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Has Emo Rap Gone a Little Too Far?

This is how I like my Hip Hop. Because if i'm going to listen to ignorant music, I prefer my videos come on a 3AM, when it's just me and Jergens watching.

There was a time in this country where all you heard on the radio was Gangsta Rap.  Thank the Lord that’s over.  I can appreciate  Gangsta Rap as much as the next guy, but it was just a little depressing after a while.  After Biggie and Tupac died it was obvious that people actually started taking rap music way too seriously.  I always like to tell the younger generation this story about the reason Pac and Biggie got popped.

Growing up, I loved wrestling.  As boys in the neighborhood we used to go outside and play on this grass hill under this tree.  We would reenact every wrestling match we ever saw.  My favorite wrestler is and will always be Shawn Michaels, HBK, the Heartbreak Kid.  You wouldn’t believe how many of my boys I kicked in the face.  Well, one time, my boy E did the figure four leglock on my boy and broke his leg.  As we explained this to our parents, they looked at us and said, “Wrestling is fake! What the hell is wrong with you?!”  That’s basically what happened to Biggie and Tupac, they were just trying to sell records and someone took the thing way too seriously.

So to say that I was happy to see Gangsta Rap go, is probably an understatement. After Gangsta Rap went away there was a period in hip hop which I like to call, “Now-a-Later” raps.  It was basically started by Jay-Z, he would later accuse other rappers of doing the same thing, but we are all aware that it says in, The Holy Bible of All Things Hip Hop, “Thou shall not speak against Jay-Z under any circumstances, the punishment is death.”  I am about the business of keeping God’s commandments as it comes to Hip Hop.  But this was an area where rappers spent most of their time rapping about something now and hoping they get it later.  I always wondered why these rappers weren’t making more money, they were free marketing campaigns for designer fashion, technology and automobiles.  They should have used that to make some bread.  Anyway that lasted for a while, there were a few other eras in Hip Hop; sampling got way out of hand, Jay-Z did an unplugged and then everyone wanted a live sound, the South got the ball and is still heisting, and we mostly definitely cannot forget about get shot or go to jail rappers.

Check out today’s mix from @CarverTheGreat, it’s a compilation of songs by the artists that we’re talking about today.  A tracklist can be found below, but download it here, or stream below:

But right now in the game we have two types of rap: Plastic Surgery Rap & Emo Rap.  Plastic Surgery Rap really isn’t much to talk about.  Take a moment and read the story about wrestling in my youth again.  Yes, Plastic Surgery Rap is fake as hell, but you can’t stop looking at it.  I’m not talking about whether Onicka Tanya Maraj’s ass shots finally wore off either.  I’m talking about rappers like (well let me not mess up my own promotion)… put it to you like this my boy summed it up best with this quote: “Fake t*tties are like Ross raps, fake as hell but I feel em.” Or like, the big homie NC17 said, “In rap music everything you say is supposed to be backed by court verified documents. Street cred is overrated, I know some real goons— they’re in jail. I know some real thugs—they can’t rap on beat. I love Rick Ross because he knows how to weave a tale so grand that if you allow yourself to believe one word of it you’d be like “Damn, he’s an extraordinary human being.””  That’s Plastic Surgery rap, it’s fake, but it’s entertaining, so I love it.

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Now this Emo Rap thing has just gotten way out of control.  Sometimes I’m listening to a new track on the radio and I’m just like, “Do some pushups, dawg.”  I thought women were supposed to be the ones who were constantly saying, “What about my feelings?”  Nope, it’s a line long as hell of rappers in the game right now who are emo.  I told myself before I started writing this article that the best way to write it would be to classify this as a type of rap instead of holding these feelings towards these artists as rappers.  I think they’re all very talented, but they’re not realizing how their music has a reaction on men… and consequently the trickledown effect on women.

Commander-In-Chief - Drake Drizzy Rodgers

I’ll start off by saying, I have listened to all Drake’s music. I know all the words to Marvin’s Room and Brand New.  First time I heard Brand New I almost cried… so I just did some pushups and went to the club.  Drake takes the game a little too far though, actually it’s not Drake it’s the people who listen to Drake.  Back in the day, you could get teased for a whole semester for being Captain Save-a-Ho, now everybody wants to Take Care of someone.  Back in the day, women used to call up their ex-boyfriend on New Year’s Eve talking about how they wasn’t going to take the baggage of the way he treated her into the New Year.  Oh my Lord, I pray for some women reading this article right now, I’m sure you will get a few phone calls from that dude you just wanted to be friends with on December 31st.

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Secretary of the Interior (Because nobody really cares what this department does) – Joe Budden

Everybody has a friend that smokes a little too much weed and gets in their feelings.  You usually take their phone away from them, but with Joey you have to take every electronic appliance you can find away from him.  This guy’s tweets are horrible.  I got nothing against Joey, that’s one of my best friend’s cousin.  I just don’t think that he realizes that he’s causing people to feel well within their rights to rant on Twitter for an hour or two anytime a chick does them wrong, or when they THINK they have beef with a dude.  I seen two dudes beefing on Twitter one time and I was like, “Do you hit your keys really hard and fast to show him that you’re not to be tweeted with?”

Chief of Staff – Lil’ Wayne

Lil’ Wayne is the best rapper alive right now.  Don’t even try and start an argument with me over this, because you know I’ll argue about it all day and night.  Anyway, Lil’ Wayne is like every kid under the age of 18’s role model.  How to Love and How to Hate were both emo as all hell.  I was expecting him to drop How to F.. well let me stop, because Wayne seems like he does okay for himself.  He got Lauren London pregnant.  Most of the dudes I know that are not with their baby mama anymore always start a sentence with, “but in high school she was bad.”  Lauren London is bad and for that Wayne I commend you.  But you have to cut this jeggings business all the way out.  I seen a kid on the train the other day, he had on some Ray Bans, Vans, a plastic leather coat, a fitted with dreds, green tiger print jeggings, and a nose ring.  I thought to myself, “I bet you he got a tattoo that say, Young Money, too.”

Minister of Music – Kanye West

I would have put Chris Brown here, but you know what, if someone kept bringing up something from three years ago to me all the time I would probably go HAM too.  However, Kanye West is the Minister of Music when it comes to being emo.  First and foremost, nobody told him to put his heart and soul … and personal life into his music.  He clearly never saw the movie Showgirls because then he would know that strippers got hopes and dreams too.  But Kanye has to stop with all this crying at Watch The Throne concerts man.  I miss my Uncle Charles too dawg, but I will not be crying on stage.  Now you got dudes on the block and J. Cole not afraid to say they cry sometimes.  It’s depressing, b.

