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#Kobesystem: Why We Shouldn’t Feel Sorry for Kobe’s Divorce Case


If you’ve been under a rock, or don’t care about celebrity drama, then you wouldn’t know about the ongoing Kobe Bryant divorce case. Citing “irreconcilable differences” (#REALLYMEANS someone was cheating), Vanessa Bryant filed for divorce from Kobe.

Kobe Bryant’s wife got $75 million of the couple’s assets, which are estimated at $150 million, in their divorce settlement. Vanessa Bryant also walked away with all three of the couple’s mansions in the Newport Beach, Calif., area, TMZ reported—the home they lived in, one her mother lived in and another that has been under construction for two years.

Vanessa’s mother told The Los Angeles Times several years ago that the couple does not have a prenuptial agreement, and that was clearly true.The fact that the marriage lasted 10 years also was a factor in the divorce settlement.

Under California law, a marriage of at least 10 years means a spouse is allowed to “maintain her standard of living” after the divorce, attorney Dmitry Gorin told The Times last month.


Now every man wants to throw a fit of rage every time a dude gets taken to the cleaners by his ex-wife. We saw what happened to Tiger Woods. This even prompted Drake to spit the now famous Internet meme:

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Although the idea of half is crazy to most people, I say that Kobe has no one to blame for himself. This situation could’ve been easily avoided but his missteps proved to make him lose 75 M’s. I can’t cry for you Argentina when you Plaxico yourself.  Here’s why:


He did not sign a prenup. You married a woman at 18 when it was evident that you would be rich and famous and did nothing to protect your wealth. I know women everywhere have an opinion on prenuptial agreements, but the fact remains that if you don’t want be a victim of “giving up half” then you better have it in writing! The biggest “I told you so’s” are coming from Kobe’s family who strongly urged him to get a prenup because of situations like what we have now.


I’m pretty sure that Kobe isn’t the first professional athlete to cheat on his wife and I know he won’t be the last. However, the blatant and reckless nature of his infidelity would make any woman want to take him to the cleaners! Think about the Colorado incident. You cheat, use no rubber, and get implicated in a rape charge? As many women will point out, Kobe wouldn’t be giving up all that cash and assets if he wasn’t doing dirt. Plus, Vanessa Bryant alleges he cheated with 100+ women over the 10 years they were married. Either he was extremely sloppy or Vanessa has Malik Yoba investigating Kobe’s infidelity. I swear athletes think they’re invincible until reality brings them down to earth.

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Kobe should’ve spoke to Pappy before Vanessa found out tho!

Dry Snitchin’

Karma is a female dog. Some believe in it, and some don’t. I for one believe in garbage in, garbage out. Don’t put negative vibes into the universe or it can come back to pop you right in your grill. Kobe is a snitch point blank. He blew up Shaq’s cheating ways (which led to his divorce and ironically, the birth of Basketball Wives). From all accounts he can be a douche, but I think that comes with the celebrity. He was even alleged to have snitched on Pau Gasol which led to issues with his woman and him playing ga soft in the series vs the mavericks. This looks like karma is collecting on a heavy and outstanding debt on Kobe. There’s only so much malfeasance that can occur before it happens to you.

This won’t really hurt Kobe in the end. Through endorsements, NBA contracts, and the like, he’ll be #RichForever. As men, we can’t constantly throw our capes on for our fellow brethren when they are the causes for their own downfall. I was right there barking at first about the demands for his money and assets, but I can’t front on the facts…

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If you ant no punk holla we want prenup
It’s something that you need to have
‘Cause when she leave yo ass she gone leave with half

– Kanye West




  1. sorta sorry for Kobe, he slowly became one of my favorite current players…

    can't see how one person can pull 75 million like that…

    but he didn't sign a prenup…so it is what it is.

  2. I agree completely. Hard to see a man half to give up half of his earnings when she wasn't the one actually putting in the late hours and the time to get all the riches, but he should have been smarter. I tell females that I begin to get serious with that I need a prenup, and if she doesn't want to sign one, we can end things right there and then. I refuse to have to give up half of my hard work PLUS alimony. Hell No. End of the day….he should have been smarter and she was just money hungry. She didn't bail on the marriage after the 10 year mark for no reason.

    Ladies…can you explain to me the problem with a pre-nup? What's wrong with a man wanting some kind of insurance just in case anything was to ever go wrong? I call it being smart and prepared. Then again….men that divorce women and end up with half get villainized.

    1. To me I feel like your saying things wont last. Plus most of the times when prenups are written the woman gets nothing. After investing her hard work,love and energy, even if the man is doing her dirty, She has to start all over from nothing if things come to an end. If you write in your prenup that we go in with what we came with , that I get to keep the house (because nine times out of ten I'll be keeping the kids) and that anything aquired during the marriage will be split in half, things such as land,beach house then its cool. maybe I'll sign.

      Sidenote: I dont feel bad for Kobe because he should'nt have been cheating. No one was forcing him to get married at 18 especailly without a prenup. And the girl he married was'nt like a highschool sweetheart or sonmeone that had been with him from his ealry days, just some random beautiful girl who saw $$$$.Also Im sick of dudes who dont have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of talking about Kobe divorce is why they are not getting married,even if you got married and divorce half of zero is zero so your ex future wife still wouldnt have anything to take from you.

        1. lol I mean we can keep whatever we brought in prior but some of the things the we gained while married must be split not all but some

      1. "Also Im sick of dudes who dont have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of talking about Kobe divorce is why they are not getting married,even if you got married and divorce half of zero is zero so your ex future wife still wouldnt have anything to take from you."

        Bahahahahahaha!!!! This right here is the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth!

      2. But a pre-nup isn't saying we won't last…its saying we are realistic enough to plan for certain scenarios. It's like health and dental insurance. We don't plan on getting hurt…but if an event pops up and we do divorce….then lets make sure the situation can be handled correctly.

        And ummm I would never sign that pre-nup you just advocated lol. My pre-nup shall be based on us selling the house and splitting the profits, and neither party walking away with any money from the other. When it comes to the things we bought while together, that will be split based on who bought it.

        And I feel you on the point of a broke person getting a pre-nup…but what if that guy won the lottery, came into a law suit, or happens to change his life around and makes tons in the future AFTER already being married? In that scenario….he is screwed lol. Look at Jessica Simpson. She didn't get a pre-nup because she married a guy with more money…..next thing you know her career takes off and she gets taken to the cleaners lol.

        1. See…the reason why I don't get with this is because in my marriage, we had a joint account. There was no "my money/your money"…it was our money. And we were in the same pay scale. So there was no serious pay gap that made "half" unfair.

          If there is a serious gap in pay, I can kinda understand what you're saying. But, even still…I would need a clause to say that if you (husband or wife) cheat, are abusive, or basically anything other than irreconcilable differences, the other spouse DESERVES a bit more than half for pain and suffering, lol.

          Now that's fair. 😉

        2. Say you and your husband both make $30k a year (even though the average American makes $26k). If you live in a city like New York, then every dollar you get matters to you! You can't afford losing half. So those two people are on the same pay scale, and it would hurt the party losing out on money.

          And when it comes to pain and suffering….sue in a divorce court. Half should not be taken. If I am abused…..its not fair for me to take more than half. I chose to stay and take whatever they were dishing out. All blame is not on them.

        3. The ex-hub and I split the assets. No alimony. No child support (I acutally waived it since legally, I was entitled to $200+ a month)…since we have joint custody. We split fees associated with them and I felt that was all that was necessary…pay your share. All of our assets WE aquired together. We paid bills out of a joint account. Our money paid for stuff we both earned. The judge commended us for how we handled everything fairly. With divorce comes loss. There's no reasonable way to avoid that. You're going to lose more than just a spouse.

