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Conrad Murray: killer or scapegoat?


On Monday, we finally got a certain sense of closure in the death of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Dr. Conrad Murray was convicted of involuntary manslaughter. He faces up to 4 years in jail, and the revocation of his medical license. Many fans took to the streets in LA to celebrate, with both the Jackson family and the courts declaring that “justice was served”. Looking at this case holistically, I’m not so sure I’m inclined to agree 100%. There are many different elements at work, and many questions still to be answered. So, taking a page from one of my favorite shows; ESPN First Take, I propose the following topic for discussion:

Who’s to blame for the death of Michael Jackson?

Using the percentage system (0-100%) I will present my opinion on who should receive the blame for MJ’s death:

30% of blame: Dr. Conrad Murray

Some of you may be shocked at the percentage I gave to Dr. Conrad Murray, but you really shouldn’t. Murray served more as an enabler to Jackson than a “murderer” per say. Where I find fault with Dr. Murray, is in his ethics. When you take the Hippocratic Oath, you make certain pledges to place the safety of the individual above everything else, regardless of your personal feelings or any other outside factor.

“Murray served as Jackson’s personal physician as Jackson prepared for his comeback concerts, with Murray giving him the surgical anesthetic propofol to help him sleep nearly every night for the last two months of his life, according to testimony.”

Conrad compromised his integrity for the almighty dollar. For $150,000 a month (!!!), he performed the normal physician tasks, but also administered a drug that is deemed safe only within the confines of a hospital to Jackson in his home. Anyone with relatives or who works in the medical field knows that there is a difference between Tylenol and the real sh*t. Murray knew better than to give him that drug. He probably consulted Michael about it, and said to himself “Michael is a grown ass man. If he wants this I’ll give it to him. Easiest $150K I ever made!”

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With that train of thought, he was negligent and reckless. As a doctor, you know that complications can arise with medicine for any reason. And when Michael OD’d, he was the only one left to hold the bag. I still don’t believe that Mike administered the fatal injection, but who knows? His panic and not directly calling 9-1-1 further made him suspect.

Let’s also be real though. Michael Jackson was the second most recognizable figure in the history of Earth other than Jesus. There’s no way the King dies and there’s no one to hold accountable. Although he deserves reprimand, I’m not sure if Murray deserved jail time. This is a civil matter, not criminal. He was at fault for not properly checking Michael’s breathing and reaction to the drug, not a criminal offense. Usually this would be a malpractice case, but the rules change when you’re dealing with someone of MJ’s caliber. You know those prosecutors saw the big picture and the dollar signs, and went for the kill!

 60% of blame: Michael Jackson

Where, oh where do I begin? Despite being a musical genius and the greatest entertainer who ever lived, Michael had issues man. This is the same man who found NO problems in sleeping in the same bed with little boys. The same person who had 50-11 plastic surgeries and still denied them. The same man who bleached his skin to combat his Vitiligo. He was Vybez Kartel before Vybez Kartel! This is also a man who has a history of “alleged” drug use. Think about it: Propofol is a surgical anesthetic. That means he’s had it before — possibly after the plethora of procedures performed on him over the years. He developed an addiction and thought it was normal to have some right before bed every night. He was gearing up for a comeback, and you know his 50+ year old self was out of shape! Well, at least not in performing shape like we are used to seeing.

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So, I believe he wanted every tactical advantage possible to ease any pain and make him feel nice. When you’re as rich as he was, you know you can get anything you want. They have a saying in the hood “don’t blame the dope boys.”While it may be bullsh*t to some, I think it’s appropriate here. As much as we blame Murray for not being responsible as a doctor and looking out for Michael’s well-being, we have to blame Michael too for the decisions he made. In all his eccentric ways, he’s shown a constant cry for help and the effects of a fractured childhood. This is why…


10% of blame: Michael Jackson’s family

Some people may overlook this. I most certainly won’t. You can talk about his upbringing and how Joe slaved those boys. I can’t hate too much on parenting skills when I’m not a parent myself, but sheesh I do know what seems f*cked up and what seems like good parenting. I imagine that raising a potential star is difficult, but is it worth your children resenting you as they get older?

