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When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong: Slandering Your Exes Through Social Media

That Sh*t CRAY!!!

They should’ve never gave some of you people twitter. Yea, I said you people. Some of the things I see you humanoids do amaze me. Nothing crazier than the other night. It seems we were witness to a domestic quarrel featuring two ex lovers. Apparently, a dudes ex girl said some unfavorable things to him ( telling people he was gay, wack, etc.) and he proceeded to air her out like those boys from Tuskegee. He leaked nude photos AND video of the two of them, to teach her a lesson. While it provided some great eye candy and entertainment, this also served as the perfect lesson for dudes everywhere. Never air out your ex in that manner, because you end up looking more bad than cool, and I’ll explain why:

First off, if you are calling this woman all types of sluts and hoes, and you are letting the Internet know to prove a point, how do you think that makes you look? You inadvertently make yourself look like a simp, because you “made a grimy chick your girl” and she got you angry enough to show out to a community of individuals you don’t know.

Let’s be real: the over the top reactions to a bad situation are always associated with women!

Women will bust windows out your car, bleach your clothes, light your crib on fire, castrate you, amongst other traits. Yes I’m generalizing, but walk with me. Men usually keep their cool, or at worst curse a woman out. Leaking nudes of a former girlfriend makes you look more like a woman than her! You can drop embarrassing quotes and argue if you want, but when you go that next level that’s just showing that someone who you cared about at one point got to you so much that you went to the extreme.

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If other women see that you can do this to a former lover, don’t you think they will be wary of you? Women would always be on guard, and could never trust you with those little mementos at all for fear of future retaliation. Trust when I say word travels fast. Women ask for a man’s carfax just as much as men ask, and this can be a huge blemish for you. Now if you don’t care, then live with the decisions you make, and stock up on lotion and hand grips…

I personally could never go to that level with an ex because I’d be fearful of any sensitive info she would have on me! If you don’t think she’s taken sneak pictures of you, or made mental notes of all those characteristics that you wouldn’t want us to know, you’re bugging. You know why? That’s easy. It’s because:

Women are born private eyes and lawyers.

Nah, that can’t be me on that Summer Jam screen. In this example, the ex girlfriend had snapshots of text conversations where he professed his love for her! I mean it’s not as bad as naked pics, but it still makes you look like you’re putting on a show. You gotta be careful out here.

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Exes are a part of your history. We all have exes who we wish we never met. Random jump offs are a different story. However, if you did care for them at one point, you can’t air ’em out like that. The reward is not worth the risk. Words are one thing. Pictures and video? Chill. Too much risk for self exposure and slander of others.

This is the same as those Facebook status wars, away message subliminals, and every other form of social media thuggin on exes. Airing out exes on social media is like eating 2 gallons of Pralines ‘n Cream Ice Cream. What temporary satisfaction you feel after indulging, will soon dissipate over time and the pain is not worth the trouble. Whether people want to believe it or not, people will always talk bad about any man or woman who slanders an ex on social media. Remember, the same people you front for on the net will be the same ones ready to clown you.

Has an ex ever got you so upset that you went off on your favorite social network? What did you say/do? What do you consider stepping over the line vs. fair slander?



  1. I put her full government name out on twitter, facebook and said shes a "Lying and cheating whore and I want the whole world to know"

    It was fair slander to me because she lied about not being married, lied about her homeboy who was her exboyfriend, had him thinking i was her cousin, lied about her girlfriend, lied about who she was, where she worked, where she lived.

    my role?
    i ignored red flags because she was fine as fuck, a squirter, and took it to the thote… often.

    i took it down two days later, but it served its purpose. A good number my females friends was ready to whoop her ass at a moments notice and went LOOKING for her.

