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Five Movies That Changed Our Lives Forever



Please don't talk, please don't talk to me in the movies.

If you’ve ever spent time reading my work on The Book of Jackson, you know that I really enjoy watching movies.  I can sit in my place all day, rediscovering old favorites and discovering new ones.  There’s something special about certain motion pictures- they captivate minds leaving lasting imprints.  We’ve all had those moments where we leave a movie wondering what we’d do were we in the protagonist position or how we would respond to some of the situations permitted. We watched Superman as kids and hoped we could fly, we watched Limitless as adults and wished for NZT.  Movies have the power to change us, or at least change the way we view the world.  Check out these few, and let me know if they had a similar effect on you.

The Godfather II

It wasn’t the first, but it’s arguably the best of the mafia movies.  Filmmakers have been trying to recreate The Godfather for years. Nearly every gangster flick you’ve seen since borrows from its cinematography. It shows the story of a family’s migration to a new country from a distant land and it’s subsequent rise to power. What makes it special is that as much as it’s a movie about the mafia, it’s also a movie about family and what you do to protect your family.  If you’re a part of three siblings, I’m sure you look at all of yourselves and think who is Sonny, Fredo or Michael?  Don’t worry, everyone thinks they’re Michael, but not everyone has it in them.  There’s something about Michael in this movie that not many people ever noticed.  First, many decisions you make you will have to make them alone and then execute them despite the people around not seeing how this will inevitably be the best move.  Second, pick the right wife for you.  I always thought that Michael struggled with his relationship with his wife because he fell in love with the wrong woman for him.  Last, always make your decisions of compassion or vengeance with great intent and follow through on them.

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The story told here was enough to change the lives of everyone who watched it.  It is the story of someone who came from nothing and made it to the top of everything.  It’s a story that every Pusher needs in order to keep his head above water and to get pushing along to the top.  There are a few takeaways from this movie that we should never forget.  First, when your past is not an option, your ambition can be unstoppable.  Second, you are a product of your environment.  Most people who make it to the top by being willing to kill, typically fall victim to the same fate.  Third, don’t let any of your homies sleep with your sister.

The Lion King

I’ve always been a fan of Disney movies, and that’s not changing any time soon.  They shared so many lessons with us over the years.  In each, there is a key lesson that every child or adult can learn.  The Lion King, however, ushered in a new type of movie for America.  It was the Blockbuster of Disney that their previous movies had attempted to reach but never reached.  It was also the first movie they made that showed Africa… (Must take a moment and remember Jamie Foxx’s standup when he would utter those words, “Africa… Africa… (random jungle noises).”)  Ask a man his favorite character in the Lion King and you can find out everything you need to know, because you surely have some friends in your life who will resemble the Hyenas.  But there’s one lesson here that you can take and apply to every fact of your life, know thyself and thy true worth.  The return of Simba to Pride Rock is a great one.  The other lesson that you can take from this movie is that Disney has the god awful best way of bringing you to the brink of tears in the first thirty minutes of every movie.  RIP Mufasa.

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Crash was a movie unlike any we had seen before.  It made us think differently about the person we came to the movie with, the people who we saw in the movie theater that day, and the people we saw on our way out.  Each story had meaning and purpose.  The independence and dependency of each plot on one another was priceless.  This movie challenged us to evaluate our lives in those dark places where we don’t want to look or be.  We thought about race, family, gender, and the struggles that we all face as humans who’s lives inevitable cross paths.  Many men were troubled with what they would do in a similar situation as a police officer gropes his wife in front of him.  Would you raise a fist, or hang your head?  Also, how do upper middle class Black folks view the ones who are committing crimes every day?  Are they an embarrassment to us all, or just themselves?  The only advice I can give you is that this might not be a good date movie if you’re dating outside the family.

The Matrix

I saw this movie in college and it changed my life forever.  The way I would look at the world was changed when I saw this movie.  I know I wasn’t the only one who left the theater thinking, “Am I really in the Matrix?”  There was no real way to find out, and we still don’t know.  This story although compared to many stories throughout history is about choices.  It’s not a comparison to the story of Jesus.  It’s about choices.  The ones we make and why we make them.  This movie is about what choices we would make if we knew we could do anything we put our minds to.  This movie is a perfect movie for a developing mind because it encourages the mind to go after great feats instead of being confined to the reality of unambitious souls.  If you ever have a chance, take a look at some of the books that inspired this movie.  They’re based on paying attention to your dreams and really analyzing them to the point of using them to your advantage.

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I didn’t pick movies that only changed me, I picked the movies that changed us all.  If you haven’t watched these movies lately, watch them again.  These are those movies that one should own in their collection, they are pieces of art like any painting that you might hang in your home.  I feel inclined to answer a question I’m asked all the time because of my obsession with movies.  My favorite movie is, All About The Benjamins.  Don’t judge me, that’s my favorite movie and everyone is entitled to their own.  The best movie I’ve ever seen was Memento.  The plot of that movie can’t be duplicated, I’ve seen very few directors recreate the feeling I had with this movie.  Lastly, the movie that taught me the most was A Bronx Tale.  I think every boy should watch that movie, and ladies, if you meet a man who hasn’t seen that movie, he’s as suspect as the dude who doesn’t know the lyrics to Juicy.

Now let’s commune in the comments.  Thoughts about these movies and the five movies that changed your life forever.  Cheers.

– Dr. J


    1. Se7en and Reservior Dogs are good ones. Not too many Tarantino fans, take the time to watch that movie and it's arguably the best. The Lord of the Rings is much like the Godfather, Back to the Future and Beverly Hills Cop, the third movie is the worst. The Lord of the Rings third movie just dragged on for far too long. Great selections here.

  1. I like you’re choices, but it makes my top 5 feel inadequate. I didn’t realize that they should have meaning.

    1. Happy New Year Sane!

      I disagree with you here, I don't think those are most Black men's Top 5, those are most people's Top 5. I chose movies that affected us all. Godfather II has many lessons that women have to take away before the men. Men don't see Michael's relationship with his wife the same way. How many women out there have dated a guy who they fell in love with but had some critical flaws that he needed to change? When you watch the third, which is the worst, you really find how she finds her peace with Michael.

      Also, Connie's role was also very important to showing us the relationships of families with their younger sisters, or women in general. And lastly, the family was in a lot of ways led by dual head of households. While Vito was in charge of the business, his mother was in charge of the house. The respect that they show for their mother is so powerful.

      As it pertains to Scarface, not sure many women like this movie the most, but i'm sure that you've dated someone who idolized this movie in a way that was borderline unhealthy. I think the majority of the people who like this movie, like this movie in an unhealthy way. However, we can't discount that all races of men tend to obsess over this movie.

      1. These are men’s movies. This is a male blog. Its ok to admit your perspective pertains to you and people like you. No need to force gradiosity. I never saw Scarface, The Lion King, and I dont remember Godfather ll. But I’ll definitely cosign Crash and The Matrix. I keep referring back to both of them in my life.

