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Is This The End: Six Subtle Signs You’re On The Verge Of Breaking Up

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How Do You Find The Words To Say…

Is there anything more depressing than the moment you realize a relationship you’ve invested time, energy and emotion into is coming to its end? You are breaking up! Sometimes relationships end with a certain measure of immediacy- the death of the love abrupt and final. Other times the end comes so slow you only notice how much you’re deteriorating in brief, fleeting moments of objectivity that come and go before you can fully process whatever it is you just saw or felt. We’ve all been here.

Today I want to talk about some of the telltale signs you might be headed toward breaking up

Check out six breaking up signs:

Apologies Abound

One of the things I noticed as I unknowingly neared the end of a particular intimate relationship was how often we were apologizing to one another. Generally speaking, apologies are healthy. They’re our way of showing the one we care for that we understand we’ve done something we probably shouldn’t have. But in this particular relationship, we got to a point where every conversation and every interaction required some sort apology or act of contrition on one of our parts. What I realized is that abundant apologies indicated something wrong near the foundation of the relationship.

We no longer see the world through the same eyes, our divergent actions reflect that and cause friction; that leads to the increased apologies. We apologize because we’re still fighting for the relationship, fighting a losing battle against whatever it is in our nature that’s leading us in a different direction than our mate.

The truth is, if you’re finding yourself constantly apologizing, it’s probably breaking up.

Find Yourself Unexpectedly Relating to a Sad Song

Ever found yourself alone, listening to music when a song that you’ve heard a million time shuffles through your speakers and speaks to you in a way it’s never spoken to you before? It’s almost as if you’re hearing it for the first time and the artist is singing your story, magnifying emotions and feelings you never knew you had. Our minds are vast and complex and sometimes we use their complexity to hide from ourselves those feelings we feel but don’t want to feel. Music can be the objective, unbiased mirror reflecting back to us emotions we’ve buried deep in places we don’t visit everyday. When you find yourself listening to something like “Goodbye” or “Swim Good” or “Tired of You” and it resonates in a not so vicarious sort of way – it’s usually a sign your relationship is beginning its descent.

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From Attractive to Attracted

When I was a child, my grandmother dug up our entire backyard and turned it into a garden. She was born on a farm had an amazingly green thumb. Roses, hydrangeas, impatiens, tomatoes, figs, apples – all in our back yard. We even had a grape-vine. Despite all that beauty at home, if we were out and about and my grandmother saw a pretty plant at a doctor’s office or in a store, she’d still take the time to stop and admire it. It took nothing away from her love for the plants she’d grown, but flowers are beautiful where ever they’re found. This is like the attractiveness of other people when you’re in a healthy relationship. The world doesn’t suddenly become uglier because you’re in love, you’re just already content with the garden you’ve built at home.

However, when a relationship is nearing its breaking up you go from distantly admiring the attractiveness of other people to finding yourself attracted to them. It’s often subtle change. Maybe there’s a woman at work you begin taking all your breaks with, or maybe you’re rushing in the morning so that you can be on the same train as the guy you see daily and exchange playful, flirty glances with. Whatever form it takes, it’s usually an indication that something is amiss in your relationship.

Everything is Annoying

Have you ever caught yourself thinking something outlandishly unfair like: “Why do you breath like that?” or “Do you have to be all up under me all the time?” Annoyance is my least favorite emotion because invariably, it is a symptom of a deeper, more important feeling we’re avoiding. Instead of addressing the true issue, we get annoyed. There’s no better example of this concept than in intimate, romantic relationships. When you’re falling in love a person’s idiosyncrasies are the things you hold onto the tightest.

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They are the things that you know and discover and value in ways no one else can. But when you’re falling out of love, those same idiosyncrasies become the bane of your existence; responsible for the bulk of your daily annoyance. After awhile you begin to nitpick and chide each other to the point that you’re both walking on egg shells, afraid to say or do something that might draw your mate’s wrath. Typically this is the beginning of the end.

Absolutely Nothing To Talk About

The next time you’re out to dinner take look around the restaurant and you’ll probably notice a good number of couples on dates. You can usually tell the new couples from the old by the nature of their conversations. If the two people are talking so much they can’t even get a bite of food, they’re probably on a first or second date. If they’re dining in silence or near silence, they’ve probably been together awhile. When you’ve been together for a long time, there are two types of silence. If your relationship is healthy you probably talk to each other all day long on the phone, on email or g-chat and via text.