          I all out disagree with the last paragraph, lol. We'll have to agree to disagree on that…

        4. I commend you guys for doing it while being civil. But even in marriage…there are things bought for you and things bought for him. If I go out and by $5,000 golf clubs….that is something I bought for me. That shouldn't be on the table of discussion. Same if you go out and buy something for yourself. Everything isn't a WE thing even in a marriage.

          And I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on the other part then lol.

        5. Some women may be petty…but I am not. I don't want your old stank used golf clubs!!! LOL!

          I was so pissed off, I dag near left everything. I didn't want anything of 'his'. I'll take my stuff…we gonna split these assets, and keep it moving, boo-boo.

          I know one thing though, I miss my movie/music collection. Starting from scratch has been a real drag. 🙁

          I shoulda bootlegged it all before I bounced. Lol… Oh well…

        6. But the root of every divorce is irreconcilable differences. A divorce happens because one or both people don't want to work it out. There isn't anything that can't be overcome if the people involved are genuinely dedicated to resolving the issues, some can be resolved together, others on each person's own.

    2. I have no problem signing a pre-nup — but trust and believe there will be an infidelity clause up in there!! . And you can put an “IC” in there as well. *shrug*

      You Creep — You Weep


      Kobe got want he deserved.

    3. "Can you explain to me the problem with a pre-nup??"

      Because to many people it says, “I value my earnings, but I don’t value you or what non-tangibles your role will bring to the table to support me and our (future) family.

      Granted, all situations are not the same and I’m not necessarily opposed to prenups. However, if you take someone from humble beginnings (compared to your being rich/wealthy), create and maintain an extravagant lifestyle for them and the children you have created together for “X” number of years and the marriage doesn’t work (primarily because of your indiscretion), then why should the spouse have to change everything about how they have lived for the past several years? Especially when you made the decision to legally obligate yourself to this person.

      Now, I have a slightly different view if both people come from similar financial backgrounds or have somewhat equal earnings. But, the bottom line is if people don’t want to share their life with someone (which includes sharing their money), then they probably shouldn’t get married or have children. Sounds harsh, but selfishness has a very small role in successful marriages.

      1. I'm stuck on the part about it having to be me cheating lol. Dang. I don't think anyone that isn't in someone's life anymore…should be obligated to keep that person living the way they did while with you. Suppose there was a law where you had to keep your ex boyfriend living the way they did while they were with you and you catered to them financially? Would you really be for that?

        And what if no one cheated and the issue was just a matter of the two people growing apart (which often happens since people do change)?

        I just don't believe I should pay someone after we break up nor pay for them to keep a lifestyle they had while with me….when they aren't with me. When you think about your exes…don't you sit and laugh when they reach out to you saying things aren't the same while they were with you? If someone isn't with you anymore…they shouldn't have the same benefits.

        1. People aren't legally obligated to their exes, so you can't really use that comparison.

          "And what if no one cheated and the issue was just a matter of the two people growing apart (which often happens since people do change)?"

          If no one cheated, it still doesn't change the fact that you have legally obligated yourself to this personal. Truth be told, the law could care less about rather or not someone cheats. It is morally wrong and can determine how you are perceived or how you are treated, but its not illegal. The only thing that really matters in the eyes of the law is if you live up to your legal responsibilities as a spouse. Case and point. Let's say you get married and have an affair. That affair produces a child with your sidepiece and you are required to pay child support. If you decide to quit your job, the court can force your spouse to pay support for your outside child. Why? Because your responsibilities are automatically hers because you are married. Is that fair? No, it isn't. But, this is a part of the responsibility of being married.

        2. I know those things. I only asked about outside of cheating since that's what your example was based primarily around before. Me cheating lol.

          And no matter what the reason for divorce, there is no reason you should have the same benefits you had while you were with me. Suppose we divorce because we grew out of love with each other. Why should I then keep you living the life you had with me? Isn't part of the marriage benefit the life you can live with someone for the rest of your life? It's not right that you should still have the benefits of being with me for life…..yet not be with me. And that is where the law system is crazy.

      2. Actually, the problem here is choice. People keep saying, "Oh you chose this, you chose that" but nobody says that in order to get married and call a woman your wife you need to sign a contract, get a license and receive approval from the US Government.

        That's why men should never get married. Keep a woman around, buy her stuff, keep her safe , but don't sign no contracts that say you have to do anything for her at the risk of governmental intervention.

        A pre-nup is simply a compromise between the government and men, that men still have to get permission to get married, but at the very least they can control what happens to their assets in the case of a divorce. That's all it is, it still doesn't address the fact that a man and woman cannot be husband and wife without the government's say so. And if the government had no say, and the government couldn't force men or women to do anything after a divorce, people would actually be marrying because of love and not because of the need to sign a contract.

        1. If I'm going to work and earning my own money, I have no problem with signing a prenup even if it means my lifestyle will change after our divorce. But if you want me or need me to stay at home to take care of the kids, best believe that my HARD WORK at home is worth something. Whilst I'm home I don't accumulate retirement funds, I can't be saving up for anything, and I don't have any money of my own. So if we get divorced for whatever reason, it's only fair that I be compensated for those years I spent looking after your kids and your home, for the years I lost in working life, for the income I will lose for not having as much work experience as others my age. That's when a prenup is really unfair, unless it gives me half of whatever you earned while we were married.

          75 million is a lot, but … 75 million is A LOT, how could Kobe NOT survive on that for the rest of his life?? How much is he really gonna miss that other 75 million?

        2. How can you suggest that Kobe's wife, would have ever earned 75 million on her own even if she had a career? And the only thing that is fair is what you and your man privately agree to. Not what the government says he should pay. However, a man can't force you stay at home, hell a man can't even force you have kids. When it comes to marriage men can't force anything, shoot you can't even demand your woman to give up some ass! Shoot, when it comes to marriage men are the only ones who are forced to do anything.

    4. The problem with prenups is that it actually makes a woman have to think long and hard before she leaves a marriage, and it makes it easier for a man to leave a marriage if he wants to. When you argue about these things with women they like to beat around the bush, but in plain terms that is what it is. The normal legal alternative makes it difficult for a man to leave a marriage and very easy for a woman to leave a marriage: which is why over 80% of divorces are filed by women today.

      A lot of women will say it's because men cheat, but stats show that 2 out of every 5 women cheat in their marriages, so that isn't a legitimate excuse for them. The simple fact is like all things in life, women want the freedom of being able to change their minds without having to face the consequences (they think their feelings of failure is enough), which is why we get left having to pay the tab. Yep that's what you get for marrying the wrong girl.

  3. I don't feel sorry for him either, and it has nothing to do with my general dislike of his person. One thing I'd like to point out, though, is that teenagers usually don't make the greatest decisions. People are on his case about the prenup thing, but not a lot of 18 year olds think in realistic terms. Besides, he probably assumed he'd really be with her til death did them part.

  4. Agreed, except for one thing a prenup would not have saved him either. Cali law, from what I understand, can obliterate that prenup after the 10th anniversary. So even if he had one it wouldn't have mattered by the time she filed. But yeah he still has no one to blame but himself, he wasn't forced to cheat on her. And karma is a b!*th.

    1. I was just going to come say the same thing. Y’all living in a dream world if y’all think a prenup is ironclad safety. Nope. Cali is a prime example of how prenups have more holes than Swiss cheese. Hell look at Tiger. He HAD a prenup and still came up off mega millions.
      Dudes, particularly these celebs and athletes, need to understand, #1, these women aren’t stupid. They aren’t signing anything saying “if we break up you leave with what you came with”. They are gonna make sure that in that prenup it states that if y’all get divorced dude coming up off something heavy. #2 WHY THE HELL DO THESE DUDES EVEN GET MARRIED knowing what they are getting into? If I was a celeb id be living the single life to I got it ALL out of my system. On some King Jaffie Joffa “Hold off the wedding. My son is leaving to go and sow his royal oats” stuff. Once I’ve had the fun and the groupies no longer hold my attention then I would look to settle down. This fool Kobe got married at 21 to an 18 year old while he was still rising to fame. Stupid

      1. Sadly, I must agree with you. The legal system in this country is so broken that pre-nups aren't always valid anymore. Strikes serious fear into me that after I get married, I could lose all I worked for. The crazy part is….its mostly men that are in the political positions to fix this stuff, but they are screwing other men and not caring smh. I'll never understand it.

