spending on private education? It's ridiculous. If you gave that same attention to the public school education system in America. Then as a country we'd do better for education instead of just those who can afford to go to private schools doing better.
      My recent post My First Blog (The Final post on The Book of Jackson)

      1. I don't believe the money being pumped into private schools comes close to rivaling public schools. And I agree with you….but I think a complete revamp of the public school system is needed. Not just money. But like I said…better policies, more incentives, longer hours, less off days, better faculty, less union control. But my point in asking if you were kidding was about the "Let’s stop finding other routes for education outside of the public school system" line. I came from public school and know how bad they are. So I refuse to send my kids to a public school. So that line was funny to me.

        1. Yeah and I don’t think that because my hood was a horrible experience that I’m just gonna leave. Same with schools, take what you’ve learned and give back to fix it. This is the crux of the Miseducation of the Negro. We would rather go somewhere else than fix our own problems.

        2. What obligation do I have towards the hood? I give back, but only because I want to. There is no big reason I should give back. I don't owe anyone in the hood a damn thing. And "Miseducation of the Negro" lol. Excuse me if I left the hood for a reason and I KNOW that never going back is what's best for me and my future family. And that isn't the thought process of a "Negro", its the thought process of an educated man that knows the benefits of private schooling.

    1. I have to agree with “teachers” being an issue. I personally know a few young ladies who studied to be teachers. The curriculum for that type of major was a joke. At least at Ohio State. I would never let my child be educated by any teacher whom I happened to know received training similar of that which is provided in OSU’s early/middle childhood education program.

    2. "The problem with public schools isn't always funding…but policies and teachers."

      Funny you said this. Last night, my sister-in-law, who is a teacher, called me because she was helping my ten-year old niece with her geometry homework. She needed me to explain how to use a protractor.

  2. I strongly disagree with choosing where your taxes go. Florida has a high percentage of retired adults and also has the worst or second to worst education in the country. What does one have to do with the other? Old people don't care about the education of young people. Their kids aren't in school, its not their problem. They continue to vote for legislation that supports them and the children suffer.
    The same thing would happen on a national scale. Americans aren't really known for supporting each other financially. Lets see how many of them pour money into food stamps, unemployment, or even the social security that they will need later.

    My recent post MissRepresentation

    1. Lioness,

      I need to strengthen that point a bit more because I think people are misunderstanding me. I'm not saying everyone gets to choose where their taxes go, i'm talking about the additional taxes above the standard tax rate for those making over 250K a year. Most retired people in Florida wouldn't even be affected. For example, if the tax rate was 20% for the first 250K, then you would have no choice but to pay your federal tax and the decision is up to the government. However, if your salary is >250K, then for each taxed dollar over the 250K, you have the choice to select where those funds go. The funds will be composite funds to make sure that you can't have a person who only gives his money to Defense or SSA. But it would give some of those citizens some spending power.

  3. Dr. J for POTUS. I'd vote for ya. I think those are all pretty good ideas. Especially introducing a flat tax. Being a single, childless employee puts me in a pretty high tax bracket. The government totally rapes my paychecks! I get no breaks there.

    I'm with you on the 'America First' program, too. Nobody cares for America being all up in their personal affairs. It's not our job to police the world.

    As my president, I'd also want you to do something about the space program. Cut the funding for that mess. I'm sure someone here will be able to better educate us all with regards to why we need to be spending billions of dollars on researching other planets and whatever the frick else they do. But all my grade school field trips to NASA taught me that we waste a lot of money doing dumb sh*t. Did we really even make it to the moon? Whatever, man.
    My recent post What Happened?? Part Deux: Women of the Millennium

    1. So….you're saying we should get rid of forms of research? Last time I checked….all of our advances in technology was due to research in multiple fields that don't always affect our every day life.

      1. I think she is saying to cut funding from the space program at NASA, specifically. Didn’t read anything in there about getting rid of anything or any other forms of research. Doesn’t make your statement about the advances in technology any less true, however.