If you know your brother, your sister, your parents, then you know when something is off about them. You know when they need help. Sometimes we don’t recognize the signs until they’re too late. But damn, if Michael wasn’t a Times Square billboard of pain then I don’t know what else to say!

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Did he shut everyone out and not allow their words? I know he was close with Janet; did she ever speak to him? Maybe she did and it fell on deaf ears. There’s only so much you can let your family cook before you tell them about themselves. Maybe put down the Xanax and take 2 chill pills and get your mind right?! I don’t know. I do know the history of child stars in America turning out as messed up adults. I do know the countless amounts of stars that die young. I feel for those who don’t have a tight family, or close friends who can save you from yourself. But if they were as close as they lead us on to believe, then they should’ve stepped in one way or another and saved Michael from himself.

This was an unfortunate situation. Addiction and fame are far too often associated with one another. While this question isn’t cut and dry, I do feel that you have to hold yourself accountable for things that occur before you point a finger at others. No matter how much we love our public figures or our family, we need to do the same and offer help however we can.

So who is ultimately to blame for MJ’s passing? What do you think about Conrad Murray’s sentence? What about us, girl?!??!?!





  1. I share a similar viewpoint on this situation. There’s a saying” Isht rolls downhill” and guess who is sitting at the bottom of the hill? Dr. Murray. When MJ died, heads had to roll, somebody had to pay, and who’s the most reachable person right there? Murray. Regardless of what MJ wanted, and he had the means to get it, that doesn’t mean Murray had to be the one to give it to him. He messed himself up with that.

  2. MJ: 40%

    Conrad: 40%

    Fam: 100%

    Ok, the math is alil miscalculated, but you see what I mean. IMO, I think that in the long run MJ was a product of a family dream that no person can live up to and survive :'(

    However, Conrad was just a quack that got caught..Thank God!

    1. Why is Dr. Murray a quack?? Because he administered propofol to MJ?? I didn't keep up with the trial, but unless there is evidence to show that it was part of his regular practice to administer propofol outside the hospital in an uncontrolled setting, I wouldn't call him a quack. I think he was blinded by the money MJ's people were throwing at him. Sure, he had to know it was illegal and unethical to give propofol in that setting. But, I think he was blinded by the $150k/day and pressure from MJ's people and never thought anything like this would happen. So…basically, I wouldn't call him a quack based on what I know.

      1. You are correct he was blind, but hes also a doctor. I call him a quack because the death was preventable. MJ died becuz of a medical misap. Where was Murray? As a paid dactor for MJ he should have know his patient’s status. And should have been more prepared for any problems. Also, he was just sloppy. Why would anyone allow this situation to go on? Isn’t there a “code of ethics” he should adhere to? In the end, I just hope his lisence will be taken away.

  3. I agree with your percentages. The only thing that I would add is that in her interview with ABC, Janet Jackson did say that the family reached out to him and tried to curb his vices. Also in that 10% I would also include his current handlers, he had more enablers than just Murray.

    although I think Murray isn't mostly to blame, as a doctor I still think he should face serious jail time for his part in the Jacko's death. My people are now just leaving medical school, and I can see the pressure they are under. Despite all those loans, I am making more this year because they have to pay these HUGE insurance fees to cover any malpractice suits. They are trying to save a man's life and we are busy trying to sue them. They go out of there way to do everything by the book and stay professional. Honestly if they saw you hurt in the middle of the street, they wouldn't help you… too scared of getting sued. That is how by the book they have to be; with that being known Murray goes off the deep edge and prescribes THIS stuff to a patient?

    I'm going to give Jacko the majority of the blame though its worth noting that addicts are victims of a disease. Blaming them is no way of solving the problem and it esp doesn't give us the right to take advantage of them like Murray does or the way big tobacco does with smokers.

    1. The Good Samaritan Law protects you from being sued if you help someone in the street. This is not the case in other countries, though. I heard this is actually a big problem in China. It was in the news recently, where some kid got hit by a truck and was dying in the street and maddddd ppl just kept walking. Apparently there's a lot of fraud over there, and people will fake injuries so they can sue the ppl who try to help them so…..

