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2012 is NOT Your Year – A Different Take on New Year’s Resolutions


December 31st, 2:45am. I just took my coat off, bought some drinks and celebrated life with good friends. I heard Chevy Ridin High come on, and went ape shit. That used to be my track back in the day! Suddenly, without warning or inclination, it hit me that in less than 24 hours, we would hit another year! It startled me, because I felt that for all the confidence I exude, for some reason I wasn’t ready for this New Year! Don’t ask me why, but I zoned out for a minute.

Did I have any goals for 2012? Did I make good on my 2011 goals? Was this going to be “my year?” That’s when I had to stop and think to myself “What would WIM do?” After I realized it would be THIS, I knew that I was officially buggin, and needed to calm down a bit. Proclaiming that a year will be yours is setting yourself up for failure, and better, more focused action needs to be taken to make those fantasies a reality.Does it piss you off too when people proclaim 20___ to be their year? Like word? Do you have a 7 page action plan with a timeline and milestones to accomplish this goal? if you don’t I no longer respect these declarations of premature victory.

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You see, many times we put way too much energy in our dreams instead of the means by which we attain our dreams. I’m not hating on a positive outlook for the upcoming year, but I think I would be way more impressed in a course of action. I have been guilty of this in my younger years, because I wanted to speak it into existence and i truly felt like it was the case. Looking back, I didn’t even do the basics to make sure the new year would be a win for me. Hell,I didn’t ever really know WHATI wanted to accomplish really. Goals like “mad mad money and slay tons of women” are too broad and guess what: a lot of people have those same goals! What’s going to separate you form the competition? One thing that helps is goal writing and goal monitoring.

I don’t write resolutions, I write goals with key points and more clearly: DEADLINES! if I say “I want to pay off my credit card bill in 2012”, that’s too broad. You can fall into a habit of procrastination, and put things off until later. Soon you will wake up and it will be December 2012, and you will have nothign to show for your nicely written goals. So modify that to say “I will pay off my credit card bill by June 2012”. You know you have 6 months, and most of us perform better under pressure, so once you’re on the clock, it’s time to work!

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The second part to goal setting is to monitor these goals throughout the year. So what if you set a deadline?! How will you know your status unless you monitor it daily/weekly/monthly. I hate status meetings at work. They get tedious and boring and annoying, but they help like you wouldn’t believe. Status documents tell you exactly where you are and what you need to complete your tasks. I would be lost as work, at writing, and at life, if i didn’t monitor these goals constantly to see if any tweaks or changes are necessary to stay on track and reach my goal. Quantitative data is a godsend, and numbers don’t lie. Perform the proper analysis of your goals in order to actually achieve them!

I’ve been patient in my life. Goals have been attained at a pace. The classic Tortoise vs. Hare debate. I look at life like a game of chess *Lauryn Hill Voice*. All the pieces are now in place, and I have to implement my strategy to checkmate. 2012 is the time for that, not because it’s “my year”, but because there’s no time like the present!

Sure, I’ve failed at goals. I had certain fitness goals that I hit but didn’t maintain. Some goals didn’t come to fruition. Most I did accomplish. My data shows me where I went wrong, and now I have a new set of lists of goals. This has helped me in all facets of life and I think this is better than a “resolution”. For the people that want 2012 to be their year, I say you can have it. While you think about winter, I’ll think about the summer, and I’ll have the data to prove my dream is real.

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Prospero Año y Felicidad!


Special Note: Today marks the 1,000th post on SBM! Make it a good one and help us get off (pause) to a strong start in 2012!


  1. lol I totally saw that WIM gif coming.

    Although I'm not one of the constant "[…] my year!" proclaimers, I pretty much decided that every year after 2009 would be mine in some way, shape or form. 2010 was about finishing my undergrad career with a bang and getting a decent paying job (albeit unrelated to my degree and intended professional career) immediately afterwards, which I accomplished. 2011 was about eradicating my school loans from first year and saving up for the next round of schooling, which I also accomplished. Oh, yeah, then there was killing this level too, which is 50% 2011 and 50% 2012. You're absolutely right, quantitative data is a godsend. I keep track of dollar figures via Excel, and it has kept me on point since my first year of undergrad. It's also good for calculating what marks you need to get you to whatever level as the school year progresses.