      2. Yeah, I definitely didn't say that anywhere in my comment. Not in the slightest way did I even imply that we should "get rid of forms of research" in the all-encompassing way that you put it. I'm not able to reply entirely as I'd like to since I'm at work, on my phone. So I'll return later. But I wanted to clarify that point (and thanks Larry).
        My recent post What Happened?? Part Deux: Women of the Millennium

    2. I agree about cutting the Space program. The only thing we need to to keep an eye out for is astriods and all the stuff coming towards earth. After that we spend tons of money and tons of fuel that further damages the earth just to brag we saw Mars. That could have gone to feeding children and providing education
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    3. I don't think you're giving the space program credit for how much the space program affects the technology that you use everyday, and the science behind many medicines that can potentially save your life. It's about a lot more than going to the moon.

      As any government program, it definitely needs to be streamlined, but its a very important part of keeping us as a technological superpower in the country.
      My recent post Slow Down and Enjoy your Tech!

      1. Just adding: the space program tests new procedures and medical equipment. I recently learned that that's considered part of an astronaut's duties. EKGs were first tested (and later refined) in zero gravity, for example.

  4. Oh yeah, and spend money on developing alternative fuels, or drill Alaska for oil. I know the Alaskan Wilderness is protected at the moment, so figure out a new way to get oil from the ground… something like that. [Although I'm no environmentalist, so if you have to do it the old fashioned way, you'll hear no protesting from me]

    And I'm really not trying to spark a debate with this comment, so don't attack me if you feel strongly about this, but: Welfare Reform. Didn't there used to be a cap on the length of time you could be on welfare, like two years? What happened to that? I realize that many people are in need of government assistance, but there has to be a way to weed out those who abuse it. As much as I love getting a discount from chicks selling food stamps, why does that heffa get $900/mo in stamps and I can't qualify for sh*t? I would actually buy food with them!
    My recent post What Happened?? Part Deux: Women of the Millennium

  5. Really love America First – this needs to be seriously considered.
    I agree with Jason Johnson above with regard to science and research. Failure to recognize the essential nature of research would lead to a very stagnant nation.
    @mizzcam oil is a non renewable resource so I don't think we need a new way of drilling we need a new method altogether. However, welfare reform is MUCH needed – happy you brought that up.

    Can those of us who aren't single parents get a break too though? I mean I understand the need to assist single moms and such but umm… having two parents who both make enough to pay the bills is a blessing and a curse because we can't get a damn thing as far as financial aid goes. I think there needs to be some type of acknowledgement for those who simply cannot afford school – not because they have one parent or have a child of their own… but because college is a million dollars.

    If I were President we would have fewer choices with regard to green initiatives. I'm sorry but we have one earth therefore it is NOT your prerogative whether you want to recycle or not. Walmarts of the world you will not build that big ass building and have a parking lot 5 times as large taking away all that green space… dig deeper, have a multi level parking garage or something. Plastic water bottles will be banned. All forms of outdoor water fountains for aesthetics had better run off of rain water alone. Companies that sell items with non-recylable materials will be taxed. Minimal packaging will be required. Wrapping paper? GTFOH. This will HAVE to be made from recycled materials – and then recycled. People who walk to work or take public transit get tax incentives. The list goes on. In general the upkeep of our earth would be a priority for me.

    #8 is interesting. While I agree to a degree… i am afraid of us becoming a little to free. If some ninja decides it's their religion to kill babies born with deformities or some ish I want them shut down. Everyone cannot be happy. Religion should not be enforced- as far as requiring you to participate… however I do think their needs to be guidelines,

    As a military brat i kinda think all young men should go through some form of required military training. Bullets should cost like $500 each
    Cigarettes should also be insanely priced..

    Not sure people would like me much as a president… but the earth would.

  6. 100 % agree on number three not only do we need to invest in our public school systems financially but we need a group that will monitor the teachers and principals of those schools to make sure the funding is being used to enhance our children in every way shape and form. I also think we need a law that regulates how much a college can raise their tuition per year. I mean some schools are out of control. We also need another law that regulates how much interest private banks can charge on a student loan I know we have something like that but I think it should be a flat rate like 3 or 5 %.

    We also need a new way to fund the public school system b/c going by neighborhood tax income and getting funding of test scores is not working for low income schools. Maybe we could have a program like affirmative action but instead of focusing on race it would focus on the low income schools as a whole. (Ex black students get a couple of more points on their SAT’s than other races, instead it would be low income schools get a couple of extra dollars in state and gov funding.