        1. Yeah… I don't agree with you. If I wanted to do the man's list, I would have, I didn't. I'm aware of my intentions.

        2. Lion King is a man movie? Crach is a man movie?
          You guys are wild. This list is reasonably objective.

          The best of movie critics would cite all these movies on their year best list from their individual years. These aren't Die Hard or Independance Day where the movie is fueled by stunts and special effects. But like I say.. guys have better taste.

      2. Happy New Year!!!

        I'm not knocking either movie and agree with your reasons for listing them. I'm just saying that they are basically a mainstay on most black men's list (not most people). I would just like two non-obvious alternates :).

      3. You really meant to say these are EVERYBODY’S top five movies…..and ALL women would consider Scarface in their list of top five because EVERY woman MUST have dated someone who was obsessed with it, so by default its important to them…….okaaay.

        1. Can you calm down for a minute? First of all, the list isn't ranked. Second of all, I didn't mean to say anything except what I said. Stop trying to represent my words as what I meant, that's like your favorite thing to do. Just let it go.

    2. Cosign… The first two are Black men favorites… IMO an alternative for Black women would be The Color Purple & Waiting to Exhale

  2. My man. I feel you on all those points I've seen Lion King twenty times but I still ran out to see that 3D version. On another point do you ever find that people hide the movies they really like around other people if it isn't "hard" or a staple of the Black community? I got into a loud conversation about The Color Purple Vs Titanic that I won't get into… no one stood up for Titanic, but later on a friend called me and said "yeah I felt exactly how you felt but I couldn't say that in front of them" it's like if you love a movie love that movie don't feel a need to hide the DVD under the couch because critics or your ratchet cousin don't think it's what you should be watching. Any way good list.

    Pulp Fiction for life tho.

    1. I've noticed that before. Some people do become ashamed to say what movies they enjoy. I love movies though and I've never been ashamed to admit it…even if other people didn't enjoy certain movies as much as I did.

      I'm all about finding something to laugh at or cheer for in most movies I watch. I'll even watch low budget movies just to get my laugh on at the below average acting or over the top dialogue and/or plots. It's all about finding something we can each enjoy.

      In most cases movies bring people together, but they can also make people square off against one another too. It's really interesting when you think about it.
      My recent post My Game So Wack I Talked You Into an Open Relationship

    2. That's true. Here's one for you, try convincing a group of Black people that Soul Food, Love Jones and the Best Man are actually HORRIBLE movies. Yes, entertaining, but don't compare Love Jones to You've Got Mail or When Harry Met Sally. That's like people who think Vado or Gudda Gudda are nice.

      The Color Purple is a good movie though, not sure if it's better than Titanic, but it's solid. If not for anything but to give Black men random snippets to use in arguments with their women. "Baby, you over here talking to me on some, "til you do right by me" ish, I just want you to make me a sandwich, just a sandwich, not a monologue."

    3. Oh an I got some guilty pleasures too. Ain't no reason a straight Black man should know as many lines of Mean Girls as I do.

  3. You don't have to tell me–I know I'm lame. I've only seen Crash and Lion King. Lion King is, of course, a favorite. But I really didn't like Crash. That's just me.

    I'm not a big movie watcher. I have an extremely short attention span so I can never finish movies :S
    My recent post White House Swag (PIC)

  4. I'm sure I'll amend this later on but…

    500 Days of Summer.. (Sane knows) It was one of the most honest relationship movies I've ever seen..
    Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind
    The Neverending Story (I'm an 80's baby, don't judge me)
    Monsoon Wedding. (Indian movie without being Bollywood.. please check it out..)

    I own these, have bought the soundtracks and will still watch these when they come on tv. With or without commercials. Yeah, it's pretty bad..
    My recent post The Truth..

  5. Dang. I’ve only seen two of those movies.

    My list:

    Memoirs of a Geisha

    Sister Act

    Kung Fu Panda 1&2

    Jungle Book

    1. Happy New Year Krystl!

      Just wanted to say, your Memoirs of a Geisha pick is very interesting. I'd be interested to pick your brain as to why you like that movie to put it on your favorites.

      1. Happy New Year Studmuffin!
        Interesting good or interesting bad? You be going deep. My reasons are not that deep. I just enjoyed the sheer beauty of that movie plus I felt like I could really relate to that girl being separated from my sister and all and then the love she had for dude.

        1. Interesting good. I think you can tell a lot about how women react to that movie. Almost like a woman's shoes, the movies they select tell you things about who they are and how they think.

        2. Aww see now I wish I'd given you some better reasons. I just feel like I know how she feels. *shrug*

  6. In no specific order

    1) Crooklyn ( felt like it mirrored my mothers childhood kind of )

    2) The Wood ( I hope me and my girls will get to that point in life just reminiscing and making new memories)

    3) A Bronx Tale ( to many lessons about family , friends , lovers and people that you admire )

    4) Boomerang ( every dog gets they’re day but Robin Givens had him hooked)

    5) House Party 2 ( nothing super deep about this movie but I love watching it and. We all can relate a little to at least one character )

    1. House Party 2 over 1?!?!? Where they do that at? 2 lost its feelings felt commercialized, 1 was the greatest accomplishment of Reginald Hudlin's life.

    2. Great list! And i'll take 2 over 1 anyday. We talked about this up thread, but while the first might be more non-commercial, it's nothing to say, that 2 isn't actually the better movie though. I think it's just more entertaining.

      1. Well that could be true… the reason why 1 lives so foundly in my heart was because of how well it protrayed being young and black in those times. Not the story.

        However, some of the slap stick comedy from 2 turns me off. The chase scene? So '3 Stoogies'.

  7. HEAT (best gun fight scene ever, sounds insane in surround sound)
    Annie (it was the best part of my daughter being 5, she loved it)
    Grease (my sister forced me to watch it so much i know the entire script)
    Boys in the Hood/Menace to Society (I wasn't big on NWA so this was my first peek into the west-coast lifestyle)
    Beverly Hills Cop 1 & 2 ( i wanted to be a comedic actor soooo bad after watching Eddie Murphy)

    Notable mention: Tombstone (i dont do westerns but that was the best ive ever seen Val Kilmer….im ya huckleberry!)

    1. Boys in the Hood/Menace II Society — All those Black gangster movies were exceptionally good in some ways. If anything, it showed Black men that in the end, you will probably end up dead. But towards the end and in some of the earlier ones, I always wondered if it did more to reinforce our teachers who said we wouldn't make it out alive, or deter us.

      BHC I & II – Actually would make my Top 5 list if I did it in terms of my favorites. I own all three. I can sit and watch them back to back and then again.

      Tombstone — I actually like Westerns. The other one was better, i'm trying to remember… Wyatt Earp with Kevin Costner. But if you're talking all time best western… hands down, Butch Cassidy & the Sundance Kid. (That's also the best gun scene ever.) I don't think anybody thinks that's a bad movie, it's good all around.