You’re in a constant, never ending conversation. When you finally get done with your day and have a moment to sit down together and share a meal, you might not have much to talk about because you already know everything there is to possibly know. In those situations, the silence is golden. But when you haven’t been talking all day, when you have all sorts of thoughts running through your mind about your job, your goals, your weekend plans and you’re completely disinterested in sharing those with your mate – that’s usually a bad sign. That’s the loud, awkward, deafening silence of “The Words You Never Said” and it usually precedes the end of a relationship.

When Their Opinion No Longer Matters

In the early stages of a relationship, you can’t help but value your mate’s opinion on everything. “Should I cop these Spizike’s or should I wait for the Cement 3’s?” “Do you think I should ask my boss for a raise?” “Do these jeans make me look fat?” You ask each these sorts of questions and the answers you receive actually guide your actions. But just before you get to the place a relationship goes when it’s over, you get to a place where your mate’s opinions mean absolutely nothing to you. I can remember getting to that point in one of my first “serious” relationships. In the middle of an argument, she aimed a particular comment at a place she knew, better than most, was a sensitive spot for me. What she said was extremely hurtful, but for some reason, it didn’t hurt.

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At all. I knew then the relationship was over. When you’ve devalued their opinion so much they no longer have the power to hurt you, or encourage you, or make you happy or make you sad, there’s really no reason to stay together. To love is to risk heartbreak and if they no longer have the power to break your heart, you’re no longer in love.

The ability to understand when a relationship is nearing it’s end is an important skill to develop. By letting relationships die slow, sometimes agonizing deaths, we sometimes ruin what could have been fond memories of the better times we spent with someone we cared for. Love and relationships born out of it, is a strange thing. It has a pace and tempo. It starts off frantic like a jet furiously exerting every ounce of energy it has trying to ascend.. Then it hits its cruising altitude and you fly for as long as you can, the atmosphere, wind and the work you’re putting all functioning in concert pushing you toward your destination.

Sometimes breaking up is abrupt – you crash and burn. Other times the descent is slow and before you know it – the flight is over. Have you ever noticed any of these or signs as a relationship came to its end?


    1. It was actually a song that sorta inspired this post. Was listening to something that brought me back to the first time I really listened to it and felt it.

  1. "However, when a relationship is nearing its end you go from distantly admiring the attractiveness of other people to finding yourself attracted to them. "

    The granny example leading into attraction was my favorite quote. I was just explaining to a chick that I can find a woman attractive without wanting to have sex with her. What you really want to do is go out with them, be seen with them, talk to them, enjoy their attractiveness. But admiration turning into attractive or a vile lust that breaks the code of an endearing relationship is some real sh!t.

    The only other thing I can think of, is when you slowly but surely neglect to really claim your partner…Like they get on your nerves so much that "that's my girl" transforms into "Yeah, she something like that". That reluctance is surely the beginning to an end.

    Either way, chalk it up another great drop.

    My recent post Bloody Lovers: Period Sex

    1. Yeah, waning enthusiasm in how you "claim" your mate is a good one. Early on in relationships you're excited to introduce them as "yours". Toward the end, you when somewhere down deep you kinda know it might be over soon – that changes.

  2. Great group of signs! In my experience, the "finding annoyances in the smallest of things" is a tell-tale 1 that I'm getting bored w/ the relationship and the woman…those annoyances tend to lead to the pettiest disagreements which will, in a day or 2, give way to 1 bigger blowout that should be the end…yet saying it's over is 1 of the hardest things to do for both men and women, especially when you're convinced this is it

    There's a perfect pair of scenes in 500 days of Summer where Joseph Levitt is talking about the different things he loves and hates about Summer. He goes from "I love her smile, I love the birth mark on her neck" to "I hate her crooked teeth, I hate that splotch on her neck"…it be that way some times
    My recent post Lessons from Fly On The Wall

    1. This is why I wanted to write the post. So often we let overlook these sorts of signs and let the relationship meander along until eventually someone says or does something unforgivable. We then use that act as the basis for the break up, instead of all the signs that predicted that act beforehand. Now instead of being left with good memories of a good relationship, you end up with regret.

  3. Just hit that place where we both know its over. In my feelings and secretly hoping we can come back from “the break up”. Whomp!

  4. I can more or less agree with all your points save for one; “Attractive/Attracted”. I do not believe that being attracted to another person is a sign if the end. Primarily because “attracted” is not a intentional decision. You don’t decide whether or not to be attracted to someone. You only decide whether or not you will entertain or act upon it.