    1. I would also decriminalize weed. We waste too many tax dollars putting young men in prison than behind school desk. Texas has already started this but I think it should be nationwide no more sending drug addicts to jail, send them to rehab clinics so they can clean themselves up and become productive citizens. Jail is meant to rehabilitate but it hasn’t done that in years. We need to also stop privatizing so many prisons.

      Also we need a way more public defenders, I don’t know if it’s going to have to be a pay increase or tax write off to encourage more college students to want to choose this law path but it needs to be done. Allot of people who can’t afford a lawyer end up with an over worked public defender. I have a friend whose brother is going to do 6 years for a crime he didn’t commit b/c his public defender was too busy to defend just told him to take the plea barging (he’s pretty young at that as well).

      1. One of the things I left out was that i've long felt that the penitentiary system in America needs to be changed. I agree with Angela Davis, we shouldn't be jailing substance abuser, they need to be going to rehabilitation centers. The prison system should be for hard crimes. I would do a total revamp of the system to make sure that people are getting the rehabilitation that they need to be productive in society upon their release.

  7. Number 5) Immigration
    I agree I think we've let the media trick us into thinking immigration is just crossing the Mexican border into America. But we have some people from other countries coming over here on temp visa's and student visa's taking jobs or using the system. There was an article in the New York time about this immigrant neighborhood (forgot what country they were from) but basically the assistance they were using under false pretences. I forgot the name of the article but these people were milking an already almost dry system.

    4) America First would keep us out of a lot of unnecessary bull as well. Whenever we stick our noise into others business we end up spending more than planned. But when you’re a superpower nation, hold Alliances with other countries and want to look like the good guy you don’t have many choices

  8. 1) That's an interesting statement, but would never happen because the Fed, Gov't couldn't afford to feed 300M+ min ppl 3meals/ day without raising some significant capital. Also, talk about hurting the free market, this would put a serious amount of companies out of business.

    2) I like this idea, since it would mimic some European countries and their more relaxed lifestlye. Though it would cost us dearly in the global market, as others would ramp up production.

    3)We invest a f*ckton of money in Public Education, what needs to change is the management of funds and National Policies. NCLB has been a joke and this policy of teach to test is what's really killing the system.

    4) There is already something like that out there. I have to find the name of it.

    1. But bro, the thing is the government is already giving away free food. We call it WIC. We don't need to feed people steak and lobster, we can afford to give people the bare necessities. And as I said, the entire agriculture industry is being held up by grants from the government already. It would just be shifting a few things around and paying the farmers to give us the crops we need. I don't think the government should have a problem providing bread, water, rice, fruits and vegetables to people. Those simplistic items can be free to all.

      1. WIC is Women Infants and Children.. Not every Jack Joe and Jill (Julio) out there from inception to death. That's a whole different approach to food. I know about paying farmers to not grow excess, but we aint talking just certain crops during seasonal periods. We are talking about every food product produced locally and internationally. Economy of scale is wicked different. But maybe a small scale trial run might prove me wrong, I'm just pessimistic on it working out with our economy with current tax levels.

  9. 2/2

    5) This already exists. DHS has the Immigration and Custom Enforcement (ICE) and the DHS Task Force of Secure Communities.

    6) I agree with this approach, we need to put our people first and fall back. but we can't practice isolationism, and have to watch what goes on globally for our own ambitions and self-preservation. We didn't become a superpower by staying indoors.

    7)You got to be kidding? How many of us would actually like to fairly pay for Defense, Welfare, Arts, Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, Infrastructure development, etc. if we had the choice? There's a reason the Gov't handles those needs. Besides, if I was rich in Energy, I would have my tax dollars going to "energy research and if I was a doctor, I would put the $$$ to medical research. This wouldn't work.

    8)I'm more a leaning conservative on these topics, so I remain torn.

    Good List

    1. #5 – I work with those agencies. Trust me, they need a task force. The way government agencies work, versus the task forces is completely different. We've had police, DEA and the FBI in this country for years, but it wasn't until a task force was formed to stop Drugs in America that we saw a crackdown on crack cocaine.