      1. 1. Her mother tried to warn me without outright saying "my daughter is a liar". (ole girl set me up by saying her MOTHER is a liar first)

        2. Her brother tried to warn me without outright saying "my sister is a whore" (she set me up again, by telling me upfront her brother was committed to an institution before)

        3. She would told me how much she didn't want to raise her daughter. (her mother was raising her because she didn't want her to turn out like her daughter)

        do i need to go on? lol, i ignored a LOT of shit because she was fine… Fellas, listen to your GUTS not your NUTS

        1. lol well i just gave everyone the BASICS.

          she told me she had terminal cancer and had a year to live. So i was stressing and letting a LOT of shit go.

        2. And she was dying too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????????? LAUGHING OUT LOUD!!!

          This chick sounds like she needs to be institutionalized for the level of lying she's reached, LMBO!

  2. I feel you on this point and spoke to someone about this the other day, while I disagree with guys putting up naked pictures or videos of their ex, the guy doesn't really have much backlash. Men will like to see it and laugh at the female. Females will like to see it and judge the female. Look at the Amber Cole video (don't actually watch it though lol). But the guys both had a huge rise in followers and female fans wanting to talk to them. I know I don't see a dude differently, I just laugh at the situation and go on about my day. But one thing I've learned in life is not to burn bridges. Those guys have to just learn that one day.

    1. Co-sign this. These days unless there's video evidence of you beating a woman bad enough that she will have to be hospitalized, no one cares about what or how the dude reacts to the situation.

  3. word life, posting pics of your ex, thats just bitch-made…all together.

    i had LOTS of compromising pics of my exes, but i never "leaked" them.

    but since they was some hoes I guess it wouldn't have mattered, lol.

    1. The pics is the ulitmate extreme, its extremely insecure and unless she's swearing on her life that you never touched it, i dont see any possible gain from it.

  4. In these days where people are burning down houses behind FB statuses and outright plotting murder of baby daddies on FB (google it) and trying to sue the pants off any and everyone involved in some social media slander, it's just best to charge it to game and keep it moving away from a person, if you feel you've been done wrong.

    People are crazy. You might run up on the one person who doesn't give an eff and feels they have nothing to lose. Ya'll keep on playing with folks if you want to.

    1. Not that it matters, but the story I read the friend burned down a garage or house because her friend removed her as a friend from Facebook…smh. Either way…crazy!

  5. ^^^Exactly! Everyone has a breaking point and large scale humiliation just may do it for some women. You all remember "A Thin Line between Love and Hate". You have to know when and where to draw the line.

    Speaking as adult, cyber thuggery is overall UNATTRACTIVE and should be left the high schoolers. If you have issues with your ex to the point where you feel the need to blast them pick up the phone. I'm sure you still know their number if they still have the power to evoke that much emotion from you.

  6. To me, blasting me on the internet or in some kind of public space in any way is UNFORGIVABLE.

    Some niggas think that ish isn't that bad. No. You're jeopardizing my reputation, my career, my life. You are cut the f— out. I'd rather you cheat on me.

    1. People are so against causing scenes in public with strangers, but will air ya ass out on Facebook with their 900 friends/family/coworker tho

      1. Airing ppl out on Facebook is the new showing up to your man's job unannounced causing a scene about him going to lunch with a female co-worker. It's the new crazy chick tactic.

        People forget that FB and twitter is more public than being in a resturant now-a-days, your outlandish behavior will be read and re-tweeted by hundreds of ppl

  7. If you are over 21 taking your relationship grievances to social media is tacky and very low class I don’t care how hurt you suppose to be.

    It makes YOU look stupid and sound bitter…even worst if the person who hurt you know you are e-slandering them but yet they still refuse to respond.

    1. Girl yes. I wonder about that sometimes – like, I don't really think of myself as a prideful person but I got too much pride to act a monkey over you! Only man I could see showing my azz for would be my husband. But then I got to burn up all our joint assets and live in a cardboard box with the twins cuz I wanted to prove a point. Not too good with my social media skills, I'd have to go old school Bernadette on that azz.

      1. "Only man I could see showing my azz for would be my husband."

