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We Be Grubbin: My Top 5 Thanksgiving Dishes


For those who celebrate this holiday, Thanksgiving is a time for reflection. A time to give thanks to whatever deity you believe in for what you have in life. I love family holidays like this because with all of our busy lives, it’s hard to get my family all together to do anything. So we make sure to go all out on Thanksgiving Day. As a greedy person at heart, my second favorite part of this holiday is the FOOD! Eff what you heard, my mom’s Thanksgiving dinner game is >>>>>. This is not up for debate! I can’t wait to dig in [||] tomorrow, so in preparation for the festive event, I will list my fave 5 Thanksgiving dishes!

5) Ham

If you don’t eat pork, you lost. Seriously,  I don’t even eat ham like that. But when I do, it’s only the Ham my mom makes. She makes swine taste like Heaven, I swear. I don’t eat much of it, but just enough to get my yearly fix.

4) Turkey

I’ve never been much of a turkey eater. Well, let me not lie. I love turkey sandwiches, but roasted turkey isn’t always my cup of tea. It’s traditional and it’s the poster child for Thanksgiving. So why not?

3) Dessert

The perfect way to end a meal. My mom switches it up every Thanksgiving. Sometimes, she’ll make a pie or go the “It’s not delivery, it’s DiGiorno” route and buy something out the box that taste home made! She always knows what to get and never disappoints. So I don’t mention it. Hey, we have a good deal here so I’m not going to mess it up!! lol

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2) Lasagna

Yes, you read that right. In our household, we do things unconventionally. We love cooking lasagna on this day because  it’s a special occasion. I don’t mind because Lasagna with meat is one of my favorite dishes — if not my #1. I just wiped a 5th of drool off my keyboard from thinking about tomorrow!

1) The Stuffing

Ever since I was a youth (pronounced yout), stuffing has been my everything. Every year, it never ever fails me. I can’t pinpoint why I like it so much. It’s light, fluffy, and seasoned to perfection,. I know it’s nothing more than glorified bread crumbs and probably looked at as one of the lesser sides fixed for Turkey Day. But if you make an excellent stuffing, you have a clear path to my heart. I could eat plates of stuffing for days on end. Easy!

I’m thankful for my fam and friends, and love the family aspect of Thanksgiving. The food is just an added plus. But I be hongry, you know?! Let’s justify #grubbinseason. Share some of your favorite fixings today!

P.S. Miss me with any “real meanings of Thanksgiving” debates. We talking bout food, bro! Food!

Peace and Enjoy the Holiday,

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  1. Macaroni and Cheese. And no, Kraft Macaroni and Cheese doesn't count. Come with the baked mac n cheese with at least 3 different type of cheese or don't come at all….I'm serious bro 🙂

    Happy Thanksgiving All!!!
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      1. LMBO!!! "Hate Hate Hate" Dayum what happened to you as a child to make you hate hate hate mac & cheese and "room temperature foods" I can't stop laughing. Actually potato salad is best slightly chilled. Even though I don't eat any of the traditional stuff anymore I would understand haing room temp potato salad, lol

    1. Stove Top….please….nothing like homemade from the crushed up bread and toast to give it that nice crunch on top….yum. In my family on the rare occasions we do use stove top its when we run out of bread for the homemade and we doctor up the stove top….lol
      I feel u on the deep fried turkey. Problem is finding somebody to stand outside in the cold and watch it and cook it…lol

  2. Haven't had an oven turkey in years. Fried turkey with a cajun seasoning/injection is orgasmic. Add the dressing (I'm in Chicago…what is this "stuffing" you speak of), the baked mac (mozz, colby, cheddar and sharp cheddar garlic suace to bind it o_o/), mustard and turnip greens….yum yum yum. But gawd that kitchen cleanup is horrible. I clean as he cooks (husband is AWESOME in the kitchen) but he uses every pot, spoon, skillet, knife, bowl etc. Also love a Thanksgiving lasagna.

    1. Me and my girl just had a conversation about stuffing vs. dressing. We’re both from Chicago too, and stuffing is out the box Stove Top ish. Dressing is what your Mama makes!