      But yeah. Its not a US problem.

      1. Oh, yeah, I'm aware of the GS Law in the US. Thankfully, I've never found myself in a situation where I had to save someone in the street. Yeah, that incidence where the kid got hit and noone did anything was pretty sad.

        But, yeah, lawsuits are real, man. Got doctors and nurses covering up $h!t in the hospital.

  4. 30% Murry= like it was stated before he took an oath and even though I don’t think it was on purpose that he somewhat went against it he did. But then again when you are working for "The King of Pop" how often are you going to tell him no especially when he's paying you enough money a month to put your kids through college
    30%= Mike Jack .Great artist, crazy person, he wasn’t all here in the get go. He had an addiction that needed to be dealt with. He also needed therapy seems like he's been through alto

    1. 25%= the family. They knew he had a problem and ignored it. I’m sure at some point they were aware he was using medicine to go asleep. But then again this is the same family that watched him go through hundreds of plastic surgery. They are also to blame for not looking at the situation holistically and going over board to a doctor killed Michael on purpose.
      15% = I think the media covered this story a little to much specially with so much going on in the states as we speak. I think this jury might have worried about putting out a not guilty b/c of previous cases (casy Anthony) where a "Not guilty verdict" lead to a lot of uproar.

  5. Conrad: 30%

    Fam: 25%

    MJ: 45%

    I’d give more weight of blame to conrad. Just a tad tho. He got greedy and he’s paying for it. Conrad went beyond the call of duty…$150K/month will do that to u. Yes…Pain is subjective but why don’t doctors in a hospital keep upping the dose when patients such as addicts or even those with cancer want more relief…because they ought to know better…because they took an oath to protect life and even if they feel it’s a tough call, there are known guidelines to follow that act as a safeguard.

    Conrad got greedy living off one patient. I think it’s fitting he goes to jail. He forgot why he became a doctor in the first place to the extent it led to a death. That’s wrong. Plain and simple. him being found guilt is fair plus it serves as an example to others to check themselves and to protect their patient! Eff a client’s wants if it’ll land u in jail! There will always be another celebrity client with ‘special needs’! Dressing it up as ‘helping Michael sleep’ is sick. Conrad helped feed the addiction. Dude is guilty of helping MJ sleep walk over the edge

    As for MJ’s family, yes they were united by his death but they’re culpable too..Reason why family is 25% to blame for me is family would’ve kept vultures like Conrad at bay…’united we stand’ and all that good ish…sad to say but there is too much weirdness and drama in that family…Jermaine and Randy Jackson have children by the same woman…when La Toya was messing up, it took too looooooong for them to realise what Gordon was doing to her…and if they did know they should have acted as ONE sooner to stop it…after years of abuse, Randy alone is credited for save her from her dead ar$e of a husband. It’s all too weird.

    That said, My heart goes out to them; especially katherine (joe too even tho he’s totally loopy) having to bury another son…but the writings were on the wall and had been for a while for MJ. My life is still firmly rooted in THIS reality so it’s easy for me to say my mama would have hauled my behind to the village…to church…to rehab…to effing anywhere to displace that kinda bad habit…and she would’ve sat with me day and night until the shivers were gone and I was clean. That’s might not have saved Michael tho. A 50 year old man…a rich superstar addict used to getting his own way he carries the bulk of the blame but he’s paid for it with his life…he probably never realised there was a limit…or if he did, he thought paying a doctor that much money would guarantee conrad would save him from himself…it didnt

  6. I have to disagree. I feel 60% falls on Conrad Murray. Listen its no surprise that something was wrong with MJ. His family knew it. His friends knew it. The whole world knew it. But what you must remember is that NO ONE can force you into rehab/therapy. You must voluntarily go. Another thing to remember….Mike couldnt prescribe these drugs to himself.