      #7 – See my note above to Lioness. I think you may have misunderstood what I said.

  10. yea dude, stick to writing about relationships and dating, you out-kicking your coverage with this BULL about being elected president. Highly unlikely that one would reach the moon riding a tricycle homey.

  11. Props for that link though…i still reside in my registered state but i live 40 minutes away.

    Like most, Obama ruined my dream of being the first black president. I have no record, no tattoos, never smoked, never sent out pics of Lil' Tristan and i never linked my professional gmail with a Youtube ass watcher account. I think im good.

    If i was President *lets out best Wyclef wail*

    I like Dr. J's 2, 3, 5, 6…i'ma just steal those. In addition

    1. Welfare Reform- Everybody know somebody who know somebody who's milking the system. Part of the reason taxpayers are so cynical is that they feel they working way too hard for (stereotypical names here) to feed/clothe her live in boyfriend in her rent free apartment

    2. New energy sources- We can't keep depending on oil when we have so much free energy out there.

    3. Legalize It- I dont do it, but i mean it IS a profitable industry that the country ignores for moral reasons.

    My recent post ItzTrizz617: Ayo ima need @PaulPierce34 to chill with that decertification talk tho

    1. I wanted to talk on new energy sources, but there was a reason why I didn't. It was intentional, so i'll explain here. I think that everyone wants clean energy. I think it would be wise that if you were seeking office, you tackle that once you get in the White House. There's tons of things that politicians want to do once they get in office that they hold off on now because of fundraising. The oil industry keeps a lot of people employed in this country and the companies are heavy contributors to campaigns. That's one of those things that I think we should strive for, but I need to let my campaign manager guide on how my administration will tackle that issue.

    2. Yes the welfare system needs a complete make over. There’s so many people using the system that when hard working people fall on hard time they have to fight for a little bit of help.

      We need to make the welfare system one where it helps you when your in need but also trains you to work on get up off your tail and make your own money. We need to also regulate WIC I worked at a grocery store and I am sick of seeing people producing children they can afford and using WIC checks and food stamps to take care of them.

  12. My Controversial list of things if I was POTUS

    1) White House would have a All Black Everything Room – #BlackPower

    2) Time limit on government assistance recipients – I have seen too much abuse from Minorities to Well to-do Majorities (If you live in NYC, you know what I mean).

    3) Dramatically increase research Dollars in the sciences and only award it to organizations that consist of 85% American Citizens

    4) Revamp the H1B-visa policy and close all borders. 330M+ is more than enough people

    5)Repeal the Bush Tax cuts and retroactively collect. Enforce tougher investigations on Tax fraud (that includes everybody. Pay your fair share)

    6) Bring back Glass-Stegall Act, updated for our times.

    7) Reform Tort Laws, no more $100M settlements for medical accidents. This will lower insurance premiums for doctors and thus healthcare causes.

    8) Reform and simplifiy the tax code. Remove corporate loopholes and keep everything fair.

    9) Support Israel invasion of Iran (We need that oil, and renewable energy has a long way to go.)

    10) Increase Speed Limits on all Interstate highways to 90/75mph max/min

    1. In regards to your #2, I thought there is some form of cut off date so to speak. Gone are the days when women could just parlay on the system indefinitely (staying knocked up ) or until the child turned 18, I think they have to now get out and work and show and prove they are trying to better themselves (school/trade, etc.) so that they can get off the system.

      1. OH and if I was ever elected Ms. President I would revamp the welfare system: Let’s just put it like this if a women or man sought public assistance, they would had to sign over their rights/ownership of her v*gina or his p*nis to the program. I’m talking mandatory and heavily monitored birth control for women and a vascetomy for dudes if you have 2 or more kids.

        Admin note: Please take advantage of the [ALT+8] function when using words like p*nis and v*gina to avoid being placed in moderation.

      2. They are supposed to show that they are trying to find work and such… but how can you police it? Welfare is a mess. It's a necessary evil though, some of us wouldn't be here today if it wasn't for welfare. We just need to stop asking the system to hold our people accountable, we need to as citizens hold them accountable. Think about it, who's paying their bill. I'd be damned if i'm going to sit up in my house paying money into welfare and unemployment and I know I have a person in my family abusing the system.