    2. Glad u said this I am from Chicago too and I was reading above and thinking in my head like "stuffing" folks dressing is where its at! LOL
      I can't even accept the mac and cheese blasphemy from above. Homemade mac and cheese has been passed down generation to generation I hold it down come this time of the year now. Just like my mama, grandma, and great grandma ya heard!

    3. *high-fives the eff outta SHA* Is dressing really just a Chi thang? Because this stuffing stuff is giving me severe side-eyes. My folks used to say… that's some 2520 ish. lol

      And mannnn that sharp cheddar and colby. MANNNNN listen.

  3. My favorite dish is the cornbread dressing (only PLZ leave out the giblets and liver mess…just give me some cut up chicken and I'm good). And with that dressing, I want cabbage and some sweet potato casserole. And of course, DESSERT! I wait ALL freaking year to seriously gorge on some desserts…I want'em all….no pumpkin pie, though, thanks.

    1. I HATE gizzards in dressing! My grandmother used to make me cut those suckers up to put in the dressing. I had nightmares about them once. Ion't mess with those things. I put sausage in my dressing instead =)

    2. Thank you for supplying the right word. I KNEW giblets didn't sound right. I don't think I even know what a giblet is….but "gizzards" were exactly what I was trying to say. And those people who use that in their dressings can still keep it to themselves. lol

  4. Whatever is on my plate needs to be homemade!! That means leave the easy mac on the shelf along with StoveTop and whatever else they have to made Thanksgiving quick. If you can't make it from scratch then don't make it…

    Of course, different families bring their cultures into Thanksgiving. It was this time last year that I first heard about putting marshmallows on sweet potatoes or something like that. pass pass pass. I'm not a fan of pecan or pumpkin pie either. But every year Mom comes up with another dessert creation thats hits the spot.
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  5. This post is the perfect prelude to the complete and utter gluttony that awaits me on Thursday. Growing up, I was taught that Thanksgiving was essentially the Culinary Superbowl. You must bring your A game to our family dinner or your ability to be/remain "chose" may potentially be called on the carpet. Here are my 5 🙂

    1. Fried turkey- I don't endorse risking your life and limb to deep fry a turkey, but I can understand what you're going through if you feel so moved. It's so amazing, it's almost offensive.

    2. Macaroni and cheese- It must be oven baked- no stove top and your entire credibility as a chef rests on your execution of this dish.

    3. Sweet potatoes- Candied yams in brown sugar are an acceptable alternative but they must have that candy crunch texture to them.

    4. Collard greens- yes, they must be collard. No mustard. No turnip. No kale. For me and my house it must be collard.

    5. Corn bread- it must be moist, and slightly sweet. Almost like cake- just better.

    1. I never had fried turkey before, that is on my bucket list, right up there with the countries I want to visit.

      1. “You must bring your A game to our family dinner or your ability to be/remain “chose” may potentially be called on the carpet. “.


      2. I have no clue how I've gone 30 yrs without tasting fried turkey…not even a fried turkey wing, LOL!

        Me and the parentals and the grand parentals will chat about this tomorrow…

    2. This right here sums up my family's perspective about Thanksgiving. You're not a "real woman" or "certified woman" if you can't cook and please the family for Thanksgiving. In my family if you're a young woman (under 30) your credibility rests on your mac& cheese and dressing. Once you're older you have to be able to make those two dishes as well as a moist turkey and your salad game (macaroni, potato etc…) must be on point.

      1. Exactly! =) You don't have to be able to boil water the other 364 days of the year- but you better know how to break your foot all the way off in the kitchen come Thanksgiving Day. If your man attends our family dinner, and leaves without his pants unbuttoned, his undershirt untucked or his socks off- you ain't doing it right. Lol.

      2. My family too! Even though I'm a vegetarian I better learn how to cook all the meat dishes, sides, etc. Oh man, the joys of womanhood!
        I think we started my nieces off with dessert when she was 10-11? And now she's moved up to creating side dishes. And how do you know that you did a good job? When the men give a stamp of approval by cleaning out the dish (lol).
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        1. "Even though I'm a vegetarian I better learn how to cook all the meat dishes…"

          lol! I'm a Pescetarian but my brother and sister still expect me to get the ham right.