    Conrad was a license, board recognized doctor. A man who swore snd oath to take care of his patients. But at the end of the day he didnt do that. Say whatever you want about Mike’s family. Say whatever you want about his addiction. At the end of the day the drugs came from Conrad. He could have refuse and waked away but he choose to gamble. Gamble with MJs life. Gamble with his own. And unfortunately for him he lost.

      1. A car salesman is required to sell cars. Thats all. To whom ever can afford them whether they can handle the car or not. A DOCTOR is required to take care of his patient. To do whats best for him. Giving him drugs you know can kill him simply because he demands them and is paying you wekk is no excuse.

        1. That last point is beautifully articulated. I think a lot of people are not paying attention to the ethical and moral responsibilities that come with having a license to practice medicine. You get some serious power over people's lives. Along with, and to balance, that you take some serious oaths. You get some serious training. And you make serious, well-deliberated choices. Murray… his decision-making process was impaired.

  7. Speaking on his family, who here is apart of his family? Who here is a part of his inner circle? Alot of people are talking about what they did or didnt do. But unless you have proof its all assumption and speculation. Not a single one of us can confirm or deny what they tried to do for him behind closed doors and outside of the publics eye.

    So lets stop with the “His family shouldve……” unless you have facts to substantiate that. Lets discuss what we know as fact.

    FACT #1- MJ had a drug dependency

    FACT #2- Conrad enabled him by suppling him the drug that ultimately killed him

    1. No sign – What I can or cannot prove about what they coulda shoulda woulda done matters not….Something systemic was wrong there.

      family and fame were can be catalogued as a common root cause for the most famous of the jackson family kids…jermaine turn to islam to find ‘peace’ while janet, la toya and michael all publicly ran away from the jackson family life and trusted people for decades, outsiders. That’s the jackson children the media have bothered to report about; the big bro contestant, the black sheep and the 2 famous millionaire solo artists. When kids act out and continue to act out as grown ups…something aint right. It’s off. That entire family suffered for it; it’s no surprise considering they kept watching their siblings or kids running away from family and in turn isolating themselves. It made janet, la toya and michael all vulnerable to be preyed on by outsiders…it’s effing sad that MJ was drugged up and still ranting about his lost childhood at 50.

      the jacksons should have learned from the past and come together to prevent people like conrad from taking advantage of michael again…eff MJ’s need to always do it his way…eff him for pretending everything was ok but an addict will always trivialise his addiction when asked until he cannot get his next fix…we saw it so they definitely saw it too. addicts don’t need enablers but recovering addicts will tell u that knowing family is there for them, by being supportive and brutally honest with them, helped. It grounds u

      1. While all that sounds good in theory its still speculation. You can say what you will about his family but you can confirm any of it. Everyone knows MJ was a control freak that came from a dysfunctional family. Is it possible they sat by and did nothing? YES. Is it also possible that they reached out to him and he ignored their pleas? Also YES. None of us know what really happened.
        But how about Conrad? To my recollection i dont remember any public displays of sorrow or sadness. Even upon hearing the verdict after the trial he appeared stone faced. Could i not assume that he knew that MJ would eventually die but went alone with it anyhow? He was a doctor. He knew what his patient was taking. He knew the affect that drug could have. But he didnt so much as keep a defibulator on site? Cant assumptions be madr about that?

  8. No… Conrad takes more of the blame. MJ was a patient and really didn't know any better. All he knew was that he was in pain and couldn't sleep, plus he was an addict. Those people can never think straight LOL.

    A big issue that people don't seem to think about is that Conrad was a CARDIOLOGIST. He had no business administering Propofol to ANYONE. Surgical patient or not. Propofol isn't just any drug, propofol needs to be administered by an ANESTHESIOLOGIST. From what I know, Conrad has never been trained to handle this stuff. Had he been trained properly, MJ probably would have never have died, cuz Anesthesiologists are trained to handle those sorts of emergencies. I mean, think about it this way, would you let your family doc perform a surgery on you? No, cuz he/she would probably kill you. Even in they have the best intentions, they don't have the training. Its the same thing. Conrad was practicing outside the confines of his medical training and that's why MJ died.