    Think about it like this…if you were single and met a woman whom you would normally be attracted to do you really believe that just because you are in a relationship means that upon meeting her you wont feel the same? Its a natural human feeling. One that goes all the way down to the subconscious level. Its only when you begin to entertain these feelings, dwell upon them, act on them……then you have a problem.

    1. This is interesting. I think I'd have to disagree here. I think there's a difference between appreciating that someone is attractive and being attracted to that person. Is a small but important difference. Copped a Lex this year. Love my Lex. Then I saw the redesigned M35x and I was like… wow… that's kinda dope. Beautiful car, well built, great craftsmanship, etc. I appreciated the M35 and how nice it was, but, it didn't make me wanna trade in my Lex or even test drive it.

      1. Trying to compare the desire to trade in a car isn’t a good example to use in this case. Feelings towards people are far more complex BUT i’ll go with it. You are confusing “attracted” to mean actively pursuing. But that’s wrong. Being attracted to someone doesn’t mean that you have to act on it or even desire too. It simply means you feel a level of attraction to them. And that’s not a conscious decision we make. No one says, “Ive decided to be attracted to this person”. The attraction is natural. Its what you do with the feeling that counts.
        In a relationship or not we will ALL find ourselves being attracted to at least one other person at some point. Your commitment to your relationship will determine what happens with that attraction.

        1. I think this is a semantics thing between you two, but I agree with you. Being "attracted" to someone is just acknowledging that their looks are easy on the eyes, TO ME. its not the same thing as pursuing that, or wanting to know more. I see attractive men daily some on a regular basis but when I'm really happy in my relationship its nothing more than a fleeting thought, even if it is a daily one.
          My recent post I know that we don’t know each other well…

        2. You’re likely correct. What defines “attracted” should’ve been established first. For me “attracted” simply means that something about that person appeals to you. “Attractive”, to me, just means that I acknowledged that the person looks appealing in general but doesn’t mean they appeal to me.

  5. Annoyance at the littlest thing. You are absolutely on point with this one. When everything from the way he breathes to the way he chews becomes amplified it is a sign of something deeper. I have been there. Annoyance coupled with avoidance are doomsday is near signs. When you go from wanted to be in the company of that person all the time to finding reasons WHY you can't be in his/her company then add the annoyance factor when you are in his/hercompany…yeah you are pretty much over him/her

  6. "What she said was extremely hurtful, but for some reason, it didn’t hurt. At all. I knew then the relationship was over."

    The official definition of being out of love. When you are completely indifferent to a person you are supposed to care about, or indifferent to what they say, it is a good sign it's over.

    Good post.

  7. Have you ever noticed any of these or signs as a relationship came to its end?

    I usually dont get too personal with my comments yet sadly, im in the process of realizing these things now. She's always apologizing for something and i just kinda roll my eyes cuz i know she's finna do it again. I still don't get the concept "Swim Good" but i found myself listening to "Shot for Me" instead of skipping it like i usually do. I've always been a natural flirt but i find myself thinking "if i was single who would i be first". I'm easily annoyed so i wont hold that against her and we (well i'm good at improvising) still have things to talk about.

    Ironically, her opinion is still too key to me. She doesnt have any personal responsibility for anything she does so i know if i leave it wont be her fault. She'll say i wanted my ex, i wasnt man enough to stay, i never loved her etc. Idk why i care so much about being shed in a bad light but i do. idk im rambling…

    1. This is real. Appreciate you sharing homey.

      What I'll say is this, sometimes in life, in order to be a hero, you gotta be a villain. I don't presume to know where you are or where you're headed in your relationship, but speaking generally, when you get to the point where you know the relationship isn't going to make it, the sooner you break up the better. The more time you spend together the more you lead each other toward major, unnecessary heartache. Be a villain now and maybe later, one day she'll realize you really saved her.

      As far as "Swim Good" is concerned, from my perspective, it's a song about a dude dealing with an unavoidable break-up. Ever since son 'lost his baby' son has been driving around in his car with broken hearts (presumably his and hers). The hook is what really brings it all together. The relationship was bigger than just him. Much bigger… so big that the only way to escape it is to drive to the Ocean kick off everything you have and swim away from it.

