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Five Things Every Man Should Have in His Closet this Winter

This one didn't make the list, but i'm a big fan of the tight fitted hoodie. Perfect for under your coat or for a quick run to the store.

It’s a week before the beginning of winter and the fall is ending.  And while choosing the right coat can be perplexing when it’s 30 degrees in the morning, 65 at lunch and 45 during your commute home, it’s important that we begin to bundle up.  Three months ago we spent some time looking at the must-haves for a man’s fall closet, but it’s time to refresh our list with Five Things Every Man Should Have In His Closet This Winter.

Back with a special mix for today’s post is, @CarverTheGreat, this one’s called Flight School, and it’s about making your wardrobe just that, fly. Stream below, or download here:

1. Full-length Wool Coat – Let’s get the formalities out of the way.  Your trench coat doesn’t stand a chance against this winter and it’s no longer cool to wear a North Face with slacks.  Therefore, it’s time to invest in a Full or Three-Quarter length Wool Coat.  The most important thing about this piece of fashion is warmth and length.  You want it to fit, but warmth is critical.  Make sure it’s a slightly heavy wool, and not too long that you end up tripping when trying to walk.  Depending on your shade you want to pick a color that works for you.  I prefer a black coat, but the khaki and navy blue may work better for you.  Ralph Lauren sells some awesome coats, but Syms is about to go out of business, so you can probably get one from last season there if you don’t want to spend Ralph Lauren money.

2. Cardigans and V-Neck Sweaters – Drake isn’t the only one who should know how to wear a nice sweater.  All men should keep an excellent collection of sweaters.  First, do me a favor, reach into your bottom drawer and take out those sweaters with words on the front.  We’ve all worn our share of chaps, or other logo embossed sweaters. Throw them away immediately.  Let’s go shopping for a nice cardigan or v-neck sweater.  Personally, I’m more of a v-neck, shirt and tie kind of guy.  I’ve got tons in every color possible.  Again, match your sweater with your shade.  For the darker men, a nice yellow sweater works great, for the lighter men, a nice pink sweater goes a long way with the ladies.  Listen up brothers because this is a tip that’s going to take you far, the color for 2012 is Orange.  Plan accordingly.

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3. Dress Boots and Trendy Socks – You’ll need to have boot that gives you a bit more warmth than your typical dress shoes.  I prefer a Black or Gray leather boot with a slight heel.  Anything to high makes it obvious you’re compensating for something.  You can grab an affordable pair at Kenneth Cole or Aldo, but if you’re like me, Cole Haan has a Wingtip Dress Boot that’s pretty hot.  Also, you’ll be spending a lot of time in the weathers, so when you visit friends, it’s shoes off at the door!  That’s why it’s imperative that you step your sock game up.  At a minimum no holes in your sock and make sure they don’t smell. Brown shoes go with blue or brown socks (never black). Black shoes get black or dark gray socks (never brown or blue) and at this point, unless you’re heading to your local gym for a workout – you really don’t need white socks at all.  For my Caribbean folks, please wear socks.  Let your feet be great though, novelty socks are trending these days and are an excellent way to show that you appreciate warmth, but can keep it fashionable.  I have my own personal place where I shop for socks, but you can start with Happy Socks and then go from there.  Sorry guys, I can’t let you know where I’m shopping for my socks.  I love the exclusivity.

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4. Accessorize with Hats, Scarves and Gloves – If you’re a slim or slender guy, I would tend to recommend the Fedora, for the stocky guys, go for a driving cap.  To be honest with you, those rules aren’t etched in stone, so do what you want, nobody’s checking.  Next is your scarf, for men, we tend to do fashion out of necessity and completely miss out on the memo… Women love a nicely dressed and groomed man.  Think for a moment, how much do women love scarves?  A lot, so that’s why it’s important that you love your winter scarf just as much.  I prefer a lengthy cashmere scarf, I’m a big fan of ribs and checkers.  Some people prefer crinkles, but those aren’t as warm.  After you get your scarf, visit this site to find some really neat knots to take it to the next level.  For your gloves, I call them OJs, but they are basically leather driving gloves.  Should be a tight fit so that you don’t lose your mobility, I hate loose fitting gloves.

5. Andis T-Outliner – Us men like to let our beards and goatees grow out during the winter.  Women love facial hair, but they hate messy facial hair.  So you need to be groomed accordingly.  Here’s where I recommend you do like most Black men and get an Andis T-Outliner.  Simply put, most Black men have no business letting a straight edge razor go anywhere near your face.  And when it comes to shaping there’s nothing better.  Invest in a pair now and they’ll last you a long time.

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So here’s what you’re most likely to find in my closet, but I’m always interested to hear from the fellas what they’ve been eyeing this winter and what they hope to see under their Christmas tree from the lady in your life, even if that’s your mother.  Also, ladies, what say you about winter fashion?  Have you noticed something that you would recommend the fellas grab the next time they’re at Macy’s?  And also, what are some of your must-haves for yourself?  It’s a winter going on out there, no man is safe from, or as my main man Freeway said, “It’s cold winter, y’all [negros] better bundle up!.”