        2. The first year I made the turkey my family was jye pressed to clown. And I didn't go the "traditional" route. Instead I used yogurt butter, oranges, honey, and spices for the turkey and used my own special baste. I got so many side eyes and grumbles bc they were so sure it would destroy the stuffing (inside and around the turkey), not to mention I added cranberries & pecans to the stuffing. Yung, they scrapped the pan! Sucked the bones! Asked me to cook again, but I refuse! Ill wait until I have my own family, see if I let u jone on me. Humph
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  6. After dropping meat off 7 years ago Thanksgiving has truly become a holiday where I only have family and black friday to make it enjoyable. That saiiiid…. I love dressing, mac and cheese, moms rolls from scratch, mashed potatoes, and DESSERT. This is the only time that I miss a turkey sandwich the day after.

    1. I completely agree! I don't meat, eggs, cheese, or milk… and my family is not making any modifications to the spread for me *sigh*
      But I used to love my mom's yeast rolls that take 3 days to make properly. And the sweet potato cheesecake that my sister makes for dessert.
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      1. Hey justlissen, I need advice! I'm 6 months in on dropping eggs and dairy products. The only meat I eat is fish. I'm struggling with the new found potential awkwardness of showing up with my own food tomorrow because I probably wont be able to eat anything my family prepares. How long have you been on this path? What do you do at holiday family meals?

        1. I've been a vegetarian for over a year now. It's definitely a learning process 🙂 My family is not accommodating, so I've learned to live with the playful ribbing and bring my own dish.
          One of my favs is sauteed spinach with mushrooms, green peppers, onions, garlic.
          Take some yogurt butter and saute the veggies (not the spinach) until caramelized, add in veggie bouillon, let simmer then add raisins, then increase heat to add spinach. stir rapidly. Top with roasted pecans. This is great with brown rice, mash potatoes.
          Or you can agree to bring the sweet potatoes and roast them like regular potatoes in the oven with onions, peppers, celery, salt, pepper, chili powder, and cinnamon. Add in your favorite nuts too. Cover in olive oil or safflower oil. Slowly cook covered in the oven for about 1 hr. This is a great way to have protein and still feel like a holiday.
          You'd be surprised, my brothers always try to sneak and eat my food when I'm not looking… they secretly like it!
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        2. Thanks for the recipe! My specialties are fresh veggie soup (squash, carrots, broccoli, tomato, onion, celery) with tri-color veggie pasta seasoned with pink Himalayan sea salt, garlic, ginger, sage, olive oil, oregano, thyme, basil, etc. I also make black beans and brown rice with Indian spices (tumeric, cumin, cordomon, ginger, etc) and olive oil. The only meat I eat is fish (tried to go without, but I'm way too athletic and active to avoid high ammounts of protein. I teach dance and fitness. Sometimes I do stunt work.) Fish specialties are grilled wild salmon with mango salsa, or grilled red snapper seasoned with paprika and lemon pepper. And yes, my friends and family secretly love how creative and delicious my dishes are even though they're healthy 🙂

  7. Stuffing is the truth. My mom knows to always make an extra dish just for me to devour the days following. I'm in Canada so our Thanksgiving was in October and I was in Jamaica on vacation so I missed out. Can't wait for Christmas for a do-over.

  8. My favorite dish was my grandma's sweet potato custard thingy. It had pecans, pineapples, orange juice and marshmallows. She knows I hate coconut so she'd leave that out for me. I'll miss that and her hot water cornbread. My friend makes some dope greens though and my other friend makes some good ham. She slathers it with orange marmalade. I didn't think I would like it but dang it's good. This is our first major holiday in our new house so I'm frying catfish. Come to think of it, this'll be the first time I'll ever cook on Thanksgiving. Wow.