        1. I partly agree with you. Because I respect and honor both my vows and the union of marriage im against any idea of prenups being used as a “Cheat and Get Out of Jail” free card. But in cases where a good dude is getting screwed over by a woman who was only with him for his wealth…..yeah…..SERIOUS problem with the law there.

        2. Bust that. Dont get married at all…..if you trying to live that high profile celeb life. Makes no sense to get married until you know you are fully ready to settle down. Wasting her time, your time and risking your money.

    2. It doesn’t matter if he got married in Cali u can’t have property in the state.That’s how Elin got Tiger.They had a home in Cali…Cats also kill me with this karma stuff. Cats are outraged he hated,which is wrong, but how many of u have hated /have close friends who ‘ve thrown shade at a dude to get the girl? The game isn’t as honorable as many of these dudes who are outraged would lead u to believe.Also this dude was getting arrested by the Feds.Cats will rat you out over a pack of bubblegum, Alot of people may have had the same lapse in judgement in that situation.

      1. Yeah, this whole Kobe snitching…telling on Shaq stuff got old 5 years ago, smh. He was being interrogated and said to himself that he should have paid the girls off like Shaq…the guy interviewing him just happened to over hear him…which had nothing to do with the interrogation…and he decided to share it with the media. If you belive i Karma then Shaq was going to get divorced sooner or later, anyway. Kobe has nothing to do with that. I'm sure it wasn't the first time Shaunie heard that Shaq was stepping out on her, trust me.

  5. "Either he was extremely sloppy or Vanessa has Malik Yoba investigating Kobe’s infidelity." <– love the #90sreference

    It's impossible to feel sorry for Kobe because he's not even remorseful. To him, the money is replenishable. I didn't expect them to last this long after the Rocky Mountain case. But clearly Vanessa had a plan and she held out long enough for her pay day, which she deserves. Despite the fact that Kobe is a corny dude, he seems to have had a pretty tight leash on her. Even in terms of like hosting events or taking part in fundraisers, all the usual stuff you see athletes' wives take part in, Vanessa was nowhere to be found. When she's photographed at games and All Star events, she never seems to have friends to hang out. That always just struck me as odd.

    Far as the prenup thing, I don't believe in them and wouldn't ask my girl to sign 1
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  6. Well I feel bad for Kobe. I can't even conceive losing $75 mil.

    I'm a fan of prenups. People change. Most people who are married 25+myrs will tell you that their spouse showed them different colors after they married. That being said, I don't know if I will personally be using a prenup. I mean, I'll know be making money, but not $150 mill money, so will it even be that serious? I feel like any guy who comes after mine would just be acting really petty at that point, but you never know….

    But that's also why I'm really selective about the guys I date. Hopefully the guy I marry won't care about coming after mine cuz he'll have enough of his own.
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  7. Want me to sign a prenup sure..but it must look something like this..

    1) If you cheat on me I get half off the top, if that cheating leads to a child outside of the marriage or a std I get 60% of everything. If I cheat I get nothing. You also must pay child support until teh kids are 21.

    2) If you verbally or physically abuse me I get half. If I do that to you I get nothing. You Must pay child support until 21.

    3) If we file for irreconcilable differences then we leave with whatever we came in with in the beginning. I get to keep the house for the kids sake, and anything such as a timeshare or joint venture that we created during marriage gets split in half. You must pay child support until the kids are 21

    4) if its a mixture of 1 and 2 I get 75%

    1. sounds about right to me lol

      Honestly, as anti-prenup as i am, all it really is is written marriage vows with consequences. If people actually took the time to think about what thier vows actually are or should be and whether or not they really planned on sticking to them, there'd probably be a lot less divorce and ish like this (and probably fewer marriages too but thats neither here nor there)
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    2. That is the worst pre-nup agreement ever lol. What man in his right mind would sign that?

      The crazy thing is…if the man does anything…you take HALF OR MORE….yet if you do the same….there is no actions to be taken. How that work out lol?

      1. Yeah…Imma side with the fellas on this, lol.

        The penalty should go for both the hub and wife…custody should be joint. Kids need BOTH parents equally. That's fair.

      2. hey if he’s asking for the prenup he clearly feels he has more to lose than me so what would he gain by takin my stuff lol. I mean if I screw up I’ll break him off a little cash to keep it moving. I want to keep the house because the kids usually stay with mommy in divorce settlement, If we sell it that means I have to find another comfortable place for me and the kids. Maybe my prenup sounds so on sided because I know I wont play around on my husband, and if I do feel like I need to leave and it’s not option 1 or 2 then we split things equal.

        1. @2mques listen I’m not trying to cheat the Husband out of anything. There are women out there who pay alimony. Not a lot but some. But we can’t act like prenups are not written to leave the wife high and dry no matter what the circumstance is. Most men prenups don’t say hey if I cheat on you or leave you for someone else don’t worry I leave you some money to Finish paying any joint ventures we started together and a little extra for your troubles. Or hey if things just don’t work out don’t worry I’ll make sure neither one I is are left in a financial black hole.

          If she cheats or wants to leave no she shouldn’t get money but if she has less money than you what could she give you in a settlement.

        2. The fact is you shouldn't be in a legal position to cheat your husband in the first place. The law shouldn't presume that I'm gonna be an asshole and let the mother of my children die of hunger with my kids in her lap if she decides she's not going to me anymore – but it does already. People keep acting like Kobe's cheating was the cause of the divorce, but it seems that a lot of women are suggesting that if they weren't able to take half of a man's stuff, they would never get a divorce…which means it's not even about the cheating lol. It's about the fact that they believe they can leave with more things than they brought in.

        1. Plus when men write prenups there never usually even , most men write a prenup for their benefit not to benefit both him and his wife to be

        2. Man Writing Pre-nup To Benefit Self:
          1, Not giving money to wife.
          2, No Alimony
          3, Not giving up house (maybe sell it or I keep them).
          4, All belongings split based on the buyer or needs.

          I don't see a problem with that lol. It's saying he doesn't get anything, but he doesn't have to give up anything. How does that sound unfair at all?

          And its not all about cheating. Couples break up for multiple reasons. Most times these days, marriages end because of financial reasons or growing apart.

        3. Yea it sounds fair but usually the woman ends up with nothing and has to start from scratch. Again I’m not saying the woman sound be able to stick you for all of your assets. And in cases where cheating and abuse are not involved I think ppl tend to go with the whats mines is mines and what’s ours we will split. But when cheating or abuse happens I’m goin to make you pay for playing.

        4. Interesting so women deserve the security of going into a marriage and having insurance (the court system) against a man cheating or abusing them, however, men shouldn't have insurance against a. woman cheating or b. a woman just changing her mind? But, you know what, it's not women's fault, the law pretty much presumes that women are doing men a favor getting married to them, and men are ok just accepting it.

  8. Word? Didn’t know this went down…I guess I’ve been living under a rock *shrug*… All I can say is: DAMN KOBE…DAMN.

  9. Hmmm…

    Kobe didn't take precautions, however laws like that should not be in place for people to get taken like that… He'll be fine never the less

    But it should be a moot point why men should avoid getting married in western society… ID care what EBM is doing… It is not a sound decision…


  10. The "you wasn't with me shooting in the gym" is a total cop-out used by men. Everyone successful person has a valuable support network. The most important and valuable being a wife/husband. When he picked up his MVP award, I assume he mentioned how he wouldn't have been able to get to that stature without (God) and his wife/family. Whilst it's probably not 100% true, it's not a lie either. The Drake line is BS for situations like Kobe's.