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2012 Presidential Candidate – J. Cole

J. Cole is a very talented rapper.  His mixtapes were on-point.  I think his lyrics can be powerful, but when you single them out (as people have a tendency to do with Lil’ Wayne) you can find a few corny ones in just about every 16 he’s ever produced.  That’s why you have to look at the full body of work.  He has a good angle, pause, he talks about abortion, his mother, going to jail, begging Jay-Z to listen to his demo and trying to get intellectual with jumpoffs.  Here’s my only issue with Cole: he connects with his fans because he comes across as a real dude who came from nothing and somehow he made his situation better, but then he has a track where he talks about how great his life is now and I’m left feeling like, “But dawg, I’m still on the bus.”  Yep, J. Cole will have you hype one minute, then depressed thinking about how rough things are in your life, and then he’s talking about hopping out of vans and not knowing chicks names and you like, “Man if I could just remember this one chick’s name maybe she’ll let me take her to Applebee’s.”

These are my thoughts on emo rap.  I’m interested to hear yours.  Again, I don’t have anything against these guys as people, I just don’t know if they realize the implications of their music in society.  What do you guys (and girls) think about emo rap?  Who are some of your favorite artists in the game right now and why?  Let’s chat it up about Hip Hop today, make me proud.

– Dr. J

Tracklist for Today’s Mix, Emo Rappers by @carverthegreat: 1. UGK by Drake, 2. BM Jr. by Lil Wayne, 3. Quality Of Life by Joe Budden, 4. World Is Empty by J. Cole, 5. Can’t Get Enough by J. Cole, 6. Round Of Applause by Drake, 7. Tony Montana by Drake, 8. Marvin Gaye by Kanye West, 9. Amazing by Kanye West, 10. Can’t Tell Me Nothing by Kanye West, 11. Lord Knows by Drake & Rick Ross, 12. Devil In A New Dress by Kanye West & Rick Ross — Check out Carver The Great at his personal website, where you can also find booking information and more music!


  1. Doc you cracked me all the way up with this one! I'm officially too distracted to do my homework. I wish I could make you proud but I don't listen to enough music to know any of this. I didn't know who J. Cole was until I saw him in Beyonce's "Party" and I still have no clue who Joe Budden is. I know who the rest of them you mentioned are though, does that get me any points? And co-sign about Wayne's leggings. Where's that stream button? "Do some pushups, dawg." Smhlol I'm delirious I need to go to bed.

      1. Oh I see. I was reading down thread that he's been out since '03. I'm like dog and I hadn't heard of him til I started reading in this blog neighborhood. Bet none of ya'll heard f Notwal or Shofiya though!

  2. Men have feelings too, I think for the past 10 years we were bombarded with gangsta rap/hardcore stuff so now you getting the opposite from these new guys.

    As far as J Cole goes I think he's has a good balance, intellectual/emtional/showing out. Drake has always been emtional all of his mixtape from day one has always had one or two of those Cry me a River songs, its just thta TAKE CARE really was a RAP/R&B album.

    Kanye West greatest music comes out when he's in his emtions no matter what emtion it is love/hate/happiness/heartbreak. As far as Wayne he's fake emo. "How to love" was just a nice song for the ladies but he has 100 other ones calling them hoes/bit*hes and being the pu$$y monster so IT evens everything out for him.

    Joe Budden: Not to many words for him, but when you hurt him be ready to hear your name in a song. But hey that what music is for you should be able to feel all the emtions the artist is feeling anger,hurt,love,aggersion,regret

  3. Blame 808s and Heartbreak for this emo rap mess (I love that album anyways). Drake just took it to the extreme with his Take care album. I mean, I have ‘So far Gone’ and ‘TML’ on my hard drive and I think they are great albums but ‘Take Care’ just has way too much estrogen for me yo. Dude is prolly gonna do a weeping autotune track on his third album or something…

  4. …And can any hip-hop aficionado please explain to me what Drake meant in his song ‘Headlines’ : “you gon hype me up and make me catch a body like that.” Is he referring to his days in high school when he was part of the cheerleading team, catching leaping female bodies from the air? Because I’m d*mn sure Drizzy aint about that thugging “we clappin ni**as n sh*t’ life. ( ._.)

      1. Lol no he wasn’t. But that was the first thing that came to my head when I heard that line because I refuse to accept the true meaning of that line coming from him.

        1. "When I heard that line because I refuse to accept the true meaning of that line coming from him"

          Ya'll Keep Sleeping on Drizzy….. *sideeye* rude boys move in silence


    1. Catch a body is basically a new slang term for killing someone or something. So basically what he means is that he's going to get to the point where he's going to have to go after these people talking trash or he's going to have to go so far IINNN on a track that it quiets his critics. Headlines is actually one of my favorite songs on the album, reminds me a lot of myself.
      My recent post My First Blog (The Final post on The Book of Jackson)

        1. @Dr J: Thanks. Got ya. Headlines and Lord Knows are the two songs I can stand in the album.

          @Tristan. The old Drake was dope especially the "so far Gone" Drake. I doubt we would ever see that Drake again. The same thing with Kanye and Hov. Maybe we hiphop heads are expecting too much from them and have to realize that they are not in the same place as they were when S.F.G, L.R, and the Black Album were made.

  5. I'm with Krystllight upthread. I don't know who J cole and Joe Budden are. Although, I've probably heard their music on the radio and just missed the Dj say the name. Totally agree with Lyrically Inclined about Lil' Wayne. I don't really care for him, but that How To Love song is dope. Anything else from him repulses me. He looks and sounds creepy. Kanye has become irritating. I don't think he's over his mom passing away. He changed after that. It's understandable. Drake pulls me in on quite a few of his tracks, sounding all grown and whatnot…but then a few tracks later I'm like- yeah he totally sounds 22-23ish and needs to man up. I don't know what they play on the air in other parts of the country, but it's so sexually explicit lyrically out here in Cali. That's more shocking than the Emo. I'm sure people with kids don't even listen to radio anymore because you would have to expalin too much. My all time faves are LL (originated Emo but kept it street) and Common becaue I'm from the Chi. Right now I'm into Lecrae and Ambassador. Youtube them if you don't know them:)

  6. I have nothing of value to say about emo rap, but I love this post.

    This sh!t right here cracked me the f*ck up:

    "He clearly never saw the movie Showgirls because then he would know that strippers got hopes and dreams too. But Kanye has to stop with all this crying at Watch The Throne concerts man. I miss my Uncle Charles too dawg, but I will not be crying on stage."

    Classic Dr. J.

  7. Hahaha! You are on point with a lot of this. You forgot to mention Eminem–his is a big time deep depression rapper. Drake is stuck b/t a rock and a hard place…if he tries to be hood, which he is not, he'll be a "plastic surgery rapper," so maybe he is better off staying in the emo rap game.

    "Lil’ Wayne is the best rapper alive right now. Don’t even try and start an argument with me over this, because you know I’ll argue about it all day and night."

    Agreed. 🙂

    1. Drake has his plastic surgery rap moments… yes he in fact does. I personally think #hashtag or punchline rapping is on the way out, but Drake was a part of that too.