  9. I love me some made for scratch Macaroni and Cheese. I yet to taste any mac that comes close to touching my mom's dish. Sorry just the facts of life. I also got to have some ham. Potato salad when it is refrigerated is good as well. The turkey and stuffing I can do without.

    For desert my grand mama's sweet potato pie is the stuff of legends. The only time her pastor will come visit her home is when she is cooking it on Thanksgiving. Just hoping to get a free slice. My whole family mean mugging him the whole time like "we know what you up to player" lol

  10. Thanksgiving is my Favorite holiday.. It’s the only time of year I can just graze for that entire weekend and not catch any… “Dang, girl you ain’t full yet?/”You going a lil too hard on that potato salad”. Lol

    But you know what’s funny after seeing that spread — amount of food, my stomach somehow shrinks right there at the dinner table therefore I don’t get a chance to taste everything, that is why I end up grazing for that entire weekend. #Welp

    I’m hosting Thanksgiving this year so Chef GirlSixx is on it.

    My favorite dishes are….. Basically EVERYTHING.

    My mom’s Banana Pudding tho?!!! Sheeeeitttt

    Happy Turkey Day.

      1. No, I’ve hosted many times before BUT never cooked, everybody else did the manual labor but this year I am actually cooking……

  11. Just give me some Ham, Stuffing and Greens and I'm straight….

    Happy Thanksgiving all… Have a safe and peaceful Thanksgiving…

        1. I'm trying to imagine how this would taste…but my brain keeps changing the cheese to cheddar mixes, LOL…

          I love american cheese on broccoli, eggs, sammiches, subs…I can't STAND provolone…provolone cheese has no taste whatsoever. But, on my Mac n Cheese? Iono homeslice…iono…lol

        2. Its good because American cheese is already salty so you don't have to add much as far as flavoring goes..and it melts evenly..its a very simple recipe..its winning!

  12. 1.) Turkey – except on sandwhiches the only time I eat turkey from a whole cooked turkey is Thanksgiving and Christmas. And Lawd hav mercy don’t get me started on the fried turkey…mmm….mmm…..good.
    2.) Sweet potatoe pone or sweet potatoe fluff (with the marshmallows) or just sweet potatoes period. (again this is 1 of the few times I eat sweet potatoes)
    3.) My uncles Turkey Soup…mmmm…mmmm…..good. Leftover Turkey never tasted so damn good…yum
    4.) My aunts seafood caserole. Swear I thought it was mac and cheese at first….at any rate it’s damn good.
    5. Stuffing – again this is 1 of the few times I eat stuffing so….
    6. (honorable mention) cranberry sauce….Seriously the only time I eat cranberry sauce is thanksgiving and christmas.
    sorry Streetz, I’m a non pork eater so I no longer do ham and don’t miss it. But when i did eat it it was scrumptious…*smile*

  13. I thought i was the only one that be wanting lasagna on thanksgiving. Respect.

    I agree with the whole list although i HATE leftover turkey, that one day i can tolerate it but after i dont even wanna look at it, i think when i start hosting thanksgiving i'ma find someone whos bout that fried turkey life or ima just get chicken.

  14. Desserts are my cousins fruit flavored cheesecakes….ie apple, pineapple, blueberry, cherry etc etc. yum.
    And any cakes and pies my aunts make. Thank the Lord everybody (men and women) in my family can "Burn"…

    1. So my family doesn't have spirits at Thanksgiving. I'm bringing a bottle of wine tomorrow. I may get hand laid on me and water from the Jordan River sprinkled on me for bringing it, but hey change is good