    I literally just completed my Masters application to a single school (I used to look at people like they were crazy for doing that), and I'm praying that I'll not only get accepted but also receive the 10K award I applied for..even if it's only for being a black citizen, lol. That's my main goal. Outside of that, I have the latter 50% of this certificate program to kill, and what I'm hoping will be a very useful co-op semester. I do need to work on the general/vague goals that I have, such as getting fit and back into my dancing groove. Even though I protest, I've allowed myself to be swayed by the notion that "skinny" people don't need to do much. *looks down at developing blubber* Um, yeah…signing up for Zumba classes a-mediately!

    1. "I literally just completed my Masters application to a single school (I used to look at people like they were crazy for doing that), and I'm praying that I'll not only get accepted but also receive the 10K award I applied for.."

      You WILL get accepted and get that award Naija….congratulations in advance.

      1. Amen and Amen! Thank you, and Happy New Year BB!

        @ Streetz: Yep..I don't waste time with a laundry list of new year's resolutions. All the best with your MMs this year!

    1. You see, many times we put way too much energy in our dreams instead of the means by which we attain our dreams. – Great quote.

      I'm not big on New Year's resolutions and I actually didnt make any this year. I do have a few goals I'd like to accomplish or build towards accomplishing this year. Over the years I've learned not to share many of my personal goals. Too often 50% of people will root for your success and 50% will root for your failure. This includes friends, if for nothing more than to feel better about their own shortcomings. I'm more opt to internalize my goals and only share the outcomes. I do, however, always have to have some goal(s) in mind. I need something to continue to motivate me to push forward and grow. I promise I'd be OCD if I wasnt ADD.

      My recent post Happy Holidays

  2. I can get down with this as in I did not make any resolutions for 2012 since I am still working on my 2011’s…. So I decided to keep maintaining and focusing on those and I’ll be alright — it’s a continous work in progress.

  3. For the last 3 years I have taken my New Years resolutions pretty seriously. My approach is fairly simple. It’s easier to add than to subtract. So instead of saying I want to stop eating junk food I decided to take up running. For some reason it’s harder to feel ok about eating a whole bag of chips while I am training for a run.

  4. "You see, many times we put way too much energy in our dreams instead of the means by which we attain our dreams"

    That quote gave me a boost. In every area of my life (spiritual, family, work, play) I feel as if there has to be some positive motion consistently or I feel dead inside. I look at those around me that I can physically see don't feel this way, and I wonder….how do they do…HOW?

    My goals are posted on my refrigerator so I can see them daily. I also have them posted right in front of me in my office on the wall along with other positive thoughts. If I don't work towards them, the writing on the wall literally haunts me.

    One thing that has helped me be okay with not meeting ALL of my deadlines is learning that detours/obstacles will come and that's okay. The detours show you what you are truly made of! Life happens and moving forward despite obstacles, is really what it is all about.

    Wonderful post Streetz!

  5. I'm all for anyone trying to have a positive outlook on their life, however i agree with you when people say things like 2012 is my year, or ima leave all the bs behind…you just wanna ask how? I have some goals set for myself i also have the accompanying who what when where how otherwise you're just talking out ya ass.

  6. I'm all about setting goals, but to me, I always say, if you think 2012 is going to have any effect on you reaching your goals then you're going to fail. People will start off in Thanksgiving with New Year's resolutions and i'm like, why don't you start on that now? Why you waiting for a new year to make a change?

    No days off for me. No days off. I definitely want this to be a great year, but i've been putting stuff in place long before this new year came about, now i'm just looking forward to showing y'all what i've got planned.

