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The SBM Staff Presents: Unconventional Resolutions for 2012


As we discussed in my previous post, most resolutions for the new year tend to fall under a few typical categories. Almost everyone uses the new year to make commitments toward bettering themselves in their health and wellness, their career, and their interpersonal relationships. But what about the everyday stuff? What about the things we see and experience on a day to day basis; those are the things that truly make the difference between good days and bad days, good months and bad months, good years and bad years. Today myself, Most, WIS and of course you guys are going to spend some time talking about our more unconventional resolutions for the new year, the little things we can do better that might help make 2012 a year to remember.


Keep my gas light off for the entire year  

Anyone who knows me knows that my gas tank stays on D the entire time. yes, I said D as in >>THIS<< close to E.  I have no real excuse for not keeping my gas tank at respectable levels. Mostly it’s because I’m too lazy to fill it when it needs gas. I already paid for this the countless times I’ve run out of gas on the road. This year I will learn my lesson. I think.

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Avoid parking/traffic tickets in 2012

At one point, I felt like the state of New York had a bounty on my head for tickets. Jersey too. I’ve significantly improved, but I’m looking to make it a perfect record in 2012. No more riding filthy and parking without fucks to give, I hope!

Learn to unplug from the net/life

I put in a lot of work on the computer in 2011, but I got burnt out quick. Between my career, this blog, and leisure, I spend a lot of time on the computer. I need to take more breaks to recharge my mind and give my eyes a break. Unless we get ports in our necks like the Matrix, I think it’s good for my personal and professional health to step away at times and regroup.

Mr. Spradley

I hate when people say stuff like “I don’t believe in resolutions for the New Year.” It sounds so annoying and pretentious. It’s usually followed by something along the lines of “I believe in constantly improving myself, every day of the year.” Good for you, thanks for sharing. That said, I’m kind of one of those people who doesn’t believe in resolutions for the new year. Not necessarily because I’m working everyday toward making myself better, I wish I was, but I’d be lying if I said that was the case. I don’t usually make resolutions for the new year simply because for me, it doesn’t seem like a new year. My birthday is in July. January 1st just means I’m another day older. I don’t usually make a big deal about pointing this out, but since we’re on the subject it seemed appropriate. I hope this doesn’t sound all pretentious.

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Why then, am I on this post? Why not just sit this one out? I’m glad you asked. Since I don’t have any particular goals that coincide with the start of 2012, I am curious to know if I’m the only person out here who’s never really bought into the whole “new year, new beginning” ideology. For me, the years changing are more a matter of astronomical logistics than anything else. I’ve always put more stock into my birthdays. When my birthday rolls around, I start thinking about new goals and what I’d like to accomplish in this new year of my life, ways I want to be better – all that good stuff. Is anyone else like this? Anyone else find themselves feeling completely blah about the difference between December 31st and January 1st?  Maybe in 2012 I should work on caring more about the fact that another year has passed? Am I bugging or does anyone else feel this way?


I vow not to fight via SMS

In 2012, I shall not engage in any argument via short message services (SMS). This includes but is not limited to: Blackberry messenger (BBM) and/or text messages. Additional services include gchat, email and basically any electronic medium that may be stored and shared at a later point. First, I can’t convey tone in text. I’ve had simple stuff like “good night” turn into an argument because someone thought I was saying it with malice intent. Chill. Plus, there is nothing more satisfying than telling someone “I hate your face” to their face. You can’t get that kind of immediate emotionally devastating satisfaction and fulfillment through text message. Oh, oh are you crying? Mmmm, yesss, yesss, let me quench my thirst with the sweet salty nectar of your tears

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The Struggle Is Real,



  1. Haha that SMS one is hella funny.

    I don't really make resolutions, not for any elevated reason, just cause I'm too lazy. I have the same goals I had weeks prior to the new year, so I just continue with those. The only official resolution, and probably unconventional one I actually made was to look ON POINT every day in 2012. No "bad days" 366. I fuckin broke it today lol. But I'm sick! :S
    My recent post Awkward Black Intern