      If you've ever been in a relationship that was much bigger than you – where your families and friends and lives are all intertwined – where people stop knowing you as individuals and only know you as a couple – can you imagine what it must be like to break up. Where do you go? Maybe to the ocean…

      1. "If you've ever been in a relationship that was much bigger than you – where your families and friends and lives are all intertwined – where people stop knowing you as individuals and only know you as a couple – can you imagine what it must be like to break up. Where do you go? Maybe to the ocean…"

        THIS! This was just about as stressful as my relationship issues with the ex-hub, smh… Ridiculous…

      2. @Tristan I feel you bro … I used to always hate to have any shade thrown my way, but one PIVOTAL convo i had with my Pops changed all that for me. He simply said, sometimes you just have to be the bad guy. Her, her friends, her fam will ultimately have something to say, but at the end of the day if you can sleep with a calm spirit that's all that matters. Like Most said, "be a villian now and maybe later, one day she'll realize you really saved her" … For that very reason, i have no problems letting a woman go even if it's means saving her from herself.

    1. Well, every relationship is different. Sometimes these signs are just the byproduct of two people being together for a really long time. You just kinda push through them until better times come. I think what you have to consider is whether your relationship has become like this perpetually, or whether it's just something that's going on for the moment. When this is just how it is, I don't know how you come back from that.
      My recent post The Millennial Manifesto: How 80′s Babies Can Save the World

      1. That’s pretty much what I was thinking, that there’s peaks and valleys. We had a date day on Saturday and honestly, we didn’t have anything to talk about. I couldn’t figure out if it were a good or bad thing but I kind of came up with a game and asked what would you ask me if this were our first date? It kind of drew itself out and we ended up getting really creative with the convo. I’ve recognized those other signs during different points of our relationship but I guess it wasn’t supposed to be the end, just something we had to get creative with and come out stronger because of. Your sixth point, “When Their Opinion No Longer Matters” has got me thinking though. On the one hand, if you love the person so unconditionally, you’ve already forgiven them before they said what they said because you know they didn’t mean it, so it doesn’t hurt and it doesn’t matter. On the other hand, if they have already said something so hurtful and heartbreaking to you, anything else they say thereafter is pretty much nothing to you.

  8. The truth of the matter is those things may happen in healthy relationships. It may mean its over OR that you both just have to start working at it. Name one relationship that you all have been in where you:

    didn't go through a time where you seem to be effing up constantly.
    were in a valley of your relationship that allow you to relate to the sad songs more.
    see someone you are attracted too, but not act on it of course 🙂
    got annoyed by the little and big things.
    didn't have a thing to talk about.
    or where your partners opinion does not matter.

    Some of those things WILL happen at some point or another during a relationship. I think the line will be crossed when you ALLOW those things to fester instead of checking them. I feel sad for those that automatically see the downs in a relationship as it being over.

    I often wonder what people think a real relationship looks and feels like. I think we see the happy couples and not consider that they have been through all those things above and more yet somehow made it work. I think a LOT of people are naive about life and matters of the heart. This is why the divorce rate is so high, people are chasing a dream. I would like to know what people classify as WORKING on a relationship…

    Maybe I am just too darn optimistic and fed up with the lazy efforts put into something as serious as a relationship.

    1. As a person with little patience and high expectations, I can appreciate this comment…though I think you just called me lazy, lol.

      I have to ask myself, 1. is it worth the work and 2. will the work pay off and 3. at what point do I finally decide this work ain't changing a thing. It bothers me that people from the outside can so easily judge how much you did or didn't work when they weren't living with you…or they didn't see how the other partner was/wasn't working.

  9. I've experienced all these various signs in different relationships over the years. I usually know when a break-up is going to occur long before the actual break-up. I spend a period of time trying to reconcile the relationship in my own head and if I can't – assuming they havent already broken up with me – then I take the steps to end the relationship aka the dreaded "we need to talk" convo. (1/2)
    My recent post A One Woman Man

    1. I've spoken to someone about this in regards to if women work harder to make relationships work than men, which, for the record, I'm unsure. However, my friend and I noticed that usually by the time a man is ready to break-up with a woman he's already drawn the conclusion that he wants to end the relationship; whereas, women tend to approach men while they are still unsure. In other words, men initiate "the talk" when they are already ready to end the relationship and women initiate "the talk" to see if the relationship can be saved. I think this is the nature of how men and women handle problems, relationships and otherwise.

      Good piece. (2/2)
      My recent post Great Gift Giving Ideas for Dummies: What Men Want

      1. There's definitely some truth to this. I know at least one friend who set herself up by initiating a break-up, hoping that he would fight for the relationship. Sadly, he just took her at the word and let it dissolve.