      As far as Eminem, I like to leave him out of hip hop conversations. Most people will regard him as one of the best emcees black or white, but they won't acknlowledge some of his material only flies with white people. You just can't be talking about killing your mother and baby mama. That's not cool in the hood. At all.
      My recent post My First Blog (The Final post on The Book of Jackson)

      1. Black people left Em alone after 8 Mile/Eminem Show…its like yea we know u nice but we dont care. Aint too many dudes in the hood bumpin “Im Not Afraid” and shit

  8. Well, if we're talking fav in the emo rap category it's a toss up between Drake and Yeezy. Kanye cried at least three times during the WTT concert, but Drake tries to make being emo hard and I love that lol. But right now I'm into Phonte…semi-underground, talks about love without sounding like a simp. This post was funny

  9. Lil Wayne the greatest rapper alive? GTFOH! Carter 4 was horrible. Sorry 4 The Wait terrible. I’m Not a Human very average. If he ws ever greatest rapper alive he sure isn’t now. Legacy wise, he’s pretty far behind a peer like Kanye West

    But yes, to anyone under a certain age he is demi-God status. Which is a bit of a disaster imo.

    1. Short answer here:

      Lil' Wayne has accomplished what many rappers wish they could accomplish. He's successfully won at anything and everything he's ever set out to do. Many people will judge him because the Carter 4 is not the Carter 2, but ask yourself, Why take backwards steps? Lil' Wayne has had the success of an underground CD (Carter II), he's done mainstream (Carter 3), this last album was to appease his fans who hadn't heard from him in 3 years (Carter 4).

      But don't sleep, he released a rock album (it went Gold), he released an album in jail (#1 album in the country, when he was in jail), he started a label that's WINNING (YM has Drake and Nicki), he's been rapping since he was 15, he's 29. His accomplishments speak for themselves. Lil' Wayne has done everything you want your rappers to do and he's done it well. If the man wants to try something different, he's earned that right. You don't have to go with him. There are still hip hop heads who still wear throwbacks, they didn't follow Jay-Z into grown & sexy.

      If you're not feeling the new Wayne then that's one thing, but right now you have MJ on the Wizards (Jay-Z) who still show signs of greatness and obviously is the greatest to ever play the game, and people just love to hate on the guy in LA who's clearly the most talented player in the league (Kobe). You can hate "How to Love" but you'll love "6 Foot 7 Foot". Hands down, there's no track that came out this year that went harder than that song, but that's cool if you disagree.
      My recent post My First Blog (The Final post on The Book of Jackson)

  10. "Lil’ Wayne is the best rapper alive right now."

    While I agree with your overall premise re: "Emo Rap", you lost all credibility with this statement.

    One cannot be "the best rapper alive right now" with lyrics like this:
    "Like Hitler, it's the New Orleans Nightmare"
    "When you're great, it's not murder, it's assassinate/So assassinate me, bitch/Cause I'm doing the same shit Martin Luther King did."
    "Then tell her I am Mr. Ointment/Tell her make an appointment with Mr./I can't make an appointment "
    "All about my riches/ My name should be Richard"
    "Swagger down pat/ Call my shit Patricia"
    "All I had to do was put two and two together/ But that just makes four, but not 'four-ever'"
    "Tote tools like mechanics/ Mechanisms"

    1. Chill Cole has some bad lines… nothing this terrible!

      Some people hang you out to dry/ Like a towel rack
      I get money to kill time/ Dead clocks
      I talk shit, I hope it matters/ We climax, without the ladder

      This dude who you called the greatest rapper alive ducks Tech 9, Nas and Andre 3000 on his OWN ALBUM! Than two months later gets slaughter by 3k on Drake's.
      Now when he raps next to Miami Rascals (DJ Khaled, T.I. Ross, Jeezy, Fat Joe, Plies) But you don't get to title of best rapper by ducking other good rappers.

      1. You're kind of off to be honest with you. If you wait a little while, Wayne's next single is the Intro/Interlude track. See if you can find it on Youtube and listen to all the verses in a row… Wayne outdid all those guys on that track, it's just broken up into three tracks on the album so no one is able to have that type of vision without putting them all together.

        1. Just so everyone knows, I am not trying to be some OD hip hop head who knows everything. I went to my car during my lunch break, I listened to all three tracks from the Carter IV. I was willing to admit I was wrong………… BUT I'M NOT!
          The Carter Intro was the worse part of the album, this guys punchlines are god awful. You want to say those lines are better than Tech 9 who spits 3 different flows on the same beat, than in the middle flow, rhymes every inner word for like 6 bars! 3 Flows count them! And he lost to
          "Stare into the eyes the eyes of forever
          Hear no evil see no evil, Helen Keller". Street warned me… I should say anything, I know.

  11. Wait a minute:

    – Kids are wearing jeggings now?
    – Lil' Wayne is supposed to be the best rapper alive now?
    – Rappers are crying at concerts now?

    I weep for the future.

    1. I find comments like this to be hilarious. Pretty much every generation has a variation of these three questions. I learned a long time ago that I would just admit that there would be some things in the future that were so far off from what I was used to that i'd just keep an open mind. Some of it is actually entertaining. I don't support men wearing jeggings, but in a lot of ways, most men don't even know what baggy jeans means and the origination. So what's worse? Wearing skinny jeans or baggy jeans? Now if you want to wear jeans that fit that's fine, but jeans that fit are referred to as tight fitted jeans these days.
      My recent post My First Blog (The Final post on The Book of Jackson)

      1. When DMX cried at his concerts, no one dare clowned him. We all loved it, no matter the generation.

        When people said Big was the best, it wasn't met with THIS much hate.

        And wearing female pants?? I mean the origins of the baggy era can be disputed. No one can dispute the fact that those pants were made for a female.

        1. Well DMX never felt like he was crying because society says it's okay to cry. DMX was crying because he was hurting. I mean it helps that the rest of his material was violent as all hell too.

      2. Dr. J: "I don't support men wearing jeggings, but in a lot of ways, most men don't even know what baggy jeans means and the origination. So what's worse? Wearing skinny jeans or baggy jeans?"

        Skinny jeans. Add that omission to the list. Unless your name is Mikhail Baryshnikov, a grown man has no business wearing jeggings.

        CHeeKZ: "When DMX cried at his concerts, no one dare clowned him. We all loved it, no matter the generation."

        That's because DMX is crazy. You expect crazy people to cry.

        1. So choosing between skinny jeans because they look gay and baggy jeans which is a sign to other inmates that you participate in gay sex, and you chose skinny jeans as the worse? That's odd.

        2. I think you're taking a post made in jest a little too seriously. I assume you didn't actually do pushups when you heard Brand New for the first time.

        3. The old story about baggy jeans is a old wives tale. Baggy jeans started b/c of a million reasons not just that one. People say they come from hand me down clothes and having to wear our older brothers stuff before you could fit into it. It wasn't one thing…

          Skinny Jeans come from one originating source… THE WOMAN'S SIDE OF A DEPARTMENT STORE!

        4. You are aware that skinny jeans are just a retro of 80s fashion. We're not talking about jeggings here. We're talking about Calvin Klein jeans that fit close to the body.