  2. Streetz- That gas light! I'm worse than you. My light is on F (sometimes), LOL! But, I always make it home. I have to do better.
    Mr. Spradley- Not pretintious at all. I don't make resolutions, but I do feel inspired at the beginning of the year to start new projects. I don't necessarily feel this way on Jan 1st, but definitely in the first few wks. You would probably enjoy googling the history of the gregorian calendar. This may explain why you feel something is off about holidays.
    WIM- How about resolving not to tell anyone “I hate your face” to their face, LOL. I don't really know what to say to that lol, 🙂

  3. WIM- I think I actually just got your point ( I'm up late…sleepy…should be off line by now like Streetz suggests). Earlier this evening I was instant messaging a potential client in another country. He thought I was being rude and went banannas before I could even finish my next sentence which I was starting to tell him he misunderstood. Ho got completely unprofessional at which point I decided not to respond because he was in fight mode. I knew there had to have been some suttle cultural difference or language barrier that caused a misunderstanding. So I chose not to respond to him escallating the situation.

  4. WIM's No arguments via BBM/SMS is a good one for 2012. Technology making it way to simple to hide behind a wall and get mad at someone, whether it be your girl/lover/wife/side chick. Back to the old time days!

  5. These are good! I love the gas goal… I'd like to stay above half and keep my car clean… I doubt I'll do it though, lol.

    I didn't make any resolutions this year yet, but I probably will at some point. I'm in a weird "no idea what's next with my life" moment and am having difficulty with goal setting, ugh!

    I did commit to no texting with potential suitors though! So far so good.

    My recent post 30 Day Dating Challenge: Week 1

    1. The no texting potential suitors is a great one for women, but highly annoying for men. For us, text messaging is the greatest invention in the history of dating. I wish texting was around back when I was still in the game.

        1. Nah son eff that, I'm hating. I had to make phone calls, send emails and sh*t. You know how hard it is sometimes to sit down and think about what you're going to say in the first conversation with a chick whose number you bagged, but you don't really know. You gotta try to remember the stuff you talked about when you met, come up with some solid questions … you know … be considerate, thoughtful and sh*t.

          Now all y'all n*ggas gotta do is hit her with the "Hey, great meeting you, let's get together soon" and you already in the game. I'm hating.

        2. LMAO *dead*

          Oh have no fear…. it's gettin stopped cold… they will now have to do the work of holding an actual conversation. They pay off has been too great- even in the first week! And the way they stutter in the beginning is hilarious, it's like "yep, you really haven't talked to a gurl on the phone for real for a couple years, huh?!" lol. But when they get in the flow, it's lovely. I've had such great conversations, and actually learned some things, even if I never heard back from someone.
          My recent post 30 Day Dating Challenge: Week 1

        3. This is too funny and it makes me wonder how the relationship progresses does the means of communication do so as well. Like, if you've been dating for months and months, are things still said just through text? That is so crazy. They'll be at the alter texting I do to the minister. lol

        4. Here's the thing: Women actually control this issue and it's funny they don't realize it. If you set the bar that "text are cool" don't except a man to suddenly do more work than you require of him of his own inspiration. If you want a man to call, make him call, or at least tell him you expect/prefer phone calls to text. If he doesn't step up, then dead him. What I've observed is women except text – but get mad at him for only texting.

          where they do that at?

          In other words, if you don't like the way a man is playing the game, explain the rules. If he can't follow those rules, kick his inferior ass out the league ASAPtually.

          My recent post Guest Blog: Are Video Games A Waste of Time?

        5. You young'ins these days! I don't think I could make it and I'm an extreme texter but if I were dating in this current environment, I'd have to go back to my roots and just make you pick up a damb phone. I want to hear your voice dang it! You're right it would set the tone for the rest of…. everything. Question. When does it elevate passed just texts? What makes a girl call-worthy? Ya'll at the dinner table texting pass the salt?

        6. Question. When does it elevate passed just texts? What makes a girl call-worthy? Ya'll at the dinner table texting pass the salt? WIM cant speak for the next man but in MY lifetime I've had entire relationships that were pretty much text based. Talking on the phone has gone the way of the Dodo or Nicholas Cage's movie career. Am I against talking on the phone? No. But unless it's a requirement – made clear by her – I'm going to text because…well, because it's easier. I talk on the phone for her benefit, not mine. Personally, I could care less how we communicate.