        I personally think at least one conversation should take place with both partners trying to determine whether or not the relationship is salvageable.

      2. Maybe I'm the exception…

        …cause by the time I sit you down for the talk, its over. Once I'm done, I'm done.

        THIS >>>> " I usually know when a break-up is going to occur long before the actual break-up. I spend a period of time trying to reconcile the relationship in my own head…"<<<< is all me. ALL ME!

        1. Judging by my experiences anyway, I def think you're the exception. Typically men think in terms of "solving problems" and women think in terms of "lets work through this problem." So using myself as an example, I really dont like having the talk unless I've already made a decision on what I believe is "the solution." In regards to ending a relationship, I'm usually not approaching you to hear you plead your case. To be honest, that's annoying but I've never said to someone "we need to break up" and they simply responded "ok." They either want to know why or they want to plead why we should not. I could live without that part, which is why a lot of men take the easy route and simply cheat, go MIA, or act an @ss until it is you that finally breaks up with them. At the end of the day, breaking up is never rarely easy. Most people, men and women often seek to avoid the burden of the break-up but that's another tangeled web of issues…

          My recent post A One Woman Man

        2. Minus the easy route portion, I swear I'm the same way. I'm all for working on relationships but I'm completely against forcing them to work.

  10. Wow. This is a really good post. I’ve been through all these issues and though I won’t say if one of these things is happening, it’s automatically the end, if you have all or most of them going on, yeah… The aisle might not be where you’re headed.

    For me, talking to my sig other and sharing my thoughts, secrets, plans, fears, joys, etc, is an important part of a relationship. If I am to the point where I don’t have any interest in sharing with them or I find myself sharing things with everyone else first, before my Him, that is a huge sign that I am no longer investing mentally into that person, and if it doesn’t change we prob won’t last.

    “To love is to risk heartbreak and if they no longer have the power to break your heart, you’re no longer in love.”

    ^ so.incredibly.true. Great quote.

  11. Biggest signs for me is the annoying bit and no rap. I'm complaining about dag near everything you do and ain't got jack to say. Everyone else knows about my life but you.

    Good post… good comments.

    "To love is to risk heartbreak"…I think I just need to chew on that bit for a minute…

  12. With that being said are you weighing the option, since you said you're attracted to this dude rather than just finding him attractive?

    1. Was I? I think so…I know so, actually. In that instance, I weighed the decision and decided I didn't want to switch yards.

  13. This brings up something interesting and worth discussing.

    Do you think when you're in a relationship with someone that you should share with them when you are attracted to someone else/find someone else attractive or is that something that a person should remain silent about?

    I'm curious to know where people stand on this.
    My recent post I’ve NEVER Approached a Woman in My Life

      1. I'm with you. That's the same philosophy I follow. I won't tell unless she asks…and if she asks I hope that she is prepared for an honest answer.

        I just think women should know that just because a man finds another woman attractive doesn't mean he's ready to pick up and leave everything behind to chase after her…and of course the same applies to men. At the same time, I'm sure things may be awkward after that admission.
        My recent post I’ve NEVER Approached a Woman in My Life

    1. I’d like to know. I think knowing who else he finds attractive can possibly tell me something about him. Plus I just like to ask to see if he’ll tell the truth, that is, if I can tell.

      1. That’s interesting. When and how would you want him to tell you about it? Would that only apply when you’re both out together and you see him gazing too long or would you want him to tell you about the women he randomly finds attractive?

        Also, how would you react to him revealing that information to you? Do you think it would change your relationship or current situation in any way? If so, how would it change things? If not, why don’t you think it would change things?

        I know that’s a ton of questions, but I’d really like to get your perspective and understand why you would like him to tell you. Thanks in advance krystllyght!

        1. Dang I’m late but I know that when we got married we didn’t go blind. I think it’s natural to find other people attractive so it wouldn’t hurt my feelings or anything. I find that I ask a lot instead of him just offering up that information so idk how I’d feel if he was like dang that girl is fine. If I see a girl I think is pretty I ask him if he thinks so too. Mostly it is just about curiosity. I’ll ask about a girl who looks really different from me because I wonder if I just fell into “his type” or if he even had a “type.” (He did even if he doesn’t admit it). How would I react? I guess it would depend on the context in which he told me but I doubt I’d feel jealous. I’d just make a mental note probably. For me, it’s just another topic of convo but I know he wouldn’t want to hear who else I find attractive so it’s a bit one sided. I think if he finds somebody attractive and he doesn’t feel comfortable telling me about it, that woman would be more of a threat to our relationship.