– Dr. J

Flight School Tracklist: 1. Good Morning by Kanye West 2. So Fresh So Clean by Outkast 3. Gold Watch by Lupe Fiasco 4. La Di Da Di by Slick Rick & Doug E. Fresh 5. Throwin My Money by TiRon 6. Flight School by Kanye & T-Pain 7. I’m So Fly by Lloyd Banks 8. So Fly by Slim & Yung Joc 9. Fly Together by Red Cafe & Rick Ross 10. Otis by Jay & Kanye 11. Champion by Kanye 12. One More Chance by Biggie — — Check out Carver The Great at his personal website, where you can also find booking information and more music!


      1. Just checked it out…*remembers i still have xmas shopping to do….remembers i still have xmas shoppng to do…..remembers i still have xmas shopping to do*

        1. I saw very black mannequin in Dick's a few weeks ago… I stood in awe, like OMG those lips… that nose with afro curled hair!!! He was black and built in a graphite black. Maybe I just haven't been paying attention but he was the first "genuinely black" (as opposed to non white) mannequin I had ever seen.
          My recent post Christmas in New York City?

  1. I’m liking all of this. Dr J next time you should post a pic of yourself wearing this stuff. 🙂

    The clippers I’ve been looking at are the Oster Classic 76s. They might be a Valentine’s Day gift. Tried those?

    1. You may need a professional to get those for you I haven’t seen them in the regular supply stores often. But if you live near a CosmoProf they are an Oster distributor so you can probably get them there. They will be more than $100 just don’t want you to get sticker shock! Lol

      1. I saw it on Amazon for like $118 so I might just order it from there. He has a t-outliner already and still gets pretty bad bumps. Do you think the classic 76 would make a difference? When he goes to the barber she hasn’t been able to give him any advice.

        1. does he use tea tree oil? seriously. get yourself a clarisonic mia (it's $150 but your face will feel amaaazing and you can use it on your body too) brush heads are $25 ea, so you can get him his own brush (i recommend sensitive) for it, since the actual clarisonic is pink and it sounds better if he's just using yours. lol. if he uses that before he shaves, then uses tea tree oil or a tea tree/jojoba oil mix after he shaves, his face should feel as smooth as your baby's bottom. 🙂

          if anything, the tea tree oil for sure.
          My recent post NYC: Fast Food and Old Fruit

        2. I've heard good things about that clarisonic. I should get up on that. He uses tea tree oil sporadically. Maybe he just needs to be more consistent. He's also been using something called skin tight I think. That stuff smells so bad and somehow he complains about the smell of the tea tree oil and even the lavender. Smh. We'll figure it all out one day.

        3. Your hubby should try Tend Skin, it's works, it may burn on first application but then after he should be good but he needs to be consistent with it and he will see improvement in about a week or so. It's good for us too (bikini waxing/shaving and such)

        4. Tea tree is great. But, honeslty he needs to make sure has a great cleaning regimen for his clippers and prepping his face prior to shaving. (Exfoliate, facial etc) Also, he needs to keep his tools well lubricated with an oil he is not allergic to. I find after cleaning my clippers a drop of tea tree oil right on the blades settles irritation. Unfortunately, some of the time the clippers are just not sharp enough and are pulling the hair out instead of lifting and cutting the hairs. The unfortunate part is most of the time you don’t realize it until several shaves later, and the irritation can progress into something futher. He should look into having them adjusted if that’s the case. My husband adjusted both of ours. Haven’t heard to many Live reviews on the clarsonic. Most people I talk to opt to change their regimen before purchasing another tool lol. Some times its just the need for a facial or hot towel treatment prior to shaving. There are a lot of different options to try. He just have to try it and remain consistant on checking his face after his shaves. You can do that for him tho 😉

  2. Check! on the T Outliner. My husband’s broke (one of the kids dropped it) and he has insisted upon jumping on mine. Then I have to search for them when I have to clean a client up lol. So he had to get his own pair ASAP! All he wants now is a triclimate jacket since I got his Coat the year before… and another watch of course. I think I may get him about 2 or 3 new ties. I’m not sure yet since finding this jacket has given me the blues!! Socks are an every other month thing.

  3. i agree with all that a vest needs to be on the list. If you get a clean black or blue one, you can rock it under or over a suit jacket as a fluffer. This works well for bigger dudes like myself who get too hot if they rock the overcoat and suit jacket together.

    Also, invest in your relationship with your cobbler. Your shoes will take a beating and you need to make em look like they didnt.

    While I agree w/ the top coat seen above, also consider a slimmed down parka. Dont think the northface one we used to rock, think something much much slimmer.

    But i agree w/ everything on the list.

  4. I cant get with a navy wool coat tho…i see more females rocking it, however when i wear blue i hate wearing a black coat, think i might get a vest and a hoodie

        1. Yes but I'd have liked to hear some names. I bought Polo Blue like eight years ago and the bottle is still almost full. He doesn't wear it much but I would like to try something else for when he does. I loved the Polo Blue though, it's a panty dropper for me. Just would like some variety, you know.

