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Forreal: Antoine Dodson Releases “Lovesick Lullaby” Video

He wants 15 more minutes...

Just when we thought Antoine Dodson aka Bedroom Intruder aka “hide your kids” had faded into the abyss, he releases a music video — a serious music video. Had I just heard this song not knowing who it was or where it was recorded, I would’ve been like “Aight, another R&B track. Some girl somewhere is hugging a teddy bear and listening to this.” Actually, I’m sure that’s still happening.

Aside from the obvious low budget and the random white guy on the song with him, the video is…

Well, just watch it yourself. I still don’t know how I feel about it. Forreal. What about you?




  1. Whaaaaaaaaaaaat?! Haha, wonders shall never cease. The song's actually decent, although I wouldn't go as far as to say that AD is a viable talent. The Brent Morgan guy is a different story, though. I like his voice. The video itself is better than some top budget crap I've been subjected to.

      1. "I expected worse. A LOT worse."

        Yep, me too. Although your intro tipped me off to the fact that it wouldn't make my ears bleed.

        Haha, you'd BETTER be happy that they just left things alone where they did.

  2. The song is actually better than some crap I’ve heard from “stars” soooooo I can say that much. I can also say I was slightly uncomfortable looking at his face while it played LOL but I wont -_- cause that wldnt be nice. So yea I’ll give the song itself a positive review….cause its reality, was sing a lovesick lullaby some months back so go ahead and sing me a song about it Antoine!

  3. is it just me….. or does he now resemble that ole R&B dude Terrence Trent D'arby. (sp?) but i kinda like the song though.

  4. I think that white guy used Antoine as a minor celebrity to get people to watch/ listen to the song. Not a bad strategy as I wouldn't have watched this video if Antoine wasn't the name on the song. BUT this would be better without him. Antoine's voice isn't really good enough to distinguish him as a singer worthy of promoting. The white guy on the other hand, he has some talent. It's a cruel irony that with out Antoine this song wouldn't be popular but with him it makes the song not so good.


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