    2. I'll be honest about it if I'm asked…and answer all follow up questions.

      However…I don't ask. For the most part, I know what my man at the time likes. And if I feel like I need to ask cause you're making it all obvious that you're attracted to another tangible female, we don't need to talk about it…you just need to go.

    3. I would say no. I think it could create unnecessary worry. It may cause them to think your actual feelings are much more than just Attraction but instead Desire.

        1. No if asked I would admit to seeing or having seen other women that I felt some level of attraction too. The key would be to make sure I worded it correctly so that is doesn't sound like, "I want this other woman". But would I just voluntarily come and tell her? Heck no. Thats going to cause her to wonder what is wrong that I would come out of left field with this info

  14. You literally don't sleep together. Or do anything that requires unnecessary touching.

    Or–I don't know how to describe it but I know it when I see it. When someone asks about you and X, or your future plans, you answer with a funny little laugh, and don't REALLY answer the question.

  15. That makes sense. It almost sounded like you two made a game out of it. I could dig that because both partners should know what's being asked and what they are getting themselves into. In that case, it seems like it was no harm, no foul.

    Thanks a lot for sharing that experience. It definitely added to the discussion.
    My recent post I’ve NEVER Approached a Woman in My Life

  16. I just recently published something akin to this article and I am convinced that there are subtle and then there are "secret" signs a breakup is coming. Too often we are not prepared for bumps in the road of a relationship and they become too disposable–then again we scream we want a relationship when we need to spend more time with ourselves. Just my opinion.
    My recent post Exercising Linked to Healthier Eating

  17. This article is a list of great observations as to when a relationship is coming to an end. I’m sure we’ve all been there.

    No matter what the person says to you or how they say it, if you’re easily offended or they’re annoying or you can’t wait to be away from them are all clearly signs you are over the relationship.

    What sucks is that when you’re not the person that’s unhappy, and you see your mate is mad at you all the time or you’re walking on eggshells, because it’s so hard to except that it’s over. We now just need an article on how to address issues with your mate before your relationship heads to a dead end needs to be your next post…or mine, lol (www.LoveInTheA.com). Before most people get to the annoyed point, or the “i’m over this shit” point, they gave signs that they need things to change. It’s a matter of seeing these signs of problems early on before the signs you’re seeing are the ones listed above in this article and it’s too late.

    Anyone that is in a relationship or dating needs to check this out, because if there are multiple things from the list happening in your relationship then it’s surely over shortly.

  18. When a person in a relationship is just "not sure" if they want to be in the relationship..what does this mean?
    I'm the one who is not sure about staying with my 2 year boyfriend. We are both in college..and I am constantly wondering if he is really the right one for me. I know this sounds like the best thing might be to break up with him..but we do have good times together and are extremely close. We both have very similar interests in art, music, films. He loves me so much and I can see that. He would do anything for me and is a really good guy…and he has eyes for no one else..I know this because I can see it. However he is very clingy, shy and unconfident..this leads me to be annoyed at him for not being very fun when we are around other people.. and a big reason why I'm not sure about him is because he never shares his feelings…sometimes it's like he doesnt even have any. I guess my question is mainly: Why do I feel like I should hold on to the relationship even thought I'm not sure about him? I AM LITERALLY JUST NOT SURE ABOUT WHAT WOULD BE BEST TO DO. Does this ever happen to anyone else?
    Although I dislike so many things about him, I still call him and feel comfortable with him by my side..someone please share your thoughts about this..sorry if my situation is a bit confusing..but I would even be interested in knowing if anyone has gone through something similar to this?

  19. Great post btw Mr Spradley, I really loved it. I enjoyed how you incorporated your life experiences with the examples..it was very realistic

  20. I read this with sadness in my heart because so much of it was true. sometimes you know you're close to the end when there's just that certain little wierdness that creeps into your interaction that you just can't put your finger on. I especially relate to the part of "idiosyncracies" being what interested a person in the first place but then become the bane of their existence. i was on the receiving end of that irritation, and it was just that he was ready to go. . .he was over me. i hadn't done anything in particular, he just changed his mind. didn't like me anymore. 🙁 and he's allowed to do that- we all are. life is short. can't spend too much time where you're not happy. the only thing i wish is that pple were more cognizant of not only WHAT they do (with regard to pple's hearts) but HOW they do it.

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    nor is there an index. Indeed, you’ll absolutely benefit from the thrill as you loss fat easily.


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