    I do agree that its greed that blinded him. Medicine is so specialized these days… the attitude is refer refer refer. And its for a reason. As you can you see, its for good reason. These are people's lives that you're dealing with. You don't mess around with stuff that you're not trained to handle.

    1. Wow, I had no idea he was a cardiologist. I'm learning more and more about this case today. Yeah, for anybody who kept up with the case, can someone fill me in here? How exactly did he administer the drug? By a regular IV infusion or by IV push? 'Cause I heard one of the allegations is that MJ administered the final lethal dose. So, was this a push??

    2. "No… Conrad takes more of the blame. MJ was a patient and really didn't know any better. All he knew was that he was in pain and couldn't sleep, plus he was an addict."

      MJ didn't know any better? This is what I'm talking about… so all addicts are just naive individuals? i mean ive seen addiction up close. I dont knwo fi I can cosign this.

      Didnt know Conrad was a Cardiologist. Good isht on that info.
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      1. "No… Conrad takes more of the blame. MJ was a patient and really didn't know any better. All he knew was that he was in pain and couldn't sleep, plus he was an addict. Those people can never think straight LOL."

        Yeah, that's a gross generalization. I've had patients school me on certain topics that you wouldn't expect them to know much about and I'm no dummy.

    3. "A big issue that people don't seem to think about is that Conrad was a CARDIOLOGIST. He had no business administering Propofol to ANYONE. Surgical patient or not."

      I didn't know this major detail either, WOW…smh. All kinds of out of order, Conrad, lol…

  9. 60% Conrad ~ Scapegoat? Kinda…but he did make bad decisions all the way around from personal to professional. Unlike MJ (as far as we know) he was not a drug addict, and therefore in his "right mind" and could have just walked away after realizing MJ needed rehab…not more drugs! I'm sure that thought has crossed his mind a million times by now. The "why didn't I just…?" smh

    35% MJ ~ *sigh* what else needs to be said? RIP

    5% Family ~ Mom and Dad get this for being horrible parents while raising him…not for what they did or didn't do with MJ as an adult. WTH can you do for a grown ass bigger than life man?

  10. Hey, CheekZ, what do you do???

    A part that really stood out to me in your comment is the part about seeing someone hurt in the street and doing nothing. It is extremely sad what healthcare has become. I am also in the healthcare field and whenever I say something similar to what you mentioned, people look at me in disbelief. But, people are so dang litigious nowadays (a minority with good reason). People sue for the silliest crap. When at work, I have to be very mindful about how I word things because you never know what some people are in the hospital for. I mean, there are patients who come into the hospital with the sole purpose of finding something wrong, JUST so they can sue you and get money. It's really quite sad. People complain about the state of healthcare, but the same people who complain are part of the problem.

    I, too, agree with StreetZ's percentages. What Murray did was clearly malpractice, but Idk, I think jail time is too harsh, personally. But, someone had to be the scapegoat.

    1. Who me? O No, I'm in banking… Regulations.

      But I grew up in hospitals. Mom is an RN, in fact the county just forced her to retire last Friday.
      The people I was referring to were high school and college classmates. The kid who I said he pays more in insurance than he takes home, that is my man from HS. Don't worry about him though, both his parents are Dr. He has been loaded.

  11. Wow Streetz, this whole post is well thought out. I agree with you…totally. It it had not been Dr. Conrad, it would have been another doctor. Yes, Conrad had the duty as a medical professional to put the well being of his patient first, HOWEVER, the patient has to make his OWN well being a priority as well. Look at the crazy plastic surgery that is going on en mass. Some of these doctors should be lock away for man slaughter of bodies and faces with the jacked up multiple surgeries they are doing. Money talks even when it is a life at stake.

    Everyone has a vice or two, MJ's happened to be a surgical painkiller. He over did it and it took his life unfortunately. He was so into his addiction he wasn't thinking about the ramifications. Let's just replace MJ with and Micheal from Anywhere-ville…Micheal from anywhere-ville goes out and buys drugs to feed his habit, he od's….who's to blame in this case? I RARELY hear people blame to drug dealer when people in anywhere-ville overdose.