    Paul McCartney on the other hand…….

    1. Yep I wonder if his wife is entitled to more than half his stuff, how much is his father who trained him and put a basketball in his hand entitled to or his mother who brought into this world entitled to? smh. This is another prime example of the irrationality in the court system when it comes to dividing up assets. Basically, the court system has said that Kobe's wife of 10 years is more responsible for his success in "life", than the people who actually raised him, isn't that ironic, that's why she's entitled to half of what he's ever earned.

      I mean Kobe's rich and he'll get over it. But imagine the man who had $100,000 worth of assets, gets a divorce from his wife after 10 years, loses $50,000 in assets, and now has to worry about paying the hospital bills for his mother and father who are too old to live on their own. Whereas the woman who just ran away with that 50k is free to get another job, find another man, and buy a new car so she can feel better about her failed marriage.

      1. You CHOOSE your spouse though. Parents chose to have you and you chose to get married. Parents are forced to look after children, reciprocity has nothing to do with law. Marriage is a union of everything, you should fully understand this before you get married. When he was married it was never "his" 100k but their 100k.

        The parent/spouse comparison is invalid.

        1. A-MEN!

          Not only did he choose his wife but he took vows that they'd be joined in the union of marriage. It's a binding, legal agreement. He broke the terms of the contract. Period.

          You may marry for love and in a church, but please believe there's a reason that you file papers at a court house and need a license for it.

        2. Which is why I don't think men should get married, unless marriage is the only legitimate way a man can proclaim his love. I mean, what you're basically saying is marriage is the government giving you permission (a license) to be in love.

        3. 2mques: "I mean, what you're basically saying is marriage is the government giving you permission (a license) to be in love."

          Quoted for truth. All that marriage certificate said is if you break up, you're losing half of what you got. It offered literally not one benefit.

          I want someone to give me one, single, solitary reason someone like Kobe should get married. And before someone says it, no, I'm not bitter and I could care less that Kobe's dumb, philandering arse got divorced.

        4. That's a valid reason.

          I'm no expert on tax law or anything, but does it make that much of a difference when his wife has no income? What is it, like a 20-25% difference in the tax (I'm sure someone will correct me here if I'm wrong)? When he makes that much, does it really matter? Especially when compared to the consequence of losing 50% of everything he owns in the event of a divorce?

        5. It matters even more when you make that much – that 75 mil he paid her is basically just paying her back for allowing him to claim 3 dependents for 7+ years ( I have no idea the age of their children).

          I'm really just splitting hairs though, cause as I've stated – the dissolution of a marriage has much more important losses than monetary ones. You just asked for an objective advantage of marriage.

        6. I got one. He should get married because the woman HE CHOOSES will not have it any other way. See what I'm saying?

        7. I see what you're saying. I would still say let her find another millionaire. Good luck with that.

          I'm not defending Kobe's cheating arse here. But let's get real, she went from rags to riches. $25 million is far more than enough for her to maintain her lifestyle, which she didn't contribute too. And her mama got a house out of the settlement, how does that work?

          Don't get me wrong, the law is the law, and he shouldn't have cheated. Kobe deserves what he got. But let's not act like she's a victim in all of this. She was a victim after he cheated once. She wasn't after he cheated twenty times. Or thirty times. Or forty times. Or fifty times. Or sixty times. Or…you get my drift.

        8. If all you're worried about is your "things" then no, you really probably shouldn't be getting married. I also agree that noone should agree to a contract that they have no intention of honoring – only bad can come from that.

          Marriage is much more than money, let's not forget that in all this divorce settlement talk.
          Both Kobe and Vanessa gained and lost a lot more than dollars over the past 10 years.

        9. Why should a contract be needed for me to say I love you and want to spend the rest of my life with you? Why are we forced to sign a contract for us to be married? How about I love you, we stay together and when you no longer want to be around or I don't, we can leave with whatever you want we own. And if we really love each other, why can't we go our separate ways without getting lawyers and the government involved?

        10. Because back in the day when women weren't even allowed to work a man could up and leave her and the children with nathan. It was to protect the family – a societal insurance if you will.

          No contract is needed to say I love you and don't plan on leaving you, but marriage is more so a legal process now than it is even a religious one (how it began). The government isn't requiring anyone to get married – they're actually not allowing certain groups to- but if you do marry, there are legal ramifications and some benefits, so with those come red tape and licenses. It is what it is and it will never change. So adapt to work with it or simply don't marry.

          And this "how about I love you, we stay together and when you no longer want to be around or I don't, we can leave with whatever you want we own. And if we really love each other, why can't we go our separate ways without getting lawyers and the government involved? " is perfectly legal and socially acceptable. It's called dating.

        11. So then the only difference between dating and marriage is the fact that the government is a third partner?

        12. It really depends on your belief system, but yes. If we're being simplistic, that's the major difference: the legal benefits and therefore involvement of the government. But it has such substantial societal ramifications that makes that a very short sited assessment, however technically accurate.

        13. 50% divorce rate…how's that working for us as a society?

          I've always understood, that society needs to exploit men in order for children and women to survive and for civilization to continue. It is what it is, but let's remove all the legal jargon, and all the romance and say it for what it is ( with simplicity), so that men know they're being sacrificed by society when they get married.

        14. For the record, I'm not disliking your posts, I appreciate the respectable convo and seemingly sincere questions you're asking.

        15. Actually it's very valid. In Africa, when you marry a man, you marry into his family and he into yours. All your assets and belongings are within the family. If you divorce, the families break apart and you're forced to deal with the reality that it's not just you who's involved in that marriage. There is no courts involved in legitimizing a marriage, and divorce rates are low even in the poorest of places with kids who grow up with two parents in the household most of the time.

          However, in America; where people constantly proclaim marriage is a "legal" document (which means that marriage is granted by permission of the state, that's why sometimes you have to convince someone to grant you permission to get married) people stay surprised that the divorce rates are at 50%. Isn't it ironic that the same people who glorify this "contract" are the same people who would say "It takes a village to raise a child?" It's sad that people do not see the irony of assigning the responsibility of the village to the law courts, and what consequences that has on the family.

        16. "There is no courts involved in legitimizing a marriage"

          I'm sorry..what? Civil unions at the government registry office are not a rarity in my home country. Couples can take part in Religious, Traditional and Civil marriages, and often do. My parents play around with two anniversaries for that reason. And I'm pretty sure there are wildly different practices between cultures, talk less of across the entire continent.

        17. You notice you used the word "can" that indicates there is no force involved…that's the entire point.

        18. "The parent/spouse comparison is invalid."

          why is this invalid? are not your parents part of the family and friends support system?

    1. And Kobe contested nothing-think about that. He knows what he did, what she did, what he wants for his kids and the type of husband he was. Kobe ain’t worked about it, yet “we” are.

      Consequences and repercussions, consequences and repercussions.

        1. I really wish all the fellas noticed this.

          …it does have a "I effed up and I deserve this" type feel to it, lol.

          …or is it defeat???

        2. cynicaloptmst81: "I really wish all the fellas noticed this."

          I don't think many guys missed it, it's just that despite losing $75 million, he still has $75 million. He is still the highest-paid player in the NBA, his salary this year alone is $25,244,493.00. That's not counting endorsements, and the fact he is one of the most popular athletes in the world. He is more popular in China than Yao Ming. He ain't worried about that money, and I'm not sure he even cares about getting divorced.

          I'm sure he's saying, "what's $75 mil to a mothafukca like me, can you please remind me?"

        3. Want to hear something funny?….2nd highest paid player in the league: Rashard Lewis. Excuse me while I L.O.L. ha ha ha!!!

