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We Made Love at Midnight: My 10 Favorite Artists from BET’s Midnight Love

The face of a man who knows she's coming over to watch Midnight Love later.

For the youngsters among us, in a time long long ago MTV and BET use to play music videos. They had whole shows dedicated to playing videos free of interruption and annoying hosts. This might not seem like much to you ungrateful bastards because you’ve been spoiled by the likes of the YouTube. One show in particular on BET will always have a fond place in my heart, Midnight Love. As the title suggests, Midnight Love came on at Midnight and focused on slow music and R&B. In other words, the show focused on playing music that you could make love to at midnight.

Fortunately, if the relationship was more casual than serious and you weren’t trying to make love to the woman in your presence, all you had to do was wait an hour before another infamous and now canceled BET show came on, Uncut. The only problem with Uncut is you had to close the deal within the hour; otherwise, the religious infomercials would come on and it’s just awkward to be premarital copulating while some old white guy reads from the bible in the background…or so I heard…from a friend.

Both Midnight Love and Uncut served distinctive, yet separate purposes, but what I liked about both shows is they highlighted struggling artists that you might never hear from. In the 90s the Internet was still in its infancy and there was no YouTube. If you wanted to see some bootleg artist’s video you had to wait for these shows to come on. I could highlight some of the top tier talent featured but that would be too easy. Today I want to focus on the one hit wonders, the forgotten, or the overlooked that Midnight Love introduced me to. Some of these artists I still listen to today. In no particular order and with some videos included, I introduce my 10 favorite struggle artists from the Midnight Love era.

Mista – Blackberry Molasses: Blackberry Molasses was one of those great 90’s songs you knew all the words to but had no idea what the song meant. I actually still know all the words to this song and I still have no idea what it means. But, I wish you would try to tell me this song wasn’t/isn’t great and I will fight you to death. As a side note, Bobby Valentino got his start singing lead for this group. You can see him in the video below. I have no idea what happen to the rest of the group but Bobby V probably doesn’t either. That’s just how the game goes…

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Profyle – Liar: For whatever reason the 90’s were rife with R&B boy bands of varying skin tones, harmonies, and talent. However, if you weren’t Jodeci or Boyz II Men, no one was really give you the time of day. In fact, Midnight Love might have been the only time I ever saw a Profyle video.

Ideal – Get Gone: I don’t care what anyone says, IDEAL DROPPED THE GREATEST R&B ALBUM OF ALL TIME!!! Of course, by “of all time” I mean 1999 but still… I dare someone to defy me on this one. Their album went HARD! HARD I SAY! If you bought this album right now and played it for your lady friend, you will still get laid so hard you won’t know what to do with yourself.

Aaliayh – One in A Million Remix: Honestly, I didn’t even know there was a remix to One in a Million. I was up late watching Midnight Love when they put on the mix complete with video. I was an instant fan. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not as good as the original but I’ve always been a fan of remixes just for the different sound and take they bring to a song I might already like. Or, as is the case with Usher, I actually like the Special Edition Confessions more than the album/radio version.

Latif – I Don’t Wanna Hurt You: I didn’t buy it but I heard Latif’s album was pretty good. In college, me and my girlfriend at the time essentially went through the exact situation described. Besides what adolescent man hasn’t struggled to tell his girlfriend, If I don’t tell you the truth it will only hurt you later. I still maintain Latif would have gone a lot further if he didn’t look like a pitbull.

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Playa – Cheers 2 You: I’m surprised Playa didn’t fair better. It’s my understanding they worked with and wrote for the same circle as Aaliyah, Timbaland, Ginuwine and Missy Elliot. This is great company but I guess it wasn’t mean to be. Still, they dropped arguably one of the top 3 greatest singles of my college career.

Link – I don’t Wanna See: Most people don’t even know who the hell Link is. Those people have lived a sheltered life. Link is actually most well “known” for his single How Would You Like It, which is why I purposefully chose this song to separate those in the know from those who think they know. As a bonus for the fellas, the video features a cameo from Lisa Raye aka Diamond from Player’s Club.

Calvin Richardson – Not Like This: Most every TRUE R&B fan I know already knows who Calvin Richardson is but for whatever reason Calvin hasn’t received a lot of mainstream notoriety. His song Keep on Pushin did ok but in my opinion, didn’t receive the respect it should have. I chose Not Like This because although it didn’t do very well and it isn’t even one of his best singles, the lyrics speak for themselves and I think a lot of men and women in struggle-ships can relate to words like:

I know a thing or two about the way things go
With someone as fine as you
You constantly deal with the drive-bys
And the way guys spittin at you
So it’s hard for me to think
That you ain’t had love
Ain’t been you he thought the world of
And I just can’t see
How even a playa wouldn’t be
Ready to settle down

Prophet Jones – Cry Together: Most of you will be too young to remember Prophet Jones. If you’re too young to remember Prophet Jones then you’re definitely too young to know that Cry Together was a remake of an O’Jays song. However, as far as remakes go this is one of the better ones I’ve ever heard and I think that’s why so many people liked Prophet Jones, even if they mistakenly though it was an original. I can never be upset at good music even if it’s origins are misrepresented. They did this song justice and that is not up for debate. Last night, me and my woman, we cried, we cried together…and then we made love.