    MJ was a great artist. I feel as if someone would ultimately be the scapegoat because we like to hang people on crosses to satisfy our need for what some may consider justice.

    Side note: Just read an article on BBC news that there is pain killer addiction epidemic that is going on in the US. It says that last year enough narcotic pain killers were sold to keep EVERY adult in the US high for a month. Are the pharmaceutical companies responsible OR are the pill poppers…..?

    1. What does his family have to do with it? I just hope that they tried to stop him. I wasn't there so I can't call it. They have enough grief to deal with and its wrong for anyone to throw BLAME on them. I only hope they did what family should do in a case like that. He is a grown MAN. His family can only support him and be there for him. We all have to sit and watch people we love do harmful things to themselves. What can ANY of us do? What? Prayer, interventions, lock em in a basement…and sometimes that doesn't even work.

    2. In regards to your side note:

      Yes, painkiller addiction is definitely an epidemic and I see this everyday at my job. Who's to blame? I blame healthcare practitioners and patients. Some providers, quite frankly, are too quick to prescribe narcotic painkillers. I think it's just good practice to start with the lowest dose and then work your way up. A patient complaining of a headache of 3/10 does not need percocet/lortab, etc. Tylenol would be just fine. If that doesn't work, then go to tramadol, then something else, before you get to oxycodone. For many addicts, their first "hit" is in the hospital. They're prescribed oxycodone for mild pain and they like how it makes them feel, so they keep requesting it. Of course, pain is subjective and is whatever the patient says it is, so if a patient says, "oh my pain is about a 10/10," you have an obligation to treat their pain and medicate them accordingly, whether or not you believe them.

      (I mean, we got people coming to the ER just to get a hit of morphine.)

      On the other hand, pain is undertreated in many patients, so providers feel like they have to give the strong medications or they'll be accused of undertreating a patient's pain.

      I wouldn't put much of the blame on the big pharma right now. But, one group isn't solely to blame.

      1. A few of my associates work in the ER and they have plenty of stories to tell about people coming in with the fake out just to get narcotics. The main system put in place to assist us in healing is KILLING us. The system knows this too because not too long ago they wanted to take these narcotics off the market because of this….why are they still available?

        We are really living in Wonderland.

        1. For as long as you're the type that's a butthole to everyone, your butthole antics won't offend or bother me…those types are funny to me. I could def be cool with House. If I perceive that your butthole antics are only directed towards me, then we got issues…

  12. Conrad-25%- The only reason i'm less harsh is because I dont believe he meant to kill him. If there was ever an 11th crack commandment, i'm sure Biggie would say, don't kill your best client. Greed is what made him go against his oath and supply Michael with drugs, why would he throw that away by killing him. Being an accredited doctor i think he knew he was on a slippery slope but didn't imagine it going this far.

    MJ-55%- Drug addiction aside, i felt he put too much pressure on himself with the tour. The reason for the tour, because despite all the fame he still managed to put himself deep into debt by living outside his means, and being Michael Jackson, to live outside your means is just redick. He exploited Murray just as Murray exploited him. Murray used drugs, he used money (a drug itself sometimes).

    The Jacksons-10%- They played too ignorant to the signs. I mean if we can look on TV and see Mike aint right, imagine having known him his whole life. They pretty much played the Murray card, took the money and never assumed the worst.

    and the last 10%

    Us- As for the trial itself, the fans, the media, the family put too much pressure on the jury to get a guilty conviction. Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, was dead and this greedy, immoral doctor was to partially blame he was doomed from the start (imagine if he was white but thats a different story altogether).

    It was just an ugly story through and through.

    Oh and RIP Heavy D #diddlydiddlydiddlydiddlydiddlydiddlyDEE
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    1. I think your weighting is spot on. And imagine if the doctor WAS white… things that make you go hmmmm. But yeah, while the blame is mostly on the individual, a portion is on Us too. I remember the day of his funeral I had a deep sense of the help he had in getting there. Bullied for being different, yet given tons of support by fans and followers despite suspect actions with boys. It's just sad that he was kinda doomed from the start.