  15. So all this talk about traditional thanksgiving fare makes me miss meat! Oh well…
    My favorite thing about Thanksgiving is cooking… sounds weird right? but I just love sitting in the kitchen with my sisters and the baby-babies, preparing all the dishes, staying up until the wee hours of the morning to baste the turkey, all the taste-tests… but most of all the laughter.
    Then on thanksgiving we play endless games of 5000 (which is Oakland version of gin Rummy), watch football (all my brothers wear their fav jerseys even though their teams won't play), and literally talk over each other the whole day! I'm excited to see Baltimore vs San Fran (go 49ers!)
    I think one of the main things forgotten is the rum punch? Drinks are seriously flowing on Thanksgiving, and that rum punch my sister makes? Yum, Yum, Yum. I think I'm on an all liquid diet this holiday (lol).
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  16. This is my favorite holiday ^_^ and I can't WAIT for tomorrow. I'm from Ghana so we do it a little differently but we definitely always have American staples: oven roasted turkey, home made stuffing, mac and cheese (from scratch), lasanga (i always thought this was a MUST, apparently not) and corn bread (my cousin makes this…and all of us only eat it once a year because its so dang good but its alllll butter LOL). But we also have a HUGE pan of jellof rice, friend plantains, fried tilapia, kenkey, at least 2 different Ghanaian soups, baked chicken and if it was a good year, some goat meat. The one area where it sometimes lacks is dessert, usually I'll make some brownies topped with ice cream or we'll go out and buy an apple pie. But that's what house hopping is for 😉

  17. My favorites are:

    1. My mom's turkey. She's roasted it, smoked it and fried it and every time it comes out absolutely delicious. A well cooked turkey is heaven on earth.

    2. My mom's mac and cheese. I would just say baked mac and cheese but I've some some other people's "from scratch" mac and cheese and it was awful. My mom's is the best.

    3. My mom's dressing. I've never met a dressing better than hers.

    4. Cheesecake. My mom makes one every year. Last year it was white chocolate raspberry, this year is going to be a pumpkin toffee cheesecake.

    5. My man's banana pudding. His mom taught him how to make it and it is amazing.

    Honorable mention (since you only asked for 5): My MIL's greens. They're unreal.

    I will be spending most of Thanksgiving at my MIL's house and then I will be headed to my mom's house. I will most likely need to do 2 workouts tomorrow.

  18. This post made me all kinds of hungry, lol. I don't do pig…though I do eat fried bacon & fried fat back occassionally. Side eyes Most for not liking homemade Mac n Cheese. I'm picky bout my potato salad…rarely eat most peoples…but I had no clue it was anyone's thanksgiving staple, lol. That's a cookout/baby shower dish, lol.

    My Thanksgiving must-haves (other than Turkey…white meat…with gravy) are:

    6. Sweet Potatos – Casserole w/ marshmellows or sliced yams, I really don't care which. But, if I don't get some, it will get ugly quick…

    5. Stuffing – In Bmore, whether fresh or stove-top, that's what we call it, lol…but I smash this stuff on Turkey day. I have no clue why I rarely eat it any other time…

    4. Fresh rolls – Watching them rise and come to life…the anticipation…the final reward. Ooooh boy!

    1. 3. Pie – I'm not a pie person (although I get those snack pies every now and then). But, I gotta have a slice of fresh Sweet Potato or Apple pie on Turkey day. I gotta…

      2. Cranberry sauce – It was made for Turkey day, I think, lol…

      1. Roast Beef – I have no clue why…no clue who started this. But, best believe that my plate will have some roast beef on it. Its dag near a tie breaker if I have multi Turkey day invites…"What's the menu? No roast beef?! Oh well, I already said I was going to….", lol…

      SN: My fat girl moment caused me to make several spelling errors, lol…oops!

  19. My Top 5!

    1. Greens. These are a BISH to pick and clean (yes, I'm the one doing this), and you feel HELLA salty when you get 8 bunches of greens and it barely comes up to half of the pot once it's boiled down, but those joints are SO worth it. Dab some hot sauce on that and it's heaven!

    2. Macaroni and Cheese. BAKED. There is no other kind. Moving on…

    3. Dressing. We never did no stuffing (We be like… WDDDA?), it's dressing all up and through the cheeks clan. The smell of sage always gets me in the spirit! I didn't like it as much as a kid as I do now… I LOVE it now.

    4. Cornish Hens – Eff a turkey… I know they like to be the star of the show, but cornish hens are the smaller yet sassier bird at Thanksgiving. I love these!