        Understandable… Besides you got that documentation (marriage license) that says you're within your legal right to act a plum fool. LOL

  8. I fully Co-Sign ALLA DISS!!!!!!! A man can never air out his ex on social networks and come out the victor. No matter what dirt you have on her you wikk ALWAYS end up looking like the brokenhearted, bitter b***h.

    Best thing a man can do if she is trying to air him out is to take the high road. Simply reply “You wanna act up? Well have fun. Im on to the next one and youre already forgotten”.

    1. High road always wins. Also given the high percentage aint ish ninjas out there, it highly increases the likelihood that you gonna end up heartbroken and regretting how u did me.

  9. I always say that the more you slander, the dumber you look when you go back. I've been slandered and while part of me wanted to go full on @JoeBudden on her, part of me thought better of it (Gemini swag). I will use social media to reflect on certain things (essentially isnt that what its for), if one feels some type of way, welp. Like GirlSixx said its hilarious when you go full on slander and she doesnt even respond, so you end up feeling like Wile E. Coyote waiting for the TNT to blow.

  10. i didn't see the video or pics but i peeped their timeline. both of them are extremely immature and i hold him to a higher standard. women are naturally more emotional than men so i would expect something like this from a woman. he needs a role model or a mentor or something. the whole thing was just really messy. and what's worse were the people who were egging on both sides. i don't care what a woman did to me. you'll never hear or see me saying a negative thing about her to anyone outside my inner circle let alone in public.

    1. Isn't this part of man code though? I find a lot of young men (under 35) haven't been taught how to behave as traditional men. Instead, they've watched their moms (and occasionally dads) use emotion as the basis of how they solve problems. I imagine this could be confusing when men are being told say in and day out that gender roles and behaviors don't exist but then are ostracized for pulling a 'feminine' move.

      1. i'm not saying there's anything wrong with a man having or showing emotion (i know i have my fair share of them) but i see a problem with a man that's ruled by his emotions. and yes a lot of examples i see are in men my age or younger. i don't care what anyone says or how progressive they are. gender roles exist and they always will.

        1. "but i see a problem with a man that's ruled by his emotions."

          Agreed. That's MY territory–even though I'm not even good at it.

        2. Cosign.. the difference is in how you express those emotions. For someone who was your GF or wife? Thats just doing a lot. It takes some real messed up stuf for you to go to that extreme

  11. At the most i'd drop a moderately disguised subliminal. Like if she pisses me off, i have her number, i have her address, why im gonna e-beef with someone i actually know

    1. "At the most i'd drop a moderately disguised subliminal."

      Guilty, lol. No details…no names. Unless you knew what was up, you'd think it was a random generalization…

  12. "What temporary satisfaction you feel after indulging, will soon dissipate over time and the pain is not worth the trouble."

    I really like this line. I think at the end of a relationship, you have to exercise maturity. And take time to evaluate your emotions before you make any public statements.
    i think this goes back to the post SBM had about closure. You want closure from an ended relationship and when you don't receive it from the other party you act a fool on social media. I'm more the type to write a letter later, knowing I won't get a response, but it does make me feel better. And isn't it more important to release that emotion on the person who caused it instead of trying to get a rise out of him through slander?

  13. Mmmm. I don't like people in my personal business, so I stay away from taking straight shots at folks as well as subliminal messages. Even if I sometimes feel like writing something off the wall (which is rare), I usually end up writing it, reading it, then thinking: "WTH? This is so unnecessary!" and erasing it before it even gets posted.

    I guess the good thing is: I never, ever had anything negative to say about my sole ex, cuz he was great and we're still cool. Some of these dudes I've dated since him, though? If I were truly crazy and had a total lack of regard for my own privacy, more than a few of them would've been aired out. Fair slander? I don't know if I can answer that because I happen to think all's fair in love and war, and at that point it's clearly war… so if I were so inclined, I'd be coming for your throat with every piece of artillery I had. But that's not my style, so I just keep my mouth shut and smile. I've had one guy try to come at me on his blog…I didn't exactly respond to him…I wrote a post and the last paragraph was just a few corrections of the erroneous statements he'd made. I didn't say anything bad about him though…just left it at that and ignored the subsequent posts he wrote about me.