          Also, this is how I feel like the whole baggy jeans debate and whether it's an old wives tale (which it's not). You know they say that a dude with a tongue piercing will probably suck yo d*ck. But you know there are plenty of dudes that are straight as a blade with tongue rings. As far as i'm concerned if what I am wearing is questioned as to whether i'm straight or gay, i'm not taking no chances. I shouldn't have to defend my fashion choices. Now i'm starting to sound like the guy who keeps getting called gay because all his friends and associates are "in the arts."

    2. And to think I get inspired when Mobb Deep say “To real ninjas who ain’t got no feeling.” That used to make me want to fight on the subway. Now these young bammaz want to be let in and held. SMH.

  12. This post had me cracking up. This is how I feel about emo rap: I can't take no emotional arse dudes. I'm a Scorpio, I get ALL in my feelings ALL the time. If you are more emotional than I, I'ma be looking at you like: "Are you for real right now????" I think when Budden first came out all that "this is how I feel" stuff felt kind of refreshing, because rap had been so tough for a long while, then it became "Look at what I got!" So to hear a man rapping about his mother, his relationship issues, his insecurities– it was like, "Oh okay, this is cool." I used to love me some Joey back in '03.

    Eight years later, though, I'm just like…all of y'all need to get a grip. Kanye, I can forgive because he lost his mom and he hasn't been right since. The rest of them? Lord. I have Drake's mixtapes but Take Care is just too much for me. The first time I heard Marvin's Room, my jaw dropped. I don't think I could do anything but LAUGH is my ex called me on some ish like that. It's gotta stop.

    I wholly agree with your boy's statement: "I love Rick Ross because he knows how to weave a tale so grand that if you allow yourself to believe one word of it you’d be like “Damn, he’s an extraordinary human being.” *real life tears*

    1. I think Everybody loved Joey back in 03. How could we forget, Pump It Up, Focus, Fire, and the others? He lost us as soon as he started complaining about how Def Jam wasn't supporting him. I think he was right, so I let it slide.

      People need to stop acting like Kanye's mother is the reason he is the way he is now. That's what they say about adult film stars. Except maybe this was there the whole time and after your parents died you don't have anyone to keep you from living out your real dreams. Nobody to embarrass.
      My recent post My First Blog (The Final post on The Book of Jackson)

      1. Here's my thing with Kanye. He's a wee bit crazy, definitely arrogant, obviously super emotional, and slightly vindictive. And yes, he's seemingly been that way forever. However, I just feel like he took it to a whole new level after Donda died. And for that, I absolutely cannot blame him because it was so clear that he and his mother were unbelievably close. I think without her he felt like he lost himself. I think MBDTF was so beautiful because I felt like I was listening to Kanye re-discover himself. But that's just my humble opinion. 🙂

  13. You know I can't add much to the discussion – I catch some music on my way to and from work, on the radio. I'm late as hayul on J Cole, Drake is cool sometimes, I love to hate Wayne (but still find myself pop,pop,poppin' for a real n**ga) and I sat in the car recently with my girlfriend going through a break-up listening to Adele. I will put on some old folks radio in a hearbeat and jam out. But really, I kinda miss gangsta rap. I don't know why I like Too Short – I just do. I bop my head to Wacky Flacky. Rick Ross is somewhat swexy til I start thinking about his food pron video. Why dis bama's videos look like ads for Joe's Crab Shack? I miss the Chronic and Uncle Luke. I miss Lil' Kim when she was still Black and used to be scared of the d***k. Shoot, I miss the early days of Fifty Cent when he was stealing Ja Rule's style and laughing all the way to the bank. My mind is playing tricks on me. I'll take your man. Doin' da butt. Method Man and Mary J. *sigh* – it feels like we had better music back in the day, but I know my parents say the same thing about us.

    1. I believe, "Music is best, when you can best enjoy it." If you look at most people's favorite music, it was from their formative years until they had to settle down in life and put away childish things. At a certain point when you "grow up" your entire musical palette stops growing. You might hear a good record every now and then, but you don't have time to sit and listen to Kendrick Lamar or Big KRIT to hear some of the new music on the streets these days.
      My recent post My First Blog (The Final post on The Book of Jackson)

        1. The game is getting saturated, I don't agree with that. There was a time when there was no originality in music at all. There was not even a shade of color in the game. Then you had Berry Gordy hand selecting artists for Motown and then even fewer actually getting a chance to have a great career. The game is getting over-saturated? No.. I would just say this is open competition. It's good, it's better than it was 50 years ago.

      1. Oh snap is that what happened? I was thinking the music is getting wack…but as it turns out I'm getting wack?!??! I just died a little bit on the inside.

    1. Muze, darling, don't sleep on my boo Wayne. There;s a reason he can pull a Lauren(Laura? whatever) London. Dude talks about eating it until she cries, call that whine (wine) and dine? Yeah, I'm apt to believe that dude's working with some special ish… IJS. lol.

      1. oh Nia, i forgot your love for the little roach man. lmbo. he may have something special, but i can't get past the packaging. leopard jeggings and a mouth full of gold (STILL mad at kanye for that) are so extraordinarily anti-sexy to me. lol. ew.
        My recent post Because I No Longer Fear Flying

  14. This was funny… o.k. EMO Rap was created by the G.O.A.T LL Cool J and he will forever remain Head of State for me lol… Kanye def upgraded it. Without placing concious rappers like Common, Talib Kweli, Black Thought and the Roots or Mos Def in the blend, then Budden would could be vice president. I like his brash delivery. Maybe even better Director of Homeland or Secretary of Foriegn Affairs. Jcole is growing on me, I can't really put my finger on where he falls yet I need to listen to his mix tapes, but I'm thinking he may line up with my concious rappers list. ( for the younger generation) I mean he is talking about what's "Politic'n" for them at the moment and his records show growth and transition. In all I liked this list…I just, I think you can leave Lil Wayne out. I mean I like him like "Garfield" but he just doesn't do it for me like "Heathcliff". Or should I say he's more like "Pinkey" rather than "The Brain". The Brain being Kanye, sets out to conquer the world everyday, Pinkey just goes along for the ride. Even though the craziest things happen during the Brains plan to conquer the world everyday he ends with preparation for tomorrow to Conquer the world once again. Pinkey just goes along for the ride… Just My Thoughts!

    1. You have to put Budden in the Interior because at the end of the day, Budden hasn't had a successful album and his career is yet to take off. It's been 9 years… Somebody's got to call a spade a spade, i'm not sure that anyone in America really feels this guy outside the Northeastern corridor.

      I don't know, I see Wayne more like Professor X. He's produced Drake and Nicki and they've had massive success. People always thought Professor X had some of the weaker or less attractive skills, but I think he was the man.
      My recent post My First Blog (The Final post on The Book of Jackson)

        1. I'm a lil special Tristan. I DEFINE mainstream for myself "Blame it, On my Adhd" lol But I agree with the comment on Grey. She is definitely "Phoenix" (One of many to return) They better due her justice and bring her back to life next year like she's supposed to.

        2. Yo even if they bring her back she will just jump into another story line that will ultimately end in her untimely death. All the b!tch does is die!