        4. The fact that Rashard Lewis, Gilbert Arenas and Joe Johnson are all in the top ten highest paid players explains why there was a lockout. General managers need to be protected from their own stupid decisions. Rashard Lewis making $22 million this year, $6 mil more than LeBron, what kind of dumb ish is that?

    2. Perfect example of female hypocrisy…j. Hud and oprah…all women co-signed that it was either ok for them not to get married or make sure their SO signed a pre-nup to protect themselvez…all that being said, kobe’s wife, o count dracula looking self deserve security for her and her kids…

  11. IMO prenups are there to protect family or prior wealth. When we marry we become one, a team, a partnership-every thing that either one of us accomplishes is partly due to the other once inside the union. If we divorce, splitsies is the way to go. That prenup only protects the trust fund that your parents left you or the massive wealth you accumulated before we got married. Your wife is your WIFE, you can’t say “baby all I have is yours” and then when you cheat on her and she’s finally fed up, go “psyyyych, just playing, all this ish is mine now”.

    If you wanted her on the court shooting with you, that’s some ish you had 10 years to address-there was never an expectation of equal earnings, there was however an expectation of fidelity. Kobe’s lucky she only got half. #HitEmUpStyle

    1. *sigh*

      I've missed you Rita. This makes so much sense…also your other point about how Kobe don't seem the least bit worried about this situation, yet a few loud clowns are up in arms on his behalf. LOL – why you mad tho?!? Knowing 80% of the women you talk to make more than you anyway…please poke your lip back in.

      1. Knowing 80% of the women you talk to make more than you anyway…please poke your lip back in.


        Say that shi*t!

    2. Agreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Shiiiiiiiiiiiiiit! She may not been in that gym with him but she sho nuff sacrificed her youth and her body by having his ol strong in the face azz kids, supported him, looked like fool at times and blah blah blah. And Kobe knows this He ain't on some woe is me shid either because he probably signed the papers and rolled over and banged somebody else like he been doing. He ain't writing songs and blogs about it, he just handed it over. And it's not like he ain't about to be alright. I don't feel not one inkling, ounce nor morsel of pity for dude. She may have gotten half but dude still has MILLIONSESES! He still got it laid and made imo. He still gon' eat his eggos off of platinum platters.

        1. Imma have to say sorry to Jesus for that one. But for real, she might want a maternity test. Okay okay Imma stop playing.

      1. So you're saying that she didn't want to have kids? Why is it that some women act like it was all one sided when it comes to having children (I repeat SOME, for the reading comprehension challenged) like they only had them for the men, like they didn't want them themselves? Can we stop with the lies here. It ain't men running around acting crazy because of their "biological clock" ticking.

        She didn't sacrifice her youth for him either. She got ten years out of it just like he did. She was married for ten years and lived a financial lifestyle that most would give their right arm for, she was married to one of the most famous names in the world. You don't think that last name opened up some doors she wouldn't have access to if it was just her last name?

        I'm personally not a Kobe fan, but I do believe in telling the whole truth. If he cheated like she alleged, then he's wrong, plain and simple. I don't defend wrong, but I can't pretend like her mother deserved a house. Was she one of those women Kobe allegedly slept with too?

        1. Paul. Seriously? Paul.
          Look anytime a woman gets pregnant and she follows through with it, that is a sacrifice of her body no matter who wanted to get pregnant in the first place.
          Yes she did sacrifice her youth for him. She could've spent those ten years elsewhere. Ten years she can never get back mind you regardless of what his name is and whatever money he has thrown her way. Her youth is used up and she could've done bigger and better things with it.
          And no her momma probably shouldn't have gotten a house out of the deal but like I said, I don't feel sorry for dude.
          Hey has anybody ever told you that you look a little like Dolemite? Like a young one. It's uncanny or these avis are too small.

        2. Actually it matters, because it's not as much of a sacrifice as it's made out to be if she wanted it too. She could have indeed spent those ten years elsewhere, but let's be honest here, it wasn't in all likelihood even close to the 75 million she got in addition to three mansions that she got with Kobe. She didn't sacrifice those ten years FOR HIM, she spent ten years for her. She would have been well within her rights to leave after the rape case, but she didn't, and the skeptic in me doubts that she was that intent on making it work between them necessarily.

          I'm not diminishing the act of giving birth by any means. It's an important act necessary for the continuation of the human race and key to impacting the next generation. With that said, I just want some people to not act like they did it all for the man, and not themselves too. If they really aren't on board with having the children for themselves as well, then don't have them at all.

  12. I’ma Celtics fan and i feel somewhat sorry for him. From what i heard Kobe was damn near extorted to get married by his future in laws. But i do agree with the snitching part tho karma is a b-tch just make sure that b-tch is beautiful (c) Tunechi.

    1. From what i heard Kobe was damn near extorted to get married by his future in laws.

      Yeah I heard something like this as well that’s why there was no prenup, she was an underage video chick he smashed and her family threatened rape so he had to marry her. Vanessa and her parents HAD A MASTER PLAN for Kobe’s azz. Why is her momma getting a house in the settlement??!! O__o

      Got Em!!!!!

    2. "But i do agree with the snitching part tho karma is a b-tch …."

      I don't get why everyone is saying this like this dude is now living a miserable life, lol. I find it funny ppl are sayiing he has bad karma for snitching….but not for the infidelity part. L O L. Jordan got divorced, too and his wife took him for a gazillion dollars…was that karma for punching Steve Kerr in the face?? lol. He now owns a basketball team. Bad karma doesn't sound half bad. ta ha.

  13. I can feel no remorse for Kobe. He Plax’d himself #shruglife. Entered the league at 17. Got married at 21 to an 18 year old against…..AGAINST……the wishes of his clearly wiser parents. Got caught cheating the first time raw dogging some Becky in Colorado. Even skeeted in her from what I understand. Almost caught the rape charge. Beat that, dimed out Shaq who had nothing to do with his situation and bought his own wife, Vanessa, off with a $8,000,000 Pink diamond ring to say sorry. Then goes back to cheating???????

    Why should any of us feel sorry for him? First off, at 21 I wouldn’t recommend or co-sign ANYONE getting married. Especially not to an 18 year old and doubly so if you are a celeb. And when your own parents are heavily against it so much so that your father stops talking to you!! #Comeonson The stupid decision was made back in ’01. This volcano just took 10 years to blow.

      1. Im already married and I don’t see a problem with the laws. Because it works both ways. If the woman is the wealthier one she comes up off half; ie Brittney Spears and another celeb who’s name slips me. My opinion, if you know you are own some Lil Wayne, “I just wanna f*** every girl in the world stuff” and you cant resist the groupies then stay single. The laws aren’t going anywhere so smarten up.

  14. I think its crazy that men can not value Vanessa's side. People keep saying she's a gold digger but she stood by this man for 10 years and had his children; all the while knowing he was cheating on her and lying to her. Was she supposed to get a divorce earlier and risk not getting what she deserved? I think she loved Kobe at some point but after years of heartache she said to herself I'm going to get you back. Never doubt the wrath of a woman scorned. Finally Kobe should have left her years ago he knew he did not want to be faithful to their marriage and strung her along for all that time; in my opinion she should get more, and clearly the money don't mean a thing because he did not even contest her.

    1. My thing is as anyone on the black blogosphere would tell u…men get comfortable if u giving it up free he wont wife you, put up with his bs for years he wont change a thing. For Vanessa to come out her cheated 100 times in 10 years like what were u doing the other 99 times. And thats where the sympathy ceases. You dont take that many L’s and cry victim. Other cheating victims lookin at her like she wasnt shootin in the gym with them either.