    2. I usually agree with your comments, but I have to disagree with you on #9 DKL.
      Middle Easterners, and Iranians in particular do not take kindly to invasions nor do they like to lose wars. Invading Iran would set the back the economy, education, and infrastructure of the US in ways we can't even imagine.

      On the point of International affairs i'd have to agree with Streetz and go back to Isolationism… for a while anyway

  13. This post is absolutely GREAT! EVERYTHING you talked about are the exact things I've been discussing with others about with what's wrong with the U.S. today especially #6 and #3!! #6 Really gets me and what makes me even more angry is that it seems like the country seems to do more for other countries' disasters than our own! I don't recall any Tornado/Hurricane Relief Funds for any of the states being as BIG as the Tsunami/Haiti Fund! And if I'm wrong, it sure doesn't seem like it was a Big or important than with other efforts outside the country.

  14. Seriously though, I've BEEN saying that we need to return to that period (too lazy to google the term) where we didnt give a eff about what happened outside the US and focused on US! We need to right the ship here before we continue to be the Worlds police and conscience in my opinion

        1. thats non-interventionism but as Wiki points out the US was still entangled in deals indirectly that manipulated other countries and help serve our purpose. The Colombia-Panama situation angers me to no end…
          My recent post Random Ramblings

  15. Another thing is we need to drastically reduce the size of our military. Military is spending is a large piece of our budget. If you notice other countries do not spend as much on their military because they expect the United State to go in and fight everywhere. The world has been depending on our military and using their funds to work on education and other sectors that improved their country. We need to do the same.
    My recent post Random Ramblings

  16. I’ll cast my vote for you Dr J.

    You had me at numbers 1, 2 and most importantly 6. Why do we (America) feel the need to take on the burdens of every other country but yet manage to drop the ball when it comes to our own home. Charity begins at Home First!!!

    I’d never forget when Tsunami hit Thailand back in 2004 and how quickly we came to their aid; I felt a true since of Patriotism knowing America, I along with thousands of others did our part to help — THEN not too long after in 2005 Hurricane Katrina hits N.O. right here on U.S.A soil (our own backyard so to speak) and……………*crickets* O___O I swear I never understood that.

  17. Yes at #3! There is nothing I co-sign more than public schooling. Funding would be wonderful and as people have said already here– better teachers are a concern…which funding could help with in many ways. Although, in my opinion i've never had any issues with the the teachers. Public schools are one of the greatest things we have in this country and theyre so workable, if we put the effort. How great it would be if a president could lead this cause.
    My recent post MikasThoughts: Ladies, tell your man "we have some 'pending' issues to discuss". See what happens.

  18. 1) Require DNA testing for those accused of crimes facing prison time/death penalty. It's not currently required as a standard to prove innocence in every state. There have been too many cases where people who have served several years of prison time or had already been put to death were found innocent later.

    2) Place strictor sanctions on selling American land( the land that we still own) and American companies to non Americans. This is what keeps us dependant on foreign fuel. Chevy is owned by Arab nations. Most of Hawaii's real estate is owned by Japanese nations and the list goes on.

    3) Along with education reform for public schools, I would include nutrition in the curriculum on ALL levels of education. If children are taught from a young age that health depends on proper nutrition they will be less likely to be dependant on phamaceuticals as adults. If all medical students are required to understand nutrition as it relates to healing, they would be able to properly diagnose and actually heal by reversing some conditions.

  19. 4)4) My concept of free food would consist of reversing the supreme court's poor decision to allow Monsanto to hold pantents for 90% of the worlds seed technology. They have ruined the crops and farming practices of several Indian countries as well as crops in Africa, Mexico and America. 90% of corn and soy are genetically modified. Farmers don't earn a living to farm because of the government subsidies of corn. Pesticides have polluted our land causing caner and other health deficiencies to those suject to eating non-organic food causing them to rely on phamaceuticals that susidiarier of Monsanto produce. Educate yourselves by watching Food Matters and Food Inc on Netflix.