          I hate Reconts. If a person dies leave them dead…. except Batman. Killing him was just a bad idea overall.

      1. Then Kanye would be Magneto, and if you my memory serves correct, First class shows that once again "Eric "was the brains. He initiated the decision to show mutant power was far more superior. And Charles just went on for the ride. By taking his idea that he Probably stole from his brain…Lol. I'm not saying that Wayne doesn't have it in him… I'm just saying he hasn't showed me that its of his own will. YMCM was given to him, Kanye sought out a deal which would allow him to imprint in his own name since he was established. Hey I even bet Wayne had that convo with his lawyer they convinced him to go ahead and take the charge its only a year and will boost ur cred. Kanye just said Imma go HAM but this is me I'm not some Carbon Copy. They broke the mold when they made me and when they tried to glue it together again they came out with LiL Wayne. Although he is put together nicely he still isn't KanYe! Its funny cause I'm am not even a Kanye fan like that. I'm a Jay Allday kinda person. But I caught knock him. He has got something!! Je'ne sais quoi! I will however put Joe in the Office of the Interior because he has no relevant music NOW. But he remains Relevant and that says a lot.

        1. Kanye wouldn't be Magneto. He doesn't have any successful artists on his label. You went to far. And Wayne went out and signed Drake and Nicki on his own, that wasn't given to him. 75% of all the rappers on YM would never be signed to Cash Money. And you can't assassinate Wayne for things that Jay-Z has done in his career too. At that point, then you're just a Stan.

        2. Not a stan I am a lover of music that's all. And Kid cudi , Common, Mos Def, John Legend are all signed to Good Music (Big Sean too I think?? Don't quote me tho) As well a host of others. I can t say I have counted a persons pockets but, I usually define success with longevity. Again , I say Wayne is cool he in a league of his own. He has it in him… let me see what he can do with Tyga and Shanell then maybe he can move up on my list. But until he gets another Producer on his team besides T Pain his money will always fill Kanyes pockets and one again KanYe remains bouyant!

        3. With the exception of Cudi he signed all those people after their careers had risen to the highest point and since signing all of their careers are worse off. Wayne signed Minaj and Drake when 1) Minaj, nobody knew who she was and 2) Drake had one good mixtape and that was it… You have to ask Kanye what happened with all those other small names if you're going to ask Wayne the same.

          And Young Money doesn't just have T-Pain, they have T-Minus and 40. And also just about anyone is willing to work with them. Not everyone is down to work with Kanye, but even Guetta will work with Wayne. You can make a good comparison against Wayne and Kanye, except Wayne been here since 97 and Kanye 04, and Wayne has a more diverse background and Kanye really only does one thing well. They really aren't in the same league.

        4. Correction: All Drake mixtapes were hot, you mean one commercially popular mixtape. Drake was known by a LOT of young people from his Degrassi days. Wayne signing him actually just gave hijm access to other crowds. So at the crux you're right but he was more than SFG
          My recent post Infographic: Black Friday Shopping Stats

        5. Room for Improvement was OK, but he signed him after Comeback Season… and then So Far Gone came out. But I see what you're saying. In terms of hip hop though, Wayne took a chance on him, he believed in him and really wanted him in the fold. Can't fault him for that.

        6. Yo there are some misstatements here.

          Cudi was unheard of. Big Sean was unheard of. Common was coming off of Electric Circus than went on to drop a classic album and got his acting career popping. Consequence was working at Green Acres mall before Kanye. John Legend was signing backround vocals before Good Music started and turn him into a house hold name.
          Wanye has Drake, Nicki and maybe Tyga (Rack City b!tch) plus that new kid he just signed yesterday Torain other than that he has a bunch of dead weight tax write offs. Short Dawg? Really? Gudda Gudda?

        7. What are you talking about? Nobody even mentioned Big Sean… reason being Big Sean has a couple hit songs right now, he ain't really no better than when he dropped his mixtapes. John Legend signed with G.O.O.D. after he had his first two albums. Common was already established. I don't know what you're talking about, your facts is just all over the place right now. Did you already start holiday drinking or something? John Legend is also signed to Sony something I didn't want to put out there because then I'd have to bring up how Big Sean had to sign with Def Jam just to get a real project to see the light of day. I just left it alone.

          Let's go back to talking about emo rap, please.

        8. Just to be clear, this is all dead wrong. Take the first John Legend album turn it over please… note the good music stamp. GOOD Music was originally distributed by SONY. When SONY/BMG returned to SONY Music they dropped alot of their vanity labels from exclusive contracts.
          So you can sign to Good Music and not have a distribution deal. Than they can shop you to whoever, like Cy Hi and soon French Montana if that ever happens. That is why Common was good music but still with Geffen. or GLC was good music and sign with EMI b/c no one wants his bum self. and Cudi is with Universal Republic. Good Music had deals everywhere, but lately Def Jam has been getting all their artist.

        9. Yo… your wilding right now fam. I hear what you're saying and all, but you're just wilding if you think that Kanye made John Legend what he is today. GOOD Music and Pastelle was just about the same in terms of success until about 6 months ago. But that's cool, you keep on keeping on.

        10. John Legend's first single… produced by Kayne West.
          John Legend's vocal features… all Kanye Productions. Him and Kanye go back to 2001.
          You would have never heard of him if not for Kanye.

        11. I gotta agree with Cheekz. I've been familiar with Getting Out Our Dreams (GOOD) for a minute, starting with John Legend and Common. and when Kanye put out that "Cant Tell Me Nothing" mixtape is when I got familiar with a few more of the artists down with him. and that was like 06 or 07 I think…
          My recent post I know that we don’t know each other well…

        12. I think you missing his point. Nobody said that we haven't been hearing GOOD for a minute. We basically said, GOOD isn't comparable to Young Money. It's not a label that produced greatness. Common was already established. John Legend would have made it anyway. There was no scouting of artists done by Kanye except for maybe Cudi (who had a hit mixtape in 01) and Big Sean. All the other artists were already established in their own right. And for Cudi and Big Sean their careers didn't pop off until they signed another deal with a larger label to actually get some promotion behind their music. In fact, Big Sean had a mixtape using Ye beats and it flopped, now he stopped using Ye beats and his career is soaring. Cheekz wants you to believe that GOOD is the reason behind this, when in fact, it's these artists realizing that although Kanye is creative, he's not anywhere near the business mind that's going to get them anywhere in the industry. Versus Wayne who went out and scouted two icons in the industry and too them from obscurity to fame. It's just not comparable. I'm so done arguing with him about this though, but I just wanted to clarify what you're agreeing to.

        13. Kanye, Common, Pusha T & Big Sean
          Wayne, Drake, Nicki, & T Pain

          Unless you throw Kanye on one of those GOOD Music songs you are damn near 100% more likely to get a hit song with the YMCMB artists…..they probably pull in more revenue as a unit then GOOD music does, if i had to invest i would put my money in YMCMB

          CASE CLOSED

        14. the difference for me is… doesn't matter if its a "hit" sonically Kanye, Common and Pusha are better artists to ME and are what my 30 year old ass prefers to listen to. the first group of names are for my whip, my ipod, around the house, MY LIFE and the other group maybe for the club (except Drake I do like him in other aspects too). it is what it is.
          My recent post I know that we don’t know each other well…

        15. Ok. T Pain is not a YMCMB artist. I have no idea why you brought him up. He was found by Akon and is signed thru Jive.