Rashad – Sweet Misery: I end with Rashad’s Sweet Misery for a few reasons. This is by no means the best or highly underated song that ever came on Midnight Love. For the record, that title would go to Jesse Powel for his single, You. No, I chose Rashad for my own personal reasons. No, I won’t share those reasons. I know the song is average. I know the singing is below average. But this song means every bit of everything to me and it always will.

You’re my sweet misery,
I hate to admit it,
But you’re my everything,
The love you give me,
It’s like the perfect pain,
You’re the one I hate, the one I love, the one I blame…

That’s my list. Are there any Midnight Love artist I forgot? Further, I challenge the audience to share their favorite obscure artist from any generation and from any genre. Now if you come on here and drop some top 40 single I will use all within my means and power to find a way to ban you from this website and if possible, from life. Challenge yourselves. Think of talented non-mainstream artists, singles or bands that we should all  be listening to but you’ve wondered all your life why no one besides you does. Lets give these unknown, yet talented artists a place to shine. Selfishly, it’s 2012 and I totally need to re-up my iPod play list.

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  1. When I saw the title of this article, the 1st song that popped in my mind was the Latif joint. I always got excited when it came on b/c I never heard it anywhere else. Your whole list is very accurate and yes, BET isn’t what it used to be. No more shows like Teen Summit, Caribbean Rhythms, and etc. Great Article!

  2. I'll come back to add to the list but I just wanted to comment real quick before I start work. I thought I was the only person who appreciated some of these because people never knew who/what I was talkin bout whenever I mentioned them or they came on my iPod. And yes, Latif's album was great.

  3. There was a group from Philly called No Question and their song "I Don't Care" used to play on BET in the afternoons back in 2000. Talented group of guys and they had a song called "If You Really Wanna Go" that was probably my favorite from them.

  4. Most of the time, I just mill around and read what others post. THIS TIME, I had to put in on this. As a georiga boy, I loved Mista’s “Blackberry Molasses”. You’re right, alot of people don’t understand what the song was really trying to get at. You make that song though, I have my on Ideals of from summer pasts that make this my joint. The other one they had was “Lady” not alot of play but was on alot radio stations “Quiet storm” segments. Geat list, especially that Profyle. They need to make a comeback!

  5. Ideal “Get Gone” was my ish. I was like 9-10 and thought it was Dru Hill for the first couple months i heard it. And while i enjoy the convenience of watching music videos on my phone i dont see why BET/MTV/VH1 are so anti music videos (you cant tell me more ppl wanna see a 3rd consecutive encore of Lets Stay Together than midnight love. And yes the Latif album was good but i prefer him as a songwriter (his singing range…meh)

  6. Cracks knuckles, stretches neck, quick overhead stretch, goes in… draws a complete blank. Lol, no seriously the Not Top 40 really has me lost but I will still take a stab.

    Pure Soul – We Must Be In Love

    Ready For The World – Girl Tonight, Love you Down

    Deele Two Occasions

    Surface – The first time

    Lisa Lisa and the cult jam – All Cried out Hmmm Probably at #39 or #40 but hey that was a long time ago.

    Brownstone – If you love me, Five Miles to Empty

    Jade – One Woman

    Michelle- Something in my Heart

    Perfect Gentlemen Oh La La

    H Town Knocking the Boots

    Anything Aaron Hall or Public Annoucement Related

    Terrance Trent D Arby – Sign Your Name

    Tony Terry – With You

    Dru Hill Tell Me, In My Bed, and 5 Steps (I think they may not qualify but Hey This was before they were BIG) This is pretty funny trying to come up with a list of “D ” list artist that songs were influential enough to be considered on Midnight Love but you can’t remember them now to save your life.

  7. Can't front – I've never seen most of these videos but I do remember staying up to catch that Profyle joint. I was (still am) an R&B boy band junkie. Love these posts that give me a way to build up on my music/movie/book collection. When we say obscure though, do we mean like Ledisi/Timothy Bloom/Tabi Bonney obscure? Like artists who are now being played early in the morning on VHI? Or like Anhayla and T-Soul obscure? Anhayla and T-Soul are new age artists with an old school sound that have stolen my entire heart!