    2. I feel terrible i didn’t add Grease to my list…I love that movie!! and Heat was banging. Isn’t that tjr last time Val looked like himself?!? Him and Mickey Rourke should be ashamed of themselves

    3. Doc: "Wyatt Earp is my friend." I.Loved.This.Movie. Val Kilmer was Doc Holiday. The friendship between him and Wyatt…was just ….then the end when he showed up looking a grey mess and took Rico down. Awesome choice.

      1. I gotta check out 500 Days of Summer….heard about it.
        Last one that was seriously thought provoking for me was Soul Food…..seriously reminded me a lot of my own family and the little boy reminded me of me.

        1. If you have ever had unrequited love, dated someone who was emotionally unavailable or been trapped in the friend zone- 500 Days of Summer is a must-see! It has great cinematography, acting, and the soundtrack is just exceptional!

    1. OMG I love your 5! Love! Did we say how hot women who have good taste in art and culture are?! And women don't want to admit it, its RARE, no Bristol Palin. Seriously… so hot. I am so damn impressed. Great list. Esp City of God.

    2. I definitely love your list. Shawshank Redemption is the best jail movie to deter crime. None of the others come close. And 500 Days of Summer?! Whaaaaaat? That movie next to the Breakup had the BEST dialogue ever. That's a winner in my book.

  8. I don't want to be rude and Hi Jack your conversation. But after sunday night, I feel almost disrespected that we are just going to sit here and ignore the fact that…MY GIANTS won the division. Seriously, I am lobbying my congress woman to purpose an act forcing all cowboy fans to neuter themselves after sunday night. Plus all these Redskins fans on SBM act like football doesn't exist past Nov. Need to pull out those pre-season prediction again and call some people out!

    Sorry had to say that.
    Back to the topic, I always thought Scarface was overrated. Unlike the Godfather, the movie really skips over all the important details. Its just an average drug story. Honestly I understand everyone references scarface and the drug culture this country has makes it important. But seriously is it really that good? Its not that much better than any BET Black star Cinema staring Ja Rule and Clifton Powell. "Ninja want to be Scarface but aint see the end of the movie."
    I love the Matrix pick, I feel like people don't appreciate how great that movie was because the special effects have been riped off so much, but they were the first. And other than Equilibrium, no other film was touching the depth of their story.

    1. MsBlackmanSays stole Memento, and I am the biggest Chris Nolan fanboy. So I will go with Inception/Dark Knight/Following. Seriously, Memento gave me a Brain Orgasm.

      The good Dr said Matrix, so I will go with the anime Ghost in a Shell that inspired it.
      There is a French Movie called Secret Things, I really liked.
      The Graduate,
      Up in the Air,
      V for Vendetta,
      Social Network (which Streetz put me on to)
      Children of Men
      Chinatown, and anything with Monica Bellucci or directed by Scorsese or Larry Clark
      I think Malcolm X is the best movie ever staring a black person, but if someone has a better one I would like to hear it. After that I love Menace and Boyz. Plus The Best Man.

      1. Cheekz and I have identical taste in movies. I really dig the Godfather/Scarface comparison. People put the two films in the same category when really, they're not even close. It's like the difference between Illmatic and It Was Written. One is groundbreaking and the other is entertaining.

        Chinatown is a great addition. My favorite Jack movie of all time.
        Social Network might be our generations defining film.
        And Nolan hasn't missed yet. Don't sleep on The Prestige.

        To the list I'd like to add The Sting … which someone needs to remake asap.
        All of Stephen Soderbergh's joints and almost all of Michael Mann's joints. Nobody does shootouts better than Michael Mann.

      2. Juno…..wth……Really CHeeKZ????? lol
        What was so life changing about Juno? I had to watch that movie 3 or 4 times just to "get it". Maybe it's because I never really saw it from the very very beginning. Whole time I'm wondering who is her "baby daddy" and where is he????

        1. Juno really re-sparked my love of indie movies. Dialogue. Dialogue. Dialogue.
          Plus Ellen Page is reason enough to check out any movie….her in Hard Candy..amazing.

      3. I hope you was at home when you saw Memento, because I don't know how I feel about you having an orgasm in the movie theater, that's how Pee Wee Herman got got. LOL jk.

    2. I don't think Scarface is all that great of a movie, but it did change people. Listen, Friday is a horrible movie, tell me that movie didn't change Black people in America for about 3 straight years.

  9. Also as a side note… Irréversible staring Monica Bellucci tries to recreate the same effect Nolan did with Memento, playing the story backwards. It doesn't come close to as good! But the camera work alone is out of this world. Careful though! Its not an easy watch, as more foreign movies are not.
    real tough to watch, but that is what makes those actors so good, no puritans holding them back.

    1. If you are just looking for a story that plays backwards then there's a lot of movies that you can pick. And if we are talking about moving time around in a plot to confuse the audience, then Tarantino wins hands down. Memento was much more than just that. And you can also make a case for Catch Me If You Can which jumps around a lot too. So it's not just going backwards. However, that movie and Monica Bellucci are awesome.

  10. good list!
    my all-time favorites:
    the lion king
    given the fact that i like movies which leave a gut-wrenching feeling in you, after watching, do not be surprised at the following:
    alpha dog
    gone baby gone

    1. Goodfellas got a tough break. It's actually a great movie, but if falls behind and out of the Top 3 of the mafia movies. It's still a great movie though.

    2. Cosign A Time to Kill. Just based on Sam Jackson’s line alone. “Yes they deserved to die, and I hope they burn in hell!”. Love the race analysis, but dislike the white hero who is a great person for slumming with the Black people he rescues meme.

  11. I didn't think Sonny ever loved his wife. He loved the woman in Italy, but she was killed so he went with the woman he knew would marry him. That was poor judgement on her part, but she believed he was really going to make the family business legal. Anyway, my college boyfriend made me watch the Godfather (and Scarface but I didn't like it) and I liked it so I've seen it many times.

    My list:
    Lion King
    500 Days of Summer
    Usual Suspects
    Higher Learning
    Color Purple
    Forrest Gump

    There are more but these popped in my head

  12. Coming to America

    Usual Suspects


    Love Jones and Mo Betta Blues are tied for me(sentimental reasons)

    Kill Bill 1 (and 2 also) Uncut so you can see 0-Ren shii brain at the end. Probably most of Quentin Tarantino movies especially Pulp Fiction Reservoi Dogs. I Have yet to actually set an official Top 5 but, I notice that those listed above I watch the most. No matter how many times I have seen them in the past I will watch it on regular tv and then put in the dvd and watch it again. Usual Suspects hasn’t been on in a min but I have watched it 4 time since I finally replaced my broken DVD in October.