          My recent post Guest Blog: Are Video Games A Waste of Time?

        7. "Now all y'all n*ggas gotta do is hit her with the "Hey, great meeting you, let's get together soon" and you already in the game. I'm hating. "

          Too Funny!!!!

        8. What's funny is you get the same message or some variation of it a couple days later… and again, and again, and again…. but no solid plan is ever made… like huh?!? This is basically what "internet dating" looks like. I'm thinking, "if you don't want to go out, stop texting me mane!"
          My recent post 30 Day Dating Challenge: Week 1

        9. But I wanna hit tho. So, I'm tryna facilitate the smashage without having to take you out.

          How many texts do I have to send before I can hit, if we've never gon on a real date. That's the question.

        10. Wow.

          Ya know… I stay trying to give men credit for being essentially good, albeit horny. But for real son… I just…. caint even respond to the ridiculous of the "game" at this point…. You can literally take a girl out with $10… you pay more for the chick with the clap on the corner in the purple wig.

          Come on son.
          My recent post 30 Day Dating Challenge: Week 1

        11. I'm guessing for you, Most, it'd only be one. You're too good with words for it to take much more than that.

        12. SMH @Spradz. Married cats stay wanting single dudes not to win.


          Besides, I can tell you've been out the game for a min. Real Goons text 5 mins after getting the number on some, "Hey, just wanted you to have my cell number. Great meeting you." If she responds to that and it's already after 11pm? Well, all I'm sayin is G's move in silence….like lasagna.

          My recent post Guest Blog: Are Video Games A Waste of Time?

  6. I actually had a hard time coming up with resolutions this year. But I really wanted to since it worked out well for me last year. I came up with some things and I'm realizing that part of them seem more like a bucket list than anything else. The unconventional ones are as follows:
    Kiss in the rain–ya'll can thank Love Jones for that one. I finally watched it in December and while I was not really impressed I did notice there was a lot of raining in that movie and at the end they kissed in the rain. I said I'm gonna do that. So before the year is over, that's what's gonna happen.
    Plan more–an extension of that is plan more family and couple activities/outings. At least one per month. I realized that I don't look forward to much and that my be the source of some of my dissatisfaction with things. To look forward to things, you have to plan things. So there.
    Beat Bop It XT–halfway there.
    I've got more but I'll leave it at that for now. Just know that I've already crossed one off the list. Woot woot!
    Most, I think planning resolutions around your birthday is a good idea though.

  7. STREETZ!!! The gas/ticket life is sooooo real! I especially hate that I'm usually right at 'E' when I must be on-time. I also hate the cold…so this issue is super serious in the winter for me. Then I want my receipt. What if the receipt fails to come out of the pump??? I gotta walk over to the booth?! See…

    I am always behind schedule. When I'm on-time for stuff, it creates a commotion, lol. That's how seriously folks expect me to be late. You know what this means? Speeding is a way of life for me. Its simply what I do. And since my ex-hub taught me to drive, I drive like a man. There's nothing girly about the way I maneuver my vehicle. I pride myself on getting just about anywhere in my city in no more than 20 minutes. I even speed between speed bumps. So, this speed camera business is ruining my life. I've had more speeding/red light tickets than the law should allow. Since MD allows them, I seriously need to invest in a radar detector. My pockets can't take the abuse anymore.

    PS: I think you forgot one, lol…

  8. Lol, that gas goal is a good one! I also get too lazy to fill my tank.

    My mini goals were to:

    Not rip the freshman girls that I coach a new @$$hole at EVERY practice and be more patient with them.

    Not get kicked off the bench or ejected from the scorers table by the referees during the varsity games. My job is to be there for the girls and not to berate the refs, tell them what a $hity job they're doing, or hold out my glasses and say, "Here, use these." The players and trainer have already noticed that I'm "quieter", and expressed that they don't like the new me. Oh well.