    I know this guy…we grew up together, messed around a long while ago. Since then he's had a few kids with this one girl…idk what the deal is, but they broke up and now every time he's mad at her, his FB status messages are all angry and emotional and he will actually mention her– usually he calls her "this chick." It really does make him sound dumb because it's like…well…you were gonna marry her and had a bunch of kids with her, so who's the trifling one for real? I wanna tell him he needs to ease up and stop putting his business on the net. His best male friend is no better; last time he broke up with his girl, he whined about it for a month. Totally reminds me why I could never date him, even before he got with her.

  14. It's all so childish. The most I've ever done is drop some FB statuses back in the day, but they were so encrypted that even though he knew it was about him, no one else knew what the hell I was on about. Even when 0 people has access to my Twitter, I was careful about how much I said on any subject; how much more now that I'm no longer completely hidden?

    I don't know where the line is, exactly, since people have a right to be mad and say as much. What I do know is that people start at the finish line and keep running for dear life. I randomly end up on people's pages and see all kinds of mess they say about exes (and others), leaving me to smh. Some people need to drop the shisha and inhale on some maturity.

  15. These things are being cataloged. A year or so ago, in the older circle of Black bloggers, a dude posted pics of his child's mom, her first and last name, and where she works. Then thanks to the freedom of information act, someone unrelated to the situation found and posted HIS real name, ex-wife's name, etc. What dude did to his ex completely backfired cus that shyt is admissible in court and can have ramifications on custody issues.

    I agree with everything you've said except that I believe it extends to words. When I hear men or women complaining about their ex or their child's other parents, I shake my head and ask if they were forced to be with the person. If he or she is so low down and lazy, why did you sleep with him or her? Usually repeatedly, with no protection, and STAY pregnant.

    When I meet dudes, I do try to find out about their last relationships. I pay close attention to whether they call every woman from their past crazy. A man who does that makes poor choices and/or can't take personal responsibility for his choices in mates. But I believe I'm not the norm in how I assess these conversations. Most women seem to believe all the other women are crazy and seek to prove to the man she's different. Naw. That's not how the game is played if the man is too mature to take responsibility for his part in failed relationships.

    Disclaimer: Sometimes folks ARE crazy.

    1. All women are crazy though. Dont debate me on this! lol…

      I think if its close friends, thats who you bitch too about relationship shyt. Random people? nah… even if ive had stuff to say, I keep it to self to avoid judgement. Now if you ask an hoonest opinion… then I'll give it to you lol

      1. Oh I won't–so long as you don't try to debate the fact that all men are idiots. The only thing debatable is the degree of crazy and idoit-ness.Ms. Smart

    2. "I pay close attention to whether they call every woman from their past crazy."

      Me too, because 9 times outta 10 they are the common denominator (culprit) to that women's craziness. I tend to get turned off when I hear a man talk about their ex in very negative way anyway, you can shed some light as to why you are not together anymore.. FINE but I don't need you to go in on a 5 minute tirade.

      1. This makes sense and probably true. Saying all one exes where "crazy" implies they feel like they keeping finding the crazy ones out all the non-crazies out there. However, when one acknowledges that all women are crazy (including family members) to some degree, I think it makes it easier to accept the idea that everyone has a tipping point and we strive to not end up on "Snapped."

        Watch that show with your SO. Their reactions (or lack there of) will be TELLING.

  16. People do this because they want attention. People want to feel validated. Nine times out of ten every event that occurred during the relationship was tweeted in some way shape or form. People need to remember that Twitter is not your personal diary/journal.You talking about how such and such did you dirty is only going to make you look like two things, that bitter or stupid. people rather talk to their followers about their relationship than their significant other. I don't tweet about my relationship there's no need to give strangers all the details.