    1. C2A – Piqued my intrest in philosophy at a age I just wanted to know about everything. I was was compelled to find out who the heck Niche was and found it sooo funny, when I found it was spelled Nietzsche. I seem to take the unusual from all the movies I watched. It was funny though, and I honestly think it was my first Rated R movie my parents Let me see! Lol!
      Usual suspects is the reason I watch CSI. Its engaging and I was able to really understand for the first time what a “MindF**k” (or the MF)was cause that movie is exactly that! Love Jones taught me how black man uses the “MF” in the dating world lol. Scarface was really my introduction to anytype of “Organized Crime” films and has been my fav since! Mo Betta Blues was melodic seduction… and Kill Bill is my GO TO movie when I am upset and plotting revenge lol. For real tho I watch that anytime I wanna get some anger out …plus the score is a beast! To Me anyway! And besides Croughing Tiger Hidden Dragon I really hadn’t seen any women Kick it like that. I mean Tomb Raider was good but Kill Bill was awesome!

      1. Mo Betta Blues is a Spike Lee Joint Classic…..yes yes yes.
        Tomb Raider's graphics and fight scenes better than Kill Bill…..but Kill Bill had good celebrity scenes in it….I loved Vivica's fight scene…..But sorry nobody I've scene can hold a candle to my girl Angelina Jolie who does her own stunts and is A Ruthless Beast with the stunts. Tomb Raider was just like the video game.

        1. Don’t get me wrong I do appreciate the cinematography and effects that Tomb Raider boasted but, there had been far to many notes at that time which said that Blaze from american gladiator did most of Angelinas Stunts on Tomb Raider. I can’t remember Blaze real name and most of the sites just say Eunice. Angelina…She’s still great though. Her stunts in Hackers were probably just as equivalent…lol j/k!

        2. lol…Hackers…damn Fuzzy….lol Leave Angie alone…..still think she's gangsta wit the wonder woman type action flicks.

    2. But the soundtrack to Mo Better Blues…

      That's a great story there too. It really shows you how your relationships with unhealthy friends can have an effect on your entire life.

  13. Hmm. This is tough. In no particular order:

    Man on Fire
    Saving Private Ryan
    Mr. Brooks
    Dark Night
    *All Dat Azz #23 (does this count as a movie?)

    1. Glory and Inception were great ones DeKeLa……..question though…..how the hell did a porno change your life?????????????? (unless it was the first one you ever watched) lmao

  14. this has to be the first time i have actually seen someone praise the movie crash. that movie was horrible, stupidly written, and stupidly acted. racism for dummies. i'll pass. the godfather films are okay, but highly overrated. same with scarface. matrix and the lion king are the only genuinely good movies on that list.

    1. I actually like Crash, I thought it was an interesting movie and I like the way the stories intertwined. What didn't you like about it?

    2. Well fish456, you have to realize some things about the movie Crash… first of all it's a watered down version of several Indie films that never made it to the big screen because they were too much to handle. Many of the movies that you see, by the time they reach the big screen they have to be watered down to be digestible. Now… let's take a moment to think about something though, was it horrible acting and writing, no, not in the least bit. Thandie Newton and Matt Dillon were phenomenal in that movie. Nothing short of phenomenal. So were Terrence Howard and Ludacris. When I first saw it, the conversations it inspired were awesome, and although, I could say, "I mean did you really need a movie to tell you that all that stuff is going on today?" It was a conversation that needed to be had. Hadn't had a movie inspiring that much talking since Higher Learning or American History X and even then, those conversations were mainly on college campuses only.

  15. My Ten are:
    Love Jones
    The Brothers
    The Wood
    Our Family Wedding
    The Best Man
    The Bronx Tale
    Tyler Perry's Daddy's Girls
    The Devil in a Blue Dress

    Actually I really love movies where the underdog get's the girl. For some reason I can relate to those movies more than any other…

    Honorable Mentions:
    Crazy Stupid Love ( This one got added after a recent post here on SBM)
    Brown Sugar
    Tyler Perry's "The Family That Preys Together"

    1. I was hoping we could make it through the day without somone bringing up a Tyler Perry movie.

      but keeping it real… I didn't see this one. So maybe it is good

    2. Our Family Wedding… great story, not sure a lot of sisters want to watch it though… et ALL.

      Devil in a Blue Dress… being as though I read all those books, I couldn't have thought of a better person to play Easy and they needed him to make that adaption great. Great movie.

      Shaft… there's a whole list of movies from that era that if this movie was for Black folks, that we would have to add. Shaft is a great choice. But now i'm wanting to think if I should have added something from Pam Grier who really took Black actresses to a new level in Hollywood.

      1. Dr.J I had to add Shaft… He was every boy's hero back in the 70's, plus the women loved him… Our Family Wedding was just a great movies with a lot of family values and culture…

    3. Daddy's Little Girls was one of TP's best, along with Family That Preys. The emotions captured in the movie were so good, and it started the careers of the McClain sisters.

      Our Family Wedding was a good concept, with a great cast, but it just fell flat… it wasn't extremely memorable. But in terms of a holiday movie I like it. Have you ever seen Nothing Like the Holidays? That one was really good too.

      My recent post New Year’s Anthem

  16. I love watching movies. Netflix was a God send until they pulled that fee raise gimic. I’ve actually never sat down and picked a top 5 so I’ll go by genre. I like mystery, psychological thrillers and scary movies myself but in no particular order:


    Good Fellas/Casino > Scarface




    *Honerable Mentions:

    Pulp Fiction (or anything Quentin Tarantino)


    Mississippi Burning (for the anger/emotional factor)

    Roots (see above)

    The Exorcist (this movie STILL scares me)

    1. Wis Mississippi Masala was a great movie and one I could watch over and over.
      Another good movie if you wanna learn about the art of seduction and sensuality (especially women)
      is the Kama Sutra movie…….a really great love story and you learn a little about the history of Kama Sutra.

    2. Mississippi Burning made me wanted to go Mississippi and blow it up…
      Root just made me angry…
      300 brought out the warrior in me…

  17. First, Happy New Year everybody….*smile*
    Crash I've never seen…..have to check it out.
    All those are great….I saw The Lion King play in Philly years ago and loooooooved it.
    The Matrix is a classic…..it's so sad that Aaliyah never got the chance to play the role they
    created for her in the last one.
    Scarface and The Godfather is every guy I know favorite movies…..lol I prefer Scarface….The Godfather was a good one too.
    I used to watch Clint Eastwood movies with my grandfather….fav and a classic is "Unforgiven"
    No movie I've seen has changed my life…but movies that have made me think, aware of my history and touched me emotionally are:
    Precious – Monique and Gabrielle both deserved every award out there for that movie
    There Eyes Were Watching God
    The Color Purple
    Purple Rain was an inspiring movie to me…..Prince went through a lot of sh**…….and still successful and came out on top in the end. And the song Purple Rain…….what more can I say……..
    Boomerang – because the title fit the movie sooooo well and I loved watching Eddie Murphy's character grow up and learn all he did and become a better honest man who ended up having the ability to change for the better and actually fall in love. Plus I love that soundtrack….one of the best movie soundtracks ever.
    A movie called Skin….don't wanna give it away but it's a great great movie.
    And the movie Sarafina….I went to see it in the movies and cried and the theme and scenes of that movie stayed with me for a long long time.
    It's been so long since I've seen A Bronx Tale that I vaguely remember it.
    Movies that I think should be life-changing for every black person is Roots…..still haven't been able to watch the entire movie…..just get waaaay too emotional.
    Another movie that should be life changing for anyone who watches it no matter what religion you are is The Passion of The Christ……..still haven't seen the entire movie…again I get waaaaay too emotional.