    2. Yeah I don't understand why people keep calling Vanessa a golddigger either. He sought her out and chose her. Isn't their oldest daughter is like 7 or 8? So it's not like she trapped a baby on him. You've never read stories about her lurking at the gym, out spending crazy amounts of his money, or even something as minor as being arrested for a DUI. Out of all the upper echelon bball wives, Vanessa is still an enigma. So IMO, the context of the label, she's far from a golddigger

      Now is she a woman that came up? HYFR
      My recent post Black Men &amp; Black Women Care About The Same Sh!t

  15. Here’s the thing… Vanessa filed for divorce when Kobe was on the road, he came off the road and immediately signed the paperwork. The divorce settlement happened in less than a month. *Rick Ross pause* IN LESS THAN A MONTH. If Kobe was really messed up or felt bad for himself in this situation, that process wouldn’t happen so fast.

    Kobe gave her $75m in cash and $75m in real estate. The first house was the house they lived in, the other was Vanessa’s mother and the third was the house they were planning on moving into. Kobe didn’t want no parts of those houses anyway.

    Kobe is supposed to clear $28m in salary and $20 or so in endorsements. Next year, $31m in salary and more or so in endorsements. He isn’t the most hated player in the league anymore, Lebron is. And his jersey sales are still #1. At the end of the day… what is Kobe worried about? And he really believes they’ll get back together one day… and he’ll get his money back. Don’t cry for Kobe, cry for that dude who only have $300K, he really felt that $150K he lost. Kobe, he bought a new Lambo and is about to build a penthouse bachelor pad. He be straight.

    1. Dr. J: "Don't cry for Kobe, cry for that dude who only have $300K, he really felt that $150K he lost. Kobe, he bought a new Lambo and is about to build a penthouse bachelor pad. He be straight."

      This. He probably got a shiny new Ferrari and a shiny new Latina to celebrate his divorce.

      1. I mean… it happens. Pam and Tommy did it. It's happened before. The thing is, he don't really need to get back with her. The issue that Vanessa has will go away once his career is over and he's more stable. Then he can go to her to try and work it out for the kids and since they were happy together. It could happen.

    2. Wish I would have read this first before wasting my time posting what I posted below, lol. Co-sign. Kobe is only focused on winning rings #6 and #7. Anything outside of that really doesn't affect him.

    3. This man signed this settlement so quickly and he aint sweating it. Do the math Kobe has been in the league over 10 years and all with all the endorsements he has had, do you really think he is only worth 150 million. I would have signed quick to.

  16. That Pappy Video tho?!!! *Slayed*

    I would have no problem with signing a prenup, it’s only fair but there I will have some conditions of my own.. #CatherineZeta-Jones style. She new she was marrying a recovering nympho so she put an infidelity Clause in their prenup. I like to call that leveling the playing field, now if a man has a problem signing that…… *shrug*

  17. I don't feel sorry for Kobe. I think us "average folk" look at these divorces differently than the people actually having them. I dont know what y'all are pulling down but I dont make enough money to warrant having a woman sign a pre-nup. If I did, I would likely make my wife sign one but here's the thing, if I'm making $150 million a year, losing $75 million of that knowing I'm going to make $40 million the next year isnt really a big deal to me. I'm still rich. People talk about Tiger Woods and McCartney but I'm sure they dont look at it their way. Their WIVES came up but Tiger and Bob didnt come DOWN. Half of a billion is $500 million. I mean they didnt even drop out of the top 1% even after the divorce. As Dr. J so poignantly pointed out above, it's the cats that make $100k or even $50k a year that REALLY hurt after a divorce. You're going to feel losing a home and half of $50,000 bro. Half of $50 million? You be iiight. Rich people get married and divorced like middle class folks change shoes. It's really no big deal to go from rich to slightly less rich.

    My recent post Someone Like You

    1. Yo, was that Chris Rock talking about something like this? He said something like, " Shoot, you make $30 million, she want half? So what? You ain't starving…..but if you make $30,000…and she want half??? Shoot, you might have.to.kill.her….'I ain't moving back into my mamma basement because you ain't in love'…" LOL. Comedy.

  18. Man, I've seen people get into full-on screaming matches about this divorce.

    My two cents on the matter:

    I've seen a lot of guys that are up in arms about the situation and making grand proclamations like, "I'm definitely getting a pre-nup, no gold digging bish is get their hand on my money! " Simmer down, diva dudes. Nobody's trying to marry you to get half of your IKEA living room set.

    Also, on this whole pre-nup thing….I'm not knocking dudes who do it, but to me the solution is to marry someone you trust 100% , inside and out. Yes, things may go wrong, but you going into the situation with "one eye open" already just indicates to me that the trust isn't there — and if so, then why are you marrying the chick/dude??? Call it protecting yourself all you want…but you're going into a marriage assuming that it's going to fail and that your wife/husband didn't enter it with the best of intentions — which unfortunately DOES happen, but the fact that its your conclusion should make you reevaluate your trust in someone you're about to commit your life to.

    Also, just marry someone with a career path! Like, what the hell is she gonna do with her life now? He married her at 18, she never went to college, I don't even know if she finished high school, never had a job in her life (besides her video h*e stint) , no acquired life skills except for raising kids (which IS a job guys, even if you do have 50 million nannies)…how about you find someone that's also trying to make independent moves in life so that they don't have to absolutely rely on you for support should things go south?? After everybody moves on from this, her only avenues are MAYBE the occasional club appearance and being a bitter broad on Basketball Wives.

    FYI the whole "she strategically waited 10 years argument" is null and void – the second he admitted on national television that he raw dogged another chick she could have walked away at that moment and made AT LEAST 75 mil considering he was worth about 400 mil then until he lost half his sponsorships. Also the fact that he's not saying a word about it? TRUST that there's some other really lowdown sh*t the she's keeping mum about and he doesn't want to get out…

    Ultimately, I don't understand why everyone's so mad at Vanessa, when he disrespected the sanctity of marriage. 105 chicks??? Those are Magic Johnson numbers, man….he was dogging her on the regular, and she got tired of it. Maybe she's a bish, and maybe she's untalented, but that doesn't mean she doesn't deserve respect. I can understand arguments about whether or not 75 mil is too much, but that she deserves nothing??? C'mon man. And in the grand scheme of things, as unfathomable as 75 mil is to us, that's not breaking Kobe's bank, or seriously downgrading his quality of life. He'll be just fine, and free to smash as many garden tools as he pleases.

  19. @inomallday: "Like, what the hell is she gonna do with her life now?…After everybody moves on from this, her only avenues are MAYBE the occasional club appearance and being a bitter broad on Basketball Wives. "

    What is she going to do with her life now? Absolutely nothing! She got $75 million! She, her children, their children and their children don't have to do anything! She doesn't even have a mortgage to pay.

    I have no compassion for Kobe, but I most definitely have no compassion for Vanessa. If she was so hurt, why didn't she leave after girl five, instead of girl 105? She didn't care because she was living the good life that there is no way in hell she could have accomplished on her own. She probably wasn't going to do much with her life anyway if all she accomplished was being a video girl.

    1. I understand your point, which is why I said that debating over the amount of money is natural. But really, people who are saying she deserves nothing are doing too much. When you have a family, its not that easy to walk away even if you know its the right thing to do, as many ex-wives will tell you. And my point is, HE chose to pick a wife that had nothing else going for her but her looks…if she leaves with what she came in with, which is essentially nothing, there is no avenue for her to support herself or her kids. So I don't understand why people are mad at Vanessa when it's Kobe that has no common sense is all.

      1. I agree 100%. People who say she deserves nothing are insane. I don't know if she deserves half, but to say she deserves nothing is dumb. Kobe made a dumb mistake that his family and friends warned him against. His (monetary) loss, which isn't much of a loss to him, but Vanessa is hardly a victim here.

    2. " but I most definitely have no compassion for Vanessa. If she was so hurt, why didn't she leave after girl five, instead of girl 105? She didn't care because she was living the good life that there is no way in hell she could have accomplished on her own."