    Most, I agree with you about making goals around your actual birthday, I do that as well. My birthday is also in July, so I use that month to evauate where I am with my goals from the New Year, to reflect on how much I've grow over the past year, and what I'd like to work on in the upcoming year. I guess I just use my birthday as a half way point to evauate and reflect.

  9. Hmm, I use the New Year for goal-setting, but it's probably because of the fact that my birthday is in Feb. As a result, in mid-December I start evaluating the year that is close to ending. I look at what my goals were, how I measured up, what I failed at, what I came close to but didn't quite accomplish, etc.

    This started when I was about to hit 26. I went through my quarter-century crisis, and decided that I was behind in life. LOL. I made very sweeping and nearly unattainable goals. And I failed to meet any of them. So when December of year 26 came, and 27 was (as my sister says) "playing hide and seek with me", I did a serious evaluation of my life to that point. I resolved to purchase my home, make some changes in my career, make some changes in my personal life (as Streetz said, the cliche goals). And I gave myself deadlines, I did frequent reassessments, and I accomplished what I meant to.

    So, 2012: Pay off the car. Continue changes in personal life. Continue to improve in my field. Continue to make healthy choices in life. Drink some more 🙂 Dance some more…. It should be a good year.

  10. Avoid parking/traffic tickets in 2012 <— yea, i've already failed this one *hangs head in shame* sometimes it just takes too long to find a spot on the right side of the street and then I get annoyed and convince myself to just "bite the bullet on the ticket." horrible habit.

    I think my biggest ones would be:

    1. Spend at least 3 hours a week studying for the GMAT. I'm really not trying to spend $1500 on a class if I can study on my own and do alright

    2. Utilize my kitchen and cook at home more often.

    3. Not putting off until tomorrow what I can do today – trying to make this my daily mantra of 2012.

  11. 1. Become more financially stable. I've already replaced my expensive ass internet with a less expensive faster internet and I will take advantage of deals that are available. Less trips. Less partying. Pay off these credit cards. Use my tax refund for good and not evil (Lol).

    2. Date with purpose. No more mindless dates just to fill time and to be in the presence of a woman, even if it means i have to decline them. This will also have a direct positive effect in my financial stability.

    3. Get out of Indy (through career advancement). I need to be in a more culturally induced environment that aligns with my vision. Apply to more job postings.

    4. Read the Bible more. Get a Men's Study Bible. And a Year (Reading) Bible.

    5. Find a church home for the time being. Attend, attend, attend churches.

    6. Eat more and more often. Need to gain weight. This 168 lb life ain't the move … Need to stay at 175+ consistently, while staying in the gym.

    7. VOLUNTEER. Food drives, school system, Boys & Girls club, whatever. Just get out there and give back to the community.

  12. Mine are to:
    FInd a really good church and not wait almost a year to join it.
    Get out more and go more places I've never been in MD & DC
    and do some different stuff like go to Art Galleries and Museums.
    Work harder towards having my own business.
    Spend more time with my fam in Philly.
    Do a better job of keeping in touch with college friends and seriously take a road trip to NC to
    my schools homecoming or at least drive to NC and see my old college "dirty south" peeps.
    Read the bible more and pray and fast.

  13. Interesting, Spradz… I'm just the opposite–once January 1 comes around, I already begin to feel a year older & start rounding up my age if anyone asks (and my birthday is in June). I guess 1/1 feels like the more sensible date for making assessments and plans.

    Also, there's this feeling that the holidays are finally over with and it's time for a new beginning. Yes I do feel quite blah about the calendar flipping from December to January, but it's also a time for sober reflection. I don't *celebrate* New Year's at all–that's what my birthday is for! So if nothing else, I want to work towards being more satisfied with my life by the time my birthday rolls around, so I won't be depressed.

  14. I make resolutions 3 times a year… new years, birthday and the end of the school year when summer vacation starts. No problem with making goals frequently LOL and I usually make it happen. I also have a mantra for each year and this year its Prosperity and not just financially.. I want to take a lot of things to the next level.
    Other goals.
    1. No texting and driving at all. ever.
    2. Get real serious about my budget.
    3. Have a killer 30th bday party.
    4. Train for my triathlon.


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