  7. the last new years resolution i made was in 2001. i made a resolution of be a nicer person and i've stuck by it ever since. i don't think that you should wait till a new year to make improvements to yourself. why put off what you can do today?
    My recent post Intellectual Property

  8. My thing is every new years (eve) I attend the midnight church service with my parents and sisters. I can't remember a new years when I wasn't sitting in church. As a young person it use to bored me to death. It must have been around the age of 24/25 when it all sunk in and began to resonate a purpose. I now look forward to applying a tone to my efforts every year. I typically have set goals in place but always look to my faith and my God as a guide. Ive been fortunate enough to meet every goal Ive set every year for the past 5 years. As long as I keep my eye on whats really important the goals are easily attainable.

    1. Yep, NYE has always been spent in church with the fam for as long as I can remember. I used to resent it, but at this current church, it's more fun and enjoyable than any clubbing experience. Too bad we're moving, but I've grown to see the value in it as well.

  9. Good post!
    I do make resolutions every year. But I am one of those overly goal driven people. Last year was to pay off debt which I did all but 2 things which I already knew I wouldnt be able to come up with enough money for the last two things and I am gonna just throw my refund on that and consider myself still on track. This year now that I am soon to be debt free I am giving myself permission to blow money on several fantasy trips I have always wanted to take. I also have the fitness goal which I will admit I have fallen short of but I see now that I failed b/c I wasn't giving myself a measurable goal but just saying get in shape. Like what does that mean reallly?? So this year my goal is to complete a marathon and a triathlon. Ambitious (or deadly) I know. lol The marathon is in March and I have been training since this fall and have been happy with my progress. I wish every one the best of luck with completing their resolutions/goals/sh*t they wanna do.

    1. Run TTT Run! Good luck… I’m hoping to complete a half marathon later this year but I am focusing on a 10K in March.

  10. "I don’t write resolutions, I write goals with key points and more clearly: DEADLINES!"

    Yop! My list of resolutions definitely said "goals" instead. While I do have a positive and hopeful outlook for 2012, it's mainly because of the action I've already taken in 2011 that will ultimately have an effect on this year. And yes, a deadline is key. It's truly the only way I get ish done when it comes to my passion: writing. I finished my third script right before Christmas because of this deadline.

    I'm not annoyed by anyone who says this is their year (because hey, I feel it is mine), but what I will be annoyed with is if they don't prove it. And yes, "they" includes me. And that goes with any proclamations, not just ones for the new year. The mantra is "thought word AND deed" not just two outta three.

    *drops Playskool mic*

  11. I can't wait a whole year to make resolutions. If you want to start things off on an even foot there is a new month. I actually started a new action plan December 1st 2011 and on Dec 24 (my bday)… the new year I had new goals because it was a new month

    And I dont think 2012 is my year persay. I think I will improve in some areas but I think 2014 will be my year because if I keep up with these small goals then the big goal will be in place by that time.

    And people really need to stop making "loose weight" their New Year's resolution. The gym gets packed with chubby fools eating cupcakes and drinking Sprite while on the treadmill…
    My recent post 23 before 24

    1. 1. When trying to date a female and she tells me that she’s stuck trying to decide between me and the other dude (who’s an asshole) vying for her affection (read:panties), just leave. I know at that point, I already lost. And it pisses me off. Not the rejection, I can handle that. But I can’t help get mad at all the time and money I wasted on her. That dollar that I spent buying your d*mn McDouble…could’ve been gas money. Or it could’ve went to the purchase of the Easy Bake Oven I’ve always wanted.

      2. Hit up the clubs here in Chicago more. I’ve never had a one night stand. Ever And I’m 21 years old. That has GOT to be a violation in some part of the Man Law book. I seem to have this nasty habit of getting into relationships and remaining faithful, only sleeping with the one chick. Again…red flag.

      3. Maybe go back to the Marine Corps. I miss my rifle. I called her Roxy Reynolds.

      4. Be more open with my emotions. I know my homie Drake (one of my fav rappers) gets clowned for it a lot. But I don’t care.

  12. If people in relationships had "status meetings" they would be so much happier and less issues I think.
    Status meetings are a great concept……*smile*


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