    The woman was wrong for starting it (but some females have no act right so I could see that coming) but the dude was acting like a b1tch. If nothing she saying about you is true then why even respond to her twitter. The most he should have tweeted " No need to let the bs phase, I'm going to choose better next time around". But airing her out only made you look low, plus you have now ruined the chance of one of your woman followers ever making a dirty tape with her man/boo b/c she might think he'll pull the same stunt you just did.

    1. " I don't tweet about my relationship there's no need to give strangers all the details. "

      Agreed, nor do I do Facebook Status Updates, not knocking those who feel the need to let their FB friends/twitter followers know what they and their boo did for lunch that day… I'm just an extremely private person I guess *Shrug*

  17. I wasnt privy to the Twitter fight you're talking about. I like Twitter because you can ignore people fairly easily. It's not like what they're saying shows up on your time line unless you engage them. However, if you have mutual friends it becomes an ego trip. Still, better to be thought of as a fool than to speak and remove all doubt.

    With that said, I'm not going to front like I've never called a girl out on social media or otherwise. I rarely get angry but when I get angry, I get angry. I'm not going to apologize for having emotions and if folks dont like how I handle myself in the "heat of battle" more power to them. They can un-follow, ignore, judge or do whatever they have to do. As you said in the post, most people on-line are strangers. I dont want to make myself look stupid but if I do I do. It is what it is. I won't go out of my way to embarrass myself but I'm not going to go out of my way to front like I'm not who I am. The chips will fall where they fall.

  18. Okay I'm late on this whole twitter squabble but I don't understand why people are still acting as if the internet is as forgetful as the human mind. Years ago, if you had a sex tape, the VHS might be passed around to some people, one dude might try to copy it and have a really poor quality for his own use. But all in all you know there is a limit to the amount of people who say it. This argument and the pics leaked will stay with these two forever. I really hope they don't want a top important jobs that require security clearance, because trust its not that hard to find out so and so went HAM on twitter. They may not regret it now, but a few years from now that twitter fight with be an open wound when the pain of the relationship has long since healed.
    I keep all relationships off social media. I don't like posting on walls, tweeting the person etc.

  19. "Never air out your ex in that manner, because you end up looking more bad than cool" << true indeed along with the saying, "he who angers you, conquers you"

    I get mad but I don't get even. I don't burn bridges because sometimes you have to recross that bridge to get to where you are going. I feel that if people actually have that much time on their hands to go through the hassle of searching for a picture, uploading and then commentating it… they really need a life. There's no doubt if you have been with a partner for so many years and possibly a good relationship, you will have shared and savored some rather erotic moments. With that being said, I always make sure that my pictures are tasteful and my performance was at it's best 😉 I find it to be disgustingly immature that a person would actually do this to someone who they claimed to have loved (maybe) at some point.

    A "real" woman scorned would move on and succeed in the progression of her life. As in the words of Lil Wayne. "I heard you doing you, you heard I'm doing better."

  20. This is very disturbing to me…too much personally identifiable information in general worries me…but bashing an ex says more about "you" then them…to me anyway.
    I had one that used to post subliminal messages as status updates…just enough in them to let me know it was directed at me (after having a disagreement)…but undetectable to the masses. It would infuriate me to no end.

  21. I've never done it because I believe that airing any dirty laundry only makes me look stupid for having put up with it. And of course I wouldn't want retaliation. The whole process is stupid on both of their parts.

    I remember a few years ago, I logged on to facebook and saw one of my friends had posted a video of his girlfriend fellating him. Because they had an argument! An AR-GU-MENT! C'mon dude, you're that mad? And they stayed together.
    I know another crazy dude that posted pics of this girl's tw*t on her MOTHER'S facebook page, and sent emails of the pics to all her guy friends. He was slandering her all over the net. I don't even know why.

    This is a prime example of why I don't have incriminating pictures/videos/skype sessions – whatever. You will not be showing my mother what I do behind closed doors.