    2. Us- As for the trial itself, the fans, the media, the family put too much pressure on the jury to get a guilty conviction.

      Thank you , I know its hard to lose a loved one but you have to look at the story from all sides. I think these crazy MJ fans and the press def put a lttle heat under the jury. We saw what happened a few months ago when a not guilty verdic was passed. Plus fans love this man I mean MJ has a colt following, if I was a jury I might vote guilty to, so I can go home at night with out being bothered by crazed fans.

      But again I think its was a simple case of bad judgement mixed with a request from a well payed, hurting crazy powerful person. I dont think he Conrad did it on purpose either, he was getting 150,00 a month I would kill the hand that feeds me for that much.

  13. Conrad Murray will probably do 6 months to a year tops — He won’t have to ride out those 4 years in prison.

    As far as where to place the blame, yeah he was wrong for administering a drug that should only be given in a controlled (hospital) environment but let’s remember he was given this drug to THE KING OF POP of all people, do you really think MJ wanted staff/physicans, patients, paparazzi, etc. to leak this to the press — NO so he made him an offer ($$$$$$) that Dr. Murrray and anyone else in his right mind couldn’t refuse. I am sure Dr. Murray wasn’t the 1st physican to administer a drug to his patient who in turned died but since it was MJ, heads needed to roll which should be the case in any situation like this but I’m just saying if the patient was someone like Bobby Brown or Soulja Boy do you think it would have gotten so much press?

    1. "Conrad Murray will probably do 6 months to a year tops — He won't have to ride out those 4 years in prison."

      Yep… Due to over crowding he will not be in jail long. Non-violent offenders are released early to make room for serious offenders.

      I place 100% blame on Dr Murray for his actions and 100% blame on MJ for his.

  14. I would say a small percentage of blame also goes to the staff. I cleaned houses in college, you would be surprised what type of stuff you learn about a person by just being in their presence. Families will talk to you or talk over you. Either way you hear and see way more than the average person. You also see the long standing effects that people's choices have on their life. Confidentiality agreements notwithstanding, don't you also have a moral obligation to speak up when you see someone continually harming themselves?

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  15. Good post and I agree with Streetz on his assessment here. It appears that that when it comes to casting blame we as a society has an "all or none" mentality. The idea in this post to assign percentages is practical in my opinion.

  16. Imma go with 50% Conrad, 40% MJ, 5% Parents, and 5% media.

    Conrad – On the strength of being not only the trigger man, but an unskilled trigger man (just learned he had no business administering anesthesia), he earned 50% of the blame. Whatever the motivation, he was dead wrong.

    MJ – Blame pain, your upbringing…whatever the excuse, at some point, you have to take control of your own life and get the help that you need…emotionally, physically, whatever. MJ didn't do that.

    1. Parents – Joe was extra and Katherine was too passive. However, having dealt with addiction in close relatives, you can talk, force, threaten all you want…but you cannot force an addict into getting clean. Until that addict is ready and makes the choice for themselves, there is nothing you can do. Sometimes, you have to leave addicts to their own devices to hit rock bottom…and just pray they don't kill themselves in the process. So, I can't blame his sibs, staff, etc. for their lack of effort. But, I can blame his parents for some of the issues he has from his upbringing…they were the parents and he had no control over their choices in raising him.

      Media – Man, them folks can drive a sane person mad. I hope I don't need to explain their ruthlessness in their MJ coverage over the years…

  17. 25% – Murray – He took an oath to do what was best for his patient but he administered lethal drugs he was untrained to handle.

    51 % Michael – He became addicted to numbing his pains in whatever manner. He needed meds to go to sleep, meds to wake up, meds to function. He was an addict and knew what he was doing was wrong because he sought and had prescriptions under many alias.

    10% Family – They placed an unreasonable burden on him to fulfill ALL of their dreams. It was a weight under which even the strongest would crack. In seeking self fulfillment, they chose to ignore the signs of his addictions.

    10% – Society & Media – He was held to a different standard than most. Some parts of his life were overly scrutinized while other parts were blatantly ignored. He had many problems and adjustment issues living his entire life in the spotlight.