    1. Purple Rain!!! What you know bout that? The soundtrack was hot.

      Sarafina got to me as well.

      Great choices and commentary.

      1. aaaahhh….was 8 yrs old when it was on t.v. and my mom made me close my eyes on all the so called "nasty" parts wit Apollonia half naked….lol ha ha.
        Heck Yeah that was a good soundtrack too…..I don't have many soundtrack CD's but definitely have Purple Rain & Boomerang in my collection.

    2. A Bronx Tale is great love story inside a gangster flick…
      Purple Rain…. "Somebody bring me a mirror." – Morris Day to Jerome…
      Color Purple I didn't get with.. too much male bashing, reminds of me Waiting to Exhale…

      1. The Color Purple was based on some real ish that was goin on back in those days….if you think the movie was bad the book was much much deeper.

    3. I saw Skin just recently and now it's on Netflix Instant… good movie.

      I love Sarafina, but most people I mention it to don't remember it ever existing. Great choice.

  18. I tend to split my favorites up into categories… if I'm going with straight up favorites they'd be:

    The Godfather Saga
    An Affair to Remember (Carry Grant version)
    Raging Bull
    The Dark Knight

  19. My favorite movie- well it's not a movie, it's a mini-series, but I love it: Band of Brothers
    The Lion King
    The Little Mermaid

  20. When it comes to movies my all time favorites are musicals so Sister Act, The Lion King and Rent are my all time favs. Something about Lauryn's journey to finding music gets me EVERY single time haha. Other favorites, in no order:

    City of God
    La Haine (French movie about immigrants/race & hate in the housing projects of Paris, I think everybody should watch this)
    Au Revoir Les Enfants
    Beyonce/The Return of Beyonce (these are Ghana/Nollywood movies. I don't know why I love them, but I do)
    The Wooden Camera (South African film)
    Love Actually
    Love & Basketball – this actually belongs in the favorites section.

    Didn't realize I had so many favorites that were filmed outside of the US. Also working on a list of movies to watch from the comments ^_^

    1. When Love & Basketball came on… within the first 5 minutes of the movie did you have any clue what was going to happen in the end?

      That's my issue with a lot of Black movies, the plot is just wayyyy toooo predictable.

      1. I agree that a lot of them are predictable, but I think that's why people like them. It's like comfort food lol. I know some people who ONLY watch your typical Black romance movies (Love & Basketball, Brown Sugar, Love Jones, Best Man, etc) and that's a little too much for me because of the predictability. But I think it's cool to have one or two of these in your favs that you can watch over and over again; some of them are just good stories.

  21. Most Raging Bull was good…..My fav Batman movie is the ones with Michael Keaton, Jack Nicholson, and Kim Basinger from 1989 or 1990.
    The Dark Knight was just ok….I do think Heath Ledger did an amazing job as an actor.

    1. If you want to see Comic Book fans get violent ask who is better Nolan or Tim Burton…..

      The answer is Nolan. His story is just superior, while Burton focuses on art design, which no one can beat him on.

  22. 1. The Wild Bunch. It’s a violent western that I watched when I was about 10 and it is responsible for me not being shocked by most acts of violence that I see on TV now. It contains the most violent 8 minutes in movie history.

    2. Tombstone- Best quotables ever.

    3. Coming to America

    4. High Noon- One man doing the right thing when all of his people are telling him not to.

    5. Pulp Fiction- It was so over the top and jumbled that you had to watch it about five times.

    1. The best thing about Tarantino films is that he jumps around the timeline while still being able to develop the characters. That's really difficult to do.

      1. Never seen An Affair to Remember……I liked the old Elizabeth Taylor movies like Cat On A Hot Tin Roof……my fav. And I like Gone With The Wind…..

    1. Do you think we're dying this year? If not, I can't see it with 2012. Maybe the far outside theme that we have a responsibility to everyone as a human no matter how wealthy or privileged they are. But no… didn't see it as one of my favorite apocalyptic movies.

      1. Lol i don't think we are dying this year. I am not a action movie person at all but for some reason I get sucked in every time it comes on. *shrug*

  23. My favorite movie of all time is The Untouchables. Ive watched it a hundred times and my heart still beats faster when I hear the music.

    2. Transformers. Cause its cool. I AM MEGATRON!

    Some of my other faves are The Wiz, Glengarry Glen Ross, The House of Flying Daggers, Jungle Fever.

  24. I've always been a fan of Fallen, although I feel like I'm ever the only one. I liked the concept. I'm the type that can sometimes appreciate the concept of a movie more than the movie itself but either way, Fallen has always been a favorite.

    Gonna have to disagree on 300. I feel like 300 is sort of like the Matrix. Everyone takes it for granted because we're so use to movies ripping it off but I like the way that director shoots his movies. I know he did Watchmen and Sucker Punch. I believe he did Gladiator too. The story was decent but not many movies are shot/directed as cleanly as 300.

    I also forgot to mention Menace to Society earlier. That movie almost made me drop two thug tears the first time I saw it.

    My recent post Happy Holidays

    1. Yeah… my screenname on AIM and Doom was "Azazel." I loved this movie despite it being considered one of Denzel's bad movies.

    2. Fallen was a great movie The only complaint I have is randomly whispering "time is on my side" to myself for months after seeing that movie.

    3. Gladiator was done by Ridely Scott, who also did American Gangster.

      Zack Sydner did 300 & Sucker Punch & Watchmen.
      Both are dope.. I use to be bigger fans of both.

  25. I agree with Scarface and Matrix, definitely movies I can quote and watch over and over again. The lesson I took from Scarface is to live by your word, because when you start to think you're infallible you let your principles slack and it leads to ruin.

    Other game changers: The Incredibles/Finding Nemo/Shrek (for the Pixar fans), Toy Story, Titanic (I cry every time when the band still plays as the ship sinks, its the most beautiful part of the movie), The Lord of the Rings (though the books are still better).

