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I don’t know how many of you know this but I love sleep. It’s awesome. What’s not to like? I can escape to a dreamlike world loosely based on the concept behind the movie Inception. Most days I only have 8 hours to enjoy this nocturnal state of euphoria and I don’t take kindly to strangers, friends, family or foes coming between us. Real talk, I cannot date a woman that won’t let me get 6 – 8 hours of quality sleep. During the week my bedtime is 10pm. This is non-negotiable. However, if for whatever reason you manage to keep me up past 10pm it better not be to talk because we will have a problem. Sleep has become so important to me that I think any woman that would expect me to choose between her and sleep is going to be gravely disappointed. Let’s be clear, depriving me of sleep is a deal breaker. Word to Obama.

I felt so passionate about this particular subject that I made a video blog for SingleBlackMale.org’s video series entitled, Let Sleeping Men Lie. Check it out below. Mobile viewers can click here. Be sure to share your thoughts in the comment section but be forewarned that anyone who disagrees with the content of this video is wrong. THIS IS NOT UP FOR DEBATE!

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Until next time…

– WisdomIsMisery


  1. Lol…

    Funny you should make a post about this topic. The importance of a good night's ( or a good day's?) sleep can't really be overemphasized. Before the discovery of electricity and the subsequent invention of the light bulb——–people probably really DID get their full 8 hours of sleep.

    But now…things are different.

    What with the state of the economy and the usual struggle to "make it" in the world, it's unfortunately quite common for men to have to get their sleep broken up in 3 and 4 hour increments. And that's a damn shame when you think about it.

    Also, on another note (but on the same subject):

    Let us not forget that in certain POW camps during various wars, the enemy used to keep men awake for long periods of time in an effort to break their spirits. In other words, what I'm reminding you of is the fact that SLEEP DEPRIVATION is a militarily recognized form of "TORTURE".


    Victory Unlimited
    My recent post Six Reasons Why Women Ask Men To “CALL ME TO CONFRIM”!

  2. lmao, can't lie I think I've pulled this card once. lol yea its stupid one to pull but sometime it falls out of the deck. ( I don't do this anymore 1. its annoying and 2. a cranky man is an angry man)

    But yea sometimes I wish I could o back to pre-k where naps were mandatory. I would bust out a pillow and blanket right in the middle of my job and doze off.

  3. Ummm…*stares at tattoos*. Wait, Wis is a cutie. Why for come didn't I know? I'm all about respecting sleep. That's really all that I have to add. *scrolls back up to video*

  4. *starts slow clap*

    I’m a man who appreciates his sleep. I’ve had women try n call me lame or grandpa cuz i be knocked by 11pm but its whateva #freeremy. Even sex after a certain time during the week dont expect anything but a solid B- performance because i’m too tired to put in all the extra effort. However Friday & Saturday night im all yours but be advised the 8 hr rule still applies; you can lock the bottom lock and let yaself out

  5. The ONLY time I woke a man up in the middle of the night is when his phone when off, I looked at it, and saw that it was another chick trying to holla. I learned several lessons from that night.

    1.) Don't wake a man up in the middle of the night EVER.

    2.) Don't bother checking a man's phone. He'll play the violation of his privacy off as equivalent to the dirt he was doing in said privacy. If he's doing dirt, it will come to the light and when it happens naturally, he won't have any victim cards to play.

    Since that night, I haven't woken a man up. I HAVE however, BEGUN heavy conversations in the late-night hours when both of us were still awake. When I say late, I don't mean 10pm (because, huh? That's bedtime?), I mean like 12am or 1am. I'm gradually getting better at that as well. The latest a deep convo I've had has started in RECENT history is 10:30pm, and even then, I just think it's better to see if you care in the morning. Pick your battles and fight wisely is what I'm beginning to grasp.

    The female equivalent of this is the DAYS of a woman's period. A woman provoked on her period is the same as a woman provoked during her cycle, so dudes, make note and play nice during that time. Stress, frustration, emotions and anger are ALL amplified at that time, so ask if you'd like to play with matches in a gasoline room. Even I underestimated how serious respect of the cycle was until I had a blow-up with a dude that was ENTIRELY based on period emotion. Don't do it.

  6. As a matter of fact, don’t even bother me until REGULAR business hours resume; you can get me at 8am to EXACTLY 10PM. After 10, even if I’m NOT sleep, I’m in the bed. Unless the (read: MY) house is on fire, or someone died, wait until morning (and you might could push it a little earlier than 8am for emergencies) for any other conversation.

    A girl LIKES her sleep & has MAJOR problems with folk who wanna come between that…even for middle of the night nookie ….. but I might be talked into that one (so long as we don’t have to talk abt stuff.)

  7. Damn Wis I didn't know you were so cute and had such a sexy voice….*smile*
    That vid with you with the weave was freakin hilarious…….who knew light-skinned "pretty boys" could be so silly and funny…..lmao….j/k.
    Forreal though I feel you and totally agree. I loooove sleep. Unfortunately my body won't let me take naps and sleep during the day unless I'm exhausted and have not slept at all at nite. I guess because I don't have kids naps aren't that impnt to me yet.
    At any rate, personally I cannot function properly on less than 6 hours of sleep. Like you said unless I'm being woke up for some "sexual healing" I do not like to be woke up from a good sleep for any reason unless it's a dire emergency. I'm a pretty hard sleeper so I don't hear the phone ringing or anything unless it's lying right next to me. But I hate when folks call at ungodly hours of the nite and don't want a damn thing. Or if you have friends that work nites (3rd shift)) and they are bored at work and tryin to stay awake their damn selves and call you at 3rd shift hours……that is soooooo not cool. Don't work 3rd shift if ya azz cannot stay awake.
    I'm Bree and I approve Wis' PSA.

  8. Suggestion – All yall SBM's (even the married and engaged ones) need to let yourselves be seen more and make more vids and stuff. You never know who might see you, maybe Tyler Perry……lol

  9. Hilarious! When WIM puts on the wig and portrays his own GF…? PRICELESS! And I have to agree with the guest commentor above regarding the tatts… Um… WHOA! =D

    But yeah, you can't interrupt my sleep and expect us to be good. I'm a night owl, but am considerate enough to leave my man alone once he's snoozing. Even when I can't sleep…for whatever reason, I'm not going to disturb him. I need some reciprocity though. I don't sleep super late, but when given the chance to sleep in I'm sure I'd sleep later than someone who's an early bird. DO NOT disturb me in those morning hours just because you're ready to start your day! #Grrrrr


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