    5. Last but NOT Least… Mama Cheeks' Infamous Peach Cobber. YOOOOOOOOO! *Homer Drool* is all I gotta say.

  20. HA! We have spaghetti at our Thanksgiving – seemingly unconventional but it's so yum – sweet but w/ spicy sausage. I love Thanksgiving because you wait all year for the best things and folks put their love and soul into these dishes! Mama's mac and cheese, granny's candied yams, my auntie's collards, homemade rolls, pound cake, sweet potato pie, pecan pie. Two of my aunts host Tday together and they'll also have "random" things on the menu like a pot roast and cheesy potatoes. No telling what we'll have but it's always yum! And then the next day we gather for turkey, grits and gravy.
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  21. I'm still reeling off Most saying he "hates" Mac and Cheese. Dude might be a terrorist. Wow…

    Anyway, I cant really think of anything I don't like eating on Thanksgiving. Isnt that the point? Well it's the point for me, assuming whose ever house I land at can cook. I know my limits. I dont cook. I come to eat and give thanks…while eating. All I can offer the family is my hunger and alcohol. I drop two bottles of red and white Yellow Tail on them and then I hit my Dougie. It's sad but this post has actually made me more excited than I already was for this Thursday. Is it sad that I get more hyped about Thanksgiving than Christmas?

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  22. I just went shopping yesterday. And coming from Southern Roots in the North, Thanksgiving is no joke. My run down:

    – Turkey (Juicy through and through)
    – Ham (Honey Pineapple Glaze with Maraschino cherries…yea get on our level)
    – Greens (Kale, Mustard and Collard Blend… with the fat back in the pot)
    – Turnips
    – Mac and Cheese (BAKED) with God knows how many cheeses
    – Potato Salad (Mom's joint has started fights wherever she sends it.. People pay her to make it)
    – Corn Pudding (add a lil alcohol for spice)
    – Seasoned Rice
    – Stuffing (though my Grandma's was the best in the world (RIP)
    – Pork Butt Shoulder (yes, two types of pork)
    – Chicken Feet Gravy (best thing this side of the Atlantic)
    – Yams
    – Corn Bread

    – Brownies
    – Sweet Potato Pie
    – Pumpkin Pie
    – Chocolate Cake

    Yeah… we do this

  23. I can't have thanksgiving without baked mac and cheese–my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE, some sort of greens (probably collards), cranberry sauce, candied sweet potatoes or yams, and this isn't popular everywhere but we love us some corn pudding. I can't want to eat tomorrow! All sides with a side of turkey. I'm not the biggest turkey fan. We usually reserve ham for Christmas, but if its available I'll eat that too. I'm a swine diner all day so its nothing. When my Nana was living she's fry chicken on thanksgiving too, just to give folks variety.

    as for dessert, I've requested that my mom make me a banana pudding. 🙂
    My recent post I know that we don’t know each other well…

  24. As a Southerner from Louisiana-southern Louisiana at that, I have to add gumbo to the list. We always always have gumbo.

    My top 5!

    Fried Turkey (this year Im hosting Thanksgiving in the DMV so I'm frying cornish hens-next best thing)

    Mac and Cheese

    Dressing (yep cornbread)


    Sweet Potatoes

  25. Wow! Good post! My mouth is so watering. So this is my first year not eating dinner with my fam. Sad face. Can't fly anywhere cause my g/f is getting married and the bachelorette is guess when? Tommorrow nite and the wedding Saturday. And these were the only dates available at the Georgian Terrace ATL shortie anywho I'm digressing a bit.
    So I am still cooking me a small feast. Side bar: they need to make single people's turkey I realy didn't need the bohemoth turkey I have but I do love turkey so I will freeze some and max the rest of this week on the rest. Other than that mac and cheese on deck! Homemade and yes the bomb diggity and lastly dressing. Not stuffing. Dressing. LOL
    No desserts cause I'm on a health kick right now and since its just me and a frd eating dinner together I don't want the temptation lying around the crib.

  26. *pelvic thrust all over this post*
    Baked Mac and chz
    Turnip and mustard greens with hot sauce
    Fried turkey/ Ham
    home made rolls

    Happy Thanksgiving all!