        2. I like Beyonce Heat. My friend swears by the JLo Glow line. I used to love Escada Moonsparkle. It's discontinued but you can sometimes still find it. That's more of a springtime fragrance though. I like Clinique Happy Hearts, Euphoria by Calvin Klein and Viva la Juicy too. It's not a perfume but I used to get the most compliments from guys when I wore Bath and Body Works Warm Vanilla Sugar lotion in my hair. It's simple and cheap but had the most impact. Go figure.

        3. Nice ideas kryst…

          I'm Lovin Gucci Guilty and Vince Camuto for women right about now, it's not too heavy you can wear it everyday (macy's had it on sale plus a free gift)

        4. Warm Vanilla Sugar gets 'em every time! A nice subtle variation of that is Rice Flower and Shea. #B&BWAddict

          Victoria's Secret's Love Spell is a crowd favorite too – I love it!

        5. Oooh that is a good one. One of my old bosses used to wear it and I used to go talk to her just to get a whiff.

  5. looove this post. think you pretty much covered it.

    what is it about men who are into fashion and "exclusivity?"… . -__-

    only very slim men should wear cardigans. any other man will look like Malcolm Jamal Warner on Reed between the lines… all stuffed and whatnot. un.sexy. slim fit sweaters are hot though.

    i think every man should have the above hoodie in his closet. where is it from?
    My recent post NYC: Fast Food and Old Fruit

    1. That hoodie IS everything right now, i even tried to copy the image url and google it and got nothing. I’m not too exclusive about what i wear (then again im no fashionegro) however if i got a really good deal on something or i spent alot on something the LAST thing i wanna see is someone else with it.

  6. Dr. J – I could kiss you right now. I was just thinking how I have no idea what to get the hubs for Christmas and here you come with a list of cool stuff. Mmmmm-uahhh, thanks!

    1. Girl didn't the holiday just seem to sneak up? I only have one more gift I need to buy my booski. Otherwise, I'm happy to report that I finished early for once this year. He loves gourmet popcorn so I'm gonna have to buy that fresh. That's gonna be a good stocking stuffer.

      1. Oh, the candy stocking stuffer is a good idea too. And yes, Christmas is sneaking up! Between the twins' birthday, our wedding anniversary, my momma's birthday and Christmas I'm REALLY looking forward to December 26th, lol.

  7. Yall fancy…

    Maybe it's cuz I'm originally from Texas but I'm still adjusting to the winter wardrobe phenomenon. Anyway, #s 2, 3, 4 are not my forte but to each their own. I have a few nice coats that I got from Macy's when they did their winter coat special. They essentially allow me to adjust to the temperature swings we have out here: 30-40 degrees is the short coat, 20 – 30 is the full length wool. 20 and below (and yes it gets way below) is put on everything warm I can find – layers are your friend. That reminds me, if you live in a truly cold area you better know about that Gold Toe sock life, bro. Thank me later.

    #5. I have a pair of clippers for both my face and my head (I shave – and Im not sure why anyone would use a razor but whatever). I do need a new pair though so may look into this.

    My recent post A Real Woman

  8. Really happy to see this post on the site. I'm not big on 2 and 3. I think of myself as a man of simplicity. My clothes are neat, comfortable, and don't look dingy. You won't see me with flashy shoes or exquisitely designed socks and shirt/sweater combos. I do like sweaters though. I also stay with the scarf and hats. A versatile topcoat (or whatever you wanna call it) is crucial. I need to get another one this year.

    As for the t-liner…not applicable.lol. I razor my dome daily with a shaving device called head blade. Works much better than a typical razor. If interested, you can check it out here:

    My recent post Landing Your Dream Job: How to Write a Cover Letter That Wins

  9. I love patterned socks but I've got to cosign that Gold Toe. Gold Toe ftw! Used to could get them at Big Lots for cheap.

  10. great post! I like all of your choices but you knew that already!

    I really have a soft spot for men in v-neck sweaters. esp layered with a printed shirt and a nice tie. *swoonage* I agree with those that said not everyone can pull off the cardigan. I do think they look nice on slim builds.

    I actually like the socks in the picture for myself! I have a nice collection argyle socks.

    lol @ not telling where you get your socks from. I am that way about a lot of things I buy. I share a lot but I keep lot more to myself. LOL.
    My recent post I know that we don’t know each other well…

    1. "I am that way about a lot of things I buy. I share a lot but I keep lot more to myself. LOL."

      You and me both!! *hi-fives* Yeah I may let you know where I bought this sweater from but my shoes…?? uumm no, I shop the way I do for a reason. lol #NoClones

  11. I am co-signing to everything on this list. I looooooooooove a man in a sweater. Oh and a man who walks into happy hour with a long wool coat on, a nicely tied scarf, dark denim, and a v-neck sweater. LAWD.

  12. Wool Coat- Check
    Boots-Currently looking for a pair that fit properly
    scarf, hat, and gloves- using the ones from last year…so far so good
    Andis Clippers….have the same pair I bought 10 years ago….I swear by these so much i bought my dad a pair for his birthday….

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