  8. oh. my. goodness. i had so many flashbacks reading this post. I just bought Ideal's CD off ITunes a month ago…and Playa? Yeah. These kids have no idea how music used to be. Thanks for the memories…i'm headed to download the rest of the songs on this list I dont have.

  9. I was JUST talking about this with a friend of mine. One group that still sticks out in my mind is Az Yet-Last Night. ALL of the members of that group can SANG. Usually, you'll have one to two great singers in a group of four to five and the remaining members can carry an alright tune. But with them…let's just say this song was(and still is IMO) the truth!!!

  10. Man, this brings me back….loved the list btw! I know I'm white, but I definitely have some soul picks that I loved when I watched Midnight Love.

    1. Makeda-Les Nubians

    2. Two Occasions-Deele

    3. Getting Late (live)-Floetry

    4. Kissing You-Keith Washington

    5. I still Love You-Next

    6. Ready or Not-After 7

    7. Sumthin, Sumthin-Maxwell

    8. I'm sorry-Ginuwine

    9. Rock the Boat-Aaliyah

    10. Hanging On A String-Loose Ends

    P.S. Agree with you on Ideal! Used to love 'Whatever.' Also, they had me with their rendition of Luther Vandross' 'Going In Circles' years back when they paid tribute to Luther on BET. Still watch that performance on VHS to this day….going way back!

    Great post!

    1. I forgot all about Isyss till you mention it. That joint “Day and Night” with Jadakiss right? yeah that was hot. Do anyone still remember Subway feat. 702 “Little game we play” ? that was a trouble maker, lol.

  11. I usually just lurk but I had to comment today!

    Playa Cheers 2 U was that song that gave me LIFE!!! Somebody could prob get me to give up the goods off of this song. This song makes you feel all sorts of in love.

    I don't know why they didn't do better either. They were a great group. But Static wrote for a ton of artists before he died. He wrote Lollipop.

  12. Omgosh "Midnight Love" reminds me of college!!!!!!! Me and my suite mates watched every night

    Sylk E. Fine ft Chill "Romeo and Juliet" was the joint me and my friends waited to come on, we loved that ghetto azz song!

    Also K-Ci and JoJo "Last Night's Letter", and a song by Chico Debarge (I forgot the name) were our favorites also

    ANDDDDD the song that almost had me and the chick in the next suite fighting b/c I used to play it so long "I Belong to You" by Rome… Ahhhhhh memories of my freshman year crush 🙂

  13. Mannnnn 90's R&B>>>>

    A few tracks I feel deserve mention

    Uncle Sam – I don't ever wanna see you again

    Ruff Endz – Will you be mine, someone to love you

    Gina Thompson – The things you do

    Rome – I belong to you

    Silk – Freak me

    Milestone – I care about you (since this song and playa were both on the Soul food soundtrack lol)

    Gregory Abbott – Shake you down (k this is 80's and more well known but…)

    This post was really entertaining! Shouts to WIM for making me cry, laugh, & 2-step in the span of 24 hours. The power of word and song.

  14. I’m 31 and still remember Midnight Love; the greatest music show ever, after Video Soul (Sherri Carter is still the finest). Anyway, a criminally slept on dude is Myron. Had a song and CD called Destiny. I’m not even sure YouTube has it, but if you can find it, THAT, is music. Of course there is also Marc Dorsey with his song Crave. Good list cuz.

  15. Okay I thought I was a 90s r&b fan but I've never heard of any of these songs/artists except Aaliyah's One in a Million Remix LOL. Though I also didn't grow up wit cable lol. Listened to some of it; good stuff tho!

  16. I have a few to add:

    Sam Salter – After 12, Before 6

    Pressha – Splackavellie

    J-Shin – One Night Stand

    I have so many of these singles at home, they just slip my mind at the moment.

    1. Ppl were just talking about that Splackavellie song on Twitter, I felt old. But seeing it mentioned here, now, not so much

  17. Another fan coming out of lurking. I thought I was the only one that loved Rashad’s song. The opening chords are pure magic. Another one I’d like to add to the list is Terence Trent D’Arby’s “holding on to you”.

    We had Teen Summit in South Africa – the only show from BET shown in the 90s before we got with the rest of the world. Aww, 90s RnB is still hands down the best!