  20. I would also suggest repealing tax cuts for companies who are outsourcing jobs to overseas. Fcuk giving breaks to them when nothing they're doing is helping out American workers. I have no problems giving tax cuts to companies that keep good paying jobs here in America, or bringing good paying jobs here, but why should we give tax breaks to companies that aren't doing jack to help out Americans even though they're supposedly American companies?

    I'd encourage putting some of these people to work cleaning up these lower income neighborhoods, tearing down condemned houses, cleaning up these neighborhoods, and making their own neighborhoods look nicer.

    I'd also encourage cracking down on these drug companies. It makes no sense that these companies haven't "found" a cure for isht since polio. Presently medical science and the drug companies policies are "live with it until it kills you". I think that's some straight up bull.

    I'd push for the elimination of career politicians. If the president can only be in office for two terms, why the hell can a mofo be in Congress for 30-40 years?

    1. I'm all for it! I think we should definitely raise the stipulations on tax cuts. The same way we raise the stipulations on organizations that receive government funding, the same should go for tax cuts.

  21. First and foremost, "Dr.J," a lot of your arguments are undeveloped–you do not discuss how the implementation of any of these programs would even be feasible. You also do not discuss the unforeseen costs associated with making food free; and, how you would define "necessities?" I can tell you right now that making food free will harm the economy substantially. Just look at "food stamps" (yes, not exactly the same thing but similar) as an analogy–many Americans will become wholly dependent on the free food and will not buy food elsewhere. The government would also have to take over the farming industry (I'm assuming that in "necessities" you are including fruits and veggies, plus, these foods are have an indefinite nature to them since you just plant the seed and there's the fruit or green so it would be best to include these).
    Main point–on your road to the White House, you should make sure to develop your arguments a little more! No, one will vote for you if you just say your going to do X but don't back it up, Dr. J, or candidates like Bachmann will rip you a new ass.

    1. Listen, it's a blog not a platform. I'm not running for President, i'm putting my thoughts to paper in 1,500 words or less. I challenge you to do the same and lay out the same requirements that you've put forth. Last I checked, you don't have your own blog where you do the same thing. Misplaced hate dawg, and miss me with ALL of it.

  22. I like all of your points accept number 1. While a nice sentiment, it's largely unsustainable. I do think we need to revamp the public education system but eliminating educational choices would not make anything better. Merit pay for tenured teachers, amnesty for new ones. Since teaching is a profession that is only really learned on the job, I think we should give new teachers a couple of years to find their stride. Administrators also need to stop mandating that teachers teach to the test. Allow teachers to really get creative. If they are really facilitating learning and are great teachers, when standardized testing time comes the students will be well prepared. I'm all for welfare reform but I'm not sure what more you could do to make it bullet proof. I find it funny that taxpayers jump on welfare recipients but the majority of our tax dollars go to defense, medicare/medicaid and social security. Programs like TANF and food stamps are a small fraction.

    There is a 60 month federal limit receiving cash aid from any state, which means if you use your 60 months up in CA, you can't move to Nevada and collect more aid. Food stamps don't have a time limit, which I agree with. Most states have their own limits for cash aid that are lower than the federal limit. For example, here in CA the limit is 48 months. Once you sign up for cash aid, any children you have after you do so are considered amnesty children, which means you will not get a penny more in cash aid for those children. Also, if you receive cash aid, you are required to perform what they call Welfare-to-Work activities, which include job skills training, community service, job search, or actual employment (because there are people who are on welfare but actually, you know, work). There is no sitting around making babies, collecting checks and not giving a f*ck about it.

    I know a few people on welfare and was raised by a single mom who used it periodically to make ends meet and it makes me sad to hear what people say about them on the internet. The welfare recipients of 2011 are not the welfare queens of yesteryear. They are families who got laid off from good jobs, are out of unemployment and savings, have already lost their homes and cars and exchanged them for small apartments and bus passes, and are working the only jobs they could find in this economy and just need a little help. Take a good look at the people who are delivering your pizzas or ringing you up at McDonalds. You will notice that the demographics have changed.

    1. I also find it interesting that we are always going after the immigrant (which we should, btw), but never after the corporations who actively recruit them and pay them pennies on the dollar.


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