  22. I don't air out my relationship on FB, Twitter or any other sort of social media. I have an illustration about folks who do this:

    I had an ex who was a FB friend when we were dating. His immaturity began to show after our first fight. He deleted me as his friend. Only to attempt to re-add me when we made up. The attempt to re-add me went horribly wrong because here was the convo :
    Me: I got a friend request from you…FB must have been acting up.
    Him: No I deleted you when we got into that argument and changed my status to single. (Then he became irate) You didn't notice I wasn't your FB friend anymore.
    Me: Dude, I have over 2000 friends, I didn't miss you til you came back. I don't peruse my list to see who's missing.

    He stayed "unfriended" and I broke up with him shortly after that. I didn't need the headache.

    1. No matter what terms we endo on, I don't bash exes. See If you go around saying "That wack @zz blah blah blah was a no good blah blah blah" etc, it says more about your choices and judge of character than it does about them. *shrug* couldn't have been all that bad since you were with him/her.

      In addition, I use FB and Twitter to promote plays I am in etc. yes I have reconnected with high school friends and what not but my page is for my acting stuff. My status says in a relationship. I didn't update it when I got married. Those who are in the inner circle know I am married. No I didn't change my FB name, that is my stage name and my checks cash the same way under that name ;). The bottom line, social media folks don't need a play by play on your life. Only folks without a life feel the need to update everything they do via social networking….cause frankly, I don't care that you just "checked in at Taco Mac". LMAO

  23. Yeah, I'm not down with folks all in my business. So, I don't personalize negative rants on facebook. I may post a subliminal, general thought. But, that's the extent of it. I don't bad mouth my exes. When necessary, I may tell relevant stories that disclose some dumb crap they did, lol. But, none of my exes are bad people.

    I believe in burning bridges and/or keeping folks at a safe distance at times. It depends on the offense. So, if you've pissed me off to the point that I wanted to go off online about you, most likely, my approach was delete you out of my life…let you spin wheels by yourself and think about what you did.

    1. I agree about buring bridges. Folks need to learn which ones you can burn and which one's you may need to cross again. I have burned a few in my time…and knock on wood….have't needed to recross any of them

  24. great post….I am always telling people that discretion is a lost art, and in this case it rings true. The gentlemen (or lack thereof) in this case could've just let her sound-off…charged it to her emotional instability and called it a day. By 1) even engaging in the act and 2) providing proof that he couldn't keep sh*t to hisself shows that he lacks the ability to control his emotions which as Streetz said is a stigma that will reside and replace his otherwise 'nice' reputation he may have had prior to the video leakage. "Maturity says: I could, but I won't" is a rule I ALWAYS apply to situations that could lead me to almost want to assasinate someone's character in 140 characters or less. If it's worth the post, I'll encrypt that sh*t with hieroglyphics, and hashtag it with #yeahmeneither …but, if it's a momentary emotion w/a 'f*ck 'em girl, f*ck em' attached to it…I'll type it in Document 1, save it for a few hours and press delete by day's end.

  25. Good post Streetz. They don't hear ya tho.

    Fellas, let's not forget. In regards to a guy, a lot a woman does is for a reaction (positive or negative) from a man. Best believe they celebrate and brag about the extreme reactions (positive or negative) they can push a guy towards. Don't give them that satisfaction son and body yourself in the process… Just deal with it, Drake style if you have to. Shoooot… In this society and cultures that say we HAVE to be all bottled up and judges us for showing emotion, sometimes I think: "Why everyone else gets a pass and able to blame their wayward actions on their emotions? Why am I judged? Why do I have to be 'in-control' when mofos are acting all out of pocket?" The answer is… People only care about the gender roles when it benefits them. iono… But in very least, I don't want to block myself from future beats. Sooooo…

    1. The best thing that ever happened to me was dating a man who didn't have fb, twitter, or social media anything. I could drop a subliminal/song lyric when I wanted and when I was over it, no one was the wiser, lol. I would never ever call someone out their name though, I was just raised better than that. Plain and simple.

  26. I can't imagine uploading pics or videos of a chick I was dealing with because she slandered my name online. I might say a few things in response, but ain't no way I'ma come off looking like Johnny Whohurtyou.