    My top 10 favorite movies (mainly because I watch them over and over and over again):

    Cat on a Hot Tin Roof (1958)
    Two Mules for Sister Sara
    Pretty Woman
    the Little Princess (1939)
    Nothing to Lose
    Now, Voyager (1942)
    Pan's Labyrinth
    An American in Paris
    A Cabin in the Sky (1943)– a classic since it's the first film with an all African American cast.

    My recent post New Year’s Anthem

    1. Guilty pleasure… I always watch Pretty Woman when it's on… like almost always, I just can't help myself. I love the story, think it's a great one. And at times, it's the only thing that keeps me as a Julia Roberts fan. I haven't been able to stand her in some of her recent movies… like in the last ten years.

    2. The Blockbuster employee in me can't resist the urge to remind you that Shrek was a Dreamworks film. Sorry bout that.

      Still, great list.

  26. The reason why I left off Higher Learning was because of who it really reached. Black folks would need that movie on their list. But i'm sure any other race would pick American History X. Black folks have Roots, but Jewish folks have Schindler's List. And also, Higher Learning is a movie that while the concept is racial, it's bounded by it's collegiate setting. The same for a movie like School Daze.

    1. good point Dr. J…..Higher Learning to me was much deeper and thought provoking than School Daze…..School Daze was a fun movie.

    2. I agree Higher Learning and American History X are epic movies, but I feel like Do The Right Thing has deeper emotional ties to me because of the context I watched it in- and I saw it first. If we're talking AHX and Roots, we might as well throw Rosewood in the mix, because that movie definitely took me there.

  27. I forgot to add Jesus Christ Superstar (1973)… I know all the words, the music, I cry, I dance. I love this movie!– mainly because my great-grandmother would sit with me on her bed in Detroit and talk to me about God. oh man, good times!
    My recent post New Year’s Anthem

  28. These may not be my top movies or life altering, but I enjoy them for various reasons.

    The Goonies – this movie just makes me smile
    The Five Heartbeats – it's ok, you can judge me for this one
    Imitation Of Life – for the ending alone
    The Last Dragon
    Office Space
    Better Off Dead
    Bustin' Loose

    1. SLINGBLADE. Word. I love that movie. Me and Streetz was just talking about someone and said, "They funny, not haha." That line killed me. Also the simplicity of which the main character acted in. dude: Why won't this lawnmower work? karl: it ain't got no gas in it.

  29. My five faves are below and yes I would watch these everyday if time allowed.
    Shawshank Redemption <—I plan on visiting Zihautenajo aka Ixtapa Mexico this year all b/c of this movie
    Gladiator <—I know its a fight movie but I always see it as a love story. His honor, respect, and love…sigh
    The Great Debaters <—-The rebel guy cant place his name right now. I loved him in this.
    Sandlot <—Childhood favorite I never grew out of. PF Flyers and that dog. good stuff
    The Color Purple <—- I love that song Miss Cellies Blues. "I bet you think I don't know nothing but singing the blues"….LOL

    Great article!

    1. Fav boxing movie was Will Smith as Ali….I think he did a great job..I admit I didn't think Will could pull it off as well as he did, but I was pleased with his performance..and Million Dollar Baby…..another great Clint Eastwood movie. Hillary Swank did a great acting job in that as well.
      I also gotta give mad props to J-Lo in the Selena movie…..she killed it.

  30. Happy New Year to everyone!

    Picking a top 5 is so tough, but I dig the post's choices…my list would be

    A Bronx Tale
    Above The Rim
    Poetic Justice
    Any Given Sunday

    Honorable Mentions:

    Forrest Gump (I think this was 1 of the 1st movies I saw that was like 95% flashbacks and it was done really well)
    Kill Bill 1 & 2
    Bad Boys 1
    And Justice For All (after Scarface, 1 of my favorite Pacino performances)
    My recent post The Hell You Mean “It’s Over”?

  31. A Few Good Men
    Boondock Saints
    Sin City
    Blues Brothers
    American History X
    Shawshank Redemption
    West Side Story

    That's my top 10, couldn't pick just 5! Had to throw a couple romances in at the end 🙂

    1. A Few Good Men is one of my all time favorite movies. A few quotes from that movie make it one of the most powerful movies ever. Collateral is another great movie. In terms of American History X, I was afraid of curbs for about 6 years.

  32. There are few movies that I can watch more than once.

    The Color Purple
    School Daze
    Their Eyes were watching God
    Butterfly Effect
    The Five Heartbeats
    Xmen (All)

    1. Butterfly Effect was kinda confusing but very interesting…..I kept watching it and watched it again a few more times just to figure it the hell out…..lol
      The Five Heartbeats is a classic…

  33. I forgot Krush Groove…which i saw in the movies at the old RKO on Fordham Rd (which is now Dr. J's ironically..lol). My intro to rap and Run DMC and LL

    1. Whoooooooo…..Mr. SD you really takin it back and diggin in the crates…..Krush Groove was the Shizznit!
      The first "real movie" I ever saw at like 8 or 9 years old was The Last Dragon……that damn Taimak was whoooo…..lol But that was a good movie. I liked ShoNuff……he reminds me of Busta Rhymes…..if they ever remake that movie they definitely need to cast Busta as ShoNuff.

    2. That rendition of Love Bizzare was amazing. Sheila E is hands down my favorite Prince protege. early Blair Underwood.

        1. Actually Breakin and Krush Groove did kinda change my life…gave me a real appreciation and respect for hip hop and Breakin got me started break-dancin on the flattened cardboard boxes in the basement wit my cousins and friends……those were the good ole days……"sigh"

  34. Another movie with awesome acting by Richard Gere and Diane Lane is Unfaitful.
    Definitely a must see……..really pay attention to Diane Lane's character after she first cheats.
    Absolutely priceless……I mean they perfectly catch every emotion she is going through and she conveys that emotion so well……great acting in that movie.

    1. Every woman i've ever dated i've always watched this movie with them just to see how they react to it. That movie was such a great movie and it really can show you a lot about a woman.

  35. I love this post and the list……..
    My 5 in no particular order..

    Menace to Society – Cane!!!!!
    Joy Luck Club – the mother daughter relationships /family expectations/love of self and a man ALL OF IT
    Usual Suspects – Kaiser Soze >>>>>>
    Pulp Fiction
    Mahogany – " You're a loser Brian a loser and I'm a winner" LOL

  36. The Usual Suspects is my all-time favorite.

    Others I like have already been listed above such as Casino, A Bronx Tale…I also liked Fractured with Anthony Hopkins and Ryan Gosling.

    Oh, another favorite of mine is Primal Fear with Edward Norton….is you're into psychological thrillers then this is your movie.

    1. You know I'm sort of surprised, as much as it is retweeted with quotes on twitter, that "The Notebook" didn't make hardly anyone's list…if anyone at all, lol.