          Why would you put Pusha T into the mix when he hasn't even dropped yet?

          If we are talking about star power, Drake makes the conversation mute b/c he is right there with big name rappers. But me and the sexy Reecie weren't talking about that, we were merely defending Kanye's eye for talent and ability to develop it. Kanye, Cudi, Sean, John Legend.. CyHi, maybe French Montana if the ink drys on the deal. Plus rebuilding the careers of Pusha and Common. As Reecie was saying, its Drake that makes Wayne look like a genius.

        16. you clarifying what I'm agreeing to? interesting. I read very well. but ok.

          I don't agree that Wayne cultivated greatness in Drake when he was being courted by several labels and chose YM. He wouldve been great anyway, I'm convinced. and Nicki? yeah many of her original fans prefer her style/talent pre-YM.

        17. Just to be clear. I never said anything about GOOD music making bigger stars, just that your statements about them were historically wrong.

          Why does Wayne get credit for discovering Drake (Room for improvement) and Nicki (The Come up) off mixtapes but finding Cudi off a mixtape a mark down for Kanye? Kanye found big Sean free styling in a radio station..if that isn't a find? And how can we say Legend would have made it anyway, but Drake wouldn't? . Equal credit goes to both.

          Lastly, Doc is caught up on this issue with the distribution deal. Just so you know Drake and Nicki had the SAME ISSUE with young money, Nicki complained for years while signed with Feindi that Wayne couldn't get the same 2nd deal. When Wayne found those acts Universal did not have them on their rosters. Noted by the line "Sylvia telling Tez, damn Drake Fly, and he b like Silly MF, I know". He is talking about Sylvia Rhone and Cortez Bryant, b/c he wanted that "2nd deal." Why knock Cudi and Sean just b/c Drake was able to accomplish such a rare feat afterwards and Sylvia missed out on a chance to buy Drizzy for pennies on the dollar b4 SFG? Remember YMCMB wasn't always this hot and respected this is really recently ask Gillie the Kid, Briscoe, and Currency. If Wayne is such a good business man, what happened to Da Sqad?

        18. "They really aren't in the same league" Sounds Good to me. I can agree with that Lol. Wait they don't have TPain I know I saw a YMCMB stamp on something associated with him that flew past my desk…hmmm I must check my resources (considering I don't have his album) lol. According to Popchart Forbes gave an account of Raps Cash Cows. Kanye is at 16 million and number 3 on the cash cows list. Followed closely by Wayne at 15 million #4 and is tied with Birdman(15) cause every penny he make Bidrman gets a half. Shoot I see that as potential. " 30 mill " potential. Now I don't know how accurate that is but… They Say Men Lie Women Lie and Numbers Don't. I'm cheering for him though. He just need to pull away and get that money by himself. Then he will have my Round of Applause. I'm thinking that list is based on the artist themselves not their label but idk! I usually try not to reference only one source when I quote but I didn't have time to check forbes online. (Mobile ap for this android sucks)

  15. What do you guys (and girls) think about emo rap?
    I guess dudes crying like bitches posting youtube vids on facebook is better than ninjas shooting eachother. I'm surprised you forgot the Godfather of Emo Rap…..D…M….X *barks twice (you must always bark twice)* I think emo rap is just a sign of the times now, dudes aint hustlin in the streets no more, they spending all they bread on clothes/smoke/liquor only to be still getting played by chicks.

    Who are some of your favorite artists in the game right now and why? Let’s chat it up about Hip Hop today, make me proud.

    Favorite artists to listen to now: On the ipod its: Kendrick, Childish, Cole, vintage Jigga, Kanye. When i'm riding thru the hood Jeezy, Meek and Rozay (they need to squash beef n make a track together). Drake and Wale is for when im with a female and dont wanna hit em with the slow jams yet.

    1. DMX was dope back then but he had some of the most pauseworthy lyrics in hiphop. check out the lyrics of "where the hood at"… too much prison action prolly caused it i guess.

  16. “Do you hit your keys really hard and fast to show him that you’re not to be tweeted with?”

    That line had me laughing for quite a while…. heehee….

    I think I'm over rap, but of all those named, I like Budden the best, then Cole. I strongly dislike Wayne.

    But as far my own faves… I buy every J, Nas, and T.I. album faithfully. I like others too, but those I buy without regard to reviews.
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  17. This article was well written and funny. i always thought that Emo rappers were difficult to listen to. I'm glad that I'm not alone.

  18. I think it is very refreshing and healthy for male rappers to display their emotions through their music. Too often men and especially black men cling to these unhealthy ideas of hegemonic masculinity like it's law when actually it's just a social construction. I love when a man can express himself freely without being constrained by what other people may think of him. So if Kanye wants to cry about Amber then let him do him. I think gangster, "plastic surgery" rap is far more detrimental on young people than emo rap. I mean the worst emo rap can do to our community is create a generation of young people who are in touch with their emotions. Sounds terrible (insert sarcasm here) Oh and Take Care is a banger!!!!!!

  19. Selfishly, very selfishly, I am happy about emo rap and I want it to continue. I want all the men to feel comfortable with letting the feelings flow. So what if they go overboard at first. They’ll eventually find balance. I like men who can express emotion. Men never (hardly ever) show me their soft side. Since I’m an emotional girl, that leaves me at a disadvantage. I want some power, dammit. Let him get out of control one time. Then if it becomes a big thing, maybe awkward, nerdy nice guys will get the girls and all these fake punk ass overcompensating wannabe tryna be hard dudes will die off or something.

    1. That's what women asked for long time ago hence the influx of emo music, metrosexual men, skinny jeans and pink shirts.

      Please…no more.

  20. I ain't even gonna LIE up until this new Emo Rap Phenomenon , I didn't care for rap at all except for Jay-Z and I was only able to take him in doses.

    Personally I think R&B-Rap is a nice change from the typical Skeet Skeet on dem [email protected] type songs.

    I'm Lovin It!!!

  21. I was going to CO-sign this post when I saw the title but than this dude threw Mouse under the bus. Desrespecting the Slaughter. Let keep in mind Buddens is the only dude on here who also raps that good old East Coast catch a Jux music. He bears his sole and that is what makes he such a great listen, but his soul also includes some rough stuff like beating on his pregnant girlfriend and being addicted to pain killers. He may be emo but he isn't soft.

    Truth of the matter is its good to have an alternative to Money Rap and Gangsta Rap. But the real Emo dudes have always been Murs, Brother Ali, Slug, Binary Star, Phonte. And if I had to pick another dude about to make an Emo impact it would have to be the kid Emilio Rojas for Rochester who I heard this week might be signing with MMG. I also think Wale belongs on this list, I think the Doc didn't want to call out his DC hero, but come on the guy has spoken word poetry on his albums. Spoke Word Poetry.