      But we won't talk about this, though. lol. Not like it matters *shrugs*

  20. John Mayer has some of my favorite lyrics on marriage and divorce, and they are how I feel about it:

    "I will tell you this much
    I will marry just once
    And if it doesn't work out
    Give her half of my stuff

    It's fine with me
    We said "ETERNITY"

    I will go to my grave
    With the love that I gave
    Not just a melody playin'
    On the radio wave

    It dissipates
    And soon evaporates

    Home life doesn't change."

    Seriously. I don't believe in prenups, and I don't believe in divorce. I believe in "til death do us part", and that's how I feel. Don't show me stats to the contrary. This belief was learned, is ingrained, and I've seen it work out. 🙂

  21. It amuses me when regular people go up in arms about mega rich superstars and what they do with their money. You think these athletes and rappers and *insert supposed victim of gold diggers here* don't know what they're getting into when they go after these girls who they KNOW will only get with them because of their money? What do you think the laws of demand and supply say? You think Hugh Heffner believes for one moment that his old ass will net these young, virile, blond beauties he usually gets if he didn't own that huge empire? These women have a product to sell. These men are buying. Miss me with all of that. The greatest protesters are the ones who will probably never be in that situation in the first place anyway. Aint nobody trying to dig your gold when you have no gold fields to be dug! Kobe thinks Vanessa deserves what she's getting. He didn't even protest it (or at least not that we know of). Why is everyone mad? Regular people keep advising these stars not to get married like they are listening to you. Not everyone can date an athlete. Not everyone woman is cut out to deal with that kind of ego and flagrant infidelity. I know I can't. The women who can and do, in my opinion, should be rewarded for their efforts! I'm not mad at all.

    For me I don't think I'd ever protest a prenup. I have no problem with it at all. If earning potential and educational statistics are anything to go by, there's a very high chance I may be the one needing that prenup in the first place!

    Streetz, love your post as usual but I really can't resist this little dig. I know you MAY not have listed these reasons in order of priority (the emphasis makes me believe otherwise) but it still made me chuckle that the fact that he didn't sign a prenup came before infidelity, complete with capitalization and errthang.

  22. Umm… I don’t care who you are, $75 mil is a sh!t ton of money. That’s the attitude that gets ball players filing bankruptcy 2 yrs after they leave the league “$75 mil aint much, I can make more.”

    Fact is… Kobe is past his prime, though he has a few more good yrs left in him. The Lakers won’t be pulling down championships for at least the next couple of yrs (Bulls, baby!), meaning a lot of these lucrative endorsement deals will be drying up. His earning potential is not nearly as high as it would have been 5 yrs ago. I’m not saying he’s hitting the poverty line, but that money was definitely a loss, and the timing of this move was strategic on Vanessa’s part.

    Sorry but I don’t think Vanessa really deserves that much. Y’all act like she was slaving over a stove playing Kiki Homemaker. The kids had a million nannies, a bunch of housekeepers, and most of Vanessa’s days were spent picking out ugly outfits and doing spa days. Vanessa was straight chillin for 10 yrs and now she has $75 mil to show for it.

    What do I have to show for the last ten yrs of me busting my a$$? Not a damn thing.

    LOL! It’d be funny I weren’t so bitter!

    1. She may not have been KiKi Homemaker, but she did her part and put up with plenty BS. Imagine just a regular man and his man issues times 1 million. Kobe is well….Kobe. She put up with public humiliation, all the extra women, his inflated ego. She deserves exactly what Kobe handed over, and without a big fight at that.

      The public embarrassment alone was worth what she is getting. If her move was strategic, I am hatin. Kobe was straight silly and obviously felt invincible. Now he knows he mortal after all.

      1. Beef Bacon: "The public embarrassment alone was worth what she is getting."

        Public embarrassment alone is worth $75 million? $30 million isn't enough for her "embarrassment" of deciding the first 104 women was cool, but drawing the line at 105?

        The law is the law, and she is entitled to half. But there needs to be a salary cap on divorce if she's not walking in with anything. She can easily keep her accustomed lifestyle with $20 million.

    2. "…and most of Vanessa's days were spent picking out ugly outfits…"



      You ain't even lying, LMBO!

      1. Right? I always wondered how she managed to look like a Living Color fly girl reject. I mean c'mon, I know you got money for a real stylist. She has that "My cousin Consuela is my stylist, she picks up all the hot stuff from Canal St." vibe.

  23. I am not sure what to think about this. I hear men say they want the best looking woman, they willing to make it rain in skrip clubs and other things of that nature, yet when it comes to a WIFE, all of sudden she's a 'gold digger' when she is no longer the wife? I never understood that.

    I constantly hear brothers proclaiming they don't want to get married before having all their financial ducks in a row so that they can support the family…yet a brother is willing to throw that same family under the bus when the marriage dissolves. I rarely see MOST men say they will take the children, so tell me what is wrong with brothers making sure the children are taken care of as if he was still there—because he is still there, just not as a husband. Whomever brings home the big beef bacon should ethically and morally make sure the family does not struggle. It is sad that some men/women would rather see the mother of his children and the children struggle so he can take his money and trick it up on the next chick.

    It's about priorities people. When you get married and have children, your duty as a father/mother does not end IF the marriages end. That to the average Joe's and Tiger's alike. The children should continue to live as they would live if Kobe and Vanessa were still married. A marriage is a contract—that's an agreement between those parties as tot he terms of the marriage. Kobe knew what he was getting into as well as the other men that choose to get married. That's why it says 'til death do you part" because it WILL get very nasty in a divorce. Divorce is something to not take lightly, your money is the least thing that will be affected.

    That's why I believe we should bring back stoning folks. How many would consider cheating if the consequences were death? I think people will be more apt to work harder on keeping the family in tact. A divorce is too easy.

    1. Does she need $150 mil to make sure the kids are okay… Maybe…

      But my point is, it is NOBLE & a MOOT point to make sure the kids are good… Everybody agrees…

      But I doubt all the bread will go to the children… I hope I am one the young men she tricks off on in those mansions

    2. It's easy to say marriage is a contract, when in reality that contract basically says a woman is doing you a favor by marrying her. I mean she's doing you a favor for having your kids, she's doing you a favor for carrying your last name, she's doing you a favor by allowing you to update her lifestyle, she's doing you a favor by letting her stay in your house etc. and after a woman doesn't feel like doing you a favor no more, you have to pay her and take care of her for life. Yep that's what it is, when we're keeping it 100.

      It's easy to be arrogant when you have the US Government backing you up, however if we were truly equal you wouldn't treat men like you're doing them a favor by saying you want to be with them for the rest of their lives. And yet, it's not your fault, men aught to not accept this notion that a woman is doing them a favor by loving them and that they have to sacrifice themselves in the process.

  24. I do not feel bad for Kobe. He should not have cheated period. Point. Blank. However I find it kind of funny when some women claim that pre nups are selfish because the man is only worried about his stuff. While some truth lies in that, couldn’t the same be said that those women are selfish as well because when it comes to the divorce they are only interested in the money. I think leaving with what you came with and splitting everything 50/50 that was gained after the marriage is completely fair for both parties. In the extreme cases such as 150 million I find it hard to say that she qas just completely devestated by what happened because she would have left way sooner and still got a nice amount of money. She just needed to hit that ten year mark and ahe knew that. But hey, #respectthehustle.

  25. To me it's simple. If you're a wealthy individual and start dating someone that's not on your wage scale or has anywhere near close to the amount of assets you already have then I don't see a problem or issue with requesting a prenup with an infidelity clause thrown in there. I'm sure if Oprah decided to marry Stedman that kneegrow would have carpal tunnel so bad in his wrist from all the paperwork he would be signing he'd have to become left-handed (assuming he's right handed, lol).