    The moment you decide to take your relationship problems to the internet, you've given up control. It doesn't matter if most of the people that follow you online are strangers or people you know IRL. They will laugh and act like they're sympathizing, but the reality is they're clowning you behind the scenes…most likely on gchat.

  27. The "art" of the slander is still new to me….but it's tantamount to watching a dude rise up on his girl in public…she may be wrong, she may have started it, but everybody else around is looking at him, fully judging

    Personally, I wouldn't follow my girl on Twitter or be friends w/ her on FB…I feel like if we see each other every day and talk all day, I don't really care about her most inner thoughts or what she thinks about Drake's new album…I get that Twitter is a great outlet and can be a solid networking tool to engage, but when it comes to your relationship, I feel like you still should have your "space" — where what you say and do doesn't cross over into your real life

    And far as FB, there is nothing more awkward than the day ya'll break up and you now have to delete albums from ya'lls vacations together, b-days, and holidays…if you're not engaged, everybody doesn't need to know you're in a relationship

  28. In an ideal world, no woman would touch this guy with a barge pole because of his despicable actions. But I guarantee you, right as we speak, some girl who probably witnessed the entire incident on twitter, is allowing herself to be filmed by him, because he told her he loved her. She's thinking she's different and it won't happen to her. I really wish I had the power to save these kids from themselves. *SIGH* I say kids because I refuse to call anyone (male or female) who engages in this type of behavior (airing out their exes) adults. That's what kids do. Twitter islike a day care center, full of kids.

  29. Airing out your negative feelings about an ex on Facebook or Twitter is a wholly different subject than putting your ex's naked pictures, or even worse, a SEX TAPE online. People here are saying you shouldn't do it cause it makes you look like a fool. How about not doing it because you have some morals? Some decency?

    Like it's even comparable if someone says "she's a hoe who fucked with this and that and the other" to posting sex tapes online.

    Facebook doesn't even know I have an SO. I have friends whose lives I can read from their walls, when they got together with someone, when they broke up, and even what happened between them more or less. I find it disturbing. Facebook is first and foremost a tool to keep up with people who are distant, but not too distant. I don't want those people to know anything. No couple pictures. No "we're on vacation". No "I'm in love and oh so happy". And definitely no "he's a shithead". No songs that subliminally tell people what I'm thinking. Nothing. Just general updates that I wouldn't mind telling a complete stranger. Cause they might be reading, despite my privacy settings and whatever else "protection" people think they have.

  30. This whole thread of comments has me LMBO! I would NEVER air an ex out on the net. Its just not my style. I'm not a vendictive person. When I see other people air out their ex's I first think " why not handle it offline" and secondly " What do you gain by dishing dirt to people that probably don't even know them". I can never for the life of me understand how people can get so sour that they forget that this is someone that use to care about and/or loved.

  31. lol! The thing about women and men getting the "carfax" on eachother made me laugh so hard – because yes, we do, we all talk. Seriously, people who do things like this are immature though. Who's going to want to take the risk of dating you once they saw how you handled your LAST breakup? People ARE watching you…I know what's it like to go through a bad breakup, yes it hurts and at times yes you do want to do things you know you shouldn't because you are in pain. But, rational people don't ever get to that point because we have this novel thing called self-control and a brain to realize the possible adverse impact of such actions. smh!

  32. I've been in a situation where my ex cheated on me and I found out through Facebook (she posted pics). I was tempted to take shots at her, but as angry as I was, I couldn't do it. Just changed my relationship status. The funny thing about that was that all of my friends who befriended her on FB saw those pics, and they ended up taking shots at her. I had her hit me telling me to keep my friends out of her business…she failed to realize that she put it out there for everyone to see…

    The temptation to do it and show off online is always there. I just never did it because I didn't feel that she was worth it. It isn't because unfortunately because once you put something on the Internet, it can't be taken back. Hard to resist, I know, but you should .

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