    1. This dude gave the ten best reason on why to not trust Drake with your GF. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5ukWUv0piJI
      Hilarious. My man pointed out last week Drake says some lines that violate man code. This guy said on Practice "Don't give them no more chances, oh girl they had their turn" YO MAN! Don't tell me girl that ish. That is some hater game. I know I'm messing up Drezzy, I don't need you reminding my girl i your attempt to get some. That any his sweaters are just unacceptable.

  22. Man you have to have Kid Cudi in there somewhere. Easily the most depressing great music you’ll find these days lol.

    Wale is about 2 lifetime movies from being on the list too.

    I don’t mind emotional rap as long as it’s part of you consistently. This gives Drake, Cole, and Cudi a pass in my book.

    1. I don't know if Cudi is emo, but he can be depressing. There's a difference. Some of Cudi's music is from the pits of the illest barbiturates available on the market today. But that doesn't mean he gets emotional, it just means he's got some issues that need medical attention.

  23. This Post is everything Dr. J and you know I live for THE MIX!!!!!!
    "“Do you hit your keys really hard and fast to show him that you’re not to be tweeted with?”" >>>>>>>>>>>>>>

    Unlike R&B where its acceptable for men to be emo – it just makes these rappers seem Sybil-ish. I don't know NWA is still in my ipod playlist – with this new rap O'Shea's Amerikkas Most Wanted can be a bit refreshing to balance things out for me.

  24. I love me a emo man. People have been criticizing Take Care since it came out but I don't see a problem with it. Its refreshing to see men just be them, not try to put on a persona. Drake will show up to an event in a Cosby sweater and can't nobody tell him anything. These are dudes who didn't have the best life, but they weren't shooting people up when they were 12 either. They were just normal people. BTW I don't count Wayne as a emo rapper..he is just extra stupid. Last thing I heard from Joe Budden was "bump it up" or whatever. I think he makes more youtube vids than music.

    I don't listen to a ton of rap.. I promised my friend I would give a good listen to BigKRIT… we shall see how that goes.
    My recent post Dear E,

    1. Fashion wise Wayne is emo. How to Love was intended to be a mainstream single. He actually bought that song from someone else.. ironically.

      I don't think Take Care is bad at all. You bring up a funny point about Drake and his sweaters. People will point to stuff that has nothing to do with him being emo and say, "Look at that! Drake is soft as kitten fur!" I don't know why people hate on him and his sweaters. However, I do think that if one of my boys called up an ex at 4AM and started "Marvin's Room" I would have to clown him for the rest of his days.

      1. Lmao. This reminded me of the Big Ghost Review of Take Care. For those who don't know… Big Ghost is a blogger that pretends to be Ghostface killer and he gives review of other artist music using Ghostface euphemism. Funniest thing on the net, and I quote

        "son goes by many names b…Drizzy or Aubrey or the Artist Formerly Known as Wheelchair Jimmy nahmean. But yalls might know him as The Kitten Whisperer aka The Harvester of Pauses aka The Taio Cruz of Hip Hop aka Young Garnier Fructis the pre-cum baby aka Jennifer Aniston's favorite emcee….n the muthafucka most likely to have a gateway to Narnia in his closet aka The Michael Buble of Rap or that n!gga witta beatin vagina for a heart that you be hearin on the radio sandwiched between Katy Perry n Lady Gaga joints all day aka Justin Biebers beard n the only nigga on earth capable of turnin sandpaper into moist towelettes wit the touch of his hands…the [email protected] nectar-garglin nigga who makes lambs look dangerous hisself…..otherwise known as the Human Electric Slide… OctobVariesOwn….Drake"

        1. I like Drake too, sometimes I really relate b/c I'm a 'relationship guy' but you gotta let people laugh at you sometimes. Its ok to not take his softness so seriously.

          Big Ghost is funny, he actually gave a review of Wiz Khalifa's album and Wiz didn't know it wasn't REALLY Ghostface! He got all tight, asking why old Ghost was hating on him. Lmao. Classic Comedy.

  25. Don't have a problem with emo rap. I listen to plenty of it, not necessarily by any of the examples cited though. Drake has produced many a great laughs at his expense. I'm not a fan of J Cole though. He's like supposed to be the quasi underground version of Drake except he's actually really lyrical! The problem is, he isn't all that lyrical at all. Especially not anything that's leaps and bounds ahead of Drake.

    I'm only waiting on BLU (blu you're my boy!) to finally release any of the 15 projects that he was supposed to release this year. Even though J E S U S is my favorite thus far still. Waiting on Jean Grae's album, but Talib Kweli is a terrible human being so I probably won't get anything until AFTER the Black Star album. Waiting on whatever 50 releases. I'll attempt to listen to the mixtape Lu is dropping on Thanksgiving. And I'm fiending for Clipse and Re-Up Gang.

  26. Funny, yet interesting post. I actually don't follow rap close enough anymore to make an educated assessment of the rap game. I was actually always an R&B cat at heart, even when I was young. Today, if it's not on the radio, I'm probably not aware of it. Plus my musical ear is far more eclectic and prone to genres outside of rap and R&B than in my youth. I'm actually more likely to jam out to alternative than to any other genre. I only know who J. Cole is because of Twitter. In fact, most of my musical knowledge now-a-days comes from interactions on Twitter. Mind you, I will listen to some ignorant rap circa Wocka Flocka Flame or Webbie whenever I want to get in the mood to act….. well, I think you see where I'm going with that.

    To each their own though.

  27. Don't get me wrong. I'm not listening exclusively to emo rap or anything but its about damn time some of us non-Glock toting multiple felons got some shine. That overdose of Gangsta rap that you spoke of caused serious damage to the culture as a whole IMHO. A lot more people's minds closed to the fact that rap is art after Pac got shot. This is simply the system re-balancing itself and it came not a moment too soon. There were way too many T.I. and The Clipse wannabes with 0.05% of the talent of them.

  28. Maybe it's just me, but the more I hear emo rap the more I like lewd and misogynistic music, because at least I know what to expect (j/k).
    I thought this was a really good post because I don't think I ever considered the impact that this new wave of emotive lyrics have had on society and the roles we play.
    These two lines were hilarious:
    “Do you hit your keys really hard and fast to show him that you’re not to be tweeted with?”
    "He clearly never saw the movie Showgirls because then he would know that strippers got hopes and dreams too. "
    I also have to play devil's advocate because as women we constantly talk about the emotionally unavailable man, but here these men are spewing their emotions and we're like "Man Up". Maybe emo rap is in response to the Mary J. Blige's & Monica's of the world.

    My recent post Dance me to the end of love

    1. I feel as though, women never wanted men to become emo, they just wanted them to feel comfortable talking about their feelings. They still want that done in a masculine way. They don't want you to cry because your ex left you for another dude that she probably smashed on the first date. However, if you never communicate things like, "Baby when you scream at me, it's going no where fast." <— That's not emo, that's talking about how you guys can better communicate. Women didn't want men to go emo, they wanted them to feel comfortable speaking instead of the constant silent treatment and I've got to be hard act.