    If both parties are at the same point in life and aren't particularly wealthy then no prenup is really needed. However, nothing is wrong with drawing up something that says you split everything in half and take what you came in with. "Whatchu mean I have to give up my vintage baseball card collection to her just b/c she ain't in love no mo'???"

  26. Now, as far as Kobe, the case was actually settled out of court so their lawyers negotiated a deal that both parties amicably agreed to. I think that $75 million is a lot of cash, but like I said on Twitter, "You don't get what you deserve, you get what you negotiate". The thing about "deserve" and "what's fair" is that it's completely arbitrary in cases like this. There's no real quantitative measure, hence the negotiations.

    I assume part of Kobe's deal was that any future income/revenue he earns he gets to keep 100% and owes her nothing further. FYI, he's slated to make about $90MM over the next 3 years with his current contract alone (his highest earnings ever for his career)….not including any of that Nike #KobeSystem money. So I guess he will get to keep 100% of $100MM + and then some for the rest of his life. Yeah, he lost $75MM, but I guess he's not starving. He slept with multiple various women…she gets $75mil…he stays rich. I won't call this a "win/win" ,but it's close, considering the circumstances.

  27. No one knows the intimate details of their marriage except Vanessa, Kobe and probably Vanessa's parents. Maybe Kobe did give her an STD, an incurable one. If you've cheated with 100 women, and at times did not use protection, you're bound to catch something along the way.

    The cheating should have been expected. He's a professional athlete, duh he's going to cheat. So, I don't feel bad for Vanessa for putting up with his "cheating" ways." I'd endure a 10-year marriage for $75 million any day! I'm sure her life was terrible ( I hope you sense my sarcasm).

    At the end of the day, I don't like Kobe and don't feel sorry for him. Apparently, he felt all the money and the homes she got in the settlement were warranted. Let it go!

  28. Does anyone think it's a possibility that Vanessa also stepped out on Kobe at any time during their marriage? Why or why not?

    1. If she did she was obviously much more discreet than Kobe. I don't remember any stories about her and other men, and you know the press would love to catch that one.

  29. We women across the world are fed up and sick and tired of you men, and with all the lesbians relationships, pricey divorce and your arses getting locked up for child support, it’s only the debut of a world where women will snacth your balls and put them up as throphies. 

    You men think that you can , woo a girl, park her in your home for years. Sometimes without a real commitement, use up her skills, her beauty, bust her walls right out with babies, disrespect her, abuse her, and all that without consequences? You must be out of your everloving mind , since you only respect money and put it above all sometimes rven our health you get taken for half of your hard earned money, next time think twice before promising a woman to forsake all others, I hope that Vanessa invest that money, doubles it and become some guy sugar mama, rake him to the lakers game and smile at kobe’s heaux  ass

    So Kobe , Jordan, tiger  and all the other dirty p*nis punks can have a f-ing seat, it’s only the begining what you gonna do? It’s not like you can control your deek Monkeys.


    1. Tell 'em why you mad son (I finally found out where that phrase from)

      I don't know if you watch Love & Hip Hop, but you need to get the DVD set & watch the finale… Profound sh*t…

      That being said… Life brings a series of trade-offs, and you don't strike me as the type that can "have it all"…

      You can deal with regular dudes, you know the blue collar men you overlook everyday, there is a good chance you will get a solid negro (that doesn't know the limits of his s*xual options)

      Or you can f*ck with a Kobe Bryant, and deal with the sh*t that comes with dealing with ballers…

      The only thing that Kobe & guys like Tiger did was say "I Do"… Men need to chill in that regard…

      Negroes need to get like Derek Jeter


  30. The twist is, is that even if Kobe DIDNT cheat and they divorced (because they grew apart naturally or fell out of love) she STILL would have got half. She STILL would have got alimony and child support. If she cheated on Kobe (which should could have done some time over their 10 year marriage while he was traveling), there is a chance that she STILL would have gotten half. Fellas, we got to pay to play when it comes to matters of the heart. We BUY valentines as young boys. We finance 90% of dates.The wife's father (man) typically pays for the marriage. You got to pay to get married and if it doesnt work out you got to pay to get divorced. Either way you got to pay. Women say they pay with access to monagomous puzzy, childbirth, house chores and being faithful. This argument isnt totally untrue but all that (women been doing for 1000's of years for FREE) def aint worth 75 million.

    1. As a woman, I COMPLETELY agree with what you're saying! If a unmarried man is SO consumed with how much it would eventually cost him, in terms of alimony and child support (for his own kids, mind you) when he gets divorced, this man has NO business getting married in the first place. Frankly, looking a the staggering statistics that is the divorce rate, a lot of people have no business getting married, period. But Michael Jordan, Paul McCartney, Martin Scorsese, Larry King, Will Smith, Billy Bob and all these other guys don't hear you though. And these are really the people who should be worried about the cost to them of a divorce. Maybe they know something about marriage that we the penniless masses who are trying to convince our friends not to get married don't know? Ah well…….

    2. If what you were saying was true, a husband could never rape his wife – that isn't the case, and every woman will tell you that. Marriage is a contract between women and the government to ensure that money and wealth from ambitious men flows down to women and children.

  31. Do I feel sorry for Kobe? Nawwwww. He's a rich man. Losing half his bread doesnt hurt him. He aint splitting $100k. Everything he could be w/ $150mill he can by w/ $75 as well.

    But there is something about this that bothers me. Its the notion that people treat divorce as some type of retribution. Divorce is the legal separation of a married couple. It was not created to provide "pay back" for all of the marital wrongs. I take issue with the fact that everyone (mostly women and some men) are saying that this is what he deserved because he cheated, as if its some legal or equitable mandate.

  32. Also, a divorce shouldn't be a come up. If she cant maintain her lifestyle on $75mil she doesnt deserve to lead that lifestyle.

  33. F*ck Kobe! Actually, I don't even care that much. lol. I agree with this post, tho.
    Hopefully, he'll stop having unprotected sex with the first half-decent looking woman he sees in any given city/state/country (you know the Summer Games are coming up…). Fool is gonna mess around, and pick up something he can't get rid of, and it'll cost him much more than $75mil.
    My recent post My Love Is Like…

  34. Last thoughts…

    If Vanessa ends up doubling that $75 mil in 5 years somehow… Then maybe we need more divorces like this…

    Kobe maybe alpha on the court… But soul reeks of beta, and that is why he is paying out the nose

  35. Kobe got skillz on the basketball court……other than that he's wack and dumb as hell and is simply suffering the consequences of his actions.

  36. You’re a bit corny. You sound like a white boy trying to be black. Streetz sounds like some childish nickname you got in high school or college and u refuse to let go… your time is done… move on whiteboy

  37. It's ironic that Drake, the Trick of all Tricks and poster child of Captain Save-a-Hoe's, is really the one to make that comment about "you wasn't shootin wit me in the gym." Like, really nigga? But all your songs are about trickin on strippers? I mean okay coo….

    This society breeds a system like this–where many (successful) men desire and value beautiful and shallow women to be their trophy wives, and women, instead of investing in themselves and their own education and careers, they focus on the beauty and being submissive, unchallenging women. They invested in Y'ALL! And some of them want a return on that shit.
    My recent post Vanessa Bryant is the smartest bitch in the world

  38. Most non-celeb women are making as much as or more than men these days so is the topic of a pre-nup for us regular folks really relevant?

    Kobe should have signed a pre-nup. Vanessa's job for the past 10 years has been to be a wife and mother. While she might not need $75 mil, she does need to something to maintain the same quality of life for her kids.

    I'm a Kobe/Laker hater so I don't feel bad AT ALL!

  39. I hope it wasn't a bait in switch on Vanessa's part. Sex him like crazy to get the ring and than once married only have kids for reproduction purposes. He seemed sex starved don't he?


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