  18. Here are a few others:

    Adina Howard – T-shirt and Panties (may have been top 40, at least on my campus)

    Chico DeBarge – Virgin

    Aaron Hall – All the Places (I Will Kiss You)

  19. Definitely a great trip done memory lane

    Profyle was extremely underrated…"Liar" still comes up in my iPod every now and then

    Even though Tamia is considered mainstream, that Stranger In My House video????? Good Lord

    If Bryan Cox would've stuck it out w/ Ideal, they might still be around. "Creep Inn" was a banger

    Couple of my favorites are

    Montell Jordan "I Can Do That"

    Jesse Powell "If I"/"You"

    Kenny Lattimore "Never Too Busy"

    Ol Skool (they did a remake w/ Xscape) "Am I Dreaming"

    Public Announcement "Body Bumpin" (wth was that dance though)
    My recent post The Giants Bandwagon Is Now Open

  20. I love Ideal! My husband went to high school with all 4 of them and used to give them rides to the studio after school. They still keep in touch. Maverick is still out in California producing and working with new artists. The first dance at my wedding was an album cut from the CD.

  21. I liked Quincy Jones The Secret Garden
    Chante Moore's It's Alright and Love's Taken Over
    Come Inside – Intro
    Cry No More – forgot who sings that
    Janet Jackson – Anytime Anyplace
    That Will Downing Vid – I think it was Sorry I
    Rachelle Farelle and Will Downing – Nothing Has Ever Felt like this
    Xscape – do you want to
    702 – Get it together
    Kut Klose – I Like
    Total – Kissing You
    Man I miss that show…..those were the days…..I miss Video Soul too with Donnie Simpson and Shari (whats her name)…

  22. Nice post! I remember the days when my sister and I recorded music videos on our VHS tapes. 'Member BET Video Vibrations? But here's a few songs….

    Talent – Celebrity
    Lysette – Young, Sad & Blue
    Monifah – You
    Jason Weaver – Stay With Me
    Mona Lisa feat. The Lox – Just Want To Please You

    My recent post UCB – Sexy Lady

  23. WIM…THANK YOU! This brought me waaaay back, Midnight Love was everything back in the pre-youtube days and I loved the miscellaneous 90'S R&B!. Unfortunately, my memory is sparked when a song is played but I draw a blank for actual names or even faces, so shout out to you for your excellent recall, Blackberry Molasses made me stop and stare for a minute, lol. Sorry, I cant provide and songs for your collection, great post nonetheless!

  24. This post took me back! I used to live for Midnight Love and watched it faithfully! Nothing like 90's R&B. A few of my picks:

    Cherokee – I Swear
    Urban Mystic – Where were you?
    Slum Village – Tainted
    Amel Larrieux – For Real
    Tweet – Smoking Cigarettes at Night
    Dave Hollister – One Woman Man
    Keke Wyatt f/ Avant – Nothing in this World

  25. I had to delurk for this post. This list gave me life!!! I remember every song on here I loved them all. And yeah a lot of people dnt know who link is but his cd used to jam back in the day! I remember watching midnight love then me and my friends callin each other like girl they playing my song! (Highschool) lol

  26. Definitely took me back to a great place musically!

    My favorites were

    Xscape ft Ol Skool "Am I Dreaming" (underrated remake)

    Kenny Lattimore "Never Too Busy"

    Silk "If U"

    Jesse Powell "You"

    Keith Washington "Kissing You"

    Montell Jordan "I Can Do That"

    Pebbles & Babyface "Love Make Things Happen"

    Uncle Sam had great songs coming out, bad marketing I suppose…I wonder how Ideal would've fared if Bryan Cox would've stuck w/ them a little longer, "Creep Inn" was a banger
    My recent post The Giants Bandwagon Is Now Open

  27. Missed the convo! But I gotta throw in Tyrese. Not a fan, but my homie would always swoon when he came on! LOL! good memories 🙂

  28. I love r&b! Hearing these songs again was like deja vu for me. I also found out the names of songs I always wanted to know ..I like the remix of sweet misery better than he original though. AZ yet had a harmony within then that was unreal..Hard to say I’m sorry is one of my favorite songs of all times.

  29. Thank you for writing this! I am so glad someone finally recognized IDEAL!! Still love them. This may be showing my age, but one of my favorite videos was by a group called Basic Black. The song “Special Kind Of Fool” still makes me all teary-eyed and what not. #emotional

  30. Midnight Love is where I met and fell in love with Amel Larrieaux's For Real. I would get mad if I sat though a whole ep. of ML and that video wasn't shown

  31. I am tryin to find out the name and song title of the woman who sung in the late 80’s early 90’s on Midnight love it was a theme song I believe and they would only play it at the beginning middle or the end of the show it was and still is a very beutiful song… can I get a hand?????? I’m desperate and if u know how can I hear it or purchase it…. music back then was truley good mmusi….

  32. i am looking for song that I seen once on there .It was by a guy i never heard of never his name because i caught the video in the middle but the hook he sang was COME OVER .I been looking for this song for years can someone help me with this


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