  27. my aunt made fried turkey and changed my perspective on life, once. yum! i'm looking forward to NOT making any food this year. last year i had the mac and cheese test (i used my mom's recipe so iWON of course) to see if i was a worthy cook, and the year before that i hosted Thanksgiving. this year, i am relaxing and enjoying food i didn't make, ftw. lol. oh, and lasagna! yesss my mom makes a huge pan of 4-layer lasagna because it's my brother's favorite food. it.is.so.good.

    anyhoo, my top five are

    1. mom's sweet potato pie
    2. mac and cheese.
    3. candied yams
    4. lasagna
    5. my pink lemonade pie

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone. 🙂
    My recent post Dear Blackberry… because I can’t call you.

  28. I'm not an overly picky eater. I'm an equal opportunity taste sampler, lol. At any rate, I like the ham, turkey, Mac & Cheese (my step-mom makes the best, period. And it's not even close, I'm sorry.) , etc.. etc…I don't cook anything, but I did pick up the Honey Baked Ham last night as that is what I was assigned to contribute for tomorrow's festivities.

    The best part to me is the left overs. Dont have to worry about what I'm going to eat for lunch and/or dinner for the next few days. Also, the football games. There will actually be some pretty good games going on tomorrow so I'm pumped for that.

  29. My mom and sis are THEE best in the kitchen. Tomorrow I so look forward to candied yams, roasted chicken and amazing stuffing, pot roast, lasagna, mac and cheese with some collard greens, potato salad and some dessert.

    But all this talk of turkey has me reminiscing on the time my Haitian girlfriend introduced me to fried turkey….that joint was AH-MAY-ZING!

    Damn now I don’t want pizza for lunch anymore….tomorrow needs to get here now.

  30. Mac n cheese. Yams. Meat. Caramel cake. <—– this is ALL I need.

    I eat greens often, so it's not something I'm dying to eat on Thanksgiving…

    I'm also not a huge turkey fan, but I do love fried turkey… I never have to eat turkey though because we also cook beef and pork on Thanksgiving- so you usually catch me with a steak, some pork ribs, or some beef brisket.

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  31. I have to work tomorrow so Im cooking tonight. I told some people i was gonna make a sweet potatoe pie with the canned filling. Thought they were gonna come out they skin. Didn't realize how serious this is. Needless to say Im boiling the potatoes now!

    1. O-o NO CANNED FILLING!!!! lol that's right boil those potatoes. Some of the older folks in my family may side eye you for store bought pie crust

  32. lol @ Mac & Cheese war. My ex once made the Kraft stuff for me, and I've almost hated the very idea of it ever since. I'm usually not a big fan of cheese until it's been oven-melted*, though. I do love me some pasta bake (which I can very well make with macaroni & call it Mac & Cheese with meat).

    Anyway, our Thanksgiving was last month, but y'all have a fun and blessed day.

    *Please believe an exception is made for poutine. I'm all about them curds.

  33. Mac and Cheese and mine is great
    Peach Cobbler – hands down. I can eat the whole pan with ice cream
    Peach Ciroc- my new fave, but I will still add it to my list
    RC- my man talks about me but I think it is so awesome
    Dressing-mmmm yummy goodness

  34. I'm hella late, but let me add my favorite dishes to the list. And as a vegetarian, its only right I hip yall to the good life. lol.

    1. Dressing. We have 2, one for the meat eaters, and one for me and my sister. Delicious!
    2. Baked mac and cheese. My sister is the specialist, and she killed it again this year.
    3. Green Bean Casserole.
    4. Mama's pound cake. The lady can bake whatever the hell she wants to bake, but this year… THIS POUND CAKE… Jesus, it was so good. Add my sister's pecan pie, cherry pie, sweet potato pie, and the desserts were fantastic!
    5. Alcohol! If you follow me on twitter, you saw that I made a hard apple cider. Two batches, one with spiced rum, and the other with brandy. They were both good, but that one with brandy might put hair on your chest. It was delicious. Add the champagne, red and white wine, plus the leftover brandy and rum, and it was a very merry holiday.

    My recent post My Love Is Like…


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