      1. Indeed, but that's a completely different discussion on whether women want men to communicate feelings versus expressing feelings. I mean the whole gambit, not just the shit that makes her feel happy/needed.

  29. Mac im goin in… lol

    Emo rap is cool. Emo rap in mega doses I can do without. There's a time and polace for everything. I still say if you didnt feel 808s you never been through real shyt in your life.

    I wont argue with doc over this Lil Wayne is the best rapper alive now, because we will be here all day. He's the best TO DOCTA JAY, and im cool with his opinion.

    Take Care is a solid album. People will never be satisfied unless a rapper is spittin the same struggle bars they did when they first dropped.

    Eminem shouldnt be left off of anyones hip hop list. He's one of the greatest and thats not up for debate!

    This list is hilarious, but DMX was the Yin and Yang between thug and emo. His balance was perfect!

    Gangsta Rap served its purpose in Hip Hop/. I dont need the air waves to be inudated with it like t was ocne upon a time, but it should remain, like all other forms of rap.

    All generations will clown the generation after. Its the circle of life. Some qualities transcend generations and can be admired by all. Jim Brown could thrive in 2011. Derek Jeter would be the same captain on the 56 yanks
    My recent post Infographic: Black Friday Shopping Stats

  30. This post had me in stitches and the mix is fire too. I'm conflicted about emo rap. On the one hand, I think it's good for men to have this alternative to gangsta rap and tipdrill rap…but I also need not see young men in tiger stripe jeggings on the subway o_0. Actually, if we go by this list, then I'm really not a fan. I love old school Wayne, and that's the only reason why I tolerate Wayne post Carter III. Also hated Take Care, but I'm going to give it one more thorough listen. It was just too much – like it made me feel awkward but maybe that says more about me ionno. And because I'm realizing that I do think emo rap has gone too far, I gotta say that I don't think J. Cole should be on this list haha I love him and I think he brings a good balance – Lost Ones makes me cry almost every time but there is nothing soft or emo about it.
    My recent post Today

  31. Great post , had me laughing. I love me some Drake (gotta be loyal to my Canadian peeps) but yea he consistently has some "sweet" lyrics. Have yall seen Big Ghost's review of Take Care? It's hilarious.

    Anyway, apart from the blatant error about Wayne being the greatest rapper alive, I gotta agree with this list. Co-sign Cheekz on adding Wale though.

    1. I said, best rapper alive.

      I spotted Big Ghost a long time ago. He's hilarious. When he called Thank Me Later, Yung Berg Yoga Music I just about fell out my chair and added that to my slang.

  32. Great post…funny post, lol.

    Since I only listen to urban AC stations, I've never heard a Joe Budden song (though I def find him easy on the eyes, lol…so I know who he is) or a J. Cole song (I could've via Pandora…but whenever I don't recognize the beat and see his name, I skip it…oops, lol). I know the Kanye, Drake, and Wayne hits…cause they're kinda everywhere, lol. Hard not to hear them at some point. I actually enjoy a few of the Kanye and Drake hits. This sing-song-Tpain rap stuff is getting old and overdone to me though. And Lil Wayne…I just despise everything he stands for. He is not a model of success to me in any way shape or form…sorry.

    I kinda hate what the music industry has done to music…like really hate it. I mean…just google the Top songs/cds in the 90's and google todays charts. Kinda speaks for itself. -_-

  33. I know a lot of SBM writers rep DC, but aint no way yall can do an emo-rapper list and leave off Wale. I like dude as an MC and all, but he's way hormonal and easily out e-thugs everyone on this list (Joey included). Sometimes I think it's funny, but others I can't help but wonder how a grown man can be that sensitive.

  34. You right about Budden. I agree about Eminem, that nigga is the most depressing nigga I've ever had the misfortune to hear. I would also add Game's insufferable ass.

    JCole… Idk. Nigga hasn't really caught my attention like that.

    Drake shouldn't be there. Sure he's emotional, but when I think about "Emo rap," I think complainin ass niggas. Maybe I'm wrong? But still, my issue with emo rap is when the whining and negative attitude is relentless. I def see that from Budden and Eminem. Don't even listen to that zebra nigga wayne, so I can't tell you. But not Drake–he manages to make me not want to jump off a bridge once in a while.

  35. Article By DJ Red

    I'm usually not one to neg on popular radio DJs, but when people pull out the word "emo", I begin to slowly
    take the palm of my hand and place it firmly against my forehead. I then shake my hand in the frustration
    of ignorance. For those who don't know, Dr. J was pretty respected, that is until now.
    The guy must have seriously been crapping out some crazy diarrhea when he went on to insult the likes
    of Drake, J. Cole and Kanye West in calling them "emo" rap. Emo rap? Really? We got through a period
    of pointless subject matter and the so called "keep it gangsta" persona for the last ten years only so that
    when an artist tries to convey some real talk in 2012 they're labeled "emo"? I gotta hand it to you Dr. J,
    when you preach ignorance, be prepared to face the wrath of indy artists such as myself. Let's take a look
    at what Dr. J said just so you know I'm not making this up.

    "However, Kanye West is the Minister of Music when it comes to being emo. First and foremost, nobody told him to put his heart and soul … and personal life into his music. He clearly never saw the movie Showgirls because then he would know that strippers got hopes and dreams too." -Dr. J https://www.singleblackmale.org/2011/11/22/emo-rap

    So Dr. J, it's a bad thing to put heart and soul into music now? So what, you want us to stage
    a fake persona and go back to the hardcore gangsta ways? Does this guy not realize that there's
    still hardcore stuff out there to listen to? Freddie Gibbs? Big KRIT? ASAP Rocky? Please, just shut up
    my nigga (I always wanted to do that on an article) lol. Now, Dr. J continues his rant, and it really starts
    to get pathetic when he storms in on J. Cole territory.

    Here’s my only issue with Cole: he connects with his fans because he comes across as a real dude who came from nothing and somehow he made his situation better, but then he has a track where he talks about how great his life is now and I’m left feeling like, “But dawg, I’m still on the bus.”

    So he attacks J. Cole, okay maybe I can see an actual debate forming here, but Cole is doing this
    to put himself in the listener's shoes. The Beatles were writing songs about how they blossomed
    into a purple dragon and ate a bunch of people. Guess what? That never really happened. So in
    his world view, all music must be based on reality (I've lied quite a few times in my songwriting
    times in his world view of things). You know Dr. J, I like to do a little thing called creating art.
    It's called putting substance in the music, experimenting and trying to put some occasional
    raw emotion into the music. First off, you're confusing emo with the blues. Emo is cutting my
    wrist and terminating into a self destructive path. The blues is talking about hard times and
    trying to better your life circumstances. So in your logic, I guess all of these guys were emo too,
    am I wrong Dr. J?

    (Points fingers at Nas, 2Pac, Wu-Tang, OutKast, The Roots, Grandmaster Flash, Biggie and Dr. Dre)


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