  37. I’m feeling your list…each of those movies had so many levels of depth to them. My list is:

    1) Stand by Me- Stephen King is my favorite author ever (his mind warps a simple situation in such a way that is obviously scary to some but creative as hell to me. He is the King of what ifs) I see a little of me and my sisters; our bond, our friendship. The song makes it all the more potent. 2) District 9 – I must admit when I first saw the trailer I was like damn another alien movie when I finally saw it…it clicked. I love this movie. I love their approach to presenting racism specifically apartheid to the masses. As an African American you hope all the white people saw it got the point. 3) Slumdog Millionaire- This was another one that I was feeling luke warm about but ended up loving. Man or woman….we all want an undying, unconditional love. We all want someone to go out their way, whether a little or a lot, to show and prove that they love us.. 4) Saw- the first Saw was EVERYTHING! If there wasn’t a movie that made you consider your life and what you do and how it affects people, this one did. You mess around and could lose you life. Yup, everyone was a little nicer to people after seeing this, if only for a little while 5) 300 and Taken – Both the men in these movies went all out to protect the things that they loved. I’ve seen Taken so many times I can probably quote it line by line. Both these movies go hard

    1. Taken was damn good…..yes and so was Slumdog Millionaire…..I was soooooo happy the boy won at the end……I rooted for him the whole time. What they did to those kids to make them get more money singing brought tears to my eyes though……

  38. None of these movies changed my life, but if I had to pick one film that had a significant impact on me, it would be Frailty. I was having a crisis of faith during the period in which I first saw it; and it seems crazy that a film such as this would reaffirm my convictions, but it did. The film broached the subject of faith in such a unique way that it resonated pretty deeply. The ending gave me an epiphany of sorts.

  39. Loving the discussion today… I wanted to add a post to discuss some snubs on the list. I was trying to wait to give everyone a second to mention them all and many of them have been mentioned. Before I do that though, I wanted to discuss my criteria because it's been discussed whether it's a man or female selection. I didn't really consider gender or race with this list, in fact, made it a point not to include those movies. The Godfather II is not a guy movie, but Scarface is. That has nothing to do with how the movie has changed us. You may have never seen either, but you can't deny it's affect on all of society. And that's what I mean by changed our lives forever. It had an impact that extended pass the silver screen and onto society.

    Top 5 Snubs from the list:

    1. Independence Day – The first Blockbuster movie and alien takeover the world movie. After this, we would forever look forward to Memorial Day and 4th of July Blockbusters. This also sunsetted The Fresh Prince and created Will Smith.

    2. Animal House – No movie ever captured college life so well for frat houses and frat boys in America. Also, John Belushi! John Belushi! I'm still unsure because I can't choose on if this was his best movie or Blue Brothers. But this was also one of those movies that really captured the humor of SNL on the big screen.

    3. Ten Commandments – Who hasn't seen this movie? I don't even think there needs to be a big discussion on how this movie has changed us all. I mean a movie about God and Moses. Nuff said, this is a big movie for all of us.

    4. Guess Who's Coming to Dinner? – When I said "changed" I was hoping that someone would mention this movie. This movie changed a country. Not many people know the story behind this movie or Sidney Poitier. This is an epic movie, but it went further than just the screen, it affected society and the movie industry forever.

    5. Rocky – When I was writing this post, I got to Scarface and I was thinking of the rags to riches story that would be best and I went back and forth between this and Rocky. I knew that if I mentioned Rocky and not Scarface someone would bring it up. However, this is hands down the biggest snub on the list. You can switch Rocky in for Scarface easily. Rocky inspired a movement in America, still does to this day.

    Those are the snubs and criteria. Let's keep up the discussion.

    1. Dr. J I'm from Philly so especially to Philly folks Rocky is a classic….but nowadays only "Tourist" run up and down the "Rocky Steps" for kicks……….lol

    2. Wow I'd forgotten about Guess Who's Coming to Dinner…the 1 and only time I saw it was in 1997 for a Civics class…the character Poitier played was like Cliff Huxtable 25 years early…charismatic, came from a good family, I think he was either a dr. or dentist, well spoken…all the things that people thought black men weren't back then (and even still today), this movie was pretty ground-breaking it terms of broaching the subject of interracial relationships

      Philadelphia could be considered a snub – 1st movie I remember that deal w/ homosexuality and work discrimination
      My recent post NBA’s Week 1 Winners

  40. As much as this movie scared the "cowboy sh**" outta me even though I watched it during broad daylight in the afternoon, definitely The Sixth Sense gets an honorable mention……..damn good movie where you were hooked the entire time and had no idea that it would end how it did……scared me but I loved it….

  41. Question: For some of you is this a life changing movie list, or a favorite movie list?

    My list is pretty simple

    Forrest Gump (One of my favorite movies ever)
    Superbad (The comedy in this movie is awesome)
    Coming to America changed the game for black cinema, gave a lot of actors whom we love a break, and was a great microcosm of being an immigrant in the USA
    Belly (Im kidding)
    Do the right thing- the social/political influences and characterization were great

    Cosigns – Matrix, Pulp Fiction, Inception, Momento
    My recent post Streetztalk Deals: SilBlade Premium Windshield Wipers

    1. Streetz I think it's become a little bit of both….life changing and fav movies.
      We should do t.v. shows next……..*smile*

  42. Honorable Mention for me goes to Polly. Not Pollyana- Polly (with Keisha Knight Pulliam and Phylicia Rashad) While it's not a conceptually ground breaking movie, I dare you to watch it and not get 'glad.'

    Sweet little angel eyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeesssssssssssssssss!

  43. High School II (Frederick Wisemen's entire filmography really)
    Betty Blue
    The Three Caballeros
    Waking Life
    Five Deadly Venoms

    I guess that list vaguely works for 5 movies that changed my life forever.

  44. Matrix
    West Side Story
    Pretty Woman
    Coming To America
    Slumdog Millionaire
    Gone With the Wind
    A Wonderful Life
    Persuit of Happiness
    Set It Off

    1. Definitely West Side Story too…..
      Ok….One movie that did give me a new perspective on homelessness was Pursuit of Happiness…..Will and his son played the hell out of those parts……and to think it was based on a true story.
      This was one of the most inspiring movies I've seen in the last 6 years. If a homeless man who was a single parent could accomplish what he could accomplish………then we should never ever have any excuses as to why we can't do anything.

      1. I remember getting into a debate at a party because some people said the homless guy should've got a job at McDonalds instead of having his son on the streets. I replied that it was a testament of his faith to stay in a bad situation temporarily for the benefits that would far outway a McDonalds job.

        As a HUGE Michael Jackson fan it was interesting to find out that West Side Story was his favorite musical. His song Beat It was inspired by the film (you'll know why in the first 10-15 minutes) as well as choreography in his videos for Beat It and The Way You Make Me Feel.