    4% Staff – They saw what was going on and chose to say nothing.
    My recent post What I have learned

  18. Blackgirlmind said it best "A big issue that people don't seem to think about is that Conrad was a CARDIOLOGIST. He had no business administering Propofol to ANYONE. Surgical patient or not. Propofol isn't just any drug, propofol needs to be administered by an ANESTHESIOLOGIST". Anesthesiologists are specefically trained and LICENSED for this purpose alone within the confines of a hospital. Conrad murray was not a LICENSED ANESTHESIOLOGIST. Would you ask your dentist to deliver your baby? Would you as your gynocologist to perform heart surgery for you? Even if you did ask this the proper response would be no because no licensed medical professional would want to risk harming you or loosing their license. 100% fault to Murray. Case closed.

      1. The dispute of liability, negligence, or criminal recklessness does not fall on the patient (regardless of any outlandish requests or prior conditions) but on the licensed medical professional within the confines of his/her license.

  19. I don’t think that his sentence is harsh enough. Dr. Murray should never be allowed to practice medicine again. He had no business administering Propofol to anyone because he was not a licensed to so. He is 100% guilty.

  20. Yes Conrad was rightly found guilty and he should get the full four years in prison. As a doctor, no matter what your patient insists they want and/or need, you have to ensure their safety first and foremost.Propofol is a dangerous drug, this is well known. Its use is highly restricted, only used in ICU, operating rooms and for sedated procedures because of this. Continued and long-term use of propofol has caused deaths in patients. I have used this drug in ICU setting to keep very sick patients sedated. However we were only allowed to use propofol for a maximum of 3 days because the risk of death to patients with long term use is well described. Medical professsionals like Murray know this, whereas MJ would not. There is no excuse for this gross negligence. Yes I am sure Conrad did not intend to kill his cash cow, but that doesn't make him less guilty. Is the drunk driver that kills someone in an accident while just trying to get home not guilty simply because they didn't mean to do it? Nope. Guilty as charged. MJ's death was due to acute propofol intoxication per his autopsy report. Conrad got the propofol for him and administered it to him. Without propofol he would still be alive. Conrad Murray 100%.

  21. As far as his family, its not their fault at all. Michael may not have had an ideal childhood or upbringing as many other adults accross the world have not. At some point as an adult, you have to accept that and move forward. You can't continue to blame your parents for all things wrong in your life. MJ clearly had a substance abuse problem. Again, not his family's fault. Addicts are going to do what they do until they are ready to change. You can talk to them until you are blue in the face. You can take them to AA or rehab yourself, but if they are not ready to stop nothing you do can stop them. Very similar to people in abusive relationships. No one person, friend or family can get that person to leave until they have hit rock bottom or decide they have had enough. Very unfair to blame his family for any of this.

  22. I loved MJ but Michael was a grown man. How many of you listen to your family when they try to tell you something? I don't put ANY blame on the family for a grown man's actions. Unfortunately MJ became his own god and tried to control when or how he slept, etc. Conrad was an enabler and failed MJ big time by not being the doctor he took an oath to be. He got blinded by the almighty dollar. So if I had to do percentages it would be 50/MJ and 50/Conrad. MJ shouldn't have tried to play God and Conrad shouldn't have administered a potential dangerous drug.
    My recent post The Blacks: Love’s Politics Excerpt by Angelia Menchan

  23. I think the main problem with healthcare or a lack of it is capitalism. So I will give capitalism 50% of the blame, MJ 40% and family 10%.

  24. Honestly my mom was on Propofyl the last two weeks of her life and I saw the stupor in a medical setting. There is no way this drug should have been administered at home. When we would do wake up assessments they would be very dificult for her to come out of that state. The fact that Dr. Murray would administer that after taking an oath to protect life is wrong no matter how you slice it.

  25. Excellent article.
    I love MJ but Conrad was used as a scapegoat.
    Is any Doc gonna tell MJ what to do? No way.
    Ironic considering MJ slept with kids, even if he wasn't 'sleeping' with kids.
    Imagine if I did it, I'd be in deep poop by now!!


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