  45. I'm not a movie buff so all of my movies are old, I go to the movies like once a year and I fall asleep every time :/

    1)Friday (I quote this movie prob daily)
    2)Green Mile
    3)Memoirs of a Geisha
    4)The Inkwell
    5)Antwon Fisher

    Honorable Mentions:

    Diary of a Mad Black Woman (the only TP movie I can stomach)
    The Professional
    Their Eyes Were Watching God
    Trading Places
    Love Jones

    1. I can watch movies with you, LOL!

      There is dag near nothing funnier than breaking out in a random song in the middle of a comedy. TEARS!

      Anchorman "Afternoon Delight"…I don't think I've EVER laughed harder. EVER!

  46. II'm surprised FIGHT CLUB didn't make anyone's list. My brother & guy friends swear by this film as a male manifesto. Well, "the first rule of fight club is…don't talk about fight club."

    Since I'm a self-proclaimed cinephile (I made watching movies my career…yeah…it's as awesome as you think) There are several films that have changed my life, here are my top 5:

    Ousmane Sembene’s BLACK GIRL-Powerful film that gives a voice to a voiceless. It's on Netflix streaming, please go watch it now!

    12 ANGRY MEN—A movie that was filmed entirely in one room and kept me on the edge of my set. This film cemented my career path.

    CABIN IN THE SKY—Me: "Momma, who's that." Mother: "Oh that's Lena Horne, baby" YES!

    BUS 174—Gives the term "heart-wrenching" a new meaning. I literally couldn't move after watching this, it was so powerful. If you think black folk have it hard in the US, go to Brazil. (Also see CITY OF GOD)

    SWEET SWEETBACK BAADASSSSS SONG—Melvin Van Peebles is my main man! He single-handedly started the Blaxploitation movement and forced studios to see how profitable black films from black point-of-views can be.

    ANCHORMAN—I freakin' love this movie and I just want to shout it from on top of a mountain. But I don't have a mountain. I have a newsroom and a camera…

    Side note: Any man who can sit through a subtitled foreign film officially wins in my book.

    Great post, thanks!

  47. All of this is helping me get my Netflix list together for 2012!! I LOVE it!!

    My Top
    GodFather I, II, III
    Lord of the Rings (trilogy)
    Love Jones
    Trading Places (80's Eddie was hilarious)
    The Notebook (still find a fistful of tears for this one)
    The Hunt for Red October
    The Best Man
    The Goonies

  48. I'm not much of a movie expert, so I'll continue to just read the comments here. Although it shouldn't be hard to figure out what my favorite comedy of all time is.

  49. I like Godfather, but I have yet to meet a single woman who would name it top 5. I know there out there, but if it was most people I'm sure I would have met at least 1 by now. I don't think it's to guady of a claim, especially with Scarface. If people use it in parodies it has gotten to the stereotype level and those come from somewhere. Every black man I know (and to be fair, a lot of them are on the wrong side of the ghetto line) would definitely name those two.

  50. Hmmm….changed my life?

    — Pulp Fiction – Because in high school my media teacher pointed out that folks don't remember John Travolta's character died because at the end both he and Sam are walking out the restaurant alive. And it made me look at storytelling from a completely different POV.

    — Goodfellas – Because it makes you think about the definition of loyalty from so many perspectives.

    — City of God – Because everything about it from the cinematography to the storytelling is awesome.

    — The Wizard of Oz – Because it's magical and timeless and I always love when it goes from black and white to color…kinda like life

    — The Five Heartbeats – Just because.
    My recent post A Firm Resolve

  51. Hmm….

    –Terminator 1/2: Made me look at the evolution of technology differently

    –Boyz N The Hood: Actually I didn't get caught up in the hood drama, but the thing that stood out to me most was how Ricky and Doughboy's mother treated them differently, probably based on the way she felt about their father (s).

    –Purple Rain: Just made me appreciate Prince's musical genius even more even though I didn't care for all the androgyny. Of course it was just ahead of its time because now everything seems to be heading in that direction.

    –Goodfellas: Made me evaluate loyalty differently.

    –the Lost Boys: made being a vampire bad-ass instead of all this emo sh*t today.

  52. Oy this is a hard one! I'm a movie junkie so I watch everything from hollywood to nollywood and bollywood; it's really hard to have favorites. I like your list though…Crash moved me too.
    My recent post Lipstick Jungle

  53. Sorry I missed this yesterday… 🙁

    Quick Story – I watched this with my first real bf…I was 13, he was 15 and it was his first time seeing it. When it was building up to Mufasa's death, dude was sitting on the edge of the couch. When he fell, this dude went off! Cussing and fussing! "What kinda disney movie is this?!" He was tearing up. I had to stop the tape and calm him down…trying to keep a straight face. HILARITY! I still tease him about that to this day…

    Lion King and The Matrix get cosigns. From the comments, I cosign Annie, Pulp Fiction, The Usual Suspects, The Five Heartbeats, Anchorman, The Lost Boys, Coming to America, Trading Places (boyikah!), Love Jones, The Notebook, Antwon Fisher, Malcolm X (Denzel still deserves an Oscar), School Dayz, House Party, Breakin (my first theatre experience), Boyz in the hood, Menace, New Jack City, Tombstone, Se7en…and so many others. Can't pick a fav…

    1. Oh and I can't bring myself to watch Crash. I vowed not to watch racially sensitive movies after seeing Rosewood.

      And I LOVE Little Miss Sunshine…and I'm Through With White Girls…

    2. The weird thing is… I can actually tell you that Denzel didn't deserve an Oscar that year. This is one of those things that many Black people have always missed. They want Denzel to get the Oscar for Malcolm X, but didn't see Al Pacino in Scent of a Woman. He did a great job in that movie. And keep in mind that Al Pacino had not won an Oscar in his career up until that point. He didn't win one for either of the Godfather movies, Dog Day Afternoon or Scarface. He was due. Denzel really got snubbed when he didn't get nominated for Supporting Actor for Philadelphia the next year. And keep in mind, Denzel already had an Oscar for Glory. If Denzel won every time we thought he should have won, he'd have like 5 by now, lol.

    1. You can tell you a negro with these choices. You probably left off the fact that you own all three Friday movies on bootleg in your crib right now.

  54. Well my list, in no particular order:

    1. The Matrix
    2. Inception
    3. Slumdog Millionaire
    4. Lion King
    5. Harry Potter Series

    Honorable Mention: The Dark Knight, Spiderman 2, The Color Purple, Forrest Gump.

    1. I have always liked Vanilla Sky, but not everyone does. I sometimes think most people don't get it, but then others have just flat out told they just think that it's one of Tom Cruise's worst movies.

  55. -Roots
    -Malcolm X
    -The Lena Baker Story
    -Rosa Parks
    -The biography of Ms. Jane Pittman

    Not one person named any of these movies

    1. Roots, Malcolm X and Rosewood were mentioned up thread. But… if I may, I think of all those movies, the only one that "changed" us was Roots. There was not much in X that we didn't already know, and Rosewood was a violent reminder of things people in our country have known for years. We have to be very careful when we evaluate whether it is changing us, or just a great movie.


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